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June 28, 2024 33 mins
The latest Building Black Business podcast episode features Angela Yee in conversation with Chef Wenford Simpson, founder of The Simpson Restaurant and Bar in Brooklyn, home to Caribbean and Soul Food Cuisine. In Partnership with @DriveToyota

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What's up. It's way up atAngela. Yee, I'm Angela. Ye,
my guy Mana is here and somebodywe both have in common. Yes,
we both love his food, chefwhen Ford Simpson is here, what's
up, Chef Simpson. I amgood, I am good. I'm so
honored to be up inside the building. I've been waiting for this minute.
I've been waiting for this moment.Angelaie new MANO. The funny thing about

that is is as soon as youcame, I heard you was coming.
I'm like, man, Angela,you never even did his show. No,
man, what I'm saying, thisis what I'm saying, like you
didn't, you never did this show. You you go over there, you
did a show. Absolutely, Butfirst of all, I go over there
all the time. That's to yourrestaurant. And his restaurant is very conveniently
located in an amazing space right acrossthe street from the Barclays on Atlantic Avenue

in Brooklyn, So it's kind oflike the go to place, and it's
huge. Yes, how many peopledoes it see? We see three hundred.
That's a lot in Brooklyn. Arestaurant that he's right across from the
Barclays. Yes, yeah, threehundred and one other thing that people for
like about there, and that probablythat's why we get a lot of large
parties, like you're a party often, party of eight, because we

can hold so many people at onetime. A lot of restaurants you go
to, like the space is justso tight when you sit there, they'd
be like, we can't put thesetables together. Yeah, you know,
we always try to make it happen. Plus, we have a private room
so when you come through, wecan also see see the private room.
We've been in that private room.Yeah, Angela you day. That's actually
right afterward we went over to theSimpson and that's where we all sat down

and ate and celebrated because again righta question. Food is amazing Caribbean food.
The last time I was there,I was celebrating the day when they
gave me my proclamation for May AllDay. Yes, that was a big
day. Again. Listening definitely apleasure. Let's get into the business of
things because, like I said,that is a really prime location. And

I saw that you spoke to arealtor and then did not even take out
a loan to get our mortgage toget that space. Yeah, let me
say, right in the middle.And a lot of people are just so
surprised that I opened this restaurant rightin the middle of the pandemic. June
twenty twenty was when my relator reachedout to me and he's like, Patrick,

I have this location in Brooklyn,while you don't come and look at
it. But that was where theParty City was at. Right next door
to where the Party City at.What was that? And when I went
in there, it was just anopen space. It used to be Tony
romas. Used to be Tony romas. Was impact when you have tony romas.
And then I think it was AtlanticSocial. Oh yeah, I remember

Atlantic Social Atlantic Socials. So whenI went in and I look in the
window from outside, I put myface up to the window and I look
in and I was like, Yep, this is it, this is it.
And even it's so funny because youjust move in faith and trust God
with everything that you do. Becauseeven when I said this is it,
I know what it takes. Financially, I didn't even have it, you

know, but I just kind ofmove in faith and I say, you
know, I love this. Ilove the location and everything. And after
talking to the realtor here how muchwas the rent? Because the rent is
ridiculous. Let's just say it's overthirty five per month. Over that means
a lot of overhead. And it'snot just when you got to pay.
It's all the bills, is thestaff, it's the it's everything. It's

a lot. My payroll alone perweek is sixty thousand dollars a week.
My payroll alone. All right,we are already yet like three hundred grand.
Okay, you know, so there'sso much that went into it.
And I remember I went home,I prayed on it, and even when
I made the decision to say yes, contact the road, we talked,
talked to the realtor, and Isay, yeah, I like it.

