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December 2, 2021 31 mins

Dr. Mehmet Oz, is here to talk about his run for Senate in the state of Pennsylvania. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Our two Sean Hannity Show eight hundred nine for one,
Shawn our number. You want to be a part of
the program. As we announced, actually had the first interview
with doctor Oz making his announcement that he is running
for the Senate in Pennsylvania. I keep saying, there's a
lot at stake now less than a year away, and
that is that not only is the House of Representatives

up for grabs, which would stop the Biden agenda dead
in its tracks. But you've got you know, you want
to talk about bell Weather Bellweather Senate race. You've got Florida,
You've got North Carolina, you got South Carolina, you got Georgia,
you got New Hampshire, you got Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, Arizona, Nevada.

I mean, that is a Bellweather Senate election. And good
candidates are in Republicans. If they want to win these states,
they better be putting forth good candidates. I've known doctor Oz,
all of you have known him. He's been on the
show many many times before, especially in the early days
of covid ID quote him still to this day. Your

fight with the army, you have not the army you
wish that you had. In other words, looking for any
anecdotal information therapeutics that might mitigate what would we prefer
peer reviewed study shore But we didn't have time. We
wanted to save lives anyway. He put this ad out

in the lead up to his announcement. My parents came
to America to find a better life, and they did.
I attended great universities, raised the family, and became a
successful surgeon. I invented a heart valve that saves thousands
of lives. Then I started a TV show, Dadvocate for You,
taking control of your health, and took on the medical

establishment to argue against costly drugs and skyrocketing medical bills.
But COVID has shown us that our system is broken.
We lost too many lives, too many jobs, and too
many opportunities because Washington got it wrong. It took away
our freedom without making us safer, and tried to kill
our spirit and our dignity. As a heart surgeon, I

know how precious light is. Pennsylvania needs a conservative who'll
put America first, one who can reignite our divine spark, brievely,
fight for freedom, and tell it like it is. That's
why I'm running for set it. I'm doctor oz and
I approved this message, all right, Doctor Hone joins us. Now,
when we first had a conversation about this, I did

tell you that you know you're you're stepping into a
lion's den and that this is a real blood support.
And I think I've been proven right already. You're definitely right.
You actually to be honest with everybody offered me condolences.
I did. I said, you're out of your mind. Let's
first talk about your area of expertise, and that is medicine.

And there's a great New York Post editorial today, no
more lockdowns, and specifically about amicron. We're hearing from medical
doctors in South Africa that are suggesting only mild symptoms
are appearing with this variant, but it may be more contagious.
That's the early read on it. Your take, We literally
don't know anything. If you don't know if it's more contagious,

We don't really know if it's more of a problem
if you get it. We don't know if it makes
you resistant to in faction, if you've been vaccinated or not.
You know, one of the things that's really despicable that
I'm witnessing, and we've talked about this, and God bless
you for carrying this baton, because one of the biggest
problems in America, and one of the reasons I'm running,
is you cannot say what you see with your own
plane eyes anymore. And in medicine, people die when you

don't say what you see. So early on was pretty
apparent we followed through. Now we see things changing that
we never imagined before, like the head of a major
pharmaceutical company who makes the vaccine, and therefore is a
clear conflict of interest getting ahead of the news saying,
you know, I don't know if we're gonna work so well,
we're going to try to make a new vaccine so
you can now get a different kind of booster once
you've already had your current booster. Those are not conversations

that ought to be had by people who have financial
interests in the outcome, and unfortunately we've begun to ignore
all that. And there are other reasons that people shouldn't
talk openly about some of these ideas without really doing
their homework. If they believe they have an agenda that
they want you shut down, or they want to be
able to control what you're saying, then they'll say things
that scare people. Because when you scare people, they start

to pull back a little bit. They'll start to take instruction.
And oftentimes what you find and I don't know if
you've experienced this in your life, but it happens in
many walks of life. You're in a scary situation. Someone
grabs control and starts barking out orders, not knowing if
those are the right orders. And so what happened with
COVID was two weeks right to bend the curve, we
had no idea what we're dealing with. Everyone said, Okay,

