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July 3, 2024 32 mins

Joe Concha reflects on Jill Biden's pre-debate prediction where we will "see who is really qualified to be President."  She was right?!  It's clear President Biden is not fit for the Presidency.  

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Yeah, welcome back hour number two. Everybody. This is Joe
Consho the Sean Hannity's Show, eight hundred and ninety four
to one, Sean, if you wish to opine, phones are
blown up, so we're gonna get to your calls in
just a little bit. But again, a little about me.
I'm sure you already know if you listen to the show.
I'm a Fox News contributor. I'm on Shawn's TV show
a lot. I'm on tonight as a matter of fact,

Kelly and Conway is filling in. I don't know if
I remember Kelly im being a guest host before. I've
been on with her a thousand times as far as
doing the punding thing, but uh yeah, that should be cool.
And that's at nine o'clock Eastern on the Fox News Channel.
I'm also a best selling author of my next book.
My first book, obviously was Come On Man, The Truth
about Joe Biden's Terrible, horrible, no good, bury bad Presidency,

and that was a national bestseller. And that blew me
away because I could barely do a thousand words for
a column like when I'm running for the New York Post,
for example, to do sixty five thousand words. Didn't think
we get there, but actually was quite easy. The book
wrote itself. How could it not with all the material
I had to work with. As far as this man
and his life is concerned in Joe Biden. But now
my next book comes out July thirtieth, so we're talking
about four weeks from now, and that is called progressively worse.

Why today's Democrats ain't your daddy's donkeys? And boy, I
mean again, talk about an easy book to write. And
I go through the years as far as like I
look at JFK. Boy, John F. Kennedy would basically be
maga at this point, right, I mean this guy he
slash taxes more than any president had ever to that point.
And the economic growth during the Kennedy years before his assassination,

he inherited a recession and they're at something like six
point eight percent GDP growth by nineteen sixty four. Obviously,
he believed in a strong military, he stared down the Soviets,
obviously Cuban missile crisis. Didn't believe in racial quotas or
affirmative action. Just believed in you know, merit based stuff,
common sense, you know, so Kennedy was like, he would

be laughed out of the room today if he were
to run in this current environment. And then I even
talk about Clinton and Obama. I mean, we're not talking
that long ago as far as this evolution, or you know,
actually the opposite of evolution, as far as the Democratic
Party is concerned and where they are now. I mean
Bill Clinton. Go back and listen to any number of
speeches Bill Clinton did on illegal immigration. Sometime he almost

makes Trump sound like a wallflower. The way he spoke
about those people taking jobs from Americans. They're all, we're
all going to deport him if they're found in this
country illegally. You're like, whoa so Clinton, you know, And
again I get a lot of flag from this from
folks in the right. He was a good president. I'm
sorry he was, And don't give me Monica all right,
that's the personal stuff. And he blew the whole thing,
worst unforced hour in history. But all I know is

we had a balanced budget amendment, we had surpluses, we
had a roaring economy, we were at peace. He declared
the era of big government's over ended the welfare state.
And I could go on and on as far as
him actually being smart enough politically smart enough to say,
all right, I don't have the House anymore. I could
either do what like Biden's doing now and just oppose

Republicans on every turn. And what Democrats like AOC do.
They just run the Twitter Eric Swalwell shif and they
just bashed Republicans on a very personal level. Clinton's like, oh, well,
this is a hand I'm dealt with. I want to
win reelection. I'll work with Newt on all these things.
Bounced budget amendment particularly was very impressive, and they got
it all done. And then Clinton wanted to basically a

landslide over Bob Dahl. So yeah, he was a good
president and that was a different Democratic Party then, no
question about it. And Obama same thing. They only called
him the deporter in chief. The left hated him for that,
but Obama and Jay Johnson was an excellent Department of
Homeland Security secretary, and they had immigration relatively under control.
Wasn't perfect, I know that, but it wasn't what we

saw in the last three and a half years. That's
certainly for sure. So please you could buy the book now,
you get pre ordered anyway, Amazon, wherever you buy books,
once again, that's progressively worse. Why today's Democrats and iwa
was go to a Southern accent here for whatever reason.
Ain't your daddy's donkeys. Let's play some clips because I
really want to hammer this point home about who is
most responsible for the current predicament that Democrats are in.

