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May 8, 2024 31 mins
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Let me know when you're ready.I bet that's a good start. This
is Tanner, Drew and Laura's DonkeyShow, Donkey Show. What's Up,
kiddos. Thanks for checking out Tanner, Joe and Laura's Donkey Show pod casto
heard online one five nine to brewdot com, the iHeartRadio app, or
wherever you listen to podcasts. Yeah, buster as Marcus is with us this

morning. What up, bro?What's up? Thanks for having me.
Happy Wednesday to you and yours.Marcus. Laura's leaving for Iceland on Sunday.
Uh, do you have any plansthis weekend? Marcus? Uh?
No, you know the the wife'sgot some plans with one of her friends.
And I'm seeing sunshine out the windowright now. So my guess is

some combination of yard work, golfand beer. Nice, but I don't
know that order. It might bebeer beer golf, yardwork, beer,
beer, golf golf. I knowMarcus golf will be first to find Marus
and with his he'll get up earlyand go golfing first. Well with his
wife away. The world is reallyyour oyster, like, I feel like
there's two kinds of golf. There'sgolf on a on a time frame,

because no matter how cool your wifeat four hours, you're on the meter
for anything beyond that. And whenyour wife is gone, you play at
a different speed and a different relaxYou drink more, you chill more.
I mean, there's it's just adifferent game. Eat more. It is,
man, its masturbate on the couch. Why we'll have But yeah,

that was just the golf bart allthe other stuff you're talking about that you
can do that too, Yeah,pizza. I have actually more than one
Glizzy at the turn, Like I'llprobably down two or three Glizzies at the
turn. And the other thing Ido on these days in what Drew's talking
about this totally plays to it.I plan to go out and play golf
at a course called diamond Woods,which is where Ashley and I got married.

Yeah, And the problem is ondays when she's gone and I go
play that course, there's another littlepar par three course, eighteen holes between
that course in my house. Ihave to drive right by it. And
almost every time that she's been goneand I've played out at diamond Woods,
I stop at Fiddler's Green and playa second eighteen on the way home.
Because it only takes like an hourto get through that course. So I'll

probably get at least thirty six holesin at least one day this weekend,
and it might be more than that. So just glory to God in the
highest right now. I don't knowwhy I'm feeling religious about this, but
I am worth this praise big,Okay. I mean it's the first nice,
real nice weekend, I mean hotweekend. I should say a few
so enjoy it. So many peopleare going to be complaining. We've been
complaining about the rain for a coupleof weeks. Now now it's just going

to be it's too hot, andI get people are like, I just
went from too cold too hot.I'll be quiet. We definitely flip like
a black and white change. Though. Yesterday one of the worst days I've
ever stood at pickup to pick upmy kids, and today you could do
it in shorts and flop. Wasit as windy as it was on your
side of town? It was sofreak and windy on my side of town.
It was like this wind came outof nowhere and brought that hail,

and the hail the kind of rainthat makes you feel like you're in the
shower within a minute. Yeah,and yeah, it was. I was
watching people who were trying to dothe I'm from Oregon, don't be a
bitch. I watched them run fortheir lives one minute after they said that.
And then just in two days it'sgonna be almost ninety degrees. It's
wild that we can have that inthe same week. Yes, I mean,

I guess maybe it's just like livingin Colorado that is like snow and
suns. Yeah, it's like snowone day and the next day it's seventy
five. And I'm just like,Oh, that's just the way weather works,
you know. So I'm like,maybe I'm less, I'm more acclimated
to the swings and well it feelslike oz we've been in the last week
or so, because it'll the sunwill come through and it'll be like this

brilliant rainbow and then all of asudden, mortor will pop open. It's
like the wicked Witch of the Westweather. It just is, it's been
off the chain. I do feela little bad for Laura because she's going
to Iceland on Sunday and she's excited. She's never been there before. You
know it. It's nice today andtomorrow, and you know, it's supposed
to be nice all next week andshe's going to be in shit rain in

Iceland, like high of fifty insome money, yeah, which I knew
going into it. So it's notlike I was hoping for great weather.
Even in the summertime, it doesn'tget that warm in Iceland. It is
kind of like, oh, really, it's gonna be nice here. Yeah,
you almost wish, you wish itwas just pissy here. Yeah,
right, that is what I washoping for. I was like, well,

