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April 30, 2024 36 mins
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Let me know when you're ready.I bet that's a good start. This
is Tanner, Drew and Laura's DonkeyShow, Donkey Shoe, Hey, kiddos,
thanks for checking out Tanner to andLaura's Donkey Show podcast o heard online
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wherever you listen to podcasts. TannerDrew's here, Laura's here, beef waters
here this morning? What did youguys, Laura and I were just talking
about it. Did you guys hearabout the dude who had a couple hundred
people show up to watch him eatcheese balls out of a jar? What
was the deal with that? Idon't know. I think, uh,
let's see, let's see why thisguy, because there's got to be a

why, right, Well do Idon't Maybe not. I don't think there
is a why. He just putup flyers. This dude put up flyers
all over the city of him wearinga ski mask holding a jar of cheeseballs.
And I don't remember word for wardwhat the flyer said, but it
basically said, come watch me eatcheeseballs April twenty even at this time or
whatever, which is a riveting event. You get a hold of the put
them everywhere. It's not National CheeseballDay or something like that. No,

I don't think so. I justthink he said. He She's like,
what silly thing can I do?Yeah, come see me before I don't
poop for a week. He putsflyers up, and I don't know how
long the flyers are up, acouple of weeks. I guess Flag made
any marketing genius in the video.I'm telling you, maybe five hundred and
six hundred people show up for thisguy to watch me cheeseballs. That's insane.

I mean in a good way forhim, right like that. You
can pull that many people and you'rein a ski mask eating cheeseballs. Yeah,
I'm gonna pull this up on YouTube. He said he really didn't expect
this many people to show up.I bet here it is. Here it
is. Why would there hundreds offolks gathered in a New York City park

this weekend shouting cheeseball man? Whydo you think people are so infatuated with
you? I think everybody was behindthe like so even the inner you with
the news. He's wearing his fuckingscheme mask. Oh, you know,
you got to commit to the bitwants to be behind the mask. It
started with these flyers, which havebeen hanging all over Manhattan for a few
Yeah. Yeah, they just saidI'm not like actual cheese. I will

eat and I will eat this entirejar of cheese balls Saturday, April twenty
seventh, as all the flyer said, and it was just him holding a
jar of it and people they holda simple message from a masked man wishing
to remain anonymous, come see meeat this entire jar of cheese balls on
April twenty seventh. It didn't reallyexpect this many people to show up.
Well they did. The festivity iskicked off with a speech as many took

videos for social media. This onecurrently holds ten million views. Oh my
god. Then cheeseball man hyped upthe crowd by running around holding a flag
with his masked face on it.But of course, finally those cheeseballs.
So I was under the impression thatthey were balls of cheese. These are

cheese puff balls like cheetos. Okay, but still I mean to get people
there to watch that is. Incourse, finally the time came when the
guy going by cheeseball man would haveto actually commit to consuming more than two
thousand calories of jedder and corn meal. Jeesus, there's a moment that I
was definitely going to throw up,and then people said keep it down really
loudly, so I just kept itin. I exchanged messages with folks who

were there, most of them sayingthey went because they thought it sounded quote
hilarious, one adding quote even fromtwo blocks away, you could hear the
crowd. After almost a half hour, the now legendary cheese finally accomplished his
quest and then immediately signed autographs.He asked me not to disclose his name,
but what I can tell you isthat he is twenty two years old,

just graduated from NYU, and genuinelywants to be more than just a
culinary conqueror. I've been, youknow, trying to help people. I
clean up the city, I pickup trash. Are you doing all this
in the mask? Oh? Yeah, Okay, that's not a real accent?
Does he did? He did?He eat so many cheeseballs that he's
like has an issue, He's losthis identity. It sound like he was

trying to do a voice. Itwas very bad. Uh, So there
you go. That guy was ableto pull it off. Man. I
bet he had some dusty finger yeah, I bet he had some dusty farts.
That's and he might have kept infront of everybody. But I bet
you threw all that up as soonas tiny studio apartment that cost three grand

right out of his nose. That'sthe cost of being a legend. Yeah.
Really, I mean you think theguy is going to have like a
career in marketing or something. Imean, if he then I hope not
to sell him SHORTI but he justpeaked in life, right, He's a
new graduate. There was no dumbdumb, No, he just graduated from
This isn't just blind luck. Anybody. Any old person can get a degree,

