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April 10, 2024 29 mins
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Let me know when you're ready.I bet that's a good start. This
is Tanner, Drew and Laura's DonkeyShow, Donkey Show. What is happening?
Kiddos? Thanks for checking out Tannerto and Laura's Donkey Show podcast O
heard online one O five nine's thebrew dot Com. I'm Tanner, Drew's

there, Laura's here, Beef Watersin the studio with us and Marcus Buster
as Marcus is on the mic athis house. Good morning, Marcus.
Yo, more's happening. We workwith He's and we were sorry. We
work with Heathens, that's what's happening. Well, we don't work with them.
They're not in our company, Idon't think. Because there was an
incident in the women's bathroom today too, and I blame that fully on someone

who works here. But the issuethat you're about to bring up, yeah,
so before abums can get in theline, we got a serious issue
here. I gave you that.One's not a big one though, so
we'll just real quick. What doyou mean? One? So there are
some p on a women's toilet seatthat happens, that's in existence. Yeah,
but like now, if I didn'tsee it, I would have put
ass cheeks directly on somebody else's urine. No, thank you. Always,

you know, in a public restroom, you always need to do a seat
inspection before you set. Yeah,and I did. But also it's like,
how do you do that and notnotice that? And I feel like
it was for three weeks? Yeah, it was. It was definitely.
It was definitely a man in thewomen's bathroom, because there was also p
on the floor. And I waslike, I don't care how bad you
have to pee, You're not pissingon the floor if you're a female.
Yeah, you don't. Just likeyou pee all over the seat in the

women's bathroom, you don't. Youdon't like to clean it, That's what
I'm saying. Just clean up yourmess, bro. It's even worse in
the restroom, the men's restroom onthe uh on the second floor here of
the building. Drew walked into thestudio today and took a photo of it.
Even we'll have to put that onher Instagram. Yeah, yeah,
but what did you see? Drew? And in our So we're on the
third floor here and they're on thesecond. And I went into our bathroom

to go pee and then watch mybecause everyone knows they can't use their own
bathroom. Yeah, we're like dumpTown USA up up here. You know,
like everybody goes to poop right ourthing. Well not just that anymore,
guys, because what they actually dois go and I'm I have the
picture here. So they do looklike they are straightish hairs. But some
straight up trimmed their beard in oursink this morning and didn't even bother to

flush the whiskers down the drain,you know, everywhere, which is whatever,
Like, all right, you're gonnatrim your beard at work, whatever,
that's what. But whatever if youhave a whole hopper full of paper
towels, right, so who justwho just just wipe it out, rints
it down, we'd never go aboutyour business, absolutely, But instead we're
just gonna leave a pool in thebottom of it. People on the first

and second floor they come up hereand they shit in our bathrooms because they
don't want to poop in theirs.And then they now they're shaving. We've
already caught one jerkin off in theirones straight up. Wow, you didn't
hear that story. So this isan old surprising, an old sales guy
that used to work here, whonow works for another company. He works
for like an agency, so heleft, but he used to be a
sales guy here. He went upto the third four bathroom to do his

business because that's also our floor.And he said, there was a guy
in the handicap stall laying down onthe ground with his pants down around his
ankles straight up, fappen on hisback, fapping away to the sky.
Some dude and some dude that's whodid it. Well, if you guys
have never had cold tile and thesmaller your back dirty peak covered. I

lay my beat it tiel down andthen I and then I LA direct to
this animal. From what I understand, the sales guy turns around, runs
out. The guy pulls his pantsup and chases after the sales guy and
says, bro, bro, pleasedon't say anything. Please don't say anything.
Our sales guy says said something anyway, because what the fun turned out?
Because you're not going to cost mewith a half boner and tell me
not to tell anyone, right,it's like you're still rocking a chubb jocked

me down. And last I heard, that guy didn't even get fired because
he denied it or what that was? What was wild, like it was
bad enough that you just laid onthe round on your back and just spanked
it to the sky. But youI think you did not get fired,
You did not get reprimanded. Ifthat is not a violation, what is
I was gonna say, that's gotto be sexual assault because it like,

