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May 22, 2024 35 mins
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Let me know when you're ready.I bet that's a good start. This
is Tanner, Drew and Laura's DonkeyShow, Donkey Show, Joe, what's
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rest Marcus is joining us this morning. What up? Bro oh the oh?
Yeah, I got a list boomernight. I was up late last
night working on the show and itwas like ten fifteen, ten thirty and

I at the bottom right of myscreen, I see boop Old Marquets is
playing Call of Duty. Oh hopedon. I wanted to. I was
to do it. I wanted toten thirty start would have taken you past
midnight? Yeah, I would havebeen on because Marcus and I when we
play, we play and you canget time, can get lost in space
with VIDs. You know, youget into a campaign and it's getting intense,

and then you don't realize that onecampaign was thirty one minutes. I
think the longest we played was likeseven hours a couple of weeks ago.
Yeah, yeah, that was amarathon, dude. I remember standing up
once during that little stint and likenot really being able to walk right,
Like it was just to do sevenhours. Is Ashley home or not?
Is that when she's when the wipeesaway, you will play. She was

away for like more than half ofthat, and then when she came home,
it was like pretty much straight tobed for her because she had an
early morning and like, yeah,so yeah, we put in work that
night. My wrist hurt the nextday because you know when your wrist is
in that weird controller position. Wereyou deadlifting? No, I've fitted for
seven hours the same workout. Yeah, it was it was fun. We

played. Uh. I think weplayed Call of Duty almost the whole time.
We may have played something else.Man, played some hell Divers or
something. Yeah, it's tough,man. I mean last night I got
on that was like I can't sleep, and I already tried to go to
bed, and so I was likea couple games and it was so goddamn
laggy that I was so upset aftertwo games that I still stayed up until

midnight trying to go to sleep,just because it's not a good way to
try to put yourself to sleep.It's a good way to take your mind
off of the things that you're thinkingabout, but it doesn't necessarily give you
that calm that you need. No, no, no no. I think
most sleep doctors would say vibrant lightand aggressive gunfire is the way to bed.
They say that most screens, morescreens the better right before bed.

I say, if you can getthem behind you too, so there is
no relief that'll get you right down. Yeah, like my therapist, because
I've been struggling with sleep. It'sbeen great since I've been exercising, but
I struggle with sleep, and theywould tell me, you know, like
an hour before bed, you gotto stop looking at your phone, stop
looking at the internet. But themy routine was like sit down, read

a bunch of stuff, and thengo right to bed. Like that's been
my routine for years. I tryto change. Yeah, that's the that's
the whole thing is. It's toughto change routine. But sometimes when you
break it, you're petter off.But it's tough on another level, like
we were talking about routines earlier,and Laurie, You're like, well,
true, if everything's down to theminute, why when can you like,
you know, go outside the box. Well it's then, you know.

And so it's like, now weget to watch a show. But they're
like, no, no, no, no, an hour. That would
mean that that one hour that Ihad for TV is now no TV.
So that makes that that makes youhave to quit television. And I think
anyone without a TV in their houseneeds we need to take a look at
that. Yeah. I remember beinguh. I was living with this girl
at the time and Eugene and wewere binging lost and it'd be like four

in the morning and we're like allright. We'd be in bed and we
would literally go, you want togo watch one more episode? And we'd
go downstairs and watch one more episodeof four in the morning. That was
the hell of a time to bealive, though. Yeah, it just
throws everything. You're just in thegame though, it's like, okay,
well we'll just watch the beginning.Ah whole thing. Yeah, I love
it. I'm gonna Marcus I've beenthinking about and we'll move on from this

in a second. But I've beenthinking about getting elden ring Elder, eld
Elder. It's elden ring Eldon.What's an eldin? I don't know.
I don't know. It's just thegame. Is it like an elf game?
I don't even. It's like itlooks like a medieval type game.
But it came out like two yearsago or something like that. Friend plays

