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May 1, 2024 27 mins
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Let me know when you're ready.I bet that's a good star. This
is Tanner Drew and Laura's Donkey shownshow. What's Up? Jetto's thanks for
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I'm Tanner Drew's here, Laura's here, Bus Dress Marcus is with us
this morning. What up, dude? What's up? Was it? I
wanted to play you guys this.I was gonna do this yesterday, but
I forgot. I think this clipis like a week old. I think
this happened during the Draft last week. Okay, is it in Detroit?
Yeah, it's in Detroit, andit's uh Pat McAfee show, the ex

punter turned ESPN star. Yeah,and he's got such a good show.
I'm someone who doesn't really care aboutsports, and I am aware that Pat
McAfee is great. Yeah. Andif he started fun as a basement podcast,
you know, just him and somebuddy's doing it. Nobody asked him
to, and it gained so muchmomentum that he crawled to the top of
the tower. Yeah, and hadAaron Rodgers on all the time saying weird

stuff, you know, getting intocontroversy that way, and mm hmm,
it's a it's a great podcast.They were in Detroit for the draft obviously,
and somebody I don't know who theguy is that they're yelling at the
fans, but there's somebody on thepanel with Pat McAfee and he's got a
Packers hat on, so maybe thathelps. I don't know who the guy

is, but the Detroit Lions fans, uh, they just start trolling this
guy hard and listen to the wayhe reacts. I fucked the Lions,
Fuck Detroit headed hooker. In twoyears, you got the Losers. And

that's probably I don't know, twothree hundred people. Yeah. I mean
that there is an elephant in theroom. Though the are terrible, have
no room to even breathe a commentlike that. The Packers have been a
perennial powerhouse for fifty years. TheLions have done dick. That's fine though,
but it's not about but it's notabout we're better than the Packers.

It's I mean, there's always beena rivalry there, I know, but
but that I love the rivalry becauseI'm in the same division with the Vikings,
but they just don't they got nothing. They're blowing wind out of their
ass. Well, look, we'rewe had a winning season for the first
time like ever. Let us ridethe high. Let us ride the high.
All right. You see the DetroitLions fans get all cocky now they're

like, yeah, fuck you guys. No, We're just trying to enjoy
the moment. It's like, asa Vikings fan, I can't say to
the Packers I own that ass becauseI haven't like because my but you could
still say fuck the Packers. Wellthat part, yeah, I mean,
but you got are losers. Andhe does need to work on his comebacks.

I mean, and you can tellhe's rattled. You can tell he's
rattled. Here what do you thinkis gonna happen? And Detroit lines and
today will not be the day thatI started. George is gonna put his
big old dick. This is thepodcast not absolutely came me first. All

right, Well, I didn't likethe whole So there's that that clip that
was pretty funny. The Packers andthe Lions are good right now, and
the Lion and the Packers didn't seemlike they were, and then all of
a sudden they won like five straightgames in the season. It's happens that
way. Sometimes we'll see if there'sa repeat. The line story was fun
though, but that it was funbecause it's an underdog story, not a

puffing your chest out because you gotto the playoffs. Right, That's all
I'm saying. Get that, andI went to the super Bowl would have
been really cool. That would havebeen dope, dope, dope, just
like the Packers. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there was another. I
believe the other team who kicked yourass is the super Bowl is also red

and cold. So I don't know. I guess maybe maybe it was just
like a conflict of color scheme.I'm not sure. This is always something
funny with a team that has notdone well for so long, is that
they will co opt another team's victoryeven after they've lost. All What else
do we have? What else dowe have? I mean, at least

our team doesn't choke every time weget to an important cave. That's that's
that's pretty hard. I've got five. I've got five. Very good.
You you don't have dick. Youcan tell you are very detroit. You
don't have Dick. That's funny,Marcus us super Bowls in the education,

