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July 10, 2024 35 mins

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, a Harvard law graduate and 5 years five years on active duty in the United States Army as an Infantry Officer. He joins to talk about his legislation to stop overreaching bureaucrats, and where he thinks we are as a nation with Joe Biden at the helm.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Thanks gut Shannon, and glad youate with us eight hundred
and ninety four one, Sean, if you want to be
a part of the program. As we continue our coverage
one hundred and eighteen days till election Day, sixty nine
days till early voting starts, we are awaiting President Biden's
speech before the NATO Summit of fake news CNN describing

it as a make or break moment for Biden. In
terms of Kenny's show, he is cognitively strong enough to
be the leader of the free world. We'll get to
all of that as it unfolds, but first we're joined
by the great Senator from the great state of Arkansas.
Senator Tom Cotton is back with us. Senator, how are you.

Speaker 2 (00:45):
I'm very good, Sean, had me back on with you.

Speaker 3 (00:48):
Always great to have you.

Speaker 1 (00:49):
What do you make of you know, all of a sudden,
I've been chronicling Joe Biden's cognitive decline for prior to
the twenty twenty election. Now, all of a sudden, after
the debate, all people just happened to notice all of it.
And in spite of all of the evidence that have
been out there pretty much on a daily basis, I
find it somewhat laughable. On the other hand, it's pathetic

because Biden's cognitive decline, cover up and deception is so
broad based within the Democratic Party, within the media mob.

Speaker 3 (01:23):
It's revolting to me.

Speaker 2 (01:26):
Yes, Sean, it is both laughable and pathetic. I was
amused that Joe Biden yesterday started blaming the elites for
trying to force him out of the nomination, when in
fact it's the elite that got him the nomination in
the first place. Sean, remember, without Jim Clyburn in twenty twenty,
he probably wouldn't have been the nominee, and then the
Democratic Party fell in line behind him as the only

alternative to socialist Bernie Sanders. And again in this election,
they close ranks. They shut down Robert F. Kennedy, they
shut down Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips. They did everything they
can with Joe Biden having a primary opponent, when the
polls have shown for years that the people as usual

are much smarter and have more common sense than the elites.
Even Democratic voters, much to say nothing of voters at large,
thought Joe Biden was too old and too infirm to
run for president. But the elites wanted to protect Joe Biden.
They acted like a praetorian guard he went through their primaries,
and now they realized that they made a mistake. The

Joe Biden we saw on that debate is no different
from the Joe Biden that we saw over the last
six months, Sean. They're not worried that last.

Speaker 1 (02:36):
Six months, pretty much the last four years. I mean,
I saw this part of the twenty twenty election, but
I understand your point. It seems more the client, I guess,
is more obvious. But it's been there the whole time.

Speaker 2 (02:49):
It's been there the whole time, but it's just over
the last six months. The Democrats had their primaries in
which again they protected him from any competition from any
kind of opponent. So these Democratic that you see in
Congress and the media, they're not all of a sudden
surprised about health problem, Sean. They're concerned about a polling problem.
That is the only thing on their mind. They see

Donald Trump, she lacking Joe Biden all across the country
and the potential for Republican landslide. That's their concern.

Speaker 1 (03:19):
Well, let me ask you this, because the Democrats had
this big meeting today. What was so interesting to come
out of it was a guy like Jerry Nadler, who
wanted over the weekend, had stated that he wanted Biden
to be removed, and he comes out of the meeting
with a change of heart and say, clearly the battle
was won by Biden supporters. Now you have people very powerful,

people like James Clive and I think maybe the most
powerful influential voice in the House for Democrats, and you
have the Congressional Black Caucus, then you have AOC in
the squad. They've all solidly stayed behind Joe Biden. I
think that is the real power base of the Democratic
Party and why would they not like Joey pretty much
is a rubber stamp for every radical agenda item that

they have. But they came out at the meeting today
and clearly a defeated Jerry Nadler, you know, reverses himself
and says, well, he's our guy. You know, I tried,
but you know I'm going to support him. And that
was not where he was over the weekend, which tells
me that it did not go well for the people
that were speaking ill of Joe Biden in this meeting.

