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May 8, 2020 12 mins

While the world is hunkered down due to COVID-19, Chase Rice has been keeping busy and trying to stay positive. 

The North Carolina native recently took to social media, releasing a COVID-19 inspired song entitled, "Dear Corona." While Chase initially was just attempting to spread some light-hearted laughter and ease his own boredom, his kiss-off track struck a chord with fans. Fans responded with words of praise and encouraged the "Lonely If You Are" singer to record the track. Will that happen?  

Listen to this Cody Cast podcast, as Chase drops in to talk about his stay-at-home activities and shares his thoughts on sports seasons being postponed. PLUS: Is Chase buying bison? 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Podcasting from CT Welcome to Cody Ellen's podcasts. Alright, so
getting Chase Rice on the phone here. Hello, Hey Chase,
it's Cody. What you told me it could be a
m or PM middle of the week or the weekend
that I could call. And so I just figured I've

heard the song, I know the lyric, and I just
figured now would be a good time. I'm not interrupting him.
I oh, you know, you know know what I was
just I was just about to go sky a bunch
of fun, crazy stuff. I feel like when I call you,
I feel like you're working out all the time. Am
I right? Are you working out right now? Now we're
about to start. I just told I just told my trainer.

I was like, dude, I'm losing so much motivation right now.
I'm struggling, you know. I was struggling for like the
first month this whole quarantine. And then a buddy of
mine who I've trained with over time over the years,
I've stopped and like you have to. I called him
and I said, you have to come over because I'm
losing it and I have no motivation. I don't want
to do anything on my own. So he's kicked my

butt like the last three weeks and it's been awesome. Yeah,
you go through that, it's like you'll you'll work your
ass off for three months and then you'll That's the
thing is if you don't have a trainer, you don't
if anybody holds you accountable, then you take a week
off and then all of a sudden, it will be
like three and a half months off and you're like, whoops.
We're such bros when we talk like this, Chase and
I like it. I love this song, but I feel

like it is really um it's like the ultimate Quarantine
song lonely if you want, am I right? I mean
talk about like perfect timing and I know you had
no idea when you released it, but isn't the timing
perfect for this song? It is? Man Um, I will say,
I'm I've not gotten lonely too much during this quarantine though,
And I hope other people I'm like, I hope other

people in the same way. But man, I've I've had
an unbelieable crew that we've been hanging with. There's probably
ten to fifteen of us with the kids included, that
we've all been hanging either my house or one of
my buddy's house, and it's just been it's been unbelievable.
We've had the best time. We've we've got to be home,
We've got to hang out by the fire a lot,
We've got to cook and and hang out by the

dinner table. It's ho'p enjoyed it a lot. I hope
other people aren't too longly out there because it's been
a while. Who's your best quarantine buddy? Is it a
pet a friend? Who? Uh? It's it's a group of friends.
I've got some of our Navy seals, some of our athletes,
it's it's it's uh yeah, it's just been a small
group of us that we've all been friends before, but

we've never really got to hang out that often, to
be honest, Um, because they travel, I travel, everybody's gone. Um,
so this has become a weekly thing where we all
just hang out and I have a blast. You had
me at Navy Seal tell me more. Yeah, I know
these guys are they're they've been friends for a long time.
I met him actually on the road and then you

get to know him and you're like, oh, there's a
lot more to these guys than just the famous Navy seals.
They get so much credit these days, which is great
they burned, but getting to know as as men and
getting another wives and you know, the families is like,
that's a whole another level of respect. Those guys are
just absolutely Um tell me about your pets. Do do

you have a pet? Do you have a dog? I
feel like you do. I don't have a dog. I
got my buddies dogs. Well, I've never I've never done
that because I traveled so much that I'm like, I
just I don't want to put a dog through that
because the dog that I want, I want a bird
dog really bad. But they take a lot of maintenance
and they take a lot of love and care and

all that. Um. Having said that, I was like, what
kind of pet can I get that I don't have
to take care of that are on their own? Um
that as long as you and I have a farm
manager is gonna help me while I'm on the road.
And you decided on the parrot? Did not? I would?
I would die before I ever. Um, I decided on

