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July 11, 2024 31 mins

Congressman Chip Roy, of Texas, joins us to discuss the SAVE Act and the pathway to illegal voting through our federal elections.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Be you right here for our final News round up
and Information Overload.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
News round Up, Information Overload. Our toll free are telephone
numbers eight hundred and nine to four one, Shawn, if
you want to be a part of the program. This
battle that is going on in Congress is something that
really you would think that this country would never have
to argue, never have to debate, never have to discuss,
we'd never need legislation for But that's not the case.

We now have what's called the Save Act that is
being pushed by Republicans in the House, and it simply
says that only American citizens should be able to vote
in American elections, and it would prevent non citizens from voting,
especially after Joe Biden. What eleven plus million unvetted illegal

immigrants from over one hundred and eighty countries some would
terroritize and some of our top geopolitical foes you would
think of Biden and his regime. And every Democrat so
far is opposing the Saved Act. All requires this proof
of US citizenship if you want to vote. Democrats have
steadfastly been opposing this bill. They oppose other voting integrity

measures like simple voter ID signature verification. They oppose updated
voter roles in some cases. You know, you've had local
municipalities d C. New York allowed it, but a court
stopped it. But where they allow illegal immigrants to literally
vote in local elections, it's insane. Why would you allow

non citizens, people that didn't respect our laws, our border,
our sovereignty, entered our country illegally into this country, and
why would you oppose a bill preventing them from voting?
Why did Democrats and there are many of them that
don't want any form of voter ID Why is it

Democrats don't want other integrity measures like signature verification, updated
voter rolls, chain of custody controls, or partisan observers watching
in every precinct in the country, the voting all day,
the vote counting all night, up close anyway, Congressman Chip
Roy of Texas with us. He's been out there in

the front lines fighting for the same act, he joins us. Now,
what's the status, sir.

Speaker 1 (02:24):
Sean great to be on. Yeah, I mean, we've been
out there fighting trying to get this administration to secure
the border. They obviously refuse to do it. Americas has
been a danger. They've gotten killed. We've got terrorists, criminals
on our streets, and importantly, our elections are now subject
to illegals being registered. We know that nonsen this is
being registered evidence.

Speaker 2 (02:41):
By the way, stop pause for one second. Here. There
are states that when you get a license, and they
allow illegal immigrants to get legal drivers' licenses, which automatically
allows them to register to vote.

Speaker 1 (02:57):
Is that correct, sir, No, that is exactly right. In fact,
federal law, the NBRA encourages and requires states to use
the welfare state to do that. And so they're pushing
through not only the DMB, but the Medicaid roles and
other roles to force upon people force registration. And in fact,

some people who have come here illegally or some non
citizens have been forced into that have didn't even know
what they were doing. And then later it was you know,
then somebody came back and they tried to prosecute them
for voting illegally, and the person was like, I didn't
even know I was doing it, and I think they
were genuinely true. That's what's happening. You've got these leftists,
these radical progressive democrats, who are doing this and using
the system traed do it. We know that's what they're doing,

and in fact, are.

Speaker 2 (03:41):
And aren't there states like California that just nail out
ballots to register voters.

Speaker 1 (03:46):
Yeah, absolutely, there's there was people that do that, and
they've got states through mooving this sort of automatic registration.
And importantly you've got jurisdictions in California and Oakland and
San Francisco, in New York as well as the DC
tried to do it. We tried to step in a Congress,
but that are registering people specifically, have programs to register
people here illegally and non citizens, to register them for

state local elections. And they say, oh, don't worry, they
won't vote in federal elections because quote that's illegal. That's false.
We know that's untrue. So all we're trying to do
is conform existing laws that it is in fact illegal
for someone to vote who is a non citizen in
federal election. But right now it's not possible for states
or anybody to check citizenship. So Arizona, for example, has

two systems. They have a state system and a federal system.
The state system they check citizenship, the federal system they can't.
So we remove that barrier and we go one step
further and we say that we are going to require
that check for federal elections because we think the whole
country needs to have a system that we can all
believe in the buildings on the floor. I just spoke

on the floor literally two minutes ago. I ran in
here to the cloak room to call you. And we're
debating the bill right now. We'll vote on it today.
We hope that all Republicans will support it. We're not
very optimistic on Democrats, but you know, we might pick
off a few.

