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November 14, 2023 32 mins

This special podcast episode has ALL FIVE members of the most innovative and inspiring vocal groups of all time--Pentatonix--hanging out with us!  Kirstin, Scott, Mitch, KO & Matt together in one place (that's not a recording studio or performance stage!) and I understand that doesn't happen very often!

We're blessed to have them sharing some insight into their latest holiday album, "The Greatest Christmas Hits", made up of a whopping 23 spirit-building tracks! We'll be talking about the album, the new original single, "Please Santa Please", AND hearing what everyone's hopes are for Christmas and beyond. It was magical to be able to sit down with them all, and I'm thrilled you're going to join us! ~ Delilah

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
We are into the holidays now full tilt. Thanksgiving just
days away, which means homes are getting that deep cleaning
we've all been putting off all fall since the kids
went back to school. By now, we've all bonked our
heads a few times, pulling the decorations out of the
boxes stashed in the attic, and we're going to bed

with visions of spinach dip and green bean casseroles dancing
in our heads. Full tilt, I tell you, But you
know what helps to comb the crazies. Fifteen minutes, just
fifteen or twenty minutes of me time in the morning,
and fifteen more minutes at the end of the day,
sitting with a cup of tea. A gratitude journal, maybe

simply an attitude of openness and acceptance for all the
good things that are headed your way sets the tone
for a great day, a great week, at least a
better day. Teen more minutes before bed if you can
steal them. Reflecting on the positive things you've encountered, even
if there was a lot of chaos to contend with,

helps you to de stress and get a better night's rest.
Try it see if you feel a little weight lifted
from your shoulders just fifteen minutes. And you know what
else helps tremendously. Music Ah, music, I believe is the
language of the angels, and on that I get to
be the bearer of good tidings. Today's podcast guests are

all into as one of the most innovative and inspiring
vocal groups of our time. Pentatonics reimagines, reinvigorates, and redefines
a cappella. Since bursting upon the scene twelve years ago,
the three time Grammy winning and Daytime Emmy nominated vocal

quintet Scott, Mitch, Kirsten, Kevin and Matt have reached un
precedented heights, topping charts, selling ten million albums worldwide, generating
billions of streams, and performing everywhere from the White House
and Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to the Hollywood Bowl and

here in my own little area. They were at the
Fair this last summer and I had to go backstage
and hang out with them. It was amazing. Their catalog
boasts back to back number one albums on the Billboard
two hundred, namely the Gold certified Pentatonics and Platinum certified
a Pentatonics Christmas. Their awe inspiring single Hallelujah also achieved

international success as a platinum certified single in Canada and
a gold single in Germany and in Switzerland. They made
history as the first acapella act to win Best Arrangement
Instrumental or Acapella at the Grammys in twenty fifteen and
twenty sixteen. A year later, they earned another Grammy in

the category Best Country Duo Group Performance for their duet
with Dolly Pardon and her song Joelene. And They've collaborated
with other greats such as Stevie Wonder, Kelly Clarks and
Miley Cyrus, Lindsey Sterling, Megan Traynor, and Jennifer Hudson, just
to name a few. Pentatonics will unveil their twelfth overall

full length and seventh holiday album this month, The Greatest
Christmas Hits that contain Get This, twenty three you heard
that right, twenty three of the group's top holiday songs,
and eight brand new, never heard before tracks, including one
holiday single, Please Santa Please, and guess what They're here

with me today. Let's get the inside scoop on the
new album, their holiday tour, and everything these generous geniuses
have been up to. On this episode, of love someone.
Before we do, though, I get to fill you in
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code Delilah heat Holders making life warmer. Welcome to love
someone With Delilah, I get a whole lot of love
with the folks I'm talking to today, Mitch and Men
and Kristen, Scott and Kevin. I got to see you

in person this past summer, which was amazing.

Speaker 2 (05:50):
Oh my gosh, thank you, thank you. It was so
good to see you there. We were so excited when
we heard you were there. We were like the Queen,
the icon, the legend is here at our show. I
was exciting.

Speaker 1 (06:00):
What was I buying? When I walked by a poster
on my way to get there. They've got these hamburgers
at the fair called like Thunderburgers or something rude that
are like massive burgers. And my kids were like, I
want one. I'm like, I tell you what, I'll buy
two and we'll split them in half because they're like
five pounds of beef. Nobody needs that much red meat

in their life.

