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April 18, 2024 33 mins
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The middle one like the one thatnever gets on that man, let me
know when you're ready. I betthat's a good start. This is Tanner,
Drew and Laura's Donkey Show, DonkeyShow. Yeah, what's happening in

Thanks for checking out Tanner Do andLaura's Donkey Show podcast? Though heard online,
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Apple or wherever you listen to podcasts. I'm Tanner Drew's there, Laura's here
bus rest. Marcus is on themic at his house and apparently he just
stubbed his toe right before he startedthe podcast. I don't know, and
it was you hit it so hardthat what happened? Dude? I was

running up here and like my stairsin my house, there's like a partition
that runs up so the stairways partiallyopened to the hallway. And when I
swung my foot over the gate thatkeeps the dogs from getting upstairs, I
kicked that partition like a ninja withjust a sock on, and I like
the whole house shook. I feltlike somebody just drove a forward into the

side of our house. Mm hmmm. Ouch, you do have big goofy
clown feet, and so I shookthe whole house when that happens. Pre
size nine and a half, Igot little. Yeah, that's that's pretty
small feet. They're wide. He'sgot big old wide. It's four wide.
Anyway, you're looking at my feetso closely. I can't help,

guy, I'm not a foot guy. I do appreciate when a shoe company
has the standard size and they havethe wide yeah, because you know,
you get in a situation. Youget in that situation with like a Nike's
a perfect example. They run thin, and so if you you know,
if you need more room on thesides, you used to have to get

a like a tripping hazard on thefront. Now you can get a half
size smaller the wide load section forthose shoes, but they do have them.
I actually need those on my J'sbecause the jordanis thin. They're really
thin, and so I need alittle bit of the wider ones. And
why not for comfort? You're nottrying to win the dunk contest like Jordan
did in those because I'm a tenand a half normally, but in ten

and a half in Nikes, there'slike they're like elevens to me. So
I just get a ten of Nikes, or at least the Jordans I do.
You can get a ten wide,Yeah, ten wide because the ten
and a half's still they're just toobig. And that wide allows you to
take a little off the front andnot have a squished foot I like,
and you know when you look downand you just have like long, goofy

looking feet, because the shoes makehim look that way. That's why I
can't. I love Converse, butI can't wear them because when I look
down, I look just like Ihave long goofy fee. My thing with
Converse and I always hung up onthat for a long time, and I
just recently bought a pair for thegym. But when I look down,
I look like a clown. Sothen I always I always have to go
profile with it, like put it. I put it next to a mirror,

yeah, from the side side,And then I'm like, Okay,
that looks good. Like It's justmy point of view makes me look like
I have clown fee. Is itnineteen sixty? What are you wearing Converse
to the gym for? What areyou doing? You know, you gotta
get your feet flat on the groundwhen you're lifting weights, like are you
powerlifting? Yeah, I am.You should see and I'm sure great.
But I mean, now granted deadliftthings like that, that's great, but

you need larch in there. Bythe way, Drew, I don't know
when the last time you went tolike a crunch fitnesses been a bit.
All the cool kids are They're allwearing Converse. Yeah, so that means
all the cool kids have rolled anklesbecause those things have the support. When
I when I'm going to do anythingother than leg day, I'll wear other
tennis shoes. I'm not incredible.That's what you want to wear. Rock,

But that's what they used to wearin the NBA. All the players
just rock and zero ankle support.I mean a piece of canvas your ankle.
It helps keep it, keeps it. I used to. I used
to wear cat support playing basketball becauseI was just like super poor, and
so my mom just put me.She didn't buy me basketball shoes, just
made me wear kids and they wereknockoff kids. They weren't even real kids.

I oh kids, I bit itso hard so many times, it's
just like straight across the court.I had knock off basketball shoes too.
I got so I remember our schooldid a basketball tryouts, and so many
kids tried out that they decided tocreate a third team. And that's where
I ended up because that's where allthe shitty kids went. And I remember
my mom went out and bought mesome basketball shoes, and I'm thinking she's

gonna come home with some sweet Nikes. In my head, I thought some
sweet Nikes. Oh yeah, maybesome Adidas. Back then, Fela's are
really popular. Oh see, Idon't have the same experience with my She
comes home with white cookout goofy Spaldingshoes. Oh yeah, the big goofy
plain white Spaldings. And I go, Mom, go, I can't even
show up in these. It's toobad. She told me, too bad.