I mean, at least I'm goingfrom crappy rain to crappy rain.
But no, it's gonna beautiful.Only the only thing I'm glad for is
that I'm not leaving till Sunday afternoon, so I can still enjoy nice weather
Friday Saturday, you know, soit'll be okay. I mean, it
would feel better if we were gettingso much rain that we end up with
swimmers here and you're off in theLa la land you guys, later we're

going to get a sunburn instead.Are you traveling all the way out there
by yourself? Are you going withlike family or what's what's the stitch?
I'm meeting a friend there. She'sflying out from Detroit. But I have
a direct from PDX. I'm notso sure that's a real story. I
think she's trafficking drugs, that's myguess. Yet this she's pretty convincing though,
So when they do start to checkyour waistband, give them this story.

Just like you get I got aMatri's pocket, I don't need to
whoa. I don't even get enoughproduct there, or can you there's a
kilo in the squishy mitten squishyt.I was actually looking up because I was
thinking, like, you know,Amsterdam and like some other other European areas
are kind of like more loose withthe drugs. I was looking it up
Iceland. Now weed not legal,I mean people still like smoke it and

whatever, but freaking end up likeBritney Griner could be. I'm not going
to try to sneak my vap penover there. I'm not a completely dumb
duve. What are the rules carefulyou call it dumbdes what are the rules
about weed? And I don't know. I think it's probably like maybe frowned
palm, like maybe don't be solet's find out the punishment, because would

have to be on the on thebag. But I mean, I'm sure,
I don't know. It seems likeit would be a more lenient Northern
Lights. You're supposed to be stone. Yeah, I can't watch the sober
This super boring up here? Guys. What do we do talk about?
If you put like a like aweed shop right next to wheat? Yeah,

crazy could take some mushroom gummies.Guy's no worries. There's no worries
here, dude. I was sure. It's a small fine. Personally,
use is a small fine of upto five hundred dollars guaranteed. When they
say that it's a warning, that'snothing. I mean, get Northern Heights.
Why don't you just go get blazedin this place? No? Actually,

the question that I have is areyou going to buy both Tanner and
Drew an Iceland hockey jersey from Dtwo The Mighty Ducks, one of the
greatest Emilio Estevez movies ever made?If you see it, I want to
see it, because those jerseys areThose jerseys are sweet, and I mean
everybody's got a Ducks one. Ifyou could get that Iceland one and be

the villain Tanner Drew would you wearit. I had forgot this existed,
but that's you said hockey jersey.I'm thinking about it, and I'm not
absolutely not. No, I'm notspending money. I'd see it standing here
in the hockey jerseys and then thecameras turn on, like how did this
happen? Yeah? No, youguys are getting you guys are getting refrigerator,
magnets and keychains. As per usual, Laura puts no effort into her
gifts. I'm pretty sure. Imean they're souvenirs. It's they're supposed to

be dumb. Yeah. And Iwent to the Breaking Bad store in Albuquerque
for you guys. That's actually thatwas my favorite even and know when you
got me a giant condom, I'mlike, ah, this is impressive.
Yeah, I like. I likethe bottle openers. I like the magnets,
those are those are the ones Ilike the most. But that big
condom, it lives on in theproduction studio back here. If anyone needs

a one big enough for your forearm. In terms of phone and in terms
of drew, some people do.And uh, in terms of phoned and
gifts, you're the best at it. That's why I got you a card
for your birthday because you're impossible.I appreciate it. I used that.
Yeah, that's awesome, what margatsI. I don't remember who gave it
to you, but I remember howhappy you were when somebody gave you the

lost sand back. It was alistener, so durned the wrong island,
but it was the thought. Yeah, tell me that sand doesn't go island
island. And I still have it. I still have that dirt. Hell,
Yeah, that's a proud on a. I was highly illegal to bring
him that. You're not allowed totake that. Honestly, it's bad juju

to bring like rock. Maybe that'swhy I've had so much bad luck.
I still have that Hawaii dirt.Yeah, they block every little piece of
fruit you try and walk. Yeah, cursed Hawaii sand in my in my
house right now, tore it out. You're going to success is on the
way. But I still have thatsand and I'll keep it. I'll keep
it forever. Like you know,I got a it's it's with a couple
of other pieces that I'll keep forever. I have a piece of the Berlin