And yeah, Joe Biden, of course he's a big boy.
But in the end, it's the wife. It's the first lady.
It's Jill Biden, because she went on national television on
ridiculous shows like The View and said this cut whatever got.

Speaker 2 (04:08):
Built that in where they're going to turn off those
mics so that somebody can't ramble or scream at somebody,
you know, not that my husband would be the one
doing that. And so that's already been negotiated, and you know,
I think, but I think the American people deserve a
debate because you need to see your choices. You need
to see Trump, and you need to see the president,

and we to see the differences and my husband's and
you're going to see how smart he.

Speaker 3 (04:37):
Is and the experience he has, and.

Speaker 2 (04:39):
Then you'll see somebody who, like you're saying, I'm going
to use Joy's words can't put a sentence together, and
everything is beautiful and it's wonderful, tremendous. So I think
you deserve the American people deserve to see the two
men who are running for this office, because your choice

is going.

Speaker 4 (05:00):
To be clear.

Speaker 1 (05:01):
Oh I need like a doctor or something like. I
may have to go to an urgent caroll Like during
the break here, I broke two ribs laughing as hard
as that one line. He's gonna show how smart he
is Joe Biden. Huh, And Trump's the one that can't
put a sentence together, and those cackling hens all agreeing
along with it. Uh. I mean, that's just a whole
bowl a wrong everything we just heard. And that's the
thing she's lying. She wasn't Gasolt on this. She wasn't

surprised by what happened. Oh it's a cold. We hear
from Green John Pierre on at least five occasions today.
The cold made the guy forget everything and not be
able to speak. Colds do that? Now, Wow, that's one
hell of a cold. But the point is that she
sees Joe Biden in private, and she knew exactly what
we're dealing with now at this point, when you take
him out of a teleprompter and he has to think

for himself. And she actually went on TV and said
what she said, and she's the one driving right now
this whole narrative within the White House that Joe Biden
ain't going anywhere. And if you're a fan of Donald Trump,
you say good, please root for Joe Biden and her
quest to stay in power at this point, because there
is no shot at all that Joe Biden can win.
Don't give me the cheat thing, don't give me anything else.

These these margins that I'm seeing right now are truly incredible.
There's one internal poll that just went up, and listen
to these numbers. Trump plus eleven, North Carolina Trump plus ten,
Georgia Trump plus ten, Arizona Trump plus nine, Nevada Trump
plus seven, Pennsylvania Trump plus seven, Michigan Trump plus four,
Wisconsin Trump plus three, New Hampshire Trump also up in

Virginia and New Mexico. Game over, folks, unless somebody else
is installed. And again, I don't know if that could
even be legally possible getting on all these state ballots
with one hundred and twenty five days ago. And then, oh,
by the way, we kind of have to get to
know this person, right, like Gretchen Whitmer. Yeah, I guess
we kind of know who she is because maybe we
watch Fox and we listen to a show like this,

but I don't know anything about her. So this person
would have to define themselves, defend all of Joe Biden's policies,
all the things we just talked about as far as
immigration and spending, the economy in the wars, and then
still beat Donald Trump, who has a gale force wind
at his back. He had it even before the debate.
At this point, the Democratic brand is, what I'm trying
to say, is broken. And you can put in Newsome, Boodhedge, Edge, Whitmer, Hillary, Michelle.

I don't care Michelle. I love that argument. By the way,
she hasn't worked in twenty years any job, and she's
just gonna walk in and because well Oprah likes her,
that everybody's gonna vote for.

