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April 11, 2024 35 mins
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Let me know when you're ready.I bet that's a good start. This
is Tanner, Drew and Laura's DonkeyShow, Donkey Show, What is happening
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iHeartRadio, Apple or wherever you listento podcasts. I'm Tanner Drew's there,
Marcus is here. Oh sorry,Laura's here too. Thanks, She's here
as always. Yeah, and she'sgonna be here because she did not get
chosen for Jerry duty, which wasa bit of a bummer for her because
she was going to be involved ina murder trial that had to do with
desecration of a body. It wasa bit of a bummer. Now it's
a big bummer. Well, Ithink it's almost it's one hundred times better

for all of us now because notbetter than you being on the trial,
but better than this morning because ofall the information we got. I know,
yeah, that was pretty cool.That was all we could ever ask.
We got so much info. Marcus. I know you probably didn't hear
the show this morning, but uhWorth, finally we finally got the name
of the person who's on trial forthe murder that Laura would have been a
part of if she were chosen.And let me pull this up here because

it was in a text message.I think I've closed those text messages here.
But Christopher love lover loving Love,I can't remember. That's not a
lover, No, it wasn't itor something. I don't have any of
it up anymore. Christopher Love loverRen lover Ren. Okay, because the

guy actually commended us for getting itright, but that was when we had
it in front of him. Yeah, could I could read it. Christopher
lover Ren is the guy who's ontrial for murder, and apparently he dismembered
this person and put him in hisshed. As we were talking about that,
it was the craziest fucking news story, or you know said of the
events this morning. It was aroundseven thirty this morning. We're telling that

story on the air about about thethe you know, a double homicide,
the trial and the homice. Rightas I'm reading that story, I get
a news alert that oj Simpson haddied at seventy six years old. As
I'm reading, as I'm listening tothat guy tell us about it, about
his uncle in the midst of anepic story unequally epic headline pops. Yeah,

and so I like my head almostexploded. So we had to go
to commercial real quick. But wecame back and we had him on the
phone and we talked to him andhe was talking about how he was his
favorite uncle before he found out thathe killed somebody. Yeah, not just
somebody, but multiple people. Twopeople that they know of. Somebody in
the nineties, and then they wereinvestigating that death. And then while they
were investigating that death, they foundblood that led him to the death that

he's on trial for now. Yeah, because the one in the nineties was
a cold case. And then becausesomebody in the family did a twenty three
and meters they ancestry type stick.Yeah, they took the DNA and were
able to match it with this guyand pinned the nineties murder on him.
And then they also found out thathe had a connection to this this other

murder. I didn't know it openedthe floodgate because then that allowed them to
look at him and they weaseled itby. They actually took DNA off of
his beer glass, Like they wentall in on his family. But It
wasn't until they found DNA of asecond individual inside of his car that they
returned to his house to find whatLaura was going to hear in court,

So that I would have been thecase that Laura would have heard if she
were chosen on Monday. So that'swhy killed him with a crossbow. Marcus
not crazy and then cut him upand buried him in the shed, buried
him under the shed. And wehad his nephew today, Sorry, is
there any contexts from the nephew likewas this a feud or was this a
is this guy they are like,what did he think that he might be
a serial killer? Because I'm thinkinghow many people did he kill that he

got away with it? Because hesaid his nephew said that back in the
nineties the murder, like he wasaddicted to meth and the guy he murdered
was also a drug addict. Sothey thought maybe that was just like a
one off thing. But then wedon't know the connection that they had,
like this new guy had with him. Yeah, because if you're the family
right straight away like okay, hewas a tweaker, but this is a

cold case. Maybe he's not rightnow, And so we can pass it
off as tweakers, betweaking, andthey maybe they got in a fight and
blah blah blah. But once youpile bodies, once it goes to the
second feel like my own mom,I know, would say, you broke
you broke the bond. And onceyou've done it once or twice and you've
gotten away with it, do youget a god complex and you feel like

you can just keep doing it?Maybe well, and especially because like at
the beginning, they're like, oh, it was the drugs, you know,
but it sounded like after all theseyears he was clean or at least
not as much of a degenerate.And so but now that he did it
again without the use of drugs,like an article, he's definitely not all
there. Because we found an articletoday that said his quote was I have

the devil inside me. Yeah,I have Satan inside. He's got he's
got other problems going on. Andthink about it, you know, twenty
one years between those killings that we'retalking about, ninety nine to two thousand,
So for twenty one years, thisgod complex starts to grow. Maybe
there are other bodies and it multipliesand as time goes on. That's why

