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May 22, 2024 31 mins
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Let me know when you're ready.I bet that's a good start. This
is Tanner, Drew and Laura's DonkeyShow, Donkey Show. Oh hey kids,
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Yeah, Tanner Drew's here, Laura'shere back from Iceland, Beef Waters here
this morning, What's up? AndCourts is also on the mic at his
house. What up, bros.It's good talking to you guys again.
I was like Sunday and Monday,I was like, man, I'm excited
to get back to work and seeeverybody and talk to everybody. Yeah.
I started like a week is fine. Two weeks is too much vacation,

but a week is like perfect.Did you you said you were able to
let loose and have some drinks andstuff. How how does your sleep schedule
go through? It's not good theweek and your upside down? Yeah,
I stay up till about three threeam. Bro, Yeah, I do
you do this to here? So? Yeah? Yeah, I must be
lonely. I was just matchbox twentymy whole week, and I I honestly

am a night out at my heart. I love staying up late at night.
I have ever since I was akid. And if it weren't for
this job, I would do thatall the time. Yeah, but thank
God for this job. Yeah,it's going to keep me a live longer.
This job. I read recently thatone all nighter, you stay up
all night long, it takes yourbody ten days to recover. I've heard

that. Yeah, thought was likea week, but ten days it's insane.
But an all nighter, like togo all the way through, is
a different attack on the body thangoing to bed. If you go to
bed at three am, I wouldbe torched, but still you would rest
after that. If you stay upall night, everyone knows that you go
bat crazy, I mean upside down. And then I was drinking a lot

too, and so that causes meto scause. Then the sleep you do
get is poor sleep. And Idid. I drank, with the exception
of one night, every single daylast week, every single day I drank.
Wow, I mean that vacation Ihad, I just drink cords light.
But I tie it on. Youknow, when I drink, I
drink and so. But yeah,I just get so thirsty, paying a

lot. I'm peeing like five timesa night. You know it's worse.
It's called tapping the rockies. Guys. Yeah, maybe I should do what
Laura suggested and just get a diaperif I had to get up. I
get pissed off when I have toget up one time, Yeah, I
was three or four times. Forget. I remember said, God, what

the hell is happening? Like cordsleep in the toils sleep, or you
just give up, get the seapapand a diaper and just like no one
wakes daddy, or I could juststop drinking so much. I'd try the
diaper in the seat pap. No, you're right, I'm not saying seat
pap, let's do that. Butye, I was in nice vacation.

I didn't do anything. I didn'tgo anywhere really wanted to, Like I
wanted to go to the coast,but I had a lot of stuff to
do with the house. I neededto finish. There's some books I wanted
to read, and I guess Igot to read it the coast. But
just even go to the coast isexpensive, Like I want to just drop
five hundred bucks. Gosh, goingto the coast, and I was gonna
go to the coast, and obviouslywe had canceled it before my whole family

got sick. But I was thinkingabout how terrible it is to be on
a vacation or not in your homewhen everybody's ill and throwing up and pooping
and doing the whole thing. It'slike I was bummed, and then like
I was like, at the universeblocked this trip for a reason. There
was one time I got sick theday spring break started, and I got

better the day spring break was over. And it's a bummer that. It's
like even this last week, I'mlike, Okay, you need to be
rested. You need to be rested. Even though it was like intense,
I'm like, these people are comingback clean. You're gonna try and come
back as clean as you can.The fact that Memorial Day is next weekend
gives you a silver lining there makesall the difference. I did talk to