Yeah he was. But when theylost to ROSERIESA, when he was very
very upset, I sent him atext because the Newes upset, like hey,
buddy, hope you're doing all right. And I think he wrote back.
I remember him saying, bro,I'm devastated right now. Yeah,
like he said the word devastated.Well, super Bowls, most of us,
he can tell you. They don'tcome every day. Yeah, it's
true. He's had an embarrassment ofriches. But you think you'd be used,

which is I think. I thinkwhat makes it worse is that every
team that you beat along the wayalso now becomes somebody with something to talk
about, of course, and thatis like, That's what I've been dealing
with in the aftermath of the SuperBowl. Once I got over it,
and I'm like, okay, readingnews about my team now and I'm in
the off season. I want toknow who's getting drafted where, and I'm
back into it, and then outof nowhere, a fan from a team

that doesn't matter, that wasn't relevantin February will come out of the left
field and be like, hey,you guys, remember when the Chiefs beat
you. You are a Cowboys fan, Shut the fuck up. Nobody wants
to hear from it gets so overbearing. That is that one thing we can
all agree on, sorry, isthat nobody wants to hear from the Dallas
Cowboys. I think so. Ithink so. They brought Zeke absolutely absolutely

speaking of the super Bowl. Sorry, Tanner, it's all good. We're
speaking of the super Bowl. Welearned last year that the Super Bowls commercials
were the most expensive to date andthey sold out quick. Yeah. I
think it's going to happen again becausenext year super Bowl will air on Fox.
Uh and those commercials are selling thirtyseconds. Seven million dollars for thirty
seconds. That was six point somethinglast year. I think it was seven

last year. I don't know,have to prove, yeah, but maybe
not. It may feel yeah,I know, right, seven million dollars.
I would imagine that some spots you'regonna be like seven and a half,
you know, some of this pepsispots well, and especially and that's
for a thirty So if you gosixty on, oh dude, yeahn seven
million for sixty I'm sorry, sevenmillion for thirty seconds on Super Bowl,

which is, what's the next one? Fifty fifty five, maybe fifty deep,
I don't even know a number onsure, it's it's above fifty.
We're in a deep op season modehere at this point. This is as
far away from the Bowl as mybrain gets. Yeah, seven million dollars
for thirty seconds, what super Bowl'scoming up? But apparently, tell you
what, a guy in college thatyou've never heard of runs in a forty

Apparently that is just slightly higher thanthe last year's commercials for that they aired
on CBS, which was viewed bymore than one hundred and twenty three million
people. Wow, it'd be smartof him to be like, hey,
you can get in now for thisprice because it's going to be this much
later. You know, like youcould do the pre sell on a Dorito's
commercial. And I'm sure there's allkinds of finaggling that goes into it.

But I imagine if you work atDorito's, you got laid off in the
last year, and then you findout they're paid seven million dollars, That's
what I'm saying. Like that isbrutal. It's like you're telling me you
didn't have the money. And like, do you really need the advertising?
I think people are going to buyDoritos regardless if if they run during the
Super Bowl or not. You cancool ranch or not cho cheese. You
don't see the super Bowl, ofcourse. And they even got so bold

a couple of years ago, rememberwhen they didn't even put the name of
the company on the ad. Theyjust like did like colors and shapes and
they're like, you already know whatwe're talking about. Yeah, it's like
you don't need the promo now,yeah, you know, so stop buying
it. Yeah. I feel likethat most of the advertisers who buy advertising
on the Super Bowl don't need it. Like we know of Coca Cola.
We know if you can afford asuper Bowl commercial, you don't need the

press. Yeah. I'm surprised thatBud Heavy like there must drink that like
in the Midwest and maybe the South? Is it? Do people still crush
but Heavy? Your ex the mulletX Yeah, he used to drink butt
heavies. Huh huh. Yeah.I feel like, I mean, I
liked a group of like hipsters.I will say, well, if he's
doing it to be ironic, Idon't love it. But there is a
tip of the cap to an oldschool like cowboys styling. You've got a

you know, a bunch of fadedBudweiser cans on the ground because those are
intense though, those like Budweiser's wholeheartedflavor. I cannot do it just a
regular, but I mean, ifthere's nothing else, I will. I'm
not a maniac. Well, you'reright. It's tough though, because bud
Light and Cores Light. The reasonthey're the number one and two selling beers
in America is because exactly what youjust said. Budweiser is a lot,

Cores Original is a lot. Yeah. The lights are easier to drink,
and they're like water, so Ican drink a lot of them. You
can crush them socially, Yeah,yeah, for sure. Not the two
beer maximum isn't always created equal.No, certainly not get an oatmeal beer
versus a Cores Light. You've gotone guy who's still pitching a thousand.

