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July 3, 2024 33 mins

 Peter Schweizer & Eric Eggers fill in for the vacationing Sean and discuss just how viable a Kamala Harris-led ticket might be.  The reality is, the liberal media is stirring up the Harris news to distract from just how bad President Biden's mental acuity is. 

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Hello, America. This is Peter Schweitzer, the four time number
one New York Times bestselling author. I'm filling in today
with my colleague and good friend Eric Eggers. And Eric.
When we were given this opportunity to fill in with Sean,
we were told by Linda, Hey, it's gonna be early July,
dog days of summer, slow media.

Speaker 2 (00:21):
Holy smokes, Holy smokes.

Speaker 3 (00:22):
I would like to thank you for not introducing me
as a zero times New York Times bestselling author next
to his four times flex No big deal, but it
is unprecedented the moment we find ourselves in here. Peter
and I host a podcast called The Drill Down, where
we regularly exposed government.

Speaker 2 (00:38):
Corruption in Washington, DC.

Speaker 3 (00:39):
We've long documented the conflicts of interest with Joe Biden,
the Biden crime family, and the things that he's done.
And we never thought we would be sitting in a
moment in time where we're less than a week not
just from the performance on the debate, but every single
columnist in the New York Times and the editorial board
of New York Times calling for Joe Biden to design.

Speaker 1 (01:00):
Yes, and the drum beat is growing. You see, members
of Congress now have done so, Governors your meeting tonight.
There have been reports denied by some, but reports that
twenty five members of the House of Representatives Democrats of course,
are going to call for him to resign, and there
is a growing drum beat that Kamala Harris is going

to step forward and perhaps be the replacement candidate. We're
going to keep you up to day throughout the show
as we hear more about this, because there is breaking
story after breaking story.

Speaker 3 (01:32):
Yeah, I think the most recent thing we've seen is
that Kamala Harris has been recently named like the odds
on favorite. You know you pay attention to Betty Markets,
that has increasing drum beat. In fact, listen to this
montage of a number of Democrats and members of the
media calling for the current vice president to replace the
I mean, just think about this. This is the real
thing that's happening in this country. A number of people

are calling for the vice president to replace the president.

Speaker 2 (01:56):
Listen to this.

Speaker 4 (01:57):
How would you feel if they worked around and try
to go around Kamala Harris because of her lack of
high poll numbers and popularity and broadly based do you
think it's hers to have if it's not his I
will support her if he were to step aside.

Speaker 5 (02:15):
No, this spot is should not in any way do
anything to work around miss Harris. We should do everything
we can to bolster her, whether it's a second place
or at the top of the ticket. I know Vice
President Kamala Harris well, and I guess you mentioned I
was the first member of the Congression of Black Hawk

is probably the first member of Timas to support her,
which he ran for president. I mean, she's prepares.

Speaker 6 (02:42):
He's been our vice president, and so I think we
have to recognize that as quickly as possible.

Speaker 2 (02:48):
Rip the band aid off. We have a great vice.

Speaker 6 (02:51):
President who has three and a half years of seasoning
in the highest levels of government. She would be a
great campaigner, energize our base. So many of the different
aspects of the Democratic Coalition would be super excited about
Kamala Harris run.

Speaker 2 (03:07):
We have already chosen who takes over for Joe Biden,
and if he's unable to do the job, and that's
Kamala Harris. And if they do have to swap him out,
she's in.

Speaker 1 (03:17):
Yeah, it's pretty definitive. And look, there was an email
circulated by Dmitri Melhorn he's a longtime advisor to very
wealthy Democratic donors, including tech investors, and this email said
to be clear, Vice President Harris is a badass. A
ticket with her on the top, combined with someone who
bounces her brand weaknesses would absolutely be competitive. So they're

openly talking about this among leadership circles. On the other hand,
NBC News is reporting Joe Biden just had a call
with supporters and he said, let me say this as
clearly as possibly as I can, as simply, as straightforwardly
as I can. I am running. No one is pushing
me out. I'm not.