which is probably why he ny usA nice that's a pretty prestigiouschool.
And I feel like, uh,you know, it's a good idea to
keep your identity a secret when it'ssomething this ridiculous, because when you're going
for a big job, you're probablynot putting that on your resume. Yeah,
and you don't want them to googleyour name and then see all that
kind of exactly your cheese smart.Yeah, he should definitely get a cheeseball

endorsement of some fashion. Right,you would think one of these companies would
capitalize on that. Have the cheeseballman in a commercial, like didn't plants
still make a cheese ball? Inthe who is behind? Because Cheetos is
not making you know where you getthose? It said, like the dollar
tree. I know, Like I'veseen a big plastic container at Target it
but they're always like private brand,off brand and like just be a ls.

They don't even have the rights tocheese balls, just say balls,
just yellowish orange ball, Like whatkind of balls are these? Exactly end
up with the dusted chin one wayor another. I don't think I could
eat the entire jar cheese balls.I don't think I can. How thirsty
was he when he was Did heget to have a drink? I didn't
see a drink absorbs all of themoisture out of your body. Funny.

His whole outfit is pretty ridiculous.He's wearing an orange cape, like a
bright orange cape. He's wearing anorange ski mask, he's wearing a parking
cone on his head, and he'seating cheese. Put people showed up so
big or go But like you know, he obviously did the legwork to get
these people there. I hope hewas smart enough that one of those cameras
and one of those videos with tenmillion views are his is monetized. Yeah.

If it's not, like, youknow, tell somebody to get you
on board, right, because I'msure there's uh the dollar tree in that
cheeseball company want to talk to you. Yeah, he'll endorsement. Well,
if you haven't seen the video,we'll put it up online here if you
want to see cheeseball man. Yeah, but it's good for him, Jesus
Christ. Big giant waste of time, I feel because I don't think he

got paid a cent. No,well, I mean he got to eat
so many delicious cheese balls. Buthe's so young, and that's such a
fun story. And when you're fortyyou can be able to show people this
news clip and all these videos.That's going to be kind of cool.
It's interesting to me that flyers stillwork, you know what I feel like
in H two and also in NewNew York City, I feel like it's
kind of a different thing where peopleare walking all the time anyway, you're

not paying attention. Yeah, that'strue. Nobody's looking. Say that to
cheeseball man. He just proved mewrong. Uh, because when I go
downtown, I see stuff on thison the telephone poles, but it's mostly
like ads for bands and like littletiny concert venues you've ever heard say.

One app on a telephone pole didcatch my attention once. It was for
a dating app called Field, andI was like, oh, this is
new, maybe I'll try this.Well, it was just one I hadn't
heard of before, and I can'tremember what like the tagline It was like
date Differently or something like that,and I was like, like hand jobs
and well, it was like itwas like kink dating apps, so it's

very much like people looking for athird or bds M stuff. I did
actually go on a couple of dateswith like people who were into just like
normal run of the millstone. Whatdid you say your kink was on there?
I didn't. I was just like, my kink is that I don't
have one, really crude. Teachme a kink you could? You could

teach me something. No, thatwould have been an absolute in my ass.
This is tanner where you build memoriesthat you'll soon repress, exactly exactly
you want to go to the Velvetrope Plater download that you'll f e E
l D check it out. Verybig in Portland, as you might imagine.
Yeah, I wanted to be aUnicorn Tanner Perfege place for you,

but if I ever do, Iwill definitely check download. There's one that
says surprise butt plug there, don'teven see it coming? Is that a
star? Sure feels like it?You see in Seattle the other day there
was a suburb that was invaded byrunaway zebras. I saw that. You
know what's weird about that is thatI started because I posted a blog post

about it on the other radio stationI tracked for an So then I had
to go to Getty and look forimages of zebras. Right, and zebras
are very strange looking, like I'dnever looked at so many in one place
before, and I was like,I don't think I like zebras. They're
not real. They're what's wrong withzebra They're just very horses with stripes.