I mean, not the sexual assault, well, I mean yourself, but
if like imagine if and maybe thistakes it to another level, but imagine
if a dude was in a women'srestroom and a woman walked in and watched
him. That's different. Yeah,but I feel like but it could also
be considered. I mean, itdoesn't matter who sees it. Junk is
out in decent exposure at the most, chasing after him with the chubby or

ludacxe in public. Yeah, youknow, like you can't sit there and
fap in public. You might geta little break on some charges just because
you're in a bathroom behind a stalldoor. Have a little respect and go
out to your car like I do. Marcus, have you ever fapped at
work before or show? Absolutely not. And the other thing I've never done
is touched the bathroom floor with anyof my skin. Yeah, Like,

listen, if you have to ifyou have to let one off. Like
I understand, we're all humans,we're all flawed. You might just have
seen something that made it a thingthat you had to do, and you
had a moment of weakness. II guess I can forgive all of that.
I cannot fucking forgive you laying ona public restroom floor. Laura just

talked about the women's bathroom having peaon the floor. Exact. That means
there's pea on the floor everywhere andcan't get away from it, right,
and you're laying on the like Imean, just roll over on your stomach
and press it into the floor forGod's sakes, Like it's I remember seeing
Britney Spears when she was like hot, and and she there was photos of
her walking into a truck stop bathroom. Just straight think about this person laying

on the ground, Like when youget up, you got like a little
like a chlorine or a bleach burnon your back because those things have just
been hit with. Yeah, Idon't understand why you can't just do it,
stay ending up like what like ifyou're gonna you shouldn't jerk off at
work at all. But if you'regoing to just stand up and off.
At least you can hide like yeah, you can look like you're peeing.

Then he can be like, hey, dude, in there, someone got
a boner going on. Because there'sno guarantee. That's like he had to
do. You think that was partof it, like the fear of getting
caught, maybe the thrill of it, because he had to know that somebody
could walk in at any given moment. Yes, Marcus go it. That
guarantees he's getting caught. Laying onthe floor, Like, you could even

sit on the toilet, right andevery in your pants would be around your
ankles and nobody. I mean maybethey might hear something, but even then
you can be like, oh,it's picking my nose. You could make
up anything you wanted. Laying onthe floor is the one way to ensure
that you're going to get caught andeverybody's gonna know exactly what you're doing.
I just love he's just so intoit, right, he just forgets he
abandons all reason. Yeah, he'sflat as a poor I can't I can't

comment with I'm on my back.I'm gonna lay out. Yeah, dude,
I didn't know that this whole plankingtrend would make me so horn it's
a plant spank. It's it's big. This other guy it reminded of it's
not as bad. But dude,shaving your your like your face and just
leaving the hairs in the on thein the sink at work here makes your
fucking asshole. You don't live here. It's gross. Can we do you

think we can? Uh maybe likeassign someone the like the post of just
like standing outside and a bathroom homemonitor that Well, what if what if
I became like the unofficial bathroom attendant? Yeah, you said, our old
general manager would tell our old generalmanager would like chase him off with a

shoe or something. I don't knowwhat he would do, but he would,
he said, I would stink iron, but I know it's right.
I would. I told him Iwould always think I am in the hallway.
He goes, I just tell himto get leave, get lost.
We should just buy some some ofthose fake cameras and would just put cameras
up on the wall and there peoplego, they got cam's camera. She's
gonna be the home monitor. Andyou're putting the cams on the bathroom.

They're not real cameras. Now you'resaying outside of the bathroom or in the
back, like write the stall facingright down. They're not real. It's
fine, but just enough for themto sit there and go, oh,
wait a minute, what, I'mnot coming up here no more. We
got some heathens that work in thisbuilding that aren't necessarily with our company.
There are some heathens here too,but you know it's the people on the
first and second floor. There's asmoking section here in this building, and

it's right down these steps to thevery bottom on the back first floor.
There's a little covered area for them. Yet half of these guys, like
a half a dozen of these guyswill hang out right in the front where
we all leave to go to ourcars or guests come in, if we
have a comedian coming in or something, and they'll just be smoking right there,
like two feet away from the frontdoor. They're ripping SIGs like they're
outdoors that a concert circled up,Like, yeah, bros, Just isn't

there at least a ten feet likea ten foot rule? I think it's
twenty five depending on the business.But I don't know. How are there
that many smokers left at one kindthat's what I was thinking too. I'm
like, I didn't know this manypeople still. I thought that's how many
smokers were left in Portland. Yeah, right alone in front of our building.
I feel like it's exclusively the secondfloor. I don't think anybody.

