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April 16, 2024 35 mins
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Let me know when you're ready.I bet that's a good start. This
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this morning. It's just it's justthe three of us, just the three
and we're the three best friends thathe dream team. Yeah, I want
to play this. Oh, she'sJesus. That's what dream teamers do.
Yeah. I've been waiting on thatfor about an hour. Now, start
a citic and work our way backto neutral. I wanted to play this
clip for you unedited. It's theclip of the old guy yelling at the

golfers on the golf course. Yeah. So if you missed the show,
this video I saw yesterday. Iguess it's going viral right now. But
this guy lives on a golf course. It's one of those houses where you
you know your backyard, you getyour backyard, and then right after your
yard, it's a golf course.It's pretty nice, but I guess somebody
launched a ball into one of oneof his windows and drilled him. Now

they seem to have stayed at thetea box, which is where you you
you know, tee off from.And I've hit some houses and in the
in have you really? Oh?Of course, I mean you play enough
golf houses lining these courses and certainholes are are ones where you're going to
hit a house if you're not great. I've never broken a window that I
heard, but I've definitely gotten inthe golf car and double timed to the

next you know, try and getpast their house because you don't want this
guy showing up, right. Haveyou seen the video of the guy who
lives in the golf course and peopleare constantly hitting balls in his yard,
so he pretended like one hit himin the head. I love, and
he just played dead in the yardbecause you could go up to him.
You're like, oh my god,do I even do I address this or
do I go? I just turnedaround and run just yeah a couple time.

So anyway, this is the videothat went viral, and he's the
man's got some great combinations and whenit comes to cursing, right, oh,
Yeah, he's he's gifted mad.I'm about mad motherfucker right now.
But I have windows too. Yeah, what's your name all right? For
taling? You owe me six hundredand eighty one bucks. I'm goddamn maddered.

Ship. You can't hit this goddamnthanks two hundred year agoards wide and
you hit the house. You're somad you can't talk slice and slices.
Sorry, Yeah, you're your son. I'm out of window. Go to
the next hole. I haven't hityet. Yeah, I haven't hit it.

You know when you're so you're sopissed, you're like you you're the
one who's constantly just word solid.Yeah, it's affecting his breathing, like
because he's so mad that he can'tIt's like he just ran there. I'm
goddamn Madden and Ship that's my favoriteone. Yeah, that's quite. That's
a great combination. I'm about madmotherfucker right now. I have windows too.
Yeah, what's your name all right? For? You? Owe me

six hundred and eighty one bucks.And then he hits the golf cart with
the club that he's holding. That'llteach and six hundred and eighty one dollars
that's man. It sounds like exactlywhat the cost. Yeah, it sounds
like maybe this has happened before.And don't just come up with six eighty
one. Ask people on speed dial. You got to put one of those
nets up, bro, I mean, I it sucks. Be a good

start, for sure. Maybe getone of those nets if you keep going
through windows like that. But it'slike, do you even have the right
to bitch when you knew there wasa golf course there when you moved in,
you know, yeah, some ofus don't look in the backyard.
Oh what is this? This parkis beautiful, but they're obsessed with hitting
rocks golf. I'm goddamn Madden shitmad. Yeah you get that mad a

couple of times go by the net. Yeah, it's funny sometimes when you
when you see the old, theolds get really riled up and keep Have
you seen the video of the guyhe's in the he's in a motoriz he's
on a motorized scooter and he's yellingat some dudes who are doing some construction
and he tries to take a turnbecause he's like, fine, I'm gonna
go call the cops. And sohe tries to spin around, gets stuck

and he no, he clips theside of the road, like the road
kind of has a like a curb, like a little bump that goes down
and he just falls over. Holdon, I got to play you this
ship that this is the best videobecause he's being such a dick, and
because the guys are just there todo their jobs. And it's in the
middle of the day. It's notlike there, it's in the middle of
the night. Yeah, and you'regetting all rowdy on your rascal or is

it a golf corridor or rascal.It's like a it's like a motorized wheelchair,
like like he would have around therascal. I don't know if they
still make it. Did they rushto come pick him up, or did
they just leave him there for asecond let him marry They let him there,
left him there because he's being anasshole. Let him calm down on
his side, that's the best wayto calm down. Let me see laying

on hot concrete? Why lately andreal quick? Am I the only one
that's had a real hard time findingvideos that go viral anywhere else on YouTube
anything. If it's on like TikTok, trying impossible to find. I find
it easier to find on TikTok YouTube. It's impossible. But if you've looked
at TikTok and then try and findit on YouTube, is what you were
saying. That's what I'm doing.Yeah, so I'm gonna go back to