I really believe that they just gotto keep combing this guy's life and his
timeline for missing people. Yeah,totally. I don't have to check every
house he's been at. They're gonnacheck how the missing persons in all the
areas that he's lived in, anddo any of them meet his mo O.
Yeah, because this other guy thathe killed seems like the only thing
they would have in common would bethe drift slash drug addict type thing.

They don't seem like they're from thesame block. No, So I don't
know if he picked this guy up, if this is a weird sexual thing,
if this is just he says he'sgot the devil in him, So
that's just that it's a lot.Yeah, so Laura would have been God,
I wish you were a juror.Laura would have been there, would
have been great. You would havejust seen some regular photos though, set

in the room with him. Yeah. Oh, that's true, And that
was kind of where I was comingfrom on this, playing Devil's advocate here
a little bit. Like the moreI hear about this, the more I
think think that this might be oneof those ones that traumatizes jurors a little
bit. Because this guy sounds likehe's off his off his rocker. And
I mean, look, it's it'sgreat if you do your your civic duty

and you put the guy behind barsfor the rest of his life. You
know, hats off to you forthat as a juror, but you also
have to live with everything you're goingto see in that courtroom and know that
it's real. And something about theway that we all consume true crime keeps
it at arm's length from us.Yeah, we're still watching TV, or
we're still looking to it. Differentexperience. Yeah, to be sitting in
the courtroom with him, Yeah,maybe it's better at home with a you

know, bagel in your hand orsomething. Yeah, at least in here
you got to consume it in aOkay, wow, that was intense.
But now and if it's gross,you can turn it off, right,
But if you're a jury, you'rejust stuck there. You know what.
I also think would be hard stayingawake. I mean not in something like
this, maybe not, but likeI just think that as a jur just

sitting there for so long, Icould see myself dozing. We're not having
your mind wander to other things.But you really need to be paying attention.
Yeah, they're sitting telling you somethingreally intense and you're thinking about fucking
you know. It's like, I'mso longing. I would have a problem.
Like I I was at a familyfunction just the other day and my
dad walked up to me. Hegoes, do you realize you never sit
down? And I'm like, Ido sit down. He's like, no,

you just move around all the time. You're just always moving around.
And it is the truth. Theonly time I sit still in my whole
day is in this chair. Andthen what do I do. I get
them and I have to walk around. I can't do that on a jury,
right, you go do laps likea media in a way where restless
legs would be Christy A nightmare isa method? Oh yeahs intolerable for sure.

I think that the best thing forme is a juror would be if
it was a contentious case, likeif the prosecutor and the defense attorney you're
going at each other and the judgejust telling them to shut the hell up
and sit down report to the benchlike that type of stuff makes it exciting.
Now. I want to see thejudge reprimmend a lawyer you know,
that's what I want to see.I want to see a defendant get up

and stomp around it down. Youknow, I've been I've actually testified in
a murder trial just as a characterwitness. But they it's like law and
order. They're yelling overruled. Imean even in my trial that wasn't anything
like that. It was just Idon't even know what my trial was.
It was just civil. Well youdidn't put the body underneath that, yeah,
you left it on. There wasso much money involved that the people

were yelling at each other and thenpleading the fifth and all sorts of ridiculous
things. It gets intense in thosemeetings, and and in that trial and
in the other one that I wasin, both of them, I was
yelled at by the other lawyer.Well, because when you try to make
a point in a courtroom, theythe person on the other team, if
they don't like the point, theyimmediately attempt to interject. It's just like

law and order. And so ifyou notice that, and then you're like,
well, I'm just gonna work myway through this sentence and see if
I can get through it, allhell breaks. Yes, they when they
feel like they're losing control or theydon't have the power. They melt down.
They do, they melt hard.And I just remember at one point
like just trying to tune them outand just keep talking, like as long
as they would allow me. Yeah, yeah, until the judge is so