When you drop up the paper togetherand the least and everything. They say,
okay, you need three hundred thousanddollars to seal the deal. Wow,
including first month, security, broker, everything that factor into it.
I'm looking at almost three hundred thousand. And I was like, crap,
the only thing I can do now. I searched a run in the house
wherever I can find money. WhateverI was lifted, I was going in

the corner of the house trying tomake up reach out to a couple of
friends and family, and you're takinga five thousand from here, a ten
thousand from here. Because at theend of the day, when you're owning
a business, it's a lot.And I always say this to people.
I say, if you have aproblem working at nine to five, try
honing your own business right, ortry holding opening a business because you can't

sleep. Yeah, you can't callout. You can't own a business no
matter what's happening. You got toshow up. You got to be there
at the end of the day forstaff say I'm sick, I can't come
in tomorrow. You don't get thatluxury. So I eventually up to the
last day when I'm supposed to signthe lease, I'm still looking for the
last twenty dollars to make up thetwo hundred and seventy five thousand that was

out tight everything went and after Isign, after I signed the lease and
the lease is in my hand,and I'm like, okay, the next
step. God is just going toleave me through this. So it's all
about relationship. And that's one ofthe things where I even value the relationship
that we have. You men orAngela. He all your team. It's

relationship that I've built over the yearsof working with bb King's Highland Ballroom Sony
Hall. I was the corporate chefDinosaur Barbecue. Yeah, Dinosaur Barbecue on
one hundred and twenty fifth Street.Yeah Yeah, I was the kitchen manager
there, so over the years,putting your time, and I just want
to make sure people know that too, because you know, even knowing your

story and how you went to schooland you learned how to cook and then
Royal Caribbean Cruise right you were workingon there, worked your way up to
sue chef because a lot of timespeople will look down on you. People
want to be an entrepreneur right away. There's nothing wrong, and it's probably
way better to work and get theexperience working for somebody else so that you
can eventually do it yourself. Yeah. One other thing where people are so

intrigued about my story, My storyis coming from It's coming from homeless,
is coming from poverty, it's comingfrom three times suicide attempt. So it's
coming from the Number two train.Like when I used to live on Tremont
Avenue, I remember going at theNumber two train station and stand there making

up my mind to throw myself infront of them. That was when I
could first what put me in thatplace and that frame. I remember when
I first came here. You know, you come here, you're under the
radar. You're trying to just getby a lot of things. And that
was when my daughter was just born. And my daughter born here, I
am under the radar, just tryingto get by and ready to get evicted.

I remember I was about to getevicted. I'm looking at my young
daughter there and I'm like, Ican't get a job. It was very
hard to get a job and justgoing through so much, and I felt
like there was no way out.There was no way out because everywhere you
go you're under the radar. Ayou have it because you were from I
was from Jamaica, no no papers, so everything was And then it was

when I was about to be evictedand I'm like, what do I do
At this point, my daughter's inthe house. I can't provide for her.
My girlfriend is there here, Iam with no job. The court
giving me this one shot deal insaying okay, pay your rent and after
this, if not, you're gonnahave to move out, you know,

So I was like, you knowwhat this and just my life overall,
because here you are, coming fromJamaica, you don't grow up with your
father, you're homeless. From school, It's like you ask yourself, like
God, like what's next. Iwas homeless. I didn't grow up with
my father, just my mother andmy sister. My mother worked two jobs

to try to take care of us, and I'm like, something gotta give,
Like at what point the sufferation stop? So you get to a point
and you're like this don't look likeit's ever gonna stop because you look at
it. And at that time,I was like twenty five or something,
and I'm like, I'm still goingthrough it. I'm going through it from
I was going to the neighbor's house, and that's what's how I got into

cooking. I got into cooking allthe poverty, going to the neighborhouse and
beg for food. And I rememberseeing myself after because I gotta care FORO
becus. Then I get emotional gointo the neighborhouse and beg for food,
and I remember that time. Iwas like ten eleven and there's this lady

by the name of missus Gloria thatlived next door to us, and every
time they cook, I find myselfalways have to wash up their dishes,
sweep up the yard, beat alittle yard boy for them in doing stuff
around the house that their kids wouldn'tdo. So this way I can get

some of the food that they haveleft over. So that was kind of
how I fell in love with cooking. I fell in love with cooking from
when I would stand at the backdoor step and I would watch the family
eat and see, Oh, itbrings family together. It brings that conversation
together. So even though as alittle kid, I was hungry, but

