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July 9, 2024 31 mins

There are some radio talk show hosts who have been getting in trouble because they met the Biden Campaign's request to seed interview questions.  Even ABC was only given 22 minutes to interview President Biden.  The game is up here...

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
And thank you Scott Shannonan, thanks to all of you
for being with us. Eight hundred nine four one shot
is a number if you want to be a part
of the program. Only one hundred and nineteen days until
election day, seventy days until early voting begins in the
state of Pennsylvania. And you have a Democratic president that

is under fire leg never before, and a Democratic party
in a establishment media. I mean, you've got all of
these powerful forces. I'm going to start with. Well, first off,
I got to start with it was probably the hardest
vacation week I've ever had in my life. Now, when
the debates got announced. I was supposed to be off

that Thursday when the debate was, and that Friday the
day after, and I changed my vacation schedule, and I said,
all right, well, nobody works. Fourth of July is usually
an extraordinarily safe week and everyone but I had promised
friends and family a vacation. And there's been to be

very blunt too many times. And Linda can attest to
this that you know, I would take days off and
make promises and then say, well never mind. I you know,
work calls and work calls and work calls, and I
just didn't want to disappoint and frustrate so many people.
But it was kind of hard on vacation because I
had to have a radio studio stand by and a

TV studio stand by every day and then make a
decision every day about whether or not the news warranted
me going on the air. And it ended up that
it really was just like a circular repeating squad, if
you will, of the same points. But you know, here
we are. We're back, and you know we've We've got
a lot of ground to cover between now and an

election day when early voting starts. And I say, I
really want to emphasize early voting because that is when,
I mean, Pennsylvania starts early voting forty nine days outside
of the election. That's insane. Early voting in general has
got to stop. This is a message we have emphasized
a lot on this program. But to watch the Democrats

on melting down like this and the intramural battle of
merge is fascinating in and of itself. I mean, Whoopy
Goldberg literally today's saying I don't care if he pooped
his pants.

Speaker 2 (02:28):
I don't care if he's cooped his pants. I don't
care if he can't put a sentence together, show me
he can't do the job, and then I'll say, Okay,
maybe it's time to go now. He had a bad
night the first time that he went out and debated
with Kamila Harris, and everybody wanted him to quit there

and say, you can't talk to women like this.

Speaker 3 (02:53):
Are you're doing this wrong?

Speaker 2 (02:54):
You're doing that wrong. He came back said, you know what,
I got it and gave four years. I'm not running
the world, but I don't know anybody who doesn't step
in stuff at some point. So I'm just simply saying
there are two debates, and if he can't do what
he needs to do for the second debate, I'll join

and a crew that says, get rid of him.

Speaker 1 (03:18):
It's just fascinating whether he poops his pants. And what's
so frustrating to me and to anybody that's listened to
this radio show is even before and I'll play later
in the program. In the months leading up to the
twenty twenty election, I was very clear and unambiguous in
pointing out Joe's state of mind, that he was weak

and frail in a cognitive mess and he didn't have
the mental acuity to be president of the United States.
If I had a dollar for every time I said
it leading up to the twenty twenty election, all the
way through this debate, I'd be an extraordinarily multi billionaire, probably,

But that there were bigger issues in play here, and
I want to just start by telling all of you
that you better not for one second think that this
election is over, and you better understand something even more important.
It really doesn't matter what Democrat is in that office,

because it should now be obvious to everybody Joe has
not been calling the shots there. I'm going to go
to bed before eight am. We're eight pm every night
and get a good night's sleep. Well, what if the
two am, three am call comes? Is he going to say,
wake me at nine am when I'm used to getting
up and I'll deal with the crisis. Then you need

a president that is strong physically and mentally and cognitively strong,
and we've not had that. And then it raises questions
about all of these people that have known about this
and that have lied to us. Now, before I get
to all of the news of the day, I just
want to urge everybody don't think this election is in

the bag. Don't think that for one second. We are
now at a point. I did feel compelled over the
holiday to write a column. I put it on Hannity
dot com. Foxnews dot Com picked it up as well.
And is America still a constitutional republic or are we
officially corrupt banana republic? This is where we are now.