Speaker 2 (06:24):

Speaker 1 (06:25):
Yeah. So I saw the poster. I'm like, oh MG,
So I'm calling you know, my producers and my friends
because Scott, I didn't have your new number, and I'm like,
I'm here I want to give you guys a hug.
And it happened, and it came together and it was awesome.

Speaker 2 (06:39):
It was amazing. It was amazing your kiddos too.

Speaker 1 (06:42):
Yeah, you got to meet my younger ones who weren't
on the ferris wheel. There was like twenty of us
that went. When you have to understand when I take
my kids to the fair or I take my kids
floating down a river, I need your tour bus.

Speaker 3 (07:00):
Everyone gets their unbunk.

Speaker 1 (07:02):
Do you know what it's like taking fourteen kids to
the fair?

Speaker 2 (07:08):

Speaker 1 (07:09):
And then I said, there going, Why do I set
myself up for this? Why because this one wants to
go ride the scary big rides and this one is
throwing up because they went on the scary big kid.
Why do we do this to it? But now we're together,
and today's the day you start you launch your Christmas tour.
Last year year Christmas Tour played to packed houses, like

massive venues, and now you're picking up where you left
off with this year's Christmas tour.

Speaker 2 (07:41):
Yeah, we're very, very excited about this.

Speaker 4 (07:43):
I mean to be able to celebrate kind of this
long career we've had with Christmas with this tour and
with this Greatest Hits album. I mean, I think this
show is definitely going to feel like a culmination of
just the career we've had and we're just so excited
to see the fans again. Christmas is our favorites to
always do, and so this is going to be one
to definitely remember.

Speaker 1 (08:04):
Kirstin, you always have the cutest outfits on the Christmas tour.

Speaker 2 (08:08):
Oh thank you?

Speaker 1 (08:09):
Are you gonna wow us again this year?

Speaker 2 (08:12):
I try my very best.

Speaker 1 (08:13):
Yeah, I'm gonna get some like sparkly boots or like.

Speaker 3 (08:16):
So we've been very into like the elegant, like long
fancy dresses, which I love because Christmas is the best
time to like dress up. I feel like we're going
to like a fancy holiday party with Pentatonics with singing,
which is like the best.

Speaker 1 (08:29):
It is the best, It is the best. Mitt you excited?
You ready?

Speaker 5 (08:35):

Speaker 6 (08:35):

Speaker 7 (08:36):

Speaker 6 (08:36):
This is Christmas Tour is my favorite. It's always my
favorite leg of tour. It just feels like everybody is
in such a good mood. We're all excited, We love
the season, and singing Christmas music is just there's just
something about it that's obviously so joyous and I feel
like it's such a beautiful symbiotic relationship between the crowd
and us on stage, because I feel like we're all

kind of looking for an escape, you know, at Christmas
time right now?

Speaker 1 (09:01):
Don't you think we need a little a little Christmas
more than ever?

Speaker 2 (09:06):
Most definitely. Yeah. They have a song on our cells
called do We Need a Little Christmas?

Speaker 1 (09:12):
I was cleverly trying to weave that in so you
could just trying. It's funny, funny, funny how you got
the list right in front of you, Delilah, true bro,
So tell me, tell me about the songs you've got this.
This is like the longest album that I think I've

had in years, twenty three total, right, yeah, yeah, and
eight new ones.

Speaker 2 (09:40):
It's so exciting because you know, our Christmas business has
been such an integral part of our careers and our lives,
all of us personally and as a group. And so
this is like the culination of seven Christmas albums over
all these years, and like it's the story of this
incredible journey we've had in the Christmas space and creating

the soundtrack to people's memories. And it's been such a
beautiful experience for us and giving us so much joy
that this album is like twenty three of these songs
that we feel resonated with people the most, that were
the most passionate about. And then obviously we always love
to get people new Christmas music, So we have eight
new songs, and I think there's some of our eight
best arrangements we've ever done, and so this I feel

like this album really just like summarizes so much of
our career and who we are. And I think that
it's gonna be the perfect playlist for people to just
put on in the background while they're making cookies. Opening presence.
We just curated it. You don't have to switch the
playlist just so you can put it on them.