I'm in you know, I'll take one for the team.
I'll do what's necessary. That metastasized in did this authoritarian
overreach that now has conditioned many Americans, especially Americans on
the left side of the aisle, They just want to
believe this stuff. Some of the numbers are shocking to me.
The average Democrat thinks that if you're getting hospitalized to
COVID is thirty percent, that's a massive number. The true number,

by the ways, one less than one tenth of that.
And so you get people scared. They begin to believe
the narrative that's not true. This week, this week and
I'll get off my pedestal. The US government's FDA panel,
not even the FDA, the panel that advised them, finally
finally looked at the data on one of the pills
that been shown to dramatically reduce mortality and hospitalization from COVID,

The first pill almost two years in that will be
allowed to be prescribed to patients if they get COVID.
My goodness, we talked about this in the very early days.
Americans will take pills. Doctors send patients home with pills
to treat the problem. We have pills that were available
before COVID started, like the one that's discussed this week
by the FDA. It's been in existence for years. Only

now are we finally going to be able to give
it to patients. What happened? How is it possible? Did
that not to reach our fingertips so we could prescribe
it to our patients? It was already out there the
whole time. It's unbelievable. You know. I'm I'm I guess
I'm a little bit of a rarity because I believe
in freedom. I think the debate over vacs are not
vacs is over. But I also believe in medical privacy

and patient docupatient confidentiality, and I think most people have
made up their mind on it. I don't want to
spend all the time on COVID, because we could talk
for five hours on it. I want to first get
into the issue of you know, here, you are one
of the most successful syndicated programs on television, and that

is usually for the host, the most profitable area to
be in terms of the marketplace, in terms of financial
success and everything else. And you've had this show that
has been highly successful, and you're giving all of this
up now, and you're giving it up to run for
the Senate and throw yourself into this blood sport called politics.

My first question is why, and then we can talk about,
you know, very specific position in job. I want to
serve my country. Everything you said is true, and many
of my friends really did write me offering condolences. They
were thoughtful and honorable in their notes, but they were
basically saying, what's wrong with you? Why would you give
all that up? The comfort of the existence where people

aren't criticizing you or making stories up about you, the
ability to go to work and earn a living, a
very very good living, that you've worked your whole life
to set up. My parents were immigrants. They came to
this country. They ran from the darkness that was out
there and came to this country to the bright light
that we offered. And I owe a debt, and I
want to pay my debt, and serving my country, which

I hope to do if people vote for me, is
a way that I can show up in the lives
of people who deserve help. But I got to say
I was successful on television because I thought to empower
you to people listening to this show right now, I
thought to empower my patience. I took on big pharma.
I had major companies boycott me for years because I
said things that were truthful about the way that drugs

were other drugs and interactions that you can't predict in
the fact that we're too dependent on them. I will
took on big technology. I literally went to the Senate
to take on Facebook, Amazon, you know, the guys who
I thought were perverting the system, in particular because they
were lying about advertisements about me and many others. And
I realize how difficult it is when you have big,
powerful entities forwarding the rule of law. I took on

big I were chemical companies. I got the scars to
prove it, and I cannot be bought John, As you know,
I just will go to the map for my patients
and for my viewers, and I hope now for the
photos of Pennsylvania. But if you don't do it now,
what are you going to do it? What are you
going to do hoarding all this when people are climbing
over your walls because they're starved for honor, for dignity,
for a job. And I would be angry too if

I was much of America. America deserves better, and I
want to be part of that movement. Let me ask you,
because already the attacks have begun pretty much full force.
Claims that you don't live in Pennsylvania, claims that you
support red flag law, and you don't support the Second Amendment.
Why don't we start with those two and then I'll

go down a list and we could go through rather quickly.
You can give me a quick summaries of where you stand.
I grew up just over the border south to Philadelphia,
where I am now. I went to medical school at
penn and went to business school at Wharton. I met
my wife, married her in Philadelphia, which was the best
thing I ever did in my left thirty six years ago.
I had two kids in Pennsylvania and Kateman. We moved

back home, where my wife's family has been for a
hundred years last year. I love coming back home and
I love Pennsylvania. So I just don't see the arguments.
So your job took you out of New York, by
the way it took me out. I grew up in
Long Island, but I lived five years from Rhode Island,
five years in California, two years in Alabama, four years
in Georgia, you know. And then I kind of got

lucky and it got hired by Fox newsman the first
one on the air. But the odds of me making
it back to New York to follow my dream, which
was radio at the time, my odds were not high.
All right, let's go through a list of let me.
Let me answer your gun question, because that you know
that has come up. I'm strongly pro Second Amendment. I

believe that people are earned their dignity in life in
many ways. One of the ways is you get a gun,
you're allowed to have it. It's in the Constitution for
a reason. There's no way around that, and there are
many smart things we can do with our guns. I
protect ourselves. I own a lot of guns. I have
a carry concealed gun license in Pennsylvania and so and

