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April 10, 2024 10 mins
Andrew's mind is constantly in the gutter, but not in the way you might think.  He and Shawn talk about the importance of gutters, basements, and plumbing.
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Eight O seven thirteen ten wib Aand ask the experts a man whose mind
is always in the gutter and wecan say that comfortably and confidently in a
good way. Mister Andrew Larson fromLarsenome Services the website larstom Services dot com
tell number six So eight five threefive forty three forty three. That's five
three five forty three forty three.You are always thinking gutters, aren't you,

Andrew? NonStop? Sleep it,live it, dream it, drive
around. I'm constantly in the gutterman. Yes, yes, it's constantly
in the gutter. You know.I feel like there we maybe we should
do like a commercial based on that, on that premise, because it's it's
to me, it's I think it'svery funny, and it's it's very true.

And this is something that that youare passionate about. And we talk
about larst Home Services, we talkabout gutter shutter, we talk about what
an amazing role gutters play on theoverall and I'll use the phrase, the
overall health of your home. Thegutters are not something to be taken lightly,
and unfortunately, far too often,even on brand new homes, they're

kind of like an afterthought. They'rekind of like they're there, but they're
not a priority. And that isso often a big mistake, isn't it
It is? You know, whenit comes to new home builds. I
mean a lot of new homes areyou know, they're they're built in neighborhoods
where there's not a lot of trees, and you know, so having a
covered gutter is maybe not the mostimportant thing. But when I mean,

I just built a new home andthe gutters were never even discussed. It
was like, you're going to geta roof and gutters don't know what kind,
don't know how thick, don't knowwhat the brackets are like, don't
know how big the down spots are. Of course, when the topic finally
did get brought up, I said, no, I'm doing that myself,
and he's like, oh, yeah, that makes sense. But people people

usually just curse gutters because they leak, they overflow, they're clogged, they
build ice up on the roof.But the problem is is that they're extremely
important. You know, where welive, we have basements, and a
lot of people have just grown uphere, lived here. Don't understand why,
you know why we have a basement. You just have a basement because

you got to put the house ontop of it, and then you might
as well finish it off. It'sextra space. But we have a basement
for for a real reason, toget below the frost line, right,
so our water pipes don't freeze.I mean, we saw what happened a
couple of years ago down in Texas. They had a deep freeze. Well,
they don't have basements. Their homesare built on slabs. All of

their plumbing runs through the attic well. Those homes weren't built to take freezing
temperatures. People's water pipes froze intheir attics, wrecked their homes. I
mean, it was a big deal. So we have basements so we can
house the things that can't freeze orbelow the frost line. But the problem
is is with having a basement,we have a giant hole underneath our house.

And without proper grade, with landscaping, without proper gutters, eventually you're
going to get water in that basement. I mean, we put things called
some pumps in our basement. That'show much water can be dropped around our
home, so much so that itcan actually saturate the ground and come underneath

the foundation of our home. That'swhere those drain tubes are supposed to kick
in. I mean, I havedrain tubes running underneath my concrete that go
into a pit in my basement thatthen will pump it out if necessary.
You also have to have properly workinggutters. So this all has to work
together. So why do we needgutters? We need to get the water
away from the house A so wedon't float our basement. We get water

in our basement, we can getmold. It recks, It wrecks things.
Water is very destructive. I mean, there's only a couple things that
can really wreck a house once fire, and the other thing that's even more
destructive than fire is water. Youthink about that. Water actually puts out
fire, but it will wreck andmold and eat your house away. So
we got to get the water awayfrom the foundation. Also having gutters that

properly function it protects our landscaping.I mean there's a lot of people we
pay a lot of money for landscapingfor rocks. I mean, how many
people every single spring are getting trailerloads full of mulch, dropping it off
of the house, spending a wholeweekend wheel borrowing mults around the house so
it looks beautiful. If your gutter'soverflow and they don't work properly, it's
just going to fall onto that mulch, it's going to wash it all over

the yard. There's so many benefitsto gutters, Sean, I can't I
don't know what it's got out ofbreath. I feel like there needs to
be like almost sainthood for somebody whenit comes to developing perfect gutters. We
talked about gutters shutter and what itdoes, and you're right. I mean,
you look at the Grand Canyon.What caused the Grand Canyon water that

is cutting through thick, thick rockfor generations. It's it is not roads,
you're landscaping. Look at the GrandCake exactly exactly, you know.
And one of the things that Ifind amazing about as we talk Withdrew Larson
from lars Stome Services about gutter shutterand the products that you guys put on
at Larstome Services, you've shown mein the past like a cross section of

what exactly is on the inside likethe outside of gutter shutter. They're the
beautiful, beautiful product, absolutely amazinghow they perform. But what you don't
see and this and it also holdstrue with the roofs too, is what
you don't see often makes all thedifference. And I've seen from you like
a cross section of what's inside ofthe gutter is like these brackets that are
like they're like real, like engineered, and they're they're all throughout there.

