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April 20, 2024 18 mins

 Sara Carter, Fox News Investigative Journalist who just returned from Israel, and extensive meetings with Netanyahu’s defense cabinet and Abe Hamedeh, (HAH-MUH-DAY) who is a Former Army Intel Officer and Former Prosecutor, with extensive Middle East Foreign Policy expertise. As a former Army Intel officer who served in Saudi Arabia, Abe is available to offer his analysis on the threat Iran poses to the region. Abe was responsible for vetting terrorists, preventing terrorists from coming across the border and held a top-secret security clearance. As an Arab American who has been refused entry into Lebanon because of his devout support of Israel, his expertise is bar none. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Coming up next our final News round Up and Information
Overload Hour.

Speaker 2 (00:05):
All Right, News round Up, Information Overload Hour this Friday.
We'll get to your calls. I promise eight hundred and
nine to four one sean our number if you want
to be a part of the program today. And this
was a pretty amazing night last night. And I was
talking to a lot of people, texting with a bunch
of people last night about what we were watching unfold.

And in the aftermath of all of this, there's really
two big losers here. The biggest loser, by far is
as I've been saying, Joe Biden. Nobody listens to him.
What was the one word answer that Joe Biden gave
when asked, what message do you have for Iran as
they're now threatening an attack on Israel? Don't don't anyway?

And then the message went out to Israel, don't retaliate,
don't don't. I mean, he's such a genius anyway, Nobody
listens to Biden. He's not an effective leader. Nobody respects Biden.
That's another problem. And at the end of the day,
I mean, everything that could possibly go wrong for him

politically and in every other way was on full display.
This probably to me, as I've been saying, is a
low point in the Biden presidency, which is saying a lot.
Here we have a president that is more concerned about
his re election chances in states like Michigan and Wisconsin
that he is totally willing to surrender when it comes

to the war on terror. Nobody's asking for American boots
to be on the ground. I'm certainly not asking for it,
nor do I support it, But just in principle, when
you have radical Islamic terrorists murder in cold blood twelve
hundred innocent Israelis, and they're chopping off the heads of babies,

and they're raping women, and they're kidnapping hundreds, including America Skins,
you would think that Joe Biden would have the moral
clarity to understand that this is an inflection point for Israel.
They have been victims of these rocket attacks from the south,
from the north. Now it's been going on decades, the

terror tunnels that they have been using to kill Israelis,
and then finally a tipping point moment comes and that's
the worst terrorist attack in Israel's history. It occurs on
October seventh, and in the aftermath of that. What has
Israel been hearing from Joe Biden Is it moral ambiguity.
It's not even moral ambiguity. Joe Biden basically has taken

the position that he's surrendering in the war on terrorism
and trying to pressure and force Israel to back off
and not win that war. The only message, the only
real role America has here, is to let the Israelis
purchase the weapons needed so they can win the war.

They're not asking for anything else, they just want to
buy them. Allow that to happen, Let them fight their war,
give them the moral encouragement and support that they need.
If an attack like the other night from Iran happens
last Saturday night, yeah, America should help Israel shoot down
any of these rockets that are being fired into this

very small country. But it just exposed just how weak
and pathetic Joe Biden is. And I'll tell you what
happened to Joe Biden. Joe Biden lost eighteen point nine
percent of the Democratic presidential primary vote in the state
of Michigan, and he lost it in large part over

quote his support which has been temp at at best
of Israel. That's where that came from. That's eighteen point
nine percent of voters in the Democratic presidential primary they
said non committed to Joe Biden. That is a massive number.
That's over a hundred thousand, over fifty thousand in the
state of Wisconsin. These are two very pivotal, key swing

states in one hundred and ninety nine days that could
very much, very well determine the outcome of this election. Anyway.
So the big losers Joe Biden, who's had a disastrous
week in Pennsylvania talking about Uncle Bosey, you know, being
a victim of cannibalism. They even ate his bones and
every other insane thing that he's been saying and mumbling

and bumbling and stumbling and sounding asinine. It's pretty unbelievable.
The big loser, number two would be Iran. The rockets
they fired, they didn't make it to Israel. They were
shot down. Israel. The big winner. They showed that they
were able to penetrate deep into the massive land mass

that represents the Islamic Republic of Iran and basically get there,
drop their bombs and get out undetected for the most part,
unscathed for sure. And I think in a way that
the rest of the world really didn't expect a lot
of questions leading up to this whether or not Israel

would respond. Knowing BB for thirty years, personally, I had
no doubt he would respond, and the response was swift,
it was appropriate, and it showed just the strength of
Israel's military. I don't think anybody thought they'd get that
close to Tehran, and I don't think anybody thought they'd
get that close to their nuclear facilities, but they did.