I was still watching as to howjust like even when I came here and
I brought the food, me sittingback and watch you guys enjoying it.
It brings me peace to know that, Wow, you did that. You're
watching people having conversation over something thatyou never had a home, and you
see how they're happy and they're laughing, And I say, you know what,
I want to spend the rest ofmy life recreating that. So when

people come to my restaurant and Iwatch them sit down and eat and enjoy
and laugh and talk, I'm seeingsomething that I never had a home.
Happening in front of me. Andthat's how I got into cooking, right,
And you are very present at therestaurant. And even before that,
you've also been a private chef.Yes, for some huge people like the

Obamas. The Obamas, I've beento the White House twice, a cook
for Lara Clinton. I cooked fromMichelle and Baracky, jay Z and Beyonce,
Red Cross, Main, No Angela, he you name it. I've
cooked for over four hundred celebrities fromMary J. Blige, you named them.
And the good thing about you is, I know you said that being

on that cruise ship was what helpedyou learn how to cook a whole lot
of different variety of things, becauseyou know, when you're on a cruise
it's huge and there's like different yeah, different restaurants, different types of food,
different dishes. Yes, working onthe cruise ship to me, and
I think even when I start workingon the cruise ship, it was my
getaway kind of free card from Jamaicabecause I remember I was working at Sandals

and they told me that time Ijust graduated school. They told me they
was doing interview to work on thecruise ship. I went to sant ans
by took the tests pass the test. Six months after, I was at
work at the hotel and they toldme, oh, there's two guys at
the front desk looking for you.I was like two guys, two white
guys, And I walk up tothe front desk and I'm like, okay,

what's going on? Yeah? Theysay, oh, they said,
we were sent from Roleagh Cabrian CruiseLine. You took a test the other
day and we were sent for MoleCabrin Cruise Line because you passed with flying
scores. So we were sent forMoral Cabin Cruise Line to bring you up
to work with the company. Atthat time, I don't have no VS,

I don't have no passport, Idon't have nothing. They said,
well, all you got to dois just say yes and we'll take care
of everything. That's amazing from there, that's God, that is. Let
me ask you, was it thecooking that helped you get out of the
dark place from inding it all?Yes, it was said you was there
three times. Yeah, it wasa cooking that helped me get out of

it. Because I think when ithappened in Jamaica, I say okay,
I have to get away, andthat's when the cruise ship came in.
The cruise ship job came in.I went to work with Roald Cabrin Cruise
Line. Started out as prep cookand work with them for thirteen years and
then when I left, I leftas executive chef and then I say,

you know what, I want tobe online. At this point went back
to Jamaica start operating minute bus.But then I missed the cooking and I
say, you know what, thisis not me. I was driving the
bus from state to state and Isaid, I'm miss cooking. I missed
being in the kitchen. I missseeing people having a great time around food.
And that was when I start workingwith Disney World Disney when they first

went Cruise Line, they came inDisney Magic. Disney Yes, yeah,
they came up with Disney Magic andI went to Italy bring down the ship.
Work with them for three years andI say, you know what,
I want to be online. SoI stopped working with them, and that's
when I start working at Nigri Village. That was West third. Yeah,

the one that was one with MAVNo. Fourteen. No fourteen is the
one in the village. The originalone was on twenty three. It was
on twenty third, yeah, andbetween eight and ninth, between eighth and
ninth, not the one on fourteenth, and not the one on west.
So there was three of them.The one on fourteen is the one.
No, that's the same owner.No, we it's on West third,
West third. It started up ontwenty third. It wasn't fourteenth, it

was twenty third, and then itwas west third. Yeah, no and
that usually no, yeah, notfourteenth, it was twenty three it bug,
yeah, twenty third, it wasnext It was next door to let
me tell you that restaurant when theGirl opened on twenty thirsty. We didn't
have something like that in Manhattan,No, no, and like the you
know, in that area, ina midtown downtown area. So that was

like a novelty and it used tobe so packed. But it went to
show you that it was something necessary, because when that came, it was
like, people want this and therewas only one place you could go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. AndI started working there in nine eleven hit
and when nine to eleven hit,that was when it shut down. And

from their work at I don't knowif anyone of you remember Mobile UPTOWNE that
used to be on one hundred andtwenty fifth Street mobile uptone. I feel
like, okay, yeah, Iheard that was a while back. So
it was me bouncing from restaurant torestaurant. Then after that I end up
at Dinosaur Barbecue, and then fromDinosaur Barbecue, BB King's and Highland Ballroom.