You know that I went through thesame experience. But I have to
disagree with the Fila thing because Iwas bought Fela's and I was made fun
of repeatedly for having Felas and notAdidas or Nikes. I saw a lot
of kidsers were in trash and Ihad a pair. There's a lot of
kids ever owned they don't. Thebusiness doesn't exist anymore. If that teaches
you guys anything about Kayla, therewas I remember I I think when I

was a kid. I think Ibought one pair or something, but they
weren't great, and I remember theclothes were always too big. It was
like wearing rocks. Yeah, butI just remember my really at my grade
school, they were very popular.All the rage. Yeah, a lot
of kids rocked the fish should havegone to school there. At my school,

Fela had a short run, butI do remember it being a run
where it was like if you didn'tcatch up to the Fela run by the
time you did, you were leftbehind. And you were just you were
fighting all those years to save upfor a pair of Nikes so that you
could go and hand mom thirty bucksand be like, hey, I want
to chip in on the nikes.And then you get the nikes and you
go to school and everybody's wearing fuckingFela and you're the only kid without them

and that. But that was likea year you were you were ahead of
the times. That's what it wasfor me. An airwalks, dude,
everyone had airwalks and I wanted apair so bad and we could. We
were poor, So like I gothe knockoff airwalks. I don't know what
they're called. Like, yeah,my mom never bought me airwalks. What
the original vans that were then?I think I got the ninety I think

I got the air jogs, justthe knockoff, yeah, their runs,
yeah, I think. But itwas always. It's so crazy how it
changes, because it was always whenI first started wearing vans, which was
forever ago, it was airwalks versusvans, like you were either an airwalk
kid or you were a van.Oh airwalk kit. And where did the
airwalks go? They ended up inpay Less And now I don't even think

they make it. And now vansare like seventy five dollars for a pair
of canvas shoes. They've lowered theprice. They're fifty five bucks again,
Oh that's nice. In nineteen ninetyfour, during Poser Palooza while I'm in
junior high, it was a fightto get the shoes and if you didn't
have them, you weren't cool.Yeah, And I didn't have them,
you know, And I did begmy way to one Stuicy shirt and I

think I had a Massimo hat,but it wasn't enough. If you didn't
have those vans, you were highlyThey look right down. Their no was
at you and their fake dirty shirt. I remember trying to be great.
Two girls made fun of me formy knockoff airwalks. Well yeah, two
girls. They're absolutely kids that age. They were so mean, brutal,
like I can't afford them, youknow. And I always wanted a Jan

Sport backpack because those were you know. I eventually got one, but those
were like one hundred dollars at thetime. Yeah, JanSport backpacks, and
my mom just didn't ask. Sillylittle canvas bag. Yeah, and because
just that leather bottom was cool.You knew mine if you looked at the
bottom and had a wet corner.That's where four old lunches were rotting in
the bottom of the backpack. Ithink I finally got one because my friend

got a new one and I justgot his old one. Well, hey
that works. It worked, ButI just like I remember it was Jan
Sport and airwalks, and if youdidn't have that, you were whack,
and I like it. I rememberwith the with the Jan Sport bag,
it was the same thing. Itwas a thing where it was like everybody
had one. I wanted to saveup my allowance so I could pitch in

on it because that was the onlyway I ever got those things is if
I put my own money towards it. And then the parents plamented, you
know, and and we went touh my parents took us to Hawaii the
year after I got my Jan Sportbag, and my dad gave me a
hundred bucks and he goes, that'syour shopping money. You can buy anything
you want while you're here. It'sall yours. I walked into the Quicksilver

store and there was the sickest Quicksilverbackpack and it had a spot for your
headphones so you could put your yourDiscman in the bag. Yeah, and
then you run your headphones up throughthe straps. And I was like,
you know what, screw all youJan Sport idiots. I have the coolest
bag in school. And then Ibrought it and I got made fun of
because I will tell you this rightnow, I still have that Quicksilver backpack.