I don't think anyone's on the firstfloor. Okay, danil floor. They
got their own spot right there.It's always the same. It used to
be the first floor used to bethe culprit for everything. And because it
used to be uh, it usedto be Xerox and then changed the conduit.
It was like a call center.So the second floor people on every
floor. Yeah, you guys spreadout like cocks. True, because like

every once in a while, likeI'll see them coming down the stairs when
I'm going up, I'll see themcoming down to the first floor, going
around the corner to use the bathroomdown there. Yeah. I think you
guys are like, if you guyshad seen what was here before, we
are pretty lucky, because I meanit was like gargoyles, and I mean
there were people everything you've ever seen. A lady who was morbidly obese and

you had to hold your breath whenyou walked to by her because she you
could her flaps and she would haveto Uh, I feel bad for it
because she would have to travel withher oxygen tank. She would just be
wheeling her oxygen tank on a miniaturedolly behind her all the time. Smell
that makes me want to lay onmy back in a stall. And it
really reminded me when I started workinghere. It reminded me of like the

first time I got dropped off atsummer school, and I was like,
Oh, this is a whole differentkind of people, that's what. That's
them grown up downstairs when we firstor at least years ago, they doat
that lady all of a sudden,just thinking about I can taste it gas.
Sorry what I just gonna say,Oh go ahead, Marcus, Oh
no, please you go. Iwas just going to say. They have

a very stressful job on the secondfloor. So I get while they all
smoke the commission basemision, they gota cold. Yeah, they're here earlier
than we are. But and thenit too still you're still this is like
the problem here is this has happenedin every building that you guys have ever
been in. This was the samein in Eugene. There was heathens all

over. We used to find footprintson the toilet seat. Sky Yeah,
this guy was from another country,so he didn't ship. We shop.
He's used to Oh he's so he'dalways stand on the toilet and they say
that's the healthy way to go.Well, dress you, I don't you
see these? Dress you footprints onthe toilet and you wouldn't want to sit
there because you could just tell thatguy's been skybombing. And when you lay

a cable inside some slacks, you'llknow it's not that normal. Here's an
honest question, though, would yourather put your butt somewhere that someone's feet
has been or would you rather putyour butt somewhere where someone else's butt has
been? I am not the freefallof dump in public or private. You

choose to freefall a dump, Butlike, are you gonna sitting on somebody
else's But you can tell you whatI do before I sit down in every
toilet seat in the public restroom.And this is literally every single time I
wipe it down. I am notsurprised. I always do it much better
plan than free fall poop. Imaginethe splash back you can get, that's
true. Imagine adding that every oncein a while I can always tell when

another guy has done the same thingI have, because you can see like
there's a a little a water linefrom the sink to the toilet. Don't
you have the little seat covers yousometimes? But sometimes toilet toilet is really
I don't know what they're called.I just I fucking suck when you get
up, they stick to your skin. I never use them, so I

just I wipe some toilet paper down. I just scrub the toilet seat.
You know. I know it's notgerm free completely, but it's a peace
of mind. I get the mainparts off, yeah, and then I
can sit down comfortable. But atthe end of the day, it's a
butt, right, like you putit in your pants and you've done it,
not a sense, and it's notI feel like butts in and of
themselves aren't especially dirty. They're resilientin it's just a hole, just that

long. Yeah, But if you'reputting your hole on the toilet seat,
we've got bigger problems all day.I mean, you're flitting hairs. Lauri.
You might be excited about this.Oh yes, Marcus, go ahead,
before we move on. I wasjust gonna say, this is like
a microcosm of what we actually livewith in the greater society of the United
States of America. If this happensthis often, it's so many different office

buildings, we've all experienced it.That means that this is going on like
twenty percent of society or heaths.Yeah, I say, I feel like
that's generous. I bet if peoplelived alone and would be even more.
It's like being checked by others isthe only thing keeping you from skybombing,
beaten off on your back, youknow what I mean. That's true.

As humans, we have a wayof like, uh, we've got kind
of a pac mentality. Right,you leave your house and like you just
kind of abandoned rules in times.And I think that's why people just it's
not my house. I don't haveto clean it. I'll just act however
I want to. Yeah, andit's totally fun. But can you imagine
though, Do you think that personwho shaved his face and then left the
hair in the sink, do youthink his his place is dirty? Or