American buffalo or bison? No kidding? Yeah, man, I'm putting
them all over my farm. It's gonna be awesome. That's awesome. Yeah,
I love those animals. I love anything from the West.
I'm a huge fan of anything rockies westward. Yeah, and
that's why I love the bison. Like when you see
them in there, like real environment out west, it's crazy cool. So, um,

that'd be all. That'd be great. What do you what
do you buy a bison from? Well, I got a
guy down south of me that that's like the guru
in Tennessee of bison. So he's helping me out. He's
actually putting the fence in. He's gonna I'm buying my
bison from him. We're gonna we're gonna work together for
a few years to really get them down into my
farm and get them used to this because, like you said, no,

normally they're out west or free range, and they're not
really free ranging anymore. I don't know if there are
any free ranging anymore. But um, that's a cool thing
about bison. There's nothing more American. Their native to here
and they're not anywhere else in the world, which is
pretty sick. Yeah, good stuff. Let's talk about the album here. Uh.
It is called the album Part two. Come in May fifteen,
brand new project, you released Part one in January. Both

will be part of uh album eventually though, right a
full album. Yeah. Part one came out in January. This
is an interesting time because it's the first time I
ever released an album, and that wasn't even on purpose.
Back then, we released the album, took about a month off,
and then we're gonna go back on the road and
pour off that album. Um. And then obviously this this
craziness hit, so I don't know what people's favorite songs

are off of that, which is kind of crazy. Um yeah,
because usually you're on the road, you kind of feel
out when you're playing for a crowd, right right, you
can gauge it off of what their reactions are. Um.
But it's almost more so that I get to see
what the reactions are because then I get to read
them online. I'm getting a lot of feedback from Messy
and and longly if you are, obviously. But then also
a song got in the car and Forever to Go. Um.

Having said that, I was like, you know what, let's
not put it off. Let's go with the album part
two as well during this time, and then by the
time we get back we'll have the whole new show. Um.
So yeah, we went with Part two and that's got
a song on it called You Break Up drunk Uh,
down Home Runs Deep, and then the one that fits
perfectly right where we are is called them All. Is

there a theme from part one to part two? Is
it like a sequel of a movie or like, explain
it to me. No, not at all. I've decided to
there's no theme anywhere. I want each song to have
its have its own, um my identity. So there's a
song called Messy on part one, and then there's a
song called down Home Runs Deep on Part two. There's

just nothing alike. Um, but I want each song have
its own identity on it, have its its long Here's
my opinion about album. If every song is great on
the album, that's the album I want to listen to.
I don't really care if it all molds together and
runs together. UM. I want each song to just be
great and so away. And that's what I'm trying to
make with the Part one and Part two. I think

you created a new sound when you wrote Cruise and
the guys from Florida Georgia Line performed it. It It was
like a whole new like sub genre of country music
began and I credit you for a lot of that
to um, did you feel like that at the time,
like you were on the cusp of creating something bigger? No? Yeah, yeah, no,
we just we just stumbled across it. We weren't trying
to write anything. We were trying to write our own stuff,

you know, just in our own way. Nobody really gave
us the time of day when we first started writing
songs together, me and me and photojorgan Line, so they
had their own little crew, but I was part of that,
and we just want to write the best things possible.
I do remember Brian saying I want to write a
timeless song, and I think we did that with Cruise
Where because, like you said, it started a whole new
wave of of what country music is now. And some

people love it, some people hate it. But I personally asked,
that's the coolest part about it is it It was very,
very um polarizing, and a lot of that wasn't even
the way we wrote it. It was also Joey moygetting
in and producing it. So we did write a timeless
song and that's a really cool thing to be a
part of. You know what. There's always haters, though, I
figured out like a long ago. Even you look back

