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April 15, 2024 33 mins
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Let me know when you're ready.I bet that's a good start. This
is Tanner, Drew and Laura's DonkeyShow, Donkey Show. What's Up,
kiddos. Thanks for checking out Tanner, Drew and Laura's Donkey Show podcast O
heard online up one of five nine, the brew dot Com, the iHeartRadio,

Apple or wherever you listen to podcasts. Tanner Drew's here, Laura's here,
courts in here this morning. Hi, and I think we should start
with a song today, all right, something to get us all in the
mood. And I think I havejust the thing. You guys, hear
just one of those days where youdon't want to wake up. Everything's foot,

everybody sucks, don't really know whatyou want, just ripping. Someone
said, oh don't human contest andin red you live his own contract.
Your best bit is to stay awaywith the fucker. She's one of those
dings. It's all that you said. She says bullshit. I think you

better quit letting she just slip,are you the fella? It's so that
they says, she says bullshit.I think you better quit talking. That
ship it's beautiful, absolutely beautiful.That's a classic. I actually like that

a lot when I heard it.When I heard it yesterday, I listened
to it about ten times in arow because I liked it so much.
I was like, does he havea full version online? I need to
hear the whole thing makes you wantto burn down a porta potty, doesn't
it? Yeah? It does.Read lyrics will do that. Fred Durst
liked it so must much. Hereposted it so oh wow. Nice.
Even the limp Biscuit like that.So there you go, a little folk

version of break Stuff. Remember thatsong came out, Remember the video how
much stuff got broken? And itwell, it started a riot at Woodstock
and that's just one day of playing. You can imagine how many things were
broken all over America. I wouldbe I'm surprised that they still play the
song, you know, because likelike three days Grace, for example,

won't play their song Riot because they'reafraid of starting a riot. So I
wonder if because that song actually didstart a riot, I'm surprised they still
play it. I'm glad they dobecause I love it, But I mean,
I don't see Limpbiscuit ever being backingdown to that or just being cognizant
of you know more a's and thingslike that, norms and just be kind
of plowing straight through and like,yeah, scre you guys. I wouldn't
play it anyhow. And we're gonnahave Corey Felman limbisky sort of racing hits.

They're gonna get a little light onthe catalog, right, I don't
have many, they don't have toplay them all. So there you go.
We'll put that online if you wantto see it at one O five
nine to brew dot com. Howwas your weekend, Courts? It was
pretty good. I trying to rememberwhat happened this weekend. Yeah, I
went and saw one of my friendsplay a little show up up in Camvus

and just like a bar. Yeah, there's a bar up there called a
Beer at a Time. It's actuallya really cool bar and they're just like
cover band, So they just goup there. It's nice so you to
support your buddy. Yeah, areyou allowed to buy more than one beer
at a time? You can.You can buy multiple beers. It's not
like Chuck E Cheese because I likethat. They could change the name to

Beers at a Time and I'll beup there. Yeah. So yeah,
I didn't do much this weekend eitherI did some chores. Yesterday Saturday,
I just hung around the house,but I started binge watching Fallout. Oh
yeah, I started watching that too. I saw the first episode I think
Friday or Thursday or something, andI thought it was just one episode.
I think it was Thursday because Ithink it was just I thought it was
just one episode a week. Butthe whole season's already up there, all

eight episodes. So I binged throughlike five episodes over the weekend, and
I really I never played the game, but I'm loving this show. Yeah,
shows great. I'm the same way. I never played the game.
All I do. The only thingI really knew about Fallout was the little
cartoon character guy with the thumbs up. Yeah, that's it. That's all
in the name of the risk thing. Because I always see a game stop
the pit boy. I didn't evenknow that it's it's like a computer on

their wrists. And I think Ijust remember seeing like the places I buy
toys from will have it, theApple Watch from the future. But it's
a really good show, you know. And I what I'm the reason I'm
bringing up is because I never playedthe game and I'm still enjoying it,
so I think, yeah, andthat's good news, because I you know,
when you hear a video game show, you're like, well, that's
not that's not a game. That'snot for me. I watched the trailer