Speaker 3 (04:01):
You tell him President Biden, listen. I mean he announced
yesterday in a press conference, We've assembled a team, a
government coalition.

Speaker 2 (04:07):
We're gonna beat summer. Peter.

Speaker 3 (04:09):
The heat is bad, but we're badder, So we've got
a government team to make They trott him out to
show he's vigorous enough to defeat global warming and heat.
He announced that, of course during the debate, that we'd
beat Medicare. He can beat this drum bead of people.
Because the reality is, and if you followed the numbers
they've pointed out time after time, Joe Biden's numbers may
be unpopular. The only politician less popular than Joe Biden

is Vice President Harris. So while she may excite a
number of Democrat coalition members, she does not excite a
number of other people. And I think Republicans would actually,
I think Republicans, can you imagine this? Are like, we're
fine either way. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris. We're looking at
the schedule, we see nothing, but w's.

Speaker 1 (04:49):
Yeah, yeah, and look, we're gonna talk later in the show.
Sort of the hidden side of Kamala Harris that a
lot of people don't know. Of course, we research and investigate.
You can go to our website gai dot News and
see the work that we do. But we've investigated Kamala
Harris for years and there's a lot of things in
her past that people are not aware of that speak

to somebody, I would argue, who abuses power. So the
notion that Kamala Harris is going to be better than
Joe Biden, no, that is certainly not the case, and
it's going to be interesting to see how it plays out.
The polling show seventy five percent of the American people
say somebody other than Joe Biden has a better chance
to beat Donald Trump. I'm not sure that's the case.

I'm not sure that Kamala Harris is going to be
an upgrade for them as far as competition.

Speaker 3 (05:38):
And look, there's a lot of time for us to
figure out how viable Kamala Harris would be as a
political opponent. I think the fact that she has so
many skeletons in her closet that haven't been discovered speaks
to how unviable she was during the political primary. And
you have entire chapters in one of your many number
one New York Times bestillaying books about that.

Speaker 2 (05:56):
But I think I don't.

Speaker 3 (05:57):
I think the media would love for us to talk
about Kamala Harris because what that would actually do is
fast forward the conversation passed how incredibly deceitful they have been,
and how much we as the American people have been
lied to. So we would love to talk to you
during our time on this program.

Speaker 2 (06:13):
Feel free to give us a call.

Speaker 3 (06:14):
It's eight hundred ninety four one seven three two six
eight hundred and nine four one sean.

Speaker 2 (06:18):
Because imagine this, we have been told time and time
again that what we saw, what we heard, that the
failures of the president, both from a physical standpoint and
just from a mental acuity standpoint. We were told that
that's not actually true.

Speaker 1 (06:35):

Speaker 3 (06:36):
A special counsel wrote a report in which he in
examining whether or not Joe Biden should face criminal charges for
his mishandling of these classified documents, a charge, by the way,
the former president Trump faces. They said, well, we can't
charge him with anything because essentially he would come off
as a very sympathetic figure because he's an old man
who has a bad memory. Okay, that was what the
actual special prosecutor said. The next day The New York

Times this is back in February OpEd titled I'm a neuroscientist.
We're thinking about Biden's memory and age in the wrong way.
And it's continued since then.

Speaker 1 (07:08):
It has, it has, and it's been atrocious. I tell
you that the one that has been most damaged by
this is not Joe Biden. It is the mainstream media
because it shows that they are active participants in the
Emperor has no Clothes. And remember, if you remember that table,
the real stupid idiots are not the king, it's the
people who actually play along with the lies. So let

me just give you. One example, Washington Post headline, this
is just two weeks ago. The fact checkers the headline,
cheap fake Biden videos and rapture right wing media, but
deeply mislead. These were the videos that were just showing
him kind of wandering around. The fact checkers gave videos
for Pinocchiosh saying that they showed because they showed Biden

displaying cognitive problems, and they dismissed them for their quote
pernicious efforts to reinforce an existing stereotype. And they quoted
White House officials. Remember there was the video where everybody
was kind of dancing at an event and Joe was
standing there frozen. Washington Post defense to this quote unquote
misinformation was that, well, Biden has often said that he

doesn't dance. I mean, in other words, they were actively
working to cover it up. The New York Times had
also a headline a couple of weeks ago that said,
how misleading videos are trailing Biden as he battles age doubts.
So they were effectively saying it's misinformation. Cognitively, everything is fine,
and the problem for them is then the American people

actually got to see Joe Biden unfiltered for ninety minutes
in Holy Smokes.

