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May 7, 2024 31 mins
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Let me know when you're ready.I bet that's a good start. This
is Tanner, Drew and Laura's DonkeyShow, Donkey Shoe. Hey. Oh
a big stretch. Oh god,I felt so good. Oh it's like
a post hypernation. Yeah stretch right, those are the best when you wake

up from like a deep sleep ora nap or something, that first stretch.
I feel like we should get rewarded, like you know when your dog
stretches, Like you guys say bigstretch to me when I get big,
big stretch was a good boy,big stretch for a little guy. You
did tell me to stop scratching yourbelly though, trying to because I didn't

like it though, because this isnot the place my leging to start shaking.
And I don't need that the tappingto be heard on the air.
But yeah, we're here today,Good morning, it's Tuesday, May seventh.
We alive kind of sleep feet today. I'm still rocking my stinky jeans
and we do we do? Haveyou dialed in with I'm annoyed I washed

my jeans. I left him inthe washing machine too long, didn't realize
it, put them in the dryerand they just kind of have that stinky
funk. So I washed them already, right, and I thought I'd like
maybe another wash would work. See, the mill dew smells, so you
can't just get it out with anotherwah. And I didn't notice it till
I was in the car halfway towork. Yeah, and so it seems
like you're gonna have to attack ita couple of ways. First, Yeah,
what did you watch to say?I think it's first you hit it

with vin and let me make sureI get it correct here that you hit
it with because there's like a twostep process, I feel like, because
you got to wash your washing machinefirst. Although when my pants were smelling
a little mildewey, I thought theywere a lost cause, like they were
in the goodwill pile. I waslike, somebody else can deal with these
smelly pants. But then I washedthem one more time without washing the barrel

of my washer, and I Irealized, I think I told you this.
I realized the the little flip thatdifferentiates between whether you're using like the
powder detergent and the liquid detergent wasflipped the opposite direction. And then I
flipped it and the smell went away. So there's a it's a possibility that
you don't have to wash your washingmachine first, just in case I got

some of that stuff, so Ifigured it wouldn't hurt. But here's the
easy thing washing It is not youhaving to scrub a load an empty empty
so that very first load will beno clothes and it will be bleach and
laundry soap, and you'll do afull thing there, and then when that's
done, bleach and laundry soap.Yeah, and then after you're done with

that, you will do white vinegarand baking soda like half and half.
You know, when I put myhead in that during the n washing machine,
I don't really smell it, butI don't want to take the chance.
Is unning. I haven't done thissince I've lived there, and I
think you can probably use it anyway. Yeah, getting the bleach through there
will get out anything else there.I mean, especially for a guy who

doesn't like a ton of germs andthis stuff, that bleach will kill anything
that might be on your mind.Do they do that for dryers besides dryer
sheets? There is just something thatcan clean those things. Well, it's
excrubbing. It's gonna be a differentoperation. I mean you can get in
there with like some Clorox cleanup orsomething like that, but you need to
make sure that you don't leave residuebecause when it gets hot. I think

that's and I would stay away fromanything that does. And I said clean
up, I should take that backwithout bleach in your dryer. I think
the thing with dryers that you needto be more careful of is making sure
that like the lint is not placeswhere it shouldn't be, because you can
start a fire. And I thinksomething like that's happening because my my,
my dryer lately has been saying sinceflowand I looked it up and sensflow means

there's like a blockage letting that hotair out, right, But I have
checked the filter, I have checkedthe tube from the machine to the wall.
I have to tear it apart.I've even checked the tube in the
wall, right, So it's probablydeep in your in your right, I
think I need to take like thethe panel off or something and and dig
around and there get your dice anddeep in there they're gonna be like,

wow, I was wondering where thesefifteen stray socks. Yeah, And that's
possible sometimes things get sucked up intoa spot. I did suck a ton
of lint out of that thing overthe weekend, but the sense flow light
was still coming on, so Igot to go out. Probably you're getting
the edge of whatever ball of fluff, like when you're able to get to
the top of it. Probably,and you're sucking that out of there.