Speaker 3 (10:34):
It's good, yeah, And I feel like it's a good
variety of songs too, Like when the album came out,
I was listening with my fiance and my daughter and
she's dancing around, and it was just so special to
hear all the songs that we've been doing for so
many years, and like I felt so proud of all
the work that we've done, but also they were it
was just like a really good journey of different songs too.

Speaker 1 (10:54):
Like we were dancing and then we were like.

Speaker 3 (10:56):
Listening to marit As you know, which is super fun,
and then like all the claps on white what are hymnal?
So I feel like really proud of it, like people
are going to love it.

Speaker 1 (11:04):
I have to say, Scott, you said background while you're
baking cookies or whatever. I can't background you guys, Well,
thank you.

Speaker 2 (11:14):
Because you're just like break into a full choreo routine.

Speaker 1 (11:17):
I do. I can see that, and I have to
sing along and I have not exactly pentatonics worth vocals.
You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (11:29):
You have the most pleasing voice to the year I've
ever heard.

Speaker 1 (11:31):
I think, oh, thank you when I'm talking. Yeah, the
joy bubbles, I mean it bubbles up and out when
you guys are singing. So I can't background, y'all, it's foreground.
It's oh my god. Listen to this part. Listen to
this part, Listen to So Please Santa Please. We're getting

lots of request and lots of people talking about that.
Tell me about it.

Speaker 3 (11:57):
Yay, Yeah, we wee that song when we went to Nashville.
There's a lot of amazing songwriters in Nashville, and we're
really really proud of it. We feel like it is
giving you classic Christmas holiday spirit, but kind of spinning
it in a new way and in a very like
rom calm way. And yeah, it was fun. It was

a very collaborative experience, and it was just really fun
to be in the studio with everyone, Like Scott helped
me with my solo and that was just really fun.
And I feel like that song and just this album
in general, like the more collaboration you can get within
your team and the band, like, the more fun and
the more magical the song becomes. So we had a
lot of fun with it, and I feel like we're
all really really proud of it.

Speaker 1 (12:40):
Scott, you thought.

Speaker 2 (12:42):
We lovely Sana Pez. We did original songs, and we
tried to get creative. You know, at this point we've
done every Christmas song that exists. I think we have
ninety different Christmas songs we release or more, and so
it was just fun getting creative with what types of
songs we can do. So like Kiss from a Rose,
for example, it does have the lyric when it snows, and.

Speaker 1 (13:03):
We'll run with that, and so there you go, when
it snows, that's enough.

Speaker 2 (13:07):
That's all you need. If it has winter in the
title We're Gonna.

Speaker 3 (13:11):
Do Yeah, Snow Cold Winter Twinkle, really grasping it.

Speaker 5 (13:21):
You know.

Speaker 2 (13:21):
You know another one that I really like too is
we have a mashup of pure imagination from Willy Wonka,
which is just one of the most magical songs in
existence imation. It works perfectly with Christmas times here and
everyone just sounds ethereal on it. It's just it's one
of my favorite things we've ever done Christmas or not.

Speaker 1 (13:41):
I like my daughter, Delilah Junior, who's now fourteen. Last year,
her school put on Willy Wonka the play, and not
a single boy turned out, so they had a cast
of like twenty three girls and she played mister salt
Veruca's father and she nailed it. She was brilliant. But

I felt I had forgotten about Willy Wonka kind of,
and I fell back in love with the music.

Speaker 2 (14:08):
Oh yeah, it's so good, so good.

Speaker 1 (14:24):
And you guys have a song that's not on the
Christmas album but is on the radio right now, the
song I'll Rise. Oh yeah, Can we just talk about
that and the lyrics and what inspired that? Can just
somebody pick up the ball and run with it? Because

I can't not cry I can't not cry when I
think of my kids and what they've been through and
what the world is going through and what I've been through. Yeah,
it's become like my anthem, Oh.

Speaker 2 (15:01):
My God, thank you so much. And we're so happy
to hear that, because that's definitely what we were going
for putting the song out. I think that all of
us in Pentatonics, I mean, everyone has been through these
times where they had to overcome obstacles, and everyone's obstacles
are different, and I feel like Frian Rise, I always
think about like I've had to overcome inner demons and

like self doubt and personal issues that I felt like
I rose above that and then I'm on the other
side of it. And so I think that this song.
What I love about it. It's so cool that so
many different people can relate it to themselves, are related
to their journeys in different ways.