that, But everyone's been talking abouton the internet lately because this streamer Kai
has been streaming it and he beatit in like one hundred and sixty something
hours. He just he played itNonStop until he beat it. He had
to sleep, but he streamed himselfsleeping and he made like, thirty K,
do you have to like what kindof eye drops do you use?
Like I tried. I bet you, I bet you. We just can't

see how bloodshot they are with thosewebcams. But like it looks it looks
like it looks like it makes peopleinsane, Like it's so hard, it
makes people insane. What kind ofgame would you like in it? Too?
Like? Is it it is ael' it's a it's they would call
a soul's like because it follows thedark Soul's uh kind of pattern of incredible

difficulty, no help, it's anRPG that they go, Okay, it's
time for you to build your character. The entire world's open for you.
You can go anywhere you want.You don't have to follow the story.
You can do whatever you want.Just understand that there's only a few places
starting out where you'll even be ableto survive for more than five minutes,
and that you have to be immediatelylike if you're not leveled up and try

to fight this dude going to bythe way. To give you an idea
of what kind of game this isa world building provided by fantasy writer George
R. R. Martin's no shoot, Yeah, okay, I didn't realize
George R. Martin had something todo with Yes, that makes sense,
dad, yep, I didn't knowthat, so Tanner think so. Actually,
you've been playing Jedi Fallen Order hererecently. That is considered a soul's

like in the gameplay like it controlsa lot, there's parrying, there's you
know, bas jacks, and thenyou upgrade your skills, but up up
the difficulty by ten times. Becausei've played fall in Order to I dabbled
in a couple of minutes of darkSouls, and I gotta be honest,
I've been just seconds away from throwingmy controller in anger, you know,
and I don't. I just boughtthis custom controller. It's got my name.

Do that like that? That's whyI'm like, I'm not sure I
should get Elden Ring. I doreally want to play it, but also
it looks like it might just breakme as a person. I mean,
you wouldn't be the first, you'dbe the You'd be the next in a
long line of broken people liked thisstreamer, Kai, who played elder Ring

like the straight up cried because hedied like one hundred and sixty times trying
to fight this one guy. Youknow, maybe the one hundred and sixty
eighth time was going to be thetime he was going to make it sleep
deprived day. He was getting somesleep, but he was what was crazy,
He kept streaming while he was sleeping, and he'd make thirty thousand dollars
sleeping. Well, I wish Icould make thirty thousand dollars taking a nap.

I'd be so rich. Isn't theinternet millionaire? It's it's ridiculous,
how like my feelings make that muchmoney doing nothing and the rest of us
grind right. Yeah right, it'sbrutal. But yeah, so maybe I'll
try it. I don't know.I'm still on the fence. I just
want to spend sixty dollars to makemyself insane. So there's no demo or

anything you can play. I thinkthere might be getting pirate. It might
be, and then it gets weirdand it's in Spanish. Yeah, it's
all glitchy blocks. I hate piratedship. I remember when when like pirating
really became a thing. There wasa guy who listened to our old show
and he would just send us casesof pirated movies, like a year before

they came out. Remember, hewould get them for Oscar season and so
then he would burn them all andgive him to us. But they all
had water mark. Well, therewas always something off, like they're the
People's heads, or the subtitles wouldbe in Russian. Yeah, yeah,
there was always something thing was Butwe did get the movies wait before anybody
else. It'd be in the theaterand we were able to watch like home

sometimes. That's why. That's whyI've only seen I don't even know how
many seasons of the Mantalori and thereare three two or three how many of
you pirated the first one definitely,and that's why how we got around not
having a Disney Plus subscription. Itwas the Mandalorid and it was great.
You know, it's just you justgot to know where to look that's out
there. Yeah, gotta be careful. That's how you give you your computer

commtea computer chlamydia. Yeah. Right, we were in college. We knew
somebody that was going to a filmschool at I think it was Boise State,
and you know, they filmed NapoleonDynamite, like in rural Idaho,
and at the time when they filmeda super low budget movie, they didn't
know they actually originally wrote the movie, if I'm not mistaken, in black