I've heard to drink my beer,not eat it. I know it's so
far away, and you guys haven'teven thought about it really because this is
you know, not the time tobe thinking about it. But do you
think it's gonna be another repeat KansasCity Chiefs again in the Super Bowl.
I really hope not Like I wassick of the Chiefs this year, I'm
I'm beyond over them next year.Yeah, I heard the Vikings are going
to make a run with their newquarterback. I hope they do. For

your for your throw good good partiesalong the way. I always get trumped
on the whole Super Bowl party.But like NFC Championship game, I can
throw a great party, but myteam's got to be in. And Marcus,
I mean, I'd love for yourteam to win, but your team
just they were just there, SoI don't I don't want to see them
another game. You're there all thetime, bro, I mean, And

he hates hearing that, I know, but I don't want to hearing it
because the windows closing. Like it'svery possible that last year was the best
we're gonna get because it's all theseplayers that we've gotten lucky and drafted and
found are starting to cost a shiploadof money. Yeah, we can't get
We just there's a salary cap,so you're gonna start to lose some of

these pieces. And but I willtell you right now, like it or
not, we're a top five teamgoing into next year. Regard reason with
him too, It's not I'm I'mpipe dreaming over here. He's actually on
paper. I feel the same wayabout my team, where it's like,
to be honest, I mean,we were good, but like I'm still

a Lions fan. There's still theLions, you know what I mean?
Like, when is our luck goingto run out? Or are they or
are they genuinely that good of ateam that we could do it again this
year. What you guys didn't see, people is when we were playing that
clip, Laura was also screaming,fuck the Packers. But she ride in
Unison. But with teams like thePackers and the Vikings and now the Bears
keep getting the first overall pick,it's not a tough team. It's not

an easy division to come out of. So the fact that they won it
last year, I was like,Oh, this is it, this is
the momentum. And then in thesecond half they actually went to the fifty
yard line and took a massive dumpin front of all of America. That
was one of the most painful thingsI've had. It was brutal. It's
so bad. Well, let's let'snot relive the NFL postseason, because I

think it was hard on a lotof us. So let's talk about going
forward. Because she never got totalk about I didn't get to talk to
you guys about the draft. Iknow, you know obviously happened last week
after I was done doing the podcastwith you. But I feel like I'm
kind of in the minority here,and Drew, you can tell me what
you think. I think Caleb Williamsis not the dude for the Chicago Bears.

I think the Chicago Bears are cursedwhen it comes to drafting quarterbacks.
And I heard a guy say theother day that it was like if Prince
played the position. And I don'tthink that that personality is fit to be
a quarterback in the NFL. Themost successful Look at Tom Brady. You
looked at him on the sideline yellingat his players, and you're like,

that guy's probably an asshole. No, he's the greatest of all time.
That's what you have to do.You have to lead a team. And
I don't think Caleb Williams has it. I'm thinking it's Bear or it's Sorry
Vikings and Lions at the top ofthat division, going forward for the next
decade. I think the Chicago Bearsare cursed and nobody cares about the other
team in that day vision. JordanLove and the Packers, I'd like to
forget them. But there he's prettygood. Yeah, I mean, because,

like you said earlier, Drew Likeat the beginning of the season,
it was like Packer another shit team. But then like towards the end,
when they started winning, I waslike, damn, this is gonna be
a struggle bus because he's not gonnaget Jordan Love's not gonna get any worse
probably, you know. Yeah,And there are great quarterbacks there. Now.
It's funny that the Vikings took McCarthyat nine, and then at eleven

the Ducks quarterback bow Knicks went andas a duck Homer, I thought it
would be cool for him, thewinningest and most effective quarterback in the history
of college football and a duck toplay for my team. Then they came
out with the draft grades. TheBroncos got the lowest scoring draft grade on
this breakdown sports Writers of any team, and the entire mission statement was,

how could he possibly take that guyat number eleven? And so bow Nicks
The thing I kind of was secretlybegging for gave them an F grade for
taking him that high, and thatwas two spots after ours, and we
got an A for taking the guyfrom Michigan. So we'll see it all
come out on or out on thefield. It's all on paper now and
doesn't matter. Yeah. That isa very interesting point though, because when