But yeah, I think you geta panel off. Yeah in the you
know, and just remember how youtook it off, said, yeah,
I do that a lot, right, take apart and I go, oh
shit, like taking a picture ofit together. I have a problem.
So I build and take apart andrebuild my RC cars at home and at
first, and I still do this, but at first I was really bad
at unscrewing everything. And then you'relike, and I have no idea where

what screw goes where? Yeah,and I would, And I'm like,
what am I would do to keepeverything organized? I do it one of
the time. I have a littlescrew organizer that helps me. God I
would it would take me forever tofigure it out, and I'm sure I
fucked it up. I don't knowhow many times I've done that same thing.
You take something all apart and thenit's just now, I just got
screws on a bench. I don'tknow how this goes. I don't have
directions. I took it up.We threw the directions away the first time

I got it. Yeah. Right, So anyway, I'm gonna do that.
When I get home, I'm gonnado a little bit of house cleaning,
and I'm gonna vacuum. Well,you vacuum like three times a week.
I have to or it looks likeyeah, because Cooper's it looks like
animals live there. Animals. Ithink you're gonna be on double time too,
because even though it's indoors, whenthat sunshine starts to shine through your

house, you're going to notice.I see it. It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter if I've just swept, just mopped. When that's sunshine comes
through the window, I go,damn and my my my house gets direct
sunlight. And so when I comehome, I see it. That's why
I have the room, but goingwhen I'm not there, so it gets
up all that random hair. Itlooks bad. That room is a room

is a piece of ship. ThoughI know I didn't like when we had
a room, but I didn't Ididn't think it did that good of a
job. It just kind of goeslessly. It does clean up the random
dog hair, that's all it's goodfor. Mine used to always get stuck
on cat toys. Yeah, itdoes, like stuck somewhere, and then
in the middle of the night itwould be like, oh my god,

yeah it gets stuck on dog toysand rugs. Yeah yeah, or it'll
just lose its power in the middleof the room, powering, Yeah,
get stuck in a corner. Itwas like mine also is like three years
old now, but dude, it'sstill It's kind of sucks. I almost
got the mop and I'm glad Ididn't. Oh yeah, weird. Yeah,
you hear those horror stories of it, like vacuuming over a turd spreading

over the floor, so mad.Sure it took it to the carpet and
then just yeah cookies, like I'mgonna just gonna burn the house. Speaking
of turds. A while back onThe Donkey Show, it was a few
months ago, we played an audioclip from a woman who I think she
was talking about. You know,I've you've shot your pants in public?
Four don't act like you've never doneit. Okay, do you remember her?

Yeah? I do, Yeah,Country Kitchen. Yeah, I think
she she may have worn a diaper. I'm like, it just happens.
It's natural. It's natural, iswhat you said. Well, she had
another bathroom accident. I follow heron TikTok darning why though another accent for
this reason alone, because waiting onan accident great stories. Apparently she had
an accident inside of a subway bathroom. So are we talking about subway station

where food is served. Yeah,it's a very quick video, but she
talks about her bathroom accident in thisquick TikTok clip. I pulled down my
pants before I even sat on thetoilet, I was already pooping. It
was all over the toilet seat,all over the porcelaind part of the toilet,
And when I stood up to getdressed, I had poop all over
my jacket. It was incredibly disgusting, and I had used toilet paper,

a whole roll of toilet paper cleanup the whole mess. Jeez, Louise,
things that happen when your body getsold. That doesn't have to happen.
You can there's no way, Imean, get control. Your butthole's
got to be surgery, right,like a read tightening surgery that maybe this
person needs. There are lots ofmedications. Yeah, there's a med out

there somewhere that will lock up thatbutthole. Before I even sat on the
toilet, I was already pooping.It was all over. I've done that
before. Actually, I was ingrade school living with my mom my grandmother
at the time. I'd go toTexas once a summer every summer, and
I was I came in from runningmy from riding my bike, and I
was like, I have to poop. It's on you, your prairie dragging

dirt. Yeah. And so Irun into the bathroom and I sat down
without thinking that. I just thoughtthe toilet seat was up. You poop
on the pooped on the lid,oh man, right on the lid,
and like it was a full onlike law news. Yeah, but how
do you do that? And nowyou've got to lift the lid. So
to lift the lid you had topick it up. I just went like

I made a toilet paper fist andI picked it up and I almost clawed
the toilet probably dry heaped a fewtimes. Butt is on the lid as
opposed to over, but I wasdoing what she did, and I started
was smeared on your butt? No, no, no, because it was
like I didn't actually sit completely,so it was you were you were.