I don't think anybody thought they'd hit as many locations
as they did, never mind Syria and Iraq on top
of it. Anyway, joining us getting their best analysis on
this is Sarah Carter, Fox News investigative reporter. He just
returned from Israel. She did have a meeting with net
and Yahu and his defense cabinet and also joining us

as Abe Hamiday is back with US. Former Army intel officer,
former prosecutor, exensive extensive middles foreign policy experience. Welcome both
of you. Those that don't know BB the way we do,
Sarah Carter, were fooling themselves if they thought Israel was
not going to respond to what happened last Saturday night.

But I think The big surprise to come out of
all of this was how deep they were able to
penetrate into Iranian territory.

Speaker 3 (06:21):
Oh, absolutely, Sean, And there was no doubt in my
mind even as I left Israel and as BB made
major announcements as well as his cabinet saying that we
are not going to back down. Regardless of what President
Biden says. We are not going to acquiesce to Iran
or to Hamas or to anyone. We're going to do
everything we can to set the record straight into protect

our people. And that meant Rafa, that meant the four
battalions that are still in existence, Hamasa's last four battalions,
and then after the strike, after the three hundred missiles
and drones from Iran, saying we have to send a
clear message to Iran, and that is by and it's
behind is like in the center of Iran. I mean
this is deep in the heart of Iran. It's near

their air base as well, and that airbase is used
to protect their nuclear sites in central Iran. And I
want you to think about it, because we're only weeks
away from seeing Iran get all the uranium it needs.
And this is according to Bloomberg Reports and others.

Speaker 2 (07:23):
Who have spoken well, it's not just Bloomberg, it's also
the IAEA. They're saying the same thing.

Speaker 3 (07:29):
Yeah, correct, absolutely correct, And think about how dangerous that
is from Iran having enough uranium, enough uranium to build
these nuclear warheads that they need. And we really don't
know how far Iran has been willing to take this.
I mean, could we be seeing in you know, anywhere
else in the world, the use of a dirty bomb.

Could we be at the mercy of Iranian proxies anywhere else?
We've seen our border wide open. We know the threats
have been made directly to the United States. You say
it over and over again on your show, Sean, and
it's so accurate. You say, look, just Iran is saying
exactly what they want. If they see Israel as a

little Satan and we are the big Satan and they
have targeted Israel, there is no doubt that Iran will
do the same with US assets. So, really, Israel is
the front line of defense for the United States. And
as you have said, Israel is only asking that it
be able to purchase the weapons needed necessary so that
it can fight Iran, an enemy of the United States

on its own territory in its own region, not here
on our homeland over there. But I guarantee you that
if we don't back our allye we don't back Israel, now,
Iran will expand its power. I mean, that's what Joe
Biden did. He is such a failed president that his
foreign policy has emboldened all of our enemies from the

time he had that horrible withdrawal in Afghanistan, which basically
set this trajectory across the globe, allowing our enemies to
be embold in Russia, Iran, North Korea. This is what
we're seeing. So now we've got to think smart, We've
got to think straight. We've got to realize, yes, we
have got to back our allies if we don't want

our men and women to be pulled into another war
and another battle in the region.

Speaker 2 (09:23):
Let me play real quick a before I get your
comment on all of this, and that is the Iranian
Foreign minister saying that if Israel retaliates, the Iranian response
will be immediate and at a maximum level. Listen to
this in case.

Speaker 4 (09:41):
Israeli regime, Fabea Odomi embarks on that dventurism again and
takes action against the interests of Iran. The next response
from US will be immediate and at a maximum level.
Objective warn as to send a clear message to be

received by the government of Israel and to let us
know that we do have the means to respond. I
well repeat again, we never seen the expansion of chaos
and warfare intentions in the region.

Speaker 2 (10:16):
Now, my question to you is they're now denying the
truth of actually what happened last night. I'm sure for
pure propaganda purposes. They don't want the people of Iran
to know how effective Israel's counter response was last night.
They are counter attack was last night. They want the

people to believe that they won. Here. They actually were
telling people after last Saturday night that oh, we really
damaged Israel, when no such thing happened. And last night,
as Israel was able to penetrate deeply into Iranian territory
and get near the nuclear sites and get near Tehran,
which is to the north, they're telling the people of Iran, no,

it never happened. That tells me they're scared to death
and they probably want this to end right here and
right now. And their next strategy will be the old strategy,
which is to use the proxies like Hamas, Hezbollah and
the hoodie rebels.

Speaker 5 (11:15):
Yeah, so I think that's exactly right. I think this
was obviously a huge failure on Iran's part, but it's
a huge success for Israel. I. Mean, if you look
at the amount of countries airspace they had to go
through to get to Iraq to penetrate deep into its
territory was quite remarkable. So is a great success, especially
doing it without much of a help in the United States,

especially publicly.