all right, you have to waitand do this. I'm like, oh,
my bad, but it's already outthere. Yeah. I got it
robbed at that trial. I reallydid. Like I was, you know,
is united front, Like you're rootingfor your buddy. We were there
for the same reason. We're onthe same side. I'm excited to go.
Is the first thing, first timeI've ever been involved in anything other
than traffic court, which when Iwas in high school got contentious, but

it was just a judge being adick. This. I was so excited
to get in there to this trialand say what I had to say if
they asked me this s yeah yours. I got up on the stand.
They said, can you confirm thatyou were, you know, a producer
third mic on the Donkey Show fromX date to X date? And I
said yes, And he said andwhat was your role? And I,

you know, I told him whatthe role was. It was like a
minute, maybe I talked and thedefense attorney goes or the proscinity attorney goes,
no further questions. He asked lawyerdidn't even ask us anything anything because
of that he had nothing to cross. I think our lawyer asked me one
question and his lawyer asked me onemaybe two. But I was on the
stand for about about two minutes.Yeah, it's all pretty quick, and

I just couldn't for that shit.I flew out from Detroit for that ship.
But in a lot of the things, it's like that, because even
in the murder one, I wasonly on this. I drove to Portland
to be in the thing, andit was like four minutes and I was
out. Yeah. And and it'sweird because you're only allowed to be like
you can't be in the courtroom beforeyou testify, right, so like if

you're at the trial and you knowthe people, you have to wait out
sick saying I had to sit outthere in the hallway, So, which
is super weird when you know thedefendant or in a criminal case, I'll
just be out here. How longare you on the stand? Me?
Yeah, I was just saying,like, I say, four minutes,
what I'm talking about from my trialaround there five minutes max. Maybe,
Yeah, dude, it was noteven that for me. Like I sat

down and I by the time Isat down, I felt like there saying
Okay, that's all we need,and it's just weird because you're like,
this is about this is my trial, Like what. Yeah. I was
just very I dragged the deposition onbecause I was like, if you're gonna
pull me in here, you're gonnadeal with me. So to the point
where they add our own lawyers askedme, hey, uh, you got
to give him something. We're gonnabe We're gonna be here after lunch.

I was like, okay, allright, I could be something. This
lawyer really tried to use fear tacticson me big time, and I just
never let him. Tough to dowhen you have a twitch to be that
intiat. He wasn't good at it, and I just yeah, I constantly
would just like we would just dostaring contests and I would constantly win.
I was like, I'll sit hereuntil you fucking I'll sit here for fucking
three hours, and it would bea couple of minutes and then he would

turn away all and I would justdeath stare him, like, you're not
going to freak me out, dude, because I didn't. I did nothing
wrong. You assuming because I calledsomebody a douchebag. That's literally why we're
here. That's appropriate. And thewhole system's broken too, because it's like
the cost per minute that goes downin those things for all parties, like
even the company, like the meternever stops running deposition pre meetings. It's

like none of that's free. There'sno like by one Bogo sale, right,
the amount of thousands that go intoevery civil litigation that's bullshit, is
it's over the top. There needsto be more of a filter process before
the meter runs. Well, that'swhat they say. You know, you
can you can sue anybody can seeanything. You can see a ham sandwich
if you wanted to. Yeah,and I've had a few that have turned
my belly and I should have foundI should have sued doubleham sandwiches I've had.

Knew, I knew the meat waswet. But it's it's pretty crazy,
you know. Having all this newshappened pretty much at the same time
today with the OJ news and thatthe news about this trial here in Oregon,
I don't even think I need towatch any true crime tonight. You
know, I got to fix thismorefl to go with something a little bit
more rosy. I was telling Laurasshe's got to watch that people versus Ja

Simpson. I think you'll enjoy itbecause it is very well done, so
well done, great actors and actressesin that, and it's pretty addicting.
Like I I I once one episodewas done, I fucking had to start
the next episode. It was definitelyand it's a good refresher for all the
drama the wind down. It tookhim ten months to tell us about it
in a trial, but there wasa lot there. Look, they're still
talking about them, the noise.That's all they've been talking about all that.

