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April 17, 2024 28 mins
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Let me know when you're ready.I bet that's a good start. This
is Tanner Drew and Laura's Donkey Show, Donkey Show, What Up Kids?
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wherever you listen to podcasts. I'mTanner Drew's there, Laura's here. I
got a clip for you this morning, all right, and I wanted to
play. I found this on TikTok. So it's a clip from a podcast.
I don't know the name of thepodcast, all right, but after
you hear this clip, I'm notsure that it matters. Okay. It's
two people talking about how they shit, about the cooping habits. Yeah,

Like one guy claims that every timehe shits, he he poops into his
hand that's been wrapped in toilet paper. Now and he's blown away that other
people don't do that same thing.What wa Yeah, problems is that common
practice? No, I've never heardthat before. Only time I ever heard
that was when Carrie Anne was onthe show and she said she stated at
the guy's house he was about tohook up with and she didn't want him

to hear the plot. Yeah,she had to go really bad, and
she didn't want him to hear thethe you know, the plopping sounding.
I think he just I mean,I guess desperate times. Well, honestly
though, and we told her thistoo. If I find out you pooped
in your hand, like, that'sway worse. Yeah, but yeah,
well, how will you ever findout? You won't Well, I don't
know. I don't know what goesinto pooping in your hand. Also,

I feel like for me, thesound, I mean, I guess that's
not even the first thing that Ithink of, Like, what about these?
Do you think the smell that's leftover? Like I would just feel
weird about pooping at someone else's house, especially someone I'm about to hook up
with. Like if I got Tommytroubles and I like, I'm like,
I'm probably going to pass tonight,I'll just go home. That's a good

point because the reason, other thanwashing it away. The other great thing
about water is once poop goes intothe toilet, it is it's a it's
a smell masker. So we've allused the bathroom where it's gone a little
aggressive and part of it is abovethe water line. That smells five hundred
times worse, same boop, differentstance. So you put it in your

hand first, You've just you've justreleased multiple smell particles everywhere. You've made
it worse. Yeah, but thisguy doing it every time, all the
time I go to a rubber room. It might be called the Bully and
the I don't know, the Bullyand the Beast. Maybe, Okay,
I'm not sure what the podcast,It doesn't matter. Here's this guy explaining
himself tissue, just like we alltouched it before. I've a tissue.

You shp You touched it every singleday of your ship. Like you don't
wipe yourself. It got ship ina tissue where you wipe yourself. You
don't know how to get it.Why are you touching this ship? The
tissue is for the ship, That'swhat I'm saying. You you grab ship?
No, no, no, you'renot saying that. You don't.
Yeah, you wipe and you grabthe ship. You don't. Why are
you grabbing? Want your ask?Are you telling me that? Y'all just

let the doodle fall in the toilet, y'all don't catch it. Every time
I am about to leave how doy'all take a ship? How much to
see this ship wrong? Putting myship? All these ships? Now,
I'm more disgusted than like. Ifeel like I can't continue. What are
you talking about? I'm my stomachhold So y'all just sit there and ship

right, come right out? Yeah? No way, what happens if you
got the runs there something like that? Who do you do that? You
wash your hair? Why do youthink people watch it? God, this
guy is good to be sho.This is worse than I thought, Like
I thought it was some other shiplike, but this is I just sit

there and just let it fucking shipin the toilet. Where's your pego,
dumb ass? Yeah, that's itis easy. I don't know. I
just always shied the tissue. Youthrow the ship in the garbage that have
arbage. So that's the clip.Who else ships in a in their hand
like that? I've never heard.Because I want to know who I want

to I want to not be friendswith them anymore because they got a poopy
hand to follow them on Instagram andeverything else, that's disgusting. I'm going
to out that person. I mean, I'd like to hope he's just trying
to shock someone because there's no rimaryreason, dude, because there's video of
it, and he looks shocked andappalled that nobody else does that, And
he looks unless he's an amazingly teachestheir child. Yeah right, I mean