Did how did that happen? Like, like I know, I'm like cross
my eyes and I'm seeing weird things. I'm like, man, and they're
super aggressive, like they're believe arelike donkeys than horses. What are they
trying to blend into? I don'tknow. ANTI made a mistake there,
Like when the world runs out ofcolor, they're going to have us all.

You'll never see him in a likea diner in the nineteen fifties,
I mean those black and white checkerfloor authorities. The authorities on the outskirts
of Seattle spent Sunday chasing excuse me, a group of runaway zebras that have
that had invaded the area. Andalthough they've captured three, I guess there
was a bunch of st lose justone. I think there was a there

was four total. I could bewrong about that, but the group,
oh yeah, you're right. Thegroup of four zebras turned up on Interstate
ninety and your north the North Bendexit crazy after someone was transporting them to
Montana. They stopped and I guessthey thought the trailer was secure, but
it was not, oh man,and they got out, Hey, Jerry,
where does zebras go? What's talkingabout the trailer? It can be

hard to find the four escaped zebrasthough, I mean, right, yeah,
is that my zebra or is thatone yours? You're like, you
know, it's if anybody cites them. Yeah, those four zebras aren mine.
And how bad do you feel ifyou're the guy who like tags a
zebra with a semi truck and you'relike, oh my god, this in
my a million years, I neverthought would happen. In the middle of

the Northwest, I hit a zebraon the freeway. Some cops wouldn't even
care. Have you've seen the videowhere the deer made its way into the
city and the cop just walked upto it and shoots it in the head.
Oh, you can't do that.We just walked right up to it.
God Like, we didn't even didn'teven give it a second to think
or feeling. He got some reprimandjust shot it. Right, Eric,

you have a little tact. Andalso I don't think like a deer in
the city, Like I don't thinkthat's a cron It happens all the time
in Yeah, like you, outof three days when I drive my kids
from school, we see a deerlike running up in the one every morning,
firing into the woods. Could youimagine driving And they live in the

city in small little patches of grasslike right here, we're basically in the
city right here, and they're righthere. Sorry. Work. If you're
driving and you're like glance and youthink you see a zebra and you're like,
your brain would go like, that'snot no. I just in fact
saw zebra running down I five.Yeah. Yeah, that would be trying

over the markham Bridge. So yourmicrodose, like on your way to work,
honey, it's a little early flash. But I'm depressed speaking of micro
dosing someone who loves to microdoses MikeTye. And did you hear what Mike
Tyson has said about his upcoming fight. Is he going to come in there
with a little bit of jolly mushroomsin him? Well, for one,
we heard yesterday that or not.I don't know. He's gonna get the

ship. Keep no real stipulations here. They're supposed to go in there and
to beat the shit out of eachThey're wearing heavier gloves though they're wearing fourteen
ounce gloves, but it's still asanctioned boxing match. Mike Tyson apparently is
giving up two of life's greatest pleasures. According to him, before this fight,
he is giving up weed. He'snot going to be smoking weed leading

up to the fight, and he'salso not going to be having sex,
sex or weed from Why would thatbe helpful? Well, a lot of
people refrain from having sex before abig sporting event. Keeps you all worked,
and you think about it. Itgoes and I know it sounds silly
and animalistic, but it is animalistic. It goes all the way back to
caveman days where we go out thereand fight to get back to you.

It makes sense to me because ifif it's been a while since I've blasted
off, you're a little you're onedge edge. That means he's probably not
like jerking it either. Right now, he's probably letting it, filling it
up the tank, letting the buildup. He'll go Fifty seven year old
Mike Tyson says he hasn't had sexor smoked weed for weeks while training for
this fight against Jake Paul. Hetold no pot though, he told Forbes

life it's been, it's been.It's been challenging. He says, quote,
I hate not being able to smoke, but I'm doing it like I
love it. But I'm not doingit like I love it. I hate
not being able to sleep with mywife. I'm not, and he says
he's not doing that either, Soso for him, I worry just about
the anger management. That's why Iwas like, oh, the pot,
like that's the only thing that keepshim from j Yeah, but it isn't

not the point, but bleeding upto it. You don't know if he
can contain himself at a Denny's,Yeah, he'll do fine. I feel
like he's I feel like this pointin life, he's he's kept his cool
long enough and he can keep ittogether. And what I like about it
is he's committed to get to thispoint, Like he's like, all right,
everybody thinks I'm gonna get beat up, watch me turn that. It's
nice that he's taking it seriously becauseI feel like this whole with the logan