And then they've got a timing problem, and as much
as they're gonna have, they have to nominate virtually before
I believe it's August fifth or August seventh, whatever it is,
and probably even before that Joe Biden, which is less
than a month. And if Joe Biden can survive a month,
then he will be their official nominee and locked in.

And you know, barring any real health issue or something catastrophic,
he's going to be on the ballot November.

Speaker 4 (05:00):
I did.

Speaker 2 (05:01):
It's not surprising these progressive Democrats want to keep Biden
on the ticket. He has been a useful puppet for
them for three and a half years. This is part
of the deal that Joe Biden cuts with the party
elite in twenty twenty. Support him for the president, helped
him win, and he'll turn over policy making to the
radicals in the Democratic Party. And you've seen it on

the border and immigration policy, You've seen it on abortion,
you've seen it on spending and every point. Joe Biden
has turned over power to radicals in the Congress and
in his administration. So of course the progressives want to
keep him in office. And I've got to say, Sean,
even though I mean, we've seen this decline now going
back years, and the Democratic elites acted like the performance

of the debate was shocking. Even if Joe Biden were
twenty five years younger and healthy and energetic and vigorous,
he still would have been a failed president because all
of his ideas are failures. All of his policies are failures.
And that's the same thing that would happen if Kamala
Harris replaced them, or Gavin Newston or Gritch and Wetmer
or anyone else. They are all aligned with the radical

progressive policies that Joe Biden has allowed. Oh, I'm this
party to implement.

Speaker 1 (06:13):
I'm glad you're making that point because I've been making
that point because this party is lockstep. I mean, it
doesn't matter who is in that office, the policies will
remain the same. And that means the policies of open borders,
the horrible economic policies they put in place, you know, defund, dismantle,

no bail laws that will remain in place, horrible energy
policies will remain in place, a horrible education system because
they're so beholden in this unholy alliance with the teachers' unions,
an American foreign policy that surrendered in the war against
terrorism in the case of Israel, and pretty much lets

our top geopolitical foes get away with anything and everything
they want with no push back at all. On top
of that, a green agenda that wants to force electric
vehicles in people's garages whether they want them or not,
and one that forces us to be more dependent on
energy than we ever should be considering our vast natural resources.

Speaker 2 (07:16):
Yeah, on all those issues in more Sean, you will
not find a dime fororth of difference on the one
hand between Joe Biden and on the other hand, Kamala
Harris or Gavin Newsom or Gretchen Whitmer or any other
potential presidential contender for the Democrats, they are monolithically progressive.
And the reason why they're going to keep Joe Biden
in this position, aside from the logistical and practical consideration,

is he has been a useful vessel and cipher to
implement those radical policies.

Speaker 1 (07:47):
I'll be at the Republican National Convention coming up next week.
I'll be at the Democratic National Convention. Wish me luck
in Chicago and to get credentialed. I needed to prove
what I was. There is the SAVE Act that is
going on and being debated in the House. I believe
it will be voted on next week. And House Democrats

are fighting this bill that would require simply require proof
of US citizenship to vote. Why are Democrats against voter
id Why are they against voter signature verification, updated voter roles,
chain of custody, command partners and observers watching the voting
all day, the vote counting up up close all night.

And why would they fight against the requirement of proof
of citizenship to vote in our country?

Speaker 2 (08:34):
Well, sean to ask the question reveals the answer. They're
against it because they want those things to happen. They
want illegals to be able to vote an election and
vote for Democrats. They want to have voter fraud that
doesn't require voter identification and genuine signatures. And I get so.
You said you had to show our show who you
were to get credentials for the conventions. And peace be

upon you for going to the DNC. By the way,
thank you'all.

Speaker 1 (09:01):
I'll take the blessing. As much as many prayers as
people want to offer, I'll take them.

