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July 9, 2024 30 mins

Pollsters Matt Towery, of Insider Advantage and Robert Cahaly, of the Trafalgar Group, and hosts of the podcast, Polling Plus, go over the latest polls following a string of very bad performances from Joe Biden. And what exactly happens if, and when, we get the tapes from the Hur interview? 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
We are only one hundred and nineteen days away till
election day, an inflection point for our country, for the world.
Only seventy days until early voting begins the first day
Pennsylvania rolls out from there, and less than that when
it comes to whether or not the Democrats will decide
whether to keep Joe Biden on the ticket or not.
Here's David Axelrod, this was Obama's main political guru, saying

that Biden is not winning this race.

Speaker 2 (00:28):
Listen, It's just there are certain immutable facts of life,
and those were painfully obvious on that debate stage, and
the President just doesn't seem to come to He hasn't
come to grips with it. He's not winning this race.
He's more likely if you just look at the data
and talk to people around the country, political people around

the country, it's more likely that he'll lose by a
landslide than win narrowly this race. And if the stakes
are as large as he says, and I believe they are,
than he really needs to consider what the right thing
to do.

Speaker 1 (01:03):
Here is how many more people have to tell him.
Here's James Carville, one of the top advisors to Bill Clinton.

Speaker 3 (01:10):
We have a country that seventy two percent wants something different.
If a Democratic Party can't produce something different that seventy
two percent people want, then why do we exist? What
are we here for? I mean, the country is clamoring
for change, and what are we going to offer them
the same stuff? It doesn't make any sense, Jake that

give the people what they want. Box popular that they
want something different, Let's give it to them. I mean,
I just don't get.

Speaker 2 (01:40):
The whole thing.

Speaker 3 (01:41):
I'll be honest with you.

Speaker 2 (01:42):
I'm from Boxton.

Speaker 4 (01:43):
You know ours.

Speaker 3 (01:44):
Everybody saw what this authorsday night. I don't take any
pleasure in this. This was a year ago. I'm going
to be eighty in October. You can't fight the seff
It's just there.

Speaker 1 (01:55):
Michael Moore, filmmaker calling it something we have mentioned and
got criticize for a form of elder abuse.

Speaker 5 (02:04):
The problem here is is that I think there's a
form of elder abuse going on here where the Democratic
Party and the people, the people that are part of
the apparatus pushing him, pushing and pushing him to stay.
And then he comes out he says I'm staying, and
the family says I'm staying, and I don't know about you, aim,

but in spite of my criticisms of Alcaza with Biden,
watching the debate a week ago was heartbreakingw I just
and it was like, imagine that was your father up there.
What would you want to I'm thinking, why is anybody
doing anything? Why did they do it? Why did people
let them go out on the stage in this condition?

Speaker 6 (02:47):
Who was looking out for him?

Speaker 5 (02:49):
Who's looking out for him right now?

Speaker 1 (02:51):
Why didn't any of these people state what we had
been telling you back since before the election in twenty twenty. Now,
my Crackerjack's staff here on radio actually went through comments
I've made on this program. The timeframe is July twenty
twenty through October twenty twenty about how Joe Biden is

not mentally fit for the hardest job in the world.
And I said then and have been more than proven
right time and time and time again that the media
has been covering for him the entire time. It's not
like they didn't see what was so evident, self evident
to anybody with eyes to see. But this is just

this show. But think of the timeframe July twenty twenty
through October twenty twenty. Listen everybody I talked to or
I run into in my daily life, they asked me
about what the hell's going on with Biden. You know,
you're like the only one reporting it, but we can
see something's off.

Speaker 6 (03:56):
Just think for a minute. It's the hardest job in
the world.

Speaker 1 (04:00):
And the mob, the media, they just they allow this
guy to just get away with answering, no questions. They
let this guy get away with putting a lid on
his campaign at nine to ten every single morning, every
other morning.