Speaker 2 (11:37):
But let's be clear, without any help from the United States,
with nothing but criticism from Joe Biden and admonitions, don't
not to do anything right.

Speaker 5 (11:48):
And if you look at Iran, they're most successful, not
in a direct warfare. They're successful, as you said, with
their proxy like the houties, like Bullah, like Hamas, like
the Iraqi militia. And let's not forget the Iran Has
already sees themselves at war with the United States. We
had three soldiers tragically killed back in January and Jordan,

and that was through Iraqi militia that's funded by Iran.
And that's what's happening with the Hutis and Yemen, where
they're disrupting our cargo ships and are actually still firing
missiles in the Red Sea eve and close to Israel.
So this is where what Sarah said is that Biden
has embold in our enemies. So that's very true. And
what also Biden has done as alienated allies like Saudi Arabia.

So this is what's concerning. But there was some rays
of hope last week with the Iranian response by attacking Israel.
He saw Jordan go in and defend its airspace. So
this is where you know, Israel looks like it's regaining
the advantage in a way that without the United States
helped through its diplomatically.

Speaker 2 (12:50):
Yeah, all right, quick break, We'll come right back more
on the retaliation of Israel. Sarah Carter and Abe hammidays
with us. We'll get to your calls as well well.
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Speaker 1 (14:19):
You know, Joe Abandon are men and women in Afghanistan,
and he checked his watch when the bodies came home.
Is this really the America we want? This is important here.
You're on the Sean Hannity Show.

Speaker 2 (14:35):
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continue with Sarah Carter and Abe Hommadays with us. Your

calls coming up eight hundred and nine to FOURT one Shawn.
As we roll along, exit question, will Iran retaliate back?

Speaker 3 (15:46):
Sarah, You know, it's hard to gauge how it run.
I think it run will always retaliate back using its proxies.
I think I agree with with your guests here, you know,
because it is something that that is how Iran is
operated from the beginning. But I think we have to
be very careful. I think we can't underestimate and I
certainly hope that people in our government don't underestimate what

this cult like regime can do. Look at what it's
done to its own people and around the globe. We
have to be very careful. We have to tread carefully.
We have to back our allies, and great points brought
up Jordan, Saudi Arabia. We're seeing allies allies in the
region that we've never seen before. We just got to
keep it that way, We've got to continue that trajectory,

not just for Israel but for the United States as well.

Speaker 2 (16:34):
Do you believe Abe that in fact, the Iranians are
done now and they're likely to use proxies moving forward.

Speaker 5 (16:42):
Well, I think they're more in bolden than ever before
because how we Biden is But I think they're most successful.

Speaker 2 (16:48):
You think they're embolden after getting their asses kicked last
night and having every one of their rockets that they
fired into Israel's Saturday take it out, You think they're
embolden right now. I think they're scared to death.

Speaker 5 (17:00):
I think they're involved with the amount of money and
the amount of capitulation that Joe Biden seems to be
willing to sacrifice Israel for domestic politics. But if you
look at where Iran has tried in the past, if
you remember a few years ago, they actually had an
assassination plot against some of our allies in Washington, DC,
with against their diplomats, And that's what concerns me so much.

With our wide open southern border, that Iran going to
exploit it, which we know they are already doing. So
that's where I am most scared of an attack on
the homeland coming from Iran, because the Iranians are very
patient people, so they may not have an immediate response,
but certainly they can, you know, wait, wait for a
response that could be very lethal.

Speaker 2 (17:40):
All Right, I appreciate both of you. Abe Homaday, Sarah Carter,
Thank you both. Eight hundred and nine to four one,
Shawn is a number if you want to be a
part of the program. We'll get to your calls coming
up straight ahead. That's been to wrap things up at today,
complete coverage, analysis in the world, watching and waiting. Although
I don't think Iran's going to respond. I don't think

they have the guts. I think I think Israel shocked
them last night with their ability to penetrate really deep
into Iranian territory. Anyway, well, full analysis. Heath Kellogg, Michael
Waltz is on tonight. Aaron Cohn is amazing if you
haven't seen him. Brooke Goldstein, Tammy Bruce, Joe Kanca, Mark Garrigos, Pambondi, Hey,

DVR Hannity tonight at nine. We'll see you then, and
also we will see you back here on Monday, and
thank you for making this show possible. Monday one hundred
and ninety six days till the all important pivotal election
for our country, but no pressure. Have a great weekend.

Speaker 1 (18:41):
Catch Sean Hennedy's weekend edition tomorrow from ten till midnight
on seven to ten woof

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