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May 23, 2024 34 mins
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Let me know when you're ready.I bet that's a good start. This
is Tanner, Drew and Laura's DonkeyShow, Donkey Show. What Up,
kiddos. Thanks for checking out Tannerto and Laura's Donkey Show podcast, though
heard online at one of five ninein the brew dot com, the iHeartRadio
app, or wherever you listen topodcasts. I'm Tanner, Drew's here,

Laura's here, Busters, Marcus ishere. Good morning to you and yours.
The the accounts, TikTok account orYouTube account, whatever it is.
The guy there I ruined it isback with a new jam. Oh nice,
this one's really good. I likethese. You know how he's I
don't know how he does it.I guess it's some artificial intelligence software.
Sure they can get, you know, singers who aren't with us anymore to

sing like classic songs, you know, like when they got a Hank out
Hank said, Johnny Cash did agood one at one point, fake Johnny
Cash, Simon and Garfunkle did babygot back. Yeah, you know,
like any of that's great. Andthe name is the name is there?
I ruined it, But sometimes hemakes them better. I think this is
one of those. I think hemakes better, Laura. This is the
Beach Boys singing ninety nine Problems byjay Z Perfect, which is one of

my favorite jay Z songs. Andthe Beach Boys, well corny, highly
talented, dude. They were cheesy, but I love it. And the
harmonies were so good. And that'sbefore auto tune that they just had to
be good. That's the real deal. Yeah, listen to this. If
you haven't, Girl Bubbles, Ifeel bad for your son. I've got
ninety nine b one you got so, I got the rep patrol on the

cat patrol post the fun to makesure that my gus gets those take years
ninety four and my trunk is rawand my rear view is the motherfucking lord.
Nanny nine father's Lenna b jail.After you said Nadi nine father's son
and j J Bather's jail, Bather'schange, you would you would have thought

that the Beach Boys actually sang thesong so good. It's good what I
wish they would happen. If yougrew up with bulls and your sappa just
well, you'd celebrate the minute youwas having dom No'm from rights to brines
man, and I ain't dumb.I got ninety nine Brothers da bit Chain

on Naughty nine. Bather's gonna bJame Mother. So my song Tom Lost.
That's great. I wonder how Beyoncefeels about that song. Yeah,
I don't know, dude. TheBeach Boys have been around since nineteen sixty

one. I want to say.I was reading the other day that they
are one of the longest running bandsthat has toured consistently since, Like since
their inception, They've never stopped.They've played at least one show per year
since they started. And I believethe lead singer is seven and nineteen years
old. Yea, I checked andisn't. Didn't stay mos spend some time

in the band. Yeah, Likehe played drums a little bit. Okay,
I was gonna say keyboard, butcould be drum even know he was
a drummer on Full House too,like the show. He was a massive
Beach Boys fan. Remember, likethey wrote that all into the show,
which I thought was really neat ujes. So there you go, Marcus,
what do you think of that?You know, I've got nothing bad
to say about there. I ruinedit. I'm with Laura. I think

sometimes you make it better and it'salways entertaining. My question is, like,
what's the cocktail of drugs that makesyou think of beach boys singing ninety
nine? Prof? Do you havea just a shuffle machine and you're just
are you spinning a wheel online?Like there's gotta be way to come to
these whatever that drug is, I'lltake two. And he did it right

that time. I don't know ifthis is they're runded or not, but
this is Lose Yourself by Frank Sinatra. His bombs are sweaty, mepak palms

are heavy if his vomit on asweater all ready, Mom, Spaghett.
He's nervous, but on the servicehere it's calm and ready to drop bombs.
They keeps on forgetting what he wrotedown. The whole crowd goes.
So he opens his mouth, butthe words of won't come out. Choking.
Now everybody's choking. Now Clark's runNow, Tom's up over, blast

back to reality. Up the ghost, gravity up the ghost, gravity choked
your own map that he won't giveup, that is in no, won't
have that. He knows his oldBaptsti's ropes don't matter. He's though,
knows that but he's broke, sostagnant. He knows when he goes back
to this mobal home, that's whenit's back to the lavig and your old
rhapsody. Better go capture in you, better lose yourself in the music.