O. J. Simpson dead atseventy six after cancer battle, and
the text messages we got today arepretty great. This one says the juice
has expired. Good riddence, OJ, Straight to hell for the man who
got away with murder, I've neverbeen able to shake the feeling that he
was guilty. Welcome to the crowd, So you know, I got this

inkling that he did it. Yeah, same, which is crazy because if
because everybody has to agree right onthe jury. No, not to say
not guilty. You don't all haveto say nothing, right, it just
has to be one. But likewhat happens when because the case was not
dismissed right, he was found notguilty, which means he cannot be tried

for the same crime twice. Yeah, so that's where they went civil nailed
him in the civil suit and thentherefore financially, dude, he fucking did
it. He fucking did it,all right, the book says it.
Uh, I mean, for God'ssakes, you never know, there was
no other option. There was noother option. So with someone made a
joke today like, oh he diednever knowing who the killer was. Oh

yeah it was him, all right, he knows he and he knows it's
him. And right now Hitler isshoving a fucking pineapple and his ass in
hell. Oh boy, yeah,he probably wasted no time. Yeah,
he's making a doll whip with hisasshole. Wasn't that what happened in the
Little Nikki Marcus where the devil wasshoving a pineapple of Pitler's ass. Yep,
every single day he's got a wholeshelf of him. He would pick
out the biggest one Hitler would comein into two to two. It was

a whole thing. Wow, hey, you know sometimes justice look at him,
they're showing all of his old collegephotos. But this is like,
this is this is the first thatI've seen of like football stuff, though
most of it has been his trialand like the Bronco, like the slow
I've seen him holding up the glovesthis morning. Yeah yeah, I love
don't fit. You must have quit. But this this is the shirt because

people like us, we remember bothends of it. But the younger generation,
you know, like we have peoplewho weren't alive at nine to eleven.
These people don't know OJ. Sothey need to find out why we
care, and that's why why we'regetting I remember before the Hill, I
was in the eighth grade and itwas our social studies class and they rolled
in a TV because the verdict wascoming down that day. I don't remember

what day it was, I justremember it was social studies class in the
eighth grade, and they rolled ina big TV. Remember it was on
those ye on the rack. Itwas the seat belt over the top right
and a big old tube TV anda VHS player below it. That was
a money pas. They pushed thatthing in, they plugged into the wall,
and we watched oj uh be foundnot guilty, and the entire classroom
went what Yeah. Yeah, itwas wild and it was a house divided

as far as America was concerned.As it was, different cultures reacted different
ways because a lot of people justcouldn't believe it. Yeah, a lot
of people couldn't believe it, anda lot of people and a lot of
people thought that he was wronged inthe first place, and that he'd been
so up And we didn't have theinternet like we do now where you could
really be your own sleuth. Youwere a victim of whatever was sent out

to you. So it was amore confusing time. But I think as
the years have gone by, thatgroup who thinks he's innocent has witched.
I remember seeing an interview with oneof the jurors and they asked him,
do you still think he's innocent?And he goes, yes, I do.
I think we made the right decision. You're an idiot. I think
you're I don't think you really believethat. I think you're saying that because
you're being stubborn, and stubborn becauseyou made a decision. You don't want

to be told that you made thewrong decision, but you did. It's
like when they when you did downyou know it. It reminds me so
much of like when you kids willgrow up and they'll confront their abuse are
from a boarding school or something,and they're like, no, no,
I did everything above the board.They can't say they did it because if
they did it wrong, then it'syour legacy. You're like, oh,
yeah, I screwed that up.You screwed up the OJ thing if you're

a little bit and you never sayanything about it, and like, but
it'd be okay to say, like, you know what, it's been you
know how long, twenty something years, I made a mistake. I look
at it now, and I madea mistake, and here's here's my book
you should buy. And that wouldbe being a stand up individual. I
would money off of. I wouldhave so much respect for that person if
they just admitted they made a mistake. I was maybe I was big.

