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Medication Mishaps and How To Avoid Them

March 20, 20179 min
Medications can relieve symptoms of your condition and improve your quality of life. At Tidelands Health, you’ll benefit from pharmacists who help you get the right dose of the correct medication at the proper time.When you're prescribed medication it's important to follow instructions carefully. If medications are taken improperly, it can cause some some serious issues.What are some ways to avoid common medication mishaps? At Tidelands Health we take your medication safety seriously. That's why we've assigned a clinical pharmacist to every medical service in our hospitals. That means you get safe, effective and cost-efficient medication during your hospital stay. A clinical pharmacist is available around the clock to help your health care team respond immediately if your medical needs change.In this segment, Darrell Willm, Tidelands Health pharmacist shares the most common medication mishaps and how you can avoid them.

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