I've talked about this being an inflection point for this country,
and it is. Every single person in the state run
media mob, every Democrat you know feigning shock over Joe
Biden's cognitive state, are flat out lying to you. They
have known, they have witnessed everything we've been telling you

and showing you. Now it's been like a year, two years, whatever.
He doesn't have a clean event anymore. He can barely speak.
He mumbles, he bumbles, he bumbles, he stumbles. It's just
a disaster. Every time they all claim to be truth
tellers and legitimate journalists, they have covered up and flat

out lied to the American people on not just Joe's
cognitive state. They've gone along with the economies fine, and
inflation is transitory, and that the border is secure if
you don't watch Fox, but the odds of you seeing
the disaster Joe's Biden are probably very low, you know,

Joe's family corruption and family syndicate. It's clear they're not
going to cover these things. They cover up for all
things democrat As an institution, the media in this country.
I declared it dead in two thousand and seven. It's
not just dead. America is now left in a Soviet

style of Pravda state that doles out lies, misinformations, and propaganda,
you know, through what is state run media. That's what
it's become. This cognitive decline was conspicuous before the last election,
and they covered up for it. You know. The the

idea that just a couple of weeks ago we were
discussing this big lie that they've been peddling about cheap
bake videos is laughable. Did they not notice that Joe
Biden gave up the big boy stairs at Air Force One?
Did they not notice that he needed to be surrounded
walking to and from Marine one? Did they not notice
that he can't do a press conference? Did they not

notice that he couldn't do a softball Super Bowl interview?
That he that he can't do any of these things?

Speaker 4 (07:45):

Speaker 1 (07:46):
Why did? Why did? Was that not a clue to them.
Of course it was they know, they don't care because
for them destroying Donald Trump and preventing him from ever
being back in the White House regardless of what the
people of this country want. Trump's everything, no pun intended.
Did anybody in state run media, any Democrat? Did they

ever speak up and say, wait a minute, this is
wrong that the New York judge valued mar Lago and
stuck to a valuation of eighteen million dollars, even though
as I'd pointed out my article of rudimentary perusal of
Palm Beach real estate, which show that property is worth
closer to a billion dollars, and that was the case

about valuations. Did any of them care that they had
an Attorney general or a DA in New York running
on a platform to get one man, one family, one organization.
Did they care at all about the weaponization of our
Department of Justice? You know? Do they care that the
Department of Justice, if you want to know about Joe's

cognitive state, released the her report for crying out loud?
Where where is the her report? Apparently there's a video
of it. While we released the transcript, how about release
the video because that's the weaponized Department of Justice basically
campaigning for Joe Biden. They don't care about any of it,

and we'd better wake up and understand. And this is
why I don't have It's not that I don't have confidence.
I have confidence in the American people. I don't have confidence.
I see the forces that were up against it is
an unholy alliance of Democrats, state run media, and extremely

powerful deep state institutions. At a point where if we
have four more years of these policies, and regardless whoever
is the president that they might replace Joe Biden with
if they were to win, the policies on immigration will
stay the same, the policies on defund dismantled no bail

laws willver. The policies on giving into the NEA and
our educational institutionalized failure will continue. The economic policies will continue.
They're insane green policies and trying to force electric vehicles
into your driveway. That'll all continue. You know, they're taxing

and redistributing wealth and wealth transfer taxes and wealth taxes.
That that's all in our future because they are what
Western Europe, sadly in many countries, has become. But if
we don't end, if all else fails, They've got the
deep state to step in. In fifty one former Intel

and even current contractors, they'll they'll step in and just
flat out light of the American people about something they
know nothing about. If asked by the Biden people in
the case in this case wink and Tony Blinken in
twenty twenty, well, it has all the fingerprints of Russian disinformation.
I quoted my article. I said, you know, Ben Franklin
was famously asked, you know, whether it's a monarchy or

