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July 3, 2024 31 mins

John and Jim Mclaughlin join Peter Schweizer & Eric Eggers to talk about the legal and political mechanics of President Biden dropping out of the 2024 Presidential race.  It is possible, however unlikely it might seem!

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Hello America. At Speeder Schweitzer and Eric Eggers. We are
filling in for Sean. We run the Government Accountability Institute.
You can find out more about it at GAI dot news.
We want you to join the conversation at one eight
hundred ninety four one seven three two six. That's one
eight hundred ninet four to one. Sean, we are watching
the unfolding chaos in the White House. Who will be

the Democratic nominee for president in twenty twenty four. Eric
and I have been talking about the fallout and the
media coverage, but how would it actually happen if the
Democrats were to replace Joe Biden. If Joe Biden said tomorrow,
I've decided to step down, what are the mechanics of it? Fortunately,
we have a couple of actual experts who live and

breathe this stuff. John McLaughlin and Jim McLaughlin. They run
McLaughlin and Associates. They have elected, They've been strategists that
have help elect presidents, prime ministers, Senate Majority Leader, Speakers
of the House. So we are very happy to be
there and Sean, John also, I think is very pleased
that you are here on time.

Speaker 2 (01:03):
So thanks for joining us.

Speaker 3 (01:09):
This is Jim. I'm the one who's always late.

Speaker 1 (01:11):
Oh, Jim's the one that's always late. Okay, I was misinformed.

Speaker 4 (01:15):
This is why we employ a fact checker, by the way, and.

Speaker 3 (01:19):
Let me tell you Eric and Peter are the two
best fact checkers on the planet.

Speaker 5 (01:23):
As we all know.

Speaker 2 (01:25):
Well, thank you, guys.

Speaker 1 (01:26):
So so let's get into this and we'll start with
you John first. So help us out if in the
scenario where Joe Biden says, okay, you know, I'm not
up to the job anymore, he's stepping down, or remains
as president, but he's stepping down, what are the actual
mechanics of what the Democrats would have to do to

put in a candidate. Is there a time when a date,
a period in time when it becomes really difficult to
do that? I mean, presumably he couldn't decide this in October.
Very easily walk us through what the steps are for
them to make this change if they do make the change.

Speaker 6 (02:02):
Well, first of all, he right now, he's not making
the change. I mean, yeah, you know, without it there
even just before we're speaking right now, there was a
conference call with the staff or a meeting of the
staff and at the Layhouse, and both President Biden and
Vice President Harris were on that call. So so it's

like Joe Biden's not letting go by the way for
a lot of the reasons you put together in your
book Blood Money. They're not letting go of any of
this stuff because there's too much peril for the Biden
family business. And you know, Hunter himself is in the
system right now where he's been convicted on one trial
of gun possession or whatever, and then he's headed for

one on taxes in September. So the last thing they
need is somebody else in control of the Justice Department.
But so if for some reason Joe Biden said he
was going to step aside, you've got He's got three.
They earned ninety four pledged delegates out of the three thousand,
nine hundred and thirty seven that or going to the
DNC convention on August nineteenth in Chicago. He doesn't have

the super delegates because they're not pledged, but they're out there.
It's only seven hundred and forty seven of them. He
could open up the convention if he dropped out tomorrow
before the convention and they become unbound, and then it's
up to the back room bosses and effect that at
the Democrat convention to decide if he decides to wait

and you know, wait till after the convention let all
the because there's been talk about, because of some election
law problem in Ohio that they might have to have
a virtual convention before Chicago and approve of Joe Biden
so they can have him on the ballot in Ohio.
They could lose there. But if they wait till after that,

it's up to the four hundred and eighty three members
of the Democrat National Committee, and maybe you have to
go back to like you know, remember Jordan McGovern had
Tom Eagleton, they had to you know, after they came
out he had shot treatment all of sudden, they had
to replace the vice president candidate with Sargeant Shriver.

Speaker 3 (04:08):
So whether you do it.