I thought he was guilty, buteveryone else said this, and so they
talked to me and do it.I don't know. I am excited to
hear what Judge Edo has to say. He says he's going to speak someday.
So that's going to be interesting.That'll be a good book. Maybe
the movie will be focused on Edo. I don't know, you know what,
they're gonna call it his biography Allyou Can Eat. Oh, you
know. I saw a post todaythat Yeah, I saw a post today

about this that made me just like, I checked my breaks so hard.
And this has to do with whatyou guys are talking about, with the
generations that we're dealing with here.And it was like it said, OJ
dies a tragic death. And thevery first thought I had was, I
don't care if that guy tripped andfell into the Grand Canyon accidentally. I

don't know if you can have atragic death, that's badde. I kind
of hoping he got like vaped bya train, you know, tragic death.
No, he just hoping like likea mirror comes by and just takes
off his head. Yeah, tragicdeath. That's a weird way of putting
it because first of all, hewas seventy six years old. It's not
like he was a young guy andI can't be battling cancer. I mean,

it's tragic, yeah, but it'slike it had been years in the
in the making. You know,it's not like, oh, everyone was
taken off guard. I also thinkthat this is an article written by somebody
that wasn't around when we right,when we all experienced this. This is
probably like a twenty eight year oldjournalist, you know they were They were
not even a twinkle in their dad'seye when this whole thing happened. And

it's it really is true. It'slike, this is why they say people
that don't study history are doomed torepeat it. I know that that's kind
of a stupid cliche, true,but at the same time, like,
how is this not we were watchingthis in social studies. It happened the
same I was in fifth grade andit was my social studies class. Are
teaching the history of these types ofthings, Like I mean, maybe this
isn't like a full in the curriculum, but like, is there a social

studies teacher out there that mentioned one? I checked? I mean, because
they talked about everything that happened inthe seventies and all of the cultural things
that happened in the seventies, andour social studies classes, that's what they
were about. What are we studying? Is there even social studies anymore,
I think so, right, Idon't remember learning about like what we would

call now true crime stories in mysocial studies classes. Not true crimes,
big things. It was like bigsocietal But I don't remember learning about like
murders at all, you know,like anything involving I think only time it
was when we read books like,uh, what was that book that Phillipsymore

Hoffmann? Oh, in cold Blood? Oh and okay, I think like
that type of stuff maybe, butthat's it. Well, and that was
more of a literary thing. Butlike, we studied the assassination of of
Martin Luther King extensively, like thatwas like a three week thing. And
you know that so I guess becausehe was historical figure, you know,
a civil rights leader, but tosome people he was I mean, if

you look at his football acumen,he was absolutely a historical figure. They've
done everything they can to scrub thatguy from the records, but he was
a record holder and he's still inthe Ring of Honor with the Bills.
He's still in the trophy case atusc All that I think, I'm like
American history not like about that,right, well, but it is it
is weird to see his name onthe actual wall of the stand. Dude,

I think under like, if Iwere the owner, I probably just
quietly take that down, you know. But but you're right, Laura,
because he was found not guilty,they're like, well, dude, you
know, what are we going todo? Keep it up? And I
think our history of pop culture orthings that are you know, aren't necessarily
for a history book, but areour history is our own responsibility as a
twenty five year old who doesn't knowthat part of history, Like they didn't

teach us extensively about woodstock and theright true and yeah, like you know,
sex love, but I also seventies, I also knew. I also
knew about all that stuff. Thougha lot of kids these days it's like
anything that happened before them didn't reallyhappen. And that's why it's their responsibility.
They've got to fucking sit down andstart, you know, reading on
the internet, actual like history.It's like when their mind gets blown because

they hear a Fleetwood Max song,right, yeah, thet's been out forever.
Yeah, look at what's around you. It blows my mind. It
blows my mind. They just likethere's like nothing existed until two thousand and
four, and they go, thisis a jam. Well, they made
about forty songs that sound like thatand it's been remixed a thousand times.
You don't know these things well,and you can't necessarily blame them for that.