yeah, my kids are eight,six and six months, and only the
six month year old could even bepossible of such a thing. Mm hm,
Oh you never shot it in yourhand? No, no, I
can't say that I have. Iwill die with that stat Yeah. Yeah,
me too. That's not something Iever need to I've gotten shipped on

my hand. That's an accidental andI want to die when that happens.
It's like you look at your handlike it's on fire. You're like,
and that's your own ship. Ohmy god, and that's your own ship.
I knew a story. So whenI was living in Detroit and working
in Detroit. Uh, this guyhe came in and he was freaking out
and he was like, his faceis red. He looks like he was
having a meltdown, like he justgot some really bad news. Apparently what

happened was in the bathroom he putso the toilet paper the genders would never
put them on the rolls. Theywould just set them up. He they
would just set them like, youknow, they're just be kind of loose
in the in the bathroom, right, they'd be on the toilet, like
on the wall. Somehow there wasa shelf and yeah, they have that
little railing in case you got tolower your butt down. And so they

were never really there. So peoplejust what they what do you do?
You pick it up? At leastusually what I do. They put your
fingers in the hole and you justwrap it around your hand once or twice.
Yeah, what he did is heput his finger in the hole and
felt something wet. Well, apparentlythe last person who was in there got
ship on their hand and fingered thetoilet paper hold to get to you know,
to put toilet paper on their handand put ship inside the hole in

the hole. And so when heput his finger in there, he touched
somebody else's ship. See, thisis why I can't use the public restroom.
Every time I get kind of comfortable, I hears something like this,
two more years. I just setyou back two years. No, I
mean I've already have a pretty goodstreak going. Yeah, I ever since
I heard that story, I'd neverput my fingers in toilet paper rolls,
ever, and if I do haveto, I have to I look into

it. Here's here's a periscope.Here's an argument also for always checking and
double checking the toilet. See.I had a friend in elementary school who
we were all in the bathroom.She walks into one of the stalls and
all you do is here and shecomes out. Her pants are still around
her ankles, and she had somebodyhad somehow pooped on the toilet seat and

she didn't look and she sat downon someone else's Always have to do an
inspection before you sit down all downher leg g fifth grade, Yeah,
I mean, kids are so grownat that point, the lack of etiquette.
I mean we all, I meannot you, Laura, but we
all stood next to a kid whodropped their pants to the ground like had

not been taught. You can excuseit with the kid, but soon someone's
got to teach that kid. Yougotta always inspect. Fifth grade, it's
too late. You better like ifmy if my third grader left the turd
on the seat, walked in yourear way. Some fifth graders, you
know, how about how do youeven have summer dirty? How do you
poop on the toilet seat? It'sall coming is wrong? Yeah? And

like when you do do that?Do you how do you not clean it
up yourself? Like I do not? I would be mortified. Yeah.
Do we not look back and look? And I mean for me, I
do at least see what it lookslike behind me before I flush it?
Yeah? Yeah, get it AndI think that's good. That's what that
guy was saying, Like I checkmy ship. Will we all look into
the toilet most for the most part, Yeah, it's like what is shape

consistency or kind of like, wellI might dehydrated? Am I this or
that? I'm not forking through unlessI know I'm really sick And I'm like,
I already know what it looks like. It's text mex, let's move
on. Yeah, there's times wherethe field you don't need to look at
it. Mike Colon told me theburn you always got to look at the
seat before you sit down, andlook at your poop before you flush it
a quick can. It's like gland. It's like driving away in a movie

scene and you see the explosion inthe background as you make it to safety.
That's what the glances and No,you don't need to shit in your
hand like that guy has been doingapparently his whole life, for his entire
life, and it doesn't sound likehe's gonna shop. And it seems like
that girl's quitting the podcast. Ican't even do this anymore. That's the
best question I'm gonna leave. Ohyeah, because you in your hand,
that's just you see a person.When I lived in Detroit too, there's