BB Kings used to be the jointtoo. BB King's was like everybody
used to go there, not tosee, but also there was parties.
Yeah yeah, we did concerts.Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, you
rocked the stage a couple of times. Yeah, you rocked the stage a
couple of times at bb Kings.So yeah, and then from there after
BB King's Sony Hall and then COVIDcame and financially was this all good at

that time for you? Like,I know, you were an executive chef
and then you went to like DinosaurBarbecue Dergrid was that financially like you felt
like you were getting compensated Yes,fairly, Okay, I was getting compensated
fairly. And what it is tofor me is the love and passion for
what I do. Me being atBB king as the executive chef for the
owner, he seemed I put somuch pride in my work and it was

never It was never about the money. It was more about me being the
best version of myself as a chef. So the owner, mister Bensusan see
that in me and he opened somany doors of opportunity. That's good.
So he reached out to me,is like, Patrick, I'm going to
get you on Good Morning America,and we're going to get you on Fox
five. I'm gonna get you onPixel. That's amazing. Yeah, because

Chef Simpson, I want to saythat even like hearing your story, because
this can be a really cutthroat business. Yes, you know. And one
thing that people always say, evenbefore I met you, because my friend
Dahlia was like, yes, youknow, you got to come to the
Simpson. I hadn't even been thereyet, and she actually took me there.
She owned the restaurant Tilly's, andwe know it's a hard, hard
business to be in, one ofthe hardest to be in. And she

was like, he's just the nicestperson though on top of everything else.
You know, the food is great, restaurant, amazing location, but you
I think as a brand and therestaurant is named after you, Yes,
you know that matters. Was thereever any apprehension because sometimes people don't want
to like put their name on something. But yeah, I think for me
with because of the fact I alreadybuild who I am as a person from

BB King's, Highland Ballroom, SonyHall and the Bench Susan. They gave
me so much freedom to be whoI am and be creative. I've cooked
for so many people, so everyoneknow me as Chef Simpson. So once
you say Chef Simpson, people belike, who's catering? You're ever in
Chef Simpson. Then I realized thatmy name is so strong, olden,

you know. So I say,you know what, I'm just gonna name
it the Simpson Restaurant on Bar,and over time people just start gravitating to,
oh, the Simpson's own that restaurant, And then people know me from
BB King's and that's where no,I'm looking at it. Where whoa you
open the first Jamaican restaurant to homein a casino? Right? Okay,
Atlantic City, That's where we arein now City. And then from there

Caesar came to the Grand Open andthe pre ground Open. Then the executives
came and they like pull me asideand they're like, listen, we love
this. We love what you're doing. We'd love for you to come down
to Las Vegas to look at thelocation on there and oh I didn't know
about this. Yeah yeah, soliterally just did like the ribbon cutting in

Atlantic City and I'm so excited tosee because I've been to Atlantic City like
a couple of times in the past, you know, but it's not a
lot of places that I'm like superexcited to eat at. But the Simpson
I just think that's going to besomething like amazing for everybody to be able
to experience. But now Vegas isnext. No Vegas is next, and

we did because they do not haveI'm trying to think they don't have that,
and think about how everybody goes toVegas. It's gonna be one of
one. Yeah listen. And that'sone of the reasons because just to let
artists know, Mayno was getting readyto head out of here and I'd be
like, no, I need youup inside here because you know, and
I gotta give you guys props becauseI so have so much respect for Mano.