Like when you get into your twenties, get your shit toget. Yeah,
I mean for sure, Like,but it's like I didn't do a
deep dive into music from the fuckingfifties when I was you know, like
when I was a young you knowwhat I like to see. I love
watching videos of people listening to likeRage against Machine for the first time or
something, you know, like thereI watched these videos of these like twenty

something ye old black kids and theyhad never heard Rage and they put it
on and they were fucking loving it, and I was getting into it like
I had heard the song for thefirst time. So it is fun to
watch something this kid's experience. Yeah, of course, I mean, because
you should be experiencing it. Well. Yeah, discovery happens at different stages
in life, So it's like,as long as you get to it,
a can you get to twenty twoand out here killing the name of or
bullsump. I had it. Okay, this is not exactly rage, but

like I had a friend in ColoradoSprings who was I want to say.
She was like twenty four at thetime. This is probably like five years
ago. But I mentioned Limp Piskyand she's like, what are you talking
about? And I was like,nookie, you know, She's like,
never heard of it? And Iplayed it in the studio and she's like
what is this and she legitimately hadnever heard she never heard the songwet Cracker,
And I was like yeah, andI was like, okay, well

this is interesting, and like yeah, so, I mean it doesn't sound
very tasty to get people discover things. You know, music is just a
soft example. Of course, it'sway more important actually for you to know
history. Yeah, and like Marcussaid, yeah, it's a corny line
that could be on someone's wall abouthistory will repeat itself if you don't know
it. It's because it will likewhen people are like oh, falling back

into hate groups and discriminating against peoplein groups. How did that happen last
time? Because they didn't know whatwas going on, and you get brainwashed
over time. When you do knowthings, you have power over influence.
Right, It's a good point,and it's I think it goes back.
It's like not to stretch the OJconversation into the shortfalls of our education system

in this country, but it kindof is like I mean, I know
we didn't spend a lot of timeon that in history and social studies.
I was. I didn't learn aboutOJ Simpson in my class, Like I'll
tell you that much like everything Iknew about it, and I was a
bit younger than you guys, butnot by much. Like everything I heard
about it was just like in passing, like my mom or dad talking about
it, you know, And it'snot going to change who you are,

the OJ thing, but other things. It's like if if you don't if
you if you don't understand the insand outs of nine to eleven, Yeah,
some buildings fell and then we gotmad and we started a war we
shouldn't be in. You don't understandwhat we went through. But I do
think that like, yeah, likenine to eleven, but like comparing nine
to eleven to OJ, that's likethe night and day, you know,

It's like it's not really though,because of the way it racially divided this
country for the time that it happenedin it was. It was a thing
where I remember it so well thateverybody on one side looked the same and
everybody on the other side looked thesame. If you thought he was innocent,
you thought he was guilty. Andthat was what we were studying.
Why is this the country like this? I think that's pretty interesting actually,

like that you're not actually studying thethe the case, so you're studying the
effects of the case and what ithas on people. And I bet you
media, yeah, I bet you'reright. I bet you there are college
courses on the effects that because thatyear, that two years right there,
Well, that's what that's that's whatkind of started this. You know,
the news is entertained Courtea is whenthey started up that day. That's when

they started realizing that they could sellactual news and make it entertainment and people
would be just as interested. Thatwas our key bump that led to the
CNNs and Fox News and everything gettingso big. I watched this documentary about
the way tabloids and everything changed duringthe trial because of it, the way
they used to document things, andit was a big, big turning point

for us. And since it wenton so long. I mean they had
time to hone a craft. Everyday, whatever came out of that courtroom
was the new headline. Whether itwas the glove or it was Cato,
or it was botched information by theprosecution, oh having to change judges.
These were things that sold newspapers everyday. I also forgot off the air

today. We've actually had Cato Klonon the show before. It was a
couple of years ago. And whatis the big surprise takeaway from that?
That he was actually pretty? Hewas I remember him being amazing. He
hung out for like an hour.I loved him, and we talked about
the k We talked about the actualnight that had happened, what he heard.
He was so open and he didn'tyou know, he didn't. You

could tell that he'd been asked thequestions a thousand times, but he didn't
seem annoyed by it. It's almostlike he was like excited to talk about
it. I guess I'm not necessarilyexcited, but willing to. Yeah,
he was a total He was atotal pro. I thought he was funny,
I thought he was kind. Ithought he was hilarious. You know,
because we're thinking we are groomed tothink he's a douchebag. But during

the trial everyone was like, thisguy's a fucking boner. And he walked
in and it wasn't two minutes andwe were all having a great time.
Yeah. Yeah, he's a reallycool guy. I liked Cato, but
and it's not his fault that hejust had great rent free in a pool
house at OJ's house. Up untilthat day he was bawling. But it's
all done. It's all done now. It ended with OJ dying of cancer.