Speaker 3 (08:41):
You're the one that pointed out that when Joe Biden
announced these debates and he agreed to these debates, he
said make my day to Donald Trump, Pal, make my
day pal. Who knew he would actually come off looking
like modern day Clint Eastwood.

Speaker 1 (08:54):
Not nineteen seventy. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (08:56):
No, it's not a great look, and it was. I
think it was this most rig and shocking thing. And
I think but in a very serious way. Yeah, because
you are a very serious journalist and you have exposed
and I think in a way that the media has
also continued to ignore the very nature in which the
Biden administration has been compromised because of the business relationships

that Hunter Biden and other Biden family members have and
they pose i think national security threats and other people
have confirmed that, and that's another story that the mainstream
media has overlooked or suppressed, along with things on the
Hunter Biden laptop.

Speaker 2 (09:28):
So there's that.

Speaker 3 (09:29):
But if in February, it was a scandal that the
Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, was hospitalized because of complications
connected to possibly as cancer diagnosis, and it wasn't revealed
and it wasn't publicized.

Speaker 2 (09:42):
How much worse is.

Speaker 3 (09:43):
It than if the commander in chief of the United
States military has very serious health problems that have been
hidden from the American people.

Speaker 1 (09:51):
Yeah. Yeah. And here's the thing. When it comes to
Biden corruption, which is well documented. I mean, we have
demonstrated that the Biden family got tens of millions of
dollars from really corrupt foreign entities in China, Russia and Ukraine,
never did anything for it in return. That's a news story,
and the media pretended it was not a story by

ignoring it. They said, if we don't cover it, it's
not really a story. You can get away with that
when you're talking about government documents and the transfer of money.
But when you're talking about the actual president standing in
front of people who cannot string a sentence together, you
cannot cover that up. And by the way, I will
give them credit. The former executive editor of The New

York Times, Jill Abramson, has just come out and said
that the media is complicit. They failed to Hohold Power
into account. It was a massive cover up to not
cover his decline, and he said it is simply astounding
how her former colleagues have handled this story, and I
would argue other stories like Biden corruption as well.

Speaker 2 (10:53):
I believe.

Speaker 3 (10:53):
She also said that many members of the media have
covered up the story because they didn't want to help
Donald Trump, and then she goes, I get it. I
totally understand that the urge to advocate your professional responsibility
because it might benefit a political opponent with whom you
violently disagree. And that's something that we have some experience with,
which we'll talk about on the other side of this break.

Speaker 2 (11:15):
It is Wednesday, July third.

Speaker 3 (11:16):
We want to spend a lot of time talking about
what it means to be America. But we think the
most important thing we can do as Americans is this
hold power to truth and hold them accountable. And we
welcome your participation in that conversation. It's eight hundred nine
one seven, eight hundred nine for one seawan. Joe Biden's
not leaving, and neither are we will see on the
other side of this break.

Speaker 6 (11:42):
And now a word from the friends United States.

Speaker 2 (11:48):
We all these sure to.

Speaker 4 (11:49):
Be self living, all men women creative by go you know,
you know the thing.

Speaker 2 (11:56):
Entity is on right now.

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Speaker 1 (13:03):
Peter Schweizer and Eric Eggers were filling in for Sean
Hannity joined the conversation one eight hundred ninety four one
seven three two six. That's one eight hundred ninety four
to one. Sean, we are looking at chaos in Washington,
d C. Biden saying I'm defiant, I'm not leaving. People
calling him for leaving, and the media is completely confused

into what to do because they had stood by the
fact that he was healthy and he was strong. Here's
a montage just a few examples of what the media
had said before the debate.