I have so much respect for youand Angelay and your friend all your
team because one other things, Manois such a cool guy personality. He's
a cool guy. He's a coolguy. You were talking with him,
you know, he's not one ofthose persons arrogant or loud or vul It's
just somebody who's mellow like you canhave a great conversation. And for me,

I don't have a lot of friends, and I don't keep a lot
of friends purposely because I need tostay focused on my mission. I'm building
a brand here, so I surroundmyself with good people like yourself and Mano
and other people who are gonna Theyalways say, surround yourself with people who
are going in the same direction thatyou want to go, people who motivate

you to be the best, becausethe people who are not that will drop
off and you will not miss theirpresence. It's a blessing when they do
right. So for me, it'ssaying you don't want I want to stay
close to you guys, because Isee you guys are doing great things and
just like myself doing great things,and I think black excellence. There's so
much that we can build together ifwe work together. So just like me

saying, man, no, listen, I want you to come down to
Atlantic City and Jela you come Dome, you know I got the connection.
I'll put you guys up in thesuite there and show you guys are own
and listen. We should say thesame time. We should do that though,
but I want to go when you'rethere too, because I know it's
off, but no other way.Yeah, it's also not easy for you
because now you have so many differentplaces that you have to be. Now,

how are you because I know that, Like even sometimes I'll hit you
up to let you know something orsomebody's coming through or I'm coming You're like,
oh, I'm at the restaurant depotdoing this. You literally are doing
all of these things yourself. Howis it being able to trust somebody because
at the same time you have tohave help running these businesses. You can't
be everywhere at once. I can'tbe everywhere once. And when I look

back on it and I said,okay, I have I have sixty staff
in Brooklyn, Atlantic City. I'mgonna have another sixty staff by the time
it's said undone. I'm also lookinginto Miami location and I'm on a trend
right now. And for me todo this by myself, sometime I ask
myself, no one reached out tome to check on my mental help to

see if I'm okay. How doesthis man stay on top of you?
Kid, I have a daughter.Yeah, remember he was talking about his
daughter being born. So me dealingwith all of this sometimes I have to
give myself a mental break because there'sso many moving parts that's happening. Like
even right now, I know myphone is texting me. We need cheese,
we need this, we need that, all different things that's happening.

So my management team, I havea great team, that's their kay Daniels,
my operation managers. To stay ontop of everything. I have about
four four managers, great staff,chefs in the kitchen. I have about
thirteen chefs in the kitchen, andall of that is going to get multiplied.

So one other things that I tryto tell my team, I wanted
to create a work environment that Inever had because at the end of the
day, even though I was stillworking at BB King's, there was still
that hal over your head that youcan get fired, anything can happen,
and even though it's a company wherethey will look out for you, you

just feel like you want your own. So for me, I say,
you know what I want to createa work environment where my staff come to
work and even the dishwasher feel likeit's his restaurant. So motivate them and
inspire them to say, like,listen, guys, this is bigger than
me. This is for you.Guys. Now, I provide food for
all of your family, So youhelp me to help to keep this together.

So they come in and they feelimportant. So for them, they're
always gonna have my back. They'realways going to look out for the best
interests of the restaurant. Not everybodyis gonna be like that, but what
are you gonna do? Yeah,we had a whole conversation about how difficult
it is to get the right stafftogether because you cannot control what people are
doing and you can't watch people youknow all the time to see what's happening,

and things do walk out that door? Yes, yeah, yeah,
there's a lot. There's a lotwhen it comes on to restaurant, there's
just a lot for you to stay, a lot of moving parts. It's
a lot of moving How do youfeel now though? Are you with all
these different opportunities? Obviously there's alsomore responsibilities, But mentally, how do
you feel now? Mentally? Ithink I'm okay. Sometimes I don't think

I am. Sometimes I'll stop onthe side of the street and shutter tears
and then go back into traffic.When you do feel as though you don't
have the the time or to grieve, or you know, you don't have
that luxury. No. I wastalking to someone yesterday and the person said

to me, he said, Patrick, you know what I realized different about
your different talking to you. Ihear strength speaking to you. I hear
resilient speaking to you. Because Ilook at it, I'm like, I
don't have a choice. You seethat I'm gonna swim or I'm gonna sing,
or I'm gonna drown. And Ichose to swim because right now I'm

in too deep. You know,It's just from someone who was getting a
one shot deal to say from beinghomeless on my block where I live in
Long Island. I own the biggesthouse on the block. So even for
me driving home, it still don'tdawn on me. It dawned on me
sometimes and I'm like, I wonderif my Caucasian neighbors look at me like

the block. So that feeling thatyou feel inside do you feel do you
feel a pomplished or do you feelor do you still feel like it's just
so much more to get. Ifeel there's I feel accomplished, but I
think something is missing. Something ismissing because to me, I asked myself,
I'm like, God, am Ia sacrificial lamb? Because here I

am now gonna have one hundred andthat staff. Everything that I went through
throughout my life, I felt likehe was building me for tough, for
everything I'm dealing with, no onebe able to stay sane dealing with it.
I felt like he was building me. So now I'm at that stage,
I'm like, Okay, God,who do I do this with?