I could just tell that once Istarted doucing, because I was pooping like
she did, Like as I wassitting, there's no PLoP. You break
it off. And then I thinkmaybe my my butt did like touch the
very top of the turd like alittle like a little little cherry on top,
and that's what probably caught it.You know when you do a light
chicken strip dip like you don't wantto you don't want to submerge. Yeah,

it's like you just do you putyour French fry in your milkshake.
Yeah, I usually go full fledged. You know what I noticed about this
lady, And I'm sure you guyswill agree. You know when you hear
someone talk and you just know they'rebeautiful immediately. Yeah, on the toilet,
I was already pooping. It wasall over the toilet seat, all

over the porcelaind part of the toilet, and when I stood up to get
dressed, I had poop all overmy jacket. It was incredibly disgusting,
and I had to use toilet paper, a whole roll of toilet paper clean
up the whole mess. Jeez,Louise, things that happen when your body
gets old. So okay, Soaside from this just being ridiculous, what

are the rules, like, what'sthe etiquette? Do you go out and
tell this poor subway employees working forminimum wage doesn't want to be there anyway
that you just blew up the bathroomin a completely traumatizing way. I like
it responsible for sanitizing. That firstanswer is you absolutely should tell him.

The second answer is you're not gonnatell him. I think you. I'd
be like, I should tell him, And if I'm the employee, I
can't do. If I'm the employee, I think I just make myself a
sandwich and leave. Yeah, it'sjust okay, I quit. I think
I just lock up and I leavethis Sam artist is done. Yeah,
I'm not doing that, Casey,If you were working on sub boy and

a lady shit all over the bathroom, would you would you do your job
and clean it up or would youjust lock up and bounce? I guess
it would depend on how badly Ineeded the job, true, Like if
I if that was gonna like affectme where I can't live, but I'd
probably have to just knuckle down cleanthe bath But also, I don't think
that if you're making sandwiches, youshould not, under any circumstances, be

the one responsible for cleaning up someoneelse. I completely and I was just
thinking that because while we were talking, I was like, well, maybe
they have a janitor coming to nightNo way, even it's probably until night
time, got to be right now, But you're the only artist on staff
a lot time or something like That'snot shuld designated cleaning boy for every restaurant

that then they don't pick up orsorry when they pick up poop, they
don't have to serve food. Yeah. I just think you come out and
you go, hey, look,it wouldn't me, but your bathroom looks
like my daughter's kindergarten art products.You need to get that thing. Yeah,
just just yesterday I could say thatwe were going to you know,
we all talked about Tacos and Brita. So we went out to Tacos last

night and when we pulled up atthe place, I was like, oh
my god, what does that smell? And Lucy's like it's Josie's breath.
I'm like, that is not breath. That is somebody has shit their pants.
Well, there's only one person activelyshitting their pants in this family right
now. And Millie blew her stuffup so bad that it went all the
way up the back and it's likewe we went in to eat and Amy

like she points through the building andlike gives me the get over here with
the finger, you know, likethe like your mom would. And I
come to the door, I'm like, yeah, what's up. She's like,
I have to go throw this outfitaway down at the store. She
holds it up in the I mean, just the amount of poop that came
out of a tiny little butt justmakes you go boo. I'm like,
don't bring that in here. Soshe had to walk to a whole nother
thing. And that's a baby,think about a grown up who's been eating

who knows what. And she said, when you get old, So she's
got old but as well, soit's another thing we don't like. It's
just too much do not like?I mean, I love this kid,
and we almost left her right there. Uh so there I ruined It.
Has released another another AI song,I Got a hit. I gotta cut
that out, and it's uh likewhen they ruined things without the use of

AI. Yeah, yeah, butthat's how they're doing it. I know
this is it's a ludicrous song.And I guess an old old group from
like the thirties or something called HisSaggy They like old. I don't know
who. I don't actually know whothe other artist is old Saggy Saggy Bottom