The moment you own and you bedand never let it go. You've only
given one shot to non miss yourchance to bloke. This opportunity comes once
in a lifetime. That's crazy.I like it. That's pretty good.
Sounds like Michael Bubler boob. Yeah. There you go at the internet and
the AI is taking over the planets. Who needs us anymore? You know?

I wasn't. There was a verytalented guy that did this without AI,
and you you'll remember him Tanner.I think Richard, excuse me,
that's Richard. Yeah, yeah,yeah. I like it so good as
some of the I mean, that'severy time I listen to these that's who
I think of, right But Ifeel like the cheese is good, but
it wears quick, like I can'tkeep listening. Can you can't just put

this on when your kids are inthe car? He says, oh fuck
or something like that. Right away. M M. Do you feel that?
Oh shit? Wow? Uh uhwhatever happened to Richard Cheese? What?

Uh you'd think you'd go on tourin new comedy shows and get down
with the sick ness. Get up, Come on, get down with this.
This is in the movie to Dawnof the Dead. Get up.
They're just killing zombies to this.It's awesome. Open up your head and
let it float to me. Yeah. Good, Wow, the Cheese he's

still going good. I'm happy tosee that he's still going in the same
band that goes a fucking age nowtonight. A. Yeah, they were
great too, The Dan Band,The Dan Band, that was that the
Hangover? What movie was that was? That? Was that? Old School?
It's been in a few Yeah,they've been an old school. They've

been in Uh, they were inOld School was the first one with with
totally clips of the heart. ButI think they were in another movie that
was like a jud Appatoo. Uh, playing a similar like eighties ballad where
they're swearing in it, but they'renot featured in it. They don't kind
of hit him with the camera likethey knew an old school I see.
Well, yesterday on the podcast,we were talking about Eldon Ring the game

that I've been on the fence aboutbuying for like three weeks now, two
or three weeks. Uh, thestreamer who I like to watch started playing
it and it took him like onehundred and sixty one hours. He he
did a marathon. He binged itright, and he died like just under
two thousand times. I think,playing this game, that's going to be

so frustrating, and so it looksfrustrating, Like I've watched the gameplay and
I watch people playing the game asthey do it, and half the people
are melting down, Like it lookslike a very difficult game. So I
keep putting it in my cart andthen I tap myself out of it because
it's like a sixty or seventy dollarsgame or something, and I'm like,
I don't want to pay seventy bucksto get angry, so I'll remove it

from my cart. But then I'llsee some cool video footage on the internet
and I'll put it back in mycart. Well, I brought it up
on the air today, Marcus,and you've been telling me, like Marcus
is saying, just just play it. You know, a friend of mine's
been saying just play it. Thisguy says, as I have a gamer
who's played World of Warcraft, FinalFantasy fourteen, pubg Empire, Earth StarCraft,
and Call of Duty. Get thegame, like you, said Marcus.

He says, it's a soul stylesgame, so you're gonna die a
lot, but you'll still love it. This guy says, Hey, Tanner,
word of warning from software games arenotoriously difficult. Eldon Ring is based
clean, open world Dark Souls,with a lot of secrets, lower difficult
bosses, and a vast array ofweapons, different endings, and a lot
of replayability. And there's DLC comingout next month. This guy says,

Eldon Ring is a beautiful game,but it's hard. If you ever played
it any of the Dark Souls games, you should like it. Tanner,
I've seen you play games before.You suck. Don't play it, so
I think, But I think Imeant, at least you know what you're
getting yourself into. You know,you know it's gonna be hard, It's
gonna take a long time. Yeah, I don't know that I can do
it one hundred and sixty hours.Well, I mean it's try. I

mean I don't it's an accomplishment Ifyou get five million hits off it but
if you walk in here on Tuesdayand say you spend one hundred and sixty
hours, I haven't slept in fivedays, I feel like it's like why
though, you know, just sayyou've done it, But like, I
mean I see it because that's myjob, that's them. But for you,
it's like I don't stretch it out, Like what's the rush. I
actually enjoy the game. I agree, you know, some time with it.