Speaker 2 (09:06):
But think about anytime you hire a young producer or
new audio tech you have to verify that person's in
the country legally. To work. You have to look at
a passport or other documents on their I nine immigration form.
So why shouldn't you have to show a similar form
when you want to vote. Voting is the central act
of our democracy. If you have to show it to

get a job in this country, if an American citizen,
shouldn't you have to be able to show it to
register to vote? You have to do it every single time.
But when you register. The Democrats are opposing this bill
because they want to make it easier to cheat our elections.

Speaker 1 (09:41):
Let me ask you about a bill that you introduced
called the Bureaucratic Overreach Review Act, which would review federal
court decisions on laws, regulations, legal cases used and that
used the recently overturned Chevron USA Case versus Natural Resource
Defense count so as the basis for their decisions.

Speaker 2 (10:02):
Tell us about Yeah, so, Sean, the Chevron doctrine, about
forty years old, said that if Congress passes an ambiguous law,
then the agencies are empowered to interpret it. And I
think the facts of the case that reversed Chevron last
week are a perfect example of just how bad that
doctrine could be. So the Fisheries Regulator was empowered to

put bureaucrats on fishing boats, taking away valuable space on
a small boat. And they went further and said, not
only are we going to take this valuable bed on
your boat while you're trying to make a living catching fish,
we're going to make you pay for the privilege of
having our bureaucrat writing on your boat. A totally unreasonable interpretation.
The Supreme Court was ripe to reverse it. What we

need now is a thorough review of all the regulations
that are on the books that only survive because a
court earlier invoked the Chevron difference doctrine. Then we can
even further rain in the administrative state that use this
doctrine to expand its own power.

Speaker 1 (11:04):
Yeah, so what does that mean? What does this mean
on a practical basis for Americans? In other words, that
it would require the Government Accountability Office to submit a
report to Congress that identifies these things and require agencies
to conduct a review of cases where the agency was
a party of and accorded the Chevron case.

Speaker 2 (11:27):
Yeah, Sean So there's three practical effects that could have.
The first, obviously is getting an agency off of its
duff to go back and look at cases where it
overreached the authority that Congress granted to it. Second, this
will help private parties who may be harmed by these
overreaching regulations to go back to court and say, under

this now obsolete doctrine, this regulation survived, but the court
has taken new look at it. Third, and maybe most fundamentally,
it'll give us in Congress the list of where we
need to do a better job. For years, Congress leaned
on this crutch to pass vague, ambiguous laws that avoided
hard trade offs that could involve political risks, and just

punted problems to these executive agencies. So you had irresponsible
members of Congress taking two by to the apple, passing
a vague and bigious law saying they had solved the problem,
and two or three years later, when the agency passed
makes a regulation that is overbroad and burdensome to Americans,
they can condemn the agency, so they get to have
their cake and eat it too. So there should be

a many levels of review of these older and onerous regulations.

Speaker 1 (12:37):
Well, please keep us up to speed on all of this.
We appreciate your time. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, thank you, sir.
We are awaiting Joe Biden's speech before our NATO leaders
as they meet for a summit commemorating the seventy fifth
anniversary of this military alliance. I want to first remind
you before we get to it, we're going to carry

it as much in full. CNN fake News is saying
it's a make or break moment for Biden.

Speaker 5 (13:08):

Speaker 1 (13:09):
Download Sean Hannity and the breaking news you might have
missed today at Sean's Insider Information.

Speaker 3 (13:17):
Hannity is on right now, all right, twenty five to
the top of the hour. Toll free.

Speaker 1 (13:23):
Our number is eight hundred ninety four one, Sean if
you want to be a part of the program. We
are awaiting President Biden. But many in the mob the
media that have been pushing for Biden to bow out
of this race are calling a make or break speech
before our NATO allies and to show our NATO allies

that he is fit to serve. I think we have
chronicled over the last four years, even before the last election,
that Joe Biden had a significant cognitive decline. What time
he's actually going to get up there, I don't know,
but they are seeded. They did take pictures. There is
somebody up at the podium right now. I can't really

see who that is in my television window right now,
but we'll let you know. One odd fact is Kamala
Harris is giving a rally in Nevada at the same
time as the NATO speech. Not really sure what to
make of that, but if Joe speaks in the final
twenty five minutes of the program, we'll obviously carry it

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the meantime, before Joe Biden gives this speech, Uh, let
me go to our friend from Utah, and that's Utah
Senator Mike Lee, who is with us. Senator welcome to
the program as we await Joe Biden's speech to confirm
to our NATO allies that he is fit to serve.