Speaker 2 (13:35):
He's fine.

Speaker 4 (13:36):
All this right wing propaganda that his mental acuity has
declined is wrong.

Speaker 1 (13:40):
President Biden has a photographic memory.

Speaker 7 (13:42):
He is sharp, intensely probing, and detail oriented and focused.

Speaker 8 (13:48):
I think there is so much misinformation disinformation as we've
been talking about. You talked about the video of the
president wandering, and it's not true.

Speaker 3 (13:58):
President Biden is taking this debate prepen fridably seriously.

Speaker 7 (14:01):
You will see a very energized President Biden.

Speaker 1 (14:04):
I can assure you of that.

Speaker 7 (14:05):
Joe Biden does have any concerns about his mental fitness,
nor do I.

Speaker 6 (14:08):
I'll spend an incredible amount of time with Joe Biden.

Speaker 2 (14:10):
That's just a fade that the other side is pushing.

Speaker 8 (14:13):
You all have called this the cheap fakes video, and
that's exactly what they are.

Speaker 4 (14:17):
They are cheap fakes video.

Speaker 1 (14:18):
And that few if you can't handle the truth. This
version of Biden intellectually, analytically is the best Biden ever.
Scarborough is the absolute best.

Speaker 3 (14:34):
The best part about that is everyone you just heard
from is making hundreds of thousands, if not millions of
dollars in their job and they just lie to the
American people repeatedly.

Speaker 1 (14:45):
Yeah, and they were good at lying. I mean it
was probably convinced their side very well. What's interesting about
this pivot now is it's not that Democrats are freaking
out because of his competency. It's because of his electability. Right,
Joe Biden hasn't changed. It's no different than he was
before that debate. The point was they were able to
cover it up and give that sense of competency and

it helped with electability. Now that they think he can't win,
now they're willing to kick him to the curve.

Speaker 3 (15:14):
Now his utility as a vessel to deliver the desired
political outcome has ended, and therefore so has the support
of the media. And I know that we're all acting
surprise like I for one. I was sort of shocked.
I was like, wait, I cannot believe how quickly the
New York Times among everybody else has turned. But we
probably shouldn't have been surprised, Peter, because you and I
remember you wrote a book called Clinton Cash that exposed
the people that donated the Clinton Foundation and paid money

to give us for Bill to give speeches, and they
got favors from this secretary of State's office when Hillary
was Secretary of State. And the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC,
Bloomberg they all rained stories based on that reporting. And
then Donald Trump won and then they had this big
round of handering like, oh my gosh.

Speaker 2 (15:52):
I can't believe we participated in this.

Speaker 1 (15:54):
What have we done?

Speaker 2 (15:54):
Yeah? What have we done?

Speaker 3 (15:55):
That was a real thing. Yeah, that was a big moment.
There was Columbia Journalism Reviews studies. It sided you and
it's that Schweizer guy's fault and they said never again.

Speaker 1 (16:04):

Speaker 2 (16:05):
So what never again in twenty sixteen has led to
is this?

Speaker 1 (16:08):
Yeah, it's led to this, and it's totally totally trashed
their brand, totally trash their brand. Look, what's going on
right now in the White House is a tug of war.
We're gonna come back from the break and we're going
to talk about what is the order of battle, Who's
on what side, and which side is ultimately going to
prevail in our minds.

Speaker 2 (16:25):
We mean the side of truth, the side of the
mainstream meet. Is that what you mean?

Speaker 1 (16:28):
No, I mean the factions in the White House. Who's
actually going to win this battle? Is Joe gonna stay
or is he going to go? You and I are
going to make predictions and give the battle map of
who's on what side in the White House when we
get back.

Speaker 3 (16:42):
My money's on Joe Biden, only because he has the
smartest man he knows Hunter Biden in the White House
in his ear and only his ear. We think, so,
my money's on Joe. But we'll talk about that plus
take your calls when we get back. It's Peter Schwiz
and Eric Eggers here on the Shawan Handy.

