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April 4, 2024 38 mins
What is driving the concern over online gambling? The lawyer who took on Big Tobacco, Richard Daynard, says it is an addictive product. The Public Health Advocacy Institute, which he heads up, is suing the sports betting platform DraftKings for deceptive advertising. Audie talks with Daynard, who’s made a career of bringing lawsuits in pursuit of public health, a strategy he calls “wholesale” rather than “retail.” We also hear from NBA star Rex Chapman, author of the memoir, “It’s Hard For Me To Live With Me.” Chapman gives us insight into both the world of sports and the world of gambling. While he’s never participated in sports betting himself, he reflects on his experiences gambling millions on horse racing and blackjack. -------  Read DraftKings’ statement in response to Daynard’s Public Health Advocacy Institute’s lawsuit:  "As a customer-first organization, DraftKings takes consumer protection and responsible gaming seriously. DraftKings respectfully disagrees with the claims and allegations made by the Public Health Advocacy Institute. The disclosures and explanations provided to customers before they make an initial deposit are detailed, clear, conspicuous and informative. Multiple examples are provided. Regrettably, the Institute ignored our multiple attempts to engage in an in-person dialogue to carefully examine their concerns in light of these disclosures and, instead, filed suit.”   The company also said in a statement:  “DraftKings is committed to educating consumers about the importance of playing responsibly. We have created tools like “My Stat Sheet” an innovative feature that gives players the ability to assess, track and interact with their personal stats through intuitive charts and information that can help empower players to make data-driven decisions on their own play, as well as offer customers the ability to control how they engage with our app through cool-off periods, deposit and wager limits. Furthermore, we collaborate with organizations such as the National Council for Problem Gaming, Responsible Online Gaming Association, Kindbridge Behavioral Health and the American Gaming Association. A core priority for DraftKings is ensuring that customers are using our products as intended, for safe and responsible entertainment.”  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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