Speaker 5 (07:28):

Speaker 1 (07:29):
You tell me how she's gonna fix the economy. What
she knows about inflation, what she knows about trade deals,
what she knows about immigration in the border, what she
knows about being a commander in chief. Oh, her husband
was president. Yeah, and eight years ago. And by the way,
if the Obama brand is so terrific, how did Donald
Trump win in twenty sixteen? Again, how did that happen?

That was an indictment on Obama and people screaming for
change after going through such an average DP plus C
minus presidency. Bin Laden got been lot only accomplishment, and
quite frankly, that was an operation that was led by
the military. Obama had nothing to do with it, but
give him credit. He did say, go on in and
get him. When Joe Biden said, I don't think we
should do this mission, it's wrong. Again. Anyway, let's do

a little comparison, shall we. This is Joe Biden twenty
nineteen version. Okay, so this is just five years ago.
This is one who's running for president versus Joe Biden
twenty twenty four. This is what we call a stark contrast.

Speaker 6 (08:28):
Cut whatever goat, I continue to think we have to
make fundamental changes in civil rights, and those civil rights,
by the way, include not just on my African Americans,
but the LGBT community he wants to get away with.
Yet we're rid of the ability of medicare for the
ability for.

Speaker 1 (08:45):
The I did not oppose busting in America.

Speaker 6 (08:48):
What I opposed is busting ordered by the Department of Education.

Speaker 3 (08:52):
That's what I opposed.

Speaker 6 (08:53):
Making sure that we're able to make every single solitary
person eligible for what I've been able to do with
the UH, with the COVID SU me, with dealing with
everything we have to do with Look, if you will
determine the outcome of this election.

Speaker 1 (09:15):
Vote, vote, vote.

Speaker 6 (09:17):
If you're able to vote early in your state, vote early.
If you're able to vote in person, vote in person,
vote whatever way is the best way for you, Because
you will. He cannot stop you. And I'm going to
continue to move until we get the total band on,
the total initiative relative to what we're gonna do with
more border patrol and more. I really don't know what

he said at the end of this, and I don't
think he knows what he said either.

Speaker 1 (09:45):
We focus so much on Biden, but Trump had some
great singers and they were unrehearsed obviously. Anyway, Uh, you know,
my dad's texting me what's going on? Look that I'm
on the radio, all right, I know you're hearing me
on iHeart right now. But texting during the show could
be a little bit distracting, and I appreciate you the
support and everything, but wait for the commercial break. Thank you, Dad.
We'll respect the world for you. By the way, really

appreciate the whole upbringing thing. Think it turned out okay,
But again no text during the show. Thank you. Anyway,
Let's go to boy. It's like throwing darts here. I
want to hear from somebody in North Carolina because I'm
shocked that's still considered a swing state. So let's go
to Marky Mark, Mark, how are you, man? I'm great, Joe, Joe.

Speaker 7 (10:27):
It's not a twelve or would you say a ten
point lead in North Carolina? It's eleven, seven point lead
because because well, then make it twelve because a lot
of us are transplants from New Jersey and we vote twice.

Speaker 1 (10:39):
Okay, I gotta tell you how we do it in Jersey.

Speaker 7 (10:41):
I premise, what's that? Well, we do it when we
can get away with it, right.

Speaker 4 (10:45):
Yes, Well, if you're on the other side, this entire
premise of dumping Joe Biden flies in the face of
the Democrats, you know, phony, fictitious fantasy that's saving Democrats
of democracy, right, I mean, they're they.

Speaker 7 (11:01):
Are actively considering taking the votes of tens of millions
of Americans and just tossing him in the trash can
so that the corrupt political elite can select and as
the Democrats like to say, selected, not elected, a candidate
of their choice.

Speaker 8 (11:18):
It's a total farce.

Speaker 1 (11:19):
You know, it's so Soviet, isn't that the curtain?