a republic, Well, a republic if you can keep it.
And my argument being the odds of losing what the
Framers gave us, and my view has never been greater
than right now because for people to have a willingness
to protect and go against what is so clear and
evident and obvious and should have been covered by Biden

family corruption, Biden family, the Biden Family syndicate, Biden's cognitive decline,
Biden's inability to form a sentence, Biden's disaster at the border,
Biden's disaster with the economy, Biden allowing the world's worst
actors to have free reign to do whatever the hell

they want it doesn't matter. Did the same people that
had no problem, no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute popsecret cl
information all over Hillary Clinton service, nobody rated her home
or office, thirty three thousand subpoena, emails, destroyed, bleach bit

hammers devices, a dossier put together by Russia, a Russian
disinformation dossier, you know, by the way, misappropriation of funds,
and you know, oh, it's a legal expense. Yeah, the
Clinton's funnel money to a law firm that hires an
op research firm that hires Christopher Steele and in that

dirty dossier they were warned never to listen to. Becomes
the basis of not one, but four FIZA warrants to
spy on a presidential candidate and a president and backdoor
that for you know, a full year just to go
after Donald Trump. I mean, it's it's for These are
pretty unbelievable times that we're living in here. You know,

nobody in the media cared about a Ukrainian prosecutor and
Joe Biden is vice president leveraging a billion taxpayer dollars
to get the prosecutor fired, the net result of which
is his son admittedly addicted to drugs, admits that he
has no experience and energy oil, gas, coal or Ukraine
continues to make millions of dollars. Nobody in the state

run media, No Democrat cares eleven million unvetted illegal immigrants
coming from one hundred and eighty countries. Our top geopolitical
foes those with ties to terror Iran, Syria, China, Russia, Venezuela, Egypt,
the Afghanistan, Kazakhstan. The biggest national security threat in our lifetime.

The borders secure, the border's closed, The border is secure,
the borders closed. You know, the whole party is is
bought into this, and they've got protection. And the protection
is the mob and the media and the deep state.
That is why I can't tell you what's going to
happen in one hundred and nineteen days. I could just

tell you that it's an all hands on deck moment
for the country. Is very sobering to understand the level
of deceit, dishonesty, corruption and outright line about something that
was so obvious and self evident. It ought to be
a moment where you never trust these people again. But

we already knew that, didn't We only you can fix this,
but God only knows what dirty tricks they have planned.
You know, we've been watching in monitoring poor Corrine, Jean
Pierre and John Kirby just getting the crap beat out
of them. It's fairly entertaining to watch the mob and
the media turn on Biden this way. They've known about

it the whole time, but they figured like they did
in twenty twenty because they use COVID and allowed them
to hide in his basement the entire campaign. And now
it's more apparent than ever that they can't cover it
up anymore. So they got to turn on them. And
Biden's being defiant, and the White House is being defiant.
And Biden just sent a letter to congressation. He's staying

in no matter what and laying out all the reasons why.
He had a meeting with Democratic leaders I guess a
phone call in which he was adam and he's staying
in even though people like Jerry Nadler and other top
Democrats said he should leave. The Congressional Black Caucus strongly
supporting Joe Biden, James Clyburn strongly supporting Joe Biden. I'd

say the odds are higher that he stays in and
goes out and if not him, probably kam is up next.
But it won't make a difference in terms of policy,

continuing the mission of saving America.

Speaker 3 (16:05):
As we return to the Sean Hannity Show.