Speaker 7 (16:55):
Show, the Radio, Yoh, the mainstream media, a love state.

Speaker 2 (17:04):
This is the Sean Hannity Show.

Speaker 1 (17:07):
Peter Schweizer and Erik Eggers were filling in for Sean Hannity.
We're with a government Accountability Institute. You can find out
more about what we do at gai Dot News. We
also have a podcast called The Drill Down. By the way,
it just came out. Joe Biden has now also come
up with another explanation for his bad debate performance, just
so you know. He says his fatigue and the poor

performance during the debates was due to quote unquote foreign travel.
It has been noted that he had been traveling to
Camp David, which is about a fifteen minute helicopter ride
from the White House. So I don't know if that's
a spatial problem or a memory problem, but you've got
people in the White House. Reuters is reporting that I

think seven White House staffers are now leaking that they
kind of want Kamala to emerge as the replacement of
Joe Biden. And then you have the diehards. There's a
tuggar going on in the White House. Who do you
think is gonna win?

Speaker 2 (18:02):
It's a great question.

Speaker 3 (18:03):
And by the way, the foreign travel thing occurred, as
you noted, at least a week before he was at
Camp David, who was at Camp David for six days
before the debate, And I think, how you know that
there is an emergent faction that wants to see Joe
Biden replaced. Is some of the details that are coming
out about some of that prep, not the least of
which was, I think per New York Times that the
debate prep never started before eleven am and included time

for a nap. And this occurs in the heels of
other reporting that says that Joe Biden is quite sharp
from ten am to four pm, and then people said, well,
that's this qualifying because that's only twenty five percent of
the day. So the fact that people are now letting
us know that he's napping, and you know that this
is a very graduated schedule, and it's gradual, right, and
it's casual, and it's accessible for someone who is in

his eighties and maybe doesn't have all of his faculties
tells you that there's some very real doubts because again,
it's not like Kamala Harris is the most popular person
in the country right exactly.

Speaker 1 (18:58):
And look, leaks don't happen by random. This is intentional.
And this White House has been very, very tough in
terms of getting leaks, and of course the media has
been complicit and not reporting things. But now that the
leaks are coming out clearly in an indication there are
people in the White House that want Joe to go.
The question to me, though, is the people that are
loyal to Joe, the ones that are saying no, he

needs to stay. Is it just pure raw power they
want to cling to power, or are they actually true believers.
I was thinking about this with regards to the Iraq War.
Remember Bagdad Bob. That was the guy that was the
Iraqi information minister who was literally telling reporters we have
repelled the Americans. And the reporters were like, uh, there's

tanks like right outside the door. And the US military
actually researched this. US military went back and researched and
they said no, Actually, Bagdad Bob really actually thought he
was telling the truth. In other words, he was so
embraced with the mo moment of what he wanted to believe,
he was prepared to deny reality. So the question to
me is, you know, the family, it makes sense they

want Joe in a position of power because of the
perks and the benefits that they get from it. But
the other people around I don't know. There may be
some true believers that say no, Joe is really sharp
and that was just an aberration. And everything's going to
be okay.

Speaker 3 (20:19):
I'll have to listen to see what Mika Brazinski says
Joe Scarborough really believes to find out whether or not
that he when he gave his full throat of defense
of President Biden back then, if he really believes it
or not. I guess it's crazy to me how exposed
the lies are now.

Speaker 2 (20:35):
And that's a big deal. We should continue talk about that.

Speaker 3 (20:37):
We're gonna take some of your calls to hear, which
you all think in just a minute. But I guess
I also want to ask you this question. I've been
excited to do this because before last week, I think
we're all at the government accountability toit. We've spent lots
of time. You've written several books about the Biden business
deals and Hunters roll in them and the tens of millions,
if not more, that they've made off of selling out

American national security interests. Yeah, right, I mean Hunter, Biden's
business dealings have had dual used in military technology that
China's been able to acquire, and that's that matters, and
it still matters even in the context of last week.
But I guess we're not talking about that anymore. So,
I guess, in what way does what happened with the
debate and what we now know about the status of

the president and the role the media's played and covering up,
does it impact how you look at everything you've reported
about the Biden so far.