It's almost forty years old and itstill is like holding up those Jan
Sport bags are all just oh yeah, do you still carry around your disc
Man in the backpack pack? It'sthe real question. I did until I
threw out my shoulder one time tryingto put the bag on because the discman
was so heavy. Yeah, Ifinally took it out and then you take
one step and it skips. Yeah, you're like, damn it. I

remember having a great deal of anxietywhen you'd show up to school and a
new pair of shoes that weren't theones that you wanted, and you basically
had to like deal with what yourparents gave you because either the rich kid
or the only child some of themwho don't, there aren't like four pairs
of shoes being bought at once.You would go to school and I remember
there was a friend of mine andhe's still one of my best friends,
but I hated him for this.He would take a knee at my shoe

and like and I'm like, dude, these are like three times. I
don't even remember having multiple pairs ofshoes. No, it's just like it
was just like you wore the onepair and like maybe if it snowed,
you wore boots or something, youknow what I mean. There was something
for different weather, but aside fromlike like just everyday use of what I

would wear it to school on therag, it was just one pair.
You should have a friend take aknee and chastise you before school each day.
What are you wearing? Dude?The audacity it takes to put your
head at kicking level and makes funof some shoes. Yeah, just the

top. Have you seen this video? This guy goes viral because he goes
up to just random he I guesshe lives Damn Daniel. It's kind of
like that. But he sings.He goes, what the hell are those
I'm talking about the shoes? Yeah, and he's this guy's knockoffs, right,
yeah, So this guy just spottedHe just spots random people in public
concerns. Man, what the hell? Oh my god, he's talking at

the side of his mouth. Theball like the sole of the shoes coming
off, and you can make amouth every living our junior high nightmare brother
got the boldest barbecue spare ribs righthere shooting ye hold on, brother cannot

He walks up to a guy.He's wearing green sweatpants and like they look
like timberlands. Then there's they're strangers. They don't know. Okay, well
it might be like random people.He might see. It's just like I
think the hood, so he mightknow these people just by passing him in
the street like their faces. ButI think he's walking up to for the
most part, stranger. Hold on, brother, cannot talk to your shoe.

Hold oh man, brother, holdon, hold on, hold on
these tombs? Brother? Are theseteams? Oh they look like damn nam
Oh man, Let me survey thefool man. Let me survey. It

ain't no cheese, brother. Holdon. Let me see the too,
Let me see the Oh I gotthree dame by the hold on. This

guy's great. I mean, thereare dozens and dozens of videos of him
doing this. Depending I want himto come and break down. Yeah right,
yes, Marcus. I can't hearthe videos, but I'm wondering.
Is this the same guy that willsometimes sing a little song about the shoes
too, Like he'll take a popularsong, Oh dude. Yeah, So
I saw one once where there's adude wearing crocs and one of his toes

was sticking out of it, andhe's like, boy, got on them.
My mind's telling me no, butmy body he's just like screaming in
this guy's early This guy is atreasure. Yeah, he is. He
really is. I don't know hisname. Oh talent s l V underscore
sounds. Yeah, SLV underscore sounds. I think that's all right. Yeah,

he's funny hit maker. Huh.See what else did we not talk
about today's I mean, we justtalked about so many things the last couple
of days. We've gotten to allthe prep which I'm very proud of,
gotten to all the things we puton the list because a lot of the
times we put things on the listand we just don't. We didn't talk
about the guy who leaves his wifeevery now to night to go to sleep

with his mom. Yeah. Ikind of wanted to say that for tomorrow
because that's a good So this one, this woman's husband leaves bed in the
early hours to go sleep with hismom. Like, I take it,
she's living, she's in the house. Yeah, that's not cool. So
we'll talk about that and we'll askthe question is it creepy? I think
we all know the answer to thatone. We'll just get down to business
on just how creepy. I thoughtthis was kind of surprising. And everyone

in this room other than me haseither married or been married, This says.
The survey says that one in fivepeople admit that they nearly ran out
on their wedding it's a very anxioustime. You know. I hadn't had
my stomach fixed that day, sothey were like, you're gonna be very
anxious. You're gonna be You're notgonna be feeling well. I didn't realize

that I would throw up the entiremorning for hours. I just dry heaved
because I was already broken, butthis anxiety put it over the tops to
it. But that was that anxiety, and I wanted to marry her right.
So I can only imagine if youhave those doubts, I think you're
a mistake. Maybe yeah, ifyou're on the fence at all, I
beg you know, and I betyou even if you where were you on

my wedding? A perfect relationship?I think everybody might have this. Am
I making the right decision? Isthis a mistake? I mean? Am
I doing the right thing? It'sa forever thing. And even if it's
not, even if you know,well, there's divorce is always an option.
It's first of all, it's notsomething you want to do, and
second of all, it's a lot. It's a big hassle. Yeah,
big. This poll of two thousandAmericans who were married between twenty twenty one