Boys on Saggy Bottom Boys, SoggyBottom Boys. That's from the movie Oh
Brother, where art that? Yeahwith with George Kloe. This must be
there must be doing a parody then, like it says ludicrous and his Saggy
Bottom Boys, it's probably the styOh son of a bitch? How did
you not see that going off?For five minutes? I thought you knew

or I was gonna I saw thelight and I forgot it that I had
to take my headphones off. OuSo when the e S alert comes on
just behind the scenes in the studio, it mutes my headphones, but nobody
else's on the motherboard over there.I don't know if you can hear that.
Yeah, but it's just a testand anyway, it overrides anything that

I'm listening to and so I justgot to the alert. Could you hear
that? Yeah, noises in myears? Absolutely unfortunately, man for your
ears, kill any bone or anybodyhad well, speaking of a big,
ferocious boner, I want to hearthese soggy bottom boys passing. Okay,

clytty too titty over here. It'sgoing to be. It's gonna be.
What a finishing strong now, damn. I mean, I'm glad it's working
right, Yeah, exactly, Jeeze, wheeze, I'm glad. It's just
a test. Uh. Here's here'sthe crews. Bitch, get out the

week. Get out of the way, bitch, get out the way.
Oh shit, no, the fightis out that. I'm about the bunch.
Your light's out. Get the fuckback and guard your grill. There's
something wrong. We can't stay stillmove bitch, get out the week,

get alchemy, bitch, get outthe bee. I've been hitting that bottom
end, busting too, been thinkingand thinking of busting you inside your motherfucking
forehead. Hit your friends, jumpin. They'll be more dead when you
hear these lyrics are really kind ofterribly terrible. You'll be more dead,

really about really clever. Oh yeah, more dead. I'm gonna write that
down. By the way, SoggyBottom boys are rolling over in their graves
A bitch, get out the week, Get out, get out the way?
That ais Ai is crazy. Howcan they do that make it sound

like they're actually singing? I wantto I want to know what's software they're
using. I to figure that out. The Soggy Bottom boys are they even
real or is it only from themovie? I think it was from the
movie, so they're they're I don'tknow who sang the sorrow song, but
Clony oh brother, Oh yeah,incredible, I've seen that movie. That's
great. Yeah, when they dothe whole going down to the river for

the baptisms to the Alison Krause song, it's pretty intense. Uh so anyway
that exists, you know, it'scrazy. It's crazy because like obviously everyone
knows move Bitch, get out theway. But I never heard the rest
of the lyrics, and I waslike, that's appropriate. Those rap song's
lyrics suck. And now he's justnicest pie doing State Farm insurance commercials.

I know, right, yeah,what what was the one? Oh?
I can't remember. I was watchinga commercial the other day and it just
made me laugh, and he's like, don't do it, don't do it,
or the the insurance agent was aboutto quote ludicrous lyrics and he's like
stop, Yeah, anyway, reallygood, hilarious. I haven't seen that

one, ye, Laura, Ihaven't seen but the way you explained that,
I can't wait. Check it out. You like the Don Brady Rose
commercial. I've had this clip thatwe played on the show today. Did
you hear this case? An alienabducted me, took Tom out of his
day, his or her day tobeat me up into a spaceship, just

me, not anybody else in theneighborhood. I would make love to them
because that means I was chosen special. They didn't just beam up Sally next
door because she was out in heryard working. They beat me up out
of my own bed as I'm relaxingplaying Candy Crush. So if they took
the time to specifically pick me outall these other humans that are around me,

yes, I'll make love the show'seffort. Unlike these people are on
tender who the only thing they wantto do is scam me. Can't fish
me in extort money for me.You never know an alien might make such
good love to you, you mightfall in love with an alien. And
I'm not opposed to that. That'sone of those fool me twice, shame
on me situations. I think,yeah, is this poopy pants? This

is the same, but I know, oh my god, is there a
cousin? Differently, they sound likethey're from the same high school. They
didn't attend. But she's she's Ithink, making some sense, right,
She's saying, Hey, the loversare bad down here. Maybe maybe the
aliens are great lovers. Yeah,so why not? You know you're jaded
when you're looking to other planets?Please God, please. I remember when

