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June 11, 2024 28 mins

Daryl Hall and I have something in common... We "Can't Say No To You"! That's the title of his new single, written and recorded with his good friend, Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics. The single, out now, precedes his new album, "D" releasing June 21.

I've been playing Daryl's music for almost as long as he's been creating it, (he has a few years on me) and we had a lot of reminiscing to do! It was so good to get caught up with this musical legend. Drop in for a listen--Oh c'mon, you can't say no to me either! ~ Delilah

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
My yards, my flower beds. They have exploded in rose blossoms.
A couple of years ago, my niece Sharisa and her
hobby Nick got married at my farm, so a year
before their wedding, I planted like half a dozen long

stem pink roses so that we would have plenty of
flowers for the wedding. Well that year, the year of
the wedding, they only made a few roses. But now
a few years later they are loaded. I must have
I don't know twenty thirty rose bushes in my rose garden.

Everything is in bloom. It's heaven. I love June for
this reason. Everything is still green, everything's blooming, it's not
too hot. Summer is just beginning, and we're giddy thinking
of everything we're going to try to squeeze in the
next six to eight weeks trips and vacations. I've already

been in the veggie gardens sowing seeds, putting the starts
from my greenhouse out. Things are looking very promising, already
harvested fresh peas and lettuce waiting for the green beans.
I'm going to pack up the younger kids as soon
as the last school bell rings. We're going on a
little road trip in the Mama motor Home. It's going

to be an adventure. Not nearly as epic as in
the past when we took twelve, thirteen, fourteen kids on
road trips. This is going to be much much more calm,
just two kids, but it is going to be an adventure.
There will be countless things to see and do. We're
going to national parks. We're hoping to spend hours in

creeks and roasting marshmallows for Somemores and singing songs and
being a family and you know what else. Summer promises concerts,
the sheds, the sleds, the gorge, so many great places
to go see concerts. There's a lot of good ones

on tap, like the legendary Darryl Hall and Elvis Costello,
who've already kicked things off on the West Coast and
will be performing through the summer. Even though he's on
the road and is super busy, Rock and Roll Hall
of Famer Daryl Hall is with us today. This guy,

he is a modern day renaissance man who's still achieving
career milestones more than four decades into his career, continuing
to perform with his band to sold out venues everywhere.
He's got a new single out, a new album on
the way, he's in the middle of a summer tour,
and it runs. A world class combination restaurant and performance venue.

Darryl's House opened in twenty fourteen. It doubles as a
restaurant while also serving as a home base for his
multi award winning web series Live from Daryl's House. This
groundbreaking series began as a light bulb moment for Darryl
when he launched it in two thousand and seven as
a free webcast. It showcases a mix of musical legends

and the next generation of up and coming superstars. It
is phenomenal. Daryl Hall, beloved American rock and roll R
and b's soul singer, songwriter, musician, has come a long
way and he's still got plenty of mileage left in
a career that has taken him from the streets of

Philadelphia to the halls of both the Songwriters Hall of
Fame the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I know
this is going to be an amazing conversation. Stick around,
don't go anywhere. We'll be checking in with legendary singer
songwriter Daryl Hall. Today, right after we give props to

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love someone today is a man that we have been
listening to almost for my entire career, Daryl Hall. When
was your first big hit?

Speaker 2 (06:16):
The first one? I guess Bell's kind of be Sarah Smile.
Let's say that Sarah Smile back in nineteen seventy five.

Speaker 1 (06:23):
Okay, So I have been playing you all but one
year of my career. Okay, I started in seventy four,
and I definitely played the hell out of Sarah Smile.
How many girls do you think are named Sarah because
of your song?

Speaker 2 (06:39):
More than you can imagine. I can't say how many
people have come up to me telling me, initially telling
me they named their child and then after that said
I'm Sarah. You know it was named after the song.

Speaker 1 (06:50):
That's got to be the highest compliment in the world
to know that forever a young woman will be recognized.
Yet it makes her part of your family.

Speaker 2 (07:00):
Yeah, it really does.

Speaker 1 (07:02):
You got an extended family that wraps around the world.

Speaker 2 (07:08):
How true.