Speaker 6 (04:12):
And Joe doesn't want to do events. It's unbelievable.

Speaker 1 (04:17):
How do you say you want to lead the country
and you don't have the strength, the stamina, or frankly,
the cognitive strength to take on the riggers. What is
the hardest job in the world. We will ultimately get
the government we deserve, and either you're gonna vote for
a guy that clearly is struggling cognitively, that has no strength,

no staminas, not up to the job. I wouldn't hire
Joe Biden to run a gas station or a Mini
mart or a seven to eleven or busy McDonald's.

Speaker 6 (04:49):
Forget it. You know what is that again?

Speaker 1 (04:51):
That order fries and a shake Okay, what now, Hang
on a second, what's that order again? It would be
a disaster, and we're gonna put to give him the
hardest job in the.

Speaker 6 (05:01):
World, to be the leader of the free world.

Speaker 1 (05:04):
Does he have the strength to stamina, the mental alertness
and acumen for the hardest job in the world, the
leader of the free world?

Speaker 6 (05:11):
I don't see it. I see frail and weak Joe Biden.

Speaker 1 (05:15):
I really have I think they realized that if he
had a fastball, it's long gone. They're only two hours
late this prescott. They really They're supposed to start at
two thirty on three thirty four thirty four fifty.

Speaker 7 (05:28):
Okay, can we talk about what's being discussed right now?
You want to take a stab?

Speaker 6 (05:32):
I got a couple of monks. I mean, I don't
think I've been saying, and I'm very clear about this.

Speaker 1 (05:36):
I question whether or not Biden is the strength and stamina,
the mental alertness, the mental acuity needed for the hardest
job in the world. He looks frail and tired to me.
Maybe maybe he needed a hacoco in a n eppie.

Speaker 6 (05:49):
Or maybe they're saying, no, remember her name, what's her name?
What isla Harris smaller.

Speaker 1 (05:53):
Hers anyway, joining us now. But I think the funniest
part of that was the can we talk about this
for us?

Speaker 6 (06:00):
Second? Can we talk about it? She's got I was
still talking about it for yous.

Speaker 1 (06:05):
Lady, You've got a little self conscious because your your
accent is slightly diminished because I keep pointing it out.
All credit to you, anyway. We welcome to the program,
our our friends, our posters, Matt Towery inside our advantage,
Robert Haley, Trafalgar Group.

Speaker 6 (06:20):

Speaker 1 (06:20):
I don't even know if we can go over polls
accurately now when we don't know who the candidate is
going to be. I stand by everything I said before
the twenty twenty election.

Speaker 6 (06:31):
I've been more than proven right.

Speaker 1 (06:33):
What frustrates me more than anything is they all knew,
they all saw it, they all witnessed it, they all
covered for it, and they, you know, up a just
a couple of weeks before this debate, they were talking
about cheap fake videos that were very real.

Speaker 4 (06:47):
Matt tower Oh, yes, well, you you've had this nailed.
I've been doing this show many years with you, and
you had this nailed from the very beginning. And to
be honest, with you, it's it's fifty to fifty. Ask
whether I'm going to have to eat a big plate
of crow because you kept saying Biden would be replaced
and I said he wouldn't, and we're at an inflection point.
I want to make this very clear.

Speaker 1 (07:09):
Well I wasn't though let me be clear too, because
I didn't say he would be. I saw the possibility
that he could be, and I always said that he's
really one big fall away from being replaced, and maybe
one big debate fall is what defines it.

Speaker 4 (07:24):
Has this poop pooed. But I want to say one
quick thing and then I'm sure Robert will chimon as well.
Let me tell you what I think is going on
right now, showing the one thing that could move Biden
out of office is that her interview, the Special Counsel's
interview with Biden. If that tape actually comes out, we're
much like we were back in Watergate. And I said

this the night of the debate on Fox Nations, that
we're going to be where we were with Watergate, where
you had transcripts at one time and then you had
a tape, and that tape ever comes out, that's going
to be the end of it.