Speaker 6 (04:10):
With the bosses in Chicago, or you do it with
the bosses after Chicago, it would be an inside thing.
In the primary, voters in the Democratic Party den't matter,
so that would be their process. But right now they're all,
you know, committed to Joe Biden, and Joe Biden is
not letting go. And you know what I find ironic
about the whole thing is, you know, they've all seen

his age and him getting older and you know, more feeble,
but they covered it up. And the reason they're behind
in the polls isn't because he's old. It's because his
policies for three and a half years have failed, whether
it's inflation, open borders, endless wars, crime around the United States.

That's why he's failing. And all the Democrats that are
talking about replacing him have all aided and embedded and
con you know, are committed to that, particularly Vice President Harris.
So you know, unless the Democrats decide we reject these
radical policies, they're going to lose to President Trump. And
that's why Trump's ahead in the puls.

Speaker 7 (05:10):
We're talking to political strategist John McLoughlin and Jim McLoughlin.
Jim take us inside the numbers that they're looking at
in the White House and I think elsewhere and some
of the reasons why these Democrat power brokers are calling
for a change, I think it's because of the polling
numbers and radical agenda aside. Talk to us about where
Joe Biden is relative to Kamala Harris and if it's

not either them from a political viability standpoint, where else
would they look like? Is Gretchen Whitmer better? Is Gavin
Newsom better?

Speaker 3 (05:37):
Yeah, and that's a great question. And look, the Democrats,
it's all about power with them. You guys know this.
You guys have done all the research on this, by hooker,
by crook. They want to remain in power. And when
Joe Biden was the candidate they thought was best to
beat Donald Trump, they rigged the election. They rigged it.

You know, they basically, you know, you had Dean Phillips
and you had Robert F. Kennedy Junior, two legitimate candidates
that were trying to run a primary against them, and
what did they do. They basically closed them out of
the primary so they couldn't run. But what's happened since
then because of his dismal debate performance, and by the way,
Donald Trump is not getting enough credit for having a

great debate performance, just on one issue after another, just.

Speaker 7 (06:28):
And just being restrained in terms of not attacking him,
not being aggressive, not like making him to be sympathetic
by allowing just the space.

Speaker 4 (06:36):
I mean, I think that's a great point.

Speaker 7 (06:38):
He's he's been very disciplined, even now waiting to announce
his vice presidential candidate. He's letting this cycle continue in perpetuity.
He's really smart and.

Speaker 3 (06:46):
By a forty six to twenty eight margin, the CBS
News poll said after the debate that voter said he
was way more presidential. But the reason why the Democrats
are having their own insurrection right now against Joe Biden
is because he's losing to Donald Trump and things are

getting worse. Donald Trump was beating him before the debate.
He's beating him in national polls, he was beating him
in the battleground polls. And now you've got New York
Times polls just came out. Donald Trump has increased his
national lead, increased his battleground lead. You look at that
CNN poll CNN of all people, they've clearly turned on

Joe Biden. Now he has a sixty four percent disapproval
rating that is off the charts for Joe Biden. That's
at the point where Democrats across the country are going
to go down because of Joe Biden's unpopularity. Donald Trump
is beating him in that survey by ten points among independents.

And you know who, Joe Biden had his worst negatives,
his highest disapproval rating young people sixty nine percent, because
those issues that John was just talking about, like inflation,
the economy, crime and safety. They realize that when Donald
Trump was president, he did a significantly better job than
Joe Biden.

Speaker 2 (08:09):
No, those are great points.

Speaker 1 (08:10):
We're talking with John and Jim mclofflin of the mclofflin Associates,
really the top firm in terms of political strategic consulting
for candidates in the United States and overseas. So you
both make, I think, a very compelling point, and you're
actually absolutely right John that Joe Biden says he's not
going anywhere. My question though, is what is the tipping point?

If Joe Biden says he's not going anywhere, and enough
of the big money in Hollywood and in you know,
big tech says you need to go, and Congressional Democrats
there's rumors that, you know, twenty five members of Congress
are going to sign a letter saying he should step down,
is there a tipping point? I mean, obviously Joe Biden

can stay there as long as he wants. I mean,
he can't be pushed out, But is there a ticking point?

Speaker 4 (08:58):
Till past four PM.