Yeah? Yeah, there's a goodchance that that that person's just got hair
all over his bathroom. Yeah,yeah, he's got a sink full of
dishes. It smells like a rottenram and probably pas in his closet.
Well drew peas in his closet.Sometimes it's only when he's sleeping when I
get turned around, Laura, Idon't know if you were a fan of
the U of the New Kids onthe Block might have been a little that

was a little I was the Iwas kind of the generation after with the
instant new kids came out though whenwe were kids. I remember, I
remember there's a girl like I was. I was, I was so young.
We had to take naps during classand she had a New Kids on
the Block sleeping bag. Yeah,I just remember it looked really sweet,
hanging tough, step by step.Those songs were the jam you know,

the Ozimpic, the Ocempic jingle.Everyone knows the Ocempic jingle yes oh oh,
which is a parody of that ohoh oh, It's magic. You
know. So are they doing newKids with? Apparently the original jingle featured
a new Kids on the Black diabetesdiscover the Ozembic trizone. I got the

power of three risk. I rememberwhen you were like and lost some weight.
As like a second thought, Yeah, that's really want to anyone uses
it now it's skyrocketing sales. Ohoh, I get that ship in my
head all the time. Oh ohoh oh Zampa. So that was because
you got to remember their song wasuh oh yeah. So maybe they were

like, hey, if we're goingto do an O song, somebody called
the new Kids on the Block.Yeah that makes sense. Yeah, well
don't Why did they just use thatsong? I know though. Oh,
it's like the only ads people talkabout anymore, drug ads. Those are
the only ads that I feel likethey're on TV. It's like every other
ad is for another pursuit, andthey're painful. Sometimes they're really painful.

They're like there's that one with thatfake band and she, I don't know,
she kept having to leave the stagebecause she had a ship or something.
Band had so bad. I willtell you that this is how I
realized that I was becoming like amore emotional person. Is that on stage?
No? But I would I thinkit wasn't if it's the same commercial
I'm thinking of, it's it.Maybe it was an overactive bladder commercial.

Yeah. I like to think thatcorn hole gave out. She kept having
to leave the site. I don'tremember it because I remember Okay, Yes,
yes, yes, yes, thatdoes make sense. But like the
one an overactive bladder commercial made mecry at one point because this this woman
was watching her daughter try on weddingdresses and she had to pee, so

she left real quick, and whenshe came back, her daughter had chosen
the dress and everyone was like gatheredaround her and her mom had missed it.
And I was like, oh mygod, overactive bladder. That is
term opportunity, I know. Justlike that literally got you think though,
like what happens in five years ifthis so zempic proves to not be hurting

anybody? Yeah. I just lookedup the side effects, and my god,
it's hurting people. Yeah. Twoside effects of of ozempic listed here
are constipation and diarrhea. Oh yougot diarrhea, but you can't get it
out. That's that's up inside ofyou. Well, it's like this stuff

can cause hypoglycemia, which, ifI'm not mistaken, is the opposite of
diabetes. So this is a diabetes. They may give you anti diabetes.
It could cause burping gallstones, thyroidcancer. And this one they really buried
the lead on because it's the lastone listed, but it just says lump

camp, but I'm trying to getrid of lump. Yeah, this is
an anti lump drug and now I'mlump. My mom's on it for obviously
for the diabetes lump, but alsoyeah, that's that's the lane it should
be in. And I didn't knowthat the slew of side effects. But

I will say Barrymore has got tobe on it because she went from lunch
to like totally thin on the ozempicwhat has been claimed as the ozempic thing,
Well, I know, I don'tknow if there's a side effective we
can't see. Eventually, I thinkit. Let Marcus is right, give
it five years or so and thenSlump is going to be out in full
force whatever that means. I think. I think with this sitting ray here,

I mean it's been studied, likeyou have a new commercial right here,
it's ready made. Like she waslump. She was lump, she
was lump, but then she gotozempic exactly. You know, you know
the song. There's something to workwith there. Yeah, maybe it'll lead
us to another path. Anytime you'regoing to rope in the presidency the United
States of America, the band willtake it. Yeah, we learned on

Monday that Laura will not be involvedin that murder trial. She got dismissed
from Jerry duty. She's she's disappointedabout it. She really wanted it.
But we've been trying to figure outwhich case it was. We know it's
a murder case, and we knowthat desecration of a body is involved in
the case. Laura can't remember thenames from the case, and we found
every murder trial that's happening today,someone similar have to. We're just gonna

have to. I went back everyday. I went through everyone with you,
and they're all Someone sent me alink of all the court appearances.
Is that that's what I have,okay, And so I went through all
the judges to do. Right.Yeah, so there's like seven, eight,
maybe ten judges. Now the trialmight not be today, right,
it could be tomorrow or next week. I know's like six murder trials today.