I saw McCarthy go, I sawa quarterback that got drafted higher than the
winning than the the guy that's playedthe most games in college of all time.
I saw him go to a teamthat wants him to throw the ball,
and he went from a Jim Harbaughcoached Michigan team. I don't think
he threw the ball more than twentytwo times all season last year, and
when he did, he was like, Okay, Jim Harbaugh is the king

of the running game. He's threeyards in a cloud of dust. He
pounded up the middle. He doesnot throw the ball. And that worries
me for you, Drew, becauseyour team throws the ball. You've got
the best receiver on the field.We've got the best receiving NFL. Yeah,
what do you feel about McCarthy?Are you trepidacious at all? Are
you, because I think Nicks witha guy like Sean Payton in Denver,

bo Nix is gonna have a greatcareer if he can stay in Denver for
a few years and learn under SeanPayton. Your coach is a lot the
same with quarterbacks. He's a bitof a wizard. Can he pull off
a miracle with McCarthy? I hopeso. I mean, it was one
of those things where they said theywent to the draft combine and everyone was
asking him what quarterback he wanted,and he kept mumbling McCarthy under his breath,

like I kind of like this kid, McCarthy, but he didn't want
to hype him because he didn't wantsomeone else to take him. It's who
he thinks is the guy. Butbo Nix is just too nice. I've
had too many nice guy quarterbacks inmy life. Kirk Cousins is the perfect
example. You have to be willingto go and cut the head off a
horse and stand and watch it bleed. That sounds terrible and it's gross,
but you have to have a killerinstinct and some I don't have that death

defying fire that would make you thebest quarterback ever, but someone does.
I couldn't kill that horn, andbased on Caleb Williams crying in the stands
at Autson Stadium after his loss there, I don't think he's got it either,
which is why I think the Bearsare doomed. What Marcus has said
it is the number one pick.At least if you're if it doesn't work
out for you with McCarthy, atleast you know it's definitely not gonna work

out for the Bear fair enough,which is which is wild because how much
how much money are they sinking intothat new stadium five billion dollars bion and
they're gonna they're gonna put a roofin Chicago. Well, we got to
keep an eye on that guy,because, uh, that's it's a declaration,
right. Marcus said that May firstof twenty twenty four that the number
one pick is trash. It's gonnabe Marcus Russell written in stone. We

will done. We will see ifMarcus turns out to be right or not.
A lot of people who get hypedup so much in college and get
held at a professional level where you'rejust pampered, you lack that that drive,
Yeah, that whole get some dirton your lips. I feel like
that's one of the things that,like, you know, like Tom Brady
didn't go in there being the best. Yeah, it's like a fifthe nobody
really kind of knew who he wasand he had to work for it,

And I feel like, yeah,I feel there's a lot to say to
that. He definitely looked like somebody'sdad in training when he got drafted.
He found away, dude, theytook they took that picture of him with
his shirt off and he looks likea gummy bear. Yeah, but I
mean, who's who's getting that criticismnow the both quarterbook. Yeah, Patrick
mahomes dad, Bob Mahomes. True, sometimes a little doe helps you throw.

Speaking of dad's babies. Take partin the Crying Baby festival in Japan.
That sounds terrible, And the videothat I saw looked like it was
like sumo wrestlers, right, Sotwo Suma wrestlers would be there, but
each Suma wrestler would be holding ababy and they would just like shake the
baby at one another, shake thebaby. It cries. Sounds like a

great sport. Yeah, it's inTokyo. Parents willingly handing their babies to
suma wrestlers while ring assistants try tomake them cry. The Nakizumo Crying Baby
Festival is an annual event that cantrace its roots back four hundred years.
It takes place at the Sensoji Templein Tokyo, Japan. Eager parents allow

their children to be held by sumowrestlers while ring assistants do their best to
get the little ones to cry.Are these children yelling at kids? What
are you doing to make them cry? Parents? Care? Photos? Oh
my god, what it's all comingto. It's so strange. See,