Speaker 1 (09:02):
But is there a tipping point where Joe Biden is
gonna have to kind of pack it in because he
knows it's not viable anymore to mount a campaign because
the money's drying up.

Speaker 6 (09:14):
Well, it might be, you know, I mentioned your book
Blood Money before. Maybe if some of those Hunter Biden,
Frank Biden, James Biden clients decide, hey, we're not going
to pay you anymore, you know, and then and if
somebody were to guarantee them a pardon, like Camill Harris,
if she if all of a sudden she becomes president,

he guarantees them a pardon, and then you know, I
saw some reports say, you know, two billion for the
Biden library and tonsds of millions for the nomination.

Speaker 3 (09:49):
You know, who knows?

Speaker 6 (09:51):
I mean, I mean, right now, there appears to be
no tipping plan. I mean, it appears to be that
he's got her Keem Jefferies, and he's got Chuck Schumer
saying let's let the poles level out and let's see
if he can hang on and make his case. I mean,
he's going to do the interview with George Stephanopolis tomorrow
on ABC ABC. By the way, Hip Polly, They had

a pole. He's getting buried epsoes And it's one of
the worst polls for President Trump because it's like the
panel of George Stephanoppolos's friends. They never re saying the demographics,
so he can't figure out race or age or anything
like that. But you know, these polls have been bad
Donald Trump. Like an Airlis poll before the debate, Trump
was up two points nationally. He was leading in the

multi candy race two points, but sixty eight percent of
all Americans said the country was on their own track.
They said the economy was getting worse, not better, sixty
two to thirty one. They said eighty four percent said
they were negatively impacted by inflation, forty nine percent to
the point that they couldn't afford basic necessities. So so

Trump basically has been beating him since September of twenty one,
when inflation kicked in and he surrendered in Afghanistan, because
that's the one thing an American president's not supposed to do.
You're not supposed to surrender to terrorists and leave Americans behind,
let alone have Americans killed. But it comestan leading in
the national Poulson then didn't bother the Democrats didn't bother

them until all of a sudden, it's like, hey, it's
June of twenty four and if we're.

Speaker 3 (11:27):
Still losing, we might.

Speaker 6 (11:28):
Lose in November. So the media and the Democrats are saying,
you know, we've got to make a change. They're like
changing the Captain and the Titanic after it hit the iceberg.
They've driven the country into this iceberg and the country
is ready to revolt. I mean, this is like Reagan
and eighty after he debated Carter, and all of a

sudden people are like, uh, we're going to vote for Reagan.
And Reagan won in a landslide. But it took that
long here. They had to debate early. They had it
in June, and Trump was as you know, noticed he
was presidential, He was factual. His positions were better made
sense when he said, why are we letting illegals in
to pankrupt SoC security and medicare that they're called, I mean,

it's just to make sense to the average person. So
it's kind of late for the Democrats. But we'll say, Jim.

Speaker 7 (12:20):
We've got thirty seconds before we have to take a break,
and we appreciate the time. John and Jim McLoughlin, the
political consultants and experts and understand the data and understand
the numbers that the political campaigns are looking at right now.
Is immigration still the most relevant issue or has Joe
Biden's cognitive ability leapfrog that is that the number one
issue that voters are deciding on or is it something else?

Is this a temporary distraction or is this actually the
thing that will carry the election in November.

Speaker 3 (12:46):
Look, you look at all the issues that matter to
the voters right now, the immigration problem, inflation, we have
Donald Trump had peace breaking out throughout the world, now
we have war throughout the world. One of those single
issues could collapse a presidency. And Joe Biden has all
of them. And Joe Biden's biggest promise, like John said,

he could be one hundred years old. As long as
the country was doing well and people thought the country
was on the right track, he'd be okay. But what's
happened now is basically since the summer of twenty one,
when after the Afghanistan debacle and inflation was up at
nine percent, his numbers have been upside down. And when

you ask the typical American, they'll tell you things are
getting worse because of Biden's policies. They're not getting better.

Speaker 7 (13:35):
They are not getting better, and I think that's one
of the reasons, more than anything else, why Democrats within
the party are seeking to replace the top of the ticket.
Jim John McLaughlin, You guys are great, Thank you for
joining us. We'll come back and talk about what it
means and take a look at more data that suggests that, hey,
maybe Joe Biden's got a chance of sticking around. He's
Peter Schweizer, I'm Eric Egar's went for Sean Handy back

after this.