Bee Flatter yesterday, and Bee Flatterwas kind of sad. He was like,
you know, it's really boring whenyou guys aren't here. Yeah,
it is. I Like, I'ma routine based individual. I like to
come in and drink some coffee,listen to you guys complain, and then
I can go and start my deck. It is hard to start a day
without a little complaining, right,And so what did you do when we
were gone all week long? Justworked? I worked thirteen days straight while

you guys were off. He hotaround a grand old time, thirteen days
straight, eighteen days straight. Icame in on Friday to do something for
about a half an hour, mixedto costco run. I see Casey in
the elevator. Was he stewing aboutit? Non? But he was working,
you know, And he's like,I take the elevator with him,
and he goes to get out andrun an airr and he's like, I'll
see you when I get upstairs.Into my head. I'm like, no,

you will not. I'm out.I'm gonna go click the buttons I'm
required to click, and I'm leaving. Yeah. I can infirmed that Casey
was grumpy because there was a fewtimes I stopped in to say hi,
And normally when I stop in,he's just like, Hey, what's up.
And the last couple of times stoppedand he's like what what, And
it's just because you missed it.It's like I forgot what I was coming

in here for. And he goesand I go, great, I was
wondering what you came in here fortoo. Wow. Casey's in the mood
like he'll tell you you know,I've gone in there, and he's been
sassy a few times and chase youoff like a bird in his garden.
Always just good old fashioned sarcasm withCourt. He's always welcome to coming sarcasm
with Cord. Is he allowed inyour snack drawer? Yeah? Absolutely,

Court's got free ran and that isthat's not a euphemism. Casey really has
a snack drawer. He does hisends normally called snack like. It was
a couple of a couple of monthsago. I was starving one morning,
I didn't have any here, Igo and open it up. He's got
like four packs of Grandma's cookies inthere, a bunch of like you know
those peanut butter crackers that you'd givefrom the was He handed to me an
apple jacks, those cereal bars withthe weird fake milk stuff in the middle.

I was like, did he evenstill make apple? Yeah? Great
snacks. I love that. Caseyeats like a fourteen year old boy.
I love it. I come here, I'm landlocked, and so what I
what I've got in my desk iswhat I survive on. I get it
good. So yeah, it wasa pretty laid back weekend for me,
or a week for me at thebookstore. I smoked some weed, I

slept, I drank. That wasabout it. Laura was a good Iceland
Yeah. And the pictures if youhaven't seen any, you can follow us
at one of five nine the Brewor at Tanner jew and Laura on Instagram
and then you can find her personalFacebook or sorry, Instagram page through there.
But it looked nice, right,I mean, guys, it looked
like a really nice trip. Imean, very scenic hot springs and so

many hot springs and you know,waterfalls and saw puffins and I ate some
fermented shark and really, what's thefermented shark? Like real gross? Like
it's a real gross. It's theycall it an Iceland tradition and what it
is, and it's not just thefermented shark. It's fermented shark. A
shot of Brenevan which I told youI was drinking the whole time, and

fish jerky with butter. Oh,it's just like jerky, but it's fish,
which it tastes smoked salmon kind ofright. No, it was like
white fish, so it's just likevery Yeah. And then they just gave
you butdy butter to slather on it. But the fermented sharks smelled like straight
ammonia. Yeah, why are youeating fermented anything? That's the because it

because that's it's a tradition, Iknow. But it's like, oh,
stomach acid comes to mind. Yeah, smelled real bad. But then we
were googling it and like the generalconsensus was it doesn't taste as bad as
it smells, so just plug yourn Oh, we've been eating this for
hundreds of years. Yeah, wedon't have to eat it now because you've
got good food. Yeah, youhave delicacy in some places. So I

did that just to say I didWas there a fast food Did you see
any of the traditional science? SoI before I left, we talked about
how there was one Taco Bell andI went and turns out there is zero
Taco Bells, but they do haveKFC, and that's number one. KFC
and Subway were the two fast foodrestaurants that they had. We didn't go

to either of them, but Iwonderwood too. Do you think it's the
same, you know, or isit prepared differently. It's probably got to
be a little bit different. Foreignfast fish instead of typically has their own
their own stuff. Kentucky fried codis actually what it is gross still KFC
though. Yeah. Well that's thehardest part about Like I want to travel

and god places, but I thinkthat's the scariest part is just not being
able to find something you can eatwithout vomiting and then like eating it and
then not getting sick. I wasconcerned. Well, I mean, I
feel like European countries, you're probablya little bit safer than you know,
if you were in like Mexico anddrank the water or something. But I
was I didn't anticipate the food beingas good as it was. It all
just tasted very fresh, Like Iremember thinking everything we've eaten here just tastes

