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April 30, 2024 31 mins
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Let me know when you're ready.I bet that's a good start. This
is Tanner, Drew and Laura's DonkeyShow, Donkey Show, Yo, kiddos,
thanks for checking out Tanner, Drewand Laura's Donkey Show pod casto heard
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or wherever you listen to podcasts.Yeah, I'm Tanner, Drew's here,
Laura's here, and that's it justus today. Squad goals, Yeah,
squad goals. I wanted to playthis. This is I found this
over the weekend and I went downthe rabbit hole on this account. So
it's a it's a new TikTok accountor I guess it's been around for a
while. I'm not sure. Ihave to go and look at when the

first video was loaded. But it'scalled beats by Ai. Beats by dot
Ai is the name of the accounton Instagram. All right, sorry on
TikTok and I guess they just makesongs with artificial intelligence, and so they'll
tell AI too. You know,rot what what you think a country song
should be? So here are alittle bullet points that country. They like
to sing about their trucks, andtheir guns and then beers and of course

the tailgate pickup truck. Sure,you give it a light list of things
and it it runs with it andit turns it into a song. Well,
this guy's made a whole bunch offunny ones. And it's what artificial
intelligence would think that the song shouldsound like. I guess, okay,
Like he's done a whole bunch,Like what what a country song would sound
like made by AI? A songabout the waffle house? Love that?

Well, any song about the wafflehouse is already off on the right foot.
There win, there's a song aboutO. J. Simpson. There's
a song about Chick fil A.It's like if a gospel song is written
about Chick fil A'm so here's thefirst one. This is one. This
is the first one that I found, okay, and it's uh asking AI
to make a hit country song.I got beer in my boots, dirt

on the truck, corn on themine, and a gun of my butt.
It's a small sound. At leastthere's dirt. Least there's beer and
trucks and shirts bearing sucks, dirt, kicks up guns in bucks, big
red trucks, dirty boots, dirtybeer, dirty bucks. That's all sheer,

all the beer for six sock skin. The cans are loud. The
butt sock round, got a beer, I'm afraid, biskin in my food
dime a butt and a truck getssoup. Beer in shrucks, stunt chit
sun tons and buzz big red trucks, thirty foods t thirty bucks, that's

all shere. Oh ye yeah,stinky boots, pick up trucks and country
food stinky boots. Sad thing isthis would be a hit. It's pretty
good, right, it would bea hit. I love that. My
favorite line is a dirt on myboots or a biscuit in my boots,
biscuit in my boot? Why isit so the last change the gun in

your butt? What I find funnyis the lyrics changed out the whole song
except for where the gun is gota gun? But I like it,
And it's probably a little funnier whenyou see the lyrics because the lyrics will
come up as yeah, yeah,but all country music, you know,
Rest in peace Toby Keith. Buthe wrote the book on using the six

hot words, like red cups andpartying. Yeah, we don't remember then
beers, red solo cup firing guns, and he'd just throw in a terror
and boom this night terror. Yep, this next one. I guess I
could play you another country song,or I could go to a different genre.
Okay, okay, it's this aI generated Chick fil A gospel song.

Okay, I mean, I'm herein my heart Sustan, I'm making
the way to the father slag wherethe chickens fold and the blessings. Wow,

last chick flame pays a lot,a lot these chicken blessing chicken every
mind, my sperits its godless ship. Thanks got what fries? I love?

Can I get a Hallelujah? Inschool? So Christie's really slam the
presid Wow. One thing they werethey're missing from that Chick fil A.