wall. Oh that's cool, andyou can see spray paint on it and
everything. My Grandpa was there whenit was torn down and he grabbed a
chunk that is a very cool souvenir. And so I have that, and
I've got a couple of other thingsthat, like, you know, family
heirlooms and stuff that I that I'mkeeping. Bring you guys, some fermented
shark has that sound? There?We go discussed it's a lot of fish,
and Iceland a lot of seafood,I would imagine, So I mean,

what else, because I mean thinkabout it. To have anything imported,
it's probably got to be so fuckingexpensive. Cause we did look at
this off the air. Laura andI looked up taco Bell in Iceland.
There is there's no McDonald's. Therewas and it closed, but there is
one Taco Bell. That's what Iwas going to look up to see where
it is. It's gotten and ifshe can, she's going to try to
shoot a video to show you whata Taco Bell in Iceland looks like,

Like what's on the menu, Yeah, and get a couple of items and
see if they're any good. Yeah, And if it's anything like McDonald's across
all the countries that I was luckyenough to go to, it's just a
distaste different, different, and green. I want to see her one close
to Reikievic, which I can definitelystop on. Okay, Yeah, Icelandic
Taco Bell sounds delicious. Yeah,I wonder how different, if at all?

What did you say? I'm sureit tastes different any Yeah, it's
got because you know, even inlike any McDonald's elsewhere is gonna taste different
than it doesn't. It might bemore like it than McDonald's because mayonnaise and
things like that. Because you know, taco meat, they might be able

to send the maybe some little differentseason on it or something. I would
think that they can, since it'sjust dust and water that you're making the
meat out of to send it.So maybe it's not. Yeah, but
they don't factory farm the out ofthem. That's the like Taco Belt,
Taco Bell is actually considered like alike a nutritional meal. They might have.

They might have, you know,different stipulations there where they don't allow
you to have our dog food meat. Yeah, I'm sure. Yeah,
maybe it's better. Yeah, thatwould be good. Maybe they're forced to
have better ingredients. Maybe it's likeI go to I go to Iceland and
all I eat is taco belt thewhole time. Yeah. We went basic
Taco night last night. And there'sa big difference between meat that's from eat

in the dust. Yeah. Yeah, stuff like like I when I was
a kid, I could eat thatall day long meat spackle then yeah,
but now you got to give methe real stuff. Yeah, gets spoiled
with the goods. When I wasa kid, I could do the instant
mashed potatoes. I could do theinstant you know, fucking tockle it up
again. Yeah right, but nowI'm like, uh, Back then,

I was like, oh this iscool, this is like magic. Yeah,
water boom, water done, watertaters. But they're good if you
got to go hiking or something,you can still do a mash sure.
Yeah. So what made you decideon Iceland? Is that just someplace you've
always wanted to go or is therelike something certain that you're going over there
to see. No, it's beentop of the bucket list for a long
time, just because I'm kind ofa basic bitch when it comes to like

waterfalls and hiking and like beautiful greeneryand scenery and that's your happy place.
Yeah. So and like there's hotsprings and it just it just seems like
a magical, mystical place. SoI was like, this year, I'm
going this is the year. Sohere we are. Well again. If
you want to see some photos fromLaura's Iceland trip, that's gonna start Sunday.

Follow us on Instagram at one offive nine the Brew, and on
Facebook and TikTok all of the things, because she will be sharing some stuff
for us. Yeah, I'm gonnabe annoying say that Taco Bell was in
reikievik okay, because the other onehas shuddered, so hopefully yours is still
open. Oh man, all right, I've got one shot to hit this
talk one opportunity. Do not misterchance to blow? Oh you might.

I don't know. Taco Bells inIceland might not give you the ships.
Yeah you we'll see. We'll seeeverything else that I eat the worst shits
you've ever had. Yeah, awhole new Iceland slide, I think.
But I think you can like drinkthe water there and stuff, which is
better than Mexican. Yeah, sowe what if it's all frozen, Like
what if they just hand you ameat popsicle? They're like, welcome to
Taco Bell in Iceland. Wait,for this to thaw or chasing the me.