Right? At what point are yougonna send me either that ride or die
or a bona fire birder. Andthey'll say, Okay, Patrick, I
got you with the best interest,not about he can afford it or he
can do this as someone who say, you know what, I see your
grind, I love what you're doing. You know what, I'm gonna rock
with you and you're gonna and thatperson is going to be genuine about it,

because one thing that I've also learnedis that the higher you go is
the more fake people comes around.Right, you don't know what people's intentions
are. You don't know what theirintentions. They see something that's going on
that's working and they want to hopon and figure out how can it benefit
that. And I'm very observant ofthat. So for me, I'd rather

you come straight up and tell meyour intention. If I can rock with
you and I can make it happen, I'll let you know this is what
it is. But don't be fakewith me. You know, don't be
fake with me, because once Ifind out that you are being fake,
Oh, come and ask me,I can I hold a thousand dollars or
whatever and be like, okay,you know what, here's five. Don't
worry about it. You don't haveto pay me back, but don't be

fake with me to get it.Just be straight up and let me move
on. That's why they say moremoney, more problems. Yeah, that's
what it is. But you knowwhat, You're right though. And all
in all, as we can allattested, as we're sitting here and people
are listening to this is still ablessing like everything, to be in the
position that all of us are in, that everybody who is listening in we

have so many things to be gratefulfor that we've been blessed with that.
I think sometimes it's hard to focuson those things. You know, we
talked about this on my Wealth WednesdayFounders depression. That's a real thing for
entrepreneurs who are going through it becauseyou know, when you come from spaces
where we've come from, where wehaven't seen a lot of success, successful
people like in our families and ourlives and things like that, sometimes we

feel like it can all go awayat any moment. Yeah, most definitely.
And the people that you surround yourselfwith, you know, I know
the Counsel General to Jamaica, AlseeingWilson, always been near supporting me.
She you probably know. I definitelyknow her. I saw she was at
the opening too the River. Shecame to Atlantic City, right, Yeah,
she came to Atlantic City. She'salways been there to support me when

I when I did the ribbon cutting, the Prime Minister and the First Lady
called me and said, congrats relationyou open the first Jamaican restaurant in a
casino in America. This is definitelya big deal. So to me,
it's like everything that is on meright now is so much bigger than me.
I'm representing, I'm carrying Jamaica onmy that it can happen. It's

a lot of responsibility and a lotof people look up to me to say,
if he can do it, thatmeans we can do it. Inspiration.
I'm inspiring so many people opening culinaryschool in Jamaica. My way of
giving back and paying it forward.Listen, can you teach me how to
cook something? Do you think anybodycan cook? Like? Do you think

anybody can learn how to cook?Yeah? Cooking is all about being creative.
Okay, it's about being creative.You know. Once you go in
the kitchen and you may look intoyour cupody and be like, hey,
not in the hair the heat andI open your cover. Then before you
know what, I'm like, Okay, give me about if for an hour
figured something out. I don't thinkyou can figure out now in my kitchen

because Mano has already committed to comingover to cook, because you know,
have a brand new kitchen in myhouse. It has not been touched a
minute to come hang out. Buthe wants to make a jail mail.
Oh yeah, I gotta bring mygod. Let me tell you, like
stay in New York. But youalso and the last thing I want to

talk about is that you also docook with celebrities and notable people. You
have your own show, which itshows me how much you love it because
you spend the time really talking andgetting to know people, but also like
creating dishes and doing things with themas well. And that's something that you
don't even have to do, youknow, And that again it shows you
that from a closed door. Iremember how I started my own show was