I don't think there's going to be a huge debate
among the people are going to vote for me about guns.
We're all supportive of them. Quick break right back, more
with doctor Ozz. He just announces candidacy. He's running for
the Senate in the great state of Pennsylvania. More on
the other side of the eight hundred ninety four one
sea on our number. You want to be a part
of the program. All right, as we continue with doctor

Oz who just made his announcement he's running for the
Republican nomination for Senate in the great state of Pennsylvania.
Let's talk more. Let's start with one big issue we
see the President is pushing is build back better, New
Green Deal, socialism, Higher taxes, corporate taxes, taxes, pretty much

capital gains taxes. We see the impact that the policies
have had on the economy. They've not been good. Where
do you stand on taxes or do you support raising any?
Do you support cutting any? Do you support lessening the
burden of regulation that seems to be a stranglehold on
many businesses these days. I think I can spend my

money better than the government can spend my money, and
I suspect just about everyone listening would agree with that.
I would not raise taxes, and I definitely don't think
we should throw money at problems that are going to
put us more in debt. The issue with debt is
not just inflation, and inflation is a vital problem, and
I bet it'll be one of the biggest issues for
voters in the next cycle. And because it erodes your

savings and you remember, jobs, they're not just about dignity,
and they're critical for that and they give you purpose,
but they're important for savings. So you actually have something
in your family that you can pass on. But when
that's you wrote by inflation, it strips the very guts
out of the workingman's life and brings incredible stress into
their lives as well. Because you don't control your destiny.
It doesn't matter how much more you earn because the

debt's gotten worse. But I want to take it one
step further. The big problem with twenty nine trillion dollars
of debt is you start to challenge the validity of
the US dollar. Let me just explain this because it's
really critical. This is the national security issue. Our country
is able to do what it does because the entire
planet says the US dollar is backed by the power
of the US government. They're good people. Americans will always

defend their currency, So we're going to use it as
our currency. Right, people trade their stuff to get dollars.
If the US dollar no longer has its value people
who don't trust it, you no longer can just print dollars.
You then be run into a crisis, which, believe me,
other countries would love to see where the dollar no
longer becomes the currency of the world, and then you
start to threaten the basic economic structure of our nation.

These are issues that are not just esoterical. Maybe will
never happened, it will happen. Believe me. This is what
bankrupt's countries, which is why we have to defend their
economy by being responsible. Nobody running a household whatever went
up this kind of debt, they would ever think about it.
We keep throwing money at this because feckless leaders are
unwilling to make difficult decisions. Where would you stand advising consent.

It would be part of your role to choose justices,
for example, to serve on the Supreme Court. We have
this big case the Mississippi law prohibiting abortions after fifteen weeks.
Arguments were heard yesterday and right now row House for
twenty two to twenty four weeks for legal abortion with

medical advancement. Many make the argument that these what is
growing inside of a woman is viable at fifteen weeks,
and that law would restrict abortion after fifteen weeks. Where
do you stand on your what are you looking for
in a justice and what do you feel about this argument.
I'm one hundred percent pro life. I'm a doctor, I

believe in the sanctity of life, and President Trump appointed
constitutional justices, which is just what you make. Any exceptions
for rape, incest, or mother's life. Yes to three exceptions,
especially the mother's life. You'd never want to put one
life in danger for another if you can avoid it.
Rape and incest obviously are concerns that many Americans would share.
But other than those three exceptions, I'm one hundred percent

pro life, and I do want the justices to make
their decisions based on what the constitution says it is
a beautiful document. As people understand the history of our
country in the ambortance of the Constitution, they'll realize why
people like me and you feel so strongly about that.
All Right, we got to take a break. We'll come back.
Doctor rozz is with us. We'll go through a list
of other positions where he stands on it. This race

in Pennsylvania is very critical if the Republicans have any
chance of taking back the Senate in less than a year.
Now he's throwing his hat in the ring. He's in
looking to get nominated it as a Republican candidate. Eight
hundred and nine one sean our number. If you want
to be a part of the program, quick break right back. Yeah,