We were supposed to talk about thisyesterday, so I apologized that we
didn't get to it. But wewere going to talk about the two conjoined
twins that that explain how their sexlife works. Now these aren't they conjoined
twins we talked about a few weeksago. No, but I got a
feeling. I got a feeling.This is why they're speaking out about it
now because people had so many questions. They saw the attention, they were
getting a star power. We cancapitalize on this. So if you missed

the story from a couple of weeksago, a couple maybe a couple of
months ago. Now, two conjoinedtwins got married. They're in their thirties
there. They are school teachers.They work together as a school teacher,
even though they only get one salary, and they got married, one of
them did, And so we weretrying to figure out how that works,
because you know, if they're ifthey're the same body but only ones married,

what's going on there sexually? What'sgoing on this? How does this
wakah logistically? How does it work? And we were thinking, we come
to the assumption that it's probably justfor legal purposes, that he's married to
just one of them and is probablyin real life married to them both,
like you know, just loves themas one person. Community Vagina screams that,

Yeah, but legally you can onlybe married to one person in this
country, so that's probably why.But regard that, it still doesn't take
away the sex stuff, like what'sgoing on there. Yeah, you can't
just like play asleep well in theway that they came out to like,
oh, she'll just be like,you know, reading a book or listening
watching YouTube. It's like you can'tbe getting hammered from one end and reading

The Prisoner of oz Uphon on theother end. It doesn't work like that.
You can't read a book light.Yeah. And the other question I
have here, I did not knowuntil just now that the the conjoined twins
were teachers. And I'm curious asto what grade because it's elementary kids.
It's elementary school, and from whatI think, it's elementary school. And
from what I understand, the kidsare are cool, are really cool and

understanding, and I think that's actuallyreally sad. I think that's probably good
for the kids to learn how tojust respect people. Tolerant, ye,
and be tolerant, right, andthat's and you know, and to be
to see something like that and tonot go uh, to grow up like
that, that's really good. Ithink. Yeah, And I mentioned great,
Oh, go ahead, it's great. But everybody has been around a
young child when they point at somebodythat's in a wheelchair, right, So

I just it's great. I hopethat the kids are doing well with it.
I'm guaranteeing you that the first daywas interesting, that's all I'm saying.
I'm sure it took some time forthe kids. I don't think it
was instantly. And I think thatthey've been pointed out and laughed out enough
times to where a little kid they'dhave to shuck it off, you know,
and be like, Okay, well, the kid's gonna get used to
me. It's like the first timeand I mentioned this when these ladies came

up the first time. First timeyour kids sees somebody who's got chemo and
their hair's all gone, they makea comment unless you skit in the way
of that happening. And they'd onlymake that comment once because they're made aware
of how truly inappropriate that is,you know, And if they're a good
kid at that point, you pivot. If not, you push that kid
down A well, yeah, that'sa solution. And you'd think like before

the first day there would be conversations. It's probably a yeah, probably,
you know, I would assume thatthe parents were warned and hopefully the parents
explained this to their kids. Sure, and I'm sure that I'm sure that
the twins are used to it,like, hold, they're gonna, they're
gonna they're gonna maybe vomit two orthree more times and then they'll get over

it. You only get to callus microwaveed legos three times and you're at
So these aren't the two conjoined twinswe discussed a couple of weeks ago.
These are two different twins and theirnames are Mia and Leah. Where are
we stuck together on this? Theyactually say that they are connected at the
abdomen, so two different brains,to hearts, fourish lungs uh or they

say are left and right lungs respectively, are kind of fused, so it's
more like a third lung than afourth. Two livers, two stomachs,
and then below that we share ourintestines, bladder, and our reproductive system.
Oh, so they do have insightinto the community style. So they
discussed how their sex life works.Because isn't one into women and the other

one is into From what I understand, they're not both into the same things.
That's pretty complicated. Let's see.Let's see. During a Reddit Ask
Me Anything, Mia and Leah respondedto questions about their sex lives, revealing
intimate details, including that they nolonger masturbate because it's quote too uncomfortable for