Speaker 2 (05:03):
I was going to ask you then, well, first of all,
do you think you'll get every Republican?

Speaker 1 (05:08):
Well, we hope so. I mean there's a few Republicans
that will raised flags about federalism and other issues, and
we've been making very clear and look, you know me, Shawn,
you too. We're ardent federalists. We don't want to empower
the federal government. But this is a clear role under
the elections clauses Constitution for Congress, for time, place, and
manner of elections involving the House, Senate, and presidency. And

we're in charge of naturalization, so we have the power here.
Most of my colleagues have been agreeing with that argument.
We've been making clear that we designed this intentionally to
uphold against scrutiny and court that it's not an undue
burden and for voting, that citizens will be able to vote.
We provide mechanisms and ways for states to do it
and balance the interests of security and enforcing citizenship while

making sure that the average American citizen is not too
encumbered to vote. And we think we've done that.

Speaker 2 (05:55):
Can you explain to me why any Democrat would be
against this, why they would be against voter ID or
signature verification or updated voter roles or any of the
other integrity measures I mentioned.

Speaker 1 (06:07):
Well, unfortunately, the vast majority, not all, but the vast majority,
and most of our Democratic colleagues and certainly disadministration, they
don't believe in sovereignty. They don't believe in citizenship. They
believe in a kind of you know, global order and
global governments and global organizations that think anybody should be
able to come here. And to the extent they try
to pretend because the eighty one to eighty five percent
of American including Democrats, believe that we should have only

citizens vote, they will pretend that they care that they'll say, Look,
it's already illegal, it's not happening, and you're going to
disenfranchise to actual citizens. And that's what they're going to
hide behind. I think it's political. The administration has leaned
into it that way. They're trying to make it a
race issue. They're also trying to hide behind the fact
that or hide the fact that they've been allowing our
borders to be wide open and that they're pushing out

registrations to try to build their constituencies or who they
believe are there.

Speaker 2 (06:56):
No, Well, what does the race issue aspect have to
do with it? This is about the rule of law issue.
I mean, why do we have laws? And why are
these lawmakers against enforcing the laws of the land. Why
are they so comfortable? Look, I can only imagine that
the only reason they don't want these integrity measures is
because they have some nefarious intentions. Do you have any

idea what they might be, Well.

Speaker 1 (07:19):
We certainly know. I mean, in fact, we've had our
own colleagues have said they want to encourage illegals to
register so they can get more voters in their districts. Right,
they want to pack them for purposes of the census
and ensuring that they have districts and for representation in Congress.
We know this, right, They also are trying to do

it the race issue that you raise. They want to
create a division and say that we're trying to suppress
black votes or votes that kind of thing. It's their
normal class in race warfare, because they don't have anything
else to sell that. The truth is, when you have
people here voting illegally, you actually harm American citizen voters,
and in particular, you're going to harm some of the

people in our country who are struggling the most when
their vote is watered down and diluted by people who
are coming here illegally. So we think this is good
for all Americans, the rule of law. And look, this
is important as we watch what's happening with the twenty
fifth of mement debate. You've got the vice president of
United States who is effectively a dei vice president, right,
we know this, they said, So Biden announced it. He said,

I'm going to pick a minority woman for the vice president.
He didn't do what Donald Trump would do, what you
would do, what I would do, which is saying I
want to pick the best vice president I want to
pick the best secretary of Defense or whatever, and then
go pick somebody and if they're a female, if they're black,
they're white, if they're you know whatever, prime, we don't
really care. But they want to make it a dei issue.

They're trying to do that. That's what this is about.
They want to give us up by race, and they
want to use this to try to divide us rather
than to secure the country.

