Ask Nyomi " Bridging The Gap" Podcast

Ask Nyomi " Bridging The Gap" Podcast

“Ask Nyomi, Bridging the Gap” Podcast, hosted by Multi Award Winning Retired Adult Actress and Certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach Nyomi Banks will be discussing sex, love, relationship, cultural differences and much more while bridging the gap between them all and educating the world to a healthy sex life, language, spirituality and attitude. Invited Celebrity Guest, and Lifestyle Guru's will be sharing their story. While Nyomi continues to give Love, Sex, Spiritual and Relationship Advice. New Shows every Thursday!


February 28, 2024 89 mins
Second month of the year 2024 can you say it's been off the chain. Join us tonight as we talk about what's been happening in the media, Join myself, Dog pound Mike Mike and maybe our resident therapist Dr. Will stop by and make sense of all whats been going on from Mo' Nique interview with Club Shay Shay and her back and forth with her oldest son to the TikTok on the 52 episode of Reesa Teesa "Who TF I marry" and much more. See yal...
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In this empowering episode of Ask Nyomi: Bridging the Gap, host Nyomi sits down with the inspirational Mo The Goddess, author of "Permission to Power", life coach, and entrepreneur. Together, they explore strategies for empowerment, success, and personal growth, offering valuable insights and practical advice for listeners seeking to unlock their full potential. Mo The Goddess shares her expertise on navigating challenges, embracin...
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February 7, 2024 79 mins
Join Nyomi, Dog pound Mike Mike, and Dr. on "Ask Nyomi: Bridging The Gap" :
In this enlightening episode, Nyomi, alongside the insightful Dog pound Mike Mike and our esteemed resident doctor, Dr. Will, delve deep into the crucial topic of "Mental Health and Wellbeing," aiming to break the stigma surrounding these important issues. Through candid conversations, personal anecdotes, and expert insights, they shed light on the importanc...
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January 30, 2024 91 mins
"Dating Your Neighbor! Do or Don't!" 🏠❤️💥Join Nyomi, Dog Mike Mike, and the entire BTG Crew for a sensational live episode of Ask Nyomi Bridging The Gap Podcast. Brace yourself for an exhilarating discussion that will uncover the truth behind the age-old question: Is dating your neighbor a brilliant idea or a potential disaster? 💔💘Nyomi and her crew are known for their authentic conversations and unique perspectives, and they w...
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Calling all self-reflection enthusiasts! The latest episode of "Ask Nyomi: Bridging the Gap" is here, and it's a must-listen for anyone seeking personal growth and insight.

Join Nyomi, Dog Pound Mike Mike, and the BTG crew as they dive deep into the thought-provoking topic of "Self-Reflection: What Did You Learn About Yourself from Your Past Relationship?" Gain valuable insights, uncover hidden truths, and discover how your past ex...
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Welcome to the first show of 2024 on Ask Nyomi Bridging The Gap! Get ready to kick off the year in style as we delve into the exciting topic of "Embracing New Beginnings: Manifesting Love, Intimacy, and Personal Growth in 2024" 💖💑🌱 💥 Nyomi is back and she's on fire! This year, she's all about dominating every aspect of her life, and she wants YOU to join this powerful journey. Let's commit together to make 2024 a year of ultima...
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to the year-end of "Ask Ny Bridging the Gap" we bring you exciting Q&A session satisfy all your curiosity about guests, hot topics and your amazing host,omi!

In captivating episode, Ny up the floor to inquiring minds, giving you the opportunity to ask burning questions that have been on your mind throughout 2023. Whether you're eager to catch up on the most talked-about moments from previous episodes or simply want to know more ...
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December 14, 2023 56 mins
Simping at Easy: The Paradox of a Simp.

What does it mean to be a "simp"? Delve into this intriguing and often controversial topic on Ask Nyomi Bridging the Gap. Explore the paradox of a simp, dissecting the complexities of modern-day relationships, expectations, and societal pressure. Get ready for a thought-provoking discussion that challenges conventional notions and encourages a deeper understanding of human connections.

