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June 12, 2024 13 mins
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Welcome to the show. Making herdebut from Breitbart, Breitbart Politics editor Emma
Joe Morris. I appreciate you takingthe time to come on this morning.
Lots to cover. How are youhey? Thank you so much for having
me before we get into all thingsHunter. And I can't even believe that
I'm speaking with a person who brokethe laptop from Hell's story in the first

place. How long were you atthe New York Post? By the way,
I'm a Joe, stop it.I was at the Post for about
two years. Oh okay, Iwas previously a Hannity and I got hired
there and then broke the story aboutsix months or so. It's my time
there, and it was just crazyafter Yeah, yeah, I'm sure,

I'm sure. Well you can imagine. And I do want to get into
I just really want to kind ofhand it off to you, which I
so often do with the gang frombreip Bart. But the first, Uh,
I'm kind of taken by the oped that wasn't in the post,
was it? But Reagan's daughter,did you see what Davis had to say
about Hunter? And it wasn't necessarilyin his defense, but she's like,

look, this is addiction. Thisis the face of addiction. He's not
alone. This is what they do. Did you see any of that.
No, But I've heard this athousand times. Yeah, what that argument?
Yes, And I've even written acoll and responding to that argument.
My thoughts on that are listen,And I'm sure, like I've lived with

people with serious drug addictions. I'msure probably everybody in his audience has or
known somebody close to them who struggledwith this. And I think that that
is such a terrible thing to sayabout somebody who struggles with this, because
it's such a cop out. Imean, drug addiction is a terrible disease,

obviously, and it makes you actout of character. Sure, but
to compare what Hunter was doing,or to just write off I should say,
what Hunter was doing to drug addictionis preposterous. This guy was selling
our country to the highest bidder.Really, I think his father was,
and he was a conduit for it. It was like here, kuild like
sign on the dotted line. Imean, he's not a kid who's in

his fifties, obviously, but thisis a person who was absolutely desperate and
was being used by the people aroundhim in his desperation to rake in money
in a way that was untword.Obviously, this has nothing to do with
being an addict. If anything,his addiction was exploited by the people around
him, I e. Joe Biden, I E. James Biden. The

whole family was riding off a Hunter. Huh lumping dear old dad in that's
interesting to me. Uh in,Well they gut yeah, like I mean,
And so you know, the wholething worked by Joe Biden being the
product if they were all selling right, So this doesn't this whole scheme does

not work. And there's a mountainof evidence showing that Joe Biden was enabling
this by you know, hopping onphone calls, by bringing Hunter on air
force too. And those are justthe things that are public, let alone
like the ten percent for the bigGuy stuff, which we have never really
gotten to the bottom of. Thatwas just a funny little line that was
in an email in the Laptop fromHell that we never really got an explanation

for, even though Tony Babalinski cameout and said that Joe Biden is the
big guy and that he was involvedin these business feelings to what extent is
still vague. But in any event, Joe Biden was the product. He
was enabling all of this. Ofcourse I lumped him in. I mean,
that's who we're really talking about.We don't care about Hunter Biden in
so far as that he's Joe Biden'sson and business partner. Yeah, oh

no, it was. The structurewas even Joe was exploiting a Hunter Biden.
Never mind where he's at now,he's just he's a lost. He
never knows where he is. Ican't make out half of what he says.
He's completely oblivious to his surroundings.He seeks out questions from reporters who've

died, you know. So it'svery easy to sit in the now and
be like, this guy's oblivious.I've got a gut feeling he was an
oblivious father from the get go,like he would have missed Like you said
at the outset, we've all gotfriends, you know. I know a
lot of addicts. I've had myown dark chapters myself. I feel and

parents miss all the signs. Ifeel like Joe missed all of this,
and it was completely oblivious. Atleast that's how I felt for a while.
He didn't know what a mess Hunterwas and maybe you know, at
one point to show a little sympathy, you know, he's mourning another son.
I don't know. I think thisguy's been overwhelmed for fifty years.

I think that's charitable. I'm sosorry, but I think it's very charitable.
But they knew what was going on. They definitely knew exactly what was
going on with Hunter. I mean, okay, maybe you could say he
didn't know the deaths of the ofthe debauchery that was going on there,
but I mean, he knew thathe was extremely addicted to crack. He

knew that he was a major addict. There had been many times at intervention,
there were many you know, likeJoe Biden knew one one thousand percent.
That is one hundred percent sure thatwe know that. So so you
know, instead of you know,saying, son, come home. You
know, how would your father actif you had an addiction like that?

I know how mine would? Itwould become home like you need help,
like you need to we need togo back to where one and figure out
what's going on. Instead of doingthat, it was son, come with
me on Air Force two. We'regoing to meet the CCP. Yeah.
Yeah, Well, absolutely, andI'm in agreement. But where I'm coming
from, Emma, Joe, it'sreally interesting to go down the stroad.

