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June 3, 2024 4 mins
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Born Evan, Benny Blutes, BennyBalucci. It takes me back to a
magical time. It might not haveseemed it at the time I met,
but that was a magical time inmy life. Doing good, doing good?
How about yourself? Well, I'mdoing all right. I want you
to help me out with this.So it's the tenth annual Society at de
one a Michi golf tournament. Isaw our boy Ralph to Motto a couple

of weeks ago saying I need photosof dom Atro a sap And then all
of a sudden, I started seeingthis golf tournament showing up. Tell me
about it. So June seventeenth,we're going to be a Wheeler's Family Tradition
golf course doing our tenth annual Societyto Bonamici golf tournament. Every year we've
won this golf tournament and the proceedsgo to either some families in need in

the local community, or we doit for you know, a charity or
something something of that nature. Todate, we've donated over forty thousand dollars
in funds to various charities and familiesin need off the community. This year,
we uh teamed up with the eleaguein New Haven, and we're trying
to help off the players and dowhatever we can, you know, to
help off the families and down atthe league. And you know, in

the league itself, a lot ofus played in the league in the seventies
and eighties, and you've seen thephotos online with the Afros and uh.
It was an experience of a lifetimebeing able to do that back in the
day. And we've still got greatmemories of it, you know, sixty
four years this year, the domAtro League will celebrate its sixty fourth anniversary.
I was laughing there too, Ben, because are you playing. Oh

yeah, I can only imagine BennyBalucci's golf. Yours is going to be
the one to go to. There'llbe a little super sot slicing station,
There'll be some there'll be some livingcello. Yours is going to be all
pimped out. It's going to belittle like a food truck. You know.
All we do is, you know, I know what you do.

I want to be on your Iwould I would be your caddy because I
would have There's gonna be little compartmentsfor all sort of little sambuco over here,
a little uh hot cherry pepper withsome purjew and some brit alone over.
I want to be with you,Ben on this. I might take
you up on that. You know, I might take you up on that.

I want to be your caddy.Yours, Yours is the one to
beat. But it's a Monday rightnow. Are we talking to two weeks
from today? If I'm getting itright, Ben, Yeah, June seventeenth
at Wheeler's Wheelers Family Tradition golf Coursein in Walington. Our cut off dat
is June tenth, which is comingup. And you know, because obviously
we need to get TEA signs madeand everything. But you know, we

can't do the nine to one onelast minute ones as we have done in
the past. You know, we'rejust trying to keep it rolling, you
know, try trying to do thisfor the kids and the families and love
to see h you know, agreat turnout, you know, for for
this event. We're looking for golfers, We're looking for tea sponsors, you
know, we're just looking for allthe help we can so we can help.
Everyone's welcome. Then it doesn't matterif you go you don't go.

It doesn't it doesn't really matter.It's all about having a good time.
Yeah, right now, there's alot of stuff going on on the course
that day, as you imagine,so it'll be a good time. It'll
be a good time. I loveit. But Ben, I just have
to steal another minute or two ofyour time and just say, I'm absolutely

flabbergasted when Talia, when you're theyounger of your two daughters, shows up
in my Facebook feed. I can'tbelieve the life that that This is my
daughter's best friend for like two yearswhen they were little girls. I can't
believe her voice. I can't believethe life that she's living. I can't
believe how beautiful she is. Imean she's every time I've run into her

over the last couple of years.I mean, the manners, on the
conversations I've had with that kid,I mean, she is something else.
She's gonna start in a Broadway show, that kid. Someday, that's what
we're hoping for. She's working hardin the city, and you know what,
someday her dreams will all come trueand she's working hard at those goals.
Every time she pops up in myfeet, I just picture her in
Stella running around in circles at fouror five years old. I can't believe

that much time has passed and howquickly it has, and I feel proud
of her, so I can't imaginehow you and the Missus must feel,
because I watch her belt out thesetunes and I'm just really taken by it.
It's been a long time from theschool yard of Saint Bernadette to New
York City.
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