Paul like obviously he's like a professionalboxer now, right, Like that's kind
of what he's known or a fighteror whatever. Yeah, Jake Paul is
considered a prize fighter now. Anddude, Mike Tyson is so scary.
He doesn't get angry anymore, right, Like he have you ever said?
I saw him in a podcast recentlyand he got pissed off at one of
the guys on the show, andhe just talked to him all calmly like
that, And that is scarier tome than Mike Tyson yelling in your face.

Like Mike Tyson talking calmly about howhe's going to dismantle you, That's
more terrifying to me than anything.Yeah, I just feel like decades of
muscle memory is a hard thing toovercome, like his Damnina, Sure,
that's a real thing. Can hetake a punch at this stage of his
life, That's a real thing.But you saw some of those cuts he
was throwing. Dude, the aggressionis for real and he will make you
people. I mean, Jake Paul'sgot to see that and go oh fuck,

Like anybody who gets punch like ifhe allows him to punch him in
the kidneys that hard as he hitthat bag, I don't know how you
could sustain. Dude. You oneshot to the liver like that and there's
just no your body just shuts down. There's nothing you can do about that.
Court just walked into the world.What do you think Tyson's fifty seven
hold? Is Jake Paulus younger ingreat shape? Who's going to win this?

Without question? Ja Paul is twentyseven. And here's why I say
that, because they just I thinkit was yesterday announced that it is going
to be a sanctioned fight, meaningit counts on your record. Before I
was thinking, Okay, this isgonna be one of the it's gonna be
like A and May Yeah, right, and then say then they're end on
a tie. This actually counts ontheir record. There's no way Tyson is

going to get knocked out or loseto Jake Paul officially, so he and
he's training like it. He isgoing to murder him, and I'm looking
forward to it. I mean,think about it. Jake Paul has never
fought anybody with that skill level before, you know what I mean. He's
fighting other dudes that can fight alittle bit, but that haven't had and
this has got it. It's gotto rattle Jake Paul a little bit,

right. It's just because the nameMike Tyson, well, that's got a
rattle, you know. You knowhe's looking forward to it though, because
he knows this is I'm but I'msure there's I'm sure you think about the
money, you thinking about afterwards,but in those few moments when you're in
that ring that he's got to bea little bit freaking until you look across
and you see that guy that hasthe right to murder you that night.
I don't know, Like how doyou You can have the biggest balls in

the world, dude, But ifI'm standing there and I know Mike Tyson
really wants to hurt me, that'sgoing to get in your hand. What
happens if that happens, like inthe movie Pulp Fiction, you know,
Butch killed the guy. What happensif a boxer kills another man in a
ring? Nothing, it's manslaughter multipletimes. I don't know. I don't
think that if you go outside ofthe rules, you see, So if

they try and take you off ofthem and you keep punching and they die,
then that would be different. Butif you're following the rules of engagement,
you should be fine. So thisthat's scary, you know, that's
gotta that's gotta freak both of themout a little bit. Mike, just
despite his age, Mike Tyson hasfought and trained for decades and wisdom has

got to be that's gotta be abig player, right, I Mean,
that's the thing, Like if youtalk to boxers. It's it's it's not
about how hard you can punch oryou know what, it's it's your your
boxing mental abilities. And he hastrained for this his entire life, and
he is he knows boxing like theback of his hand. So he's going
to go in there like a boxer, whereas Jake Paul, he's still kind
of a nube uh and he andhe's gonna go up against a guy who

had a video game named after himand then take it away for his own
behavior. Right. But but Imean, there was Mike Tyson's punch out.
It existed, and there's a reasonfor that because Mike Tyson at one
point was a deadly mother. Youknow, Jake Paul has a serious disadvantage
in this fight because you're not goingto find anyone outside of Jake's camp that

wants him to win this fight.Right, the story reads way better front
to back. If Mike Tyson knockshim out and puts a tongue in the
back of his threat, nobody wantsto see Jake Paul. If he just
beats up an old man and alegend that we all hold in this hy
regard, he's gonna be hated evenmore, I feel like, yeah,
he almost plays better to fight hardand lose and then get a little respect,

