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April 22, 2024 4 mins

Former 'Bachelor' star Tyler Cameron talks new home renovation show and more!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
You're on with Mario Lopez.

Speaker 2 (00:03):
It's up.

Speaker 3 (00:04):
You're all.

Speaker 1 (00:04):
Mario Lopez joining me now on zoom from Bachelor Nation.
Tyler Cameron, welcome back, man, how you been.

Speaker 4 (00:10):
I'm doing well, man, excited to be here talk all things.
Going Home with Tyala Cameron.

Speaker 3 (00:13):
Hey, there you go.

Speaker 2 (00:15):

Speaker 1 (00:15):
First off, I hear you're off the market. Now where'd
you meet this special someone?

Speaker 4 (00:20):
I'm Dayton, I'm dating. I'm taking it easy right now.
But yeah, that's kind of all it is right now.

Speaker 3 (00:26):
All right, you're not ig official yet though.

Speaker 2 (00:28):
Right, No, nothing like that.

Speaker 1 (00:31):
What's the appropriate amount of time before it does turn
into something.

Speaker 2 (00:34):
Like that, like five, six, ten years?

Speaker 3 (00:38):
Oh you want to take your time?

Speaker 1 (00:39):
Okay, okay, congrats on the on the news series Going
Home with Tyler Cameron.

Speaker 3 (00:46):
What's the show about?

Speaker 4 (00:47):
Oh man, It's about me coming back to my hometown,
starting a construction company, getting around my friends, my families.
It's a home reno show with a little bit of
a docu follow in the middle of it all. It's
gonna be a fun show, a lot of heart, a
lot of emotion.

Speaker 2 (01:00):
I'm very excited for this all to come out.

Speaker 3 (01:01):
And where is your hometown?

Speaker 2 (01:03):
Jupiter Florida.

Speaker 3 (01:04):
Okay, and you're working on your mom's house.

Speaker 2 (01:07):
Right, Yeah?

Speaker 4 (01:08):
Yeah, that is like the big story of the whole show,
and honor my mom. We renovated her house. That house
is like my childhood home. I was born and brought
into that house. So to work on it and to
design it and build it the way she would have
wanted it as a dream come true and it's something
that me and my family are very proud of.

Speaker 3 (01:25):
Did it need a lot of work? You're just renovating it, Mario?

Speaker 4 (01:28):
It needed a ton of work. I mean it was.
I mean we've we've beat on the house for thirty
one years now, me and my brothers. You know, we
don't take care of things well, and so it had
a lot of work that needed to be done, and
we got it done.

Speaker 2 (01:41):
It was a true labor of love.

Speaker 3 (01:43):
And where'd you where'd you learn your construction skills?

Speaker 4 (01:47):
My dad's a GC, so I was always kind of
following his footsteps. He's been a building my whole life,
and I always got to kind of follow him on
his jobs and learn from him.

Speaker 3 (01:55):
Good for you? Is he helping you out?

Speaker 2 (01:57):
He is? He is.

Speaker 4 (01:59):
He's kind of like, you know, show me the ropes
a little bit, but not you know, you know, not
overstepping too much. Letting me make my bumps and bruises
and learn my lessons. You Dak can always tell you
what to not do, but you're still going to do it.
I think we all know that one.

Speaker 3 (02:11):
Oh, I know, I got kids if you leave me.

Speaker 1 (02:13):
I know that all too much, my boys, exactly, I
hear he handa Brown makes an appearance on the show.
Was it difficult to remain friends after that breakup?

Speaker 3 (02:21):
Or everything cool?

Speaker 4 (02:23):
Everything's cool, Everything's cool. I think you see on the
show that we kind of worked through some of those
prior tips, you know, but it all comes together and
we have a beautiful project. She did a great job
designing it, and we did a great job executing it.
And I think it's going to be an amazing reveal
for everyone to see.

Speaker 3 (02:38):
This was collaborative.

Speaker 2 (02:39):
All right.

Speaker 3 (02:40):
There you go, all's well, Then all's well.

Speaker 2 (02:42):
Exactly exactly. You can bury the hatch and have a
good relationship going forward as.

Speaker 1 (02:46):
Ex's absolutely I think you can actually be better friend
because you already been there, done that, exactly.

Speaker 2 (02:51):
You know.

Speaker 3 (02:52):
I read somewhere that this was the hardest work of
your life. True.

Speaker 4 (02:55):
This was this was I mean, this was seven what's
the hardest job I've ever had? I mean, to really
build out this construction company. And because you're managing a
production company, you're managing a construction company. You're maning the
design team and then the clients as well as the
talle juper.

Speaker 2 (03:11):
It's it's a beast.

Speaker 4 (03:12):
And at times we were doing four houses at once,
and to choreograph where everyone has to be and what
everyone has to do is just a whole lot of work.
And it truly was. It put me to the test.
It was the hardest I've ever done, but I fell
in love with it. I love doing this. I'm doing
five more houses right now. We're getting started getting started
on three of those.

Speaker 2 (03:31):
It's a labor, it's just a ton of work. But
it's what I need to be doing.

Speaker 3 (03:35):
Good for you, because I know it is difficult.

Speaker 1 (03:37):
You got to deal with the city and zoning and
planning and permits and all that drama on top of
the building.

Speaker 2 (03:44):
Exactly. It is a ton of work.

Speaker 4 (03:46):
It's it's hard, you know, but uh, but it comes
together and uh, I think you see, you know, the reveals,
you see the happiness on the people's faces.

Speaker 2 (03:55):
You know, you see tears. It makes it all worth.

Speaker 3 (03:57):
It, absolutely right a man. Well, congrats and listen.

Speaker 1 (03:59):
You can stream Going Home with Tyler Cameron starting tomorrow
on Amazon.

Speaker 3 (04:04):
Tyler, thanks for hanging out, brother, good.

Speaker 2 (04:06):
Luck, Mario, appreciate you man. Thanks for having us

Speaker 1 (04:09):
With Mario Lopez
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