Speaker 8 (07:55):

Speaker 4 (07:55):
I don't think the Republicans are smart pushing to get
that tape out because I think Robert, I'll let him
speak himself. I think we both think that Harris is
a bigger challenge for Trump than Biden is right now
because he's so woundy.

Speaker 1 (08:06):
Get your take, Robertley, Yeah, I couldn't agree more on there.

Speaker 8 (08:09):
I think people see the Harris of the last three years.
They just go back and look at the Harris who
ran percentate, the competitive primer of her boxer seat and
how we else she campaigned, the Harrison turn general, the
Harrison questioned Kavanaugh. That's a completely different person than who
we've seen. She's capable of being the other and she's

capable of calling back a lot of the games that
Trump has made the minority community. But I think the
Democrats have settled into the fact that it's going to
be a fight, and they're preparing, even if for Biden
to do the things it takes to win this fight.
You just saw Wisconsin drop boxes everywhere, and this is
the beginning. But they're going to do what it takes

to win this fight, even if it's Biden.

Speaker 1 (08:56):
That I agree with and I'll tell you something. Everybody
needs to take a pause here and take a very
close look at what has just been unfolding in Europe,
in Great Britain and in France. And we thought the
Conservatives were going to be taking power in France and
that did not happen. Now there are reasons for it

that have you know, a very odd strange voting system.
You vote, you have your first round of voting, it
looked like Le Penn was going to win, and then
all of a sudden, all these other candidates drop out
or were pressured to drop out, and then they consolidate
behind the either the Liberal candidate or mccron party candidate

member and lo and behold, it doesn't become the landslide
victory that they thought. I don't want anybody for a
second in this country to be complacent and think that
Joe Biden can't win or Kamala Harris can't win.

Speaker 4 (09:49):
Matt well, yeah, you can't be complacent because, as Robert
alluded to just bowmen ago, if Harris becomes the nominee,
then a lot of that black vote which has been
shifting either to undecided or somewhere else, and some to Trump,
could come back, and that's critical for the Democrats in
the swing states like Georgia and Michigan and Pennsylvania. So

that could be a real game changer if that were
to take place. Now, she has her own set of problems,
and I've never seen a party when it's in total
turmoil like this.

Speaker 1 (10:19):
By the way, one of the biggest problems she has
is she covered up He's known about this also, And
the other problem is he's been hand in hand with
every failed policy he has.

Speaker 4 (10:30):
Yeah, and also, as I was saying, I rarely have
seen an instance where a party is in turmoil like this,
infighting at this level, and then they somehow come together
and win. Robert's right, and that is I'm as concerned
as ever about votes. For example, I mentioned it before
in Arizona, federal judge says she can't ask where somebody's from.
That means people can't And in fact, I believe the

Attorney General said this last week they will do everything
they can to make sure that people are not asked
about citizenship or prove of citizenship to vote. Now that
it's really the case, and you can pretty much figure
out what the game plan is. I don't know that
it's the game plan, but it's certainly something to be
concerned about in these swing states. So there are a
lot of other reasons why these could be closer races
than we see in the polls right now. But as

far as the polls go, Donald Trump, he's having the
best time, he said in ages in every way possible.

Speaker 1 (11:20):
Well, that was even pre debate, and that has consistently
been the case. And I think Americans, I really think
that they were looking to see if their gut instincts
were correct that Joe's not up to the job. I
don't think that Joe did much to help himself with
Stephanopolos on Friday, Robert KA Haley.

Speaker 9 (11:38):

Speaker 8 (11:39):
But one of the things that I think that all
Republicans are missing is that Biden's numbers do not reflect
as much a rejection of Biden's policies as they do
He's too old. Because Republicans are Democrats, both professing the
same policies are having a harder time. So the Republicans

who are sitting back and thinking this thing looks great
need to understand they have not built the coalition of
public opinion against the policies because they see an artificial
number is based on body's age. We need to start
defining the policies for no matter who they nominate, they
have a problem. This complacency because of hop Pole numbers

is very detrimental.