Speaker 2 (08:54):
It really is unbelievable. What do you make of the
great Joe Biden cognitive decline? Lying and then covering up
that has gone on by members of your body and
by the media mob. I've been chronicling Joe Biden's cognitive
decline since before the last election. There's no way they

didn't see it. There's no way they don't see it
now now. Apparently in caucus yesterday it was a strong
defense of Biden by the Congressional Black Caucus and by
the Squad and AOC in company. And certainly Joe was
able to get through that fifteen minute long speech yesterday
before the leaders of NATO. So I guess he's bought
himself some time privately. What's going on behind the scenes.

Speaker 1 (09:42):
Well, I mean, like, most of this is just kind
of unbolding in the same way you just described it.
We're learning as we go. I mean, frankly, he's you know,
they protected him from engaging with us for the most part.
We've known that he had cognitive decline. We could see
him in the chamber to the state of the Union
and those kinds of things. But man, what happened to
debate two weeks ago, I think two weeks ago tomorrow
that showed to the entire world the state of his

mental capacity and ability. He has no business having the
nuclear code or being in charge commander in chief. You
saw it. I think it was Doocey who asked the
question over at the White House yesterday saying, hey, well,
so what happens if you get to call it, you know,
eleven pm or after eight pm? Right, apparently the only
cognizant between ten am and four four pm. And their
answer was you know, the Press Secretary said, well, you know,

there's a good group of people who are around him
who would come advise them. And look, we all have
advisors if you're an elected office, but you're the commander
in chief, like we don't have a command a president
by committee.

Speaker 2 (10:35):
What was what ad asked to stay up of twenty
four straight hours? Thirty six or forty eight hours in
a real crisis, what happens then? Are you going to nap?

Speaker 1 (10:43):
We know what happens then. And to your point, they've
been covering it up. Okay, Joe Biden has been covering
it up, Kamala Harris covering it up, the entire White
House regime, run the you know, chief of staff and
in the staff and in the White House covering it up.
Democratic colleagues in Congress covering it up, and importantly the
media covering it up. And now the only reason they care,

the only reason they care is the election. They're now
scared to death. They're panicking that Donald Trump is going
to do what he's going to do, which is mopped
the floor with Joe Biden. I think Joe Biden's going
to be the president. I don't think they can go
to Kamla Harris.

Speaker 2 (11:19):
I mean you think he's going to be the nominee.

Speaker 1 (11:21):
Yeah, I think she's complicit in the copy.

Speaker 2 (11:24):
Do you think it's because because I would argue that
the concern the Congressional Black Caucus and the squad are
two powerful influential groups within the Democratic Party. Am I wrong?

Speaker 3 (11:35):

Speaker 1 (11:35):
I think that's right. I mean, I do think that
they want to continue to push it, but they're panicking.
I mean they're divided, right, I mean when they walk
out at some of the most liberal members won't even commit.
Nancy Pelosi today wouldn't fully commit. Right that that's a
big deal. You got George Clooney and all these people
that are chirping from the outside. I don't know why
he's important, but apparently he is. And they're all divided.
And the fact is, I think.

Speaker 2 (11:56):
He was doing the bidding of Obama of the go ahead.

Speaker 1 (11:59):
Well that might be right, and I look, you know,
and we'll see what happens. I know some people question
and they'll say and look, and it's a reasonable question. Chip,
why would you file a resolution let them continue to
you know, burn, Well, here's the reason I filed the resolution. A.

Speaker 2 (12:13):
It's right, by the way, this is the twenty fifth Amendment,
which I think I wish you didn't file, but go ahead.

Speaker 1 (12:18):
No, that's okay, and that's fair. But let me explain.
I filed it because A, it's the right thing to do.
He's the commander in chief, for the next two hundred days.
He's not capable. As we've just described. B I think
President Trump will defeat him or Kamala Harris soundly either way. See,
and most importantly, they're not going to listen to me
or any other Republican if they do it, she alone

can pull the trigger. I can do nothing. Congress can
do nothing. Kamala Harris is the only one unless Joe
Biden resigns, which he could do. Kamala Harris is the
only one who could invote the twenty fifth Amendment, and
then she would do it with the Cabinet, and then
if Joe Biden argued against it, it would then come
to Congress. The fact is, I wanted to make clear
we all know what the truth is. They won't do it.

If they do it, Sean, it'll be in spite of
ship Roy out here.