I just don't know that I willenjoy it, I think, And
I'm gonna when I start it,like be determined, like I'm gonna beat
this. I'm not gonna let itbeat me because it's broken. People people
started the game like this is.There's this twitch streamer or not a twitch
streamer. He's a streamer named Idon't remember what his name is, but
he like gave up twenty minutes intoit. Well he's just a pussy ass
bitch. Then, I mean,that's really giving it. You're all at
twenty minutes. I don't know's howhe got it home on the Video Games

of the first place. But yeah, I just think like I'm going to
be screaming a lot. I'm goingto be frustrated play with your other controller.
You think, yeah, just savethe customer. No, that's probably
a good idea. You at leastkeep a like a big bowl of pill
something I can break, because whenI'm getting like when Marcus and I are
playing Call of Duty and I'm gettingfucking clapped, like I just need something

to like a punching back, somethinglike I need a fred Durst something right
over the back of a chair.Should just have extresshead that you could get,
Oh yeah, stress ball. Yeah, it's like destruction though as well.
You know they would just start alittle collection of breakable items that you
can throw at the wall when youget frust. Yeah. I bet beef
Water's got a bunch to old garagesale vases. You just set up like

you know, like the Jacklink's jerky'llset up their crash room, right,
you just do one of those verylittle rage room. The guest room.
Guess room no longer now it's arage room now. Marcus, uh,
well, you know he gets someof these ruts too, or like two
or three rounds are just bad.A lot of the times he's really tired
and hammered, so he doesn't ragerage can he just gets sad like Marcus's

voice gets very sad. He getsa sad tone. It's okay. I
mean I think if it gets toa point where you're getting sad or you're
getting hot over a video game,maybe understand take a walk around. I
feel the same way when when peopleget upset about like their sports teams losing.
You're just like, take a breath, you know, really around outside?

Are you just gonna throw fire?Touch the grass? You know she's
not to her point though, Likethere are times where Marcus, you know
this, we've been so fucking mad, and I sometimes just need to take
a walk, take a few minutes, walk outside, let the dogs out,
use the bathroom, pound a beer, and then you come back and
you're fine, right, And sometimeswith that muscle memory, because I mean

it's the same with like working outor whatever. It's like you can't do
it, you can't do it,you can't do it, and then you
leave it for a minute and thenyou come back and boom, you can
do it. So, Laura,I was wondering, do you play video
games? I unless it sound likeit's Mario Kart, Okay, now,
I just wondering because I you know, Tanner keeps mentioning me here, and
I haven't actually had a chance tospeak yet, so I was gonna wonder

if the guy that plays the videogames can come in and go on door
flex right there? No all jokesaside what an expert speaker, I haven't
done a year. Listen to me. There's a couple reasons I get sad
okay, and I don't think thatthey're legitimate reasons, but I know why.

It is a there's only so manytimes you can see your name at
the bottom of the leaderboard, allthe way at the bottom, dude,
when the game comes out and likeyour team loses and you're in last place,
which has happened to both of us. I'm not the weak leg.
He's like, I don't care whatthe stuff you want to uninstall the game.
It happens to me all the time. And it's like, like I
said, there's only so many timesI can see it. And I picked

this game up a little bit laterthan than Tanner, so he's he's a
lot better than me at it,like nine games out of ten. And
then a blind squirrel finds a nutfucking great doesn't make a difference in my
attic. And then those are thegames. I usually. The other reason
is if Tanner's right, if ifwe're playing on those nights that were drinking,
I'm up late. I live ina house with a sober wife that