so oh yeah. I mean whenI think of fermented food, I think
fresh minus the shark. Minus theshark that was a novelty. That was
a novelty, but everything else thatI actually ate for What was your favorite
thing that you ate there that younever had uh, that I never had.
I'd actually never eaten lamb before,and I had lamb that was very

good. And I don't know thatI've had I've had lamb chops. Well,
I don't think I have ever hadlamb chops. And maybe it's because
the thought of eating lamb just liketurned me off because it's like a baby
animal and they're cute and they werethey were all along the countryside just like
hopping and bouncing and be and andI was like, I just ate one

of hate. I hate to tellyou how many babies were in those hot
dogs. You were honestly the hotchild the hot dogs. So it's like
the main meal, like they hadhot dogs, but they had these stands
and people were waiting it, waitingin line for we love pizza by the
slice, and so there they gothot dogs. There's like one of them,
and there's one in the airport.And so it's like, not to

throw shade at the idea, butin a place where things mostly have to
be imported in order to eat them, it worries me that the hot dog
is so prevalent because it's like,well, what do we really got to
do to bring some dogs over here. I mean you could question. You
can bring a barge full of weeniesthat is valid. Are these are these
like an americanized hot dogs or theselike like sausages that you would get.

They're not sausages, but they're alsonot what you think of when you think
like Oscar Meyer, because a Germanhot dog would not be like a stadium
dog, right. No, No, it's it's like a sausage. It's
like a big straight up it's alittle bit different, but it wasn't like
a broader sausage or anything like that. So I like hot dogs so like
a skinny Frank though, I actuallywent to you know, we were talking

about hot dog places last week roundlike, I don't know if any really
good hot dog place in Portland.I actually just went to one last night.
There are a couple of good ones, and it was really good.
Forgot the name already, zach Shack. Zach Shack, Yeah, Hawthorne on
Hawthorn. I went there last nightand it was one of the best hot
dogs I've ever had. The pictureslooked delicious, hot dog exclusive, that's
just what they do. It lookedlike if their menu was tons of different

style of hot dogs. I gotthe Sergeant Pepper and it had halopenos and
pepper pepperpucinis on it, and Ithink some sauce like there whatever house sauce.
It was really good. Honestly,I'm going back there and getting something
else, Like a chili dog ison it. Yeah, zach Shack used
to be a really good He wasthere sucking on a chili dog right in

front of his grass. What.Yeah, there used to be a hot
dog place on on McLaughlin. Iwant to say it was like Rokes or
something like that. It like therewas a chain. I don't know if
it's still there or not, butthere's there was a hot dog place here
in town. We looked up aton off the air earlier. Today there's
probably seven big time ones. Yeah, there's a place on Foster called five
and dime, but the dog House, Yes, But the ones, the

ones that zach Shack though, thoseones look like legit, Like the when
I went to get hot dogs recently, I ordered a Chicago dog and it
came out. I was like,this is not a Chicago dog. But
the ones that I was looking atpictures of the place that you went,
those look legit. It was sogood. I finished it in about three
bites. It was Chicago dog,celery, salt, some peppers, yellow,

the poppy seed bun. You gota whole pickle, not just like
you know, slice pickle aggressive toomuch. I don't need I love I
do love a good deal pickle,but just laid on top there. It's
almost like somebody spilled their food intomy hot dog. Yeah, like hold
on a minute, and then youhave like the tomato slices. Yeah,

but not the same need a pickle. I am going to nominate best hot
dog stand name though. There's aplace called Frank's a Lot Frank Burnside that's
on the Bernie. Yeah, uhso, yeah, if we get a
chance. Zach shack All Hawthorne,pretty good little hot dogs. Yeah,
get them dogs. Have you guysever eaten those the hot dogs that they

have out in front of concerts andstuff, like those street dogs? Yeah,
yah, dude, I got one. I got one in Seattle,
and I got one not too longago. Kind of the bat they were.
It was delicious good. It wassmelling me delicious. It's forever changed
how I eat a hot dog now. It's cream cheese solusive Seattle. That
seems to be fairly new with themhaving hot dog vendors out in front of
the Mota Center. I don't rememberthat up until like this year. Yeah,