Speaker 2 (13:07):
Let me ask you this. Do you think they're waiting
for him to get the nomination and then bail out,
because then the monies are according to you know, federal
election regulations and financial regulations that he can then more
easily transfer the funds on hand over to the next person.
Is he waiting for that?

Speaker 1 (13:26):
That could be? I mean Look, I've always thought that
all of this was academic on the twenty fifth Amendment,
that the point was that that exists for a reason,
and that reason is something we're seeing right now. So
I felt incumbent upon us to be intellectually honest and saying, yeah,
of course that's what.

Speaker 2 (13:41):
Is any Democrat going to vote with you?

Speaker 1 (13:44):
No, I don't even think we're going to bring it
up for a vote, probably, Sean. I put it out there,
like there's ten thousand bills we've only voted on, you know,
a couple hundred of them. But I put it out
there to make a strong position that we're recognizing what
everybody in America knows. He is not capable of carrying
out the powers and duties of the office. The only
question is whether the Vice president will act on it,

and she won't because she's complicit in the cover up.
If anything happens, it will be because they convince Joe
Biden to resign or to otherwise step aside in a
way that will allow them to rally around a candidate.
They're in a box. We should continue to focus on
our policies on Donald Trump. Next week we'll talk about
the platform, all of the great things in the platform,

the stuff that they're going to be talking about next
week on the President's on the stage, talk about our ideas,
you know, reducing inflation, securing the border, you know, making
sure we're not trapped in endless wars, but we're still
strong abroad. All of the things that we will do
to say inductry and take it back. We'll talk about
those will win. But they're in disarray, and we should
keep stoking the flames because he should. He's clearly not competent.

Speaker 2 (14:47):
Congress Van schip Roya, Texas. Always a pleasure. Thank you,
my friend, for your good work. We appreciate it.

Speaker 1 (14:52):
God ble Sean, take care all right, click.

Speaker 2 (14:54):
Break right back. We'll continue.

Speaker 1 (14:56):
Well here the mainstream press talking about this stuff. Sean
Hannity is on the radio.

Speaker 2 (15:04):
All right, twenty five to the top of the hour.
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n home title lock dot com promo code Sean. This

is pretty interesting if you've been listening. You know, remember
just weeks before this debate, what were we hearing cheap
fake videos? They weren't cheap, they weren't fake, they were authentic,
they weren't edited, they were real. And the medium mob
went along with the talking point of the Biden White
House and they just basically were flat out long and

telling you don't believe what your eyes are see. That
was That was how deep that lie was going. You know,
here's Democrats talking about how Biden is the sharpest person
in our in our party, just like they said, you know,
he gets more done in an hour the most people
do in a day. Yeah. I don't believe that either. Listen.

Speaker 4 (17:22):
It is absolutely fit.

Speaker 3 (17:25):
His knowledge of the issues, he has strategic thinking about
legislating all in the head.

Speaker 2 (17:31):
I have spoken with the President. He is fully coherent,
he is on top of details.

Speaker 5 (17:35):
He's sharp, he's fit, and he's always answering questions.

Speaker 6 (17:38):
I think that Joe Biden's mental acuity is very very on.

Speaker 7 (17:42):
He's one of the smartest, sharpest people I've met in
d C.

Speaker 6 (17:46):
There's no doubt in my mind the president is mentally
foot fall.

Speaker 1 (17:48):
So Joe Biden rightly says that he has grown very
wise in his many decades in public office.

Speaker 6 (17:55):
As it stands today, you believe that President Biden is clear, candid,
and convincing.

Speaker 2 (18:01):
Joe Biden needs to be allowed to beat Joe Biden.
He is energizing, cares about the issues. He's Joe Biden
and Joe Biden.

Speaker 8 (18:08):
There's nobody better than Joe Biden.

Speaker 3 (18:10):
We see Joe Biden of plus, we know how attuned
he oughts to the issues, how informed he is. I
debate with him about a legislation, and not debate, but
discuss it with him.

Speaker 6 (18:22):
He's right there.

Speaker 2 (18:23):
I strongly support President Biden.

Speaker 9 (18:26):
He has an incredible track record of success and accomplishments.