Do you we know what kind ofcancer here? It was a prostate
cancer rostate cancer. Anally he died, Yeah, he did. I saw
a funny meme. It's just amake sure the bronco and it says rip
to the only guy to ever drivewith no traffic on the four h five
y that means resting piss right,I would assume, yeah, exactly,

so what that means. And Ithink it's also important to notice that even
before the trial, that was oneof the first times that I ever remember,
you know, like when because weobviously weren't alive when JFK died and
everyone went around a TV or someof these other big moments but we all,
every person who had access to atelevision watched that Bronco drive and we
all thought OJ was going to blowhis own head off in the back.

And I've thought about the JFK thingquite a bit and we got to move
on here, but I've thought aboutthat a lot. Like the thought of
a president being assassinated blows my mind. I shouldn't say bows me because it
shines. I can't. It shoesmy mind. Yeah, because the thought
of that happening today, I mean, we would fucking raise hell. It's
a shot in our core, youknow. But the fact that that happened

in what sixteen eight or sixteen oneof that happened late sixty I think of
the reason why it doesn't happen nowis because it happened back then. And
that's the other part. What ifwe were like, they're trying to discuss
with us how important it was thatday to come together as Americans because they
killed our president, and we're like, nah, brah, I wasn't alive.
I don't care. That's how youare a dumb dumb yeah, right,

Or if you were alive when ithappened, and your whole take on
it was lucky shot. I betyou couldn't hit it again. Like that
was that there's no conspiracy here,Like, let's just kind of shove this
under the rug and forget about it. I bet you can't hit it again.
And then he hit it again aboutthese things, and they did hit
it again. And on top ofthat, everybody involved just got oft in
a circle and it's like, oh, who do you want to talk?
Everyone's gone, yeah, even theguy who shot him, the guy who

shot him, Jack Ruby, Yeah, and then he died. It's like,
okay, as wall pop, that'swhat happens in the movie. That's
right. And if if you remember, it's the guy who played Nolla from
Noahs Arkad in Wayne'sorld. All right, there you go. The juice is
dead. The juice has expired.It's all over the carpet now and it's
all over, and you get yourvitamin C somewhere. All every juice has

its shelf life, no pulp.We also talked about on the show today
the fact that Americans love grilled cheesesandwiches. Apparently, Americans eat enough grilled
cheese sandwiches a year to fill ninehundred Olympic swimming pools. I don't buy
this. We were talking about whatkind of cheese we liked on grilled cheese
sandwich. I said, probably justcheddar. And then Laura's like, you

can't because I really like pepper jacket. She's like, you can't put pepper
jack on there. Yeah, definitelya different flavor. Well, a lot
of people said pepper jack and bakinggrilled cheese is where it's at. Plus
restaurants one restaurant ones always taste better. I think this text from eighty five
to sixty nine says Colby Jack onthe grilled cheese is my shit. Colby
Jack is all right. I meanit's not that far off from the chad

Land and they Jack eighty five eightynine says grilled cheese with sharp cheddar and
pepper jack. Yes, this one'seighty five eighty nine said these are all.
That's all the same person says,you're passionate about grilled cheese. Yes,
Laura, pepper jack on a grilledcheese sandwich is good, And this
person says sargento pepper. Laura doesn'tdo spicy, yeah, and so it

would wreck her mouth. I meanshe just has on it. I don't
know, it's just got her mildones. The concept of just cheese on
a two pieces of bread, it'skind of weird to begin with, but
it's like it is bread and spicycheese, Like for some reason, that
just seems so much less appetizing tome. You can't, I don't know

what, but when you do,it's gonna burn dogged an American institution.
Though, we got a whole daycelebrating this sandwich, and you're telling me
you don't understand it. We slammed, and I'm saying I'm not saying that
I don't enjoy a grilled chees likea grill chy sandwich. It's just that
there's no nutritional value and I wouldn'tget one from a restaurant. I mean

that I don't think when I'm ata restaurant, I'm think I'm gonna get
something good that I can't make athome. One thing, one thing that
I did another time I would eata grilled cheese sandwich at a restaurant,
for example. Is if like,because when I was vegetarian for three years,
sometimes options were limited, so Iwas like, oh, it's like
a lot of times like mac andcheese or grilled cheese were my options.
I was like, all right,what dude. I remember when I was