goes to bed at like nine thirty. I can't. I want to so
bad. I want to get upand play a nine minute metal solo up
break every single fucking stick I havein the house. But I have to
get sad because I can't. Idon't have any other relations. I remember
one time when I was living withmy ex girlfriend. I was playing games,

and I didn't play games often.Then in front of her, especially,
I was playing games. She wasin the other room watching a movie
or whatever, and I was dyingand I was like getting mad, like
what the what the fuck? Yeah, doing the whole deal, you know,
And then she comes into the room. She just leans in like a
cartoon character, like the Jesus meme. She leans in and she just shakes

her head and pure disgust. Yeah, because I screamed at my fucking at
the computer. Well, you know, sometimes you're in the heat of battle,
and like she was, it wasn'tlike let me lean in and like
give you a comical shake. Herhead like she shook her head. One,
why am I living with you?Yeah? Why am I with you
at all? It's too late atnight to Packard's disturbing my peace. And

I looked at her. I go, I'm playing a game, Get off
and I She didn't say anything,and I got super defensive. That's how
I am. When I play boardgames, I just flip the lifeboard.
I'm like, God, God,the ridiculous. The two things that I
spend a ton of money on inmy life, the two things I spend
I spend money on golf and Ispend money on video games, and both

of them break my heart every singletime I interact with them. Probably a
good and then I scream about it. It's like, this is a good
thing. That's a good thing.You can't crack a golf club over your
knee. You feel like that,definitely, And I think Marcus has tried
before. Definitely thrown a few.Yeah, I'm actually I cleaned up on

the golf course a long time agobecause I watched a guy lose his mind
over a bogie when I was inhigh school, and I was just like,
I'm never going to be that guy. Like it was it because it
wasn't a bad score, like heneeded to qualify and so every stroke mattered.
And I remember he walked off thegreen. He threw his putter at
a tree. It broke in half. He picked up his golf bag and

he emptied out every club in it, and then he threw his golf bag
like thirty yards. Dude, ittook like a half an hour to clean
up his mess. Yeah, you'vecome down from it, and you're just
like, Okay, here's my wayexactly golf. Of course, now he
gets sad. Yeah, Ue,Yeah, it just gets sad. And
I say it, dude, myline out there is fucking bridges. Like
that just seems so upset. Yourlast name, yourself. Yeah, he

doesn't, doesn't like his high schoolgolf coach. Come on, just straighten
out your drive. That's great.I love you. Marcus is my like
my like he's one of my bestfriends in real life, but like on
on online, like he is myboy, you know like what, Like
I was working last night and Isaw that he logged on and I was

itching just because it was like teno'clock. You almost didn't ditch him,
almost didn't ditch him, but Idid anyone ruined me. Dude, I
died in that war a lot.Yeah, I'm sorry about that. But
we also like I love to WhatI love is that Marcus and I are
addicted to the same game at thesame time. That helps, Like we
like we go from hell Divers topub g to Call of du going to

get on the Elder Ring train withyou. Then it's not a co op
game. But I can't. Yeah, you can't play together. He would
love his Noble guys. You guyscould have matching h cloaks, yes,
yeah, and he could have theof a bag with all the rings.

Sorry, Marcus, what I wasgonna say, You're about to spend sixty
or seventy bucks on this experience.For sixty or seventy bucks, I'll show
up in Portland three times in thenext week and I'll randomly kick one foot
behind the other while you're walking,and I feel like it's the same experience,
Like you're just going to be pissedoff. I can't bring myself to
play this game. They think itlooks beautiful. It was a game of

the year. Can't do it.I won't pay for that kind of abuse.
I abuse myself. I don't getabused by the game. Why I
haven't done it yet because I gotI get people. It looks like it
breaks people game. This is adumb question, But you play on PC,
so I'm assuming when you buy it, it's not like a physical disc.
When you buy it, you can'tlike pawn it off on somebody.