a bunch of shit stories in Detroit. Uh. Well, I came in
one day and the studio just smeltlike poop. Not my studio, but
like the hallways of the studios smelllike poop. Apparently, what happened was
there was a weekend guy who didlike a sports show on the Fox Sports
station there, like on Sunday,but for two hours, nobody in the

building even knew who he was.He's just kind of rent to play type,
Yeah, kind of grandfathered in fromthe old days, and you know,
he's just in, some old dude. Well, apparently he tried to
go to the bathroom ship all overhimself and the toilet seat, which he
did not clean up. He thenpulled his pants up and wiped the shit
all over himself, went back tothe studio and did his show for two

hours and smashed the shit into thechair he was sitting in. They had
to throw away all of the furniturein that studio. I'm guessing he was
fired. Oh they fired him thatday or I think the very next day.
I guess they said you're not allowedto come back because there was shit
in like three or four different places. How are you just okay with being
that disgusted? You've got to do? You know what I mean? Like

did you have a fall like that? I don't know, Like did he
not notice? I'm wondering if notnotice? If not the feel, the
smell, Like there's no way youwouldn't notice a twinge of bo And I'm
ready to call him sick and gohome, like if I smelled poop on
my body, be in the bathroomscrubbing, investigating. I know the show

just started, but it's not over. We're eight minutes in and I just
shipped myself. I'm going home.I've saved up nine hundred and six days,
use them all. I'm going home. That's so snarly. But anyway,
there's the I've had. There's twoship stories from Detroit. Well,
the good news is you got outof that place without one of them being
about you. It's very true.That's true. I dodged those bullets and
those poops. Uh oh god,it does bring I remember I would go

to Toys r Us. Oh man, going going to the Toys r Us
poop stories and they have the plasticplayhouses. You know, they would always
smell like ship and at the ToysRest by my house in Texas because kids
would go in the bathroom and shipin them or not in the They would
go in there thinking it's about You'relike, it's a house, it's a

playhouse. There's no real there's noworking plumbing in here, and they would
ship in there and it would justreek. And this is the late eighties
where they probably just wiped it upand then moved on. Yeah. I
didn't have a lot of happy memoriesand Toys r Us because it rarely got
something see like rich kids in linewith a four wheeler and then it did
smell like dump and toys were openall over the place. Like I know,
I do remember going there a lotand walking out empty hand with nothing.

It was just like we would gothere to like look and play.
My mom would walk us through likeit was a carnival. But you just
held the grapes in front of meand gave me none. Now I'm just
depressed. I bet you. That'swhy we're all in radio. None of
us got anything at Toys r Us. Cordeous walked in. Did you did
your parents take you to Toys rUs and you'd walk out empty handed?
Like us. You would just takeme there just to look around. I
wouldn't actually get anything. Oh that'smean, No, that's part for the

chorus. We never even went toToys r Us. We lived in the
woods though, Yeah, yeah,I mean we rarely there's toys r us
is a horse horsebackaradowa today horse PacaradowayJohn Dee Tractor Center, Yeah pretty much.
Yeah, we would do that forsure. I we would definitely go
to tractor centers all the time.We would not go to Toys r Us
though. There was one Clocamus TownCenter. Yeah that was a close as

what I think? What is thata bed bath and beyond now or no,
it's not because that closes whatever itis. Yeah, it might be
a baby's r US now it's no, that's out of business. Too.
Oh it is, yeah, becausethat turned into an O'Reilly's or whatever.
AutoZone probably what it is. Yeah, so yeah, we were just talking
about ship stories, Court, becausewe just played this clip from a podcast.

I guess I could just have toplay I'll play a quick clip for
Court. It's a I don't knowwhat the podcast is called, but these
two people are talking about shitting.One guy is uh blown away that nobody
else ships into their hand, likehe puts, Oh, I've seen I
know you're talking about. Yeah,I've seen this clip. Yeah, and
I can't believe that this person hasmade it that far into his life.