Speaker 1 (12:22):
All right, quick break more with our polsters, Matt Towery,
Robert ka Haley, and then your calls coming up right,
more with our polsters than your calls coming up. Eight
hundred and ninety four to one, Shawn is our number.
We continue with Matt Towery and Robert ka Haley. I
really don't care who they put in there. I don't
think anything's going to change because I don't think Joe's
been in control the the years he's been president.

Speaker 6 (12:43):
Matt Towery.

Speaker 1 (12:44):
People have asked me more times than I can count,
you know who's really making the decisions here? And I
would say it's the apparatchick. It's you know, all these
you know, puppeteers behind the scene. They're still going to
be there making those decisions and guiding Kamala Harris Is
or whoever. And what if Kamala picks a swing state
governor like Gretchen Whimer.

Speaker 4 (13:06):
Yeah, I mean I agree with you. I don't think
any of that's going to change. I do agree with
Robert about one thing, and that is Republicans assume that
the public is warked up about the issues that Republicans,
that core Republicans are. And we've seen time and time
again that the average person, a lot of people didn't
even watch a lot of people watch the debate. That
was really their first exposure, as you noted, but some

people got their news on that secondary sources. And it
happens to be negative news because now you have the
liberal media turning on button. But they'll turn just as
quickly as soon as they know who the Democrat is,
they'll turn justice quickly in the other direction. And I
just think the Republicans, I agree completely with Robert. Where
are the ads in the swing states? Where are we
talking about the actual issues? Where are the things that
are going to coalesce around Donald Trump if he's going

to win? And I think a little bit of it
has started. I saw a little bit when I was
in Atlanta put the debate, but not a lot.

Speaker 8 (13:56):
And you didn't.

Speaker 4 (13:58):
Fortunes are going to swing my way, and I've got
it because as soon as you think they do, they
swing the other way.

Speaker 1 (14:04):
Yeah, I agree, Robert, will give you the last word today,
how do they make the pivot, because I think that's
the important pivot. I don't care who they pick. I
don't think anything's changing. As a matter of fact, I
know nothing will change and America's the climb will continue
and I'm not sure if we can recover.

Speaker 8 (14:21):
And there's no question. The fact is that Biden is
unpopular because of the age way more than his policies,
and that's why we see what Republicans think. But we're
still talking to those low information voters on both sides,
and we have to be selling the fact that the
policies are bad and why they're bad, and why no

matter who to nominates, they'll continue. If we don't win
that policy war, it really doesn't matter what happens at
the top.

Speaker 9 (14:49):
Of the ticket.

Speaker 1 (14:49):
Well that's a scary thought, but we thank you both,
Matt Towry, Robert ka Haley, appreciate you both. We'll be
checking in a lot between now and election day. Early
voting starts in Pennsylvania in seventy days, one hundred and
nineteen days till election day. We've got the best election coverage.
As we continue, we'll get to your calls coming up
straight ahead as well. Eight hundred and ninety four one,
Shawn is our number. Uh, Linda, you gotta look at

the the never changing, the ever evolving Liberal Joe, Poor
Liberal Joe. Liberal Joe can't decide where to stand on
this issue. Liberal Joe is so loyal to his other pal,
Joe Joe Biden, that's it's killing him. It was only
in March of this year saying this is the best

cognitive self.

Speaker 6 (15:38):
Joe is at his best.

Speaker 1 (15:40):
He's never been better, in spite of all the evidence
that we were showing pretty much at playing and showing
on TV on a daily basis. And I have a
montage where I kind of compare that to what he
then said right after the debate.

Speaker 6 (15:56):
Listen, but Anders sold him when I said he was cogent.
He's far beyond Kojin. In fact, I think he's better
than he's ever been.