and white. Yeah, there isanother version of it in Napoleon Napoleon Dynamite.
Yeah, there's like a Napoleon filmversion, and we got that one
and the one that we had thatwe watched at my house like a year
and a half before Napoleon Dynamite everhit the theaters. It was ten minutes
of color, five minutes of blackand white, ten minutes of color,

five minutes of white. Never itdid not shift on a tone change like
say Oppenheimer, where it's like it'sblack and white in certain areas. This
was just random, we want youto see what it looks like. And
it had also like a credit writtenacross the bottom of the screen like such
and such, film school, copyrightwhatever. Now was there the entire time,
But the a clip from Napoleon Dynamitetoday, I still in my mind

remember it as wait a second,I thought this was black and white because
we watched it so many times,because it was such kind of a I
mean, you guys remember it wasa little cult classic. It was one
of those comedies that comes out thatwhen it first hits, everybody in that
age group from you know, fifteento twenty five is citing lines from it.
You know, it's confusing, rightin black and white, you think
Pedro's irish. I mean, youreally just don't know what's happening in the

movie, Like, well, areyou kidding? In then you g you
go full color. It's just,oh, that makes way more sense.
I get it. I thought Kipwas black this entire time because of his
his you know, his style andhis thug Like yeah, women, I
could have sworn But speaking of movies, did you guys see actor Terrence Howard

on Joe Rogan was pain Now?I haven't watched the whole episode. I
have just see clips on TikTok andInstagram. It is Terrence Howard is insufferable,
He's lost, has he lost hismind entirely? I think he's one
of these guys who, you know, he's got a lot of yes men
around him, and I did Iguess he did go to school for a
little bit for civil engineering or somesort of engineering when he comes from a,

you know, a decorated theater background. But like he's one of these
guys that thinks he's more intelligent thanhe is. Like he's he's in Joe
Rogan's podcast using words that I'm noteven sure they're being used correctly. No,
And there were definitely times where I'mall, can we circle back on
that, Like he's said a wordalmost like I didn't. I don't think
that that's how you use it.He used per sentence three to four words.

We never use per sentence mm hm. And that's not how you talk
to the masses. It just soundslike he was trying to sound intelligent,
right, like trying to sound likehe was on a different level than everybody
else exactly, and great a wayto make yourself look really stupid, because
if you go on Joe Rogan ofall things, and you're really trying to
make this point and get people tounderstand, talking like that will shut minds

off. I jogged across the roomand turned it off, like, I'm
just gonna play you some clips here, but this is did you see it?
Marcus Terrence Howard on Rogan. I'vejust seen the clips, and and
every clip that I've seen it hasn'treally even been Joe. It's just been
Terrence kind of pontificating, and soI haven't heard Joe. And my question
is, yeah, my question isdid Joe push back on some of this

stuff? Because that's one of thereasons I'll enjoy the podcast from time to
time, is when he's got somebodyon that's way out there, and rather
than just seeing how far down therabbit hole they can go, Joe will
push back on them a little bitand be like, hey, I think
understanding says you're high, you know, So I don't know, man,
I've only heard him talking. Iwould like to hear the podcast, just
to see how Joe handles it.Well. I was way too far into

a sixteen minute clip this morning,just because it was in the other room.
And one of the things that Rogandoes pride himself on though, is
not hurricane punching your idea. Andeven if it's Alex Jones, he might
be wanting him to smash him,but he's gonna let him finish his point
because that's what a constructive conversation isand that's what makes him such a good