Speaker 2 (18:32):
Puts many of us a shame with his energy. Clearly,
this president is fit to serve.

Speaker 3 (18:37):
Joe Biden has vision, he has knowledge, he has a
strategic thinker. This is a very sharp president.

Speaker 2 (18:46):
And nobody is better equipped to do that than Joe Biden.
He has the experience, he has the wisdom, he has
the demeanor.

Speaker 4 (18:54):
I was in Israel on October seventh, as you know,
and President Biden was nice enough to call me, and
I can tell you this was the day before that interview.
I can tell you he was sharper than anyone I've
spoken to.

Speaker 3 (19:05):
It always seemed very clear to me.

Speaker 2 (19:06):
That he had the energy and the ability.

Speaker 1 (19:09):
Is he capable of being a president?

Speaker 3 (19:11):

Speaker 2 (19:12):
I think he's actually really good. I think his staff
over protects him.

Speaker 4 (19:16):
I think put him out there in a press conference,
who cares if someone makes a gaff.

Speaker 3 (19:19):
What I find interesting is that issue is more around
agism and ableism and not what this president, President Biden
has done.

Speaker 4 (19:27):
I think he has every ability and every confidence to
continue to be commander in chief.

Speaker 2 (19:31):
I think the more he's out there, the better.

Speaker 5 (19:33):
President Biden has proven himself to have a strong memory.
You don't do that unless you're mentally confident and capable.
He certainly is the political coverg Look some of the

political players and some of the let me ask rhetoriques.

Speaker 2 (20:11):
Okay, that's the guy that is so the sharpest person
in the room. I really feel sorry for our friends
of the view. I mean, Whoopy Goldberg really stepped in it. Literally.
I don't care if he poops his pants.

Speaker 10 (20:26):
Listen, I don't care if he's cooped his pants. I
don't care if he can't put a sentence together. Show
me he can't do the job, and then I'll say, Okay,
maybe it's time to go now. He had a bad
night the first time that he went out and debated

with Kamila Harris, and everybody wanted him to quit that
and say you can't talk to women like this. Are
you doing this wrong?

Speaker 2 (20:54):
You're doing that wrong.

Speaker 1 (20:55):
He came back.

Speaker 10 (20:55):
Said, you know what, I got it and gave four years. Now,
I'm not running the world, but I don't know anybody
who doesn't step in stuff at some point. So I'm
just simply saying, yeah, there are two debates, and if
he can't do what he needs to do for second debate,
I'll join any crew that says get rid of him.

Speaker 2 (21:17):
Wow, really, whoopee, what's happened to you? I've known you
for years? What has happened to whoof be called Burke?
And then there's joyless behar As she's tired of all
this Biden bashing.

Speaker 6 (21:30):
I was watching television all week, and I'm a little
tired of all the Biden bashing.

Speaker 8 (21:35):
That's going on.

Speaker 6 (21:36):
It's I'm pissed off at a factly there's a lot
of Biden bashing going on and no calls for the
sexually abusive felon to step down.

Speaker 8 (21:45):
Yeah, that's actually halo.

Speaker 6 (21:47):
Oh come on, I don't see anybody in the right
wing telling you. For years I past to fight against him.
The fact that the public decided not to agree with it,
I can't help.

Speaker 3 (21:56):
But there are so many people have.

Speaker 6 (21:57):
Said what Republican is asking?

Speaker 10 (22:00):
And he stepped down.

Speaker 8 (22:00):
Tell me there's a bunch.

Speaker 6 (22:04):
And wait, I'm not finished. Well, let's go back to
the debate for a second. All right, everybody keeps calling
it a disaster or a disaster. You know why Trump
was better at it because he lies. He practiced his
lies for two or three years already.

Speaker 2 (22:18):
That guy.

Speaker 6 (22:18):
All he did was spirit lies that we've heard over
and over and over again.

Speaker 2 (22:24):
Uh huh. And then she claims men don't like Kamala
because they fear a funny woman are giggling vice president,
especially in bed.