you'll hear what everyone really thinks in DC. This is
the Sean Hannity Show. I twenty five now till the
top of the hour. Eight hundred nine one sean our number.
You want to be a part of the program. I
keep telling everybody this is a tipping point midterm election
coming up in less than a year. And not only

can the Republicans retake the House, which would stop the
Biden you know, build back better New Green Deal socialism disaster,
but the Senate is up for grabs as well. You
have every swing state in play, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina,
South Carolina, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, Nevada. I mean,

it doesn't get any more bell weather than this, and
we have on the line. He just announced his candidacy
in Pennsylvania. Doctor Oz is willing to walk away from
a lucrative television career and serve the people of Pennsylvania.
That was one thing that caught my attention in the
conversations we had leading up to your announcement, because we
did have a number of conversations about it, and I

told you you were crazy to run that it's a
very dark world, the world of politics, And you kept
saying over and over again, I want to serve the
people of Pennsylvania. And you said it so often, and
it kind of caught my attention, and I'm like, huh,
most politicians really aren't serving their constituents. They seem to

love to be called the senator or governor or congressman
or woman. And you've had fame, you've had the money,
you've had all of that. You don't need this crap
to be very honest. Well, you're It's it's interesting to
say that because my wife and I were talking about
this last night. Lisa was your biggest fan, and I said,
I just want to be called doctor. I've earned that.

I studied hard for it, you know, and it's a
calling I love that. I know. I don't ever need
to be called senator. And one interesting thing about entering
the race is despite all the you know, the the
wacky articles written about me, I'm getting called by all
these big magazines. I've been invited on every late night
you know, comedy show, every morning news show, and you know,
all these big magazines. I'm not going to do any

of them. First of all, I've done them all. You know.
It's like a profess in bubbles coming out of a
soft drink. The first sip taste good, but there's no
depth to that. The joy, the deep passionate of feeling
of good that comes from helping others unimaginable. When I
sit in the operating room and look at the patient's
across from me and we connect, and which is what

I do always, because I never want to go to
the oar with that pit without that patient knowing I
care about them and nobody else. That's the hypocratic gowth.
That's the bond that gives me that those chills, that
makes you feel like life is worth it, that no
matter what's going on outside of that, there's something so
special about each other. That's why I spoken that commercial.
You kindly show in the beginning that we need to

see the divine spark in each other. There's something unique
about who we are, and we all have it, and
sometimes we forget it and the morass of craziness happens.
I don't care about anything else but that spark being
lit up again in our lives and serving your fellow man,
and which I will always do and I've always done,
is a way of doing it. Doing it as a

representative of the people in government if it offers a
lot of opportunity. One of the reasons I thought I
could serve in this context is that in the state
of Pennsylvania is that I have ninety four percent name awareness,
so I don't have to say crazy things to get noticed.
I can say things like we've been talking about now
that most people are probably I hope, nodding their heads
yes and saying, you know, I get that. I'm for

that or I don't agree with him, but I'm honored
that he said it because he believes it. Those are
all fine with me. And I don't want to be
saying things and dancing around private interests. And I represent you,
only you, and that's the only goal I have. Let
me ask you. I think one of the worst decisions
Joe Biden made was, you know, giving up energy independence.

It's now resulted in him on multiple occasions begging OPEC
to increase production of oil. We're paying them about a
buck fifty more a gallon twenty twenty five thirty bucks
more to fill up your tank. It's a lot of money.
It's disproportionally negatively impacting the poor in the middle class
in this country. It's adding to the inflation problem. We're

now at a thirty one year high. With him, it's
also an important it's very important to the economy of Pennsylvania.
Where do you stand on energy, energy independence, fracking oil, gas, coal,
energy independence? Is it not just a nice thing to say?
And who wouldn't it be nice? It is a national
security issue. You can't go through and fight the battles

we have to fight in this world to keep America
and what our values pre eminent unless you have energy independence.
Fracking is something I've looked at very carefully. You can
spread all kinds of rumors about fracking, but it works.
It seems to be able to do things that otherwise
we wouldn't be able to do in keeping ourselves energy independent.
And it should be a major force of our country

to make sure that we take advantage of every tool
to stay energy independent, re examining every opportunity out there.
But I'll tell you one thing for sure. As a scientist,
I'll say this, the Green New Deal is a dishonest program.
It's not about is it worth the money or not,
or will it work for global warming? It can be
done the way it's currently designed. The technology does not

exist that batteries aren't there. The elements that we would
need for the battery power are controlled by primarily free countries,
which are despotic countries. So we will be seeding the
control of the energy supply of the planet to countries
that we can't trust, and they can't even do it
for several decades. So forget about spending money on investing.