I do think you can if it'swithin a twenty four hour period, and
depending on how much of you ofthe game you've played, you can't ask
for a refund, but you can'tbe denied depending on how much you've played.
Yeah, but like if you've playedit for ten, they're like,
well, what a sad sap.He's given up already, He's had it.
He's the half hour guy. Butyeah, speaking of expensive games,
I saw last night this this kiddid a TikTok about Grand Theft out of

six and all the rumors, itsounds like This is On is set to
be the most expensive game, notonly ever made, because they've already spent
two billion dollars on development, right, two billion dollars. That's the biggest
wit ever. They're going to makethat up in the first thirty six And
I think they know that because theymade two or three billion dollars within three
or four days of GTA five,and we're only in a bigger space,

bigger space. They're saying that thisis probably going to be the last GTA
ever made, and they just willupdate this, you know, because we've
spent what it'll be twelve years orthirteen years by the time the next one
comes out, and then you're gonnahave a whole new audience with better tech,
with better and now that they knoware going into it with they didn't
have this. They didn't have anyidea it was going to be as big
when GTA five came out, sothey didn't prep for it was just a
normal price whatever. This time,they know everyone's going to go crazy,

and so they're going to be greedyand crank the prize up and give you
three different editions. And plus themath doesn't pan because you and I are
going to be fifty eight years old. Okay, there's not an easy way
to slice that. But the gamethey're saying, like the standard edition could
cost one hundred and fifty dollars.Yeah, start saving up now you got

a year. Yeah, that's Imean, at least they're giving you a
fair warning they say fall of nextyear, So yeah, year and a
half? Is it a year anda half, because yeah, yeah,
I guess you're right basically, ButI you know, if we don't think
about it, and they're like fall, it'll be the last day of fall.
What's the last day of fall intwenty twenty five? December twentieth,

twenty twenty five, just just atime for Christmas. But there was this
business meeting with a Take two Interactive, the company that owns Rockstar Games,
the company that makes those redd Redemptionand GTA. They did some business There
was something like two or three weeksago where not only did they officially announce
that Red Dead three was in theworks, but they were talking about how

much money they expect to make forthis quarter that quarter that GTA comes out,
And it's an ungodly number it willbe when it comes out. If
all the predictions meet, uh,you know, meet the predictions. I
suppose, uh, the numbers cometrue, it'll be the biggest entertainment release
in history and will never be brokenbecause it already was. I don't know

if it got crossed up by likean weird avatar. I don't think so.
I think just in terms of whatthey spent on it and how much
it made in the short aunt ofmargin, and the fact that they're still
making millions of dollars a day onit. I'm wondering, though, is
it like movies where at a certainpoint, like it's out of the theaters
and they stop counting, Like,is it the same way with video games?
I don't think, just keep going. They keep having They have endgame

purchases, yeah, downloadable content,they have side missions. So the main
game is gonna come out, andthen a year or two later, some
more DLC will come out, whichwill be a whole new campaign. Like
now it's a You're on a motorcyclegame, Yeah, and that'll be You're
in a street game. And Ibet you the DLC for GTA will be
just as expensive as a typical gamenow sixty seventy bucks hopefully, and I'm

saying hopefully it stays there because aswe move through this and we get ten
years in, man, you knowhow much grapes are. I'm no kidding.
Uh. Listen to a little bitof this TikToker talking about some of
the GTA rumors. ZTA six isgoing to be the most G six It's
going to be the most expensive gameever created. Not just that, it'll

be the most expensive piece of entertainmentever created at US staggering two billion dollars.
To put this into perspective for you, just how massive, how comically
massive this number is. Somebody madea chart comparing it to all these other
games. But I think you canactually get crazier than this. You see,
if you took every single game thatrocks behind him, you can't see