What a sorry state of affairs that is for the country.

Speaker 4 (15:55):
Indeed, it is. I don't know about you, shamp, but
I'm not holding my breath for Joe Biden to come
out and suddenly be the magnificent orator, the rocket scientist,
the tortured genius who just can't be articulate or eloquent enough.
This is a man who has shown every sign of
mental and now physical decline, and he's not fit to

service president of the United States.

Speaker 3 (16:22):
It really is sad that that's the case.

Speaker 1 (16:25):
What frustrates me is everybody's acting shocked and feigning outrage
and surprise. I think it's more related to Biden's low
polling number than anything else. Yeah, he definitely, you know,
was checked out during the debate, but he's been checked
out for a long time. I mean, I've been showing
video over and over and over again. He has not
had a clean event in two years that I can

think of where he didn't have some cognitive issue. He
doesn't know whether to exit stage left or stage right.
He needs somebody to walk him off the stage. How
many times have we witnessed this guy's shaking air? How
come people didn't know not he doesn't use the big
boy stairs of Air Force one any longer, or needs
a crowd around him as he's escorted to and from

Marine one. I mean, you know, how much more evidence
do you need? He can't do a Super Bowl interview
for crying out loud. He can't do a press conference,
forget that, that's not going to happen. He does these
interviews where apparently they're feeding questions to interview is before
the event takes place.

Speaker 4 (17:23):
No, that's right. I sometimes ask the question of constituents
of family members. If you were a director, if you're
a member of a order directors of a large corporation,
what's a job for which you would hire Joe Biden?
And would you, under any circumstances consider hiring him as
your chief executive officer for that corporation, even if he's

that job currently. He would be unwise to do that.
It's hard for me to imagine a job for which
he'd be suited. It doesn't mean that he wasn't once
capable of more things. But what we see now this
is a man who shakes hands with invisible people. This
is a man who can't complete a sentence. He's not
fit to be our commander in chief.

Speaker 3 (18:05):
And that's a that's a pretty scary proposition.

Speaker 1 (18:08):
And the whole time that that we've been witnessing and
chronicling this and the media mob and Democrats have ignored
the obvious.

Speaker 3 (18:16):
Are our enemies.

Speaker 1 (18:18):
They've been watching, and they've been maneuvering, and they've been acting,
and they've been taking advantage of the fact that he's
abdicated his role as the leader of the free world.
I don't really care what he says to these NATO awives.

Speaker 3 (18:32):
I don't.

Speaker 1 (18:32):
I don't think he's gonna convince anyone in that audience
that he's completely fit to serve and leave the free world.
I think, you know, the hope is that he just
survives it long enough that he can get the delegates
to vote and nominate him and lock in the nomination
so they can't get rid of them. It seems to
be a race against time at this particular point. But

I assume they're gonna They're gonna make that nomination.

Speaker 3 (18:57):

Speaker 1 (18:57):
I don't want to waste all my time with you.
Oh and by the way, I have one job that
he couldn't do. He couldn't manage a Crown Burger shop
out in Utah. He couldn't be a greeter at Walmart.
You know those nice people that greet you when you
walk into Walmart, And usually they're often retirees, people that
want extra money, or people that for whatever reason, they

just love to do it. They're the nicest people in
the world. And you walk in, Hi, welcome to Walmart.
Can I help you with anything? Yeah, I'd like to
know where the sporting goods department is. Oh, that's to
go down to the left, go down Aisle fourteen and
on the right hand side, there it is. I don't
think he's capable of that job, but I digress.

Speaker 4 (19:37):
It's an important rule. You've got to be familiar with
the menu if you're working at Crownburger in Salt Lake City,
or familiar with the layout of the Walmart in question,
if you're a greeder at Walmart. I don't think he
could do either of this.