Like, hey, you fought MikeTyson. You lost, but hey
you got in the ring with himand you went this many round. Here's
the video of Tyson training. Thisis a recent video of him training for
the fight. Listen to his facts. Any other guy's hand stings and he's
punching the bag with that the guy'sholding Oh yeah, anyway, and cheez,

the guy's just a real If JakePaul doesn't come out to DJ Jazz
Jeff from the Fresh Prince, Ithink I can beat my Tyson missed opportunity
and he's a bigger idiot than Ithink he is right now. Oh and
if you look at Jake Paul's trainingvideos, he's throwing punches way slower.
Uh. Just there's no there's nosnap to the punches at least not like

Tyson's. Like, will you lookat Tyson for training? It's scary,
it is. It is scary.Speed is incredible for his size and age.
Yeah. Well, and his sizeis a perfect example that a lot
of people remember Tyson as this greatchampion who just walked through everyone because he's
this big, strong guy. MikeTyson in the world of heavyweight boxing is
a tiny man. And it washis power and his overcoming adversity and being

that kid pushed into the corner thatmade him so dangerous. It's his mind
that makes him so dangerous. Soat fifty some years old and you say
you can't do it. That's whatthey told him before he was an Olympic
champion, and before he was puttingpeople's lungs in intensive care after he punched
you in the chest. Like,this guy is not tall, he is
not big, but he is violent. Here's that. Here's Jake Paul training

for Mike Tyson. This is dayone. He immediately started at a club.
They want a training in the videostarted him at a club. So
now you're high altitude Colorado with theOlympus boxing, let's do it. Sucks,
It's just a montage training you.Mike coming for you. Mike.

He just from minds me a TommyGun from Rocky five and he got his
ass knocked out. It's like thesame things. It makes a good villain.
Though I suppose even that fifty sevendoesn't really bother me that much.
You know what, I mean,like you know homeboys on some mean testosterone
therapy. Yeah, he's working outlike crazy. He's got all the money
to have the people around him.You know, you got people cooking for

you, right, you got everythingthat you can do going for you.
Off. That's a sanctioned fight.I don't think he's allowed to test positive
for testosterone now. I mean,I'm sure he's working around it, but
t RT testoster and replacement therapy isillegal in UFC. I just don't know
if because it's sanctioned, it willbe allowed to do that. There's gotta

be. So when is the Whenis the fight going down? July?
Right, July? And it's onpay per view I'm assuming Netflix. It's
on Netflix. They're gonna do itlive. That's cool, all right,
so we all get to watch itwithout paying, right, Oh my god,
that's kind of it's it's gonna behow much did they pay all of
it? Oh my rest? Becausewhat's that gonna that's gonna bring? Ye?

Yeah, let me let me goto that. You can find out.
Even though they don't what did Netflixpay for the Mike Tyson Jake Paul
fight. They don't release the ratings, so we'll never know that goes uh,
we'll find out how many people watchedit though they give us that.
I think so if this isn't givenme an exact number, all I might
have to dig for that. Imean, they tell you how many people
stream movies, Yeah, the mostwatched blah. I think serious xims ones

who are really really really tight lippedabout who's listening to what I think Netflix,
That's why we just found out.Drew just looked up today how many
people what you say, how manypeople bailed on serious? Like four hundred
thousand in the last quarter and thequarter before that another three hundred and seventy
Jesus rough. So you're losing almosta million people every half a year.

It's tough to pay for something thatyou can literally you're free, right right.
That's and and Netflix will give you, Yeah, they will give you
the numbers on the stuff that doesextremely well. But the stuff that nobody
watches, they're no bad moves whenyou only show the good one. Right.
I'm the person who comes out ofvideo poker and says I always win.
No, you don't, yeah,right, you only show me the

tickets when you win. Speaking ofstreaming services, we learned this morning in
Laura's News that the Fallout premiere setsan Amazon Prime record. Uh. Since
the show debuted April tenth, theseries has managed sixty five million viewed viewers,
making it the second best title onthe platform behind Lord of the Rings
The Rings of Power. It's agreat show. I love it. Yeah,
it's definitely. It's good. I'vegot two episodes, two episodes left,