Yeah. The guy, he's atleast late twenties, early thirty. Yeah,
yeah, and he still believes thatyou you crap into your hand and
then drop it. I don't evenI don't even understand the process of that.
Why would you poop into your handand then drop into the toy?
He says. It's to check theship. But like when I get up,
I just look back and I lookat my ship. Right, just
give it a quick glance. Makesure you just spread your legs a little

bit and look down through the betweenyour legs. You still have to blame
whoever taught them how to go tothe bathroom. Right, Like, if
Court's daughters did this and he's like, I don't know what's wrong with them,
I'd be like, actually, what'swrong with you? Because why didn't
you tell him? No? Right? Just one more, just a little
bit a tissue, I should That'swhat I've a tissue? You ship.

You touched it every single day ofyour ship, Like, you don't wipe
yourself. It got ship in atissue where you wipe yourself. You know
you're not doing it right though,you should never touch the ship, right,
that's no, What does the matterwith you? And also even if
you even if you poop in anapkin or a tissue, you're still gonna
have to wipe your ass right right, And and he's he's also he's missing

out on one of the finest thingsin life, which is when you poop
in the little the little piece ofthe little water goes right back up the
butthole. The best I'm going tochange some when when I get a text
from Court. That's only good whenyou're not in the porter. You know,
it's really nice. You get yourselfa toilet seat riser. So you

can increase that free fall, reallyget the drum. That's what I'm saying.
You you grab, No, you'renot saying that. You don't.
Yeah, you wipe and you grabthe ship. You don't clip. He's
looking around to the rest of thepeople in the studio, like, are
you serious because you've got a medicalproblem if you have to rip ship out
of your ass? Are you grab? You guys telling me your ass?

Are you telling me that y'all haslet the doodle fall into toilet? Yeah?
Catch it every time? Yes,like a normal person. I am
about to leave, bro, Howdo y'all take this ship? How much
to see this ship? Wrong?Touching my ship all these years? Jesus,
you should be embarrassed. Yeah,you should be embarrassed. Yeah,

that's never never, ever, everever would you want to do my hand?
Yeah? And do they understand thatshiitted is not the past tense ship?
I do love the way, butI do think what is the past
tense? That shot? But youcan basically just say ship. And because
you say shot like that sounds trying. Yeah, just shot my cot just

shot on my pillow. If youwere gonna say I just shipped, I
just shipped and you just ship ship. Yeah, I just ship like sha.
I think I think shot you.I don't think I've ever heard you
say the word though in passing.Well, we don't really, we don't
really talk. I don't know.We don't discuss discussed the past tense of
my my bell movements either. Yeah, it happens. I will yell on
people when I'm playing Call of Duty. You just got ship it on.

I just sh it on you,and then I'll back out of the game.
I mean exactly, and then Iunplucked my mic so I can't be
grammatically corrected. Yeah, all's fairin love and VIDs. Yes, sir
or man. Sorry, let's seewhat do we not talk about today?
Disneyland guest claims a goofy fell onher. Now they're suing. Have you
seen those shoes? How about anaccidental You're like, no, no,

no, this is my one chancecall her. But it's like a big
giant plush suit. It doesn't hurt. Yeah, fucking pussy. Katrina Griffin
says that she was at the parkon April third of twenty twenty two when
the incident occurred. Griffin was reportedlytrying her daughter, tying her daughter's shoes
when the character walked into her andfell on top of her. She's seeking
damages for negligence and claims her injuriesquote will result in some permanent disabilities.

Quote now you happy. I'd beafraid just for the fact that being persona
and on Garrata Disney for the restof your life, you gotta tell everyone
you can't go. Yeah, becausewhy because I sue I saw cash grab
there. Well, you know what'sworse is that Disney is starting to crack
down on people that are are cheatingbecause they got out a little while ago.
I remember hearing about this years ago, where if you pretend to have

a disability, or you have somebodythat you can bring that has a disability,
you basically get to the front ofthe line for everything they'll say.
They'll ban you if you find youout, if they find out that you
do not, in fact have adisability, if you cruising around one of
those stupid scooters for no reason,you're gone. You're forever, good fucking
It's designed to help people who can'tget around, not for you to be

