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November 23, 2022 35 mins
I quit my well-paying 9-5 job in 2018 and moved to Mexico to build my dream business online so I could have the freedom to travel (and write my own paychecks).
I followed ALL of the advice and did everything I was “supposed” to do to build a business that actually made money - from following a proven productivity schedule to niching down and implementing a consistent marketing strategy… And of course working on my money mindset.
I had some results… But I was far from being fully booked and even further from having a sustainable income.
It wasn’t until I threw strategy in the trash and followed my own flow and intuition as my primary strategy that I actually saw real results, booked out my programs, hit 13k+ months and replaced my 9-5 income. I went from earning $1,000/month to making $4-$8k/month!
But of course, there is SO much more to my story… In this episode I share with you how I started my side-hustle in the MLM industry, how I ended up moving to Mexico to build my health coaching business and how my business has transformed since then to create my dream business that allows me to live my dream life! I also share what it really took to replace my 9-5 income.
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