b F how far in the followutof You're Same? I just finished
episode six, so I got sevenand eight to go. Yeah, I
really liked it. You're done withit? What'd you think? That's good?
Yeah? I mean I never playedthe games, so you can tell
I feel like what is like someEaster eggs and what isn't? And the
like the scene where you can tellsout of the games and colors and stuff.
Right now, it just has mereally hoping that at some point in
time my nose falls off. Yeah, you look good with no nose,

doesn't. Casey's reason and you havethe ghoul from Fallout. They have the
same demeanor, not the looks,the same You guys would get along in
a bar? Kind of you toplay darts in a bar? Walton Goggins
is the name of the that actorand he was Injustified. Yeah he's great
and Justified as well. Yeah,but he's got a case. He sort
of vibe to him. That's interesting. I know, I got a unique
look. I just did a twentythree and meters. I am half Korean.

I had no idea that my dadis light skinned Asian. Figured uh
but yeah, anyway, fallouts great. I don't know when it's going to
be a long time before we getit done of the season. It will
almost have to forget about it toget it back, like twenty twenty six
or seven, I would imagine.I mean that show looked like it looked

like it looked like it was expensiveand took a long time to make for
expensive. It doesn't look like thatbecause of sets are practical. Nothing about
it looks cheap. Yeah, definitely, and they I'm glad because something like
that that has that many different nuanceshere. Yeah, if it feels fake
or you'd just be running away threebody problem on Netflix kind of like that.

It's good. I enjoy it,but it's definitely cheap compared to it
could have Good Boys or the showwe just talked were talking about because you
could tell, like, here'll bedirt and some debris that's real, but
then you can clearly tell with aline for the blue screen starts, and
I fucking it makes me nuts aboutTV movies. But also in that sense,
like because I was watching it afteryou said that, and how much

blue screen there is? How muchof that is it? They kind of
want to make you feel like you'rein a video game, So how much
of that is like they're purposefully makingit look a little fake, because that's
the vibe they definitely And we weretalking about this Tanner that when I started
watching the show, I noticed thatthere were scene layouts that would never be
there if it wasn't a video game, to where they give you like,

oh, so this is how itwould look if you look over this waste
land or this this It almost lookslike a stage play because they have to
make it like the game. Ikind of thought the scenery and the artwork
for A three three body problem wasvery It felt cheap to me. It
felt rushed and uh, like allbudget, you know, and you could
just tell like it looked like itwas drawn or something. I'm sure it
was, because I think that wasNetflix show, and I'm they're spending money

left and right on all sorts ofstuff and they're spinning less. That's true,
right, But there's no there wasno guarantee that people were going to
watch three Body Problem because it's basedon like a really kind of not many
people know about the book. Yeah, and so it's it just they kind
of took it and it's a veryhard read. It's it's if it's science
fiction, but it's hard science fictionand it goes off on tangents. So
they were taking a risk of justmaking the show. So I'm sure they're

just like probably dumping now. Seasontwo more impressive, totally, I hope.
So because I really enjoyed the show. I thought it was good.
Uh, just I felt like itcould have productionalized, could have been a
little bit better. Like The Boys. I don't know when season four starts,
but that show is so good becauseit feels like they've got money for
it. I was bored by TheBoys. I don't know why you like
the Superheroes. I get it.Yeah, even though it's really hardcore like

Cocaine and Ship. I enjoyed it, but it was a little much for
Amy with like the you know,jerking off over the city and all that
stuff. But that's but that's thetype of stuff. But that's the type
of stuff that like I would likeI figured would keep me all I watch
it, like, I don't know, the whole story is just kind of
boring to me. Know, forthe fight not ready, just go back.