at country music history from Patsy Klein to Schnaia Twain
to who ever, like, there's always been like renegades who
would go against the tradition or the grain, and there's
always people who hate some of it, and always people
who love some of it. And that's the cool thing
about country if it's so many different sounds kind of
molded together, and that's what makes it great. So Um,
I always tell people that because it's the truth. Over

the history of country music, there's always been this, you know,
So it's okay, yeah, no, absolutely. I think if you
don't have people hating you, you're not doing enough and
with with your art, especially because you know I love
I can tell you this is the last three or
four years, it's been the most quiet that it's ever
been for me. UM. But I was also through you know,

I don't need to call it a rebuilding process. It
was more so just refiguring out what I wanted to
do and get a new team around me. Um. And
now it's back with eyes on you, and now especially
only if you are don selling anything else in the
radio and the people that don't like it, let me know,
and I'm good with that. I love that song. I
think it's your best song yet. Honestly, I don't. I agree, man,

I love and it's gonna be cool to see it
was in the forties when I when this quarantine hit.
When we come back, it might be number one. You know,
who knows. It's gonna be a big, big difference between
the way it was saying before and the way live
and then the way the crowd's gonna sing it back
when we get back. Are you zooming and all doing
songwriting on zoom because a lot of artists are doing
that right now. No, I'm not. That's not that's not

I don't want to. I don't even want to go there.
I just the thing is, when i'm all in, I'm
all in. When I'm all out, I'm all out. So
right now I'm taking this time to kind of I'm
not even writing really right now. I'm just kind of
taking this time to get part too ready, um and
get my mind right to get back on tour, because
as soon as they let us, I know, the major
tours for the most part of this year are gonna
be done. Um. But that doesn't mean touring is gonna

be done. I'm I'm built to go out and played
a thousand people or seventy thousand. I can do any
of it. So and that's because we built it from
the ground up that way. So as soon as they
let us, I'm gonna go to whatever state or county
that lets us play, and we're gonna tour before let
you go. Let's talk foot all for a second. Lot
of people saying when football comes back, there may be
like less people in the stands. Are no people in

the stands for that matter? You played college ball, so, um,
what do you think about that? I mean, what would
that be like for a player? Um, that would be horrible. Yeah,
it's that's not college football. That's practice, and in practice
is not the nearest enjoyable um as the games. I
know for me it wasn't anyway, So I hope that

doesn't happen. Um. I personally think they should let people
decide whether they want to leave their house and go
watch a football game or not. That that's that's the
that's America. I mean, all of a sudden, we don't
have rights whether we want to go choose something. Uh,
let them play and let the fans decide. NASCAR returning
also this month, and you uh worked with the pit
crew for Ryan Newman for a for a bit. So um,

And I think NASCAR is maybe the one sport you
could say, like the the drivers aren't necessarily feeding off
the fans, right, Am I wrong about that because the
roar of the engines and you're just sort of focused
on the track or Am I crazy? No? I yeah,
I think that's a perfect one to come back with.
It's like, yeah, I mean, they're not gonna hear that,
and cars are so loud. Um. Now, I don't know
that you'd have to ask a driver, but from my

my opinion, it's like, let them, let them go race. Yeah.
The other sport I thought about, like you kind of
the same as like, I guess golf. I don't feel
like golf players are necessary playing off the crowd necessarily.
They're actually hold the whole I guess, but I don't know. Yeah,
I think they I think they should let sports back,

That's that's in my opinion. And I think they should
let let the fans decide whether they want to show
up to a game or not. Um, I don't believe
half of what I'm hearing I never do when it
comes to the news, and so let let people decide
whether what they want to do. Yeah, good stuff, all right, Chase,
good luck on the new project mat and always good

catching up with two. Dude. Take care and I'll see
you on this side of this. Hell yeah, Cody, good
talking to you man, See you later. Thanks for listening
to Cody Ellen's podcast, This Is Podcast.
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