I don't even know if you'd callhim an interviewer, but you know what
I mean. In the room,Yeah, he knows how to let them
get him their table, let themyou know, when to jump in,
when to jump out, Like hehad this flat earthern and he tells his
flat Earth. He's you know,out of his fucking mind. Mm hm.
Basically, you know how's everyone elselying? But you've got it figured
out? Don't you feel like someof the comments from Terrence Howard that we're

about to hear didn't confuse Joe asin he's a dumb dumb but is in
like I don't even know where togo with you on you're talking about waves
and circles spin him back on them. I think, deep down, Joe
probably thought Terrence was out of hisfucking mind, yeah, and would love
to have smashed him. I don'tknow that he smashed him that hard,
because I haven't heard any of thoseclips either, but maybe he pushed back
a little bit. But I think, deep down, I bet it was

more. I don't know enough todebate you and to tell you that you're
wrong. But it sounds like bullshit, and let's let this man just burn
himself. That's what it sounds like. So here's a here's Terrence Howard apparently
talking about the periodic table. Okay, love, great, great period What
do you mean specifically? Well,the periodic table is laid out, the
periodic table they have. Now,let's it looks like what it looks like?

Oh god, the audio is reallyshitty. They don't show that hydrogen
has the same tone as carbon,same tone, same kV, same kV.
There's somebody commenting on it, samekey of e. What is he
talking about? We just put it? Did we just put an element into
a song? Note? Pretty sure? Uh? That makes sense? Carbon?

Carbon? I love hydrogen. Letme see what this clip is.
I'm just I'm like, like,just random clips of Terrence Howard say,
well, what business do you havecoming in here talking about science and all
that? You're an actor? Youwant to know what my first patent was.
Their entire ar VR world was builtoff of my first patent that was

abandoned because I paid two hundred andsixty thousand dollars for the worldwide patent,
but then my agents kept not theMy lawyers kept sending me these maintenance fees
and annuities, and I'm like,these folks are just trying to shake me
down. I'm not gonna pay this. Go down patents and files that their
first one. Pop on that.So you're go and look over to you'll

see my name inventor, Terrence DeshaunHoward, Worldwide Application. And let's just
read the abstract just so. Theysystem and method for merging virtual reality to
provide an enhance sensory experience. Asystem and method of merging virtual reality sensory
detail from a remote site into aroom environment at a local site. So

system preferably includes at least one imageserver, al of image collection devices,
a display system, compromising display devices, a control unit, digital processor,
and a viewer position detector. Thisis all you this. Look look look
at the inventor. Go back,go up, says Kanasa Sean Howard,
yea worldwide patent twenty ten. Itwas abandoned. Now go to sided by

the right yep, right there totap on there and look at all the
companies. And if you look atthe patent, these companies have all earned
they have multi billion dollar companies.They've built your billions. If it's your
invention. Somebody got inside the wallsof this after these comments, and the
accusation is that he applied for threepatents and that these are applications that you're

seeing on there, because there's threedifferent ones in two thousand and nine,
ten and ten where it looks likethese wild ideas were denied a patent.
Oh and that's what That's what hewas saying, that it was abandoned applying
for one and yeah, just rollthrough Sony, Microsoft, Aazon. Okay,

Well, then if it's true,then where is your billions? What
do you You're on a fucking TVshow? Where's your billion dollars? Yeah?
You would think that you would beabove any of this. This is
where I have a problem with withkind of celebrities in general doing things that
aren't being a celebrity, like wetalked about a couple of weeks ago,
I think talking about maybe what wouldfit as the president of the United States.

And my issue with them is thatthey have such an exponentially out moded
sense of self worth an ego attachedto them that I don't know that people
like Terrence Howard does not think thatTerrence Howard is spouting madness round You think
he's had so many yes men aroundhim. He's killed entire life, and

like it's it doesn't just happen inintelligence spheres, it also happens in Like
I've just watched that Kevin Spacey documentaryon HBO, Jesus Christ. There are
so many people complicit in the factthat he was grabbing people by the crotch
because they're just going, well,we all know that that's what Kevin does,
and so we just keep people awayfrom him. That means too many

people have told him yes for hisentire life. He needs to have his
head slapped off his face. MaybeTerrence Howard doesn't because he's not touching people,
but he needs to be put inhis place by somebody that will tell
them that he's fucking wrong and justbecause he's so popular doesn't make him right.
Yeah, he's very he's got inflatedego for sure. Here's more clips.
Uh, he's talking about plants andeverything around you are alive as near