I was winning with any of thesepeople as soon as I saw the
guy go inside of a penis andthen because he was tiny like ant man,
so he could go really small,and he went inside of the head
of a penis and then like hesneezed and then grew big and then blew
that guy he was inside of upAnd I got this shows for me,
Franklin. But it's such a hardcoreshow. And the guy because they were
doing coke right like, and hewanted he goes, he wanted, I

wanted to fill you in my dick. Yeah. They had to do with
some weird sex stuff and yeah yeahroom, oh my god. Yeah,
and like the weird sex scene withthe fish, it was like, what,
so did he have sex and thefish? Yeah, the aquaman guy
basically he was like this is uncomfortable, like the whole thing, right,
dude. The show is. It'sone of those shows where I'm looking at

it going, this is fucked up. Yeah, this is fucked up like
The Boys is. You know,Game of Thrones had scenes that were super
fucking dark. The Boys goes justas hard. Like I am being desensitized
as we speak. Jerked off onthe city. Yeah he like he just
said he jerked off on the Seewhat some of the other things that he
did, Like, he's done somepretty terrible things. Didn't he had like

a didn't he have like a fetishof like uh, like it's like a
baby, but he's a superhero.You're perfect. I was just watching the
trailer for the next one and he'shim talking to himself in the mirror,
you're perfect. You can do whateverthe fuck you want. And I was
like, Oh, this next seasonis gonna be goodcause he's gonna lose his
ship. I don't know how they'regonna kill him, but because he's unstoppable.

He's Superman, He's got to bestoppable. Everyone's it's you know,
it's probably gonna be gus ring becausehe's on the show. But very little
I could see him like taking someof the superhero stuff and doing something I
don't know, but uh, I'ma couple of seasons behind on that.
Maybe now I think it's I thinkseason four is about the start. Yeah,
I think I was in two somewhere. I think I saw an ad

for it the other day, youknow, pop Up, which show I
gave up on. What was thatother superhero show with the boy who was
actually an old man? Benjamin Button? No Umbrella Academy. Oh yeah,
I watched season one and then andI couldn't I couldn't get passed, and
it just got really whack after that. Yeah, the season three is even
worse. It's it's got really offendedabout that Benjamin Button. I got a

call to run out. But yeah, that show was started off stronger than
got terrible. And then I rememberDoom. Doom Patrol is the same thing.
I think Brendan Fraser was in thatDoom and the first season was good
and then it kind of went becauseit was like superheroes, but they were
they would curse and it would justbe very raw. I've seen a lot
of ads for Yellow Jackets. I'venever watched it. I heard Yellow Jackets
the first season was I'm glad yousaid that. The first season was really

good. No, it's on showtime, so I don't know where at the
What's Yellow Jackson's like it looked likeLost, and yeah, it was like
it's like a plane accident and everybodyends up in the woods and then crazy
shit starts happening. But I thinkit's like a girls like cheerleaders, like
a cheerleading, oh, soccer team. Yeah, but the first season was
really good. The second season Itried. I started, and then I

was but I was like doing otherstuff and so I didn't really give it
my full attention. So I needto watch it though, because the first
season was really good. I've heardthat. But yeah, it's one of
those shows where you have to watchevery little thing because like Narcos, I
missed five minutes and I'm fucking gone. Yeah, Narcos is. I gave
a great show. It is anawesome show. I watched the first season.
But yeah, you have to youhave to be able to read.

That's what. Yeah, that's whyI haven't been able to do What's Griselda.
There's too many subtitles. I'm like, I can't. It's like it's
like the Justin Bieber song mixed andI just wanted someone to get to the
point where I mean, there's atthis party or these people getting forced episode

episode five, it's right there.Things start say anything about a gang bang,
not a gang bang public forced intercourse. It is totally different. What
other shows I keep seeing trailers forthat show, the Regime starring girl from
the Titanic movie. Yeah, Iheard it, Yeah, yeah, it
looks okay. I heard it wasI heard like ratings, but critic wise,

I heard it wasn't break Okay.I'm watching the one that Laura just
finished. What's that one with theweird skinny dude in the baby reindeer.
I've heard that's really good. It'sweird. Should I start? I mean,
it's just there are certain Yeah,started, because I'd love to discuss
it with you, because I don't. There are certain things about the show.
I'm like, this thing was convolutedenough. Why do we have these
extra wrinkles in here? Are youwatching? I read the other day that

the the Real I guess it's atrue story or something, and the real
the Real Stalkers. Yes, theReal Stalker is actually suing the show because
she says they didn't do enough tokind of hide her identity. Because she
really was a lawyer, she reallydid stock other people, she really did
all these others. Maybe she shouldn'thave been doing all that. Well no,
true, but but then but thenpeople started like, oh my god,