and we Lorded too, We allwatched it in here, and it's you
could tell by the first first shot, even before you hit play that it
was filmed. Right, it's filmedlike a like a movie. Right.
The special effects are incredible, maybesuspend the ton even like colerant lighting is
amazing too. Yeah, and ifyou do it right, it doesn't matter
if you've played the video game ornot, Like if the storyline is good,

if it's visually pleasing, like that'sreally all you need. That's really
what they should be doing with all. And that was the problem they had
with so many other video games movies, like when you play do or when
you watch Doom or whatever's the worstmovie and they fall into this like your
first person shooter sort of thing whereall you see is the gun. It's
cheesy as hell. This story isstupid. You don't you don't really care
about anything that's happening, So like, yeah, start with the story.

And that's the same thing with likewith the Marvel movies and Star Wars movies,
start with the story first, thenadd all the other junk in later,
but get start with a good story. Yeah, you don't want to
shuck off the bigger crowd right rightoff the get go. Dude, it's
got a great cast. The mainguy, or one of the main guys
is I see him in a gazillionmovies. He plays a villain a lot

that you're talking about the cool news. Yeah, that's Walton Goggins. He's
great. Yeah, he was.He was in Justified, he's been in
See the dad in Lucky Number slevenat the very beginning of the movie.
The guys his his dad is is, uh, you know, making a
sports bet at a horse race andhe and he plays a slimy guy ale
family. I could have swore he'sthe guy who's like promised him everything's gonna

be alright, son. It's beena long time to have seen that movie.
I could be wrong, but Ifeel like, and that's what,
like what Tanner's saying, he's kindof in everything. Yeah, like you're
not sure what, but it's alot and he's good. And then they're
the guy who played Benjamin Linus andLost is in it. He was also
like the bad guy in the firstscreen movie right spoiler and believe it or
not, Benjamin Linus or whatever.Some Michael Emerson he's almost seventy years old

now he's sixty nine. Yeah,and you could tell, like I remember
him from Lost, which he waswhat twenty years younger than and so he
definitely looked his age. I feltlike, but he's great. He's played
such a good creepy guy. Yeah. I love this show. I'm probably
gonna finish it tonight. Yeah,no, I see it. This is
it, but this is You're like, Oh, I'm glad that they put
it all out at once, butlike, after it's over, you're gonna
be dumb. I do hate that. And there is something to say about

waiting each week for an episode.There is something to that. But when
they when I do get them andI love the show, I love it.
Right. When I love the showand they give him all to me
at once, I do like it. Well, then, also, you
said you were going to probably watchit again, Yeah, because there's you
know, I do this thing man, where you start watching a show and
then you're on your phone for alittle bit minutes. Yeah, right,

you do some day drinking and don'tthink it can happen. And it's funny
nobody tells us when long term memoriesstopped being made. You know, all
our short term memories even it's like, oh, the show's so good at
what beer? Did I stop retainingthe information? Yeah, because I never
like I'll be like, oh,I got it, and then we'll start
watching the show again, and amyyou'll ask me an in depth question about
something that happened the night before duringSeltzer party, and all right, dude,

I don't have that. Anytime Ilearned something while I've been drinking,
it's like I got hit with themen in Black pin. I learned none
of them right right at first,Like, oh I got that retention boom,
Yeah, forgot gone. Yeah,but I recommend Fallout. I know
there's a lot of shows to watchright now, and I was going to
start a couple of other things thatyou guys suggested before I started Fallout,
but I just I got hooked intoit. Nice thing is those things will

all be waiting for you on theother end of it. True. Yeah,
I started watching another cult show.What was it. It's called The
synanon Fix It's on HBO a documentaryor Yeah, it's a documentary about a
cult that started as like a rehabfacility and then it was it became so
trendy that like normal people started justlike hanging out at this rehab facility and

then it just turned out to bea big corrupt scam, which is to
ever get cult documentary fatigue. Yeah, everything turns into a cult. It'll
start great and then they'll be likea lot and then it gets boring,
a repet It's a good documentary,I'm men, but a lot of them
are just kind of not done well. Yeah. It's like you said,