the Motive Center is a new thing. And better late than never though,
because I feel like that's such athing. Yeah, and there's so
many of them, like they're literallythere was like two or three every couple
of you know, like twenty yardsor something. You'd find it. On
the one I was, I wasleaving the Pearl Jam show and there was
like a I don't know, therewas a herd of them, like pushing
their little carts all up towards me, and dude, they'll block so like
I was trying to walk to liketowards the Max, you know, and

they had the whole fucking path lockedoff. They're like, don't try to
tell me that you don't want ahot dog. You have to walk around
them, into the grass to getaround these these dickheads. And like that's
what got me the hot dog though. The hot dog. I was gonna
say, you got a dog block, you gotta you gotta buy one.
Yeah, you gotta you gotta getthem all sold before the people come in
to check your permit. Show upright, But I actually do like even

a gripped stadium dog, you knowwhere they've they've kind of half squeezed it
already. Yeah, it's been therefor a little bit, but then steamy,
so it all just kind of squishesinto that bite and I'll eat them
just bread and dog. I don'tdo that. I can do I can
put a little sauce on, butif you just handed it to me in
the stand, there's nothing else.Yeah, these new fangled hot dog carts

are like it looks like you foldthem up and put them in your car.
Like, I don't I don't trustit. It's not like a full
cart. It's like somebody fabricated intheir garage and it's like a heater and
a cookie and they just got itlined up with pre made dogs and they're
just trying to move them and getout of tap. But it's hot.
I don't know what they're doing toit. I don't know if it's a
dirty grill. I don't know whatit is. In New York, did

they still have the the clip ofhot dogs they used to? Because when
I was a kid who went thereand they had like a string of hot
dogs, well there would be thoselittle mini stands with a little umbrella and
they just be pulling them out ofwater all the time. I don't know
the last one when I was therein granted that was ten years ago.
Yeah, they had him there.I got it one front of the Barkley

Center because that's a nice quick thingwhen you're the hustle bustle of New York.
Like, but I want to seehim dog pull him out of that
hot water and they're all still connected. Oh yeah, link it up like
in the old school movies. Andhe's got to cut it with some scissors.
That's what I Just rip me alink, Big Doug, u'se your
teeth? That's fine. God,I want a hot dog now that we're
talking about Sahat Big Bite. There'sso many great places we just talked about.

You remember Casey, he's already gota laden. He likes what he
likes. If I scored my ownchili, I like, you'll eat Jillie
fast food nine times in a day, but you won't eat from the hot
dog guy out in from the Idon't know man. Yeah. The other
day, Amy and I went outto lunch at this uh this like Asian
Fusion place that used to be aseven eleven and we're sitting there and it's

just as the baby's sleeping, kidsare at school, And I'm like,
you know what's super romantic about thisseat we're in right now? Just like
what I'm like, you are sittingright where we used to pump chili in
this seven eleven. It's the exactsame way out that Scott punk. But
I'll never forget where we pumped thathot sauce. That chili looks like straight

diarrhea. I pumped a lot ofchili in my dad. Yeah, it
hits when you took her home andyou pumped some more chili. Yeah,
I wish I just thought of mystrong try sep in high school. It's
actually very rewarding. You hit thatbutton, it's just like ye like a
little machine gun, and then youwould be like, I'm not going to
go back for a second. Swiperack out. But before I play this,

Karen Clip, I did see thatcourt. You know he had knee
surgeries. It about two weeks ago, now, two weeks yesterday, Yeah,
two weeks yesterday. Do you getyour eighty A seating and Pearl the
Pearl Jam Concert, By the way, No, I didn't. I wish
it did. Yeah, because theysaid that you're eligible, but uh uh,
I saw that you were exercising onlike a like an exercise bike,
just trying to get your knee backup to Yeah, doing the physical therapy.