Speaker 1 (13:56):
Hi, Peter Schweizer and Eric Eggers. We are talking about
the crisis in the White House, and they continue to
insist and cling to the notion that Joe Biden is fine.
Just from the press conference today, the press spokesman Korean
John Pierre had this to say, do you believe.

Speaker 8 (14:13):
That the president is as sharp today as he was
when he took this job?

Speaker 5 (14:19):
Any slowdowns?

Speaker 9 (14:20):
What I can say is this is a president who
is strong and resolute in delivering for the American people.

Speaker 6 (14:26):
That's what I see.

Speaker 9 (14:28):
I see a president when I'm in sitting in front
of him, you know, going through the day or talking
about what he's doing next. He is someone that engages
with us. He wants to know, He pushes us. He probly,
you know, prodes us wanting to figure out like the
bigger picture of whatever we're trying to explain to him,
or even granual details. He is as sharp as as

ever as I have known him to be in my engagement,
in my experience with him.

Speaker 2 (14:56):
Here's the absurdity of this.

Speaker 1 (14:58):
If the question is of is cognitive ability, having a
bunch of other people that work for him to come
out and say no, no, no, no, he's super smart and
he's engaged, but you can't actually talk to him is
not gonna work.

Speaker 2 (15:10):
It's not gonna work.

Speaker 7 (15:11):
And those are among the details that staff are leaking,
which suggests that there is a growing desire to replace
him with anybody else, right, I mean, while Vice President
Harris is not as popular as Joe Biden, and really
nobody's got the popularity to maybe pose a significant that
other than Michelle Obama, which I think would be, you know,
a total Democrat fantasy, but seems wildly unlikely. The fact

that you're hearing things like, hey, his debate prep went
from eleven to four and included a nap. He's sharp
from ten to four pm, Axio's head reporting that a
lot of the White House staff has had much less
access to him than other presidents have because the small
team of Jill Biden and others just keep anybody else
from interacting with Joe Biden. It's like they're protecting him

from something, and it might just be the reality of
his actual condition being exposed. And that's unfortunately something they
were not able to protect him from because he was
exposed for ninety minutes of the American people last week.
And then that's why you saw people turn so quickly.
It's like, we're gonna lie, We're gonna lie. We can
get away with it. We can't get away with it anymore,
and now we have to do something like right away.

Speaker 1 (16:15):
Yeah, that's right. And the bottom line is this strategy.
I think they're gonna keep trying it, keep saying and
trying to say no, no, he's doing fine.

Speaker 2 (16:23):
It's not gonna work.

Speaker 1 (16:24):
And part of it is the contrast to the Joe
Biden that we know, even from a few years ago,
the guy that was going out and getting ice cream cones.
Remember that he be out talking to people at the
ice cream shop and engaging. There's none of that anymore.
And he won't even come out himself and prove where
he is cognitively. So this strategy is simply not gonna work.

I believe they are going to shift to Kamala Harris
because they do not have a choice, and they're they're
in a conundrum right because some people have gone on
record and said, you know, if you step over Kamala
Harris and try to put Gavin new some are somebody
else in that spot, things are going to go really south,
really quickly in the Democratic Party.

Speaker 7 (17:06):
So if there's an indication of what the conversations being
had within the inner circles of Democrat powerbrokers, Democrat and
megadonor Ari Emmanuel was just giving a forum and he
was asked about, hey, what do we do? The question
was Democrats are jumping out windows?

Speaker 4 (17:19):
What do we do?

Speaker 7 (17:20):
And he said, well, I blame the founding fathers because
they gave us a start date at thirty five, but
they didn't.

Speaker 4 (17:25):
Give us an end date. Oh wow, yeah, oh wow,
no no end date.

Speaker 7 (17:28):
But then he says, I've talked to a bunch of
big donors they're moving all their money to Congress in
the Senate.

Speaker 4 (17:32):
We should all be really upset. That's a paraphrase. He said.