finding her, doesn't she like andeveryone has had this in your life,
Like you don't have to be aRico Suave to have there's all of
us a bad one girl or guyin their life who shows up and when
they're they're you know, they're intoyou. It's so off base. But
it's so awkward when that girl showsup in scenes and that guy sees her,
your skin just starts crossed. Ohmy god. So many times I've

gone, oh my god, she'stotally terrible. But the weird thing about
this, the whole thing is likethe moral of the story by the end
of the show, and that shouldn'tbecome as a big surprises. Stalking is
bad, And so people finish theshow and then they find the actual woman
who did this stock her and theystart stalking her like did you not watch
that? And show you just youjust watched. They don't think they're doing

anything wrong though it's a little internetsleuth. It's like, well you had
to come and because you did X, Y and Z. Yeah. I
was just gonna say, if youguys want to watch a good show Tony
Danza, who's the boss? Canyou watch something from this century? Former
professional baseball player becomes a housekeeper fora mildly attractive can't mona you sna?

Yeah all right, I want toplay this clip. You know how we've
been playing artificial intelligence songs all weekAI songs? Yeah, all week.
It's Tuesday, you spend day.This is another one. Someone sent this
to me yesterday. Someone made WAP, which stands for wet ass pussy obviously
obvious sports kids, that's our favoritesong. It should be WAP. They

turned it into a nineteen forty sixstyle song, so they you know how
they make the old singers sounds likethey're singing new stuff. Here we go,
Yes, yeah, you fucking withsome wet ass, Bring a buck,

get in the mop, all thisway, give me everything you got,
all this? What app there?It is? I like it?
Yeah? Yeah, that's there.I ruined it with another banger. Is

so offensive not to me, butlike to earth. Yeah, way,
no way, I like it.What's wrong? What's wrong with it?
He does great remixes literal be betterif it was a dry ass pussy more.
Is that more your your vibe?Absolutely? We are no strangers to

love. You know the rules,and so do I commitments. What I'm
thinking, Oh a, I needsto be stopped. Yeah, it's too
much. They're doing way too much. What did somebody have to put in
to get it to start? Likescream o metal and then hard transition.
I don't know because I thought itwas going to be with a whistle noise

to separate. Yeah, yeah,and also artificial intelligence, Like what is
intelligent about any of this? Canwe get back to what AI is really?
Artificial stuff? Artificial track? Justmake my life easier and that's it,
you know, we don't We don'tneed all this other make the lights
turn faster on Pacific Highway, right, that's a start. Yeah? What
else can I happen to cure canceror something instead of putting this ship out

like what I probably should have saidthat first, or you're right is killing
I must us to Britney Spears meetsRadioheads. It's got to be one of
the worst ones with you. Ican't. I can do that one.

That one's for me and I feltlike Britney. For a second, I
was in danger my life. Ifeel like somebody help the mental health crisis.
Rage gets the machines early work.According to there, I ruined it.
Fuck you well't do what you toldme. You won't do what you
told me? Fuck you alone?Do these your die to justify for wearing

the dives. They're the chosen whites, and you justify. There's the dive
wearing the dives. There the chosenFuck you well, do what you told
me, you won't do what Ithink I heard this at Disneyland once.
Yeah, speak, so there yougo. I think too Buckers and a
sasparilla chom gorilla. Hey, allright, you guys, that's it for

us. We will be back tomorrowwith more Stones tickets. Yeah, tomorrow,
we'll also uh, we're going totalk about some really interesting stuff.
Yeah yeah, yeah, we planon the fly. The convincing nature of
this last four seconds, I'm tryingto be sold. I was trying to
think if we had anything else planned, but I don't think we do as
of right now. Still gonna begreat, but we'll have Court write some

bits and we'll do whatever he doesexactly. Courty bit together a couple of
hours of content. Fantastic, Yeah, done and done. Uh yeah tomorrow
seven thirty for these Stones tickets.We'll see you then. My you've been
listening to Tanner, Drew and Laura'sDonkey Show, heard daily at one oh
five nine the brew dot com.May God have mercy on all of our souls.
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