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December 30, 2021 9 mins

It's the end of the year, and Cody Alan is filled with all the warm fuzzies! 

On this episode of the Cody Cast podcast, Cody counts down his top 5 unforgettable moments from the past and looks toward 2022 with gratitude. Tune in for his year in review and gain some advice from the stars on how to zero in on your own goals for the New Year! 

PLUS: Cody reveals the thoughtful gift he gave Taylor Swift that Blake Shelton won't stop making jokes about. 

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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Welcome to Cody Cast. This is Cody Allen's podcast two.
Here we come. It's Cody Allen right here. Well, after
this show, they'll there'll be new things happening at this
time slot. In the meantime, though, I'm planning my relaunch
as a salesman for Urban Life soon on the side
the pyramid scheme I'm joining. Well, I'll be announcing new

plans on my social media at Cody Allen. You can
follow me there, of course, on CMT every single weekend,
still on your TV. So in the meantime, I thought
it might be fun to run down five of our
most unforgettable moments. Keep in mind, we can go back
to so many interviews over the years we've done, but
these are five that we won't forget. First one here

Luke Brian with kids at home. I asked him, how
do you get him to sleep? If it rhymes with
il ben a drill night quill bo is the one
that he comes down the middle of the nine and
we my wife and I we've got a hot tub
and bo, I'm just I'll take bow. Now. I might
the mistake of taking him down there and like playing
the hot tub, but we're not gonna, you know, put

him in there by hisself or let him play there
by myself. So I have to go down there with him.
But I tell him, if you sleep through the night,
you get to go. We get to go play in
the hot tub. And uh, it works. It's working pretty good.
So you think pick something that kind of bribery, Brober
is the route, you know that that solved the kids,
solves everything. I didn't realize you're such a hot tubber.

I mean, this is second story you told me. We're
involved the hot tub. Like growing up, we didn't have
we were I mean we I ain't gonna say we
were poor, but we didn't. You know, we had a
tub as kids. We didn't have a shower. My first
eight years in this world. We bathe. We bathe and
you took had We had old green picture that we
dump over our hand rinse soap out and so it

kind of comes natural. The tubbing. Tubbing, Yeah, yeah, hot tubbing.
There you are, Luke Brian number five not number four.
Here is from Blake Shelton. Here it is, Hey, can
I say something since I am picking on you a
little bit here because I do listen to the show
when there's nothing else. Did you, Seiri Slee give Taylor Swift? Hey?
What was it a croc pot or a steamer? Or yes?

I gave her a croc pot. She has a new home.
I mean, the biggest artist arguably in the world right now.
You gave her a croc pot. Dude? How's it going
congratulating in the new place? A condo? I do, downtown condo.
So I brought a housewarming gift for you. Did I
have a croc pot? I don't know if you have
a croc pod? Um? Yeah, I went for the seven

court oval. Thank you. Yeah, this is pretty classic. Everybody's
gonna have a good slow cooking cross. Thank you so
much for my gift. That was so thoughtful. You know
what I love about Taylor is that she actually acted
like she's so good. I mean, she was so grateful
that you gave her a croc pot, which I actually
got you. Oh did you awesome? It sounds broken already.

Whatever it is, it's it's a jam box from Does
it play eight tracks? Because I have some that I
can't find anything to pay? Oh, it's got a set
tapes you have to do in your cassette. T can
listen to I can listen to my first album again.
Perfect all right? Moving on number three here it was
our visit from a Dolly Parton here to the studios.

It was so great. She was awesome, funny, and we
actually made her laugh. Check this out. Well, thank you.
It's always a pleasure to be at CMT with anybody,
and especially with you. Well, I went through last night
and watched every piece of YouTube audio and video they had.
You're familiar with you boob? I mean YouTube? Yeah that

you boo? Yeah, you you boob. I'm a little bit
from me with that's funny. Well, I enjoyed like seeing
some of the old interviews online. I bet I haven't
even seen a lot of that stuff. Sometimes when I
see some of that stuff I did so many years ago,
it's just like a different It's like you know it's
you and you remember. It's like another lifetime. It's like

who is that person? Sometimes when I see a lot
of old stuff, it's like I feel like I've lived
so many lifetimes and they've all been good. So it's
just as a girl talking here, how often do you
do your nails? Every two weeks, I'll do the acrylic
nails and I get a fill in every two weeks.
But I have a great guy that does my nails,
and I can go three weeks if I have to,