I'm glad that they mentioned that youcan get it every day except Sunday,
but they didn't. They didn't includeany my pleasures in there, which is
what every Chick fil A employee issupposed to say when you say thank you.
They're supposed to say my pleasure.And I don't know, I think
maybe it varies from location to location, but if they're doing it right,
my pleasure is obviously they're supposed tosay weird to like to can the response,

yeah, you better say my pleasure. You aren't actually being respectful.
There's some weird rules with the pleasureand then not oven on Sunday. It's
just and I find it hilarious alsothat when they put a Chick fil A
in like an NFL state, itwas oh what was it? I think
the Atlanta Braves makes zero sense.It's like most are on Sunday. So
I'm not sure how this is goingto work because they didn't make an exception

for that. Yeah right, it'sonly Yeah, it's only if there's a
concert, if there's a Saturday game, or if they play one. They
play one game on Thursday night footballevery other year at all. That's crazy,
doesn't It doesn't make sense? ButI guess if you're Chick fil A,
who cares? What do you wantto hear next? Go ahead?
Oh no, it's no, nobig deal is going to say that one
time it's open every other year onenight they've crushed. Yeah, right exactly,

they make their money back. Allright, what else you got?
What do you want to hear?The AI cover of Carnival, it's a
sixties do oop song or the AIgenerated O J. Simpson song O J.
All right, yeah, he's it'sgonna die with It was as American
but behind the fame twisted child diedso Simpson, you had a sobig John,

a white glove. Don't chase thatnation came swoopinaxation, glut their way.
But tell we all knew that JusticeLanta, goodbye, ou Jay.
You've got away from justice, buttoday we remember you. Stop for that.

There you go, AI generated nailed. What do you think of that
cord who just walked in? It'sfantastic. Yeah, it's amazing what the
a I can do and how realit sounds. Yeah. Yeah, there's
a website that I mean, youcan just put in basic key. We
should do that and start making ourown songs. Why are we not doing
that? I don't know he doesthat? We should have We should have

a Tanner, Drew and Laura Sorrydonkeys, we absolutely should create an AI
generated thing. All we would haveto do is put in like little tidbits
about each person on the show,right, It would just created something I
don't know. I don't know thelegality of that, honestly, I don't
know if that if that's covered underyou know, our current licensing or because
it's AI like all of it's new, so I have no idea. Yeah
it's not, but it's if youput it into it and it's independent to

like our like talking singing about us. It's not a song. I want
to know what this guy's using becausehe's got different genres. He's got hip
hop, he's got country, he'sgot rock, he's got different genres.
This guy think you can just doit and like any old like a chat
GPT like you were saying, andchat GPT is interesting because you do have

to massage things right, and Idon't know how it works with music,
but like if you attempt to haveit write you a speech, it is
not going to sound like you wouldwrite it unless he massage through. And
if you attempt to just be like, oh yeah, so I wrote this,
and then you start to read itand be like bullshit, write that.
That's like silly talk and it's oldEnglish and all this other stuff.

But the song, I'm not surewhat you have to do because I bet
this guy does something extra instead ofjust make me a country. Yeah,
it's got to be the same typeof thing that is there I ruined it.
Guy does, but they probably playaround with it once they get what
they check. GPT four can generateharmonies that align with a given melody by
understanding that and and replicating the underlyingharmonic structures. Hmmm. It is just

and it's weird. It's gonna thesethings are gonna get banned in some way,
shape or form for because of theartists. Like it's it's stealing the
song from somebody, you know,like everything, the bet, the melody,
everything is stolen from somewhere. Iknow. I think I think that
it's rearranging everything that it's heard,so it's like it's not a song,
it's a little piece of this andit's a little piece of that. I

just take a note at this point. I know YouTube now you have to
disclose whether or not it's AI,which at least is that, But that's
not stopping people from doing it rightm hm. And the weird ones are
the ones that are like that soundlike somebody like do it in the style
of Bob Dylan or whatever. That'sthat's how I feel like that's problematic.

Like I'm surprised more people haven't likethat, Like that Weekend Drake song.
Yeah, I'm surprised they haven't steppedup and been like, okay, no,
yeah, here's it sounds just likehere's some there. I ruined it
just to give you an idea.If you don't know, this is Simon
and Garfunkel singing Baby Got Back.Wait, this is a real big butts.