in Vegas, the hotel I stayedat only had a sandwich shop open late
at night, and I did geta grilled cheese sandwich in December, and
I remember I paid like eighteen dollarsfor Yeah, a grilled cheese sandwich was
a buck twenty five. See atthat point, like, and not everybody
likes this, but I could easier. It be easier to eat the one
with bacon or the one with ham, because then I'd be like, Okay,

well I got something in here,right other than just cheese. It's
thing that goes on. Sorry,go ahead, go ahead. There's a
thing that goes on down here inEugene every year called the Grilled Cheese Experience,
where like each there's like thirty restaurantsthat participate and they all do one
like gourmet grilled cheese, and it'sphenomenal, dude. I could eat thirty

of them a day for thirty days. Like there's one with apples and blueberry
compo and brie, and I cansee that. I could absolutely see that
buck up like that would it wasso good? Yeah, And that's I
think that's for me. If I'mgoing to get it at a restaurant,
it's got to be a step abovewhat I can just throw. I'm butter
and cheese. I'm not ordering thegrilled cheese off of the kids menu.

There's usually an additional something ingredient.And there were two, you know,
so you get like some fries withit or chips. Yeah you don't,
Yeah, I mean, yeah,of course I can't just get a grilled
cheese sandwich all the cart And that'swhat I got into in Vegas. It
was just a grilled che sandwich andthey didn't have anything else. I just
got a bag of like lays inthe actual like two in the morning,

and I was just sauce. Youjust need a layer of something in that
gut to soak up the booth.It's really irritating, though. Can we
not have twenty four pizza by theslice places? And that is weird that,
like in Las Vegas, of allplaces, all that was open was
like a little sandwich. It wasjust this inside the circa. Yeah.
Oh so they all at night.All they have is that I can't remember
what it's called, just some sandwiches. I feel like if you if you

run a hotel Hell in Vegas.You have to be your bar. Your
kitchen better be open all night.Dude. They didn't have a kitchen,
so I was going to do roomservice and you got to scan a barcode
that takes you to a link andthat's where their menus at and then it
just takes you to that restaurant whereI got the grillchy sandwich, and then
you have to go down there yourselfto get it. That's weird. I
had breakfast in that place that wasn'ttoo terrible, yea, and that little

sandwich shirka. Yeah, yeah,I'm going back there in August. Throw
a chair off the roof. Isaw a lot of people parroting that on
the internet. Oh I just gotdrunken through a chair off the roof.
There's a great there's a great tshirt because one of his famous songs,
it's just a his mugshot and itsays last night, we let the liquor

talk. And that's like the mainthat's his main motto. Normally it's like,
yeah, you did, bro,you threw it off a six story
building. Certainly did. Like youdidn't kill somebody. I thought you were
sober? What the fun is not. This is why you stopped drinking last
time, Morgan. Yeah, allright, I think that's it. We
will see tomorrow for a Friday showfry yea, don't forget. If you

haven't signed up for trash Bandits yet, please do so at one O five
nine in the brew dot com.We got a little over one hundred spots
available and we need as many peopleas we can to help clean up all
this garbage in the city. Obviouslywe're not gonna get all of it,
but we're gonna take over Montevilla Parkon April twentieth from nine am to eleven
thirty and just clean up those parts. Teamwork makes the dream work strength and
numbers. B Fadder will be inhis trash band of costume. That might

be the catalyst to get it filledup. So come on out and hang
out with us for a couple hoursand just do some good for the city.
And it's gonna help, especially ifyou've already got community service that the
courts are making you do. Sothat way, just write this down,
it will work out. Log acouple hours tomorrow more tickets to w W
raw Yes, and I think that'sit. Oh in the four and yeah,
I got a whole lot going on. Hopefully, you know, we

just take a big breather and getsome gatorade after today. It was a
wild ride, I know, forreal, one more time. Don't murder
anybody. Yeah, that's that's themotto here, ideal, put your down.
I'll see if transport show terminated.You've been listening to Tanner, Drew
and Laura's Donkey Show, heard dailyat one O five nine the brew dot
com. May God have mercy onall of our souls.
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