a grease ball. And you couldtell a lot of people are doing it
because the last few times they've goneto Disneyland, there's so many of those
scooters. They're just packed with scooterseverywhere, and people just kind of slowly
scooting along to the next ride.I bet most of those people are not
in fact disabled, you know,And she probably will get something because they
don't want this to drag on throughcourt. They're just gonna settle and get

it over with because they've got somuch money. I mean, the Disneyland,
just that park alone, uh,makes over six million dollars a day.
That sucks for the dude in thein the costume because they got to
get rid of them, right,And I guess, yeah, that sucks
because they maybe when it comes tomascots though, they don't fuck around.
Yeah, maybe they can move himsomewhere else. Can they know it's bullshit?

Or do you think they just cuttheir losses get another cast member.
It seems like they would just letit slide because I mean, you're in
a giant plush suit that you cansee and you know, maybe like two
square inches out of it. Maybethey're cool and they they won't them at
all. Yeah, I mean,like crazy, this lady is bent over
in front of him. He probablydidn't even see he was there's ninety five
degrees. Yeah, yeah, andhe's fucking he's just trying to stay alive

and not pass out. Right.Did you also hear the Disneyland's about to
expand I heard they were gonna theygot more land and they're gonna What are
they gonna do? Well, Idon't think they have more land. I
think what they did is they're they'reripping down old land where they there's a
giant parking structure, and that's gonnago parking structure. Screw parking. What
are they gonna put there? Awhole other section, like a whole other

land. Cool though, Yeah,they'll be Disneyland, they'll be California Adventure,
and then they'll be whatever this is. That's dope because on Florida they
got five Yeah, there's five parksthere. Yeah, and Disney California Venture
is cool. But it'd be coolto have like another Animal Kingdom or something.
All right? There to a waterpark. Yeah, And and they're
gonna spend two billion dollars on it. And if they're making six million dollars

a day, they'll they'll have theirmoney back in a couple of years,
right, they're so advanced. Isaw a thing where this guy was getting
kicked out at Disney and they havethis facial recognition software and he was bootlegging
Mickey Ears. So he was makinghim himself and putting bedazzle on them and
then just selling them with a Disneylogo on him. And they weren't having
it. Of course. So heshows up to like, you know,

do his viral videos at the parkone day and they just come, We've
been waiting for you. So basicallythey're like, sorry, how do you
even know I'm here? And don'tworry about it, you're I bet you.
And I was talking about this tosomebody just the other day that I
bet you remember in Ocean's eleven ormaybe it was twelve, when they went
into the security room of the casino. I bet you Disneyland is a little
like that. Guarantee. There's camerashidden in places you wouldn't even fucking know.

Some Mickey Ears, you know some. I bet you there's cameras all
over that you can't see. Thesecurity is and even at the Disneyland Hotel
is at a military level, rightbecause the last thing they need is like
a kid was kidnapped there, yeah, right, this last thing they need
or a terrorist or right, yeah, anything. I bet the security there
is red Achilles. Yeah, thesecurity for the Disneyland hotel. When we

were dealing with a theft situation,his quote was, if you steal from
Disney, you've stolen from me,and so like that was it was a
personal problem, and so like itwasn't like fill out a report, It
was like, go find people you'vestolen from Walt himself. Yeah, exactly.
You slapped Walt Disney in the mouth. That's what you did. That's
cool, and that's what you needif you're going to be that level.