Of course, you want to spend money on green approaches,
and we want to spend money in making carbon more
efficient and better for the environment. All those things need
to happen, but we should not put blinders on because
the op ed pages of liberal media say we got
to do this way otherwise we're bad people, and ignore
the massively destructive effect of giving up on carbon based fuels.
Make them better, make them work for us. In the meantime,

we can develop the green tools, but it will take
us decades. Let me move on to the issue you mentioned.
Your parents both came to this country legally, they came
from Turkey. I have been reading people attacking the fact
that that you have dual citizenship with Turkey. I want
to give me a chance to address immigration, and you know,

welcome to the world of politics. You get attacked for everything.
I was born as a dual citizen. My parents were Turkish.
I was born in this country and both countries with
their allied countries. Turkey is the largest force in NATO.
It is the southern protection against Russia, and so growing
up as a dual citizen, I was obligated to serve

for two months in the Turkish army, otherwise I would
never be allowed to go back to see my family
in Turkey. So my father at the time, this is
I was, you know, a kid just fresh out of college.
My father called it to the American embassy and they said, yes,
it's an allied country, he's allowed to do it. He
will not compromise his US citizenship. I served my two

months and when I got out, I you know, I
had the choice. I came back lived in America for
the rest of my life doing what I want to do,
which is to serve people living in this country, a
country that we have huge debt too. I'm very proud
of that. I've gone back and tried my best to
help when they're humanitarian crises. I've lectured. I've done surgery
in Turkey. I help with the Syrian border where there
were refugees, millions of people. For you, I even noticed

you got attack for that doing you know, humanitarian work.
I mean, I'm going trying to help human beings with nothing,
and we actually they have the best refugee camps, not
that you want to have refugee camps, but the best
refugee camps in the world, acknowledged by the United Nations
in the southern Turkey to take care of these poor
people fleeing from a terrible war that had been raging.

They're still continuing some places, and I'm going to do that.
I will serve people. It doesn't matter if the people
that are out there attacking me say things that are
have truths are greatly dishonest. Why would you not want
to help people with nothing. Let me move on to
the issue of immigration, just more specifically. I support legal immigration,

but I would say that we need some caveats. We
learned a lot from this pandemic. I think you need
a health check right now illegal immigrants. There's no COVID tests.
We're told, oh, because they're not going to be here
very long, and that turns out to be a lie.
And they don't have vaccine quote mandates for illegal immigrants either,
and they're moving illegal immigrants out of these overcrowded cages

in the middle of a pandemic that Joe Biden built
into every state in the country. I support, for example,
legal immigration. I don't really care where you come from,
as long as we check that you don't have radical
associations in the middle of a pandemic. That would include
a health check. And the third thing I would want
is to ensure that people show that they have the

financial means of taking care of themselves while they are here,
and then welcome to our American family. I think it's
that simple. It's hard not to agree with everything you said.
Let's just go through it a little bit first, the
narrative of what's happening at the border. This is a
cartel organized human tracking operation. These people are paying a

a lot of money, the only money they have in
the world, many times, to a cartels who are putting
different colored wristbands on them and shipping them across our border.
And the reason that cartel is able to do this
is it works, right, we have the opportunity to shut
it down. We don't. Cartel makes money. By the way,
they're also trafficking drugs. Had one hundred thousand people die
this year or so far of opiates, which is another

horrible consequence of our mismanagement of the pandemic. But if
you look at the reality what's happening on the border,
it's not what you're reading on the front page of
the of the media. It's actually what I'm describing well vetted,
and we're putting our law enforcement at the border in
an untenable position. You can't have people come into the
country and then say go off and come back when
we call you for your hearing. They don't come back.