Speaker 1 (07:09):
So I played Sarah Smile back in the day on
the air, and then in the yearly eighties, I became
a club DJ, and so then I got to play
some of your fun dance songs to death great. Might
have had a few man eater costumes myself, you know.

And now I'm looking forward to I was listening to
it just before before we started this podcast. I was
listening to your new song, Can't Say No To You?
Who is it? Who is it you Can't Say No to?

Speaker 2 (07:45):
I'll call it a compilation, a slight compilation of people,
but it's really about It's a happy song about a
complicated relationship. That's That's the way I can put it.

Speaker 1 (07:54):
It's a very happy song. It's a very summer song,
yes it is. I mean it makes me wish I
had convertible so I can put the top down.

Speaker 2 (08:03):
First song I recorded with Dave Stewart and the Bahamas
and I have a house in the Bahamas, so to see,
and that was that was the beginning of the project.
So we really got the feeling, you know, sand and
son and the whole, the whole good feeling.

Speaker 1 (08:17):
It's got the good feeling. It's got the sand, the sun.
I'm seeing aqua when I listen to it. You know,
something cold in your hand. It's a happy little tune.
But I know there is somebody, there is somebody in
your life you can't say no to.

Speaker 2 (08:34):
Well, there was somebody I could say no too, but
they're not there anymore.

Speaker 1 (08:38):
How about a kid or a grandkid, or or somebody
that just wraps you around the little finger and you
can't say no.

Speaker 2 (08:46):
No, not in this case, no no. This is in
recent past, yes, but not now.

Speaker 1 (08:52):
I have a lot of kids, as you know. But
I have a couple of granddaughters that all they have
to do is look at me like they just they
don't even have to speak, they don't have to say
a word. There is no way I could ever say
no to that little face.

Speaker 2 (09:08):
I know that feeling.

Speaker 1 (09:09):
Yeah, it's like I'm helpless, I'm lost.

Speaker 2 (09:12):
It can take you down a lot of paths now.

Speaker 1 (09:18):
Back in the day, there were a few folks I
couldn't say no to. They took me down a completely
different path.

Speaker 2 (09:25):
Yeah, I know what you mean.

Speaker 1 (09:27):
Not a path in the garden where we're picking strawberries.
It was a different path.

Speaker 2 (09:32):
That's that's sort of what the song's about.

Speaker 1 (09:35):
And you were sort of the soundtrack for those paths too.

Speaker 2 (09:40):

Speaker 1 (09:41):
So you're on a little tour, you're doing the West coast.
If somebody wants to come see you, if they want
to drag the family off the air. Before we started,
we were reminiscing about how long it's been since I
saw you. And one of the times I came to
see you, I asked beforehand, you remember, I asked, can
I bring the family? You said, yeah, I'll make sure

you all get backstage, don't worry about it. Bring the
fam come see us. You were playing the Gorge. That's right,
Beauful Venue. Probably the prettiest venue I've ever been to
in the world.

Speaker 2 (10:18):

Speaker 1 (10:18):
Yeah. And so we showed up in two vans, two
vans full of us, and the security is like, no,
you can't go back there. I said, yes I can. Jane,
my producer, was with me. I'm like, yes we can.
Darryl said we can come back, and he's like, who
are all these short people. I'm like, they're my children,
and he said we could all come. And when we
showed up in mass You're like, uh, I said, you

said to bring the kids. You're like, I didn't I did.
I didn't know you had a school bus with it.

Speaker 2 (10:50):
We rolled with it.

Speaker 1 (10:51):
We rolled with it. You let us hang out backstage
the whole show. It was wonderful. It was wonderful. And
then afterwards when we left, we took a dog home
with us. We found a stray dog in the desert
and I couldn't leave it there to to die, so
we took Freckles home with us. So we got lovely

music and the love of a dog.

Speaker 2 (11:15):
That's all good.

Speaker 1 (11:15):
It was all good. So if folks want to come
see you, where do they find the information?

Speaker 2 (11:23):
Well, let's see, look on my website. That's the best
way to do it. I guess. I mean, I'm playing.
I'm playing on this run. I'm just doing the West coast,
so everywhere from the Seattle area, you're away in Portland
all the way down to San Diego. So Elvis Costello's
working with me, and that's great, and it's going to

be a great show. And you know, I can't wait
to start doing it. And lots of good music.