them. It's got to be weird, like because your brains. It's so
strange that the two brains are attachedto the same zapper, you know.
So it's like just weird, likeone story really into it, and so
the things doing something that wouldn't doif you were at the level you're at
right now. Yeah, it's almostlike a forced I almost don't even care

that it's strange. I need toget mine for scasm. Well, we
got to do this, you know, honestly, i'd be if you just
go ahead and fiddle that thing away, flick that being. Don't mean to
be like nitpicky here, but technicallythey'd masturbated to the true definition of the
word. That's never happened because thereare two of them. Explain, and
that's one. If you use onehand, one hand, one one not

alone, it's mutual masturbation. Atbest, you're still not alone. I
disagree. I think one genital meansone one one being one one one.
Your genitals aren't where you're where yourbeing sits, though your being sits in
your head. The guitarist Marcus,don't you know where it's at? He's

like, I'm still looking for thisyear, so I should find it sometimes.
What do you call Laura little manin the boat? Find the little
guy in the boat. I thoughtto be a little guy in a barrel.
I feel like that would be better. I don't know if you call
it whatever you want. I'm goingwith Beryl. Like a tiny penis going
off a waterfall, the very smallestthat is. That is your guys,

little weenie that did never materialize up. See all you guys have a clitorist.
Though it's just over. You guysare breaking the subject. This is
two people masturbating with one bean.And it's not I'm saying it's masturbation.
It's one person. It's so theysay, yes, it's this. They
have one vagina we weach have Daneeach have one arm and a leg that

we can control, respectively. Thetwins then went on to explain how their
bodies were formed and who held thegreater strengths. The post reads, Leah's
lungs have been compressed by my body, and on top of that, she
has severe scoliosis in her spine.Oh man, so they're fighting a pill
revealing revealing it was me doing thewriting. The sisters opened up about their

sexualities before inviting a slew of questionsfrom curious strangers. She says, quote,
yes, I'm a lesbian and Leahis straight. I've had a girlfriend,
although we split it off when Iwent to university. Uh, and
she has a long distance boyfriend whenwe were She had a long distance boyfriend
when we were teens. The sistersthen pointed out that they were sharing their

lives online so that people could askthem questions instead of bothering other conjoined twins
who hadn't given them permission to doso. The first topic that came up
was masturbation, which just the twinsdid describe, like I said, is
uncomfortable when one they're not alone.When one of the users asked how often
the sisters resorted resorted to self pleasure. They were quick to shut it down.
The sisters replied, quote, wehave mastered. We have masturbated in

the past, but we've agreed notto do it because it was way too
uncomfortable for us. And when they'reinto different things, they say, totally
get it. They say it feltlike incest to them. Yeah, and
I could see it. I cansee that being a thing. And that's
what I wondered about this other couple, Like, you have to kind of
ignore the fact that right there,there is this intuition not to do these

things, like it's just like bredinto you. Like, no, that's
your sister, that's gross, butthat's my genitalia. Uh, they say,
they say it's pretty annoying. Forexample, with masturbation. Quote with
masturbation, it wasn't that. Uh. With one of them, it wasn't
that it felt like incest. Itwas more like, imagine this. Imagine

someone touching your shoulder incessantly. Itwould be pretty annoying and weird. Right,
that's what That's what it's like.If Leah touches our vagina, it
feels like someone's messing around with yourbody. Oh, so you're not having
a sexual experience. So like whatone person's feeling, well they're turned on.
The other person isn't necessarily feeling Imade it feel almost like assault,

where it's like that's mine and Idon't want you to touch it. That
makes sense. I think an easyway to explain it would be in the
male world if somebody was pulling ona limp wini and you're like, I'm
not I'm not not doing I'm notthere. Whoa, whoa, whoa,
stop touching it. That's the onlyway I can get it. That's the
only way I can get it.There. You got to pull on it,
yeah, flick at it with somethingelse you got to do on the
arousal. Does anybody else have likeinnocent questions about this though? Because my

mind, yeah, the sex stuffis very interesting. But like you said
that, they run like one ofthem runs the right hand in the right
leg, the other one runs theleft hand and the left leg. Like
if Mia runs the right hand andLee is being a bitch, does Mia
ever just haul off and punch herother head like is probably? These are
the things I want to ask.Have you ever tripped each other while walking
and suffered the exact same thing.I'm curious about that because people everyone's got