I cannot lie. This is definitelyreal. Well, the brothers handing
nice. I knew they loved abig butt. When a girl walks in
with that wist, beautiful and aroundthing in your face, you get strung
because you knows that, but werestuffed. You pull up to deep in

the cheese. She's wearing very beautiful, very beautiful. It's very nice.
I don't know how they do it, but it is. It is creepy
and then you pull up. Thisis Snoop Dogg reacting to a remix that
this guy did of his song inthe Morning in the jumping up my Mama

and I got a pretty good Yeah. That one went goes a little bit
into the Alvin and the Chipmunky versionof him. Yeah, but it's still
Snoopy dog pretty good stuff. SoI wanted to play you this clip that

we played on the show today.Did you see the video chord of Chad
Kroger at like some so he's insome Vegas ball like a casino or something.
Yeah, it looks like they're sittingat slots. Doesn't seems like late
night behavior. Maybe I'm not.Yeah, it looks like a casino for
sure. Yeah, but it's it'sprobably like you know, in the wee
hours and hammered. Yeah, ChadKroger looks hammered night and this woman walks

up to him. She goes,Chad, sing me another song. So
you can tell that they've already likehad an encounter, like she's already been
picking on I'm saying, sing mea song, Chad Kroger, and he's
hammered, like what the like fuckingwhat again? He's kind of annoyed with
her. Yeah, and he shegets him to sing again. Though.
Listen to this, it's super funny. Can you think for me one one

little time? Do you think forme one little time? Just rough stars?
Can you give me a loverse couldhave? It's like bottom win because

he sees that she's taping him andshe's probably got a big shiitting grin on
her face. I regret immediately,and all those friends are around kind of
laughing at him, and he couldhe could have been too cool for school,
right, he could have been like, no, I'm not doing that
for you. But I thought thatmakes him very human. Yeah, he
played along at least, yeah alittle bit. I want to know what
he's saying. The first time,you just sing for me again? So

what I don't know. I thoughtI took that sing for me just one
little time, like just do itonce? She said again, though,
yeah, what can you think forme Oneman? One little time? I
guess? She almost said one moretime? I guess, but you could
tell by how irritated he is.And when she has Chad, Chad,
it's like it's like where you've askedsomebody something ten times and they're ignoring you

and they're like, Chad, right, yeah, Jed, what can you
think for me? Oneman? Onelittle time? Do you think for me?
One little time? Just rough stars? Can you give me a lover?
It's like bottom queen. He wasabout he was about to do more,

and then he's like wait no,he reaches for the camera like geting,
get paid for this? Yeah,I mean he did sound pretty good.
I was going to say, beinga wasted Chad Kroger. Yeah,
pretty good. I gotta tell youthough, because he still has a short
hair and it throws me off.Man, I'm still not used to it.
He's had the short hair for years, and I prefer my Chad Krueger.
Technically it's Krueger, but I likeKroger, never calling him Krueger.

Ever, technically it's Kruger. It'sKruger's technically. Yeah. He yeah.
He mentioned that in some interview liketwenty years after, like literally it was
like two years ago. He saidthat he's Canadian nice, so he just
didn't want to correct people for allthose years. It is weird hair.
I don't spelt it with you,then I mean it's gonna in it.
Come on, just Freddy Krueger.It looks like it's not spelled like Kroger
is. No, it's it's there'sa U. If you want it to

be Kruger, it's gotta be.You gotta put you in it. Kroger
has an oe, right, uh, Either the way he just spelled he
spells it, it's just an O, I think, but yeah, I
think it is. Oh, isit okay? Then I guess it is,
but I mean, you know,you're a rock star. W we're
breaking down. Do you see thatEmma Stone her name isn't really Emma,

what is it? It's Emily Andshe wants people to start but like she
wants people to start calling her that. It's like, I'm not going to
call you Emily, but I meanit can't be done well. I mean,
we called Diddy whatever he was puffdaddy, I Prince did it kind
of well kind of yeah, theartist formally known as Prince. That's a
mouthful he wanted to I guess hejust wanted to be a symbol. But

he couldn't copyright that or something likethat or well, and it also doesn't
have words. I mean, likeyou can't. I can't just call you
symbol. I meant, there's gottabe a name that goes along way to
google. That a symbol for aguy who used to be prim not even
a real symbol. You can't evenbe like, uh so the symbol because
it's just like a made up thing, right Yeah, So yeah, Emily