TikTok real quick. Old man onscooter falls over, You're gonna be getting
so many scoot drops today in yourfeed. Found found it right away on
TikTok. Yeah, here it is, So this guy is correct. You
can hear a little bit of theargument because again the video starts halfway through
the argument, so you don't hearthe whole story. I'm closing, I

just got assalted. I his oldstall. Oh so let's back it up.
Assaulted by this old fuck. Theguy called the cops. Uh,
the guys he was yelling at calledthe cops because they say the old man
and the scooter assaulted him and thenhe did that. I'm closing I just
got assalted. I his old stalland the noise he makes, and again

they just left him there because he'sbeen an asshole apparently assaulted them. And
just listen to the noise he makeswhen he falls. He falls funny.
I just got assaulted by his oldfall. People work boom and down.
What is that thing that he ropehe hit? I think it was an

extension cord. It looks like hegot rocked, and he was such a
tough guy until he's on his Atleast it's a hose pure at least at
least he fell into the grass.Yeah, that's he's got that going for
him. More into the gravel rightbefore the grass starts, because that's what
it looked like he is. There'sault because they're doing I don't know what,

like this old man just assaulted me. Make sure you throw a little
light insult. I'm cloing the shotsand I just got assaulted by his old
fall. This old fucker. Peoplework that sound he makes a fossil.

I would be the two guys thatare like they're trying not to allow.
Yeah, but you do a slowhelp on that one. You let them
kind of wiggle for a bit.Now you think about what you've done,
Think about what you did. Areyou settling down, sir? Yeah,
I'll get you up. You geta calm down, and you can't assault
me anymore. Imagine being on yourside. You're old you're so mad and

now you like have to play niceto get helped up. Yeah, the
best is when Karen start fights andthen fall on their asses. Have you
seen the other video there's a woman. It's like a neighbor who's upset that
the person's trash can is in thein her parking spot. The neighbor takes
the trash cans up to the curband the lady wants to park there.
Well, the lady tries to attackher, and the Karen fall. She's

kind of a big girl and she, you know, like, you have
no business attacking anybody. You're goinghome and attacking a meat loaf. She
fell right on her, right onher face, and you can hear like
the skin slap o' y tacks womanover. Oh she fall down, she
tripped or yeah, she tripped overher five feet You know it happens here.

It is. Oh, it's great. I can't control where the city
bucky puts it its trash. Huhhow about that? How about you come
about it? Did so there?It is? So I guess like the
city had already come picked to pickup the trash, right. I can't

control where the city fucking puts itit's trash, and she pushes the can
over and then she immediately falls andshe you know, I thought she was
about to start doing the worm.I can't control where the city fucking puts
it in trash? What's up witha death wop? But when she gets

up, is centering yourself that hard? It looks like she hit the ground
kind of hard. She's a littlejostled. Yeah, Well, she got
up and pretended like nothing happened,like, I'm fine, your jeans are
dusted. That's what they all dolike that. There's another video of a
guy like he's trying to cross thestreet. It looks like in a big
city like New York or something.But he's trying to cross the street and
the guy in front of him isjust you know, he stops, and

the guy gets mad and slams hishand down in the car like hey,
I'm walking here, that type thing. Yeah, and then he turns around
and starts to walk away, buthe's staring still at the driver and walks
smack dab into a pole. Oh, and hits him hard to the point
and knocks his hat off and everything. You don't see a pole coming,
It feels like you hit it atthirty miles. Yeah, those videos are
so satisfying. There's another video ofa guy. I two guys driving and