they start strong and they kind offizzle out. And it sucks to say
this, but it's the same jadedsurvivor who's like rumbling through the bad memories
and the files in the same situation, just different over so Summer definitely better
than others. This one I thinkis pretty good. It's one of those
ones where it comes out a weekat a time, So I've only gotten

two episodes, deeep I don't knowhow many they are there are. Well,
that's what does great docs, andthat's what Amazon Prime did with Florid
of the Rings TV show that wasonce a week, and I think they
did that with the Boys, Yes, yeah, and so I don't know.
I guess the showrunner of Fallout isvery upset that they did that.
He wanted it once a week,but they just drop dumped it all at
once, and he's mad. Itseems like the studios don't give a fuck

what the directors and actors. Butalso like, because I know in the
show today you kind of referenced Roadhouseand how the director wanted a theatrical release
but he can't bitch about it becausehe accepted a deal that was streaming only
and he got paid more money forit. So it's like, I would
I would be interested in knowing helike, I guess, is he signed

something without reading it? Right?Yeah? I think it actually benefits in
some ways like a Fallout, becauseif if you release it weekly, you
have the possibility you watch the firstepisode and you kind of forget to go
back, whereas if you if youhave it all at once, you're gonna
you're gonna power through it. You'regonna watch the entire series, or at
least most of it, and thenyou're gonna want more and so the next
time they come out with another season, you're going to be right there for

it. That's true. The negativepart about it is I do feel unless
it's a really really great show,I kind of forget about it, and
and there's sometimes noise now yeah,and sometimes by the time the next season
comes out, which sometimes they waittwo years, I don't care anymore.
And that happened with Upload a seasonand a half behind. I think because
of that and then Hiatus, andI just even the biggest shows like Stranger

Things couldn't give a single ship aboutthe last season. I see the last
season, yeah, like, yeah, it's actually enjoyed it, but I
mean I enjoyed it to an extent, but not enough were like two and
a half years later. Now I'msuper stoked for season five. No,
I don't don't care that they're they'refilming another one to make no sense,
But like, there's a there's ashow called Severance on Apple. Oh that's

right, everyone keeps telling me towatch is fantastic, and it was one
of those it was. It's sortof one of the guys that was in
Fallout is in Severance, one ofthe guys who's like he's in the vault.
He's one of the guys who's runningfor like the Vault leader or whatever
with the beard and stuff anywo solike, but it's a great show and
they we powered through it and itjust disappeared, and I forgot that it

even existed until I saw that guyin fall Out. I'm like, oh,
yeah, that's right, we're severance, right, because that was waiting
for the next season to that andit's supposed to be coming. But that's
the shitty thing about when you Benjaminis that you kind of forget. Yeah,
And in the wild West of streamingservices. We were talking the other
day about Aaron Spelling, the guywho created nine point two Miner in melrose
Place and all that, and hewas so brilliant. Well, you had

a candid audience. Now people aremaking Oscar worthy if you could get an
Oscar for television. TV shows thatdie on the vine because of we just
have so much to choose from,so it's got to be cut through.
Even when you're talented. Being atalented director is almost like a talented singer.
Now, no guarantee that you stayfamous, right, There's a million

talented directors out there, like what'sgoing to make somebody choose you. Well,
I think it's gonna be We're gonnahave some doldrums coming up here pretty
soon because I think we're still seeingthe shows that were in production before the
writers strike. Yeah, so oncethe writer strike catches up, there's good.
We're gonna have like a year ofjust blow Like. Yeah. I

hope that this is a sign forother because there are so many great video
games that have great stories that couldbe movies, like earth Worm Gym would
have been great, but I wouldn'thave. I think that maybe the TV
show medium, maybe that's best forfor for some of these video games because
the stories are some of the storiesdeveloped. I understand Halo is not really

working out that well. I guessthat's not very good. Uh, Like
hardcore Halo fans hate it because thestory is all fucked BioShock, but like
BioShock would be great, you know, Red Dead Redemption would be a great
TV show. Yeah, although Imean with with a game like Red Dead
Redemption, there's there's so much storyin the game, like you pretty much
have it, like I try andthat into it, like yeah, basically