that. Yeah, thank you,Captain Halway. And you're going to notice
that the hemoglobein has the exame exactcombination of carbon and hydrogen that we have.
The only difference they have is thecenter of theirs is magnesium and the
center of ours des iron. That'sthe only difference. You put a cephalopod

up there, it would be copper, the same interaction of kim. So
where does consciousness where? It isno idea what this man is talking about?
Right, is the sentient being?Is it? Is it just in
the iron or is it a magnesiumdeals with the pressure condition like with a
cephalopod it has to have copper atits base because of a pressure condition,

the same experience just unders Like whatthe fuck did I write this guy on
the show For some of those wordsat gunpoint? I couldn't tell you what
they mean. I know, howdo you sit there and listen and still
absorb information? Like? How isit's not's glossed over, guaranteed or dimension.
I was just going to say,like the whole idea of losing the
audience, they're losing us. AndI feel like we're all pretty well read,

like we understand the English language prettywell. When'd you so the centipods?
And then you just roll off thatinto another sentence. No one knows
you're not making any sense. Podis change the pressure condition, change the
ocean condition, you change the organism. It adapts. But it's the same
living principle. There's no difference betweenus and the plants. And when people
are chopping down and ripping things offjust because they can't hear them scream,

oh my god, it's it's wrong. So t c otoc dot com we
put there's no difference. So he'ssaying we shouldn't be eating, like what
do we eat now? It ishe's saying. I guess he's saying,
like we need to be kind ofthe earth vegetarians, because yeah, I'm
all about that. The plants arescreaming. That's one thing I agree with
him on. Well, doesn't everythingscream that we eat? Then if that's

the deal, Yeah, and Istab it up. Yeah, you know,
it's interesting you guys talk about allof his big words, and I
feel like there's a thing with peoplethat use crazy words all the time like
this. It's somebody that skipped buildingthe knowledge base that they need to talk

about something this complicated. When Joehas on crazy scientists and he's had them
on all the time, string theoristchemists, people that you and I can't
relate to their job, they doa very good job of giving a fifth
grade explanation of it, and thenyou can understand kind of where we're going
because they have to and they understandit. Terrence Howard clearly doesn't. He

couldn't give you that explanation as towhat you're doing where we could understand it
because he doesn't understand that, andthat right there kind of makes him discredited
well, and as an actor,there's no excuse not to be able to
read the room, aside from yourideals and all these crazy thoughts that are
in your mind that are really bonkers. The fact that you can't read the

room and you can't figure out howto talk to people on a normal level
about maybe interesting things or advance things, you just don't have it. You're
you're not the vehicle for it ifit did exist. When I bumponed to
you at the super Fancy Coffee shopin downtown Downtown LA, I want to
talk to you about the periodic tableand why it's wrong and why it is

in the key of c if didyou knowally and tuning for he actually patenteds
patented a different periodic table, butit was just you know, it was
rejected by Gibberish. Some of these, some of these patents, and there
is a chance that some of hispatents have gone through, but these ones
that we were talking about did not. But the titles of them. One

patent is called all Shape Modified PlatonicSolid building Block. Another one's called Systems
and Methods for Collapsible Structure Applications likethese are all things in his head that
he thinks are real and so he'sgetting patents on them. Here here's more
words of wisdom from Terrence Howard insideof the Center for Truth Loving Consciousness.

That's what tc OTLC dot com means. Because I knew that I have a
propensity to get angry and get emotionaland could misuse this stuff. So we
have a board of members that dictatehow these things will be licensed out and
how they used, so it's notjust on me. So where do you

think consciousness is coming from? Everythingis alive, Everything is conscious. Everything
is like if you take it fromthe biblical thing, what part of the
universe was it made from the Creatorthat he picks up some other if the
Creator is your turn, we justdon't think of them as being alive because
they don't move, and they don'ttalk to us. They don't we don't