Stay tun...
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Exploring Masculinity and Feminine Energy: How to balance.

Join us on Ask Nyomi Bridging the Gap as we navigate the fascinating world of masculinity and feminine energy. Discover the power of finding balance within ourselves and our relationships. Gain valuable insights and practical tips on embracing both aspects of our identities, fostering healthy connections, and living authentically in a world that often imposes rigid gender ro...
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December 14, 2023 73 mins
Hot Topics: Let's catch up! Tamar Braxton, Sean Diddy Combs lawsuit, and so much more.

Get ready for a sizzling discussion on the latest juicy hot topics! On this episode of Ask Nyomi Bridging the Gap, we're diving into the Tamar Braxton controversy, the intriguing Sean Diddy Combs lawsuit, and so much more. Stay in the loop with all the trending news and join us for an engaging conversation that will have you hooked from start to f...
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The perfect first date: Unveiling the secrets to a memorable experience.

Looking for tips to make your first date truly unforgettable? Look no further! On this episode of Ask Nyomi Bridging the Gap, we uncover the secrets to creating the perfect first date experience. From conversation starters to planning the ideal setting, get ready to charm your way into their hearts with expert advice and thoughtful insights.
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December 14, 2023 101 mins
oin us on Ask Nyomi Bridging the Gap as we delve into an eye-opening conversation with living legend Aryana Starr. She shares her inspiring journey since retiring from the adult industry, challenging stereotypes and redefining what it means to be a low value woman. Get ready to be educated, empowered, and enlightened!
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December 13, 2023 67 mins
"Who you calling a low value woman?" - Join Nyomi Banks, Dog Pound Mike, and the BTG crew as they dive deep into the thought-provoking topic of what truly defines a "low value woman." In this episode of Ask Nyomi Bridging the Gap, prepare to challenge societal stereotypes, unpack misconceptions, and explore the complex factors that contribute to this label. Get ready for an enlightening conversation filled with empowerment, educati...
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This week on Ask Nyomi Monday, we dive into the heartfelt and thought-provoking letter from a dedicated listener who is an Ordained Minister with desires they need assistance with. Join us as we explore how Nyomi can provide guidance, support, and advice to help this listener navigate their unique situation

In this episode, Nyomi addresses the deep and often complex desires of this Ordained Minister, discussing the challenges they...
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Welcome to "Ask Nyomi Monday," the show where you can find answers and guidance on all matters related to love, relationships, and self-confidence. In this episode, our host, Nyomi, will be addressing a letter she received from a listener who is seeking help in reclaiming their confidence and feeling sexy again after experiencing a setback in their personal life.

Join us as Nyomi dives deep into the letter, offering insightful advic...
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Thank you for tuning in This episode is about a letter of a young man writing in on advice on how to relit their relationship. If you have any questions on this episode or looking for love, sex and/or relationship advice email us at
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Welcome to this episode "The Season of Self Love" Series, todays topic is Embracing you Imperfections: Learning to Love yourself as you are. Join Nyomi as she shares her personal story on how she struggled with her body imaging and skin complexion for years to now embrace her imperfections from the Inside out. Nyomi's spiritual journeys has help to encourage her to fall in love with herself. Join in this conversation today. Please ...
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Thank you for tuning in to Ask Nyomi Mondays, Ask Nyomi letters today is a letter from a woman who's just giving birth and want to know how to get her sexy back. Tune in as Nyomi a mother herself help her navigate her horminal feelings after giving birth and finding her sexiness and desire to be initmate again with her husband.
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A fun Show celebrating Nyomi's Birthday. Hot topics: Jada and Will Smith, Nyomi's favorite couple and the breaking news.
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Join us for an engaging episode of "Ask Nyomi Bridging The Gap" as we sit down with the talented and accomplished India Morel. With a fascinating journey that spans across the adult entertainment industry, literature, and entrepreneurship, India has truly made her mark in multiple domains. As a retired adult star, India has garnered recognition for her work while maintaining a strong sense of independence and self-expression. Her e...
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