Speaker 1 (21:27):
Well, I think it's another example that the media edifice
is collapsing. I mean, here's the thing, as we've talked
about before, the media ignored the Biden story. They ignored
the Hunter Biden laptop that came out a couple of
years after we first reported it. They ignored that, and
they thought that they got away with it. But if
you look at the recent polls, the New York Times,
the Harvard Harris poll, they asked people, do you believe

that you know Joe Biden engaged in illegal or highly
corrupt activities to benefit his family financially. All those polls
reveal that sixty five percent of the American people around
that percentage believe that he did so. In other words,
the media has absolutely ignored this story, but you still
have a sizeable portion, much more than just a clear majority,

who believe that he has It's another example that the
stranglehold that the media has on the national conversation is gone,
and I think they're now aggressive reporting of Joe's cognitive
problems are just an example of them trying to recapture
the narrative, retry to reassert their authority. I don't think
they're going to be successful.

Speaker 3 (22:32):
I think twenty twenty played such a key role in this,
and I know, Kimmy, we're gonna hear from a caller
in just a minute that's going to talk about this.
But I think that the reason why the media and
even the Bidens are so empowered is because of everything
they got away within ten twenty. Right, we fundamentally changed
the way we voted, which I think made the election
less secure and I think was clearly advantageous to President Biden,
who ultimately won. I think the fact that the media

was able to get away with not just not reporting
relevant information about Hunter Biden is business dealings that were
on the laptop, but actively working with big tech to
suppress that stuff.

Speaker 2 (23:03):
Yeah, I mean that's kind of like Orwellian stuff there.

Speaker 1 (23:06):
Well it is, and you think about it. Why would
they put Joe up in this national debate with Trump?
Why would they risk it? Well, they'd gotten away with
everything else yeah, and I think they just got cocky
and they said, we're going to be able to spin
this CNN. The anchors will do us some favors, will
give us some scripted talking points, and it didn't work out.

Speaker 3 (23:25):
That's a great point. We want to hear from you.
Eight hundred and nine four one seven three two six,
eight hundred ninety four one sewn. That's the number that
Kimmy called.

Speaker 8 (23:31):
Kimmy go ahead, Hey guys, great job, Thanks for all
the work that you do. There was an interview Nancy
Pelosi gaves in fall of twenty twenty, I believe it
was September and it's on video still where they asked
for about the twenty fifth Amendment because she took great
steps to make sure it was in place and secure
and kind of shore it all up. And she was
asked at that time, was that to utilize against Trump?

Speaker 1 (23:55):
And she said no, for future presidents.

Speaker 8 (23:58):
So not being conspiracy, there is, but it looks like
this has been the plan all along. It just took
them a lot longer to get to this point because
no one likes Kamala. So take a look and see
it's still up on YouTube.

Speaker 1 (24:10):
No, Kimmy, that's a great point, and of course, the
twenty fifth Amendment is the one that allows cabinet officials,
in cooperation with Congress, to replace a president who's not
cognitively able to handle their job. Let's also remember, by
the way, that same year in twenty twenty, when he
was running for president one, Joe Biden said he was
going to serve one term. This is what happens when

you have political power, your wife has political power, your
family has political power. It's really really hard to give
it up.

Speaker 3 (24:39):
It's such a great point because after the debate, the
chiron on the bottom of almost every network, at least
the liberal networks where Biden stumbles, Trump lies, and so
Donald Trump was presented as the one that did the
most lying during the debate. But to your point, we
wouldn't have even had a debate about a second Joe
Biden term if he hadn't lied in the first place
about not wanting to.

Speaker 2 (24:58):
Run for a second term.

Speaker 3 (25:00):
And everything that Kimmage just said, I think reminds us
the Democrats. They blame Trump for the stuff that they're doing, right,
Like the twenty fifth of member, they accused Donald Trump
of being mentally unfit to be president, look at Joe Biden.
They accused Donald Trump of being the one that wants
to prosecute political opponents.