speak their language, we don't havethe sensory ability. Shouldn't this be on
calm dot com trying to go tobad? I think that whoever made the
clip the video, they're making funof Terrence Howard, like, listen to
this. It's to say, Rachel, you can tell the moment that Joe's
edible kick did. So you're sayingDarrence Howard, And this clip explained hold

on, Marcus. This this thisclip is where Terrence Howard explains that there
is no death. God took dirtand blew into it the breath of life
and it came to But if youlook at the Brownian effect, what is
breathing going from positive to negative?And they see all it's even the plastic
that makes these things up are stillgoing from it's still it's still it's still

carbon polarizing from positive to negative,breathing in, breathing out. It's just
under a different state of matter.But there is no death. There's no
death. We are all. Everythingis eternal. And once we forget,
once we get rid of the idea, Okay, you're going to die and
disappear, you know, then theydon't have any graphs over you anymore.

And to be free, the truthwill set you free, you know.
That's why I was like, I'mout of my mind? How am I
dying listening to this one at thismoment? I don't think you're out of
your mind. That's that's what hesaid in uh, Hustle and flow.

What's up mine? I feel like, guys, ever, do you guys
ever look at this from the otherside though, Like if you fast forward
to twenty fifty five and we're allsitting here having a conversation, like,
man, can you believe it?The plants are screaming straight lines don't exist,
and we can't die. The guyfrom crash really had it figured out.
Is that a sentence that will everget uttered? I don't think so

it seems a little bit too.I think right then was the one and
only time I feel like we're ina bad comedy or a poetry jam when
he talks, you know, andif this truth caused me this lifetime,
they're wonderful I accomplished with acid becauseI think in the previous lifetime I was

supposed to do these things and Ididn't. And that's why it's been so
hard for me. And that's whyto get these things out, because so
you felt like that like from thewomb, from the womb I had,
like you just felt like you hadthese things that you didn't get out in
a previous life time and now youfeel like an unstopped boards. I have

to. I have to at allcosts. God bless Joe Rogan. We'll
hit another light. I worked ata RB's and I can will not be
the same as time. You know, CERN, the large Hadron collider in
Switzerland. Mm hms. He gota feeling on that, Yeah, he
does. He actually says that CERNdestroyed a planet and that asteroid belt that
we have right now between Mars andJupiter that used to be a planet,

and I believe that they had humanoidsthat developed on there. I believe that
Cirrus used to be a planet whenit was here, and the humanoids on
there didn't recognize that we don't havea solid core. Everything expands as a
sphere, and no sphere in ouruniverse, no bubble has a solid core.

We're perceiving it as a solid core, but there is not a solid
core there. There's just a bubble, and that's Cirn that hydron collider,
that particle accelerator. I believe theydid the same thing and they popped their
planet and it became that asteroid belt. Really, just like if you add

up all of the weight of themass of those I can't wait till Nilda
Degrass Ticicon gets ahold of some ohman a lot to unloaded. Buckle up.
It's gonna be a long YouTube videothat is Oh boy. Yeah,
I don't know. There's no wayI could listen to the entire episode.
There's no way. I mean,I'm not kidding when I said, I

had to go turn it off.And normally I'll just listen to whatever I've
clicked on. It's far phones inthe other room. But I was just
I was going mad listening to it. Because it was he was saying nothing.
Yeah, and you know, Icould just picture him around a bunch
of people that are just yes men, and you know, a bunch of
fanboys like he was on your boardof Lunat. Yeah. And you know,
they feed his ego every day.As long as that he knows what

he's talking about, as long ashe feeds the project, they're going to
feed the ego and on in acircle, just like life and Water and
copp It's wild. You know,he had a he had a going for
him. He had this guy wonan Oscar. It was in front loaded
career. But like he's from whatI understand, the reason he doesn't work
as much as you you'd think isbecause he's difficult. He's difficult behind the

scenes. It seems like he wouldbe. He's called individual to work with.
Yeah, he's arrogant. I guesshe He made way more money than
Robert Downey Junior did and Iron Manone because he played war Machine before they
recasted it with Don Cheedle don chiehYeah. Yeah, so it was supposed
to be him, and I guesshe wanted so much money for the second