and twenty twenty four finds that twentypercent got cold feet before the big day
and nearly called the whole thing offwhen it came down to it. Over
half of the respondents fifty two percentsaid that they spent less than ten thousand
dollars in the wedding, with onlyone in five people spending more than thirty
thousand. That's average, that's theaverage cost about wedding. No, I
think that's just why I would beanxious. Oh, this is so much

money. Of money, yeah,exactly, that's when you want to just
get married at a bacon and beer. But one in way five, don't
you think that at one in fivelike that twenty percent, that's got to
be like an eighty percent divorce rateamongst that twenty percent, Because if you
have doubts on day one, you'regoing to fall back in super love with
her label and like, man,you're doubting it so much because like you

said, you had cold feet,you were nervous, but you knew you
wanted to marry her. To beso anxious about it that you are considering
calling the entire thing off, thatis next level. But how does it
get to that point where you've spentmonths, maybe a year. But I
think planning this, I think that'swhy a lot of people go through with
it is it's like, oh,the invites are out. Yeah, people
have already booked travel, everyone's clothingit like the dress is purchased. I've

got my tucks. I would bedisappointing so many other people. I don't
want to do it. And totell your friends and family, hey we're
getting married. Here's the day.And then in between sending the invitations out
and then the wedding day, youhave to can I'm sure it has,
but it's got Nobody wants to dothat, and it's gotta be embarrassed,
right right exactly, you feel likea loser like you. You know,
if I backed out, you wouldhave found my body in bags, right

my guaranteed, my mother alone wouldhave drowned me in the Willamette River.
They have made it very clear thatI stand behind my own wife in the
pecking order. So I think Idon't think even if I wanted out,
I could have gotten out eighty sixpercent. Interesting. Sorry, I was
just gonna say I think it's interestingbecause I don't I had none of those
nerves on my day and and alot of it is because I had so

many good people involved that were helpingme. But I remember sitting on the
porch at the at the lodge thatwe rented, drinking a beer at like
eleven o'clock that morning, going,is this ever gonna happen? Like I'm
bored? Can we just get itgoing? Like the beard guy was still
coming to get us all the hotfoam shaves and haircuts, and I was
ready to just put the ring onthe fingers, say the thing so that

I can go play some music anddrink some beer. Yeah, there is
a lot of really weird for methat happens before it's like a whole day.
Oh it's something, and it's justlike, oh my god, I
can only imagine what it is,because like we like women, we're in
we're getting our makeup done, we'regetting our hair done, we're doing this,
we're doing that, and it takesso much time. But like for
guys, obviously you you still getready and it takes time, but not

nearly as much. So I feellike I would just be I get that,
like I would feel anxious just fromwaiting around for so long. I
feel like that's if you were doingsomething you wouldn't be anxious, right right,
Yeah, and you go fight awaiting around that's causing you to yes,
And those twenty percent, it's probablylike a fight or flight mode.
You're like, well, this isn'tgonna happen. I mean, I'm not
feeling good, and when I don'tfeel good, I don't I want to
get out of the scenario. Yeah, and so I could. I could

see how it could happen, butthat's why you got up pick the right
one. Excuse me, jeez,I'm dynare every thought of marriage. It's
just, yeah, I am allergiingto it. You're emotional about remember bring
my wedding. Eighty six percent saythey don't regret how much their wedding costs,
but when asked what specific regrets coupleshad, ten percent still noted that
the price of their big day wasa big concern. I feel like you

regret it more if you ended upgetting divorced, and maybe because thinking about
it. Over half fifty four percentof respondents paid for the wedding themselves,
and the majority sixty nine percent usedcash. I will if my one thing
I don't regret how when I don'tregret where we were. I wish that
I personally had created more long termmemories on that day. I have a

very select amount of memories. Whatsoeverpeople bring them up, I'm like,
oh, yeah, yeah, thenit can come back. But the day
is such a whirlwind and you're pulledin every direction and there is so much
anxiety that it actually passes by,almost like a blackout. And I didn't
drink that much. What about you, Laura, you got married in Vegas
on a whim. With yours itwas really a whim. But yeah,