Speaker 2 (25:16):
The opposite occur.

Speaker 3 (25:17):
The crowds used to chant lock her up when Hillary
Clinton was debating Donald Trump and he declined to use
the powers of the office to do that. The Biden
administrations then the opposite. They've encourage it, which we'll talk
about in the five o'clock hour. But it just everything
they accuse Trump of doing, they do themselves, including I
think you know the questions about mental acuity.

Speaker 1 (25:37):
Well, remember too, they accused Donald Trump of subverting the
democratic process, right, and you know, with with January sixth
and all of that, what are they doing now? They're
trying to remove or push out a guy who in
fifty seven primaries and caucuses in the Democratic Party primary
won eighty seven percent of the vote. They want him

removed because they don't think he can be Donald Trump,
and they want to replace him with somebody who has
not faced the voters at all, by themselves, didn't face
a primary, didn't face a general election. They want to
sort of squeeze them in in a back room deal
with at large delegates and delegates in the at the
Democratic Convention. We're going to talk about that in the

second hour with a couple of experts on how would
this actually happen.

Speaker 3 (26:22):
No, but you're absolutely right, Donald Trump is what a
threat to democracy? The Biden campaign the argument is, we
have to protect democracy, we have to beat Donald Trump.
Donald Trump ran through Republican primary, had opponents, He didn't
participate in the debates, but his name was on the
battle alongside a number of other elected officials.

Speaker 2 (26:37):
We're in Florida.

Speaker 3 (26:37):
Florida's governor Ron de Santis was one of them, as
we're a number of other highly qualified candidates, and he
was the person that was elected.

Speaker 1 (26:45):

Speaker 3 (26:45):
Joe Biden, on other the hand, was selected, yes, by
the democratic power brokers. So which one was the true
threat to democracy in this electoral cycle so far?

Speaker 1 (26:55):
That's right. Also in the state of Florida. By the way,
Ron de Santis ran against Donald trum. Remember in the
state of Florida, they actually made it so no other
names could appear on the Democratic ballots. Only Joe Biden's
name appeared on the bout in the state of Florida.
Couldn't be Robert Kennedy Junior, nobody else, So You're quite right.
So the question is with these factions, what's going to happen.

I personally think that Joe Biden is going to be
squeezed out. I think the money is going to dry up.
I think that the support from people on Capitol Hill,
longtime congressional friends like James Clyburn, are going to ask
him to step aside, and then Joe Biden, in sort
of a blaze of patriotic glory, is going to declare
that he's doing it for the sake of the country.

The difficult thing becomes if he says I'm stepping down,
I'm not running for reelection, then the question becomes, well,
why are you still presidents? If you don't have the
strength and the stamina and the mental ability to run
as a candidate, do you have the ability to continue
to be president? And then the question would be would
Kammal have become the acting President of the United States?

Speaker 3 (27:57):
Well, I do think that a woman will factor very
heavily in all this, but I don't know that it's
the current Vice President, Kamala Harris.

Speaker 2 (28:03):
I think it's doctor Jill Biden.

Speaker 3 (28:05):
There was an op ed in New York Times today
and calling her Philly tough, and how she's always been
the one stand Philly tough. You're gonna offend so many
people in the Northeast right now.

Speaker 2 (28:16):
If you know that's she's Philly tough.

Speaker 3 (28:21):
She's actively protected him on the stage from these protesters.

Speaker 1 (28:25):
She walks him off the stage.

Speaker 2 (28:26):
Well, yeah, that's how tough she is, and she is
the one. By the way.

Speaker 3 (28:30):
The next day after the debate, she was on the
cover of Vogue magazine. And what was the headline on
the cover of the magazine, We will decide the future.

Speaker 1 (28:40):
We the royal We yeah, not show, not the American.

Speaker 2 (28:43):
People, not Democrat primary voters.

Speaker 1 (28:45):
That's the day, exactly right now, exactly right.