That's the thing everybody says, Likeas soon as I say I got
your knee surgery, do the PT. You got to do the PT.
Man to do the PT, andso yeah, I'm doing my PET.
It's one hundred true. And Iremember I remember Amy crying through it.
I mean, your knee seems tobe recovering pretty quickly. If you don't
do it, that's how you getfat and then you get a worse injury
five years from there. And thescar tissue right at the beginning is so

aggressive if you don't keep moving.Yeah, And can you imagine Court fat
with a big swollen knee. Ican see him fat because he's already kind
of there. Oh he's not reallyfat in the face, he's he's got
a fat face. All he hasa fat personality. But yeah, like
trying to like to see can youpicture cort obese, Like do they make
that he'll get on his bike towalk that dog? Long before that.

He'll eat carrots in the raw withthe peels still on it in the rain
too. I don't know why.That's just in the raw, carrots in
the rain. I started endorsement.I did see on while I was on
vacation. Court posted a photo ofhim and his wife when they were super
young. Yeah. I like that. Yeah. How old were you guys
in that photo? Twenty probably,And so that's when you were stalking.

That's when he was stalking her.You don't know the story, but he
stocked. No, didn't didn't youlike wait on her porch or something until
she agreed to tell you? Sheyeah, well, no, she was.
She we would she wanted to dated, She did, she did,
she was. She wanted to dateme firs. We dated for a bit
and she was like and then sheshe thought she had feelings for some other

guy and she broke up with meon on Valentine's never let her go on
that. I'm you know, Inever bring that up. Everyone, every
Valentie remember what this is the anniversaryof was so like to tell us about
that. So how long? Howlong was she hanging out with this other
dude? Well? They so wewere in college and she was in the

in and so the choir group actuallywent to China for a trip, and
so they were gone for two weeks, I think week and a half something
like that. Anyhow, so whileshe was over there, she was just,
you know, pretty much hanging outwith this group of people and one
of the people was this guy.And so she started having feelings for this
guy on the China trip. Whenthey came back, I'm like, hey,
happy Valentine's Day, and she's like, I like this guy better.
And so he got bare of bone. But like I think, you know,

so then what happened after that?Like how long it was just a
relationship flingk. Yeah, he stalkedher, but like, my guess is
like they just she was you werethere, you were there in another country.
You feel it feels romantic, youget caught up in it. And
she comes back she realize this guy'sis a too ol and he's he's singing
outside and he stopped singing please allthe way home. It's like, all

right, everybody, now, somebodykilled Brian. Kill him now. Yeah.
But so like she came back andyou immediately went over to her house
when she flew back home. No, no, I actually picked her up.
I mean like that was the partof the thing under car. You
picked up from her, You pickedher up from the airport and she told
you, yeah, no, no, we we we spent like a like
a day or two. And thenshe's like, you know, I have

to tell you this, and itwas it was Valentine's Day and she's like,
I gave her a present. She'slike, I have to break up
with you, and they take backthe present. Yeah, you're no way,
court, he gave you keep it. Wait, so up on Valentine's
Day, she probably left and wentout with him that night, right,
Maybe I don't know what happens,why it happened. Yeah, she she

banged him on Valentine's Day. MaybeI got very drunk, So I don't
know what happened after that. Courthe did win, and so okay,
you got drunk. He woke upthe next morning. Then when how long
and how many times did you stalkher before she found out? And how
many times did she call the police? Oh and she never called the police.
I I I mean I stalked herlike once or twice. And by
stalking, I mean I went overto her house and she wasn't home,

so I just sat on her frontporch and so she got she got back,
and I drank beers. That wasthe extent of the stock. I
wasn't like hiding in bushes and stuff, so that it's not too crazy.
That's not too crazy. You're astep above hiding in a bush. I
mean, if you guys have seenCape Fear, this isn't too far off
where you've been. And so whenshe pulled up and she sees you with
half of an empty six pack onher porch, what did she say to

come home? I'm sure it wassomething along the lines of what are you
doing here? And and uh,this is weird, and you know leave,
You're like, I want to takeover an hour? Did you say
that? Did you say I can'ttake no for an answer. I honestly
don't do not remember what what wassaid. I just remember sitting on her
porch. I couldn't tell you whatI actually said because I was pretty drunk