if I have to, And I can fixing myself if
I have to. I got my kit. But I travel
with when I'm overseas. You know, when we're gone a
long time, you don't always find people that know how
to do those acrylic nails. So I'm prepped. I'm ready.
You know, when you live like me, when you want
all this stuff, you learn how to do it yourself
if you have to. If you play them still, Oh yeah,
these are the best nails in the world. See, every

drummer wants me to get in, you know, tape something
for them so they can have like a little sample
of of this. So actually I wrote nine to five
on these working on to uh people get a kick
out of. But it's the truth there on the set,
kind of like a typewriter. But I'm just banging these
nails together. And all my little nieces I used to
always go around doing this when they were little. They'd

go around with their little hands together trying to make
that sound on the her nails. But you gotta have
you gotta wear falses. Do you wear falses? I don't.
I don't. I was just trying to play mine here
and it doesn't work. That's what I mean. You got
they gotta be fake happy everybody. Yes, it's a Cody
Island right here, Lauren Snapper, Kurt, are you enjoying the

accountdown so far? This is kind of like a blast
in the past, and so many good moments, including a
Taylor producer. Kurt, remember when Taylor Swift came into the studio. Now, Lauren,
you weren't here on the show yet, but because Taylor,
you know, we haven't seen her in a long time.
Let's just be honest. Once she went pop, the visit stopped.
But back in the day, she was like our bestie

around here. So I'll never forget asking her what it
takes to be a star and why she thinks she
made it when there's so many people out there trying
to make it. Why did she get so lucky? Oh?
I wonder about that all the time, actually, because you know,
with my parents, uh, they remember back to when I
was eleven and my dad would go into work every

day and you know, talk to his clients about how
his daughter was eleven and wanted to be a singer,
and they all kind of look at him like he
was crazy. And I remember performing for twelve people in
a cafe doing you know, just me and my guitar
performing songs that I've written about school, and I remember
those moments so often that it makes me so grateful

for all the things that have happened. And I think
that writing my own songs has been such a huge
part of this, and I really don't think that this
would have happened without that. So I'm really thankful that
I was able and allowed to do that. Um, the
fact that I got aligned with people who allowed me
and encouraged me that my own songwriting was good enough
at sixteen, that's a very lucky thing. And I, you know,

so many little, teeny tiny millions of puzzle pieces come
together that creates something that I'm very lucky to have,
which is a really happy life and a career that
I'm really proud of. In a new album, I'm really
proud of. So I I don't necessarily know, but I'm
thankful for it every day that it did happen. Taylor
Swift number two Tomorrow We're not on the air, uh,

we're taking some time to prepare for my Vagas residency
starting soon. I'll be announcing that in the new year. Um,
everybody's doing it and everybody want everyone's everyone's got one. Eseriously,
we are continued to countdown as we've read at the
number one spot five favorite unforgettable moments. Uh this one

from Garth Brooks on the way in the next Yes,
as we begin to wrap up uh the year and
move into new territory me personally and professionally, I know
you've done this a few times, Garths, just sort of
transition into you know, new things. How do you deal
with change? Because a lot of people listen to us
right now, Uh, they're going through something and with the
new year comes a lot of change for a lot

of people. So what advice would you give on how
to weather that storm of change? Yeah, well, man, if
you're asking me Garth Brooks personally, that I'm going to
bring in God and Jesus Chrich. First of all, it's
it's to never go through anything alone, because it's not
what you're going through, it's who you're going through it with.
It's always there. Lean heavy on those people. So pick

the right people, Pick the right friends, pick the right mate. Um,
speaking of which I got your book, thank you. And
then you you you sound genuinely happy, So there's there's
the first thing, right, and when you're generally happy, then
whatever the river brings you, you can steer right, you
can do that. So, uh, I think it's I think
it's cool that change. I think change is good. At

the same time, what people want to see in you
as something different maybe you're doing, but they want to
see the same you because that's the guy I fell
in love with when I met you, right, So the
whole thing would change is yeah, you can change what
you're doing, but don't change what they love about you
doing it right And basically, if you're like, if you're
as lucky as me, all they want to see you

is happy, right, So show them in this new world
that you're happy. There you go. Great moment from Garth.
What have many? By the way, we could have pulled
a lot of sound bikes for this, because I mean
we've done so many interviews. So here's the thing. Keep
up with us on social media at Cody Allen c
O D Y A L A. And into the new year.
Thanks again for listen to our podcast, but this has

been Cody Cast. Subscribe now on iTunes, listen any time
on the I Heart Radio app. Cody is heard on
hundreds of radio stations across America and seen on CMT
Hot twenty Countdown every weekend. For more, go to CMT
Cody dot com
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