Emily's Stone Stone. But you're gonnahave to start putting that in the movies
because that's the reason she started goingby Emma Stone is that there was already
an actress like registered with that name, and so she's like, I'll just
go by Emma. But after awhile she's like, that's not my name,
don't call me that. So,but she's gonna have to convince the
directors to put Emily Stone in thecredits if they want to, if they
want her to, if they wantus to call her. I think professionally,

she's going to have to stay asEmma Stone. But like if you
just see her on the street,I mean, well, that's the case
for all of like all of theactors that you see that have like like
if they use their middle initial likeMichael J. Fox or Samuel L.
Jackson, it's because there was anothersam Jackson. There was another Michael Fox.
I want to stand out. Yeah, but like that makes sense if
I'm refering, I never even thoughtabout that. If I ever refer to

Michael J. Fox, I'm callinghim Michael J. Fox, I'm not
calling him Michael Fox or Michael Imean, so, yeah, use the
whole name. Another weird one isLaurence Fishbourne. Was Laurence Fishburn while he
was famous and in the middle ofhis Laurence Fishburn. He changed it to
Bourne because it had more like he'sbeen acting a long time, have been

in the seventies. It's like wayback he was fish Burn. That's what
it was. That's what I wasto him, too, Born changing your
name spelling, Oh okay, it'swhile the list of actors I just went
to like a celebrity celebrities real names, right, and whole list came up
of fifty slubs that they don't usereal names, like Olivia Wilde. This

is what I remember this now thatI'm reading it. Her last name makes
me laugh. Olivia Wilde. That'snot her real name. What do you
think it is? I hope it'sOlivia jar Her real name is Olivia Cockburn.
Wild is the way to go.A long line of Cockburn, Jesus
Olivia Cockburn does not work out.Reese Witherspoon, that's not her real name,

Witherspoon. Witherspoon is the real part, but her first name actually Spoon
is Laura. Her real name isLaura Jeanine Reese Witherspoon. I would go
by Reese, also Laura Janene Reese. I wonder if she goes I doubt
she goes by Laura. Maybe Mom, Mom, Maybe Mom calls her Laura.

This doesn't surprise me because the nameBruno Mars is so perfect. I'm
like, come on, that's notreal, is it. It's so far
from his real name and I'm justlearning this now. What's his real name?
Peter Jean Hernandez Peter her Nandez yePete. Katie Perry's real name is
Catherine Hudson. Natalie Portman's real nameis Nita Lee Hirschling. It's very Jewish

to mean. Moore is Demetria JaneGuess. Yeah. Joaquin's Joaquin Raphael Bottom.
Phoenix Ya Joaquin Raphael Bottom. It'sinteresting because his brother also went by
Phoenix, right, so they musthave That must have been an effort.

And I think there's other siblings too. They were like a traveling group of
gypsy actors with their parents. Interestingkid Harrington from Game of Thrones who played
John Snow, his name is ChristopherKatsby Harrington. I bet that was a
nickname that he had as a kid, you know, Catsby kid. I
can see that. Katsby. JulianMoore Julianne Smith is her old name.

Megan Markle's real name is Rachel MeganMarkle. You know what, what's more
interesting to me is people who youassume with the stage name, like Eagle
Eye Cherry. It's actually that dude'sreal name. Really, he's serious,
that is his Wow, mister didn'tchange to that. No, that his
parents were like, you have EagleEye Cherry. There you go, dude.

Jamie Fox is another one who doesn'tuse his real name, and his
real name is so far from JamieFox, it's wild. What is it
like Eric Marlin, Bishop Marlon.I wonder how people get these names.
Reginald that's that's Elton John. Hisname is originald, originald something. Reggie
John sounds the last name is differenttoo. I forget, I forget what
his last name is. He sayssomething, he got the name. He

went, he went to the listand wrote down unisex names because they were
just coming up with names. Andhe said Stacy Green, Tracy Brown,
Jamie Fox. So yeah, yougo, just yeah, just stuck.
Jamie Fox's so weird how far hegoes back. He was the DJ on
in Living Color at one point,so he's like out there mixed in the
discs. Well, uh, JLow is dancing on the stage down there,