Yeah. So I mean it's justmaybe you don't remember their name.
You would know it if you sawit, though, right, Like maybe
not be able to recall it.I think so. But like after listing
off all the names, I startto second guess myself, like what I
remember? Listen to some of thesecharges. This is just some of the
charges that people are dealing with todayat the courthouse. Do you why?
And misdemeanor robbery with a firearm,unlawful possession of heroin, uh another duy,

unlawful delivery of heroin, hit andrun, in injury, attempt to
elude police, criminal mischief, attemptto elude police again, a lot of
attempting to elude police here. Soyou've got a little You'll notice that different
judges do different kinds of cases,and there are certain ones who are they
have all the murders. There's justa couple of judges who have them all.

Yeah, and I think that they'reprobably seasoned beef in that department.
We're doing some digging and if theinternet sleuths want to figure it out and
try to find out which murder caseLaura would have been involved in, because
I mean, remember, dismembering abody is intense. That's some true crime
shit that's right up my eye.I don't want to be the firm hand
here, but if you don't rememberany of it, they probably made a
good call. Like you didn't takeany of it with you? Well,

no, but but that was thewhole thing, though, is that I
didn't I thought it was beneficial tome to not remember when I still didn't
know if I was going to beserving on the jury because I didn't want
to be tempted to like google it, you know, and I succeeded in
that. Now I'm trying and Icannot. Now I can't figure anything else.

But well, it's too bad.You would have been a good jar.
We'll figure it out and we'll,you know, we'll get to the
bottom of this case. I Ijust want to know what happened at this
point. Murder and a dismemberment,what's going on of a body? I
don't know that. Yeah, Idon't know if they chopped off any limbs.
Well, let's see desecration, you'reeither folding a body or cutting it.
I mean, we've heard from somebodyyesterday who said you could put cigarettes,

and desecration just means you miss likeyou mishandled it. Mutilation is cutting
it up and stuff. So you'resaying that that could be just moving the
body, then yeah, they couldhave yeah, or like maybe they tried
to bury it and they just like, you know, I think burying that
is like burying a body someplace totry to conceal it constitutes misuse or whatever,

and then like actually changing the bodyin some way, shape or form
to try to conceal it as mutilation. My true crime is getting out of
hand, like my listening, Ineed to stop. I know much about
this stuff. Now you hear somebodyjust offer that as like, yeah,
I know this. Why do youknow that? Whacko? Because everyone you're
researching, because it sounds like I'mfucking researching. I go off and on

with the true crime Like I'll watcha lot of it in like a week,
and then I'll be like I haveto I have to pull away.
I have to go do something else, watch a comedy, or I need
to go watch the Office for aminute. Yeah, it's eighty percent of
my podcast list. You murder truecrime? Absolutely? Yeah? Which one?
What like what's what? Like?What one is coming to your mind
right now? Like a big murder? I listen to, Well, I

listen to a lot of like justthe series where they just pick a case
every week. My favorite murder typething. Okay, so each each podcast
is one murder. Yeah. Theforty eight hours podcast is great too,
because that's just the episode condensed downinto thirty minutes or whatever. But there's
a bunch out there now. Someof them sucks. I watch there's lines
are good. I kimeber the nameof it. It's on YouTube, but
it's the guy talks like this,and the documentaries are like two or three

hours long, and they just showlike interrogation footage, detectives like interviewing and
breaking down the killer. You know, I watched that on YouTube. That's
that's what I meant. What Isay, I don't know, but I
just that seems to encroaching into myalgorithm A lot these days, it'll just
be forty five minutes of them justbreaking a dude down, like yeah,
I did it. Yeah, it'salways great. I love those when you

we're like, can you know theguy is guilty and he's still trying to
play it off and then when andyou know, the watching the especially when
the detectives know and they're just breakinghim down, dude. And a lot
of that's great. A lot ofwomen bumping off husbands. Yeah, it's
to me that I don't know whythat's so surprising, but it's it seems
to be a wild amount of ladiesplotting to kill husbands, right, and

those those murder casts are good forlike if you've got to like you're gonna
have to do something on repeat,like you're laying bark dust or you're cleaning
your roof, or you're you're puttingtogether a table in your garage. And
it's like that kind of thing wherewhen you're engulfed in the trying to figure
out the weirdo, you forget you'reactually doing stuff right. And like years
ago, to Live and Die inLa came out out and it was a

huge murder cast about this guy whokilled his girlfriend and like the whole deal
and his dad was a wacko.I just dug out an entire backyard like
trying to figure out who killed who, and it changed. It's just changes
the problems. And that's the thing. It's like, you know, it's
not like you're a weirdo because youlisten. I'm interested in how they close
in and solve it. Like that'sthat's what is the chess match of it