is, but I feel like that'swhat they're doing Fallout, I feel like
that story is Yeah, I don'tknow. I don't know that. I
would assume that the story is prettydeep and as long as you just take
the premise and run with it,change a couple of things, like like
you know, the bad guy inRed Dead to Mica, You're probably gonna
have to switch that up because that'snot a surprise for the people who know
that well. And I think itis good. It's one of those things
where you're not going to be ableto please everybody. Like the people who

are you knows they don't want themovie doesn't match up with the game,
so they don't like it. Butmaybe people who don't want to play the
game enjoy the movie. Like it'stough to please everybody and gt G starting
to interrupt, But GTA is thesame thing, right, It's like gt
is a great title, and ifyou put it in a movie, it's
just a Jason Statha movie. Right. I don't feel like it's crank,

you know, but I would ifthey ever did a g T a movie.
I think, uh uh, DavidDave Chappelle needs to play CJ from
Santadreas. That would be great.Jack it'd be perfect. Every time I
see CJ, I got Steve Chappelleand I also I think about the time
he referenced G T A CJ inone of his skits you know show.

It was like it was like,it was like, why does Tupac always
seem to be referencing things that happenedafter he died. He was at a
club and Tupac's talking about He's rappingabout G T A and CJ from San
Andre what. But yeah, Ithink that maybe video games could be great
TV shows, like the video gameInfamous. I don't know if anybody ever
played that, but the story wasgreat. Yeah, the first one,
the first one, I don't know, I remember what the second one is

about. But this first one youfind out that the villain you're fighting is
just you from the future that's gonebad, and you don't find that out
to the end, and it's abig fucking big looper moment. Yeah,
I think it'd be kind of neat. I think they should take old Atari
games and turn them into movies,like yeah, I think Super Nintendo well,
Super Pitfall would be badass. Butthat's just Indiana Jones just running and

swinging on things. A lot oftime the Nintendo like some of the like
more Mario movies. More. Theywere coming out with a Monopoly movie.
I mean, be careful what youwish there is so long. I would
take an Earth One Gym movie ina second. Did you ever play that
game? Didn't they do a cartoon? There was cartoon because I don't remember

the video game. I just rememberwatching it on TV. It's it's tough,
you know, because I've got theswitch, you can play all Nintendo
games through all through time. Andso we were at the beach and I'm
like, yeah, let me letme get through some levels. I was
playing the second level for like fortyminutes before I quit. Yeah. Yeah,
it's it's some of that old stuff, like we don't play games like
that anymore, so you have tolike it's more like yourself hand eye the

other steps hand eye coordination. Butit's that timing and landing on an individual
beat of a rock, like myhands are too shaky to say. So,
yeah, did you go check theTV? Go do check that show
out and let's do more video gameson TV. I like it. I
like it. You just got todo it right because Fallout's got a big
budget you can tell right, allright, what else did we talk about

today? We talked about things inpublic that we hate touch in person,
like I you know, I hatetouching door handles, obviously, toilets.
If you can avoid it, youdon't want to sit on it. But
what's something Court that you can't standtouching every time you're in public, you
will avoid it at all costs.The any of the rails in a max
or a bus. Yeah, Iwill hold those with my elbow, like

if I'm wearing a coat or somethinglike, just to stabilize yourself. Yes,
so I don't fall over, ButI don't want to actually physically touch
any I made that mistake when Iwent to New York. I touched when
I was riding the subways, Itouched all of those things. Remember,
my hands felt like I had beencovered in like I've just been rubbing slime
all day. Yeah, if youjust feel the germs, because if you
don't hold onto something, you'll getyour thrown across the Yeah. I'll try

to do the same thing Court,stabilize myself. Somehow. Court reminds me
of my dad growing up. Youknow, we we only ever went to
like England and places like that,because that's where my dad's from. So
you spent a lot of time inthe underground. And my dad's cardinal rule
was don't touch the walls, don'ttouch the rails, like when you're walking