So maybe Disneyland will be chill andnot fire that guy. I'd like to
see him not get fired because hejust tripped. It was a fucking accident,
right, and a lot of thesepeople are upset, like even the
people playing the characters love Disney somuch. And she's probably he didn't even
say sorry. They're like sworn tosilence. That's fireable. So yeah,
yeah, maybe a right court.I hope that's the case. There's no

word on what they what happened tothe character, or it's entirely possible the
guy even who worked for Disneyland anymore, because I think he's been he's been
shipped to another country. Could be. I mean those are minimum wage jobs,
I think so, I mean he'snot get paid a tons. It's
entirely possible, you know, what'smoved on to something else. Amy's job.
And we're going to talk about thistomorrow. We found out how much
some of the mascots for the NBAare making. Yeah, and it's like
ridiculous in comparison to what Caitlin Clarkwill make over the first three years of

the contract. And it's embarrassing.It's embarrassing. So tomorrow, I think
it's seven o'clock will do that.That's pretty good stuff. So we'll talk
about how much some of these mascotsare making. Yeah, and why the
fuck I'm in radio because I couldbe and I am second guessing my career
choice. Yeah, but that's youknow, Katel, what was she making
seventy six grand? Yeah, firstseventy six or seventy eight somewhere right in
there. A four year contract willstill be under three hundred and fifty that

but if she, if these ratingskeep going up like they have been,
maybe she can renegotiate, you know, because that's that's that's what's got to
happen, is that this interest thatpeople have in women's sports has to stay,
yeah, because other like, ifit doesn't, it's nothing's going to
change. I hate to be thebearer of bad news though it likely has

peaked for now because you get intogame, the seventh game of the season,
and it's not the Indiana Fever playing. It's not gonna be on national
television. It's not gonna be likeI hope one day, but it's not
gonna happen overnight. Yeah, Imean, baby staffs gas. You know,
I'm raising girls. I would lovefor it to be a big thing.
It's just fifty million versus seventy thousand, right, Yeah, it's crazy.

Yeah. Well, tomorrow at sevenam, we'll let you know how
much these mascots are making and you'regonna be blown away. I'm telling you.
Let's see what else were gonna talkabout. Did you guys see the
video that's going viral of this guywho owns a cyber truck and his pedal
fell off or it slipped forward andlodged. So, so what happened was
and he explains it in a video. You've got the pedal and then you

got a metal thing like glued toit right to look kind of fancy full
chromage. As he was driving,that thing slid off and got stuck.
And it's a design flow clearly,because there's a piece of the of the
car that it's a ledge. It'slike the ledge. Yeah, it got
stuck in this. It was likeperfect aim and it got stuck under this
little, tiny little ledge and gotstuck. The pedal got stuck at one

hundred percent. Oh, they justbomb out with Tesla's and if you slam
the breakdown, it overrides it.But as soon as you let the break
go, it goes again. Sowhat the guy had to do is like
put it in park and then itwas a fucking mess, dangerous regardless because
that thing got stuck in one hundredpercent one hundred percent all the way down.
And if he he says, youknow, luckily, I'm I'm smart
guy. I stayed calm. Ididn't panic. Most people probably wouldn't stay

calm. I think a lot ofpeople would panic. I think all pedals
should not be cosmetic. No,that's got to be all one thing.
This is a pedal. This iswhat kills people. This is the trigger
that can't happen. You don't designa different trigger on a gun. It
needs to be what it is.I mean. Worst of all, the
guy could have died in a carthat looks like a Pennini maker. It's
a stupid look. Dying in acyber truck, oh god, but it

makes a delicious hot smash sandwich diddid he did? When he opened the
door? Though, it made afucking rad sound like there are some futuristic
you know how, like remember Kitfrom Night Rider sounded futuristic, like a
jet engine or something. It soundedlike that on the inside sounded so high
tech, right, And I alsoheard that in the future Tesla could probably
just move away from building cars andjust focus on the interiors of vehicles for

other companies, the Tesla tech becausetheir tech is tits. Let's just be
honest, it's just the vehicles.In my opinion, you're kind of ugly.
Well, and especially now with likeev and that becoming more of a
popular thing, and everyone is notthe first or you know they're not.
They're they're barely competitors in the game. So I think if they just focus
on the design. They could reallythat cyber truck, did you, guys?