and only to learn that they wouldbe the two biggest stars of the
group. Miley Cyrus. We allknow her real name right, no name
Destiny Hope Cyrus. They are astraight up country billy Ray. In the
beginning, it is a party inthe U s I it is Ashton Kutcher

is first. Actual, it's actuallyChristopher Ashton Kushcher. Okay, he comes
across that. He like are alwayswas a country clubber. He just has
that feeling. But maybe not that'slike tofer Grace like I thought his name
was to but it's it's Christopher onthe show. Christopher is Christopher. Tina

Fey's real name? What Elizabeth StamanStammantina Fay Elizabeth Stamatina Fay stan Martina is
a better move? Yeah, Drakeis Drake's name is Aubrey Yeah, oh
wow. I didn't know that withDrake as well. And I remember I

remember going to the Heart Ready MusicFestival with Court and Drake was on stage
and then I looked over at Courtand he looked like he wanted to die.
Favorite. Every time my daughter playsDrake, she loves Drake and when
we ride in the car, shewill disconnect my phone from the stereo,
connect her phone and she starts playingDJ and it's it's crap like that.
I want I don't want to driveus into a It's a great song.

Is this your oldest, her youngestand my youngest my oldest? Actually,
remember with your car run in yourshow? Remember when Drake was just that
kid in a wheelchair and de grassythat TV show? Is that a Nickelodeon
show? Yeah? I think itwas. It was some Canadian It was
like Canada's version of Nickelodeon or somethinglike that. Man sounds and he's had
those eyebrows ever since he was akid, Stark, He's had those intense

eyebrows. Drake, I do lovea man with strong eyebrows. These are
plastered on. They look like they'reit's looked like shoe pole, is it.
Oh yeah, it's a guy wholike pretends to be him. If
his eyebrows were under his eyes,Oh my god, that's it's not real.
But the guys who's pretending to beDrake, like, yeah, they're

like like giant Nike swooshes on hisface and they took his eyebrows and put
him under his eyes. He lookedlike he was playing football. Those things
are serious, all right. SoI think that's it for us today.
There's not a lot you guys,and okay, that's well, that's all
right. Tomorrow. There's so muchthat we're gonna talk about tomorrow. We
didn't get a chance to talk abouthalf of it. Like ten things everyone
does but nobody talks about. Iwent salsa dancing Friday night. Cl o

Hey, yeah, I can't waitfor them hips. I tell you,
man, five minutes in my hipswere fucking burning. It's a lot.
I did that one right before COVID. My my wife talked me into going
with some other friends and it wasit was like this, we're just gonna
kind of hang back and watch everybodyelse. I'm just gonna hang And of
course there's no Yeah, she's tryingto ride the wall. You're like,

this isn't a junior high mix.You're going out. And then I was
like, okay, I'm just goingto dance with my wife. I will
just dance. And of course theythink, thank you mixing everybody up.
I thought the same thing. So, like, my trainer invited me,
right, It's not like she's justa friend of mine. But I thought
I was going to be paired withher because it's comfortable. She's the one
I know. Now. They're allabout getting me out of your comfort zone,
dude, And because I was alreadysuper nervous about it, I had

some liquid courage that definitely helped.But then they go, okay, rotate,
Yeah, I'm like, oh fuck. But the cool thing was is
half the class was awesome newbies,so I wasn't the only new guy that
I wasn't so intimidating. I shouldhave rolled in in like some white slacks,
but yeah, boom boom, soquite shirt with the chest showing next
time. But you know, itwas a lot of fun. I didn't

think I was going to like it, and I did the same thing.
I went there with the intention tograb my beer and hang back against the
wall. But the person I waswith, she's like negative because her other
friends canceled, so I was goingin and so she pulled me out there
and yeah, I mean I didit, and it's really not that hard,
just getting good at the easy steps. Yeah, no fancy the dancing
was. It was the dancing withother people like that. I hate that

whole experience, And every time Icould catch my wife's eye. I was
giving you the death life. Whatdid you do to me? Really?
You were pissed? Oh, itwas not happy because I just had to
it. Like at first I waslike no, and then you just have
to embrace it. Her I wouldhave been miserable. Yeah. Yeah,
he's just trying to catch a lanceon his wife. Was it the one
and tigered? No, we actuallywent all the way down to Eugene.