Speaker 7 (11:22):
Yeah, the debate pulled back the curtain. Joe Biden, be
careful what you wish for. You just might get it,
and she did. The Democrats, the media has hidden them
behind this curtain. It's been pulled wide open. And you
know it only stands the reason if he's not competent
to run for reelection, he's not competent to finish his term.

Speaker 1 (11:41):
They That's what I said at the beginning of the show.
I go, why are we talking about stepping aside? He
shouldn't be president right now? That's very clear. I mean again,
Oh wait, look it's past four o'clock. You know what
that means. Biden is only mentally available. This is an
Axios report from ten am to four pm, meaning we're
eighteen minutes into sundowning. Now where I get yes, if
your ISIS or al Qaeda or on boy you got

a green light because our commander in chief is mentally
checked out. Mark. I appreciate the call. Go tar heels.
My daughter says she wants to go to Uencino, so
that's not horrible. I mean I went to Maryland. I
was trying to kind of hate those guys. But that's
a nice state, you know. I mean, I think I'd
like to live there, and New Jersey's just eat me alive.
And NC is just it's got it going on, you know,

and you got nice beaches there too. So anyway, let's
go to one more call. I know this is like
radio suicide, but let's go to Terry and Pennsylvania. Terry
with an I, how are you hi? Joe.

Speaker 9 (12:35):
I just wanted to come in President Trump on his
performance at the debate. Something struck me that his responses
were measured. He didn't poke fun or make fun of Joe.
President Biden at his expense, Like I really think that
him sitting in trial day after day, having to be quiet,

it really kind of prepared him for the next step.

Speaker 1 (13:01):
I think you're exactly right, Terry. Then, thanks to the
call after I had to do a break after this,
but yeah, I was writing down notes throughout that debate,
and I kept going back to mature and discipline like
he just he was apprenticed Trump, right, that's the Trump
that we liked, just in command. And he very easily
could have made fun of Biden. He did the golf
swing thing, went back and forth. Even he said, hey,

let's stop acting like children, right in other words, to
admonest Biden for even challenging him, and that ridiculous exchange
around golf. And by the way, Joe Biden was a six. Yeah,
that's like when Joe Biden said, yeah, I shot sixty
four today. Yeah, on the front nine. Joe. That's not
how it works, all right, all joke. I tell it
all the time. But Terry, thanks for the call, and
you're exactly right about that. As far as Trump is concerned,

he admits that the first debate last year a ed COVID,
so that's gonna affect his behavior, and that he was
too aggressive and he should have let Joe Biden be
Joe Biden, and now he did. And that strategy, Boy,
that worked, didn't it. Anyway. We'll be back with your
phone calls. I see the boards like totally stacked. We're
gonna do that when we come back eight hundred and
nine fer one, Shawn, this is Joe Concha for Sean Hannity,
back with Warrens this.

Speaker 5 (14:01):
Moment the New Sean Hannity Show, talking about what's right
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Speaker 8 (14:19):
You know.

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Speaker 1 (15:23):
Best cover ever. I think Buffett this he's covering right
for crossby Stills Nash that they were the originators with
Southern Cross. But I mean, when you talk about a
remake live, it's like the greatest summer song. In my
personal opinion, you're all going to yell at me. I
don't care. I like it. I'm hosting today and I
get to pick the music and it makes me very
very happy to do so. Anyway, we could squeeze in.

I think one more quick call. I hate to do
this to you, don but let's go to Iowa. You
have thirty seconds and you have the floor.

Speaker 8 (15:52):
Go hi, Joe, thank you for taking my column A
truck driver from Iowa's you know, And I just wanted
to cook quickly point out the Democrats have been feeding
us that all these videos we see of Joe falling
on his face and mumbling and stumbling are all fake.
And then it goes on national and here it is

and they make a different excuse, Well, how do they
handle They can't keep doing it.

Speaker 1 (16:17):
Yeah, they can't handle the truth. And look, how do
you fake Biden up on stage talking about how his
uncle was eaten by cannibals like did ai like they
incorporate like a different voice into that. How do you
fake him falling off his bike or falling up upwards
into air Force one, or falling at that graduation ceremony.
And for the media to say, no, those are cheap fakes.