difference of opinion and it likes anddislikes, and what happens when they're arguing
with each other. I mean,there's no going away, there's no slamming
a door in their face, likethey're they're just they're right there. You
can never get away from them.Oh yeah, it's like, you know,
if you're you're let's say you're notthe one with scoliosis, do you
ever walk too close to a doorwhen you're going through it and just smoke

the other head off? I'm surebecause you're mad. Sure, and they
bomb. Sure, especially when one'sa little more gamy than the other.
You know, it's like, comeon, let's get going double time.
The sisters said, quote on thearousal part, sort of arousal is comp
is a complex home rnle Well,we don't need this, are they explaining
this to us? Arousal Arousal isa complex hormonal communication between the brain and

the genitals. So if you aren'tthe one that's getting aroused, you can
kind of tell your genitals are arousedwithout being aroused yourself. It's the same
for other things like I can tellI can tell when she's hungry even when
I'm not hungry, or when she'sanxious because her heart rate is up and
mine isn't. Interesting. Wow,you're very in touch with each other's feelings

and even physical being, so likeyou know how sometimes an emotion can change
your physical being. That like theycan feel each other do that. Yeah,
and they can't even Mockarina without aconversation ahead of time, like,
no, that's not the mood.Despite having individual sexual orientations, the sister
made an early decision to abstain fromsex due to the potential complications of pregnancy.

Curious minds didn't stop there, though, of course it's read it with
one person probing quote, so doyou have to have a discussion if you
plan to have anything physical happen witha partner? Good question. The conjoined
twins shared their personal boundaries, stating, quote, well, that's the thing.
While both me and my sister havesexual urges and both experience arousal,
we agreed from an early early ajohn that we would not have sex and

as it would be as it wouldbe one very uncomfortable for both of us,
and two the risk of pregnancy istoo great. If we got pregnance,
there's a good chance we could die. So they just don't have sex
at all. It sounds like theyabstain, and I wonder how common that
is with conjoined twins, because thatdoes make sense, right. They were
also kind of living in La Laland with the Oh, I had a
girlfriend before I left for university.Oh, and she has a long distance

boyfriend. That's called it pen pal, right, And that's what happens when
you don't you can't be seeing eachother. One of them says, However,
we still, we still want tobe intimate with our partners. I
would kiss and hug and cuddle withmy girlfriend, okay. Oh and the
girlfriend's like so, but she wasa sexual apparently, Oh kah, Well
that's what you need. That makesit. And you know there is somebody
for everyone out there, and maybesomeone who is a sexual would be the

move, because that's absolutely a thing. I mean, it's not as common
as you know people who are notasexual, but that that is certainly something.
But they also say this no sexrule includes all forms of sex.
So no blowies, no rusty trumpets, no nothing, no butt stuff,
no butt stuff, man, thatsounds like wife rules bullery. So there

you go. If you were interested, those are just, you know,
a few of the answers. Istill have more questions, yeah, about
butt stuff, particularly always about buttstuff. Like Marcus, I know you
probably have more questions, right,absolutely the thing when you talk about butt
stuff. All right, let's journeydown this path. What is the airlock
situation here? You said that oneof their lungs is kind of combined if

right holds their breath and left reallyneeds to breathe. Are we looking at
it like a diesel truck airlocking ona on a hill and all of a
sudden we can't get fuel where itneeds to be. Like, I want
to know all of it. Iwant to know if one of you eats
taco bell that's been sitting out forfour days, does the other one get
to vomit? Like where does itcome together? And the sex stuff again,

that's very interesting, But there's alot of other organs here. I
have ibs. Does does her butthurt when I have to ship? But
I think yeah, But I thinkbecause they have two different stomachs. Think
I was going to say you'd bothhave ibs, But like if you had
an upset stomach. Only one mightvomit, but they would feel the poop
and if they have the colons connected, you'd probably get a little mcdrips on
the other side. What a weirdI bet you the lungs are because it's

an involuntary action. Unlike a voluntaryaction, the lungs probably figured out a
way to inflate and deflate on theirown as a team, like as a
combination pack. Yeah. But everythingthat happens from the colon, from the
intestines down, that is. Imean, you think about what your what