Speaker 1 (11:52):
Lots of good music, lots of good memories.

Speaker 2 (11:55):
Yeah, sure, your.

Speaker 1 (11:57):
Songs are, as they say on social media, core memories.
Your music unlocks so many core memories for so many people.

Speaker 2 (12:09):
Well they unlocked memories for me too. That's I think.
Maybe that's the secret is it's all real, you know.

Speaker 1 (12:16):
And you've got a new album, not just the new
song Can't Say No to You, but there's a whole
album coming out.

Speaker 2 (12:24):
I can't wait for that to come out. I'm so
proud of it. Again, it was worked. We did it
in the Bahamas, Dave Stewart and I and we pretty
much wrote the songs together. There's a couple lot I
wrote on my own, but we wrote it together and
it's it's really I'm just so happy with it. It
just came out perfect.

Speaker 1 (12:43):
So the album is called D I'm guessing for Darryld
and maybe for Dave.

Speaker 2 (12:49):
Yeah, well D is my nickname. That's what what all
my friends call me D. So that's why I figured
it out. It's a very personal album, and I figured
i'd just call it D.

Speaker 1 (12:57):
See. I thought it was, you know, that's what that's
what my friends you know, call me d so.

Speaker 2 (13:03):
Here you go?

Speaker 1 (13:04):
Sure album number?

Speaker 2 (13:06):

Speaker 1 (13:07):
Or do you even keep track of things like that?

Speaker 2 (13:11):
I lost track?

Speaker 1 (13:12):
I bet I bet so. If Sarah Smile came out
in seventy five, I was at kdun and Reid Sport,
Oregon playing that and that station was dayparted, so like
we had the Scandinavian Hour on Sundays, but from three
until like six o'clock in the afternoon, I got to

play music that young people liked. It was a town
of like three thousand and four thousand people. There was
only one station, and so I got to play music
that young people liked. And that was back when we played.

Speaker 2 (13:48):
Vinyl, yeah, the old days. Well, you know, the craziest
thing is that vinyl has.

Speaker 1 (13:56):
Returned because it sounds cool.

Speaker 2 (14:00):
Because it sounds good. But that's not usually what happens.
Just because something's good doesn't mean it comes back. But
it's really quite amazing that there is this revival of
violence blows my mind.

Speaker 1 (14:10):
It blows my mind because I have young people, young
kids still at home, two young women in their twenties,
and they're like, oh my gosh, listen to this, and
they'll put on something that you know that you recorded
or I played at some point in my career, and
it's like they just like they feel like they've discovered
it for the first time.

Speaker 2 (14:32):
Music sounds better that way. I have to say it.

Speaker 1 (14:35):
It's the truth, it does. It sounds so fresh and
so relevant.

Speaker 2 (14:43):
Yeah, yeah, all they both absolutely true.

Speaker 1 (14:57):
When was the last time you just dug through your
vinyl and played an entire album track through just for
the fun of it.

Speaker 2 (15:06):
I don't remember. I actually don't do that very often.
I have all these things logged in my head, and
I think my final collection is in storage somewhere.

Speaker 1 (15:15):
To tell you the truth, you know where mine is?
Where at my son's house?

Speaker 2 (15:21):
Ah, well, there you go.

Speaker 1 (15:22):
I walked into I have a son who is who's
turning forty this year, and I walked into his music
room in his basement. He has a piano and a
drum set, and he jams with his friends and he
plays guitar and it's it's just love, you know, it's
just amazing. And I walked in and I went, he
has all these album covers framed on the wall, and

I went, oh, my gosh, I used to have that album.
And he just smiled. He didn't say a word, Darryl.
He just looked at me, you.

Speaker 2 (15:53):
Know, just all part of the continuum. It's great. I mean,
I'm really really happy with this whole thing, with a
researches of vinyl and and and the idea that you
can pass on something from then in its actual, you know,
intact state, and it still it still matters, it's still relevant.

Speaker 1 (16:11):
And it sounds to my ear. Does it sound to
your ear so much sweeter?

Speaker 2 (16:17):
Like there's I don't has depth. You know, the whole
idea of analog versus digital we could get into. But
you know, it's there's it's not incremental, it's it's a
it's a it's an audio line that makes things smoother
and richer, and it just expands, expands the whole oral landscape.

