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May 13, 2024 4 mins

Former American Idol winner and country star Scotty McCreey talks new album and more!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
This is On with Mario Lopez.

Speaker 2 (00:03):
Teby al Mario Lopez joining me on Zoom the season
ten winner of America Nodol Scotty McCreery, Welcome to the show Man.

Speaker 1 (00:09):
How you doing, good man, how are you? I'm well?

Speaker 2 (00:11):
Thank you A cool room you got right there with
I see the guitars, I see the awards. Nice congratulations.
I'm becoming a member of the grand ol Opry. I've
been there, Ashlely. I'm happy to say it was very,
very cool. That must have been a special night.

Speaker 1 (00:28):

Speaker 3 (00:28):
You know, for me, I love country music and the
Randall Opry is pinnacle of country music.

Speaker 1 (00:33):
In my mind. All my heros have been there, A lot.

Speaker 3 (00:36):
Of them are members there, So to be deemed worthy
of joining the family means means a whole head of
a lot too.

Speaker 2 (00:41):
Yeah, bet it does well. The new album drops on
the tenth Rise and Fall. What's the significance of the title.

Speaker 3 (00:49):
You know, I just think it's life and I mean
it's a line in one of the songs on the
record follow Summer. But it's just thinking about this album
and how we made it, and you know, but it's
been a roller coaster career for me. Starting off on
the biggest show and TV back in the day, and
then losing a record deal before we ever had really
any hits on the radio, and then you know, figuring
it back out and having six number ones in a

road now. So it's like the rise in the fall.
You learn, You learn through all of it, you know,
and probably learn more through the falls than you do
even the risees. But couldn't have made this record without
all that. That's good for you.

Speaker 2 (01:23):
Yeah, that's life, man, That's life. Makes it that much
sweeter though.

Speaker 1 (01:26):

Speaker 2 (01:27):
The first single is cab In, a solo heartbreak song.
How'd that come about?

Speaker 1 (01:33):
Yeah, that's just a fun country song.

Speaker 3 (01:35):
We wrote up on the back deck in the mountains
of North Carolina around the fire guitars.

Speaker 1 (01:38):
It felt like the old days.

Speaker 3 (01:39):
But I feel like sometimes the best country songs are
the sad ones, you know. So it's a heartbreak song,
but the way it's written and the way the song
plays out, you know, I can't help and sing it
with a smile every night because it's.

Speaker 1 (01:53):
So fun to play.

Speaker 3 (01:54):
But yeah, I'm not going through heartbreak. I'm happily married
for six years now and got a little kid.

Speaker 1 (01:59):
But good for you.

Speaker 2 (02:00):
I decided, yeah, yeah, you got to perform it recently
on idol, Right, yeah, I.

Speaker 1 (02:05):
Got to go back.

Speaker 3 (02:05):
It was It's always fun to go back there, and
a lot of the same producers are still there from
when I was on the show, so it's like a
reunion every time we get to go back there.

Speaker 2 (02:15):
I bet, I bet in the original run. Was it
sort of surreal when it was happening?

Speaker 1 (02:21):
I don't, Yeah, yeah for sure.

Speaker 3 (02:23):
I mean I was I think sixteen on I audition,
and I mean the goal was always sing country.

Speaker 1 (02:29):
But I figured I'd go to Nashville like everybody else
and figured it out. I don't.

Speaker 3 (02:32):
It was kind of on a whim and didn't expect
much to happen, But luckily they kept me around and week.

Speaker 1 (02:37):
About a week, I was like, is this real life?
You know? But it was pretty fun.

Speaker 2 (02:42):
Another single is Lonely. Are these sad songs cathartic to write?
Or do you look at them as sad songs just
more of a slow jams?

Speaker 1 (02:52):
Yeah, I mean it's slow jams again, you know.

Speaker 3 (02:54):
It's it's sometimes just playing the role and love of
My favorite country songs are those heartbreak songs, and everybody
can relate, you know, even if you're not going through
it in the moment, it can relate to it. But
Loneli's Loneli's like a six eight kind of waltza jam.
It's haven't done a song like that before, so hopefully
people like it.

Speaker 2 (03:12):
You gonna be doing any touring the summer.

Speaker 1 (03:15):
Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (03:16):
We just finished up My head on and thing first
few months of the year, and then we're out playing
a bunch of shows with a lot of folks this summer,
so we'll be out there.

Speaker 1 (03:25):
Good for you.

Speaker 2 (03:26):
How holds your boy now?

Speaker 1 (03:28):
Eighteen months?

Speaker 2 (03:29):
Oh, it's brand new, eighteen months.

Speaker 1 (03:32):
Nice. It's fun. Huh. Yeah, he's the best. You know.

Speaker 3 (03:35):
It's the coolest thing I've ever done, is being his daddy,
you know, just watching him grow up and have his
own little personnelity noounce, I'm loving it.

Speaker 2 (03:44):
It's the best and it just gets better. Man. Good
for you, brother, Well, congratulations on everything. Listen to Rise
and Fall on May tenth on iHeartRadio or wherever you
get new music. Scotti, thanks for hanging out.

Speaker 1 (03:56):
Hey, thanks for having me. Good to see you, brother.
All right, you too much. Take care With Mario Lopez
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