one of the drivers is reaching outof his window and talking shit. He's
not paying attention to the cars infront of him, and he rearins them.
Oh yeah, in the other carruns into another car. I saw
a video recently of a motorcyclist who'ssplitting lanes and just be in an asshole.
And he drives by a car andlike knocks off their rear view mirror
and then immediately rear ends another car. It just like falls off. What

you get? Man like scaring?I what is it? A splitting lanes?
Is that legal here? I thinkit is because I see people do
it all the time, and I'mlike, I don't know. If it
scares me, I don't really havea problem with it. If I know
it's coming, but you don't knowit's coming, that's scary about it.
And then if you decide you wantto switch lanes or something and he run
somebody over, and now it's abig problem for me. I don't understand,

and I don't think anyone could convinceme otherwise that how could those people
care about themselves whatsoever to split laneslike that on a freeway. I mean,
it's one thing if you're like,yeah, I don't care, I'm
a rebel, Like do you havenothing to live for? Because all it's
gonna take is me not even payingattention and merging and you're going seventy right

like and I'm being chill and you'restill gonna die. Like, I don't
get it right. Motorcycles for me, but those those thrills, they want
it. But my friend Neil's beenin three accidents that's put him in the
hospital on his motorcycle, and hestill rides. That's stupid. I told
him it's stupid. I got dude, you got a kid and a wife.
What are you doing? Well,that's a whole thing after a while.
If you're like just single doing whatever, living your life, that's fine,

But like when you got a kidand a family, like that's irresponsible.
You know what he did. Hewas going super fast on his bike
one day, Yeah, and heclipped one of those cables holding a telephone
pole up is you know, he'sgoing so fast you can't see it,
right, And I guess it justyeaded him into a Cornfield or something.
Yeah, I just it seems it'sa it's a ballsy uh ride to work,
and he was in hospital, thehospital for like two weeks, Yeah,

which is not only inconvenient, butit's just it's like stupid. Whether
without next of kin, you know, like your friends, your family,
everyone who loves you and cares aboutyou. They're rocked because you had to
some people just like when you dieand get your ATV's Neil, when you
die, I get your ATV gaveyou enough warnings. You give him at
least an ATV. Yeah, that'sa four wheeler rule. No, I

just it's it's ridiculous to me howlittle people care, you know, and
people just like they do it becauseit gives them some sort of I don't
know, satisfaction. I'm sure yousaw that video of the guy riding his
motorcycle from Colorado Springs to Denver intwenty minutes. That's crazy. How long
does it normally take an hour anda half Jesus, so how fast he's

going like two hundred miles an hour? It was I want to say,
like one seventy five or something,but yeah, he was he I think
he drove up from Texas, andso they had to. After they the
cops caught wind of this, theytracked him down in Texas and arrested him.
Yeah, I'm surprised, guys dothat. There's a guy who's going
in the first he had a GoProon his helmet and he rea there's another

dude to put a GoPro on hislike Camaro or whatever the muscle car is
that the guy who got arrested goingone ninety nine. Yeah, and the
cops are smashing his door with theirfoot. They were trying to kick the
window open. My gosh, Andthey finally caught him because he what he
kept doing is filming videos of himstarting police chases with cops out running the
cops. Yeah, and then lovefloading the video to the internet later and

finally they caught him. I think. I don't think he was in the
middle of the police chase. Ijust think they caught him at a grocery
store. You taunt them enough,they're going to make it their duty to
find But he got away. Hiscar was so fast that he would literally
start a police chase just you know, go do something in front of a
cop that would get them to chasehim and he would take off and if
it's the same guy. This guyended up going one hundred and ninety nine

miles an hour, and then whenhe finally was pulled over, he had
two other kids with him in thecar, well adults, but young adults.
So you've got two extra lives you'rerisking on top of your own going
one ninety nine. That's I feellike a bug hits her windfield at one
n and you could be done donepretty crazy. Taxes were due yesterday.