Speaker 5 (15:40):
Yeah, it feels like like a battle cry of some sorts,
you know, Like I feel like we got to perform
it live for the first time. I remember feeling like
this like big release because we it's like this anthemic
thing that people are just kind of some people are
kind of screaming it out, some people are kind of
getting emotional. It's just really resonates to people in so

many different ways that that when we were writing it,
I don't even know if we knew that it would
it would do that in that way and manifest itself
that way. So it's just really special to me.

Speaker 1 (16:11):
It feels like a call to arms, meaning these arms
to reach out, to reach out. It's inspiring to me.
And you guys do so many inspiring things. How many
charities do you guys work with? I know you work

with the Make a Wish Foundation, Yes.

Speaker 7 (16:34):
Yes, make a Wish and do it for the Love
and Ryan Seacrest Foundation, Music Cares, prevor projects.

Speaker 1 (16:44):
You know, I wrote a book a couple of years ago,
and the whole premise of the book is the only
way we're going to change the world is one heart
at a time. It's touching people's lives one heart at
a time. And when I listen to the words of
that song, it's like a call to reach out our
arms even more in love than ever before. Yeah, do

you guys feel like when you're performing? I know, in
the venue that I got to see you in recently,
you look out. There's talk about a blending of cultures
and styles and people you don't have like a typical listener.

Speaker 6 (17:27):
I think it's a beautiful testament to what the power
of music can do. And I think people can tell
that we really love what we do and they can
feel that love. And I think it's exactly what you
were saying. All we're really trying to do here is
to touch people's hearts, one heart at a time, and
bring them joy. And I think it's that joy is infectious,

you know. I think that's why the Christmas tour is
so fun for us, because at the end of the day,
it's just like bringing so much joy to so many people, hopefully.

Speaker 1 (17:58):
Well, it was funny when I was before, I came
in from backstage and they were checking my credentials and
you know, they're like, well, who's this kid. That's my son,
And the lady is like, that's your son, and I'm like, yeah,
I know, a sixty three year old white woman with
a seven year old African boy doesn't look like your
typical family. But and that's my daughter, and that's my daughter,

and that's my granddaughter. And they were wonderful. They treated
us so graciously, even though Paul kept wating the refrigerator,
and as we were leaving, there was an older man
in a plaid you know, kind of the theme of
the Northwest our uniform. Yeah, of course that plaid and

blue jeans anyway, and he said, have you just been
back with Pentatonics? And I said yeah, I was. He's like,
can I just ask you? Are they as nice as
they sound as they seem like on stage? They seem
like nice kids. And this guy was you know, you

can tell he had been a lumberjack for reels when
he was younger, or you know, worked at the train
station or something. And I said, yeah, they really are
that nice. He said, ever since the first time I
heard them, I have been in love with their music.
And he had his daughter on the phone, who was
excited to see me, not because I'm Delilah, because they

didn't know I was Delilah, but because I had met
you guys, you know what I mean. And he was like,
you got a hurry, honey, you got a hurry. She
was trying to park her car. But we had fun,
and I was just kind of shocked at this this
gentleman's pure love for you and his excitement to share
it generationally. He was there, his daughter was coming, and

his grandkids were coming, and he had bought tickets for everybody.
And I think you cross a lot of different boundaries.

Speaker 2 (19:54):
M definitely, it's a really beautiful part of what we do.
And I sometimes I like, I meet and greed a
mom will come with her daughter and be like, your
music is like the main thing we bonded over and
we love listening to it together. And that makes me
so happy, just knowing that we can't cross generations and
cross boundaries. And it's so cool to look out into
the crowd and see like the theater kids and then

see like older people and younger people. It's really special.
Really is harmony.

Speaker 1 (20:21):
It is perfect harmony, perfect harmony. I cannot get enough
of these wonderful people. We're going to spend more time
with Pentatonics, but I want to pause our conversation for
just a moment so I can tell you about another
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And you guys have won so many awards and skyrocket sales,
But I know, having met you and got to know

you a little bit, that really isn't what keeps you going?

Speaker 5 (22:11):
Is it?

Speaker 1 (22:11):
You're not You're not one of the five of you
seem to be driven by this award or that award.
It's like, I don't see that in your character or
when I talk to you at all.