I think Millie would lose at this. She's a monk, like you can
underdo someone. She's just all so. She's like, yeah, try me.
She's just chilling always. That's likeI gotta see video because the video
I saw, I couldn't see anotherperson there trying to make the baby cry,
and just I just had this imageof them shaking the living daylights out
of them. Sometimes you don't haveto make a baby cry, though,
you know you see those pictures ofI mean, kids hate the Easter Bunny

and they just hand ye true,the kid up bunny will walk in the
room and and that's it. Theyjust start crying automatically. I'm sure sumo
wrestler hasn't similar effect. Yeah,here's video of it, like babies crying
in restaurants. This is from insideedition by This isn't the event. He
likes stuff? Yeah, who likesbabies crying? What is it? Who
is enjoying this event? I lovethe sound of a distressed child, and

nobody, even the ones who careabout them that are like, oh yes,
cry time. Yeah. I lovethat. The Naki Zumo Crying Baby
Festival is an annual event that cancarry that. I want to know,
like how, oh, I seehow he does it? Okay, here
he goes he wants to cry.Jesus, he's just holding a baby out

yelling at it. So he's heputs on a He kind of comes around
the corner and he puts a maskon and gets r and scares the baby
like a scary mask. It's veryunnecessary. Are these baby ahumatized? Possibly?
Did these parents care? No?Nah, they're too busy taking photos.

Traditionally all of this was done.That's a blessing for the Japan's a
blessing. Japan is a weird playman. It's a beautiful place. I'm
looking forward to going someday. Butthey do some weird shit all right,
panties and venting machines. I it'sbrilliant marketing. Laura likes it, but
that's weird for most people. Yeah, yeah, we're gonna bless someone.
We'll just dunk dude. We'll dunka baby in a pool of water,

like a real da that's true.Yeah, I mean I can't see this
video and so I'm I think I'mhaving a little bit too much fun with
this. But can we all justimagine in ten years and there's a generation
of deaf Japanese people that have beentraumatized as as very young kids, Like,
what's the country gonna come to?They're screaming at infants they don't have

ear protection on or anything like that. Isn't that really bad for you know?
They send them to school for sixdays a week immediately after this,
So I think they're gonna be okaytime because we talked like baby's dars and
they're on and they're like toughing themup like at like six months. So
don't they live for forever? Theydo well, they're healthier, for sure,
they eat better. Yeah, culturallythat food is just healthier. Like

they're old. They're eighty year oldpeople look like fifty year old people.
I mean they are in great shipand they're smaller people, which makes it
definitely Yeah, But is it likeanything else, like also culturally yeah,
Oh sorry, Drew, I wasjust gonna say culturally, they they're elders
a lot of times moved back inwith their adult childrenrue and there's a lot

of I don't know how scientific thesestudies are, but there's a lot of
thought process that goes along with hey, that helps elongate your life when you're
not lonely living in a nursing homewhere nobody comes to see you. You're
living with your kids and you're youknow, they're taking care of you hands
on each day. So I thinkthat there's some things Japan does right.

I'm sure I live in America becausemore fucking way my mom's coming to live
with me. No, And Ilove her, but no way are you
waiting on her hand and foot.I will say this though, because we
had a glimpse into this lifestyle whenwe first moved back here. I hadn't
bought a house in Portland yet,and so we lived at my parents' house
when I had a four month oldbaby. So this is the exact same
life. Lucy was potty trained byeighteen months. She's I mean, I

don't think that she's where she ison accident. Part of it is keeps
the older people young and it makesyou learn all the time, and your
social interaction is next to none.I mean, I don't want my mom
in my house when I wake up, but if they want to come over
and like, you know, dosome of that cozone, sign me up.
Yeah. I think it takes avillage. Yeah, yeah, I'm

a more exposure I feel like isgood for the kid. You know,
social exposure is good. Do youthink that yelling is like how you like,
you don't have a quiet house ifyou don't want to always be quiet
like a baby. We just talkin normal volume. We leave the music
up when they're sleeping or whatever duringthe day so that they're not used to
it. Is it's probably the samething with the yelling and all that.

Like they're very stoic because that's we'reshitting on it because it does look nasty.
But maybe they maybe they're onto somepoint somewhere in it. I mean,
because they're the nation's you know,it's so clean there. I just
like to think they're not just screamingfor the sake of did you see him?
They're smart. Now. I understanddepression runs really high there because I
think that's studied and yelling children,right, But yeah, and train and

sumo wrestling and other martial arts.But it's definitely not a perfect model because
there are times in certain cultures you'relike, there could be more smiling.
Yeah, so I get, yeah, like you maybe loosen up a little
bit with like, uh, justsome of the family stuff, you know,
like like especially if someone in yourfamily does something, that doesn't mean
you need to be shamed for ittoo. Yeah exactly, because like it's
like, like I remember there's atoy it was a toy ceo or something.