Tax Day was yesterday, and thedeadline was midnight and H and R block
actually had I guess they were experiencingsome e filing issues on tax Day officials
very inconvenience. This the worst dayto have it happened right. Officials with
H and R Block say their systemis up and running again after a glitch
prevented countless last minute tax filers fromsubmitting their documents on Monday. I gotta

be honest, if you I don'tfeel Badnute waited until the very last minute.
And now you're pissed now because theyour H and R Block's website crash.
But because that crash or whatever,you know, their e filing system
crashed. Does that mean they getexercise. I'm gonna say no, because
you had months to do this andnobody made you wait until the last minute.

That's what's right, what you're saying. But I'm guessing that there's probably
a gray area where one, sinceit's a bigger because it was STI company,
it was still within the window,and that they were attempting to get
it done. But you know,yesterday on social media and the feed,
there's these videos. I don't knowif you saw them. There's hundreds of
people waiting in line, like nearlyrioting, pushing security guards because they needed
their taxes confirmed. But they allshowed up yesterday, and it's like,

I don't and yet again, don'tfeel bad for you. I don't want
you to get screwed and the upsidedown on your finances. But we don't.
We don't come up with a differentdate every year. It's always April
fifteen. And not only like,not only did you wait until the last
minute, Now you're acting like youthought you were going to be the only
one who waited till the last minute, and now you're pissed that there are

other people. It's like you wouldn'thave had to deal with this if you
did it back in February a coupleof years ago. I waited till the
last day and I called H andR Block and my guy, who's always
done my taxes, was like youhe did him for me still, but
he gave me a chewing. Hegave me an ash. They're not happy.
He kind of like, I've gonebeen going to him for ten years,
so we know each other pretty well, and he has no problem like

what are you doing? You knowyou have you can't wait, Like,
here's no problem giving me heat.Yeah, because he's exactly what he did.
He does so many people's tax aswell. He wants to retain you
as a client. You don't makeor break him, so's he can get
frustrated. If I were a nobody, he probably would have said that,
you know, but since I've goneto him so many years, he knows.
He's probably why he I bet youthat's the only reason he did.
Guarantee. Thanks Howard, Appreciate you, brother. I would have loved to

teeth by the way that actual riotpop off. Those people are waiting to
get confirmed. That would have beenthe first riot of the laziest people the
tax riots. It's like, wellthey got going, but you know,
everybody wasn't motivated, so they stoppedhitting people and breaking stuff and they just
said, oh, why me.Yeah, it sounds like the perfect person
to be waiting in that line.The news of H and R blocks e

filing issues comes after the tax preparationcompany released a statement earlier on Monday that
read quote, we are aware ofan issue preventing some desktop user some desktop
software users from e filing their returnsonline. Clients and clients working with our
tax professionals virtually or in person arenot impacted. So it's just like there

what caused the problem. H andR block did not reveal. So the
people who use an actual uh likeyou know, tax person are not in
trouble. H and R blocks versionof Turbo, just their version. I
bet they just not handle the webtrack, Like I bet, I bet

that's exactly what happened the other Like, if you're here, let's pick a
more selfish version, because that's whatwe all want. We want our money.
If you want your money, filea little early so your check isn't
lost in the watch. Like,forget being lazy. You can be as
lazy as you want done, isdone. But if you want your money
quicker, get it done quicker becauseit's not bogged down. I got my

organ returned back in like three orfour days. It was quick. I
still don't have my fed I gotboth of mine. Yeah, the oregan
came quicker. The federal mine camelike four days, five days maybe after
the organ. Yeah, I don'tknow why they Howard they told Howard told
me, he goes it may takea little longer this year because they're bogged
down, but he didn't say why. Yeah, but I've read that they

hired a ship to more people thisyear for this The I r S had
more people. I felt like prettyquick. Yeah, hopefully you get it.
It'll just pop in. Yeah.I keep checking my federal did did
did take longer though, Yeah,So I don't know why I did mine
last Wednesday. Guessing you did directpose it. Yeah, yea yeah,
yeah, yeah you did it lastWednesday. You're probably yeah, you'll be
fine because it's it's up to twentyone days. I think I don't.