I did get married in Vegas.So but it was early, from what
I understand, early in the morning, right, it was like noon,
right, yeah, or which isearly in Vegas. Yeah it was,
but it was in July, andit was already one hundred and seventeen degrees
when he got married. So andthat's that's something that I will say until
the day that I die. Idon't regret the way we got married,

right, Like, that was sucha fun weekend, Like I wouldn't take
back any pore was fine the vehicleof getting married that way, right,
Yeah, it was, and itwas perfect for us and the people only
the people we wanted to be there. When you're there, it was low
stress. It was awesome when youwere walking down the aisle and Elvis was
singing to you. Did you havethose thoughts while I was? While I

was, while we were like exchangingvows, I was like, I don't
know if this is the anything todo? Really? You said that out
loud. It's no, no,that you just fucking crushed them right there.
No, no, no, nono, because if you said that
to me there, I'd probably belike, Okay, we're not going to
do it, right, I can'tdo that. Yeah, of course not
Yeah, but uh yeah, areyou sure sure? We still went through

and had a absolute blast. Mmhmm, but yeah, Marcus, do
you remember that day or is itin a blink? You know? When
you said that drew it. Ittotally kind of brought me back to my
biggest regret on my wedding day,and that is that, you know,
money was a factor. You know, my parents are helping. Her parents
helped a little bit. It wasit was really expensive and so we already

had a photographer lined up and westarted thinking about video and video is for
a wedding is ungodly? I mean, yeah, you can just hire a
dude that's not that doesn't specialize inweddings. Do that. Just get it
on film, because you guys knowyou were at my wedding. I had
two of my my groomsmen and Iplayed a full set. We played ten

songs at the reception, and there'snot one cell phone video, there's not
one video camera in the room.Like, none of that is on record
ever. So I have pictures ofit, but I'll never get to hear
it from where you guys stood,and that is a giant regret to me.
I'll never get to sit down andwatch my wife walk down the aisle.
And that was a financial decision.We didn't want to spend an extra

I think it was twenty five hundredbucks for the videographer to come at a
video and then edit it together.And like I would have spent twice that
looking back on it ten years laterand not being able to see it.
Yeah, my wedding died on mymom's friend's camera. So it's out there
somewhere, but you know, it'slike it's in the ether, like in
her drawer, and it's like Iwould really like that. I mean,

you think about I bet Tanner andI and Marcus look like babies in that.
Yeah, that video. I thinkI got a picture from the wedding,
a few photos in the wedding onmy Facebook. Oh there's a ton
I I have albums of pictures ofus, but I just want to see
some live action of the party,you know, now, I'm sure.
I mean it's probably a little bitdifferent now, even if it's not shot

professionally, you know, like somebodysomewhere one of your friends took a video
posted on instag What year did youget married? Eleven? You got so
what was the biggest phone in twentyeleven? Probably the iPhone? The iPhone
was around, yeah, but Ididn't have one. I didn't get an
not fifteen. Yeah, nobody wasreally pulling off their phones that much yet
a little bit it was. Yeah, it was still a lot of text,

you know, standard text t nineing kind of yeah, dawn of
and definitely not great video. Nowadays, there'd be fifteen thousand videos from you
know, eary direction, especially whenthe bridesmaid nailed another bride's maid's husband.
That would have been an instant thedunk camera in the face. But we

don't have that on tape either.How amazing is that. Yeah, they
were able to take a very nicevenue and do a trashy, trashy thing
there. Man, dude, Hey, that's that's it is a real stain
on the whole day. I rememberyou telling me about that and being blown
away. But I also found outthat people were just giving out hand jobs
at my wedding. I mean allover the place. I found out about

like four or five of them sinceI've gotten married, and it was like
years down the road. I don'tcare if you can find a place to
do it. We're on a golfcourse, go back behind the nineteenth hole.
I don't care. But Mark,I had second market, Marcus.
Those hand jobs were a gift Iwas giving to the people. That was
wedding gift fall through. Yeah,I drew officiate your wedding. That's all

I can say. There's two freehandies. The rest are super cheap.
I remember I I do have one. Well, yeah, Tanner, go
ahead, because you were part ofthat story. Yeah no, I just
like me and my girlfriend at thetime hooked up at your wedding. We
just at the at the venue.Yeah, it was during the party.
Afterwards, we just went to thebathroom and fair enough did it. And
one of the one of the bridesmaidsgave an old fashion under the table at

like the main table, like sittingprobably four or five seats for where my
wife no way, yeah, aload into the bottom of your table.
I don't know where he put it, but it was rented, so it
doesn't matter. That was that wasthat part insider out, that was outside.