Speaker 3 (19:48):
I don't think he could either.

Speaker 1 (19:49):
Let's talk about why is it that Democrats don't want
voter ID, they don't want signature verification, they don't want
partisan observers up watching the voting all day, in the
vote counting all night. Why they don't want updated voter rolls.
And now they're fighting back against an effort in the
House that would that would simply insist that people that

want to vote that they are required to provide proof
of US citizenship.

Speaker 3 (20:20):
Why would they be against.

Speaker 4 (20:21):
That, Well, for one simple reason. If you're comfortable with
non citizens voting, then you wouldn't see the need for
this bill, and you might see it as an undue nuisance. Literally, Sean,
that is the only reason I can think of why
somebody could oppose this. In other words, I don't see
any legitimate reason to do this. The Save Act, this

is a bill I've introduced in the Senate Congressmanship Roy
from Texas is introduced it in the House and prevent
non citizens from illegally voting. They're already prohibited from voting
in federal elections, but right now there's no way of
verifying that a Save Act would require proof of citizenship
to vote in a federal election.

Speaker 5 (21:03):
And now that.

Speaker 4 (21:04):
We've got thirty million non citizens in this country, about
ten million of which came in during this presidency as
illegal immigrants, President Biden's got an increased heightened obligation to
make sure that non citizens aren't voting. He's refusing to
do this. He's opposing the say Back, which the House
is going to be voting on tomorrow, and he's doing

so under this really creepy theory. He says, we don't
need it because non citizens already can't vote. That makes
no sense, Sean. It's like saying it's already illegal to
sell beer to little kids, so we're not going to
have a law that requires id to buy beer.

Speaker 2 (21:44):
This is nothing.

Speaker 4 (21:45):
It tells you everything you need to know about where
his heart is on letting non citizens vote.

Speaker 1 (21:51):
Well, I think you're right, Senator. I think I'm going
to have to let you go. Not because we don't
love having you on the program.

Speaker 3 (21:57):
We do.

Speaker 1 (21:58):
But it appears that Joe Biden is now making his
way to the podium to address NATO. This is being
viewed this is a fascinating moment in history. Well, I
guess maybe he's not actually being called up to Well, yeah,
maybe he is.

Speaker 3 (22:16):
I mean, we have the president of the United States.

Speaker 4 (22:21):
Yeah, go ahead, sir, a podium from the side of
a stage.

Speaker 1 (22:26):
I mean, the idea, it's like the stages. I'm trying
to look at the podium. I'm not really sure, Linda,
what do you see there? Because I'm having a hard time.

Speaker 6 (22:37):

Speaker 7 (22:37):
So basically what we're looking at right now is Joe
Biden went around behind and they have these huge wall separators,
so when he's walking over to where he would walk
up the steps, it's completely shielded from the audience, so
you can't see him go up the steps or attempt
to or whatever is happening back there.

Speaker 5 (22:55):
And then they have.

Speaker 3 (22:56):
They may be doing the They doing the national anthem.

Speaker 7 (22:58):
Now, yeah, they got a bunch of folks there. I'm
not sure what's going on, a lot of pomp and circumstance,
you know, a lot of distraction with Kamala talking in Vegas,
you know, just nonsense.

Speaker 1 (23:08):
Well, by the way, Donald Trump will be speaking tonight
in Florida at durrell I already saw that a big
crowd has already formed. If a hondering, my hour on
Hannity will cover that for you as well. They're doing
the national anthem right now. But what a sad thing
that a president of the United States is giving a

speech that is viewed as a make or break speech
to prove to our allies, Senator that in fact, he
is fit to serve as the leader of this country,
which is the leader of the free world. What a
sad state of affairs, Just that that whole environment that
he's now walking into, and I guess he's going to

be feeling a lot of pressure. Maybe not, maybe he's
too oblivious to feel the pressure, but he should be.