Speaker 3 (28:47):
It's the Sean Handy show that he's Peter Schweitzer. I'm
Eric Eggers. We are talking to you, We're taking your calls.
We're just trying to process this. Guys, that's a big deal.
We've seen I think you know the Emperor has no
clothes and the media has been covering it up for
a long time. We're talking about what it means and
what will happen next with you, the American people. Eight
hundred nine for one, seven, two six, We'll be back

right after this.

Speaker 7 (29:16):
Government's got problems, He's got solutions. Oh Mary listens to
the Sean Hannity Show. Okay, are you feeling the impact
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Star transfer dot Com.

Speaker 1 (30:28):
Peter Schweizer and Erik Eggers were filling in for Sean
Hannity joined the conversation one eight hundred ninety four one
seven three two six. That's one eight hundred ninety four
to one. Sean, you know, we're watching the chaos in Washington,
d C. And the White House. We've actually kind of
been here before. Go back to the presidency of Woodrow Wilson.
He suffled a stroke and I'm now reading from the

actual White House website white House dot gov. After the
president suffered his stroke, his wife pre screened all matters
of state, functionally running the exact executive branch of government
for the remainder of Woodrow Wilson's second term. And what
I think is so interesting about the story, Eric is
not just that he suffered a stroke, but the Wilsons

were determined to cling to power. Hello, does that sound familiar.
In fact, in nineteen twenty, after he'd suffered the stroke,
he wanted to actually run for reelection again for a
third term, and according to history, Carrie Grayson, who was
his medical doctor, played a major role in bundling those plans.

He actually went to top Democrats at the convention and
confided in those party leaders and said, no matter what
others tell you, I will tell you that President Wilson
is permanently ill physically and is gradually weakening mentally and
can't recover, and after that that blew his chances is
a third term. What I find interesting about that is

not just what Edith Wilson did, but it shows how
difficult it can be to give up power, and I
think that is a motivating factor for one Doctor Jill Biden.

Speaker 3 (32:06):
Well, I've got sources in you know, the inner degenerate
gambling world, and they have sent me these odds and
so Joe Biden is still the odds on favorite to
be the Democratic nominee.

Speaker 2 (32:16):
He's at plus two eighty.

Speaker 3 (32:17):
Gavin Newsman's behind him at fourteen hundred, and Kamala Harris
is down at seventeen hundred. So Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris,
you know, nowhere near still the current president, so I think.
But it's an excellent story from history because we have
been here before and people have chosen to do the
right thing before. I guess it remains unclear of what

you actually think the right thing is.

Speaker 1 (32:40):
Well, the right thing for the country is if you're
not up to the job, and Joe Biden's clearly not
up for the job.

Speaker 3 (32:45):
You legitimately think that, even though Anthony Fauchi has come
out and said, look, he had a cold.

Speaker 1 (32:49):
Yeah, it was the cold medicine. It was the cold medicine,
is doctor Fauchi? Yeah, No, I think Look, if your
schedule is from ten to four, and you're the leader
of the free world, by the way, I think I'm
looking at the clock, he's about ready to break for
the day right at four o'clock.

Speaker 2 (33:04):
The term they'd like to use in the White House
is we're going to put a lid on things. We're
shutting it down.

Speaker 1 (33:08):
Yeah, they're shutting it down. I mean, look, if you
can't function in that way, and it's only going to
get worse, it's not going to get better. I think
he has an obligation to step down. But again, power
is a very hard thing to give up. Hunter Biden
doesn't want him to do it. Jill Biden doesn't want
to do it, his sister doesn't want him to do it.
A lot of the aids around him, they're at the
pinnacle of power. If he's diminished a little bit and

it gives them more power, they're fine with that.

Speaker 2 (33:31):
The question becomes, how do they do it?

Speaker 3 (33:33):
If they do it, our guests at the beginning of
next hour will address what actual mechanics have to occur
in the convention or elsewhere if they do want to
place Joe Biden. Do not miss what the future of
the Democratic Party may look like next on The Sean
Hannity Show.

The Sean Hannity Show News

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