Speaker 6 (22:35):
What really ticks me off about him, though, is this
laughing Kamala remark. It's such a sexist remark because a
guy I was having, I was with the weekend. I'm
a friend of mine. They said Kamala's laugh annoys me.
Remember they said that about Hillary's laugh, that she was cackling.
And then you know, they don't like a funny woman.
We're afraid if you laugh or you make a joke,
that maybe you'll do that when they're in bed with you.

Speaker 3 (22:59):
It's like fear.

Speaker 6 (23:00):
This is fear of women's laughing and comedy.

Speaker 2 (23:05):
Men don't like Kamala because they fear a funny woman,
especially in bed. Oh, I look at Kamala Harris. I
think she's a regular riot. Listen, do you plan to
visit the border?

Speaker 8 (23:21):
Not today.

Speaker 9 (23:23):
More parents are seeing the value of educators when.

Speaker 2 (23:27):
They had.

Speaker 9 (23:32):
I say, we're not paying them nearly enough. I'm kind
of a geek, so to that extent, one of the
things I love are ben diagrams. Since taking office, the
President and I have made an incredible investment, the largest
investment ever to take on the climate crisis, roughly a

trillion dollars with a tea.

Speaker 2 (24:00):
To That's right. Men don't like Hamlo because they fear
a funny woman, especially in bed. That's so they'll have
you believe. Sacramento City Attorney reportedly threatened to fine target
stores why because they're reporting theft crimes. Their legal department

threatened to find a popular retail store for public nuisance
after numerous calls to police after thieves stole from their
land Park location multiple times. According to the report, Wow,
we're gonna, We're gonna. We're gonna blame the victims of
crime now and hold them legally accountable. Can things get

any more twisted? Even Andrew Cuomo slamming Alvin Bragg for
letting Columbia protesters walk just like he slammed him for
the selective prosecution of Donald Trump. One sad thing A
teenage suspect shop by US Marshall's Friday after a legend
attempting to carjack Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor's federal bodyguards

outside our home. I mean that's sad. Biden's director of
National Intelligence is warning that Iran is funding pro Palestinian
protesters here in the US. You're gonna love this story.
Linda Duke Medical School is claiming that timeliness individualism is
part of white supremacy culture. They claim white supremacy culture

to expect people of color to be on time and
a strategic plan for creating an anti racist wake workforce.
The medical school said its goal is to catalyze anti
racist practice through education. I mean, you can't make that.
I want to know.

Speaker 8 (25:50):
Here's what I want to know.

Speaker 2 (25:51):
Okay, what do you want to know? What can I
help you? What? Whatdy would you like?

Speaker 7 (25:54):
I got to go to the hospital. I have a
scheduled surgery. I have to be there at seven am.
But my doctor who is.

Speaker 2 (26:00):
By the way, this is hypothetical.

Speaker 7 (26:03):
I am not going to the hospital. I will never
go to the hospital. I don't trust doctors. I'd rather
die in the forest, moving right along AnyWho.

Speaker 8 (26:10):
So well, actually that's not never.

Speaker 2 (26:12):
If you needed.

Speaker 7 (26:14):
Stitch, you never had God bless. I've never broken a bone.
I've broken all my toes.

Speaker 2 (26:18):
If you break a bone or and you need and
you need it checked out or you let me tell you.

Speaker 7 (26:26):
I have friends. I would only go to doctor Scott
Barber for anything orthopedic or bone related. I would go
to doctor Tyson or doctor George Faried, and I'm already
signed up and a member of their practices, and I'm
a patient. Or doctor Josh Josh Umber for Concierge Medicine
That's it. Everybody else forget about it.

Speaker 2 (26:44):
I just talked him as the two doctors in the middle.
You mentioned George Farid and Mike Tyson there in California.

Speaker 7 (26:50):
Ryan Tyson. Mike Tyson will just crap out of me,
which could also work from time to time.

Speaker 2 (26:54):
Ryan Tyson, I apologize. Josh umber is in Wichita, Kansas, right,
but they they all.

Speaker 7 (27:00):
Have online practices now and in Scott's and Georgia. But see,
the cool thing about it is that you know through
COVID the only positive.

Speaker 2 (27:09):
Where are you going to get the Where are you
going to get the X ray of the MRI.

