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June 3, 2024 3 mins
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Feedback from Chris Murphy's Eighth Walk iseverywhere. I was reading the headlines all
this week and I kept seeing thesame three things. All people really wanted
to talk about was Biden, loneliness, and nimbiism. Nimbiism was like vaguely

familiar. I'm like, what isthat? What is that? Nonsense?
It's it's just a stupid term.It's like a part acronym, and it's
not in my backyard. Ism,nimbiism, not in my backyard ism,
and loneliness. Now, my firstthought is nobody talked about loneliness. You're
trying to back up your new lonelinessagenda your next book. America's nobody brought

up loneliness to you, and nobodymaybe one ancient one relic of a seductress
did. Chris, I'll give itup to you a little Nike cap as
for nimbiaism, the not in mybackyard thing, that's comical to me.

He's trying to say now that alot of people are talking about. It's
basically people who oppose new housing developmentsin their neighborhoods. So we had to
give it a term nimbiism. Thosewho oppose new housing developments, which are

popping up everywhere. Everywhere I turnthere's a new housing development. No cars
in the parking lots, nobody's into. The prices haven't come down yet,
especially for the ones that are reallyhigh end. We're making more and more
room for who I don't know's.It's hard not to go to the place
of evidently for those coming here fromforeign lands. Who else? Who are

you making room for? You're notbuying into ned Lamonts. Everybody wants to
come here. They're coming here forpizza and they're staying to live. You're
not buying that, are you.I don't even understand this surge and new
housing developments. Housing advocates reserving theterm nimbi for residents with substantial privilege who

want to preserve that privilege. Thisis another way it's written, and not
residents opposing development for other reasons suchas fear of displacement. You know that
you've talked to them all. It'sprivilege. Privilege. Such an ugly word
to use. I'm so tired ofthat word. Nimbi Ism being quote unquote
often driven more or less openly byracism and classism, no by crowded by

view. You know, the governorjust took down four hundred trees for a
view. I paid for a viewdeciding it's about all of those things.
This isn't coverage, it's crap.
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