Speaker 1 (16:09):
Al right, twenty five to the top of the hour.
Toll for you, it's eight hundred and nine four one, Shawn.
If you want to be a part of the program,
you know, to listen to these Democrats. It doesn't surprise
me the likes of David Axelrod saying that you know
Biden is not winning this race. It's more likely he'll
lose in a landslide than when narrowly. Or Van Jones

you know how it's a full scale panic, or Carvil
or Jensaki or Michael Moore. This is a form of
elder abuse against Biden and the Democratic Party. Well, where
have any of these people bent? They all have known.
Everybody in his family has known. Anybody that is watched,

even on the periphery, has known. The media mob has known.
They have allowed this to happen. They have been complicit,
They have covered up they from the very beginning, starting
in the twenty twenty campaign. And then to listen to Corine,

Jean Pierre Biden is clear eye and staying in the race.
He has no medical he is sharper than ever. It's
like them saying that, you know, he gets more done
in an hour than the average person does in a week.
And I could barely keep up with them. Well, you
must be in pretty awful shape if you can't keep
up with this guy. And you know, pressed on not

mentioning jet lag. He's been back for twelve freaking days.
It's insane. And you know all the Democrats reaffirming their support.
By the way, now we another thing's been confirmed. All
these very rare press conferences he's had with very few questions,
even as little as one or two. And let me

go to me the Tom with the AP. And because
Tom at the AP probably was getting the questions like this,
these radio talk show hosts that have admitted they got
the questions ahead of time. One woman of a woman
by the name of I think it's Andrea Lawful Sanders

just got fired in Pennsylvania because she admitted that the
white I guess the Biden team had sent over questions
that they wanted her to choose from. Well, I mean,
what about all those press conferences. Anybody gonna ask Georgie Stephanopoulos,
you know, did he talk about the questions ahead of
time and let it you know by night he did

press him for twenty two whopping minutes. That's all that
they would give him. Twenty two minutes. That's it. I
don't believe him at thirty six percent, I'll get out
of Jesus says I should get out. I'm being honest
with myself about the Trump the polls. You know, you know,
he denies the polls, in the the reality of where

he stands in this race at this time, I'm the
same man that took office three and a half years ago.
He's not, he says, I'm not more frail. It's everybody
has known and so it's it's interesting, you know, before
we came on the air as watching the White House

Press briefing today with Kirby and then Connein Jean Pierre,
and the media now is turning because the media is
afraid their cover up has been exposed. They're not there's
no self introspection or examination. They got the Russia collusion
hoaks completely wrong. They don't care that Donald Trump was

targeted in the you know, eighteen million dollar valuation judge case.
They don't care about an AG or a DA running
to get one man, one person, one organization. They didn't
care about the dirty dossier being used for four FISA warrants.
They didn't care about fifty one former Intel officials. They
didn't care about any of this. They did not cover

the disaster of Joe Biden's open borders. They didn't cover it.
They didn't show it. They didn't point out one hundred
and eighty countries, including our top geopolitical foes and countries
with terror ties. They didn't. They went along with the
economy the transition or what is it transitory the inflation

is transitory lie. They repeated all the lies dutifully, and
they didn't challenge, and they didn't examine. They just were
united on one front, and that is to stop the
American people from electing Donald Trump at all costs. Donald Trump,
by the way, we'll be on Hannaday tonight. We'll get

his reaction to the Stephanopolis interview. These are troubling times,
but it is entertaining. I'm not going to lie to
watch the medium mob complicit as they are feigning moral
outrage and just for the first time figuring out that

which we reported before the twenty twenty election, and I'll
play a montage with that earlier. I mean a little later,
but I mean this is what just happened earlier with
Credin Jean Pierre.

Speaker 5 (21:25):
Careful there are you know, the medical unit hosts a
wide range of specialists from dermatologists to a neurologist, and
so I cannot speak to every person because there are actions,
there's actually a security reasons to protect their privacy. We
respect and protecting people's privacy, so do not want to share.

I'm not going to share people's names from here. But
the President, I can tell you, has seen a neurologists
three times, as it's connected to the to a physical
that he gets every year that we provide to all others.

Speaker 3 (21:57):
That's a very basic direct question.