Speaker 7 (17:36):
You know, this is a legal issue now, and this
is something that our friend Jason Chaffitz has made because
there are state laws at play. He said, you can't
remove him in three swing states Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
And only Michigan has a Democratic legislature, which means, I
guess you'd have to have Republicans vote to remove him
in these other states, which of course they're not going
to do, right, But so that's but then that it
raises this other issue. So some people say it's not

viable to replace at the top of the ticket because
there are state laws that would govern such a thing.
But then you have to think about, well, wait a minute,
what did the last four years teach us. What did
we get away with as a country? No, we just
fundamentally changed the way we conduct elections, right, right, and
because covid or sure, but guess what, there's but those
they had laws of the books there with the state

legislators are supposed to ratify who have been accept this
private money. We're going to do all kinds of different stuff.
The state legislatures didn't do it, and we got and
they did it then. So you can't really blame Democrats
for thinking they can do it now, right.

Speaker 1 (18:31):
Right, and that they can figure out a way even
as late as October to try to fix this. I
don't think it's going to be that easy, and I
don't think Joe Biden's going to last that long in
terms of politically. I think the pressure is going to
become so immense. He can cling to power. But if
everybody the money drives up, and everybody on Capitol Hill
says Joe, you've got to go, I think he will
eventually do it, and that will lead to Kamala Harris.

If not, there are some Democrats. I think we have
a clip on this. There are some Democrats that have
said if you push cam Aside, they're gonna burn down
the house.

Speaker 4 (19:02):
Now, this is a Stephen A.

Speaker 7 (19:03):
Smith show, and he's talking to a civil rights attorney
who believes also a delegate for the Democrat Party.

Speaker 4 (19:08):
Listen to what she said.

Speaker 7 (19:09):
The idea that anybody else besides Vice President Harris would
be mentioned would have lasting ramification for the Democrat Party.

Speaker 10 (19:16):
Or we agree, there's a long list of Democrats, Kamala Harris,
a Gavin Newsom, a Gretchen Whitmer, the list goes on and.

Speaker 8 (19:25):
On and on.

Speaker 10 (19:25):
You've named four or five people, where is their consensus.
You've got to build consensus, and there is no consensus
right now. If you pick a white man over Kamala
Harris black women, I can tell you this, We're gonna
walk away.

Speaker 8 (19:37):
We're gonna blow the party up.

Speaker 7 (19:39):
So I actually think that the best thing that the
Biden administration has going for it is the fact that
the vice president is Kamala Harris, because her polling numbers
are worse than Joe Biden's. And that's before even having
a national conversation about some of her political vulnerabilities. I mean,
this is something that we at the government accountability in this. Dude,
you're the president. You've written a bunch of books. In

one of your books, Profiles and Incruption, which detail Kamala
Harris's very real political baggage.

Speaker 2 (20:05):
Yeah. Yeah, she has huge political baggage.

Speaker 1 (20:07):
Of course, a lot of people know that she emerged
on the scene in nineteen ninety four because she started
dating Willy Brown, who was the Speaker of the California Assembly.
She was twenty nine, he was sixty. He was older
than her father. But Willy Brown also appointed her, at
age twenty nine, to the State Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board
whatever that is met once a month. She got paid

ninety nine thousand dollars a year for doing that. Then
to the California Medical Assistance Commission. She got paid one
hundred and fourteen thousand dollars for that, and then of
course Willy bought her a brand new BMW. The relationship
kind of went south. But Willie Brown became the mayor
of San Francisco and he had a big problem, and
that is that the San Francisco District Attorney, a guy

named Terence Hallandon, was causing him problems. He was investigating him,
he was investigating his friends. And of course Willy Brown
has been under FBI investigation for decades for the kind
of stuff that he did. So Willie Brown's genius plan was,
I'm going to have my former girlfriend Kamala Harris, run
against Terrence Hallanan knock him out of the office, and

she will protect me and protect my friends and lo
and behold, that's what happened. That was her introduction into politics.
And when she became the San Francisco District Attorney. There
are legions of cases where she dropped cases that were
being prosecuted against Willie Brown's friends. Probably the most outrageous,

I think was what was going on with the priest
abuse scandal in San Francisco at that time.