I don't think I got for anothertwo weeks, or for two weeks they
say. I think they can tellyou three weeks, but it never has
lasted or taken that long, andthis is the longest I think it's ever
taken. I think fed was aboutten days for me. So you should
be coming quick. Yeah, allright, well get your money, so
hope everybody. I mean yeah,I'm actually about have been the week before
last. I think it was theweek before last. Either way, they've

got they say twenty one days.Actually they did. They you accidentally clicked
a box you donated. You boughta bunch of tents for a very nice
group of tools downtown right to methheads. Yeah, the Fenton Boys.
There are a group guys. Theyare a group. They're trying. They
are a five O one C threeand pretty good deal and they appreciate you.

A man dies in a freak accidentwhen hit by a ringing church bell.
That wait, what taking that church? Did it? One of the
worst ways to die? Did itfly off? So he's the guy actually
has to go up there and hitthe thing. He's captain Bingbong. He's
Captain Bingbong. So he went upthere. Each year, each year,

a church in Spain invites visitors upinto the bell tower as part of a
post Easter celebration. This year,a man was struck in the head by
ringing the bell and was reportedly killedinstantly by the bell like it hit him
in the head and just well,I mean those things are made of like
solid brass or whatever like. That'spolice are now investigating, and a mental

health professional was brought in by thechurch to care for the grieving friends and
family. So that's nice that thechurch is doing that. But that's I
mean, geez, what a terribleway to die. I hope he signed
a waivers you got church is probablylike damn, that's the definition of getting
your bell rung. To say,Lily is Brian got his bell rung one
too many times? Damn, man, that sucks. I don't know how

old this guy was, but Iget the vibe that he was older.
I mean, doesn't it sound likesomething that would kill just an old person.
I feel like I could take moreand bell bong? How big?
How big was this bell? Likethe top of a church? I mean,
assume it's it's liberty bell size.Okay, well people, pretty big
bell? Yeah blow, yeah,it's not the little How what violently was

this thing swinging went? I justimagine like hitting him and hit him like
flying off the top of the thing. You know. Let me, I'm
just gonna type in church bell inItaly and see what comes up. Yeah,
these things are massive, dude,Look at these things. How do
you get hit by one? Lookat this bell? It's huge? Oh

yeah, Oh that looks that wouldhurt. Now, it hurt you on
the right, at the right,at the crescendo there. Oh see,
I imagine him being up there andjust like falling off the tower, just
gets hit and falls off because youknow, right where it hits the peak,
it's on almost like the flick ofa foot. If that caught you

right at the tip in the chin, Oh yeah, blow up. You
look like that UFC fighter this weekendwhen they broke out, he went to
sleep, halloway. At least itdoesn't sound like I mean, it doesn't
sound like he was in a lotof pain since he died instantly. But
I always wonder this when they say, oh they died in pain, there
must have been a half a secondof pain, you know, like because

we like what like, you know, I hate to bring this up,
but like what not eleven happened andthe towers hit the plants at the towers
those people. It's got to behalf a second of something feeling. Yeah,
and I think if nothing else,the pain of fear and that was
Yeah, Like they're like, Ithink that you would. And now it
doesn't even have time for the adrenalineto cover it or whatever your body does
where it numbs itself. Yeah.Like, so they always say they did

never felt any pain. Well,there's got to be like a half a
second or a second or something.Maybe it's so. I hope it's like
that where there was just lights out, there was no feeling. They didn't
even know what happened. Even ifit is like a half second or a
second. I mean, the deathis still so quick that it at least
there's there was no suffering. Really, Yeah, it lop my head clean
off if it's going to happen,you know, wa shit, and have

me gone for an hour, right, bubbling put me out of my misery.
I always wonder that though they saidthey never had any pain, Well,
how do you know? How doyou know how many dead people are
you interviewing pain free? Yeah?It's true. Uh, what else do
we not talked about? Talk aboutthe day? Oh? I can probably
mention this tomorrow because I want tomention it at the right time. But
eight fifteen is the most stressful timeof the day. Yeah, saw that.