I was it was our friends werein Eugene. They're like, hey,
let's go we'll do something fun.We'll go out drink in then we'll do
a little dancing. And I'm like, oh yeah, whatever. That a
hoe down at Wow. So whatdid you say to your wife afterwards?
After you? I said, wewill never ever do that. Even though
I got and I got saved bythe pandemic. It was literally it was
like the day before everything shut down. It was like right before what about

it? Did you not like?Was it was it too much for your
hips? No? It was myhips were fine. It was out of
your comfort. Yeah, just likelike I got a touching, I am
not. It was a lot oftouching stranger studies. I am not somebody
who enjoys like strangers, like justlike being thrust into a situation like that
where it's one on one and you'rehaving to like have awkward conversation and try

to fill those weird awkward gaps andstuff like that. And I did I
just I start getting I'm sweaty rightnow thinking it's hard for him to dance
with a chub. Yeah, solike that is not my scene at all,
I think. And the next baconand beer, we should have court
salsa dance a half a dozen people. Yeah, it's salta roulette, but
it's like salsa dancing is so youknow, the basic steps are really easy.

It's just getting those basic stamps tolook really good. Yeah, after
a while dance. Yeah, andI'd imagine it turns into muscle memory.
Yeah. Yeah, you see peopledo it using it up. Yeah,
as soon as you usually when youtake your first drink of a beer.
I usually do that anyway. Yeah, I'm ready about it. When we
were in choir growing up, salsawas a big part of the get the

front back, front back, frontback, ye, pit pit pit yeah,
yeah, oh my god. Weshould do an event, just salsa
event. And Laura's salsa, thedance off. The girl who tried to
uh, she she got me there. She's trying to get me to go
again, and I told her Iprobably would because I did have a lot
of fun. They see what theyserved drinks there, which were really affordable,
which is nice. It was likefifteen bucks to get in, but

that wasn't a big deal. Theymust make a killing because there was hundreds
of people there. Wow, yeah, I think about it. Must make
it down fifteen bucks a pop andthere was at least three hundred people.
Oh yeah, and the overhead onthat probably it is not much. See
that would that would have been almostbetter because I feel like I could have
ducked out, like I could have. I could have just like vanished.
It was like I think it wastwenty and my wife be like, I
know you left the only person Iknow here. Get over here. And

the music's fun, you know,and all the instructors are in really good
shape and they're fun to watch,and I kind of liked it. I
don't know that I'm going to doit all the time. I maybe we'll
do it one more time, butyeah, I can't imagine me whatever one
turn two turns into three turns intonow you're going twice a week. They're
calling him the King of the night. But it was fun. It was

fun. It was a weird night, though, because the person I was
with, her father in law,passed away, like right in the middle
of it. During she comes tome, she goes, I have to
leave her father in law. Myfather laun like ex father, and yeah,
so she just got divorced. Butthey're still like, you know,

like this they were fan like Lauraand her exit when they were together for
a long time, twenty years,they were to go, Yeah, I
mean, you think about my wifeand my parents are like family. So
yeah, that was exactly. Sothat was basically because her dad died when
she was a little kid, sothat that guy played father for her for
twenty something years. So he passedaway Friday night while we were dancing,
and she just you know, shecalled it, called it an early night.