Speaker 7 (21:38):
She was the only district attorney of the major city
did not prosecute a case against Catholic priests because of
the sex abuse.

Speaker 1 (21:43):
That's right, and it's not because Kamala Harris is sympathetic
to the Catholic Church. It's because the law firms that
were representing the Catholic Church raised a ton of money
and put her into office. And her predecessor, Terrence Hallinan,
had got access to like eight hundred pages of internal
documentcies or investigations the church had done in San Francisco
on priests abuse scandals. He wanted to of course take

the names of the victims out, but release it to
the public. Victims groups wanted that Kamala Harris covered it up.
She said, we're not releasing this material, and she did
not prosecute a single case. And yet she has of
course paraded herself for years as somebody who stands up
for victims. This is the kind of raw power that
she has demonstrated over the years when she's been in

a position of power and authority.

Speaker 7 (22:30):
I'd also say that those are among the things that
would have been maybe discussed in a broader way had
she been more of a threat politically during the twenty
twenty primary. She wasn't, So it wasn't and so I
think that's one of the conversations that the country would
absolutely have if she did become the president or become
the presidential nominee. But I think the point's been made
too that it does make sense packaging Joe Biden as listen,

we have to find a way for you to become
heroic and patriotic, right.

Speaker 4 (22:59):
I think he is a guy that likes to lead
in those ways.

Speaker 7 (23:01):
Or he's the one that put the pressure on the
Obama administration to legalize gay marriage, and he's the one
that put pressure he said, look, I'm going to be
the first one to appoint an African American woman to
a Supreme Court. I'm going to have a female vice president.
This identity politics stuff matters to him, or at least
he's learned how to use it.

Speaker 4 (23:16):
In a way that looks like it matters to him.

Speaker 7 (23:18):
And so I think if you convinced him, listen, you
can leave and you can be the one that gives
us the first female president.

Speaker 4 (23:26):
I could see that being enticing to him.

Speaker 1 (23:28):
It could, of course, the genius move would be to
do that and then to inji a situation where Kamal
Harris decides to not run for president.

Speaker 2 (23:38):
Now I know that's kind of unimagined.

Speaker 4 (23:40):
He gets to be president but then not run for president.

Speaker 1 (23:42):
Well, she gets to be president. Yes, he steps down
not only as a candidate but as president. Because here's
the problem. Yes, he's going to make this grandiose statement
and say this, you know, I'm going to help bring
about the first a black female president in the United States.
The problem is it's Kamala Harris. She's not likable, she
has terrible whole number, she's not going to win. So
how about this idea? What do you think about this?

The Democratic Party power brokers go to Kamala Harris and say, look,
the next opening on the Supreme Court, when when we
have the presidency, will be you. You think Kamala Harris
would take that? Do you think she would prefer to
be a justice on the Supreme Court for the next
thirty years, as opposed to running for president and probably

losing because her poll numbers are so bad.

Speaker 7 (24:27):
I guess let's take a look at what Jill Biden's
done in her office, right, Like, Jill Biden has her
hands around I mean not literally, but the presidency is
in the Biden family. And if Jill Biden is one
of the people who has been the most reluctant, reluctant
to relinquish that power, you actually think that Kamala Harris
would be willing to let go of the presidency if
she was named as president.

Speaker 2 (24:48):
It's a long shot, but I think the whole.

Speaker 7 (24:50):
Terrible theory, and it's beneath you and all of your professionals.

Speaker 1 (24:54):
I just think that there are too many smart people
in the Democratic Party leadership who look at the poll numbers.
Her likability is lower than Joe Biden's, and I don't
think it's going to improve with exposure. I mean, that's
the problem. It's not because she's an unknown. Everybody knows
her and the poll numbers are bad. She's not a
great candidate. Remember when she ran for president in twenty

twenty in her own state of California. She got three
percent of the vote. No, it's bad, bad, So she's
not a good candidate. So the question is she sits
down with her husband, she sits down.

Speaker 2 (25:23):
With her AIDS. I don't know.