through the place. And what kidsdo. And I realize this now that
I have kids. You put yourhand on the top of the railing and
you walk down probably one hundred andfifty stairs, and you don't let go.
You grab every single germ on theway down. And he used to
get so mad, and I rememberthinking, wow, old man. Yeah,
and I look at it now andI bet he wanted to cut my
hands off. Sure, yeah,Or I just see those kids like licking

the window on the Max or whatthose kids have other problems? Yeah,
right, But I mean it's exactlywhat we were talking about earlier. How
a lot of us don't wash ourhands before we eat out. And it's
like if your kid just went onehundred and fifty feet on a dirty subway
railing and then stuffed a cheeseburger inher mouth, like grow. I see
a lot of parents let their kidsrun around and crawl on the restaurant floor,

na, and I just think,how well when we're at the food
carts and we're in a dusty,gravelly spot. You know, there wasn't
a single person who goes and findsa bathroom before they go to a food
cart right now. And I'm guiltytoo, Like I never think about it,
but it's like when you do thinkabout it, you're like, oh,
this is I feel like germs comewith that stuff. I'll take a
burrito with a few germs. Yeah, I feel like that, just because

when you're getting from a food car, you know, it's maybe a little
dirty back there. Yeah, toa circuit extent, it's good to let
your kids get exposed to immune system. So yeah, a little bit of
that is fine, but yeah,you don't want them eating a bowler or
something like that. Not ideal.Did you guys hear about this? The
convicted rust Armor who ended up injail from the shooting. I feel like

if anyone she's held responsible, it'sher. But what she say, she's
got some nasty things to say.So Hannah gruteras read, I believe it's
her name. Yeah, she's theArmor convicted in the fatal shop realized she
got thrown in jail. Oh yeah, she's she was the only one.
She was the one who got thrownin jail for the shooting on the set
of Rust. Of course, AlecBalden was the one who pulled the trigger.
But she called the jurors. Ididn't pull the trigger. She couldn't

do that. She's got some choicewords to say for the jurors. She
calls them quote idiots and assholes anda phone call from jail. Actually,
there are several phone calls from jailapparently recorded. Her comments were brought up
in court ahead of her sentencing onMonday, so this was before him.
Yeah, so I think she's they'retrying to show that she doesn't have remorse
and that she isn't sympathetic. Whyare you talking ship about the jury before

the case is even over. Yeah, the sentencing part. They're not the
one that put the live round inthe in the guns? Sh I think
she does? She are think thesame jurors. Is it the same jury
that that found you guilty, thatsentences you? Well, I think that
will the judge make that decision.I think the judge decides the sentence,
decides guilty or not or it dependson she and the judge. Judge surge.

The judge will defend his jury atall costs. So yeah, I
think the jury can make a recommendationfor what they think the person should pay
or do whatever, and the judgewill either give it a thumbs up or
thumbs down, depending depending on whathe thinks. But I think it starts
there. Well. She All alsosaid that she wants actor Alec Baldwin,
who of course fired the gun,to go to jail. She thinks he
should absolutely go straight to the slam. Isn't he still facing charges? They

were refiled. This isn't over.Yeah, they were filed and then they
took him away and then they refiledhim. I don't think she was,
of course convicted of involuntary manslaughter justlast month. Yeah, I don't think,
Well, so was he last time. So I mean, if he's
still going through this process, Ithink it's two different situations though I don't
think you know what I mean,and it's both involuntary manslaughter. I know

you guys don't agree with me onthis, but he was still the one
holding the gun. Well, buthe's that's her job. She had her
You have one job, job,best practices. You shouldn't be pointing a
gun at somebody, an actor.You were just told to do your job.
I get it. But he waslike, what were you doing?