I wonder. I bet it's differentfor us, right, and our
days already started. Her day startat four am, so so I'm guessing
since you know, if the showstarts at six, that four forty five
or five am would be the moststressed. The most stressful part of the
day for me is like five thirtyin the morning. Yeah, I feel
like that's right before. It's likethem at eight thirty they're going to work

at nine they're like, yeah,that's true. Or but I was also
thinking eight fifteen, and I guessafter COVID it's not so much like this
anymore. But well, right,well eight fifteen is like you should be
at work already. You're just gettingthe day started. Maybe you've just sat
down at your desks. So forus that would be what like six oh
five or something, A lot oftask. I think that once I'm here

and in it, it's less stressful. It's when life is in front of
you in a stack that's where it'sthe worst. It's like then you get
to this point of the day andyou're like, oh, that's all behind
me in my wake. We're good. Yeah. A couple of things we
did not mention today because it wasstupid in a waste of time. Dakota
Fanning still receives birthday gifts from TomCruise. It's actually pretty nice of Tom

Cruise to do that. Wait,why the coda Fanning? Yeah, Dakota
Fanning and him, weren't they inThey were in more of the worlds together.
It's okay with her. I alwaysthink the big two I am Sam
and then Man on Fire? Yeah? Right, And didn't they do like
three of those Man on Fires?Or did they I just remember the first
one or no, I'm thinking ofsomething else. But when he goes ham
on those people in Man on Fireover with with Denzel Washington where he's like

the fixer or whatever, and hedoes the room and he beats up all
those he's like protecting her, andI forget what that was called. I
thought there was three of those,but maybe it could be. Maybe I'm
thinking of the Equalizer. I don'tknow. He's intense either way, Nice
of Tom Cruise to do that ifI had stupid money, because you know,
Tom Cruise probably isn't even thinking aboutit. He probably told somebody fifteen
years ago, make sure this girlgets something every year, and then he

just forgot about it, right,I would assume, But it's still pretty
nice. If I had dumb money, I would do stuff like that.
And he has a history of this. There are other stars who have talked
about where he'll like. He findsout you like something, and so every
year on your birthday, I forgetwho it is. He sends them lemon
bars. That's crumb, a reallyhoity toity place in La Like, and
then they you know, vacuum sealit and send him up. But it's
like like clock. I've heard TomCruise is very generous. Jimmy Kimmel here

is very very generous. It's prettycool. Obviously George Clooney gave all of
his friends a million bucks and thenpaid the taxes on it. Was cool.
Shas generous. That's a champion.Yeah yeah, yeah is badass.
So very cool of Tom Cruise tostill sen Dakota fanning stuff. She will
always be. I mean, she'sat least thirty percent of why I named

my kid Lucy, because I amSam. To this day, I will
break my soul to watch her youknow, do the tears. She was
a good little actress. She wasan incredible Is she still acting? I
don't see her anything anymore. Idon't because she was such a good little
actress. I sure started acting andthen then she kind of kept going with

it. And Dakota did not say. She was very good as a kid.
I think one of the best kidactors I've seen in a long time.
So she's an equalizer and man onfire. That's why then I'm thinking
of equalizer. I think great movies. You know, I didn't realize Surrey
Tom Cruise's kid with Siria as KatieHolmes, is it s I think it's
Siri. It's sure, it's youare yeah, lucky Siri would have been

hilarious. I know, right,But like she turns eighteen this year.
I didn't realize she's been a strangefrom Tom Cruise for years really, so
now that she's eighteen, though,they're like, what is she going to
say about Scientology? Because Katie Holmeshas been like, absolutely not, because
the Church of Scientology it was justlike too much. He's like, I
don't want my daughter growing up ina cult. Essentially, so she escaped,
like under like she had to likeleave him in public. Tom Cruise

is your dad and you and youbailed on him in public, and so
they haven't spoken in years. Idon't think they've been in communication. But
now Tom seems an adult. Heseems very controlling, and so I bet
that fires him hof And that wasthe scary thing. She basically had to
be like, I'm leaving and I'mnot in your private quarters when I tell
you that, because he is anextra, not that anything would happen or

not, but he's very very intense, probably and he could do what he
wants if he if he wanted what. I wonder what Katie Holmes has been
up to, Katie Holmes, Ithink Jamie Jamie Fox broke up. I
think before we get too far awayfrom Dakota Fanning. She is actively working,
She's got credit, she's an Equalizerthree that just came out last year.
All right, all right, makessense if speaking of movies, if