Speaker 1 (16:39):
Well, so folks should and I think they can get
it downloaded early, can they not? But when it does
come out, they should look for you and all of
your albums, not just the New one D, but all
of your stuff.

Speaker 2 (16:53):
On vinyl by all means, By all means, my my
New Ones D will be out there on vinyl. The
jobs in the middle of June twenty second, twenty first.

Speaker 1 (17:04):
And Dave Stewart, tell me about mister ur Rhythmics.

Speaker 2 (17:08):
Well, where do I start. He's one of my oldest
and best friends, and we've been working together and knowing
and knowing each other and hanging out together since the
early eighties really, and whenever we get together, something good happens.
It's just one of those things. And he it's a
strange story. We spent a lot of time in England together,

and then he knew that I had a house of
Barbor Island in the Bahamas, and he decided to move
down there, and then I sold my house and he
went room here. So long story short, I finally went back.
So now we both have houses in the same place.
As Oh, it's all good.

Speaker 1 (17:50):
So do you spend winters in the sunshine and then
summer's working your tush off?

Speaker 2 (17:55):
Like I'd go down there anytime I may go down
Hurricanes and who knows, you know, it's all it doesn't
matter to me. You just stay indoors and when it
gets really hot.

Speaker 1 (18:06):
And I hear folks down there have hurricane parties.

Speaker 2 (18:10):
They have various kinds of hurricane parties. Some of them
get in the church and pray.

Speaker 1 (18:14):
Yeah, that would that would be me, I'd feel like
I don't want to go through this. Yeah, I'm a
big scaredy cat with that.

Speaker 2 (18:22):
Yeah that no. I think the local people on the
island I live in are pretty sensible about all that stuff.

Speaker 1 (18:28):
So what are you looking forward to in the future,
Like big dreams, big plans, are just riding this wave
and enjoying every minute of it.

Speaker 2 (18:38):
I'm just trying to enjoy what I'm doing right now,
and I'm looking forward to working with day even more
and having some having the time to do it. You know,
I go out on the road all the time, but
I'm trying to get a little more time, a creative
time where I can sit in the studio and do
things like that. So you know, that's if I have

a plan, that's what it is.

Speaker 1 (19:01):
Well, I am looking forward to seeing you, hopefully on
the tour. Listening to the music, sharing can't say no
to you. When I listen to the words of it,
I'm like, oh, gosh, I remember being in that place.
Glad I'm not in that place anymore. But it is

a happy, catchy, fun summer song. I hope folks if
they have a convertible put the top down and blast it.

Speaker 2 (19:31):
There you go absolutely catching up.

Speaker 1 (19:34):
With Daryl Hall, who has kept us odd and entertained
for over four decades. He is a superstar, so is
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Amatu can't wait to run around with his friends, and
he dreams of all that lies ahead. Learn more about

Mercyships at mercyships dot org. Darryl tell me about Darryl's
house in this epiphany you had several years ago to
broadcast live.

Speaker 2 (21:14):
Yeah, it's more than several at this point. We started.
I started about fifteen years ago, and it literally was
just an epiphany. I said, why don't I just turn
everything upside down and had no audience and just have
guests in and eat some food and just hang out
and have a good time and play music and film it.

And that's what we did and what we've been doing
for all those years. And I can't believe how many
people and how many episodes. I'm close to one hundred
episodes at this point, and it's all available on YouTube.
You can most of it, not quite all of it,
but most of it's available on YouTube on my channel.
And I'm going to keep doing more. You know. I

love doing it. It's it's it's one of my it's
my favorite thing ever because I get to work with
all these different people and try things and there's no
there's no rehearsals or anything. It's all very spontaneous and
and lots of laughs and lots of having to be
on your toes.

Speaker 1 (22:17):
Tell us some of the artists that you've got that
you've had at Darryl's house that maybe you were thinking
and this is going to be fun, and it turned
into just a mind blowing, all out amazing experience.