your button, your gut does basedon what you eat day to day.
The older you get, it's moreof a venture. That's some pretty wild
shit. I wouldn't put that onsomeone else. And it's just a lot.
Yeah, it really is. AndI that's like, are we giving
Kenny g a run for our money? Because these two can probably circular breathe
like nobody's a horn instrument. Forsure. I could see him in a

cirk show. Yeah, it's it'sinteresting. I have still more questions.
If they do another REDDD ask meanything, maybe I'll jump in there and
oh yeah, I start asking.It is so interesting. Yeah, heez.
But also for them, it's like, oh, how do you do
this? How do you do that? That's all they've ever known. So
for them, this is just normal, Like why do you guys even why
do you guys even care? Igot to turn a profit on this.

They should be doing this stuff forI mean, people are so enamored by
it. You could make money,do another show. I mean if if
the other twins don't want to doit, yeah, they're looking in another
family. Yeah, they're looking forthe next family to destroy. If we're
not cutting you out of a house, you don't get a show unless you're
conjoined. So this is yours,your opportunity. There's so many questions that

just keep like, I'm just lookingaround the room. What's it like to
go swimming? You know? Howdo you feel one of them heads kind
of bob like halfway underwater? Andyou gotta be careful. Do you have
two computer monitors or do you havefour? Because I'm one head sitting in
front of two right now, Butif I had a head on the right
and the left, I'd need twomore monitors to do all my shit,

like I am. They probably areone of those Samsung wide angless so they
can see them both. You gotto just you have to. There's so
many different things that it would complicate, you know, Like I think about
sitting in a vehicle or sitting ona plane. Those are not built for
two people to smash into together.And you have like a second Torso what

do you do when you have tofly someplace? Do you have to buy
a second ticket? Probably don't fly, you don't swim. I bet you
they have to buy I bet youthey have to buy two tickets. But
I bet no, no, becauseif they only have one ass one seat,
but they're, like Marcus said,they've got those two torsos. You
need the room. And because thereare two people, I wouldn't be surprised

if the airline makes if a morbidlyobese person is now allowed to book two
seats for the price of one,then these people, dude, wouldn't you
love? Maybe maybe that's the case, but I still think they would have
to get two seats. But can'tyou see it on the show Airline,
How quick that airline would have toabout face when they pull out their phone
and they tell us why we can'tsit in the seat. Yeah, we
don't have a thing. Sorry,man, we'll give you, ma'am,

we'll give you first class. I'vegot I've got to imagine that they don't
take many flights. I would sayit's probably, and it might not even,
and it might not even, butthey would have to get two seats,
and people are because they would stareat you the whole time. People
are, and I'm one, I'dlook for sure you'd be looking too,
because it's like, whoa, thisis interesting because I wouldn't docking different,

like seeing you acknowledge and acknowledging thatyou're a human and looking in your eyes
as one thing sitting there and gawkingand like staring at them like they're monsters
a half growth. You're like anexhibit at the whispering to people. That's
fucking rude. Dude. You knowthat there's an asshole flight attendant that at
one point in time, they're walkingback from the lavatory on the airplane and

the flight attendant goes over the loudspeaker, please remember one person in them.
Like I know I saw both ofyou go in there. But you'd
be screwed if, like say,you were allowed to because who knows,
it could easily be forced to dotoo. But even if you were allowed
one, you'd be screwed international becausewhat do you have to do? You
have to put in the personal identificationof every soul on board, and so

therefore you would have to buy asecond seat because the computer simply wouldn't let
you purchase the ticket unless you hadthe information down. But could you take
your conjoined twin is like a carryon and it depends on how many she
is, and she's just like alittle literally my personal them. Okay,
ye tell me, I will squeezeher in that basket. Yeah, we

will see you tomorrow. Thanks guys. We'll do another Donkey show, then
another pair of tickets to Pearl Jamtomorrow seven thirty. If you want to
see him Friday night at the MotorCenter. Yea, and I think that's
it's Marcus love your face. We'llsee online tonight. Get some later,
Ganggang terminating. You've been listening toTanner, Drew and Laura's Donkey Show heard

daily at one O five nine thatbrew dot com. May God have mercy
on all of our souls.
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