when I was a bb Kings andall the artists they come and perform in
the show. The owner BB Kingssaw me and say, you always talking
with the celebrities when they add themon. That's I'm seeing Ben Susan.
So you have Steven that's a bluenote. And then you have Sean who
runs bb King. He's like,you're always talking with the celebrities and and

over time I'm like, you don'twant as a chef. I'm reaching out
to the Food Network. I'm reachingout to all these Caucasian cooking show trying
to get on. No one respondsto your email, no one knowledge or
nothing. So I say, youknow what, We're going to start my
own shoes right and little by little. I'm there at bb King, I'm
cooking with a little cutting board andI have the guests next to me and

I'm cooking and talking with them.And that's how Cooking with Love was birth.
I Now it's on so many differentnetwork now and me cooking with so
many Right, yeah, you didthe show Lobster. Okay, all right,
all right, we'll test that outand we're gonna have to get Angela

on it. What am I goingto make? We don't know. I
think that amazing girl cheese, Ido. I can't do that, but
no, honestly, let people knowhow they can follow you and also support
you. You know. I knowwe're going to be doing a lot more
things together as the business is expanding, and yes, we got to make
sure that we're here supporting you aswell. We're going to plan this to

Atlantic City. You gotta do it. Yeah, you gotta pull up.
It's summertime now, you know whatI'm saying. Just take the trucks out.
Just so the new so the newlocation and in Atlantic City, it's
one Atlantic Ocean ACX one Studio CaesarPalace. The opening time is still going
to be eleven AM and we closedduring the week we close at twelve and

then on the weekend we close attwo am because Caesar asked me to stay
open late because people want to gambling. There's no windows, so you don't
know what time it is. Yeah, So a c X one previously used
to be at a pair and thenwhen COVID came, it shut down and
now it's reopened up. But nowso the border it's crazy. So they're

doing a lot of great things.And for me to be in there,
and you can be inside your roomat Caesar Palace and you can order from
the restaurant. Can you imagine that, order some jerk chicken? Yeah?
Yeah, never never have I beento a rest a hotel and being able
to order get some curry, yeah, right away. So it's definitely going

to be a big deal. Yourfavorite food. I like fish. I
like fish. I like the brownstew fish. I like the escavachkay.
I like the Simon anything seafood,I like them, and the drug Simon.
Yeah all right, so what elsewere you going to say? I
was gonna say that. And thenthe Brooklyn location, Brooklyn is fire.
Stay packed and make your reservation,ladies and gentlemen, because two weeks in

advance, a weekend. I comethere and they'd be crazy outside. I
remember I was in Atlantic City andI was watching that, just standing at
the front for probably about like ata table patiently. Wait. Now that's
when you came with a young ladywith the wine. Oh yep, angry
best best mine. Yeah, yeah, your wine is amazing and it's South

African wine. But yeah, sowe actually were going to the fight across
streeted was so crowded. But youknow how I am. I'm gonna go.
I'm not gonna make a big fuss. I will stand here and wait
because I'm just happy that we're beingaccommodated. So, you know, just
just happy that you always take careof me and your staff does too.
And they were all like, areyou okay? I was like, I'm
fine. I'll just be pulling up. Got you wait now, I just

pull up. But I mean,you know, he just pull up.
He's like, yeah, yeah,yeah, we got your own family.
You're on Simpson, y'all. Gottamake him wait next time, make him
wait twenty minutes. I need toget I need to get you guys.
To be a restaurantur you gotta comein. You gotta come on board.
Yes, even if you're behind thescenes, let's talk about it. I'll

be cooking. But honestly, ChefSimpson, thank you so much. We
really appreciate you, so happy foreverything that you've been doing. The food
is amazing. You brought us somefood today. I was waiting since ten
am for this food to get herebecause I was starving, and I was
like, I can't eat a thingbecause I don't want to ruin my appetite
because Chef Simpson is on the way. Nice. So I appreciate you whenever
you guys, if you're not fromhere, if you come here, make
sure you visit. Let's all goto Atlantic City and we cannot wait to

hear more news on Vegas and Miami. That's what I'm talking about. Yeah,
way up. Why didn't know aboutthat
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