Speaker 5 (22:00):
Wait wait, wait, wait, wait a second?

Speaker 6 (22:04):
Eight wait times or at least once in regards to.

Speaker 3 (22:08):
Hold on a second should answer by this point?

Speaker 4 (22:11):

Speaker 5 (22:11):
No, no, no, no, no, no no wait a minute, come ed,
please a little respect here, please, So every year around
the president's physical examination, he sees a neurologist. That's three times, right,
So I am telling you that he has seen a

neurologists three times while he has been in this presidency.
That's what I'm saying. I'm telling you that he has
seen them three times. That is what I'm sharing with you. Right,
So every time he has a physical, he has had
to see a neurologists. So that is answering that question.

Speaker 3 (22:48):
No, it is. It is you're asking.

Speaker 5 (22:52):
I also said to you, Ed, I also said to you,
for security reasons, we cannot share names.

Speaker 3 (23:00):
We cannot share names. We have to.

Speaker 6 (23:02):
We have to. We can't share names in regards to
if someone came here.

Speaker 5 (23:07):
We cannot share We cannot share names of specialists broadly,
from a dermatologist to a neurologist. We cannot share names.
There are security reasons we have to. We have to
protect I understand that.

Speaker 3 (23:22):
I hear you.

Speaker 5 (23:26):
I cannot from here confirm any of that because we
have to keep their privacy. I think they would appreciate
that too. We have to give them. We have to
keep their privacy public.

Speaker 3 (23:37):
I hear you. I answer you, guys. Guys, hold on
a second.

Speaker 5 (23:45):
There's no reason to get back and go back and
forth with me in this aggressive way.

Speaker 6 (23:48):
I missed around here about how information has been shared
with the press for what do you missed about what
are you?

Speaker 3 (23:55):
What do you?

Speaker 5 (23:56):
And then every time I come back and I answer
the question that you guys ask, have to come back
and clean. I never answered a question incorrectly. That is
not true. I was asked about a medical exam. I
was asked about a physical that was in the line
of question that I answered, and I said, no, he
did not have a medical exam. And I still stand
that by that. In fact, the President still stands by
that he had a verbal check in. That is something
that the president has a couple times a week, a

couple times a week now, doctor Kevin Kunar, And I
am telling you right now that I am not sharing
confirming names from here. It is a security reasons. I
am not going to do that. Ed.

Speaker 3 (24:31):
It doesn't matter how hard you push me, it doesn't
matter how angry you get with me. I'm not going
to confirm a name.

Speaker 1 (24:38):
It doesn't mean this just went on and on. In
that case, it was CBS's head O'Keefe. These people in
the media knew. It's like a dog and pony show.
This is a joke. They all knew, and they all
covered it up, and now they can't cover it up. Anymore.
So now they're feinting outrage, like, how could this be

hidden from us? Well, if you advise to see you
were able to see it. Only one in four voters
think Biden could stay awaken up through the Cuban missile crisis. Well,
he says he's going to go to sleep. Earlier, he
told the governors on a phone call. Gavin Newsom was
in Michigan defending him again this weekend and oh, geez,

going to go to bed at eight pm. Well, what
happens if a crisis happens at twelve midnight at two am?
What if it goes on for twenty four thirty six
forty eight hours and you need a president aware an alert?
And think about this. If the Democrats, the medium mob,
the deep state that lied about the Hunter Biden laptop,

if they're so willing to lie about that, which is obvious,
what else do they lie about who's been making the
decisions all of this time? You know how many times
have I said would you hire Biden to be a
Walmart or a target greader? And I said he's not
up to that job. He can't do that job because

you'd need in a you know, a super Walmart. You
need to know well where the departments are, and you
need to remember where they are so you can guide customers.
You're the friendliest people you ever want to meet. You
walk into a Walmart. Oh, Hi, welcome to Walmart. Can
I help you with anything? And I'm looking for the
sporting goods department. Oh it's right there in the back
over on the left side. If you go through this aisle,