at the time. Cried mostly yeah, so probably So how long until she
took you back? How long?And it was? I think we were
broken up for about three weeks somethinglike that. So do wop Bryant didn't
work, which she you know,it's so funny, like you're his world,
Like he was a little bit older. But my brother married the first
person he ever dated, like allthe way back to freshman year of high

school. But she did this tohim. She broke up with him,
thought she'd found her new love,and within two weeks that guy had crashed
her car and totaled it, andhe was, you know, a little
bit of a wild thing. Shecame crawling back to this day, my
brother's like, you remember that time. She's like, I don't want to
die just having one dick like theywere sixteen. But she never she never

did go to dick too. Itstayed cashed, crashed the car before you
could get in, single and onlydick. But it's just funny, how
you know, that's that's your soulmate. So sometimes you gotta take one.
Yeah, and it sounds cold,but like you gotta like, you gotta
take what's yours, not that,and uh, you gotta go solve that
curiosity, right, you know,so then you're not stuck in her.

You don't recommend her, you're notwondering go over there with a club and
grab her by the hair, likea caveman. I mean, there's nothing
wrong with that. Well, itwas the nineties, I think it was
still technically allowed. Rule of thumbstill applied. I think it's great.
It was a great photo that youposted of you and your and your wife
when you guys are twenty years old. And it's a good story, happier.

A lot of the stories end upin Forensic File's episodes, but not
this one. This one was areally good love story that worked out.
Now they've been married for how longyears? Twenty five year, married for
twenty five, dating for thirty That'sthat's what that that picture was about.
That was, you know I wastalking about. Our first date was on
the fifteenth of May. We wentto go see The Crow in the movie

theater. No shit, what agreat fell Wow? What wait? You
killed Bruce Lee's kid? Yeah,Courts and Wi his wife's love killed the
kid. That's uh, well,that's great. I thought it was one
of those that's, you know,like make court sexy AI pictures. That's
what I figured it was. Oh, we should do that. Well,
that's it right there. Gave himhis hairbag. I know, I was

like, wow, chin yeah,dark eyes not getting any better. Than
that. All right, So Iwant to play this clip because we've got
to roll out here in a fewminutes. But this clip I saw on
the intern over the weekend, andit happened up in Seattle, but I
saw this on Portland. Looks likeship. Of course, they always post
Seattle ship on Portland side. It'sstock. I know, we get the

if we do, get the lumpof the blame. It's no joke,
and a lot of people think it'sPortland when the Seattle. All I have
to do is put a Portland titleand it doubles the clicks. I'm not
sure what this lady's pissed about,but she's sad. She's demanding that this
guy get out of his car.She's calling him a pussy. She wants
to fight, basically, but she'stotally rational and as per usual, Yeah,

it's usually how it goes. Allright, let me pull this up
here. Okay, I'm putting iton the internet. Get away from my
car. I'm not near your car, your white ass car. What does
that mean? Pussy? Pussy,You're a pussy. You're a pussy,
You're a pussy. I'm not touchingyour car. You smell like pussy,

get away from I wish you couldhave to get out of your car.
Come on, now, she standsin front of the vehicle, like I
have your car much less expensive,dickhead, Come on, I have no

idea what. She's just trying tobreak him down with no ground to stand
on, she feels each time shesays that she's getting it's like she's getting
worse than his lack of response isonly like making By the way, this

isn't like a McDonald's parking lot,so what's so we don't know what the
altercation starts. I'm really sure exactlywhat happened. A pussy. He's like
this woman, I won't even getout of my on a pussy. I'm
not done yet till you get outof your car and stand up against me.

Let's go. Can you go somewhereelse your ass, I'll go anywhere
your ass. People are trying toget in their car. I'm not.
I'm not. This old woman's tryingto get her mini Van's like with you,
get out of your car, youlittle pussy. Okay, all right,

you know what you are like everyother man. And then the video
ends right there, it's getting goodlike every other man. Oh, it's
great, isn't it. I wantto think I have part one. Okay,
I was gonna say, I don'tknow, so that was part two?
Okay, okay, so is thispart one? This might be Oh,

this might be the remix of youlook like a right now? Yeah?
McDonald's, do you look like aso ready? One of the lines
she says that I make a milliondollars a year, is what she said,
not just like that. You don't, no, make a million dollars.