I just felt terrible, you know. But luckily she was there with
a friend because all her other friendscanceled, And yeah, that would have
been shitty to be by herself.Yeah, but I mean and probably good
that you were out doing something fun. Did you did you keep dancing?
Like all right, well, youhave fun with the funeral. I'm gonna
I'm gonna keep dancing. So theplan was to leave. The plan was
to leave, and she uh,I parked like three blocks away. I

was just gonna walk to my car, but she demanded that I get in
her car and she drive me there. But before we got into her car,
she bumped into some of the friendsand they convinced us to go to
Aurora, that dance club right upthe street that used to be Blitz.
Oh yeah, yeah, a lotof time, a lot of dancing.
So I go there for forty fiveminutes. I'm just fucking dancing with the
people. She she bounces out ofher the whole like she should just go

to a different club. Now.You know, it's like it's like that
LCD sound System song, dance herselfclean, but dance yourself happy, you
know. So I mean it's danceall your troubles away. Because she said,
she goes like, no, I'mgonna go, And then she talked
to her friends for like two moreminutes. She goes, you know what,
let's do it, because he's justgonna be bummed at home bummed tomorrow.
Why start now? And she said, she's glad she did that.

But that only lasted another like fortyfive minutes. Yeah, because when something
like that happens, you can tryto patch it. But eventually she's got
a process. Yeah that's right.So but it was a lot of fun
sausa dancing. I'm gonna get somemoracas. I'm going to get some of
these shoes. I can't We're gonnacome in with like white one and pans
and yeah, really like like badtacky tan. Yeah, oh my god,

please this mumbling we don't talk about. But I want to see so
I want to see court salsa dance. Oh it's it's it's gonna be I
don't I think it's gonna be great. Yeah, it will happen again.
But I'm glad you did it.I Amy and I are like old school.
We like to dance if we're outof place with music. So to
be able to do it is ais a good little trick. And the
cool thing is it's like, youknow, twenty years ago, I would

have been super nervous. Young.It would have been like I don't want
this isn't cool. I feel dorky. Everyone there is doing the same thing,
right, two people there are terribleas well. Just fucking embrace it
and that's it. And that's whatI did. That's right, of course.
Uh two or three beers doesn't hurteither. Liquid courage. Yeah,
no dancing until you've had some soberdancing. But all right, so I

guess that's it. Get any videogames in this week in court, I
played a little pubg. I'm stillsorting out the connection because I moved my
Xbox from my my basically my bedroomat the top four, which is right
next to the router. I movedit down to the basement so the kids
could play with it too, andthey wouldn't have to like wake me up
or you know, you know,all right stuff. So it's about as

far away as it could possibly getin the house. You're so, yeah,
you're glitchy. Yeah yeah, soI'll just I'll be at the point
where I'm just getting somebody targeted inand taking a couple of shots at him,
and then, you know, justglitch. You gotta get a long
cord because that's going to change thegame. Yeah, oh yeah, being
I used to do that. Iused to wireless my Xbox and it was
a fucking mess. Yeah, justalways dying, always glitching. Yep.

But all right, well do youstill stand up to play video games?
Sure, that's what exercise I get. People stand up for eight hours in
one spot and stare at a TVspot. According to your wife, you're
not being lazy if you're not sittingdown, that's right. You know,
there's like, what are you doingwhile I'm actually moving here? If you're
sitting, there's this optic thing whereyou're not going to get to play as
Yeah. I totally get it.Like it's even though I find it weird,

I totally know that feeling of whensomeone comes in and you're sitting down
and you don't look like you're beingproductive. I mean when I when I
used to live with my girlfriend,you know, I'd work mornings, so
I'd be at home at like oneo'clock, two o'clock in the afternoon,
so she I'd be on the couchof my pajamas by the time she got
home, and it probably just lookedlike I was a lazy it all day,
you like, but if I wasstanding up in jeans, so there
you go. Yeah, different,I just up for a second. I've

been cleaning the house all day.I just got for a second. To
play the game. You just puta little measuring tape on your hip.
While you're doing it, I'm measuringstuff. Oh good. Uh. Tomorrow
we'll have another pair of tickets tosee the Rolling Stones or seats in the
house. Were seats in the house? Nose bleeders? It needs drugs when
you can get nose bleeds from yourticket. They're up there at Lumenfield.

But at least she'll be in.That's the important part, that's right.
So we'll do those again tomorrow atseven thirty. We will see you by.
You've been listening to Tanner, Drewand Laura's Donkey Show, heard daily
at one oh five nine the brewdot com. May God have mercy on
all of our souls.
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