Elon Musk, if there was,if there were to be a movie about
Elon Musk, like a biopick,who should play Elon Musk? See Tom's
too old or he would have beenperfect twenty years ago, because Tom's sixty.
Who do you think, Laura,I don't know. I say it
would be an insult to anyone whoI name. Rob Schneider nods. Elon

Musk says that Benedict Cumberbatch should playhim in a biopick, and apparently asked
him you were so hoity do.Elon Musk asks Benedict Cumberbatch to play him
in a biopick. I don't knowif this is the clip of him asking
him. We're very excited about thebiopick in the works. Darren Aronofsky attached
to it direct. There's so manygreat Yes, there's so many great people
here tonight. Have you thought aboutwho might play you? Well? Who

do you think you play me?Bradley Cooper's here tonight? Oh? Sure?
Absolutely? How about Benedict Cumberpatch?Do you want to ask him?
Is he here? Benedict watches et? All right? What do you think?
Hilarious? Jokes are amazing? Ido think maybe Benedict would be good,

but I don't. We don't needan Elon movie. What has he
done? Well? When it's saidand done, it'd be interesting. But
right now, in the heat ofit, there's too much. The story
is not it's not just not overyet. Yeah, we don't know what
happens. He has to fall intoa pit of destruction at some point.
Yeah, the story's not over yet. I don't at some point. I'd
like to see the Bezos one whenit's said and done. I think that

would be interesting starting as a bookclub in like a bookstore, incredible into
shooting rockets into space. I mean, that's a pretty big story. And
you know, on Musko I'm surehas a great story too. I just
don't give a fuck. I don't. I want to hear it doesn't doesn't
need his ego brut you right,Cumber extra like legitimate actor out there.

Oh yea, it's hopped up.Bah, it's not happening. Yeah,
I want to And I know thisis probably an unpopular opinion in the room,
but I want like a documentary aboutMackenzie Bezos. I guess her last
name is not Bezos anymore because theystarted Amazon together. Yeah, but actually
she's got to do the Jeff onefirst, right, and be weird of
Mackenzie she started. Yeah, itcould tie her like both they have.

They got to tie her into thatfor sure. For Helon Jason Biggs Jason
Biggs sind and sealed he's gonna havesex with the speaking of casting a movie,
so I could see that, right, Quentin Tarantino's casting people for his
fire. He says it's his finalfilm, this tenth movie. I don't
know what it's about. You cankind of get an idea of it on
the internet if if you look atif you look for it. But somebody

give this man a tape of myfeet listen to the listen to this though.
So the guy who is apparently goingto be the lead in the movie
was the chubby guy from Itania actor. Yeah, he also played the Atlanta
bombings. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that guy. He's fucking awesome.
I don't always name I love that. Apparently he's had to drop out of
that film. The rumors are therumors are that Quentin Tarantino has replaced him

with Shane Gillis as the lead ofhis next project. Interest. That would
be really interesting because that's risky.Yeah, I think he could do it
study with a good track record versussomebody who's never really done feature film before.
I feel like it's a gutsy move. But yeah, he's done.
He's definitely done. Some acting,but I'm I'm open to it because I'm

a huge Shane Gillis fan, andI do love Quentin's movies. I think
they're a little long and and there'salways a foot pick and so many I
feel like he says the in worda little too much, so much in
every movie. Who knows what typeof character this guy plays, but it's
apparently it's a movie critic. Sohe's playing a movie critic. That that
could work. Like the way theway they describe the character, I go,
I totally see it, totally seeit because I can also see the

other guy too. But once Istarted hearing about the character, I could
not see Shane Gillis in my head. I wonder why you would drop out
of a Tarantino movie. I'm guessinghe had another project he couldn't get out
of contractually screwed youre out, youknow. I don't know that that's just
what it hears he had. Theyjust they didn't specify why they said he
had to leave the project. Sothe last he saw his feet didn't like

him. The last Quentin Tarantino filmcould star Shane Gillis, I don't know
yet, but that's the rumor outthere. I've learned not to judge Tarantino
until I see the product because itnormally works out. So hopefully the Hollywood
that Once upon a Time in Hollywoodis my favorite Quentin Tarantino movie that's done
excites pulp fiction. I gotta yeah, pulp fiction first, but that's up
there for sure. They had thebest ending I think he's ever met.