That was when like at the wheneverybody was eating and we were sitting
at that head table staring directly intothe sun. That was when it was
happening. It's probably the most uncomfortableplace and time to get a hand drop.
He probably just the grass, I'mguessing, dude. I am.
I considered slight a slight prude.But my wife wouldn't do that. But

I would be like, we can't, I can't. I wouldn't want to
be jerked off at the table.Jesus, respect for yourself. Right,
Yeah, I'm in a tux andI'm sweating. No, thank you,
I don't want anything even hot beachballs right now, get away from my
pants. So the tablecloths are alllong and they go down to the floor,

right, and when you screwed intothe to the table. The tablecloth
kind of drapes over your lap,so it's like you have a ready made
blanket. I mean, I understand, but isn't there like geographic Yeah,
but like there's like I feel likethere'd be a lot of movement and it's
like Marcus shifting and like uncomfortable.Yeah, there are old people at the
ford. I said the right weddingto do it at, though, because

there were nine people on either sideof our wedding and so massive. Yeah,
no, I think our I thinkour main table ended up with like
over twenty people at it because someof them were husband and wife or boyfriend
and girlfriend on either side of theweddings, but some of them weren't,
so we needed to make room fortheir significant other two. So I think
Marcus is talking about that couple thatwe mentioned earlier. That's how it starts.

When I gets a hand job undera party table that was them.
The rest is history. I dohave one memory from my wedding that I
hold so dear and it makes melaugh every time I think about it,
and every time I see my marriagecertificate. Uh, my best man,
Jared was was filling out the marriagecertificate and was holding very loosely a glass

of red wine, and Drew walkedup to the table. We're all standing
there having the moment which I needand paperwork. Yeah, he needed to
sign it too because he was theofficiant. He slapped Jared on the back
and Jared just spilled red wine allover our marriage. Oh, and it
was like, oh, you know, we need to get you another one.
I was like, fuck that,I'm putting that thing in a frame

like that is my story and Ilove that. Everybody was super upset about
it at first, and it waslike a big deal. I still look
back on it as one of thefondest memories of that day. Yeah,
it's like, we spill a littleblood on that bad boy. Make it
official. Speaking of marriages, apparentlya law firm divorce is the wrong couple.

I don't like a mulligan. Canwe do that again? Start over?
So Aisha Vardog calls herself one ofthe top divorce lawyers, but her
firm appears to have pulled the plugon a marriage before both parties were ready.
Court documents refer to the couple asmister and missus Williams. The couple's
been married for more than twenty yearswhen var Dog's office staff clicked a wrong

file name in an online portal anddeclared them officially divorced. I don't understand,
okay, but I don't understand howthis. They must have at least
been thinking about it. It's workfiled court documents. Apparently the mistake was
caught just a few days later,and a local judge did not reverse the
order. Var Dogs stood up forthe staffer who made the air and said,

the online portal needs an overhaul.So well, so I guess it's
done. Maybe they started and thenthen cold feet on that. Yeah.
You know some people, you havekids, you're like, wait, let's
all right, this isn't better.Or you start to file and we've talked
about this, and you're with GoldbergJones. You start to file and then
you find out the financial implications.It's like, oh, actually, I

didn't like your breath and the wayyou talk to me, but it's getting
better because I need When I lookat these summers, your breath smells better
than you are the greatest when Ineed money. So that's uh, I
we got to ask you gotta askColin when he gets in here. Next
next time, it's like one clickdone seems reckless, Like how is that
even? And to not reverse somethinglike if that judges doesn't have perfect reasoning

for this, then you're being atotal dick. A local judge does not
reverse the order, give us areason why? Yeah, like it's just
a note unless they were event theywere just getting there eventually. And he's
like, well, I guess nowit's expedited. You get to the front
of the line. Yeah. Uhso you suppose the people that got accidentally
divorced got the phone call and oneof them was like, yeah, he

moved his new girlfriend in that day. Now there's a couple who wants me
to divorced and they're not, andthey're like, god, you know,
it's like they're stuck with each othernow exactly like no, no, no,
no, no. They took thatas a sign though none of us
wants us to be miserable, weshould reconcile. I do like it when,
and it's rare people get divorced andthen they like fall back in love

with each other. I know afew. I know a few people.
Dude, A friend of mine justgot back with her ex husband. Really,
yeah, they were separating for like, was it because they fell back
in love or was there some sortof like financial situation. To me,
she made it sound like things justgot better. You know, obviously didn't
give me all the details, butshe made it sound like they just worked
it out. Well, the grassisn't always greener, you know. It's