that Grand Theft Auto five cost twohundred and eighty five million dollars to make,
Right Redemption three costs three hundred millionto make. And then there's a
couple of other games on there,but now his head's blocking it ever created.
Abb them all together, it wouldstill be less than the cost of
making G T A sixes, hesaid, all of those games together and
still be less. Damn. Thatman has never had sex. And I

was gonna say, how do youtell you I haven't had sex without saying
it? You passed a video aboutthis on or your sizzling LISTE crazier than
that, you see, it's themost expensive piece of entertainment ever created that
goes for TV shows and movie TVit broke him. The movie The Word
shows of g t A six.Here's all the projects you could make.

You could make Avatar, two Avensers, Infinity War, aven what's happening?
I think it's getting speech therapy?Please? That is crazy. So for
the budget of g t A six, you could have made every episode of
Game of Thrones, Avengers Endgame andgotten a speech therapy and they possibly have

enough for some therapyr new tongue.Understand this isn't the first time that rock
Star has held a record like this. You see, GTA five is considered
the most profitable piece of entertainment evercreated. So they have the most profitable
and the most expensive They have boththe records. GTA five costs two hundred
and sixty five million dollars to make. Guess how much money it made.

Eight point five billion. That istaking into account ever uses. That's why
they put two billion into it.Yeah, because they get it all back
from just the trailer. It's gonnalook like I mean it's looking right now,
it's gonna be the best game evermade. I don't know until it
comes out, but as of rightnow, based on GTA five, and
I know Rockstar Games every game theyput out is is a an A plus

game. This might be the greatestgame ever created. I mean interesting to
me that they put out this trailer, what a couple of months ago last
year? Yeah, oh my gosh, has it been last year already?
But the game still doesn't come outfor another year and a half, Like
all the work that they've done,will it be obsolete by the time because
they're planning ahead. You know,you look at college football that just came

out for the first I'm in likea decade because now they're going to pay
for the likeness of players. Soit's back and the trailer is so realistic,
and you got to think that thatis a flash in the pan compared
to the effort and work put intoGTA. So you're you've got something that
was only greenlit a year ago thatlooks that good. So I'm guessing that
they're they're building it for the nextexperience, and I guess they've created so

many new things, you know,how a game will come out Like excuse
me, like Marcus, get inon this anytime because I can't see your
pay your video feed today, soyeah, breaking in whenever. But like,
uh, from what I understand that, you know, how like a
game will come out like God ofWar came out and then twelve other games
came out that where the exact samegameplay, just with different skin and d
story. Right, it sounds likethis is going to be a little different.

It's going to be like the othergta's. But there's rumors that you're
gonna be able to use real currencyin the game somehow use real money in
the game, where like if youdrop it or get robbed, that's real.
I don't know if that's gonna workout. I don't know. You
probably have to like load your moneyto it. I'm just going to do
it auto intel exactly account. ButI think that's going to be a mode.
It sounds like, uh, socialmedia is going to have a big

involvement in it, where you canlike play with the game when you're not
playing the game, so if you'reat work, you can check on your
shit. I feel like that's amistake and it's cool for like the hyper
obsessed person out there, but becausethat person's gonna be doing it all day
long, you need to have someseparation. It's going to be nearly impossible
to pay your bills and be agood person and play the normal game.

They're gonna we're going to ruin peopleand yeah, yeah rocks. That's not
rock stars problem. Bro. Ifyou've got an issue that's on you,
well I'll tell you who's doing it. That guy who just told you all
about how much money they're billion dollarsyou're can tell me he's not going to
text a fake girl in an alleyall day at work. Absolutely, I
do appreciate the fact that he's notgetting lad. He had time to do
this as in every update that theyhave put into this game. Yeah,

still made eight point five billion.So making an eight point five billion dollar
profit with two hundred and sixty fivemillion of capital being put into it,
that means you could make thirty twoGTA five's roughly with the profit. Now
let's get crazy with it. Let'ssay GTA six is the biggest piece of
entertainment ever created, most expensive,most profitable, most everything. How much