It's a great ending, the endwithout the ending. Man. I was
for a while, I was like, what are we doing? Is this
gonna Is this movie gonna go somewhere? Yeah? And I hope this last
if it's the last movie, whichI don't think so, but if it
is, you better have that pulpfiction moment, that last scene from Once
upon a Time in Hollywood moment.Like if you don't have the like the
whole gimp room thing, that's Ifeel like, that's the pulp fiction.

That's the pulp fiction scene. Andthe last scene in the LA one are
those of the benchmar scenes. Yougotta have one of those. Yeah,
what would have been the final sceneof pulp fiction? Was it the zed
and gimp? Well, because theygo after that, they do, so
he's pretty fucked up. He's allmessed up. But that's the I feel
like that's the peak moment of themovie because that's like where everything takes a

turn. Yeah, but you know, also you have heroin overdoses and a
lot of other stuff going on.Yeah, I know that Vince Vincent and
what's his name walk off. Theychange the clothes and they walk off.
That's at the end of the movie. No, the end of the movie
is the beginning of the movie orhurt when they're in the fucking diners.
Oh yeah, hands up, nobody, you fucking move ill execute every last

mother fucking what have you. It'ssuch a great line, and that's in
the that's in the soundtracks. Youhear it every time you play that.
Yeah, there's that song. Ican't remember who did that? They had
such and then you know, itjust made him even more iconic, like
the who's motorcycle? Is this?That? That's in the soundtrack too.
They make sure you get those clips. Yeah, all the all the drops.

What was the name of that songor the band? Man, I
know, the whole soundtrack, butthat one's getting to be we'll play We're
gonna figure out and then we're gonnawrap it. Up. I think that
one's almost thirty years old too.That's what's crazy fiction song. What's gonna
come up? Is that? Nono no, no no no no no
no no no no no no nono no no no no, no no

no. There's well watch if Iclick this, I bet you gets that.
Yeah, all right, So here'sthe actual let's see here cover.
I need an image of the pulpfiction tracks. Here we go, here's
the tracks. Let's stay together.No jungle boogie. Jungle Boogie is a

great song on that album, bythe way, jungle boogie. Yeah,
so I don't remember which one it. No, I can't tell the name.
Bring out the game. We knowwhich one that is. God.
It was played on the ra allthe time back in the day, and
Alexic you would have a motherfucking lastone here, don't don't to Doom Doom

Dumpkin and Honey Bunch Bunny el You'llbe a woman soon, m man.
Sounds like this. You just wishyou had the disc. I actually don't
know if this song was in themovie. I just know that they use
the clips of the movie and thesong the one that I'm thinking, I'm
just thinking of which everyone comes outof the execute, every last one song
in that song, it goes rightto it. I don't know. I

see names and none of them ringingabout. I keep wanting to say depeche
Mode, and I know that's notit. Jungle boogie in the gang.
Baby. If you've got to figureit out, let us know. It's
not Jack Rabbit Slims. It's notthis stand up bass. Oh this is
a good scene though. I lovethem, such great music all the way

around. All right, that's itfor us tomorrow more system of a down
in Deftones tickets. We will dothat at seven thirty in the morning.
So way up for that, Wayup the showdown. That's right, Yeah,
we'll put that together. I should. You should remake the intro and
put that in there somehow showdown.Yeah, all right, we'll see what

terminated. You've been listening to Tanner, Drew and Laura's Donkey Show, heard
daily at one oh five nine thatbrew dot com. May God have mercy
on all of our souls.
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