And he said he didn't pull thetrigger? Okay, really, then how
did it just go? You knowwhat I mean? Like, I don't
know. I feel like I'm notsaying he needs to have the book thrown
at him because they're looking for eighteenmonths for her. So do you think
he should get a finer? Like, I don't know. I don't have
a problem with some sort of financialrestitution. You can afford it. You
cant help those who were effected.Why not take care of, you know,

obviously the next of kids, thefuneral costs and everything. And then
yeah, maybe you owe the familysomething. Yeah, and no problem there.
And now, granted, in bestpractices you don't name a gun at
someone and squeeze the trigger. Likelymost of these actors never will again.
But the thousands of bullets fake bulletshave been fired on set and nobody went
to jail if one armor threw abullet, and maybe mother Teresa of acting's

gun, Yeah, it's still thearmor who brought the live rounds. Yeah,
you're right, Yeah, and Iagree that she should be penalized more
than he still in it, andI kind of I look at Alec Baldon's
kind of like a prop at thatpoint. You know this, he handed
him a gun. They told himit wasn't at least he says, they
told him that it wasn't loaded withlive rounds. And he was an actor.
Aren't you under the impression that allthe ex are doing there? But

if I hit somebody with my caron accident because they jumped out in front
of me, am I still introuble? A mistake or an accident?
You know what I mean? Like, you still have to be held accountable
for your action. Okay, Sothen if that's the thing. What if
what if you are driving the carand the scene and the scene is for
you to drive right up on himand hit the brakes and it's designed to

stop short, but the emergency towrope broke or wasn't tested and you barreled
into him. You're just like Tannersaid, I think you're a wooden tree
that breathes. You're you're a propas well. Well. I mean I
think if you if you put itmore in like in the terms of what
we do for a living. Sosay we like, right this moment,
we're supposed to be we're recording apodcast, so we're supposed to be off

the air. Tanner says, yes, we are absolutely off the air.
You're not live. Your microphone isnot live. You say the F word
into that microphone, it goes outover the air. Somehow. I'm still
on the hook even though I wastold. But he's he would be the
one that's on the hook because he'sin control of the But I'm the one
who said the word right, likeyou should always treat a minke bury.
You too, But remember when yousaid the effort. I never got in

trouble for that. No, no, I know you didn't. They still
bring it up. They still bringit up to all the time, even
though I was at home nowhere nearthis control room. But yeah, I
don't know what happened. It's justweird, weird that it happened. But
yeah, no, I get whatyou're saying. Uh, it's just that
that defeat your point, defeated yourpoint completely. But yeah, so I

don't know. It's one of thosethings. It'll play out in court,
But I just I don't know ifBaldon should be thrown in jail. It
definitely should pay a huge fine.I have no doubt my mind, the
guy should be paying a fine andat least taking care of the family.
I think we can all agree thatshe, Hannah Gutiers read or whatever it
shouldn't have run her mouth and assholes. Damn. Yeah, it's pretty aggressive

at that point. Yeah. Idon't think she's gonna be working in Hollywood
anymore. And apparently she her dadis a famous armor Yeah, so she
kind of just like got the gameand did he did he did? She
screw his business too. I don'tknow. It's not good. Not a
good look when you share a lastname. Speaking of movie, Civil War
topped the box. Obviously learned inthe Lord's News today. The movie that

didn't cost that much to make.It was a twenty four is the most
expensive, but obviously not a it'snot a big budget like The Avengers,
right, but it raked in twentyfive point seven million dollars. Everyone that
I know that saw it loved itand says it's good. They say it's
not what you think it is,and like it's very vague. You don't
know who's who, you don't know, like you know it's it's kind of

like watching Veep. You never reallyknew if she was a Republican or Democrat,
so you don't really know why thisis happening, I guess, or
or which side you're on. Yeah, I think it, and I think
it mostly focuses on the reporters,the four people that they're like like war
dog, you know, reporters.Yeah, it's document. Yeah, it'supposed
to kind of show everything from theirperspective. So yeah, I think's part
of the reason why you don't knowwhat's going on, like who's who,
because they're just kind of running throughall the middle EA fights. But it

looks good, and they're talking aboutKirsten Dunts being a shoe in for an
Oscar Ready for that? That's notthat's not usually happened. I thought I
thought she was pretty much done.I thought I had seen her in anything.
I thought she had that Spider Manmoney and it was just like,
I'm good. But because what hasshe been in really since those movies.
I know she's been in stuff,but I don't know. I haven't seen
that snaggle tooth for a while.She's got tiny teeth, they're not really

