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June 10, 2024 5 mins
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On not one, but two occasionsthis weekend. I was on the highway
and caught up in the midst oftwo cars racing. They were just racing
each other. I don't know howlives weren't lost, because man, at
the rate of speed they were going, and there was enough congestion that they'd

have to slow up real quick andthen find it opening and then just jet
in between two cars, and thenthe other car was behind them, and
they jet in between two cars.I don't know how there wasn't complete twisted
metal, how this shitn't end ugly. The first one, I was by
myself. I'm like, geem,I'm so sick of these jackasses and this

kind of driving. What are theydoing? Second one, I was with
my kids and came up for mebehind I'm like, look at these two
idiots. And then they were doingit right in front of us, and
there was enough traffic in front ofus that they were It was like frogger,
but like fast fright, just leftright, un rode an off ramp

but never got off it, Likehe made like he was getting off it
to get around a couple other carsand then cut back in last second and
be back on the highway. SoI said to my daughter, film this,
let's get their plates right, seesomething, say something? What do
I do with it? Now?I got it? Just luck. All

it was at the end of theday was just luck that there wasn't a
five car pile up. But thesecond one, the second vehicle which was
the crazier driver. It was somethingweird about the license plate in it.
But it was a weird plate inthe in the sense that there's so many
things that we allow, like it'sdarkened. It was. It's not a

white license plate. Like you've gotto stop the video zoom and you can
make it out. But like ordinarilythem driving by, you wouldn't be able
to rattle off like an eye chartthat it's not I thought license plates had
to be white. Why is thateven even legal that you're able to have
a weird license plate like this that'scompletely it's dark brown and the letters were

dark brown on it, and numberswhat have you? The identification on it?
I don't even I don't even getthat. But what do I do
with it? We got two people? Where do you send it? Do
I have to go down to apolice station to do it? I mean,
I will if anyone knows, letme know what I can do with
this outside of post it is thatall I can do. I mean,

I'll do it. I'll post ittoday. Hey Ben, how you doing.
My name is Alan. I startedto talk to you regarding this race
thing. Oh yeah, a fewyears ago, myself and my wife we
bought a motorcycle east of Love.Every Sunday we'd be by ourselves. We'd
go driving, riding on the bike. I can't even do it anymore.
We had to give it up twoyears ago. Can not being a motorcycle
with these people running around like this, no way, no way, and

I receee cops. They never pullanybody over. It's in sanity. It's
absolutely in sandy. Yeah, Imean, and now we're I hate to
say it, but now we're livingin a time where a trooper got picked
off during a routine travel on oneof our highways by someone driving like crazy,
and we're still not doing We're puttingup signs move out of the way.

There was a side I see,I see that everywhere. Now there's
a sign up that, you know, flashing move out of the way.
I don't know how effective they youknow, No, it's not it's not
it not effective. So what doI do with this footage I've I've got
I've got their plates. I mean, i've got them. Their cars could
be impounded today, toad today,What do I do with the footage?

It should be but if you rana red, red light, they probably
impound your car. Yeah, yeah, you're exactly right. Yeah, you
know, it's it's it's I don'teven think he could do anything. Ben
sadly, sadly said, I don'tthink he could do anything. And most
of these kid probably aren't even insure. Oh I didn't even think of that
one. Yeah, uh you know, yeah, it's not registered. They
crashed the car, they walk away. They can't even trace them. They

won't even trace him. It's crazy. Well, it's like my daughter said,
she goes that one plate is reallyweird. You can't read the numbers.
I've never seen a non you know, just a white with blue letters
license plate. I've never seen alicense plate that way before, So you're
probably right. That plate probably comesright off when it gets to its destination,
that vehicle. Yeah, it's justit's like it's like bizarro world.

I don't know. When I wasa kid, I grew up. You
know, I'm just sixty five.When I grew up with such it wasn't
I mean, the Holdlems, butnot like this. No, it's it's
mad Max out there, and that'sexactly what it is. Oh yeah,
it's crazy, but I appreciate thecall man. Sorry you had to sell
that bike. Thanks for taking thedown this morning. No, we didn't
sell it. They were still sittingthere because now they're worthless. Oh that's

even worse. All right, Yeah, thanks for the call on very talking
well, I still want to knowwhat I can do with this footage outside
of posting it from my own compellingsocial media content
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