Speaker 1 (25:24):
It's a gambit that I think Democrats would try to
take because I think one of the reasons that Joe
Biden is cleaning the power is his AIDS are looking
that Kamala Harris as his replacement as a candidate is
not a great option for them.

Speaker 4 (25:37):
Yeah, she's not a great option.

Speaker 7 (25:39):
And the other people that have been mentioned as options,
like Gavin Newsom, have their own fair share of baggage.
We've talked about that on some of our podcasts and research.
I mean, just think about this, Gavin Newsom's governor's state
of California. The last four years, California has led the
nation in losing U hauls. They ran out of U hauls.
But so many people are leaving. American citizens are leaving,
other citizens are finding their way there. But it it

remains this incredibly fascinating moment, unprecedented in our nation's history.
And so we love to be able to talk about
it with you.

Speaker 4 (26:07):
Give us a call. It eight hundred.

Speaker 7 (26:08):
Nine seven and nine four one Sean, We'll hear what
you think about Peter's theory and other ones that have
actual chances of occurring when we come back, Eric Eggers,
Peter Schwatch are feeling it for Sean Handy back after.

Speaker 5 (26:19):
This immigration, jobs, healthcare? The news you care about is
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Speaker 1 (27:39):
Peter Schweizer, I'm here with Eric Eggers. We're filling in
for Sean. You can join the conversation. One eight hundred
and nine four one seven three two six. That's one
eight hundred ninety four to one. Sean Reuters now reporting
that Democrats are starting to get around Kamala Harris is
the possible heir to Joe Biden. Reuter's reporting that they

are comfortable with her because she has already been vetted
for national office and has survived intense scrutiny. I must
have missed that, but let's go to Eric in North Carolina. Eric,
thanks for joining the conversation.

Speaker 8 (28:12):
Thank you, Hello gentlemen. Pina, First of all, thank you
for all the massive work you've done for America to
help dig out the corruption of the Democrats and where
we'd be if we didn't know that, My goodness, I
wanted to mention something I haven't heard anybody talking about yet.
Depending on when Joe Biden or or Queen gill Or

to drop out, they have a problem I haven't heard
mentioned who would be vice president. Obviously Kamala is a problem.
But if Joe drops out before the end of his term,
or if having permitted him or to get elected and
try to go four years again and not make it,
the Speaker of the House, if I'm not mistaken, is

the one that would step in, right, Mike Smith.

Speaker 1 (28:59):
Well, actually, the way that it works, you can look
at what happened with Richard Nixon and the resignation there,
they actually get to select the president gets to select
their vice president, and it would probably be Hakeem Jeffries,
who's the leader of the Democrats in the House.

Speaker 2 (29:15):
That would probably be the choice.

Speaker 8 (29:17):
Oh no, okay, I thought there was a point where
the speaker filled in as vice president when the president
becomes incapacitating.

Speaker 1 (29:26):
Yeah, that is, if there is a crisis the president
and the vice president are killed, the third in leadership
in government would actually be the Speaker of the House.
But in this case they would get to pick who
would be vice president and the running mate.

Speaker 7 (29:40):
Do you think anything that's happening now with the conversation
with Kamala Harris and Joe Biden does it in any
way impact who you think Donald Trump should select as
his vice president.

Speaker 2 (29:50):
I think that's a great question.

Speaker 1 (29:51):
And I think that you know, Donald Trump is having
a wide open process, and I think it probably will.
I mean, there will probably be a political calculation if
if he's facing Kamala Harris, I would imagine he's going
to end up favoring certain candidates in terms of the
ethnic vote. I think that's probably a good call to.

Speaker 7 (30:09):
And that may be one of the reasons why he's
waiting until ultimately kind of see how this shakes up
before they pick it. It's amazingly fascinating, it's historically unprecedented,
and it's a moment we get to share with you.
Thank you for joining us. He's Peter Schweizer, I'm Eric Eggers.
We host the program called The Drill Down. It's a
podcast you can find any platform, and we're filling.

Speaker 4 (30:25):
For Sean Handy.

Speaker 7 (30:26):
Be right back to talk about more hypocrisy in the media,
about what's happening in the Biden White House.

Speaker 4 (30:32):

Speaker 11 (30:36):
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