DOMKcast with Kiliyan Maguire of Charming Liars

July 20, 201822 min
How does it feel to have Elton John singing your praises? Kiliyan Maguire of the band Charming Liars talked about receiving kudos from one of the greats and covering the Elton classic “I’m Still Standing” on episode 65 of the DOMKcast. Out on the road with Dorothy and making a stop at the Cain’s next Tuesday. Go see this talented band with members from L.A. and the U.K. How did the guys get connected with each other? Kiliyan explains the creative process that the band goes through when writing and recording songs. No one member takes a magisterial approach but their is heated opinions from time to time. The passion of their art seeps through in their recordings.

In terms of writing and producing, the band does everything 100% on their own. Are they open to working with a producer in the future? In the midst of a trilogy of music videos, the third installment has been released with their latest single “Like A Drug”. Hear about the concept behind all three videos.

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