Speaker 8 (27:12):
You can go to any MRI center.

Speaker 2 (27:14):
Okay, so you would go to a facility, but you
would You can go to a facility.

Speaker 7 (27:18):
But they're not cut me open or setting anything or
doing anything.

Speaker 2 (27:21):
I mean need four or five stitches for crying out
loud as They're not going to.

Speaker 8 (27:25):
Be in time anyway.

Speaker 7 (27:26):
I'm going to get there at seven, They're going to
get there at twelve thirty after they've had a nice
long brunch and they're going to arrive and say, you're
not allowed to say anything to me.

Speaker 2 (27:34):
I need I needed a toothpole, not that long ago,
and I went up to a dentist I'd never met before.
Guy was awesome. Him and his partner. Uh, they'd let
me make an early morning appointment. They even came in
early as a favor. I said, I needed it done
so I could do radio and TV. And I had
my teeth pole my toothpolt, yanked it right out, put

a couple of stitches in. I walked out. That was
the end of that.

Speaker 8 (27:59):
What was he on time?

Speaker 9 (28:00):

Speaker 2 (28:01):
They were on time?

Speaker 7 (28:02):
Yeah, Because now the rule is is that you haven't
The question.

Speaker 2 (28:06):
Is was I on time? And the question and the
answer is I actually was on time, which is rare
for me, That actually is.

Speaker 8 (28:11):
Rare for you. But I mean, you know, Biden and
his whole group, they can turn anything into a conversation
about color, about race, whatever it is. It's so absurd
and so ridiculous. I honestly, I just don't I don't
understand how being on time translates to being racist. Just

be on time, no matter what color you are.

Speaker 7 (28:35):
I don't care.

Speaker 8 (28:36):
It's ridiculous.

Speaker 2 (28:38):
Listen, what do you what are we suppose to teach
our children about being timely and getting to work on time?
Like for example, there's no anybody on this show. If
you're not showing up on time and you're not staying
the right amount of time, you're not going to make it.
And it's not that I mean, well, imagine if.

Speaker 7 (28:58):
You text it and you're like, hey, guys, you want
this story for the show. Can you get this up?
And four hours later your show has been broadcast, you're
off the air, and I'm like, hey, I'll get right
on that. How does that help anybody? I mean, any
job has time constraints, very very rare.

Speaker 2 (29:14):
I can count on one hand over the many years
where I've contacted you at any hour a day and
night that you've not gotten back to me.

Speaker 7 (29:21):
Now, it's absurd. And let me tell you something else.
This is one of these gaslighting things.

Speaker 8 (29:25):
This is them, you.

Speaker 7 (29:26):
Know, shine ball, let's talk about this over here while
ten million illegals come in to vote illegally in our
federal elections.

Speaker 8 (29:33):
You know, like, it's just as.

Speaker 2 (29:37):
According according to Duke Medical School. You know, I'm part
of white supremacy culture. That's how absurd it is. And meanwhile,
I just we have high expectations of people that work
on this show. I spoke with a guy yesterday. It
was a very interesting guy. And he's he works in
a high end resort in the high end resort business

and he's for many, many years. Yeah, our backgrounds were
so similar. It was scary. It was a paper boy,
a dishwasher at the same age I was. It was crazy.
And what was fascinating about it is for every one
person that he hires, he goes through at least twelve
to fourteen applicants any one person. And he said, it

has nothing to do with their skill set. It has
everything to do with their attitude, everything, and if you're
willing to go the extra mile.

Speaker 7 (30:29):
Problem is now we can't get people off their counteres
because they're so used to the COVID coma where they
were allowed to sit home and collect a check.

Speaker 2 (30:37):
All right though, that's gonna wrap things up for today.
We got a great Hannity Set your DVR nine Eastern
tonight on the Fox News Channel as we check in
with Senator Ted Kruz, Fa Baker Ramaswami will join us,
Tommy larryn Charlie Hurt, Senator Tim Scott, Mark Penn, Steven Miller,
Hannity nine Eastern, Set you DVR Monday through Friday, Fox
News nine pm. We'll see you tonight. Back here tomorrow.

Thank you for making this show possible.

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