like girls from my high school woulddate other guys from different high schools,
and I always thought that was weird. And now it's like other planets,
and it's gotten so weird. Withkids. Last summer I was had an
easement and you know, one ofthe kids had access to an easement.
So there was like twenty kids therethem all what school do you guys go
to? And no joke, therewas like no more than two per school

at this thing. Because now everybodymeets each other on the internet. Okay,
so so you used to just belike my class does this together?
Not anymore. I was thinking aboutthis the other day because obviously, and
Drew, you never did the wholedating app thing. You missed that entirely,
and I did the first time around. But now obviously I'm having to
do it. But the reasoning Ialways gave for it was like, when

you get older, it's harder tomeet new people, like you don't have
church or you don't have school whatever. Do kids in high school use dating
apps? I don't think they're allowedto do. Kids. I don't kids
to be much. Okay, Ithink I think their dating app is Snapchat.
And because I'm like, do kidsstill? Do kids still meet people

in person? Like? Are theystill dating the normal way that we did
when we were younger? I thinkif they run into each other at the
school. But other than that,I think probably that sample of what I
saw was people are hanging out withlike people like so, if you all
like rock music, you hang outtogether, not just the three people who
liked it at your high school,which is better if you don't want to

be chasten, you know, likeif imagine if you were lonely or bored
in school and you could have foundpeople who liked what you liked, you
would have run to that, sure, Yeah, instead of being the odd
man out at your high schoolah,geting punched between the the you know,
back of your shoulder blades in yourjan sport because you don't look like them.
Yeah, you would definitely go somewhereelse. And that's the upside of

it that makes sense. Downside issome adult might show you their dathe I
feel like my kid is pretty muchthe old fashioned way. Like she hangs
out with people from school if sheworks now, so she gets to meet
other people from other high schools,right, and she plays soccer with kids
from another high school. But yeah, I feel like most of it's pretty

normal. There's been a resurgence ofgoing to the mall that was dead for
a while, just like walking around. I went on all my dates at
the mall. We just walked.It was fun to walk around the mall.
Yeah, I loved it. Yourmom was willing to leave when you
got to the mall. You gotfreedom. And I'd go to the I'd
get some Sabarro's pizza and go tothe arcade and just spend hours there.

Maybe swing by a hot topic orZoomi's or something. See what was what
I couldn't afford. I was enoughof a weasel. I would walk right
into the mall, walk right outthe other side, and get in someone's
garden away and we're free for threehours. Sneaky snake. That wasn't the
greatest great plans. I was goingto say, effective strategy. Yes,
right, did you guys hear this? This is crazy. Imagine getting into

a car accident and then a beardrags you into the woods. Oh that's
a rough day. A couple levels, just when you thought it couldn't get
any worse. So I guess thisperson was involved in a car accident and
they actually died in the car accident. Oh my god, it was a
fatal scene. A first responder showedup to the scene of a fatal crash
in Massachusetts over the weekend, andthey were shocked to discover that no one

was behind the wheel. Although theyfound the victim's body a short distance away
from Interstate ninety one, there wasno evidence that it had been thrown from
the vehicle, or that the guygot out and walked there and then died.
But it's the state troopers noticed somethingthat seemed to explain the bizarre situation
quote. When first responders reached thescene, the deceased male occupant of the

vehicle was outside of the car,and a bear was observed in the woods
in the vicinity of the scene.Evidence suggests that the bear at some point
had made contact with the victim's body, possibly drug him out of the vehicle
into the woods for a feast.He's like, I'll take it from here.
Sorry about your face. Yeah,I need dinner. Yeah, exactly,

You're already dead and I'm starving.Yeah. I don't want you to
go away. I don't even haveto work for this. This is awesome.
I mean, that's a shitty runof luck. Right, Yeah,
you already did. A lot ofus are organ donors. The next best
thing is you didn't say who youwere donating your organs. Yeah. It's
like I didn't know what bear wasgoing to chew my liver, But yeah