money would they make if they werethe same level of profitable as GTA five
sixty five point one four five billiondollars. To help you visualize that number,
GTA six would be worth more thanmost countries, Like the gdpiece of
most Nassans wouldn't be able to outperformGTA six. Understand that, by some

crazy miracle, some black magic,the GTA six is able to do that.
There will never be a piece ofentertainment ever that'll break that record.
But yeah, if it comes,if it ever comes, we'll be We'll
never see that in a walker forsure. We'll never see seven or eight.
Right, that's probably like a likea fact. If they do ever

come out with it, they'll benearly dead and that guy will still be
a virgin. There's one thing aboutit, you know. I'm okay,
Like I was thinking sitting here,thinking about kind of what Laura was saying
about the trailers coming out. Nowwe still have to wait so long.
We've known about this game for along time. But I go back on
that a little bit because a lotof games these days, especially these big

Triple A games that they hype uplike this, come out incomplete. They
cut a lot of corners, theyleave a lot of stuff off the boards
to get it out exactly, andalmost always there's a gigantic update, and
in some cases Call of Duty,you're downloading a gigantic update once every couple

of weeks. You know, Iplayed Diablo. They just came out with
season four. They completely scrapped theway they were doing all the loot and
all of the item crafting and everythingfrom the first three seasons and completely reintroduced
it for season four. You neverget that with GTA games because they don't
cut any corners, because they makeus wait a fucking decade. I mean,
there's a reason better than them becauseof that. Right, you're absolutely

right. I mean the every gamethey put out is nobody can come close
finished. Yeah, and it's finished. They released that cyberpunk game, that's
all right. They released a cyberpunkgame and that was hyped up for like
a year and a half, twoyears. People were people like pre ordered
this game. The game dropped andit didn't even work. Wah wah whah.

It didn't work, and you know, people were pissed. It took
like six months to a year forthe game to finally get up to par.
And it's a beautiful game, visuallystunning, But what happens is studios
rush the developers. Developers don't havethey can they have time to make it
look beautiful, but to make itwork, it's a whole different thing exactly,
but they just get it out therebecause they have to because of money
and greed and trying to make upsome of that money put into it.

The good thing about g TA isas they're going the cash is still coming
in coming in. They still payyour payroll with the with the profits.
I mean, they made so muchthat they're just like, we don't have
to, which I think is kindof cool. Because they're so big that
they don't have to put out ofthe games. They can just put out
GTA in Red Dead and then justgo back and forth until until they have

no more room for money. Ifeel like they could alleviate the stuff off
of us a tiny bit by doingone simple thing, and that is do
what I always thought they would doback in the day, and that is
put advertising on the billboards that theplace is one big walking advertisement and would
not hurt the gameplay at all.To have a Coca Cola sign instead of
a Jimmy's col we wouldn't have tobuy as much content for you to make

a profit margin. Now. Idon't know if some people like I don't
want to see brands in my game, but I don't give two shits if
I don't. Well, and ifeverything else about it is so realistic,
like why might be part of it. The only reason I think they wouldn't
is because it's not really America.I mean it is, but it's not
like, you know, like noneof these cities are real, you know,

like it's supposed to be like it'ssupposed to be that the game GTA
is supposed to be satire, Likeon its face, it's just making fun
of us, and maybe that actuallyhelps them stay out of the target zone
when there's a shooting or whatever andthey're like, no, no, no,
this is satire or not really.Yeah, it's hard to like,
you know, get out to somebodyon board when you're like target on board,
when you can go to like thetarget parking lot and mow down a

handful of people, that's probably don'twant anything to do with that. But
I think you got a good pointthere, and I honestly think it as
they want to keep their like worldseparate from like the reality because like in
the game, it's not tackle bell, it's clucking bell, and you know
it's stuff like that. Yeah,and that makes plausible deniability, I mean
what you're talking about. It's alsorealistic now too that if you have a
really good computer and you're really goodat editing video, you could make that