And it wasn't just like the fringe, MSNBC people, New
York Times, CNN, all the mainstreamers. They buried themselves once
and for all, zero credibility left. This is Joe concent
and for Sean Hannity back with more and just then
people are wondering, why am I hearing Sweet Caroline and
Neil Diamond. Great song, but it's kind of like a
Red Sox thing, so, uh, I don't know. In Boston,

I'm sure you're happy about this listening to this show,
But the reason why I chose that particular song to
bumped in with is because we have Caroline Levitt, President
Trump's National press secretary, and she's going to share her
thoughts on the presidential debate. So, Caroline, I'll give you
a question that I gave to my earlier guest, Mark Burnovitch.
How long into that debate did you realize that this

was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very
bad night for the president?

Speaker 3 (17:26):
About thirty seconds into Joe Joe opening his mouth.

Speaker 10 (17:29):
That's all it took.

Speaker 3 (17:31):
It was the voice, Joe, it was the rasty voice.
It was unbelievable. My jaw dropped and I turned and
looked at the people I was watching the debate with
and I thought, holy cow, this is going to be
a catastrophic knight for Biden. And it certainly was.

Speaker 1 (17:48):
Yeah, I think WTF is what came out of my mouth,
And it wasn't the acronym. I just turned to somebody,
I said, what the And from there it just obviously
was probably the easily the worst debate performance we have
seen from any sitting president or any candidate for that matter.
I mean, James Stockdale looked like more with it than
Biden at this point. But I want to get your
reaction because you are the former president's national press secretary,

And for even a few minutes today I felt sorry
for Kareean John Pierre because I would not want to
be the president's press secretary having to take all these
questions on the president's clear mental decline. So let me
play for you a clip and we'll get your reaction
out of it in your expert analysis.

Speaker 11 (18:27):
KJP, go, you just step back for a minute, and
I guess deal with the questions that have come in
about the debate. And honestly, this is something that the
President has addressed himself multiple times since this past Thursday.
And first of all, I want to say, we understand
the concerns.

Speaker 9 (18:45):
We get it.

Speaker 11 (18:45):
The President did not have a great night, as you
all know, and many of you reached out during the debate.
The President had a cold, he had a horse voice.

Speaker 4 (18:55):
You all heard it.

Speaker 11 (18:55):
That's why you reached out. But I will say this,
and the President said this over the past couple of days,
certainly right after the debate. He knows how to do
the job. And he knows how to do job not
because he says it, because his record proves it. Because
for three and a half years, almost four years, the
President's record has been unprecedented, Dylan.

Speaker 1 (19:17):
So the premise apparently is that if Joe Biden didn't
have a cold that night, and apparently now colds affect
cognitive ability, memory and the ability to articulate basic thoughts,
if you didn't have a cold that night, well, then
his record is sparkling and he would have won that
debate going away, Where did she go wrong in that answer,
Caroline Levitt, The entire.

Speaker 3 (19:37):
Thing was inaccurate last time I checked. Cold don't make
you senile and mentally incompetent. And as for the record,
it is Joe Biden's record that it's for his record
the reason that he's declining in the polls. It's because
of his record that Joe Biden has been trailing President
Trump throughout this entire race. People look at his record

as wide open border invasion that's leading to a mass
surge of migrant crime across this country. Americans are feeling
his record on the economy, their inflation robbing them of
thousands of dollars every single month. They're struggling to get by.
They see his record on the world stage from the
Afghanistan with Jarro, which Joe Biden so stupidly and ignorantly

denied that there were any soldiers that died under his watch.
We know that not to be true. We lost thirteen
brave souls in the Afghanistan with Jarl. That is Joe
Biden's record. That is why he is the weakest, worse
than commander in chief we've ever had. And that's not
even getting to his clear cognitive decline that KJP in
the White House have been engaged in a massive cover up,

a massive scandal, lying to the American public about for
the last four years.