I did. Mark. Yes,it would really have sucked if like he
was just seriously injured and alive.But could just watch it terrible. Yeah,
it's like cocaine bear. Yeah,but where's the seat less? Yeah,
you survived the crash, but yourneck got broke, so you can't
feel anything from your shoulders down andthen the bear comes up drags you out,
so you're aware of all the nothingabout it. But what if you

couldn't feel, like, what ifyou lost all feelings neck down and no?
But I mean, but you insinuatedthat maybe you could still feel but
not move right. Yeah, youdidn't say. You didn't say no pain
in the whole. Yeah, that'swhat I would. As long as I
don't feel anything, it would besuch the same thing weird experience, like
the sleep paralysis thing where you likeyou're awake and aware but your body is

just checked out. I think thatwould be sleep is the also called edibles
before they put the milligrams on thebag and went back when it was just
dark green buttery beg. I cannotmove from the couch and someone else I
can't move to tell you, Ifeel like even if I couldn't feel anything,

watching something eat my leg, wouldI think I would? I would
think I would just imagine the pain. You get some phantom pain. Yeah,
I start freaking out, ringing upin your head. You just feel
like the tension and your bone snapped. Ye oh god, I'm sure he
could just put your leg to sleep. It's like when the dentist or a
doctor says, like, no pain, but you might feel a little pressure.
It's like yeah, right, yeah, speaking of bone, Remember when

Tommy Lee pulled his dick out anddid like a helicopter thing. Yeah,
like which time, lots of dick. But I think I remember what.
I think I might have the same. I think I might have the story
wrong. So I it was ona helicopter. Yeah, it was on
a helicopter, But didn't he stoodpropellers? Dick is like just recently repelled
his man, He's always having propelledthat thing because it is worthy of you
could take flight with it. Well, lawsuit against Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee

alleging he's sexual assaulted a woman ina helicopter back in two thousand and three
has finally been dismissed. The judgerule that the woman had filed way too
late and didn't provide enough evidence tosupport her claims under a law that allowed
years old sexual assault claims to bemade. Yeah. I think, well
it wasn't that it didn't the statueof limitations go away. I get not

having it be five years or somethinglike that, but twenty one years.
Yeah, like if you are traumatizedand that's and if you are, then
let's go. But twenty one yearsto come to the conclusion that you are,
Yeah, you got to say.I feel like people need to say
that for other potential victims. Ifthis guy really did this to you,
you got to say something because he'sout there doing it. Yeah. But
I mean, and I understand thewaiting, Like I hate it when people

are like, well, well,don't you say something right away? Like
there's several reasons why, of course, But I do think that, yeah,
I mean, twenty one years somethingneeds to be said at some point.
It's a statue, and you're right, and like if it was was
it I don't know the details.Was it assault or did he just like
pull his dick? I don't knowthe details. But she still can't jump

rope to this day. Look,and I get what you're saying though,
because you know, it is toughto report and every situation is different,
exactly right. But statute of limitations, the very basis behind it is not
to do like a wild goose chase, and twenty one years is literally a
lifetime, you know, like yougot it. I feel like that's way
too long to say something like that, what about the chicken Portland's and the

Steven Tyler deal it shook up lastyear or whatever, which was back in
the seventies, saying that she wasyeah, I felt like you should probably
have said some a long time ago, because partially, the person who is
being accused needs to have the rightto defend their name, whether it's a
good name or not. Anymore,they need to be able to defend themselves.
So if you come to me twentyfive years later or whatever you drew

at his frat house, he saidthis to me all those years ago,
and then he showed me a wiener. How can I defend myself if it's
twenty five years ago. I don'thave witnesses. I don't have you know,
the breakdowns of the moments all Ihave, And you're not the same
person that you were twenty five yearsago. But I mean, I guess
you like that argument you can't reallymake because it's like if you kill someone

and then you, you know,find Jesus in jail, it's like they're
not going to let you out asyou're a better person. Sometimes I do
sometimes, yeah, sometimes if yeah, Jayce WAW works in mysterious ways.
Twenty five thirty years is a longtime. It seems like it would be
in your best interest to speak upsooner, to try and hope for some
resolution in your face. Like Canasaid, to get other people out of