The business was hurting. I don'tremember exactly what happened, but he
ended up just shamed the family,and so he jumped right out of the
the window of his office. Yeah, yeah, because it was the shame
is worse than death. Yeah,so maybe they could just chill on that,
because, yeah, everybody's gonna workin progress. I have a lot
of idiots in my family, andif that were the case here i'd be.
I'd be just as in family.Oh God, you make them,

You make them cry when they're babies, so they don't cry when they're adults,
and just bottle it up until theyjump out a third story win.
It is something never feel again.It's the same thing with dogs, though.
I used to bring Cooper into thestudio every day for like six months
when he was first. He wasjust a puppy and he was so used
to sound drew and yelling at eachother, the music being cranked up.
That guy, my dog doesn't careabout fireworks. He doesn't care about me

playing the drums. Can handle it. He big sounds aren't a big There's
something to be said about That's whatI mean. You skin kid skins their
knee and I know they're not hurt. We're getting right up because if you
lay there and I want to whinewith you, we're gonna do that forever.
Well, isn't a lot of thetimes the kids see the reaction of
the parents and that's why they they'rescared. Yeah, they're like, the

look on my mom's face is somethingbad just happened, So I'm gonna freak
out now. My dad takes itto a level because our generation understands.
They don't. It's like the femurcould be broken and he's like up up,
no, no, no, no, this is an injury. Lay
them down. But you can't haveit all. Yeah, all right,
I think that's going to do itfor us. We didn't have a lot
today, and there's a lot todo off the air, behind the scenes.

This morning we gave plenty. Wegave you it all. Oh,
we had all of our do nothingworried about it. I can't tell here.
I do know that we have baconand beer. The next bacon and
beer booked. We know what dayit's happening, where it's happening, and
what town is happening. We willmake that announcement soon, hoping to have

buster ass Marcus out of the baconand beer soon bing bom or not.
Fine. I knew you were goingto ask, so I'm like, I'm
thinking that I can try. Butthat's all I can give you right now.
This might have anything away. Thiscould be an easier ride. Yeah.
And then after that bacon and beer, we have an even bigger bacon

and beer announcement. So the baconand beers are going to be dope the
rest of the year. Keep listeningbecause we got some big, big announcement.
We're changing it to ba acos andbeer. It's cheaper to buy in
bulk. Let's see bacon and beer. Tomorrow. Another pair of Rolling Stones
tickets. They're going to be ata line or sorry at Lumenfield in Seattle,
coming up in two weeks on thefifteenth, and you could be there.

So tomorrow it's seven thirty, we'llhave some tickets. Yeah. What
else? Oh, Aery Spears isgoing to be in studio on Friday.
Okay, nice? I want tohear some impressions of rappers. Yeah,
maybe he can give us the skinnyon the Drake thing. Yeah, Drake
and what Kendrick Lamar they're beefing rightnow, which I couldn't care less about
Mark Hendrick who yes, Ay Spearsis Yeah, No, it's just coming

by to see you feel like hewas just here. It was I feel
like a year ago. I don'teven think it was a year. I've
been here too long. It's mushing. I know, it's all mushing together.
Well, we'll have him in thestudio on Friday. What else,
Marcus, you have anything you wantto share before we go. Uh,
just my undying love and support foryou guys and what you do. Great

job out there, you know.I'll watched the videos online. I see
the spy. Can you guys lookgreat. You're doing a great job.
And I don't tell that to youenough. It's very sweet. Yeah.
I felt a sense of sarcasm andall that. I feel like we paid
for a cameo. Right, Ineed to say you didn't mean any of
it. We'll mend you that hundredbucks. Yeah, yeah, he's down
to fifty. It's to well,we appreciate it, all right, We

will see tomorrow terminated. You've beenlistening to Tanner, Drew and Laura's Donkey
Show, heard daily at one ohfive nine that brew dot com. May
God have mercy on all of oursouls.
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