Speaker 10 (16:05):
This is a battle for the future of American democracy,
and now is a good time.

Speaker 6 (16:13):
In June, thank god, in June and not October.

Speaker 10 (16:17):
In June, this is the last chance for Democrats to
decide whether this man we've known and loved for a
very long time is up to the task.

Speaker 1 (16:29):
Pretty amazing. Now here's Liberal Joe this morning. Wow, he
evolves very quickly.

Speaker 11 (16:36):
Billionaire donors, they've been on the phone for a week
and a half. Washington politicians, even though Mark Warner has
now canceled his meeting, and the Congressional black Hawk is,
by the way, not really happy with all of these
people trying to substitute their elitist viewpoints for that of
millions of Democratic primary voters. Hollywood moguls, hey there, Ari

and Miss Disney, and of course Maga extremists. So so
Biden allies, Now this.

Speaker 6 (17:08):
Is what they're gonna say.

Speaker 11 (17:08):
Oh wait a second. So you're telling me that media
leads and billion oi air donors, and Washington politicians and
Washington boguls, they all think that they can substitute their
judgment for the judgment of millions of Democratic primary voters.

Speaker 1 (17:24):
Wow, what an evolution that Liberal Joe will say and
do anything to stay on TV. I think, Linda, what
do you think?

Speaker 7 (17:32):
I think that man has to look at Mika Brazanski
every day and that look on her face.

Speaker 1 (17:39):
I'm getting worried before you finish this thing. No, I'm
I'm just saying I'm expressing my concern before you much further.

Speaker 7 (17:46):
No, I'm saying, she looks like she wants to punch
him in the face every day, even today when they
had Biden on this morning, she was dressed in black
like she was going to a funeral. And I was like,
all right, I feel you like your man is down.
You know, your husband is sitting across from you talking
mad trash every day. It's got to be it's got
to be the worst feeling in the world for her,

you know. And she just has this look on her
face like she doesn't know what to say, because it's
clear that they don't agree on what's going on. I mean,
they were I think was last week they were arguing
on Yeah.

Speaker 1 (18:20):
I mean, it's obvious they've been at odds with each
other on this. However, it looks like Joe is basically
capitulated to everybody.

Speaker 7 (18:30):
But doesn't it make you wonder, Sean, Like, I'm really
starting to wonder how I mean, we've always thought that
the you know, the mainstream media was in on it, right,
But now that we have this radio host that got fired,
and we have these people saying like, of course he
had the questions. Of course he has a diagram of
how to walk around behind stage, Like there's just so much.

Speaker 6 (18:53):
It's unreal that this is news to them.

Speaker 7 (18:56):
Right exactly. And it's also I mean, it's such a
load of crap that people are like just now we're
gonna so now we know that, you know, Parkinson's specialists
went to the White House. Now we know that, you
know the physician is there, you know ten times he's
also friends with the brother Like, now, well, it's like
this is all part of their plan, whatever that plan is.

This is this is strategic, this is planned. They know
what they're doing next.

Speaker 1 (19:21):
Yeah, all right, let's get to our busy phones, Mike
and Wisconsin. We will be in Milwaukee next week for
the RNC convention. Uh, Linda, I got to give Katie
some major props here. She found the greatest place Callver's
apparently in Milwaukee. Like is the in and out Burger
of Milwaukee? She says, well, I'm on Yeah, what's up, Mike,

how are you?

Speaker 12 (19:47):
Yeah, I'm on the other side of the state. But
I I just think that we ought a Trump ought
to not worry about debating him. I think it was
a mistake for him debate debate by in the first time.
He's the best candidate Democrats have ever had.

Speaker 6 (20:02):
Hang on, hang on a second.

Speaker 1 (20:03):
Why if Donald Trump didn't debate, he would have the
rest of the campaign. It would have been would have
been Donald Trump's afraid to debate Joe Biden. That's untenable
for any candidate, in my view, especially for the highest
office in the land.