It's like an IQ test. And I think these are
the kinds of misguided judgments that are hurting us. I
think what President Trump did made sense. Force people to
stay on another side of the border, in this case
the southern side of the border until we decide that
you meet a solemn criteria. Otherwise our law system, our
legal system isn't able to cope with this. There's no

way we can test all those people and make sure
that they're within the window of security and then ensure
that they're getting what needs to be done for that.
In fact, they just joined into the social programs of
the country. Get full care, you know. And I said,
there are many countries where the best healthcare available is
a plane ticket to the US. And they literally say that,
get on a plane, fly to America. They'll take care

of you. Quick break more with doctor Oz just announcing
he's running for the Senate as a Republican in Pennsylvania.
Eight hundred and nine for one. Shawn our number Lindsey
Graham at the top of the hour, Our Republicans going
to buckle again and help Schumer and the Democrats will
get to the bottom of that. All right, As we

continue with doctor Oz, he just announced his candidacy to
be the Republican nominee to run for the Senate and
now less than a year in the great state of Pennsylvania.
Let me ask you this because I'm I'm a big
believer that this world was filled with a lot of evil.
I believe that Russia is a hostile regime putin a
hostile actor, the Uranian Mullah's God forbid they ever get

nuclear weapons where I believe their radical ideology and nuclear
weapons are a prescription for disaster. I'm concerned about Kim
Jong un. I'm very concerned about China, especially the aggressive
flying of fighter jets over taiwan airspace. Their talk are
reunification with Taiwan. I don't like Putin building up his

troops along the Ukrainian border. It looks like an invasion
is forthcoming. Joe Biden doesn't seem to have any interest
in confronting these issues had on that concerns me. I'm
a big believer to sum it up in peace through strength,
but I want to know what your philosophy is we
need a muscular foreign policy. And it's not just a

nice to have kind of thing. I mean my shows
you kind enough to mention it earlier. My show has
aired it over one hundred countries. I visited many of
these countries. When you go to these different big, big
media outlets, you know what they tell me, please fix America.
And I say, well, you know, we're trying to. Why
do you care so much? They say they care because
we are the guiding light for them, We're the load star.

But they're having a problem in Singapore. They say, gosh,
and we know democracy works because America has one. Let's
fix ours. If America doesn't succeed, it no longer is
the shining hill city on the hill. Then people start
to think that democracy won't work because there's no example
of it working as well as it works in America.
So we need to be on our best game to

lead the work the world to allow it to do
what it needs to do to become more democratic like
we are. Every example you mentioned in Bob's countries who
have the opposite goal and member they're not trying to
make peace with us, they're not trying to figure it
out and work around and you know, trade with us. No,
in their mindset, they must destroy us. And I'm not

being paranoid. It literally states that that's how they reinvent
and recreate their ideology. It must destroy capitalism and the
United States for that reason, because with us in the way,
their way can't be the best. So these are existential
battles that we're going to have to cope with, and
the more we can unify as a country, the stronger
will be to deal with that. And a good example

is on sourcing critical resources what paralyzed this in COVID
And I was with you, Sean acknowledge, but let me
just praise you for a second. Sean would call me
at three in the morning, which I didn't mind because
he was trying to save the country, and we talk
about getting ventilators, or how are we going to get
more protective gear, or what's the best tactic to cure

people who are dying. We had friends both of us
in ICUs. We're tag team calling people just trying to
save lives. You're trying to get You're calling foreign countries
and trying to find out anything that they see that
might be working to help people to save lives. You
made the calls. I was getting the information from you.
I do have to run. We obviously kept longer than

we ask for, but this race is pivotal and I wanted.
I'm reading the attacks and I'm seeing what's going on.
It's all predictable and it's all part of a game
that people play, but you know what, the country is
in bad shape, and I'm looking for people with the
right philosophy that will stand on principle and really are

wanting to go to serve and for the right reasons
and help people. And I'm listening to you and I'm
hearing that, and it's refreshing to be honest, because they
interview a lot of politicians and I'm most of them
around for themselves. But that's just my own criticism. But
we're going to follow this race very closely. Doctor Oz
running for the Senate in a great state of Pennsylvania

for the Republican nomination, and then a year from now,
less than a year from now, we'll have an election
and there's a must win state for Republicans. We wish
you the best. Thank you for sharing your time, your
thoughts and being so forthright on where you're standing on
the issues. We appreciate it. God bless you think for
all your wisdom. Eight hundred and nine four one Seawan

our number. You want to be a part of the program,
quick break right back

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