I don't know if I told youthis when I went to the auto
show. You know, it's gotthe multiple trunks, but that front trunk
it fit like a five foot fivegirl who was working for Tesla. She
just crawled in and they closed herin the trunk like it was that spacious.
So just no camping gar could fitthere. Or a body. Yeah,
that's good to know. You wantto know how big a body you

can put in your car? Haveyou guys never done? You can fit
a body in there and get awayfast? You can. You can look
like a complete tool while you're kidnappingsomebody. Nobody ever thinks you got a
body in the front front. They'reso ugly. The videos of them like
people trying to take them off roadand just getting stuck in the mup.
Yeah, they're not designed for Theysaid they could. They said it could
be a half boat half car.Yeah, no, I wouldn't. There's
no way I would take that.I think that's going to sink right to

the bottom abolutely. Now. Yeah, No, I mean I think the
problem with that I have with Tesla'sis so there's so much electronics inside those
things. It's all bound to failat some point. Like I give me
like a hand crank window, youknow something, you simple buttons, all
that kind of stuff. Like ifyou're running everything through an iPad on the
on the dash, it's something's gonnago wrong and then you're gonna be screwed.

It's like those fancy washers and dryers, right they say there's there's water
near electronics. It's going to break, right, But you can watch Orange
is the New Black? Well youyeah, exactly. I can like and
listen to my favorite Spotify playlist.Yeah, uh so there you go.
I think we I think we discussedit all. We've exhausted it. Okay,
Tomorrow we've got more tickets to gosee the System of a Down in

the Deaf Tones, which is apretty awesome show. Court Yeah, going
down in. It's San Francisco,huge Golden Gate Park, the first show
at this park. We'll send youthere tomorrow at seven thirty sold out show,
sold deaf and down deaf, down, down with deaf. You will
be down with being deaf after youleave, because it's gonna be plow your
earballs off. I saw a systemof it Down with Incubus at the roseland

oh damn, that's crazy. Thatwould have been a fun show. That
was years ago, back in theYeah, about the same sized crowd in
thousand. Yeah, and I justremember like they were so loud. System
of a down was so loud.Oh yeah. And then and then of
course the floor I was I'm alwaysconcerned about that floor. How were your
earballs up? My earballs are ringingand swollen for sure, that's right.

So yeah, what else is tomorrow? I think? Is that it?
That's it? Yeah, Thursday,So just you know, get some Thursday,
the usual Thursday shenanigans, and reallywe'll be pushing again tomorrow. We
got the more people we can getfor trash band. It's the merrier trash
band. It's a Saturday. We'regonna be cleaning up Montevilla Park from not
am to eleven thirty And we foundout that it's actually nine am to eleven

because right at eleven is when we'regonna be done. And Doug Fer the
Blazer's miss Yeah yeah, and you'llwant to be in line to meet old
Douglas. Yeah. I love thewhole get up. Yeah, it's pretty.
It's like a sasquatch thing, right. Yeah, but it's like kind
of like a seventies throwback squad,right, which I don't know if you've
seen the picture of like old schoolDoug Fur. But he's creepy as shit,

is he? Yeah, the oldschool Doug f He's got like these
very beady eyes. Yeah. Theyupgraded him from the first one. First
one was like it looked like youlive downtown, Yeah, but up for
three days and actually was pretty authentic. I don't know why we changed it.
Well, I have some some peopleI work with up in Seattle,
and we were talking about Doug Furand I guess the old yeah sound,

no, not sound, just theSonics mascot was a big Foot as well,
and so they were like, whatyou store your store mask on?
Man? Well, no team,no maskot side the people who stole your
team before you come. Oklahoma Cityis taking your calls now. But if
you want to be a trash banditclean up the city a little bit,
hang out with some good people,and just make yourself feel good afterwards.

It feels good to do all thatstuff. Do it for you, it'll
help. If you have some communityservice hours. You got to complete tat.
You don't want to get locked up, Sign up at one O five
nine the brew dot com and we'llsee a Saturday for trash Bendito. You've
been listening to Tanner, Drew andLaura's Donkey Show, heard daily at one
O five nine that brew dot com. May God have mercy on all of

our souls.
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