Speaker 4 (23:58):
If this is a source of deep embarrassment and national peril,
that we have to worry about this, and that we
have to see our adversaries looking at our feeble commander
in chief who's not in possession of his faculties and
do this. Perhaps this is why at that exact moment,
Maybe maybe they expect that now that Jill Biden decided

to commission the Marine Corps Band in writing her own
theme song, maybe they're they're trying to cover up for
the other things that we're missing with the missing in
action commander in chief. Maybe that's a standard. By the way,
who does that. It seems like something that one of
the Habsburg emperors might have done. I think that's very

strange that our first lady had her own theme songs
composed and then performed by the Marine Corps band.

Speaker 1 (24:46):
Well, Senator, looks like we're going to let you go,
as I believe that now introducing the President of the
United States, and as the world said.

Speaker 6 (24:59):
Came together in this very room, history was watching. It's
been four years since the surrendered the Axis Powers, and
the end of the most devastating war the world had
ever ever known. Here these twelve leaders gathered to make
a sacred pledge to defend each other against aggression, provide

their collective security, and to answer threats as one. Because
they knew to prevent future wars, to protect democracies, to
lay the groundwork for lasting peace and prosperity, they needed
a new approach. They needed to combine their strengths. They
needed an alliance, and here they signed the Washington Treaty

and created the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the single greatest,
most effective defensive alliance in the history of the world.
SPEIF Secretary General, leaders of NATO countries, foreign and defense
ministers represented US from partner nations in the European Union,

and members of Congress. Distinguished guest, Welcome, Welcome to the
twenty twenty four NATO Summit.

Speaker 5 (26:15):
It's a pleasure. It's a pleasure to host you in this.

Speaker 6 (26:23):
Milestone year, to look back with pride at all we've
achieved and look ahead for our shared future with strent and
with resolved.

Speaker 5 (26:34):
Together we rebuilt Europe from the ruins of war. Held
high the torch of liberty.

Speaker 6 (26:41):
During long decades of the Cold War, when former adversaries
became fellow democracies, we welcome in an alliance. When war
broke out in the Balkans, we intervene to restore peace
and stop ethnic cleansing. And when the United States was
attacked on September eleventh, our NATO allies, all of you
stood with us, invoking Article five for the first time

in NATO history, treating an attack on us as an
attack on all of us, a breath taking display of
friendship that the American people will never ever ever forget.
Through all this history, when great changes occurred, people would
ask can NATO adapt?

Speaker 5 (27:23):
And every time we proved we could adapt, and we.

Speaker 6 (27:26):
Did, evolving our strategies to stay ahead of threats, reaching
out to new partners to increase our effectiveness. And here
with us today are countries from the Indo Pacific region.
They're here because they have a stake in our success
and we have a stake in theirs. Today NATO was

more powerful than ever, thirty two nations strong. For years,
Finland and Sweden were among our closest partners. Now they
have chosen to offici joined NATO and because of the
power and meeting of Article five guarantee. That's the reason
it was the most important aspect of the alliance in

nineteen forty nine and is still the most important aspect.
I'd also note Finland and Sweden joined the Alliance not
just because their.

Speaker 3 (28:19):
Leaders saw magestations along the Sean Hennedy Show. Network.

Speaker 1 (28:21):
Please know that we are going to continue our coverage
live of Joe Biden speaking before NATO, trying to reassure
our allies that he is fit to serve. We'll take
this to the end of the show at the top
of the hour, if you will stay with us.

Speaker 5 (28:37):
It never has been.

Speaker 6 (28:39):
I want to pause on this because it's significant.

Speaker 5 (28:43):
The year twenty twenty, the year I was.

Speaker 6 (28:46):
Elected president, only nine NATO allies are spending two percent
of the defense and GDP on defense. This year twenty
three will spend at least two percent, and some will
spend more than that, and the remaining countries that have
not yet reached that milestone will get there soon. This

remarkable progress proof that our commitment is broad and deep,
that were ready, they were willing, were able to deter
aggression and defend every inch.

Speaker 5 (29:23):
Of NATO territory across.

Speaker 6 (29:24):
Every domain, land, air, sea, cyber and space. My friends,
it's good that we're stronger than ever because this moment
history calls for our collective strength. Autocrats on overturned global order,
which is by and large kept for nearly eighty years

in counting, terrorist groups continue to plot evil schemes, cause
mayhem and chaos and suffering in Europe.