one, and then he shits onRobert Downey Junior because Robert didn't have his
back and he got all Robert gotall of his money, and so that's
why he doesn't have his back,because Robert got the money that he was
supposed to get. He was gonnaget it no matter what. It's called
iron Man not not war machine Man. I mean, like he was the
main guy, dude, And likethe fact the only reason you got more
money for that movie is because youwere coming off of Hustle and Flow,

which you got an oscar for.You were hot. They needed some star
power and Robert down Downey Junior wasnothing at the time. He had done
what what was that movie? UsMarshall's, a couple of other bit roles
and everything else was pre drug.He was like, yeah, Robert Donney
Junior was just that that that dudewho kind of had an amazing ability to
act for a while and then threwit away. But we couldn't. We
didn't know that he was going to, you know, blow up again because

it's been twenty years since the greatmovies. I mean, iron Man's great,
but he doesn't make it right.But Crash and Hustle and Flow are
twenty years old. Yeah, andso yeah, Terrence probably thought that I
deserve this, I deserve that.Who's Robert Denney Junior. Yeah, and
then was thrown his weight around andthey're like, dude, we don't We're
not going to deal with this.Yeah, get him out of here.
He's maybe you already mentioned it,but it's the effect of the dad from

from Back to the Future. You'regonna throw your weight around. We're gonna
throw you out of the movie.Yeah, we're gonna Actually it was almost
from You upside Down, almost thesame thing. That guy, uh,
Caspin Glover is his name, whoplayed George mccalluy. Yeah, Crispin Glove.
Crispin Glover. He wanted he got. He wanted a ship ton more
money for Back to Future two andthree, and then like he thought he
would the guy yeah, and they'renot. They're like no, and so

they they didn't put him in themovies. So his likeness is in the
second one. But that's uh,you know where they put the guy upside
down and yeah, that's an extraslap in the face. So you can't
really tell the reason they put itupside down, So you wouldn't be able
to tell that it really wasn't him, but then he sued because it was
his likeness, he said, AndI'm pretty sure he didn't win that I
could be wrong. I thought hegot smacked down, like and then the

rest of Hollywood day we see whoyou are. You're difficult. You don't
know how to just play the game. Because if you have two and we
talk about this all the time,you have two like actors, and one
of them is easy to work withand the other one is an absolute pain
in the ass or wants to talkto you about all the stuff Terrence talks
about. Yeah, you're gonna takethat easy guy all day, and I
can unless you're like you know,unless the old day lewis, unless you

bring in numbers, regardless of howfucking horrible you are. But I think
nowadays they're gonna be like, yeah, we're gonna go with the guy who
may maybe he isn't as talented,but it's less difficult. We'll go with
that dude. And the top guysand girls in Hollywood. It's the same
thing with music. We see itin here. Sometimes when a bigger name
comes in and does care about beinghere, it goes so far. And
there's a reason why that's a bigpart of the reason why they made it

is having that extra bit of charisma. But Terrence Howard on Joe Rogan,
I think it was sometime last week, so if you uh, I mean
we played it's about as much asI can. I think John Mlaney I
was watching that that live, likethe John Mulaney Weird Everybody's in La special
on Netflix. I think they playedpart of it last week just because it's
so bogus. Yeah, it iswild. It's not going to be a

good look for him if he waslooking for roles. Yeah, And like
clips of of Terrence Howard and clipsof TJ. Miller have been going viral.
I liked j t J. Miller, Like what is he doing now?
I don't know. I mean,he was the voice of the mun
musenex Booger. But after that liketrained incident where he Paul called in a
bomb thread or whatever. I thinkhe got fired from that and from the