And then we talk about like thedown spouts and having kind of that larger
mouth on the top. And Ithink, if I remember right, you're
talking about how it just creates suction. It's like because of the whatever,
the negative force you've got terms forall this stuff, I'll just call it
that, like it's literally pulling thewater. And I'm like, this is
this is an absolutely amazing way todo things. And again going back to

underappreciated if the best gutter, andI think you've talked about this in the
past, is the one that you'venever had to think about. It's the
one you've never had to worry about. It's the one that you install a
Lars and Home Services. That's thebest gutter out there. It is.
You know what's awesome is when weour sales reps, when they're out in
neighborhoods, when they're helping people fixtheir homes, they always have a customer

map with them on their computer,and we always tell them, hey,
check your customer map. If you'rein the neighborhood and we've got customers,
stop by, stop by. Talkto the homeowners. See see how their
gutter system or their roofs doing.See how everything's working, See if they
have any issues, because we havea lifetime workmanship guarantee with our product.
Look, we know gutters are superimportant, but gutters can also be a

giant pain in the butt if youhave treats. And we live in Wisconsin,
so we get one hundred degrees inthe summer, we get negative twenty
in the winter, we get snow, we get ice, We have all
of the different things that come withseasons. And gutters tend to catch the
They catch the water, but theyalso catch the leaves, they catch the
sticks, they catch the seeds,they catch the ice, they catch the

snow. So the great thing aboutgutter shutter is that, first of all,
it's big, it's strong. Imean, if you ever go on
Facebook, and maybe it's just me, but my ads follow me around.
I can't get away from an adwith me hanging from the gutter and dropping
off. It's annoying, but atthe same time, like I'm not a
small person. I can hang fromthe gutter. I can do pull ups

from the gutter. It is asstrong as it gets because of our bracketing
system. It's never gonna say pulloff because of the weight of ice or
snow, which really gives us alot of peace of mind. It's never
gonna clog, and if it does, we'll clean it for free. If
it's leaking, if it's overflowing,if anything's wrong with it, we're gonna
fix it or replace it. Sothat takes the whole pain in the butt

part of gutters out of the equation. All you have to know is that
we're gonna put them up. They'regonna look awesome, and if you want
to know what they look like,you can go on our website, you
can go on Facebook, you cansee before and after photos. It looks
fantastic and you're literally gonna forget thatyou have gutters because you never have to
clean them. You never have toworry about the ice or snow. You

don't have to do anything. Sothe fun part is we've got some new
sales reps and their training, andthey've been out talking to current customers and
it's house after house after house.Homeowner loves their gutter shutter. Homeowner forgot
they had gutters. Homeowner hasn't hadthe ladder out since they got gutter shutter.
Like, that's the point. Arethey expensive? Sure, they're not
cheap, but you get what youpay for. And to have the peace

of mind knowing the company's there toback them up and back them up forever.
I mean, that makes me feelgood, and it should make a
homeowner feel good. So we keepthe water out of the basement, keep
it from going out, keep itfrom going underneath the foundation, keep it
from beating up the siding, keepit from beating up the roof, keep
your landscaping, your flowers looking good, and you never ever ever have to

worry about getting up there and cleaningthem out or readjusting them because the weight
of ice or snow in the wintermade them sag, so they're overflowing.
If that happens, which I mean, if I can hang from it,
the ice isn't going to hurt it. You just call us, Just pick
up the phone and call us.That's all you got to do. It's
absolutely amazing, And you mentioned someof the new guys starting at Larsenome Services.
One of the cool things too,I mentioned Facebook and social media.

Make sure you're following larsen Home Serviceson social media. One of the things
you start to realize real quick isfolks with Largenome Services that work there have
been there a long time. Yousee nine five thirteen years anniversary with Larsnome
Services. Not only are the productsphenomenal, the folks at Larsenome Services they
are knowledgeable. They are there towork with you. They want to work

for you. They want to getto know you. They want to show
you what can be done to improveyour house, if anything. In some
cases they come to your house sayeverything's perfect. Nice, nice work.
Keep us in mind if you everhave any questions or concerns. That's a
cool thing too about working with Andrewand the team at Larsnome Services. Great
products, great people. You canlearn more on the website Largesonhomes Services dot
com. That's l A R.S o N Home Services dot com.

Even more important this morning, ifyou haven't had your roof, haven't had
your gutters inspected recently, have themcome out, take a look, see
what's going on with your house.Six oh eight five three five forty three
forty three. Make those phones ringthis morning at Larsen Homes Services six oh
eight five three five forty three fortythree. Andrew, it's always great chatting
with you, my friend. Youenjoy this beautiful day, Have a good
one. Talk next week. Kevinham Haams Barbercare joins us next here on

thirteen ten w u ib A
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