Speaker 1 (20:44):
That's correct, and the media, most of it anyway, dutifully
went along with it, like, yeah, those are chief fake videos. Yeah, Actually,
Biden talking about inheriting nine percent inflation and once driving
an eighteen wheeler, Well, you know that was really manipulated
and edited. No, those are literally his words, and he
was either lying or didn't know the difference. And that
is a scary thing. And we're talking to Caroline Levitch,

she is President Trump's National Press secretary. If many Democrats,
at least privately anyway, are saying that Joe Biden shouldn't
run again, should he even be in the Oval office
at this point, I don't hear any calls for resignation.
But if he can't run the country for the next
four and a half years, what makes anybody think he
could run it for the next two hundred days.

Speaker 3 (21:23):
I mean, does anyone think that Joe Biden can actually
survive until January of twenty twenty nine in this office?
Absolutely not you oft the Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi was
on MSNBC today even saying Biden should take a cognitive test,
and it's a worthy question to ask if this is
a condition that he has. I mean, when you've lost

Pelosi as the Democrat president, you've lost the plot. But
the unfortunate reality for the Democrat Party is they did
this to themselves. They love to talk about how they're
upholders of democracy. Well, maybe they should have had a
real Democrat primary and maybe Joe Biden wouldn't be their nominee.
He's wildly unpopular, always has been. But now they're stuck
with him, and it's too late. It's very difficult to

change the whars at this point in the race. There's
tens of millions of dollars that is for the Biden
Committee for President alone. Even transferring that money to be
Kamala Harrit to Kamala Harris would be legally challenging. Biden
has already swarmed to more than thirty seven hundred delegates
on the first ballot at the DMC, which now apparently
they're talking about maybe doing it virtually. The Democrat Party

is in total disarray. But Joe Biden should not be
in office for the next two hundred days because he's
a walking, talking national security risk. Our adversaries watched what
happened last Thursday night and the world is already less
safe because of it. Over the weekend, our military basis
in Europe were put on high alert due to credible
terrorist threats. I just read a New York Times new

report before hopping on the phone with you, Joe, that
said that during debate prep, when Biden was hiding away
in the woods for an entire week, his advisors had
to give him afternoon nap time. So we already know
he only works from ten to four, but then he
needed naps in addition, and all he was doing was
prepping to the debate. National security is a twenty four
to seven job. Joe Biden is not up for it.

Speaker 1 (23:12):
We are.

Speaker 3 (23:13):
The Democrat Party has literally walked us in to the
gravest national security threat that we face in the modern era,
because the entire world knows we have an incompetent commander
in chief. These are very scary in dangerous times. The
Democrats are to.

Speaker 1 (23:26):
Blame for forget about the five am call and are
you ready for that call? If you're the commander in
chief for arm voices, He's not even available at five
p m based on that report, right, So yeah, that's
that's the scary party. I mean, we could joke about
this and talk about the race and obviously Trump and
Biden or will Kamala jump in, or will be another candidate,

but our national security is in grave danger right now
because our enemies all saw that, and they've been seeing
it for many years quite frankly. And we're talking to
Caroline Levet, President Trump's national press secretary. Is the Trump
campaign preparing for another candidate to be installed? And again,
it's just hilarious that the party that wants to save
democracy will now go full Soviet and just install a
candidate and say, hey, primary voter, screw you, all your votes,

that nothing. We're just going to pick somebody now with
the party's power brokers. So are you preparing for a
Gavin Newsom or Aggretchen Whitmer or even a I mean,
I'll say it, Hillary Clinton.