Emoji movie. He got fired,that's right, And now I know he
quit Silicon Valley, like he justleft, and then you know his movie
rolls dried up, like he gotfired from Deadpool to it, I guess
Deadpool three. But he claims thathe goes, I could pull up the
clip, but who cares. Hegoes, Uh, you know, I
didn't want to do Deadpool three becauseI just thought it was like a cash

grab. Now, if that charactergot his own movie, maybe, like,
dude, you were the bartender.Yeah, you were in the movie
for two minutes, not getting anything, like you think you're getting a spin
off and also a cash grab.You're not making that much cash, right
you know, Yeah, yeah,it's a cash grab and you're not a
part of it. And that's whyyour body exactly, it's even more of
a cash grab because your salary isnot included. But like then he goes

on and says that he quit andhe did all this stuff, Like all
that information is literally googleable. Youcan find out why he was fired just
by a quick Google search. Andif you look at him, he's got
a very dried up situation going onhere. But I liked him. You
know, I thought Cloverfield was great. I thought him as the camera guy
in Cloverfield ages ago, long ago, twenty years ago, maybe fifteen or

something like that. And you know, I liked his I liked him in
movies and things, and I sawhim but yeah, dude, get over
yourself. Yeah the now is itthat there's never somebody in their lives Again
that comes up and says, dude, you're the common denominator here because you're
right. We can't all google it. And it's not hard to look at
it from a fly on the wallperspective and say, oh, you look,

seven movies in a row had aTJ Miller problem, and now he's
not getting any work. It's notthat hard to figure out it's everyone else's
fault. When you hear Terrence andTJ talk about it, it's everyone else.
Take a look in the mirror,bro, Yeah, that's why those
people aren't working. Man. Ijust play that fricking game, all right,
guys. I love your face,your faces all the love, and

tomorrow we'll have more corn tickets,get some and that just decide. Note
Cloverfield was in two thousand and eight, and I was thrown up on in
that movie. Let's not forget youwere thrown up on popcorn down the neck
like big happy girl. Some peoplecouldn't handle it because it was that motion.
I remember hearing that, and thenI remember when I saw it.
I was like, oh, Iwas kind of bummed out because I didn't

feel woozy. It was gonna belike a ride. Yeah, if you
would have been woozy, you wouldhave likely thrown up down my shirt.
You know, they've done like acouple of Cloverfield type movies, Like there
was ten Cloverfield Lane, which isreally good, and then The Cloverfield Paradox,
which is not good. But Iread that they're actually going to make
a direct sequel to the first CloverfieldOh nice. I don't know if it'll

be found footage. It'll be likelike that monster will be back. TJ's
like, call me, man,you didn't like the Cloverfield Paradoxes. I
like ten Cloverfield Lane too, butI actually kind of enjoyed the Cloverfield Paradox
because of like the idea had neverbeen done. It very convoluted. It
was convoluted, But I think that'smaybe that's what you have to do these
days, to have an original ideafor something that's never happened in Cinema's happened.

Got to make it confus using andalmost almost unwatchable. So that's what
makes it an artsy one way oranother. But I say I only watched
it once, so maybe I cangive another shot. So who knows,
likely not though, but I will. I'm definitely gonna uh if they make
another clover Field. That first cloverField was so good. I loved found

footage movies at the time, andI think they're trying to chase to get
back to that initial taste the weekgot. Yeah, so hopefully it's good.
All right, you guys, thankyou for joining us on today's very
special Donkey Show podcast. Though everyDonkey Show is a special ringing bing bong,
I don't know why I hit thatsound effect. All right, fine,

they're not they're not. Some arereally dumb, so we're really bad.
It's fine, we can admit it. It's whatever, Marcus. We'll
see tomorrow. Okay. Are wegoing a game tonight or are you gonna
buy stupid Elden ring and hate yourselffor a week? Stop checking in at
ten thirty. I'll play good Vinsteinfor sure. Definitely I'm in. Okay,
all right, let's see guys tomorrow. By the way, we uh

maybe will stream live tonight. It'sAtomic Tanner TV on twitch buye Transportation terminated.
You've been listening to Tanner Drew andLaura's Donkey Show, heard daily at
one oh five nine the brew dotcom. May God have mercy on all
of our souls.
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