snaggling. There's one also like weall grew up with that kid with dark
teeth, like the way that thesun doesn't hit them, like they're dark
to where you think they're all dead. But she's got a permanent coffee stain.
Yeah, but it's like it's agrayish. I don't know. I'm
always liked get that's down a gentledandars or something, and she refuses to

do it. She says, no, that's my six. It's like straight
hand in the mercury, the sameway. I wonder. I've bet there're
a lot of like like Steve Bushmi, like why didn't you get those things
fixed? So he's been chewing dynamitewith this. I think it's I think
part of it is just as abig reason why you get jobs is because
you look like that, because helooks so scary, and how many of
those roles are like ew, you'regross perfect. I mean, he didn't

have to do anything in connor A. He just smiled at the little girl
and you're like, freak. Yeah, and then when they made his eyes
all googly and mister Deed's I think, yeah, it's like he wants to
wear your skin, Like when hejust walks into a safeway, so he's
perfect. So anyway, Civil Warlooks good. It made a lot of
money for it being in a smallbudget movie, and I want to go
see it this week. In itand the director he's done a lot of

things like X MAKT and stuff.Yeah, he said this is his last
film. You know you're making itwhen you're starting to threaten retirement. I
bet once. Once he makes afew million dollars off of the film,
he's okay, I'll do one more. Yeah, exactly. They all say
that. I think Quentin Tarantino isgoing to be the same way. He
says he's going to stop at tenmovies. Bullshit, you like feet too
much? Oh my god, youwe're gonna waste your money on sheet takes.

I need to do another movie.Speaking of Quentin Tarantino, I watched
Jackie Brown oh yeah, this pastweekend, which I had never seen to
the table. I know, apparentthan the person I watched it with did
not was like unaware of like theQuentin Tarantino feet thing. And I was
like, oh my god, feetlike right away and he's like, what
are you talking about. I'm like, just keep paying attention. You will

see a lot more feet now thatyou're noticing that he is a foot thing.
Yeah, and I did, nowI think about it. When the
in pulp fiction, he did cutto what's her name's feet quite a bit
dancing. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I felt like they cut her when
she's o ding. Look at thatfoot. You're gonna go home, You're
gonna drink off and that's all you'regonna do. That's a funny movie whatever.

He's got a supercut of just likelike all of the movies he's ever
filmed. I bet I bet Ibet he films that ship and then looks
at the raw footage, it justgets weird. I bet he, no
doubt, he's definitely a different guy. I don't want to sit in those
chairs in the editing room. Okay, I think that's it for us.
You guys, uh tomorrow more ticketsto this badass show in San Francis.

What do you think of this systemof a down in Death Tones? What's
amazing about this is I was onehundred percent certain the system of a down
was done like they yeah too,they huge they were, didn't they was
that they said they were pretty muchdone and but they got a huge fight
like The Drummer and Surge are relatedthrough marriage somehow, but like the drummer
is like a hardcore right winger andit maga and yeah is not and Surge

is very much not. And soapparently they got a huge fight and like
it pretty much broke up the bandand and nobody. But I feel like
they're big enough where you get yourown tour buses, figure out you don't
have to even see each other untilyou're on stage and really you're not talking
then Yeah, and fifty thousand ticketssold out ninety minutes. That's why.
Yeah, dude, when I firstheard about this, I was like,
I'm going to that tour. Ithought it was a tour and w it's

just one show. I was like, I'm tour. Seriously considered going to
the show, but then I foundout they sold out in ninety minutes.
Yeah. Yeah, I wouldn't besurprised based on that alone that they kind
of got a few more. Thisis a tour. Yeah, yeah,
Well, and it's worth noting alsobecause the guy who won today thought he
was just getting qualified for the tickets, but we're actually giving away these tickets
all week now. The show's inSan Francisco, but it's not until August,

so you you're gonna have to figureout how to get there. Yeah.
When we heard about this show,we were like, let's just hook
up. Let's just get the tickets, all right. I think people will
be excited for that. They cankeep them because you can get on a
sand fran without too much trouble.Yeah, thirteen hour driver. Yeah,
and this has never happened before.This is the inaugural concert of this whole
thing, so this could be thebeginning of something really special. And also,

we don't have the budget for atrip. Let's just be honest,
we get the tickets. Yeah.We tried to see if we could scrape
together some money for a flight andwe're like nope. So it's all up
to you. But you'll have thetickets, which are sold out, and
of course if you try to rebuythem on StubHub, you'd be spending thousands
of dollars. Yeah, and we'llgive them to you all week. Seven
thirty tomorrow morning, another pair oftickets to see System of Down in the