that aisle, boom you there, No, thank you, sir. It's
usually older people coming out of retirement. Maybe they need
the money, maybe they're just bored and the nicest people
and they always are so helpful and they want to
help people. I don't think Joe could do that job.
I don't think Joe could. I don't think Joe could
run a McDonald's. You know, the media was they're acting

all surprised by the way. This is what you miss
if you don't listen to this show and watch Hannity,
the TV show. We've been showing we've been playing this
on the radio and showing this. Forever called himself a
black woman, and in one interview, he says about the
fourth of July, ho ho ho, what did he think
he was Santa Claus President of the United States, Joe Biden.

Oh it's Joe. Oh, he got that right.

Speaker 4 (27:22):
Good, as I said, the first vice president, first black woman,
sir with the black president, all the first black women
in the Supreme Court. There's just so much that we
can do because together week there's nothing. Look this United
States America.

Speaker 1 (27:41):
It's so bad, it's so scary. How do you think
China's reacting to the Why do you think China is
pulling all of their stunts with spy balloons and confronting
our You know, navy and international waterways, are fighter jets
in international airspace? COVID no consequences, Intellectual property theft, no consequences,

there's no consequences for anybody. What is his response to Iran,
the number one state sponsor a terror, to kiss their
ass and abandon Israel and surrender in the war on terror?
But this is where I go back to this. This
election is not over, it's not in the bag. God
only knows what they've got planned at the last minute.

I don't trust the media. You can't trust them. This
has been the ultimate exposure. As if you needed more.
On top of everything else, I've been mentioning because they're corrupt. Yeah,
I mean I was watching Humpty dumpty. Well you know
they really you know, it's really unfair to show you
that the media knew about Really they've known, they know,

they talk about it. You know, Axios actually had a
report out there for his events. Biden staffords prepare a
short document with large print photos that include the path
to the podium. A path to the podium. I've given
many speeches. I didn't need anybody to give me. Linda,
you've been with me on speeches. What usually happens. I

usually race from like the radio show, or race before
TV show TV or after TV, race to the podium.
Nobody has to tell me where to go.

Speaker 2 (29:22):
First of all, nobody can keep up with you to
tell you anything.

Speaker 3 (29:24):
Usually running from place to place, it's a disaster.

Speaker 1 (29:27):
It's a disaster. By the way, welcome to Milwaukee next week,
because that's what we're gonna get. I'll be the one
yelling behind you. Are you going to be like come
up with a bad attitude? That's gonna suck. That's my
new mo I'm under a Biden administration. That's my you know,
it's my default. They leak large print prep for Biden
on how to enter and exit a room, walk to podium,

or instructions they give this guy, and yet where they're
not complicit in what has been the biggest cover up ever.
I mean, I know this talk about the twenty fifth
Amendment and a little bit late, and Republicans are not
going to get that through anyway. But I'm like listening,
and I'm like, oh, okay, I don't know what's going
to happen, but I do know this. Regardless of whoever

they pick, nothing is gonna change. The Party of Joe
Lieberman is dead and gone. Think about what they did
to the former two thousand vice presidential candidate. They abandoned
him and he had to run as an independent because
he just wasn't radicalized enough. This is a radicalized leftist

Marxist New Green Deal socialist party. It is everybody, through
and through. They were fully aware of his cognitive decline,
fully aware of his border disaster, fully aware of his
economic disaster, fully aware of you know, what's been happening

crime wise in small towns and big cities around the country.
They fully embrace all of this. Whoever ends up at
the top of the ticket and let's assume it's Joe
or Vice President Harris. None of that is gonna change.
What has to change is Republicans have to now make
people aware that it's about the policies and about a

party that has been radicalized. It's an inflection point for
the country. And if we if we're stuck with four
more years of this, we are a banana Republic. It's over.
I don't think America can, as we know it, whatever, recover.
I don't see how we could. Eight nine four, one

shot is our number.

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