Speaker 12 (20:19):
Well, I hear what you're saying, but I wish he
would have waited till after the Democrat convention, and then
they couldn't replace him. They'd be stuck with him, and
all this stuff would come out. I think this is
what they wanted. This is what they get. You know,
the Democrats in my state have have been so big
with voter fraud. Now the Supreme Court's letting mailboxes back out,

So now we got to worry about that now too,
with the because that's kind of what I believe happened
last time, with all.

Speaker 6 (20:48):
The voter fraud.

Speaker 12 (20:51):
But I think, just let him be, you know, I
kind of wish you guys would stop stop saying bad
things about him, lift him up, and maybe he'll take
a lot of the Democrats with him. We can get
a Republican House, Republican Senate, and Trump and the White House,
and then Trump could get something done.

Speaker 6 (21:11):
Let me just inform you of something.

Speaker 1 (21:13):
There's nothing that I'm going to say or any great
caller to this radio show is going to say that's
going to impact what the Democrats do.

Speaker 6 (21:22):
They're They're doing what they're doing.

Speaker 1 (21:24):
The best news that Joe Biden got this weekend was
when Hakeem Jeffries put together a call with the leadership
of the Democratic Party, including members of the UH, the
the Black Caucus, Congressional Black Caucus, the CBC, and had
people like Nadler and others saying he needs to step aside.

He got the support of some very prominent African American Democrats,
and he's had that support of James Clyburn, maybe the
most powerful Democrat in Washington in the House. So as
long as that support remains, I think they're going to
have a hard time replacing him. Now with that said,
I think anything can happen at this point fifty five

forty five. If I'm giving odds, Biden stays on the ticket.
If not, it's I think it's going to be Kamala Harris.
Kamala Harris teams up with a swing state governor, that
would be my prediction today.

Speaker 6 (22:23):
But you know, we'll see what happens.

Speaker 1 (22:25):
I mean the fact that it was so only seventy
days away until early voting. They're going to have to
make a decision and make it soon, and that's on them, so.

Speaker 6 (22:38):
We'll we'll just have to wait.

Speaker 1 (22:39):
But I will reiterate, and I think that Matt Towery
and Robertahley emphasizing this was smart. It doesn't matter which
Democrat they pick they choose, the policies won't change, and
the policies are what are damaging the country. Economic policies,
immigration pro policies, you know, defundismantled, no bail laws, foreign policy,

energy policy, education policy. Nothing they're doing is working. The
one thing no Democrat can run on is any American
better off under Democratic Party rule. And that's got to
be where this debate lands, because if it lands on
all of them and their policies and their ideology and

their philosophy political philosophy, then it ends in Republican victory.
Of course, meeting Republicans show up and Republicans embrace early voting,
voting by mail, etc. I didn't like that Supreme Court
decision in your state today either, And it's very these
drop boxes to me. I don't like I don't even

like early voting. I want same day voting, election deb
in a national holiday paper ballots, partisan observers watching the vote,
voting all day, vote all night. I want signature verification,
voter ID, updated voter rolls, chain of custody controls, with
a few mail in ballots that we do allow.

Speaker 6 (24:09):
And that's it. But we'll see.

Speaker 1 (24:12):
Appreciate the call, Mike, looking forward to being in Wisconsin.
And although I'm not going to be supporting the Packers,
I may be an owner though. All right, quick break,
we'll come right back. We'll continue. More of your calls.
Coming up are toll free numbers eight hundred and nine one,
Sean as we continue right back to our busy phones,

eight hundred ninety four one. Shawn is our number if
you want to join us. Uh Todd in Utah, Todd,
how are you glad you called?