all? This is this is Ithink it's explore with us is the YouTube
account, but it's usually you'll beable to tell when you hear the guy's
voice received. Essentially, Yeah,I watched. I watch a lot of
these guys. I don't know ifthat's a real dude or if that's an
automated thing. It almost seems likeit's one of those things you type it
in and has just discovered a disturbingsecret hidden within her son's closet. Even

more terrifying. I cannot decide ifthis is real. I think it's I
think it's a real Yeah. Also, oh, this is the parents who
discovered the teen's horrifying secret. Theyfound this. This guy killed a homeless
man and he fucking cut him up. He took a hand in the head
and put it in his closet,and his parents found it. I'm sure
you saw this. Tanner. Likewhen those cops show up and they're like,

hey, can we talk to youfor a second, he's like yeah,
and then they're like, hey,keep an eye on him. And
the first thing he says, Ihaven't been feeling well. Yeah, like
I bet when we found something weirdin your house, in your bedroom,
and like, do you know whatit is? Hecause it's probably the head
in hand. Yeah, it's alla matter of fact about it. Why
would you have that because I killeda guy and cut him up, okay,

and his mom is like losing itin the front yard, like her
whole life is imploding, and he'sjust nonchalant. Oh, here it is
if you want to hear. AndI got that moment. I think this
is it or breaking the law orjust basically just humor. That is,
like I said, I actually letmy daughter and hurt other people. It's
just a voiceover. It's the pictureof them moment. Well, I mean,

you're just dealing with a sociopath,so like they don't have any feelings
or reports about that stuff. It'sjust like a kid. It just shocks
me. It's an eighteen nineteen yearold kid. Yeah, and it's over.
Your life is over for a momentarygratification. Gross. Yeah, I'm
gonna watch some shoe crime and toget home now, and I'm all into
it, exactly. What's good?So during the day here good while I'm

working full bummer beef water Bay isno hope of happiness kicking rocks. Yeah,
let's see what else. I thinkthat's it. There's a couple of
things we didn't talk about today,but it's not really that important. Oh,
apparently this will help you get laidmore and it's shaving shaving your head

according to a porn star people ofbald guys, I guess I don't know.
I mean, I don't think.Isn't that in the eye of the
beholder. And also I think italso depends on like what your head looks
like under your hair, Like somepeople definitely pull off the ball better than
others. Yeah, I don't thinkI could pull it off. I think
because my my top of my headis very flat. It looks like they

Dick Tracy character. I look likea super old make a Wish kid.
Yeah, and we've all got theyou look like that now, we've all
got the radio lump in our headtoo. From so I don't I don't
think I would look very good bald. No, I don't. Mark is
already half bald. He's he's doinga car. You guys are illustrating the
point here. People have been tellingme for years, like, oh,

you should just you should just takethe leap and just shave it all off
and go really short. And Iwas like, no, because I know
that I have a muffed up head, like I I've seen it, and
it's close enough. When it getsmy hair gets really short. I don't
know if it's like, it's kindof lumpy. It just doesn't look right.
And I'm again, I'll cover itwith a hat. I know that
it bothers everybody, I will coverit. It does not bother anyone.

I want to vomit. I listento this story. A woman marries a
six foot tall Halloween doll, andit's now in a polyamorous relationship with the
toy. A woman has taken thespirit of Halloween to New hides. Felicity
cadilec She's twenty five of Massachusetts andmarried he's six foot male zombie doll named

Robert in a private home ceremony aftermarrying a woman, a woman zombie doll
named Kelly Rosie back in twenty eighteen. Oh so, now she's in a
polyamorous relationship with her all too zombiedolls. Yeah, She says she first
met the dolls on Halloween on aHalloween prop site called Creepy Collection, where
she purchased them for a total ofone thousand bucks. You overpaid, lady.

I just don't understand all this.I saw a story about a lady
who was in love with her fence. Yeah, I've seen that that's a
sexy ass fence. But I meanit's like, what are we doing,
Like people in love their cars.Somebody needs to give you some help,
Like this is not normal behavior.Can I offer just a little bit of
the other side of the argument here, because I feel like if these people
weren't loving their fences and the exhaustpipes of their cars, you would see

them in news clips going, yeah, you probably found the head in the
hand. Good point. Keep doingwhat you're doing. True, we will
see you tomorrow. Bing Bong andmy been listening to Tanner, Drew and
Laura's Donkey Show, heard daily atone oh five nine the brew dot com.
May God have mercy on all ofour souls.
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