I think if they do it forother yeah, I think if there's somebody
out there being really creepy and doingshit, he's doing it to other people
too. You got to protect them. I feel like for sure, you
know, and I understand, like, uh, you know, there's so
much that goes on. I meana lot of times people don't believe accusers,
and then there's that they're drug yeah, and then it's like now I'm
embarrassed. Now my name is outthere. Now people were talking shit about

me because I just accused a belovedrock star of doing something inappropriate. You
know. So it's like it's allof those things. But I do agree
that it's like okay, like it'sI don't know, it's a complicated situation.
You're damn wouldn't you You would wantlike to see justice as soon as
possible, wouldn't you. I wouldthink sure I would. But also and

like, thankfully I've never been ina situation that severe. I mean I
think any woman has been put throughlike uncomfortable situations that are not okay.
But for me, it's like,it's hard for me to put myself in
that situation because it's like, especiallyin my position, like what if that
went public and now, oh,Laura from the Tanner Drew and Laura's show
is accusing so and so of X, Y and Z. And then it's

like, well, what if theydon't believe me? What if it comes
out that like and now I'm afucking liar because I didn't win the case.
So it's like it's all those thingsthat you don't think about until you're
in this situation, right, ButI mean that is fair. I mean
even if if you don't win thecase, it doesn't mean it didn't happen,
and you get painted in a certainlight. I get that. And

it's a vulnerable position, you know, not to get too much into it,
But there was a situation years agothat Amy was at a party that
she slept over at and a lawyerwalked into her room and groped her and
it became like a thing and theywere like, well, you have to
go. You got to do X, Y and Z to this person,
and she was like, I don'twant to like drag my life through this.

And this is long before we weremarried, and it was one of
those things where you had to becauseit happened to you and you know it,
and they're going to do it tosomeone else. And the guy ended
up getting disbarred because of his behaviorbecause guess what happened when she came forward
and told other people did too.And so, yeah, there is no

one way to skin a fruit onthis. Everyone's story is different, everyone's
situation is different. But just fairand just is what we hunt for,
I guess for sure. Yeah,yeah, on that lighthearted note, yeah,
well, I mean I think it'sa fair point to make. I
mean, I know it's not everyonehappy. I'm just saying everybody fun points.
Just the whole subject is very veryit's heavy. It's heavy. Yeah,

but uh uh and I'm gassy rightnow. Is there anything anybody else
would like to share before we leave? I think that fart was about what
I was thinking. Yeah, feltsmells like a dog fart, but hey,
beef, I had something that Iwas thinking about and I've I've officially
lost brain. Fart so yeah,it'll circle back and we'll pick it up
on another desk. All right,thank you guys. Tomorrow, We've got

another pair of tickets to see PearlJam and what else for the show on
Friday too, And it's gonna withwhat we're looking at, is gonna beautiful?
Yeah, dude, it's gonna it'sgonna be good. Supposed to be
like eighty something late like high eightieson Friday nights and Saturday. And isn't
it weird that Laura normally the weathergets ruined right before she leaves. I
worry about mechanical airs keeping you outof the air. I know, because

my whole thing is like, well, Lena, have anytill And also I've
been thinking and this is such likewho fucking cares, But like it's been
in the back of my mind.We're like, I'm going to somewhere where
the weather is closer to the wayit's been the past week, but it's
gonna be hot here, so it'slike I'm gonna be carrying jackets and like
boots and like all stuff. Andit's like now I'm gonna be wanting to

go to the airport in shorts,but like how do I even dress.
And it does suck that you're leavingPortland right when it gets nice. I
know you can. At least I'llbe here for the majority of the weekend,
so I'll get to enjoy it.And I'm guessing for once you will
be checking a bag. I will. It's all got to go through customs
anyway. Yes, it's true.We'll have fun in Iceland. She'll obviously
be with us the rest of theweek, and then she's going off and

then maybe I'll never come back.Maybe I'll love it so much. Nice
knowing you, but we'll see youtomorrow seven thirty For those Pearl Gym tickets
back. You've been listening to Tanner, Drew and Laura's Donkey Show, heard
daily at one oh five nine thebrew dot com. May God have mercy
on all of our souls.
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