Speaker 6 (22:23):
It seems to be from my understanding anyway, It's well,
it's the love of performance and the love of music,
but it's also you know, how how far can we
take this? How how can we progress as artists but
also as people and honestly not to be existential, but
I think it's also like how can we further humanity

and bring as much goodness to humanity as.

Speaker 2 (22:47):
We can through what we do, you know, and the
process of creation and becoming obsessed with making it and
then like getting excited about it. That that joy that
is like such a magical, beautiful part of the human experience.
And we love to create music and that gets communicated

in it when people listen to it. When people see
a sing, they can feel the joy that we fell
making it, and it makes them feel good as well.
And that's just like the power of music and art
and that keeps us going too, because I never ever
get tired of making art. Anytime I start to make music,
I'm just like at one hundred percent there. It's been

my north star for joy for so long.

Speaker 1 (23:30):
So which one of you is the one at three
o'clock in the morning, goes, Oh my god, Oh my god,
Oh my god, I just had the most brilliant idea
and I must do this now.

Speaker 3 (23:39):
Oh it's Scott, especially the three in the morning party. Yeah, yeah,
ext it like three thirty or four, and he's like,
what about this.

Speaker 2 (23:47):
I'm like, I was asleep. Yeah, I'm like, I have
an idea for a five act musical.

Speaker 1 (23:55):
They all in Unison. Scott said you, so, you've got
my prime number. If that ever happens, feel free to
hit me up, because that's when I do my best work.

Speaker 5 (24:05):

Speaker 2 (24:05):
Oh my god, good to know I'm always up late.

Speaker 1 (24:09):
I've read everything about you know, early rising is better
for you, blah blah blah. But especially when I do
the show and then the show's over, I'm just like,
oh I should have played this song with that. Oh
I should have. So yeah. What are some of your
favorite off the stage holiday traditions or memories? Anybody have

something that's Scott's got a new family this year, so
maybe there's a new tradition you're starting or anything.

Speaker 2 (24:38):
I know now that me and Mark, we we don't
know what we think we're going to set up the
Christmas tree really early, because we never get to decorate
the house for Christmas, any of us because we're on tour.
So we might like put it up soon, the Christmas
tree and all the decorations. And I think that alone
and are new. We just moved into a new house.
I think the combination of that, like Christmas and the

new house, it's going to be a very emotional, amazing experience.

Speaker 5 (25:03):
Yeah, for me, My wife actually is this is her
first time spending Christmas with my family and went to
our second year of marriage, will celebrate in January, January
second and so I'm really excited for her to see,
you know, all of our traditions and we've been so
we're so busy, so we don't get to spend too
much time from Maryland, so we don't have to spend
too much time there, and so we have like a

good chunk of time to like we made like drive
past my high school and like go to like old
parks that we used to you know, I used to
play baseball and things I'm thinking about, like already think
about fun things to do.

Speaker 2 (25:35):
Take her down the trip down memory lane.

Speaker 1 (25:38):
You know the word intimacy, somebody broke it down for
me once and said, it's into me C, into me C.
And when you take her down that trip and you
take her to your high school, you're not just saying, hey,
this is where I went to high school. You're saying,
look at who I was and how God prepared me

for you and I am today, and that those memories
those when you can share that. I mean, she wasn't
there obviously with you in high school, but you can
share who you were m hm and how that affects
who you are.

Speaker 2 (26:17):
Yeah, make me cry.

Speaker 1 (26:20):
That's Scott, when you guys were here and Mark's family
was here. That's that's what that is. That's intimacy into
me C.

Speaker 2 (26:29):
I love that beautiful Kevin.

Speaker 1 (26:32):
What are you doing for the holidays? You've been very quiet?

Speaker 4 (26:35):
Oh man, you know now that I have, you know,
my daughter, Kaya, I think my wife and I we
really want to.

Speaker 2 (26:43):
Do something really special with her.

Speaker 4 (26:44):
I mean, my wife loves Christmas time, and so she goes.
I never knew I was going to basically make one
of the guys in like the Christmas band, So she goes.
I just made my whole day and that made my
family very very happy. It's one of the things that
I know we really want to do is in Beverly Hills.
They have a lot of beautiful lights down Rodale Drive,
and I think that's definitely something we really really want

to do.

Speaker 2 (27:07):
During that time of the year.

Speaker 1 (27:08):
So how old's kaya?