Speaker 3 (24:19):
We are prepared for anything. And as the CNN pool
that was released today's shows, President Trump is going to
beat the Democrats no matter who is at the top
of their ticket. We believe that's going to be Joe
Biden just because of the challenges the Democrat Party would
face in order to switch the ticket over to someone else. However,
it's the Democrat Party's policies that have led us to

the position we are in right now. The Democrat Party
has wholeheartedly embraced open borders in Joe Biden's invasion of
criminals and terrorists all over the world. It's the Democrat
Party that supports endless wars, that has a week foreign
policy position, does not back our allies like Israel, and
emboldens our adversaries around the globe. It's the Democrat Party
that wants to tax us. Biden and the Democrats have

signed or have pledged to sign the largest tax increase
in American history. If they're given more power for another
four years, that is undoubtedly going to rob hard working
families of more money. And so the Democrat Party stands
for policies that the American people do not support. President
Trump and Republicans support common sense policies like cutting taxes,

like demanding law and order in our streets, a piece
through strength foreign policy that deters our enemies and makes
America respected again on the world stage. So, yes, we
are prepared to bring our winning message to the ballot
on November fifth. No matter who the Democrats put up,
it's their mess that they have to clean up.

Speaker 7 (25:41):
But we do.

Speaker 3 (25:41):
Firmly believe that they're going to do everything they can
to shuffle Joe Biden over the finish line in November,
and good luck to them. So, like I said, the
new CNN pull out today shows President Trump leading Biden
by six, leading Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, Pe Buddha, Judge
Kamala Harris. Doesn't matter who the Democrats put up, Americans, No,
it's Democrat Party that is led our country into destruction,

in chaos and crime over the last three and a
half years. And they should not be forgiven for that.

Speaker 1 (26:07):
And that's the macro banner at this point, right Caroline,
it's common sense versus chaos to use the word, and
confusion on the Democratic side, just like nineteen sixty eight
all over again, and Richard Nixon ended up winning that
election because Democrats were seen as the party of chaos.
I met you, Caroline in Wildwood, well on the way
to Waldwood, New Jersey anyway, last May, so that was

early while it was almost two months ago, and it
was remarkable to see the president up close. I'd never
been to a Trump rally because, quite frankly, here in
New Jersey it's not exactly a swing state. You know
it is now because Trump is leading in New Jersey
in the last poll that I saw. But I couldn't
get over the fact that he was such a happy warrior,
that he really seems to be relishing this whole campaign.

And look, he's basically been campaigning since twenty fifteen, but
this seems like almost a different person in the sense
where he just exudes a confidence and strength and humor.
Quite frankly, that was always there, but it seems to
be more on display privately when you're with the president.
Is the attitude as well? Is this just a guy
who feels like he has a gale force wind at

his back.

Speaker 3 (27:11):
Yes, absolutely, President Trump. He is such a happy warrior,
and it's remarkable considering all that he's been through endless
lies investigations. I mean, he's literally putting his freedom on
the line to do this. The Democrats have weaponized the
courts against him. I was with him in New York
when we sat through endless hours in that dirty Manhattan

courtroom and he had to listen to lies in a
sham case that we all knew his rig with a
Democrat prosecutor or a Democrat judge. Yet he withstood that
and came out stronger than ever before. And I think
he's that way because he knows truth always prevails, and
he has the truth on his side. And he loves
this country so much. He loves the people of this country,

and he's energized by the support that we feel. And
it's true when you go to a Trump rally, as
you just pointed out, Joe, it's a very special and
unique experience. There really is a palpable energy on the
ground with like minded people who just want common sense,
like we said, who want this country to be great
and want to be proud to be Americans. President Trump

is a very optimistic aspirational message for all people, no
matter your skin color, or how much money you make,
or what stit you come from. He wants to uplift
you with good policies. Put more money in your pocketbooks,
keep your streets and communities safe, clean up the homelessness
that we see destroying our inner cities again. Make America
respected again on the world stage. That's an aspirational, hopeful message,

while again the Democrats stand for division and chaos. I mean,
Biden gave a ten minute teleprompter speech today on hot
Weather as if that's even a concern on the top
of American's mind right now, and he's somehow turned that
into being divisive and attacking President Trump and NACA Republicans.
I mean, enough is enough. President Trump is clearly, you know,

the optimistic and strong leader that this country needs. More
and more America Perkins are waking up to that every day.
It's exciting to be a part of. And God bless
him for doing it, because, you know what, he doesn't
have to be doing this. He is a very nice wife.
I've been to his golf clubs. I've been to mar Lage.
They are beautiful properties. He could be enjoying them in golfing.
But he has purposely chosen to step into the political

arena again because he loves this country so much and
that's what fires him up to keep going.

