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May 30, 2024 2 mins
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Overlook neighborhoods cut off by highways inthe sixties and decades of disinvestment is the
consequence of it, including Aaron Philly, Well, we're changed out with the
Recovery Act, with the in theright now. You see all the construction
going on the highways around here.When Biden speaks, I hear, goodness

there see this shampoo. You needsomething to say In the answer, the
President feels as if the time hascome to take another look in what we've
done here. Yeah, smile Jackgoing to spout who I just want to

be able to understand that I promisedto access affordable high speed internet, because
now internet is just as important asit was in the days of Franklin Roosevelt.
Electricity was generations ago. We're deliveringnow because no child, no,
we have to do their homework atMcDonald's when things are shut down. Oh,
they hate mcponalds. Sit in theparking lot with her parents to get

it done. No cheeseburg or somefries Mike D's those those. He makes
it sound like it's punishment be stuckwith your parents doing it homework in the
car. We'll never forget lying aroundand that's him him lying around. Actually,

I need a translator. I needBarbara Billingsley. Can I get you
something more folk? But the limbinto the bone. I'm sorry, I
don't understand cuz he say, can'thang Oh's Jardis I speak jig? He

said that he's in great pain andhe wants to know if you can help
me? All right? Would youtell him to just relax and I'll be
back as soon as I can withsome medicine. Is this Anglo's blood?
You gonna catch up? And therebat out of the midside? What it
is? Big mama? Ma,Mama raised no dummis I duck her rap
cot me some slack jack chump don'twant to help. Trump don't get that,

say sipping up as you don't gotno brains and Trump don't want no
help. Trump don't get them.He changes to that
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