Deaftones with who. Also the otherbands. Mars Volta is going to be
there. The Viagraa Boys are goingto be there, and they bring sane
simples, I hope. So there'sgoing to be handing out boners, something
to hang your hat on. I'venever heard the viagraa boys. They let's
play. They're German, they're European. They were here not that long ago

because they opened for Queens of theStone Age, so they're they're fine,
all right, they're just viagra boys. Oh this is live. I don't
do you want to hear actual song? Here we go? That sounds terrible.

So yeah, tomorrow seven thirty inthe morning, boom that. By
the way, that song I justplayed the titles called Troglodyte Funny Day.
I'll listen to them later. Thatdid sound I didn't like that sounded out
there. I can usually tell withinthe first couple of seconds. Hasn't even
star. I can tell the fiveand I like to buy it. Sounds

like the Eagles of Death Metal rightthere. Yeah, well like it?
He thinks about it's gone at home. He's oh, Jesus, that's violence.
Well what is well? These guysare playing. You can take a

dark turn. You can be digestingthe fact that you're paying a hundred bucks
for parking. Yeah, save yourmoney for the parking and the food because
I'm sure, uh you know,hot dog. I bet it's gonna be
expensive, but it'll be a corememory. I heard because Coachella was over
the weekend. Boy, I heardthat a Coachella two burritos and two drinks
would have run you sixty four dollars. Not subscribe for that, not two

burritos and two drinks. You know, it's crazy about Coachella too. And
I don't know if it's still likethis, but you can't drink like at
the stage, like you can't walkaround what you have to stay in the
beer gardens with him? What?Yeah, which is fine, I mean
because I would want to be sneakingin my booze anyway. But you know,
they could take a they could takea hint from the Masters that was
over the weekend, like the SuperBowl of Golf. No sandwich, there's

sick for seven options. No sandwichis more than four dollars. Yeah,
I mean a full sandwich added golfturch which is the same. But yeah,
and they know you paid a fortunefor the tickets, so feed some
people so they don't fall over inthe heat, right, Yeah, I
wish they would do that, butthe greed's too strong. I can think
a few things that I would liketo do less than go to Coachella.

I'd rather die. Yeah, goto coach I used to it used to
be on the bucket list, andnow I've gotten to a point where I'm
like, I don't think. Ifeel like those kind of vessels are a
young man's thing, young ladies thing. I that's not for a forty two
year old guy. I can't bedoing that unless I buried some booze there.
You know how you dig it up. I do love that. I
believe people do that. Yeah,okay, so we'll have those at seven

thirty. What else Tomorrow is Sadayand we're gonna find out about Laura and
the Jumbo. Oh that's right.Do you see me on the jumbo tron
court. I didn't see it,but I heard why is everyone talking about?
Because I went I had to goout and get a beer, And
then when it came back, mymy wife's like, yea, Laura was
just on the jumble, was aboutto eat the sandwich and going to say,
like the jump drun, She'll likeput the sandwich down. Friday,

Laura went to a fan appreciation nightat the Blazer, you know, at
the monastor at Blazer game, andshe ended up on the JumboTron. She's
super embarrassed, and we'll tell youthat story why she's so damn embarrassed tomorrow
morning. Nice. We just foundout about it after the show. She
said. Cool. By the way, guys, I was like trying to
block it out of my memory.Yeah, I wish I had seen it.
I wish I wish I wasn't havinga beer at the time. Tomorrow,

we'll do that till like seven am. All right, bing bang bye.
You've been listening to Tanner, Drewand Laura's Donkey Show, heard daily
at one oh five nine that brewdot com. May God have mercy on
all of our souls.
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