Speaker 5 (29:56):
Food's war of aggression.

Speaker 6 (29:57):
Against Ukraine continues, and Putin wants nothing less, nothing less
than Ukraine's total subjugation, to end Ukraine's democracy, destroy you
raised Ukraine's culture, and to wipe Ukraine off the map.
And we know Putin won't stop at Ukraine. But make

no mistake, Ukraine can and will stop Putin, especially with
our full collective support.

Speaker 5 (30:33):
They have our full support.

Speaker 6 (30:36):
Eighty four Russia bombs are falling Ukraine. The Alliance acted
or I ordered the US reinforcements that NATO's is in
flying more troops, more aircraft, more capabilities, and now the
United States has more than one hundred thousand troops in
the continent of Europe. Native moves swiftly as well, not

only reinforce the four existing battle groups in the East,
but also adding four more in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia,
essentially doubly NATO strength on the eastern flank. Together, we've
built a global coalition to stand with Ukraine. Together we

provided significant economic and humanitarian assistance. And together we've supplied
Ukraine with weapons and needs to defend itself tanks, armored
fighting vehicles, air defense systems, long range missiles, and millions
of munitions. The United States, nearly two dozen allied partners

have signed to bilatal security agreements with Ukraine, and more
countries will follow. Today, I'm announcing the historic donation of
air defense equipment for Ukraine. The United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania,
and Italy will provide Ukraine with the equipment.

Speaker 5 (32:00):
For five additional strategic area.

Speaker 6 (32:01):
Defense systems, and in the coming months, the United States
and our partners intend to provide Ukraine with dozens of
additional tactical air defense systems. The United States will make
sure that when we export critical air defense interceptors, Ukraine
goes to the front of the lion, so we'll get

this assistance before anyone else gets it. All told, Ukraine
will receive hundreds of additional interceptors over the next year,
help me protect Ukrainian cities against Russian missiles Ukrainian troops
facing air attacks on their front lines. Make no mistake,
Russia is failing in this war, more than two years

in the Prudent's war of choice, as losses are staggering.

Speaker 5 (32:52):
More than three hundred and fifty thousand Russian troops dead
are wounded.

Speaker 6 (32:56):
Nearly one million Russians, many of them young people, have
left Russia because they no longer see a future in
Russia and Key. Remember, fellows and ladies supposed to fall
in five days. Remember I was still standing two and
a half years later, and we'll continue to stand. All

the Allies knew before this war Putin thought NATO would break. Today,
NATA was stronger than it's ever been in its history.
When this Census War began, Ukraine was a free country.
Today it is still a free country, and the war
will end with Ukraine remaining a free and independent country.

Speaker 5 (33:46):
Russia will not prevail, Ukraine will prevail, Ladies and gentlemen.

Speaker 6 (33:57):
This is a pivotal moment for Europe, for the trans community,
and I might add for the world. Let's remember the
fact that NATA remains the bulwark of global security. Did
not happen by accident. It wasn't inevitable. Again and again,
the critical moments, we chose unity over disunion, progress over retreat,

freedom of returnity, hope over fear.

Speaker 5 (34:20):
Again and again we stood behind.

Speaker 6 (34:23):
Our shared vision of a peaceful, prosperous translanting community. Here
at this summit, we gathered to proclaim NATA was ready
and able to secure that vision today and well into
the future.

Speaker 1 (34:36):
All Right, there's a more energetic Joe Biden showing our
NATO allies he's fit to serve. Actually a good day
for Biden because he got the reassurance from Congress, the
support of reversal of Gerald Nadler, the support of the
Congressional Black Caucus, and James Clyburn looks like he's here
to stay, barring any major malfunction anyway. Well, a full

coverage also Donald Trump's speech tonight at Durrow nine Eastern
Hannity on the Fox News Channel. We'll get a great
lineup as well, coverage you'll never get from the media mob.
That's all the time we have left st DVR. We'll
see you tonight at nine. Back here tomorrow. Thank you
for making this show possible

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