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May 16, 2024 4 mins
I chat with Monica J. Washington, Esq. - Chapter President, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.Tau Delta Omega Chapter about an  elegant event that supports scholarships. It’s the Precious Pearls of Elegance Scholarship Ball  May 19th  
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Do these things at the last minutelike this, but it's such a great
cause that I wanted to see ifI could squeeze it in. So yeah,
I'm going to ask you just tocount to three so I can get
a voice level one, two,three, Okay, perfect, All right,
let me get my notes out.Are there more people that are going

to be joining us. There's ourvice president. She's coming in, okay,
just to listen in. Yes,I think it'll just be the two
of us. Oh okay, allright, I'm just saying we only have
three minutes, so no, soI'll just be doing all the talking.
She's just here for personal support andyou know. Okay, all right,

that's cool. Love your glasses,very cool, very cool. Okay,
all right, let's just get mynotes out here. Okay, all right,
here we go. I'm Lorraine Ballad. Tomorrow on May nineteenth, Alpha
Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. TuData Tau Delta Omega Chapter is celebrating academic

success, community service, and thelimitless potential of our youth for their precious
pearls of elegance scholarship. Ball joiningus to tell us all about it is
Monica J. Washington, Esquire ChapterPresident, of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority,
Inc. Thank you so much forjoining us, tell us about this event
that's happening. Thank you for havingme. Since two thousand and one,

this has been our signature event.This year, we have forty four middle
school and high school students that aregoing to be a part of this scholarship
ball. We not only teach themof the fine points of formal dance,
but we also try to develop thempersonally as well. So we have had

classes on self esteem, social media, conflict resolution. We talked about automatic
negative thinking and how to combat that, table manners and etiquette. We even
did a speed mentoring class with themwhere we invited professionals to sit across from
them doctors, lawyers, judges,chemists, all types of different professionals so

that they can ask questions and whenthe bill wrong in five minutes, they
went on to the next person.So we have been doing a lot of
things with them, even giving theman opportunity to do community service as well,
so they are learning as we giveto them that it is important for
them to give back to the communityas well. Fantastic, So this happening,

This is happening on the nineteenth andif people would like to buy tickets,
which I believe there are a fewleft. How can they do that
if they would go to Tall DeltaOmega aka dot com that is our website
and they would be able to goin and link for any tickets for that
particular event, and then they canalso see the other events that are coming

up as well. Fantastic Alpha KappaAlpha Sorority Inktow Delta Omega chapter is having
a wonderful event. It's their bigfundraiser for their scholarship program and all of
the mentoring programs that they conduct throughoutthe year. It's the Precious Pearls of
Elegance Scholarship Ball. Tell us whereit's going to be happening and what time

and the address It is going tobe held that the Drexel Brook in Drexel,
Pennsylvania. It will start at twoo'clock and it will end at six
o'clock. It is going to bea full buffet for those that are attending
and then our youth are going tobe on full display. So it is
going to be an elegant time becausethis is the Precious Pearls of Elegance Scholarship

Ball. So if you want tocome see our young people in big white
ball goals and our young men dapperand their black tuxedos. This is the
place to be. I love it. I love it. I love it.
Monica J. Washing. It's anEsquire Chapter president for Alpha Kappa Alpha
Sorority, Inc. Check it out. It's on the nineteenth Alpha Kappa Alpha

Sorority Inc. Tao Delta Omega chaptercelebrating precious pearls of elegant scholarship ball.
Sounds like a fabulous event for avery good cause. Thank you so much,
thank you. Okay, perfect,all right, all good. I
will air this on Sunday. I'mgonna have
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