I love it is. He's aguy who didn't look at his son and
love and care didn't come to mindfirst. Whether it's obliviousness, because I
meant it more like he's just awitless guy, and I think he always
was one. I don't know howcharitable necessarily that is. But I hear
you loud and clear. But lookat Jill right now too. I mean,

this is a man, this isher husband. She should be taking
him out of this race. He'snot what He's got dementia, He's lost,
he's falling down. This is nota family that puts health and safety
first. This is That is sucha great point, and that is such
a great analogy. Now I'm withyou for sure. This is a perfect

example of what the mentality is exactly. You know, I'm sure that Joe
Biden loved him. Of course,I would never it wasn't I would never
say that Joelidan doesn't love his sonor love his family. If anything,
the Bidens are all about loving eachother and you know, being loyal to
their family. Of course, Butlike exactly. I mean, the way

that they take care of each otheris that's a perfect example. I mean,
I'm sure everybody in the audience looksat the Jill Biden dynamic and thinks,
is this elder of youse amo Iwatching something that's a crime. Every
time you see her kind of cardinghim onto a stage somewhere, like this
Normandy thing was the latest where he'skind of just like unraveling on the stage

and she's kind of looking at himlike get it together, and it's like,
this guy is in no capacity tobe where he is, and why
are you bringing him there? Andwhy are you pushing him into this?
I mean yeah, I mean it'slike you said a few minutes back there,
how would your father have reacted?You know, we we live in
families where it's like, uh,oh, we got to take the keys

from so and so they can't drive, you know, And it seems it
seems like the Bidens just don't operatethat way. They're like keep going till
some keep going till someone's dead oruntil something awful happens. And I can't
wrap my head around it. Itruly can't. But let's jump into one

of your stories too, and againwe're on with Emma Joe Morris. The
one story that I found really captivatingwas the FBI witness confirming on stand the
laptop is real. I mean,as the person who broke that story,
you must have been like, yes, a strange moment, exactly. I
mean, it's only a strange momentif you live in the version of reality

where this was ever Russian disinformation,which is always so absurd to me and
such a supposterous claim to me.You know, I was testifying to Congress
last summer about a year ago,now, wow, and on this topic
of the intelligence community intervening in pressfreedom and the government intervening in press freedom,

and I was talking about the claimthat the laptop from Hell was Russian
disinformation. It was just just thedumbest thing I had ever heard. It's
like, does a laptop belong tohim or not? You know? Or
did Putins do deepstakes of emails andphotos of Hunter Biden smoking crack in a
hotel room. It's just ridiculous.It's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

And now everyone is like, oh, you know, wow, the FBI
said it's not Russian disinformation, andI'm like, did you ever hear that
claim? It's insane, It's insane. I don't even I didn't really even
understand. I had to read ita couple of times. The article that
witness Erica Jensen, an FBI agent, confirmed the authenticity of Hunter Biden's laptop.

Did they really stop down? Howmuch time did they did that take
out of the actual deliberation? Ithought I was getting something wrong, Like,
we've all accepted the authenticity of it. Do you mind my asking though?
How did it just to trace backa little bit? How did that
go down for you? Just totry the true ways you and chose like

you know CSI and like you justgot a tip and it's just like,
hey, I got a story foryou. How did it? Kind of
yeah? How did it break?Well? Kind of? Well? So,
I I knew somebody from years agowho worked for Steve Bannon. Now,
like, well, at the time, he didn't work for him at

all, he didn't work in politicswhen I met him. Then he started
working for Steve Bannon then and westayed friends. I started working at the
New York Post and I get atext from my friend who works for Bannon
saying one day saying Bannon is goingto call you. And Bannon calls me
and says, hi is Steve Bannon. I have a story that's going to

change your life. And I'm like, what is it? And he was
like, I've hunt thro Biden's computer. And I was just thinking, like,
I never met Bannon. Obviously Iknew who he was, but I
knew him as like, you know, kind of like a Trump operative.
So I was like really skeptical becauseI'm not you know, I'm personally conservative
or whatever, but I don't workfor any campaign. I'm the editor of

the Post at this time. It'slike my interest is just breaking news.
And I'm like, I don't okay, Like I didn't believe them. And
then they kind of coaxed me intogoing to see the laptop, which is
at Rudy Giuliani's lawyer's house in LongIsland. I go out there to see
it. Then I'm getting more convinced, and then you know, we kind

of looked into it and it waskind of like, all right, get
the laptop, just get the fullthing. So I convinced Rudy Giuliani to
give me the full thing. Hedidn't want to. He wants to give
me some documents, and I said, no, I need the full laptop.
I finally convinced them to give itto me. And then the way
that we went about it obviously nowwe're pressed for time. I mean,
the election is about to happen,and this is obviously pertinent for people to

know before they vote. So theway that we did it was I went
through the computer. I'm leading basicallytrying to get through all the emails to
find what would be, you know, relevant to publish. And there are
people c seed on all of theseemails. So I had the full laptop,
I had the contact list. Ijust went through, found the names,

found the numbers that corresponded with thosenames on the emails, and called
them and said, Hi, I'mfrom the New York Post. I'm going
to read you something and I wantyou to tell me if it sounds familiar.
This is all at the time whenhe was managing these highly sophisticated deals,
apparently where he was being paid millionsof dollars, sometimes a million dollars
a month to do work for people. So it's like, on the one

hand, his case is that Iwas basically lobotomized by Crack and I couldn't
have known better than to why ona gun for him? But then on
the other hand, at the sametime, during the same period he's supposed
to be like managing money for theCCP. Well done. Yeah, you're
right, I mean, and that'show you will arrive at a place of
all that's a cop out that hedid drug addict, especially because this is

his dealings with China. That's fairlyintricate stuff. And a whole lot happened
with China in China, in myopinion, still has a whole lot to
answer for as far as COVID isconcerned. And Wuhan and Nope. I
thought the first thing Joe Biden wasgoing to do as president, because we

were still in the midst of thepandemic, was Hey, China's got some
questions answered. I should have knownbetter because he is tied as directly to
them as his offspring was. Butthey've still got to get asked those questions.
Yeah, the ten percent of thebig ideal was with China, was
with CESC China Energy Company. Yes, no, that question wasn't being asked.
You're right, but you know,we have a lot of business in

China, right now that we needto hash out. Definitely agree with you,
like how they killed a million Americancitizens with that virus. Yeah so
yeah, No, but apparently thebiboms are concerned.
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