Speaker 6 (24:43):

Speaker 4 (24:44):

Speaker 9 (24:45):
Thanks, It's an honor to tack to you. Sean, long
longtime listener. Hey, thank you names on this the next debate,
Trump should say no way, I'm not going to do
a second debate with him and spin it like well,
first of all, you just don't want to let Biden
redeem himself. You know, they would hop him up this
next time, and he would just try His only shot

is to try and redeem himself in the next debate.
Trump has nothing to gain from beating him up again.
Just let that first debate be the lasting impression that
everybody has of sleepy Joe and that and just let
it go. And all he has to do is just say,
you know, because you know they'll come after him. Oh
you know, you're chicking to debate him again. And all
Trump has to say is, I just don't believe in

elderly abuse. I think debating this guy is mean to him.
And repeat that line that used in the debate, which
was great, is that I can't understand what he's saying.
I don't think he understands what he's saying. It's elderly abuse.
To debate this guy again and the meeting.

Speaker 6 (25:45):
I actually think that's a great line.

Speaker 1 (25:47):
And when we get to that point, If we get
to that point, I think that would be a good
line to use. At that point, there'll be no turning
backward for the Democrats at all.

Speaker 6 (25:57):
Right, Right, Trump was like, I mean, there's not the day.

Speaker 1 (26:00):
Are voting in September, like they're allowing in Pennsylvania when
early voting starts in seventy days. I mean that's forty
nine days away from when election day is, and a
lot can happen in those forty nine days. It's so
unfair to allow voting that early. In my view, we
need to be informed up to the last minute. They

call it an October surprise for a reason. That's why
the issue of everybody covering up for the real Hunter
Biden laptop and fifty one former Intel and even current
contractors signing onto a letter saying, oh, it has all
the fingerprints of Russian disinformation was so harmful. But the
deep state, the media mob, I mean, you got a cabal,

you know, radical Democrats.

Speaker 6 (26:47):
They all knew.

Speaker 1 (26:48):
Everybody's known what I have said since before the twenty
twenty election. The only difference is is I've been one
of the few that have been willing to say it. Anyway, Todd,
go get yourself at Cronberger calls back any time. Gordy
in Florida. Gordy, how are you glad you called ron Hey?

Speaker 13 (27:08):
I just wanted to comment on this chaos cloud on
the left side of the aisle. A lot of those
folks are saying, we've got the solution in hand. It's
a twenty fifth amendment, and they said, just go for it.
But I'd like to point out the twenty fifth Amendment
is flawed at best because the vice president would have
to gather the cabinet together, and the cabinet would have

to say, come up with the decision and the recommendation
to get rid of the president because he's not able
to continue, and then Congress would have to agree to it.
But those cabinet members and that vice president would be
slitting their political throats because any sense of loyalty that
they would have by other Democrats to another candidate or

anything else would be thrown out the window because they
would be throwing all of their loyalty out the window
if they were to recommend to get rid of a
sitting president. So I think the twenty fifth Amendment is
not a good answer for them. And if they go
down that road, I mean, it just shows how absolutely
desperate they are.

Speaker 1 (28:12):
Not going down that road, I don't see it. I
don't see consensus building. I don't think they have enough
time to build that consensus. I think the call this
weekend with leadership and the congressional Black caucuses, Adam and
support of Biden is And I think there's just that
they're a divided party. But remember they're they're united in

their policies, they're united in their radicalism. They're united on
every single you know, bad policy that has hurt the economy,
hurt our you know, created the biggest national security threat
in our lifetime. They're united, you know, on the idiocy
of no bail laws and defund and dismantle the police.

They're united and allowing the world's worstors free reign to
do pretty much whatever they want without any consequences at
all whatsoever. That's China, that's Russia, that's Aron, that's that's.

Speaker 6 (29:09):
Kim Jong un North Korea. And they've been free to
do that.

Speaker 1 (29:13):
And that is the entire party, And that, to me
is their bigger vulnerability here. It's so much bigger than
who who's at the top of the ticket, because they're
all the same ideologically. Anyway, Thank you, my friend, appreciate
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Speaker 6 (30:36):
Do it now.

Speaker 1 (30:36):
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