Speaker 1 (29:22):
And that's the thing, right we're talking to Caroline Levitt,
that optimism always wins elections, right, Ronald Reagan, Shining City
on the Hill, George hw Bush Thousand Points a Life,
Hope and Change, Obama, and then obviously the most famous one,
make America great Again. I don't know what the Biden
slogan is. I remember Hillary's was I'm with her, which
you know it doesn't exactly inspire too much optimism. Hey,

it's all about me, Come with me. You know that
there was no message there, but that's what's working here.
And you're right about those rallies. I had to see
it up close from a professional perspective because obviously I
am writing a book about the Trump campaign, and what
I wrote down in my notes was this is like
a rock concert meets the Tom Brady Roast. I mean,
this has everything, and everybody was in such a good mood,
and I keep kept thinking to myself, Wait, these are
the people that Merrek Garland calls extremists, These are people

that care about the country and they're they're happy to
be there. So I want to ask you on a
personal level as far as I think you shared with
me at the time that you were almost eight months
pregnant and here you are trying to keep up with
this president, traveling to obviously the trials and the campaigns
and everything. I'll just ask a very basic question, how
do you do it at this point when you're carrying

a baby and you're bellying and you can go at
any time?

Speaker 3 (30:28):
Yeah, I do literally any day now, which is very exciting.
It's my first child, so I certainly did not pick
a quiet year to have a baby. They say it's
never really the right time, but it's always, you know,
God's timing. So we're very excited about this, and I'm
so thankful to work for such a great team that
is so supportive of working moms. And you know, I'm

not the only one. We have so many working mothers
on this team. Oftentimes on our conference calls you can
hear a crying baby in the background, and working dads too.
There's a lot of great people on our team that have,
you know, young children especially, But we're making this sacrifice
because we believe in President Trump, and you know, I
want my son to have a country to grow up

in that is free and safe and prosperous, and if
we have four more years of Joe Biden, that is
not going to be the case. So that's what, you know,
really drives me. And the support that we receive from
the President, and also of course our senior leadership on
this team is just so so very helpful. It's tiring,
I will say, even for the non pregnant people.

Speaker 7 (31:28):
On the team.

Speaker 3 (31:29):
Keeping up with Donald Trump is a full time twenty
four seven jobs.

Speaker 1 (31:32):
Yeah, I don't know how you do it. But well,
the congratulations on your son once again. I'm sure we're
going to be hearing all about Brandon Levitt. Is that
the name you're going to go with? Brandon? I'm kidding, La, No,
I had a feeling that was the case. Anyway, they
tell me rough against the heartbreaker. Carolyn. Great catching up
with you and congratulations once again, and we'll talk soon.

Speaker 3 (31:49):
Thanks so much, Joe, talk to you soon.

Speaker 1 (31:51):
Okay, talk to you soon. And this is Joe Conschen
for Sean Hannity back with Warren just a moment and
welcome back everybody. This is Joe Conca and the Sean
Hannity Show on this Tuesday, July third, July fourth, Boy,
this is a fast year, or already halfway through and
only one hundred and twenty five days until election Day,
seventy six days only until early voting begins. Wow, insane

time flies when you're having fun, and boy has this
week been fun. Carol Roth coming up on the other
side of the break. We always have great conversations. Please
do stick around. This is Joe contra in for Shawn
Back with Warn of Them

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