target shooting at GTA look like itactually happened in the real world. Put
it on the internet, on Twitter, and all of a sudden, you
know, we have to do newsstories to tell them this is a video
game again. It's gonna get tothat point where it's like, have you
seen this video and you're like,dude, that is straight out of GTA.
Go if you haven't seen it yet. If we're gonna wrap this podcast
up here second, But if youhaven't seen it yet, google the matrix

real Unreal Engine five. I thinkit's Unreal Engine five. It just type
an unreal Engine matrix and it'll popand it should pop up. It is
so insane. The graphics are soinsane. At first I thought it was
real. If you would just glanceat it from you know, for five
or ten seconds, you would thinkit was real. It's so insane how
good these graphics are getting that You'reright, in five or ten years,

we are not going to be ableto tell Yeah, I bet you,
I bet you. They can doit now in a lab somewhere, But
it's just how can you get thaton a disc or in a downloadle Bit
make it work said this before,It's just like I don't want that from
a video game. That's what moviesare for. Like that's what you know
what I mean. It's like Iwant to be able to play my Mario
Kark because I know it's a cartoon, you know what I mean. Like
they'll always have that for you.Nintendo's they see their lane. They don't

chase for real, They're trying toget that what you want. They're trying
to get the kids and the familynostalgia and it works out. So when
I'm not sniping someone on pubg weare carton it. Uh yeah, that's
that's one of my favorite, ifnot my favorite Nintendo. And dude,
they did such a good job withthe new ones because it has all the
nostalgia, but it's all like threeD and intense and more characters. I

think I'm gonna get the switch andyou just you open your door, you
challenge your neighbor, you call hima bitch, and you just take them
down. It's the only thing youcan play with someone else in the room,
the Nintendo. All right, Well, that does it for us today,
just talking VIDs today, guys talking, Marcus and I will play tonight,
I think, unless unless you gotsomething going on. I know you

said we're gonna past me and Ijust never ended up coming. I was
gonna wait until you storm the beachand then get back on the boat like
you did to me last night.You know, maybe I'll get on there.
Don't burn the boats and atomic TannerTV for all the chaos. We
will see you tomorrow with one morepair of corn tickets. I also heard
that comedian Godfrey will be in thestudio tomorrow legend. Yeah, dude,

the guy's awesome, super hilarious.I'm surprised he's not bigger. You know,
it's gonna be his appearance on thisshow tomorrow. I know he's big,
but like, why is he notlike a spokesperson for the Old Spice
or something like he's good looking,he's got a perfect yeah jacked Terry Crews.
Is he still the guy who's theNo, it's some other guy.
It's a comedian. His name heused to be on Conan Show and then
then he's pretty ripped. He's funny. Uh. I can't remember his name,

but he's funny. He's a comedianand uh he's been doing it for
a few years now. Man,So well, is that always the thing
you got to be ripped? Idon't think the comedian isn't ripped though.
Oh this guy isn't no the comedian. He's just kind of like he's an
okay shape. But well, hewas on Conan he was fat, like
a chubby belly. I was gonnasay, if you want to sell the
odorant fat, sweaty and rock thedad boy, make it. I put

it all over my belly. SoI don't know what time tomorrow, because
it doesn't look like it's going tobe the normal time for Godfrey, which
is like usually seven thirty when wehave comedians in. It might be later
on, but uh, we shouldhave her works very excited. You got
to leave him alone. If he'sa married man, Laura, I think
I think he's married. It's thefirst thing I'll be looking for. We

will see you tomorrow. Anything else, Marcus, you want to say something,
No, I don't have anything.Get out of here. You've been
listening to Tanner, Drew and Laura'sDonkey Show, heard daily at one O
five nine. The brew dot ComMay God have mercy on all of our souls.
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