Speaker 4 (27:10):
She's two and a half.

Speaker 1 (27:11):
Oh yeah, so the lights are perfect.

Speaker 4 (27:14):
Yes, she loves it, and she's speaking of a storm.
So she'll tell you everything that she loves about the lights,
and it's just I'm so excited to get her her
perspective because there's just a new type of joy. There's
a certain newness that I'm going to receive watching her
experience this for the first time that I'm excited to
kind of rejuvenate even my love for Christmas Perstin.

Speaker 1 (27:36):
Do you have any hopes for the holidays?

Speaker 3 (27:40):
Yeah, I mean last holiday, I was sick on Christmas
and it was my daughter's first Christmas. She's going to
be she's sixteen months now, so and we're going to
be with my family. We trade off between my fiance
Ben and my family, and so I'm just really excited.
I mean, I hope that it's going to be We
hope we're not sick, and I think it's just going

to be a really wonderful time spent with family. I
feel like I just appreciate my time with my daughter
so much, and especially with everything going on in the
world that's so crazy and so disheartening, it just is
a concert reminder to really be grateful for what you
have and to appreciate and love on your family so much.
And I don't know what traditions we start. I mean,

I guess the tradition that Ellianna and I will have.
We have a Christmas tour every year. Yeah, she comes
with me, so she first came last year when she
was four and a half months old, so that'll definitely
be I guess what happens pretty much every year. But
I'm hoping we can instill some other like baking or

other family traditions that I used to have, like when
I was growing up.

Speaker 1 (28:47):
I don't know, I'd give up baking traditions any day
of the year to follow the Christmas band, you know,
and be hanging out with you guys on tour. Mitch,
what are your hopes for the holidays and the year ahead?

Speaker 6 (29:01):
And that's such a big question.

Speaker 1 (29:03):
It is a big question, and with all that's going
on in the world, I know that you know, Yeah,
that big.

Speaker 6 (29:10):
That's exactly where my brain goes to. I think I
just want for people to discover, as cheesy as it sounds,
discover the power of love and self compassion and compassion
for others and finding peace of mind, so that you
can reach out, like you were saying earlier, you can

extend from that place of love and welcome others in
and let them know that they're not alone and that
we're all in this together. You know.

Speaker 5 (29:43):

Speaker 1 (29:44):
Well, thank you guys again for being here and spending
time with us. Merry Christmas. God bless you and keep
you safe, and keep your baby safe and your spouse
is safe, and just have a wonderful, wonderful tour. And
we will catch up again soon and I will see
thank you soon. Thank you, Yes, I love you, Love

you guys. The members of Pentatonics are as generous as
they are grounded as they are talented. They've supported organizations
like Make a Wish Foundation, Do It for the Love Foundation,
and so many other worthy causes. Last year, they completed
their biggest and most successful Christmas arena, performing to the

largest crowds they've ever hadlined for. It's sold out multiple
dates across the country and now they're picking up where
they left off with Pentatonics, the most Wonderful tour of
the year that kicks off today November fourteenth and Greater
Palm Springs, California. That it winds its way across the
US through the Midwest, along the East Coast, down south,

finishing up on December twenty first in Austin, Texas. If
I counted right, there are twenty one shows in all,
and you will want to be at least at one
or two of them. The Greatest Christmas Hits is already available,
so don't waste a second add it to your holiday
playlist now. There is something so magical ethereal It just

goes right to your heart the way Pentatonics delivers their
music to us, old familiar tunes seem brand new, and
instead of holiday background noise, it stops us in our
tracks and floods us with joy and makes us want
to sing along. I am so grateful to this group
of amazing, talented young vocalists for their music, for their hearts,

for their friendship. Catch up with them on their official
website home dot p TX dot com, home hom e
home dot ptxofficial dot com where you'll find all the
information about the most Wonderful Tour of the Year. I
can't even say it without singing it, the most Wonderful
Tour of the Year and their new release, the Greatest

Christmas Hits. From here on out, folks, it's hands on
deck the halls. The holidays are a coming, and I'll
be right here to get you through the cleaning, the baking,
the serving, the cleanup, the paper plates, whatever it is.
Through it all, don't forget to take care of you.
Set aside a few minutes to take care of you.

I know it's a busy time of the year, but
never too busy to slow down and love someone
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