Speaker 2 (22:30):
Well, two completely different ones that come to mind. One
of them is one of the early episodes, very early episodes.
I asked Smokey Robinson, who I knew when I was
a kid, if he'd come on the show, and never
really expected that he would. And because I you know,
I live out the country when I'm up in the Northeast,

and he came, he came, and we did a show.
It's Smokey Robinson, which was my childhood hero, and it
was unbelievable. I mean, the magic was outrageous and you
can just watch that one. That's one episode. And another
one that was very recent was another old friend of mine,

was Robert Fripp, who was a great musician, a genius musician,
and we came in and very almost completely spontaneously did
things that I can't believe that my band could do.
And it was again I was impressed with the band.
I was impressed it was another magical day. But so

that's two of one hundred. Wow. Wow.

Speaker 1 (23:39):
So if somebody just wants to feel good, wants to
enjoy the magic of music, because it is magical, you know,
like I said when I walked into my son's basement
and saw my old albums framed on his wall, there
is something that happens in a setting when you're just

spontaneously playing or singing or writing with people that you love.
There is a magic that happens that there are no
words that I know to describe it.

Speaker 2 (24:13):
I totally agree with you, there aren't really words. The
closest word is magic. It really is magic. It's something
that is indefinable.

Speaker 1 (24:22):
Yeah, there's a lot of love songs written about romantic
love or the act of making romantic love, but there
needs to be more songs written about the joy and
the pure essence of musical genius or not genius. We

have drum circles at my farm. Now, I've got young
people that and because I work in Africa, I've got
quite a collection of African drums, and spontaneously, one or
two of the kids will just start drumming, and then
four or five there's will join in and the next thing,
you know, we move it out to the patio or outside.

None of them are professional musicians by any stretch of
the imagination. But there is something so dare I say, holy,
that happens.

Speaker 2 (25:16):
That's why, that's why it exists. And as fact, actually
the fact that you're talking about drum circles, that was
the original idea of people sitting around a campfire or whatever.
But in the beginning of man and bringing down things,
bringing bringing down the spirit, bringing down the spirit, that's
what music is.

Speaker 1 (25:35):
Thank you for bringing down the spirit to our hearts
all these years my pleasure, and I know when I've
been to your shows that happens. That happens where people
we put aside the division, aside politics. You never you
never bring division to your shows. It's nothing but that

beautiful oneness.

Speaker 2 (25:58):
That's the idea.

Speaker 1 (25:59):
That's idea, Darryl, Thank you for spending this time today. Folks,
go check out Darryl's house, find it on YouTube and
check out his new song. Check out his new album.
And if you don't live on the West Coast, get
on a plane, come come, come to the West Coast
and see him and Dave live as they perform this summer.

Thank you God, bless you.

Speaker 2 (26:25):
Good, good to see it, Good to see you again.

Speaker 1 (26:28):
Bye bye, my friend. Darryl Hall, a names synonymous with
musical talent with innovation, has been wowing us for more
than four decades, and he doesn't show any signs of
slowing down. Did you notice that he's slowing down? Because
I sure didn't hear that. In this conversation today, we've
covered his new single Can't Say No to You, the

release of his upcoming album d As In Delilah, his
current tour with another legend in the Elvis Costello, and
we chatted about his incredible web series Live from Daryld's House,
now streaming from his YouTube channel. You can keep track
of Darryl at Darrylhall dot com, Darryl da r y

L h a L L Darrylhall dot com, where you'll
see where and how to download or pre order all
of his music, where his tour is headed. You won't
want to miss it if it's coming anywhere close to
you this summer. All things related to Live from Daryld's House,
and you can even find a menu for Daryl's House,

the restaurant where I spotted a red and gold beat
salad m HM with goat cheese Oh heartby Still, as
well as an apple crisp with sea salt caramel gelato
on the dessert menu. Mm hmm. This man knows what
he's doing. Whatever you've got planned for the upcoming summer season,

gardening time at the beach, water camping, adventuring, or simply
soaking in the longer, lighter days. I hope that music
plays a big part in it. There's so much out
there thanks to brilliant folks like Darryl Hall, who, even
though he's been at it for quite sometime now, when
asked for more, he says, can't say no to you.

Neither can I. I'll be right here every evening on
the air for a few minutes each day on my
daily podcast, Hey It's Delilah, And every few weeks we
drop a new podcast, an amazing podcast like this one
on love someone I love spending time with you.
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