really easy to sit in a roomand be like, well, if I
was here, it would be likethis, Oh, actually, now you
do all your own dishes, andthey're not going to put it to put
themselves away while you're at worse.But I was surprised they were going to
do your dishes. If you divorceyour wife, it's on the list.
They were separated for like almost twoyears, so I was kind of surprised.
Well, I mean, and beingseparated is it's always one of those

things where it's like you still haveone toe in. It wasn't just a
separation. They divorced, then theyseparate after. I do think also,
it's easy to fall into the oppositeof that, where it's like like,
for me, I've felt this whereI'm like, man, was my ex
that bad? Because like dating sucks, like everything's sucks, saying yeah and

now, but but it's like,now do I maybe I should have stayed
married? But then I think backto it, and I'm like, I
was actually miserable, Like that wouldbe a terrible idea, and like trying
to do it for a second timeit would end in the exact same way.
So it's like the grass is alwaysgreener no matter what side you're on.
But yeah, the fomo of somethingelse isn't always a great deal.

Yeah, I myself right at thebeginning of my like when I decided I
was going to marry my wife orask her to marry me, see if
she was cool with it. Ikind of told myself too, like,
hey, how about divorce isn't theoption? Like how about that's not something
that runs through your head when thingsget hard, you just try to work

it out. And I really dothink there's been something to that, because
I know, I mean, Ihave friends that I never thought would have
got divorced, and then you findout how do they get divorced that they've
been threatening each other with divorce fora decade? Had a friend and toxic
I had a friend whose wife threatenedhim with divorce all the time. The
eventually got divorce. Yeah, youcan't. You can't be weaponizing that you

can use as I have never saidthat to Amy. And as angry as
I've been, and I've been pissed, you know, I've been so mad
at her. But at the sametime, I know for a fact,
I mean, Tanner, you sawthat taco bar I had last night.
My life is not going to bebetter than that. It's pretty good.
It's pretty pretty good. All Ijust have to stay in my lane.

Yeah, does it for us?We'll see you tomorrow for a Friday show.
We got a comedian coming in hereat seven thirty. We've got some
tickets to the PBR Festival. Iknow Billy Idol's going to be there,
and I guess Tee Pain is goingto be there too. I love Pain
Pain, love Tea Pain, Ireally do. I think he's an amazing
performer. Go watch his his coverof Black Sabbath's black Hole. No,

no, No, they did doblack Hole, Son. That's so.
I don't know why I thought yousaid sound. You said Black Sabbath,
and immediately I thought sound Dude,he does. He does so many good
songs without auto He's one hundred percent. He's a great singer. He's he's
really funny. He's cool. Hestreams games and ship on the internet,
so I watched the streams a lot. He's great. I'll go out on

a limb and say, if Iget tickets to that festival, I'm more
there for Tea Pain. I sawBilly Idol twice. I've seen him at
the Waterfront when Z one hundred herLastchance Summer Dance, and then I saw
him at her I Heart Radio Musicfestival a few years ago, and he
fucking nailed it each time. Doyou know, I know he's yeah,
Tee Pain, and thought just befun to just like hang out at a

festival down by the waterfront. Dude, it's a blast. And you know,
I what I think of every timete Pain, like the auto tune
stuff comes on. We used tohave to work in those strip clubs all
the time and we would walk inand t Pain was stripper one on one.
That was big time stuff. Allright, Marcus, it was good
talking to you, my friend.I'll probably talk to you again later when

we play VIDs bing Bang Atomic TennerTV on the Twitch. If you want
to see that twitch a Rooney it'ssome kill many many victims. Yeah,
we played I think Friday night forlike seven and a half hours. See,
that was a marathon. I whenI finally stood up, like I
had bass right out, my fellright. Oh. My wrist still kind
of hurts from just being in thatposition for so long. You guys came

away with video game injuries. It'sa very I now have carpal tunnel.
But you got them, you dadthat I had that in my right hand,
going back to I don't know Iwas thirteen. I think I got
it exactly. I'm that Nintendo sixtyfour. We'll see you. I think
you start about drinking off. Oh, we will see you, Tomama.
You've been listening to Tanner, Drewand Laura's Donkey Show, heard daily at

one oh five nine that brew dotcom. May God have mercy on all
of our souls.
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