I don't know, make a milliondollars a year. Don't scream in
the street like that. Yeah.I don't know where part one is,
but I love that stuff. Ilove it when people melt down. I
want to see that like I wantto be the one who who witnesses in
real life. I walked in onthis the other day and I was so
disappointed that you guys were on vacation. On my way in here, I
stopped at Burger King and surprise,right, so, and this morning every

morning, Tanner, I want tosay Thursday or Friday, I don't remember
which day it was, but Iwalk inside and did you have fast food
this morning? No? What Ihave for dinner? Last night, I
had chicken noodle soup stick that inyour butt with a funnel it all right?
All right, you did have fastfood yesterday at some point yesterday.

I don't have any faster I didn'tneed anything until I went I mean,
okay, no fast foods. Great. Yeah. So so I walk in
in the Remember when I did theBurger King review and I told you about
the the grouchy, older Hispanic guythat like manages. Yes, so it

was him. And he's at thedrive through and he's got his arm out
the window, just flipping this dudeoff, right, But all you see
is that I'm like, what's goingon here? And he's just mfing this
guy. And then the dude's wearn'ta mask, so I can't read his
mouth, but he's certainly jawn backto him, and it just kept going
on and on, and he's due. He's just calling this guy mother for

this, a mother for that.And I'm like, wow, this is
really spicy drive through? Uh,And and it wraps up and spice on
a chicken sandwich and you're gonna lovethe end. He sees me standing there
and then he's immediately like kind ofembarrassed and realizes that he was just,
you know, witnessed not being avery good manager. And I go,
so what was that all about?And he goes, because he probabs want

sandwiches and he wants all these sauces, saw damn. And so he puts
my food in the bag, setsit on the counter. I look at
him and I go and I needabout fifty sauce for you. He's like,
for you, I bet that gavehim a lot. Started laughing,
he thought, and he goes,you can have one. Here's the one.

Correct. What's the big deal though? You give the guy, you
know, we'll give the guy somesauce the same way. Like perhaps it's
a regular occurrence. Maybe that guycomes through often in his hassling him,
and he just I just said,in all the moment he had had enough.
I think it's the best is whenall you see is a middle finger
coming out he was giving it.That's great. Yeah. I never get

to see anything fun like that.And when does corporate ever come down to
make can Oh, we were doingrunning the numbers here the fry sauce is
not adding up. We're giving outway too much fries sauce per fry nobody
counts free sauce. We've got thirtysauce packets just in the ether. We
don't know where they are, justgone. So somebody is throwing sauces in
bag. Thirty sauce packets not accountedfor. Terry's counting four times. That's

great. Someone steps forward. You'reall getting out, I mean, really,
like, just give me the fuckingsauce. Yeah, it makes me
crazy. And the fact that you'recharging us twenty five cents fifty cents for
extra sauces get fucked in your ninedollars, Fry, I don't care.
Give me the sauce. When itwas a sauce dispute, I was so
disappointed that you weren't here to comeback and share that story with sauce.

All right, guys, that doesit for us. We will see you
tomorrow. More Corn tickets. Bythe way, we have Corn tickets for
like, We have them all thisweek and then we have one more pair
next week. Details on that comingup here in a couple of days.
Yeah. Corn was gonna be withGolgira and Spirit spirit Box, which is
both fucking awesome bands October eighth.We'll see there tomorrow at seven thirty,
Laura, spirit Box was my nicknamein college. I wasna I was gonna

circle back to Casey's butt. Giveme you because it talks like the devil.
Lots of dicks today. All right, Laura, please, we'll see
it more bout terminated. You've beenlistening to Tanner, Drew and Laura's Donkey
Show, heard daily at one ohfive nine that brew dot com. May
God have mercy on all of oursouls.
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