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April 17, 2024 14 mins
Andrew talks about the rapid response team for emergency roof repair.
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Thirteen ten Wiba Madison in the morningand ask the experts. A lot of
houses are rocking last night with thisthat move through. Looking at the forecast,
we've got scattered showers till let's seetonight, scattered showers today, tomorrow?
What else speak Tuesday? And aman who knows a lot about rain,

the one and only Andrew Larson fromLarsen Home Services the website Larsenhomeservices dot
com. That's l A R.S O N Home Services dot com.
Delphin number six oh eight five threefive forty three forty three. That's five
three five forty three forty three.Andrew, How you doing this morning?
I'm doing fantastic. Now. Iwouldn't say that I know a lot about
rain. What I know about rainis it comes at It'd be kind of

an educated guest. But I knowthat we need rain. I know that
last year was one of the driestyears and ten years I can remember,
and May through July was the driest. Was that dryest stretch May through July
on the record books. So Ihave a pond at my house is down
like four feet and over the pastcouple of months it's filled up. This

is good. This is a reallyreally good thing. We all need this
rain. But yeah, I meanas far as knowing how it's made and
where it comes from, like probablyeighth grade science, it probably wasn't paying
attention. You're you're the pro whenit comes to mitigating problems caused by rain,
specifically for your house. And let'stalk about what rain does tier does

t your home, and then reasonswhy we want to you know, it's
we're combating mother nature on a numberof different fronts, but rain is a
very important one. That moisture isan important one to keep away as far
away from your house as possible,isn't it. It very much is,
and that's where our you know,gutter shut our gutters really come into play.
It's it's been really fun. We'vewere growing and we're so busy that

we've added a bunch of new salesreps. And one of the things that
we make them do is go backout to past customers, our past customers,
which is really easy because I meanfrom here to Old Clarita Lacrosse,
all of Madison, We've got overtwelve thousand customers, so it's not difficult.
But one thing that we won't likethem to do is go back to

old customers' houses and ask them howeverything's going, see if they need anything
tightened up, anything sealed up,any service work. But you know,
it really does a couple things becausewhen when our sales guys are out giving
estimates, you know, I wantthem to understand that they are selling the
best products, backed up by thebest company and the best technicians on the

market. And what a better wayto back that up for them by hearing
it from our customers. And it'sbeen a constant theme over the past few
weeks, Like you know, soand so has their had their gutter shutter
since twenty twenty one, haven't touchedit, loved it. So and so
has had our gutters for years,don't even think about them anymore. So

it does a couple of things,right, We get back to homeowners homes
and sometimes you know what, theyhave a little maintenance that needs to be
done, not a problem, callinga maintenance ticket. We get on top
of it. But it also letsthe reps know that they are selling the
best stuff by the backed up bythe best company. So it's been really
fun. And you know something elsethat I've been talking about on this show

is is our restore program. Youknow, one would call it a repair,
but we like to call it arestore for roofing because we don't just
want to come out and, youknow, take some blackjack or some cock
and fix a leak. Like wewant to really find the root cause of
it and fix it properly, becausewe run into so many roofs that have

great shingles on them. Shingles arefine, but the little details. I
always talk about the details, thedetails weren't done properly, so they get
leaks. Rather than tear that entireroof off throw it in the landfill,
we can restore now. Because we'vebeen talking about this Sean and we've been
advertising it, it's kind of ledto another evolution. And when we advertise

is that we take care of restoresand or repairs. People call us when
it's raining and their roofs are leakingbecause they want it fixed. So something
else that we're working on and it'sit's almost completely put together. We can't
just throw it out there and doit but an emergency response team because I
can tell you that I've had thishappen in a home that I owned before.

When it's raining and your roof isleaking. It's a very helpless feeling
because if you think about it,if your roof is leaking and you're seeing
it come through your ceiling inside thehouse, what's happening in the attic?
Right? Where's it coming from alot of times we think a leak is
coming from once, well, I'vegot a spot on my ceiling, the

leak must be coming directly from aboveit. Ninety nine point nine percent of
the time that's not the case becausejust like our gutters surface tension. Water
works with surface tensions, So aleak could happen ten ten feet up the
roof. It could be hit arafter and running down that rafter and dripping
off a a nail. And thething is is, by the time you

see it in the home, it'sleaked enough up in the attic to soak
through your insulation, to soak throughyour drywall to then get into the home.
So we are putting together and it'salmost complete, but an emergency response
team, so we're getting a rainor we've just had a big rain and
you're seeing a leak, we willhave a team you can call. I

don't have the exact detail, SoI don't want to just be like it's
twenty four to seven seven, youknow, I don't think that's probably going
to be the case. We'll seewhat happens, but we want to be
able to help people when they havea leak, come out, identify the
leak, identify where it's coming from, do a quick fix. So we
will still sign that homeowner up foran estimate for a restore so we can

get out and do a roof inspectionand fix it properly. But in the
meantime, we can stop the leakfrom causing any more damage before we can
get out there and fix it morepermanently. So we've had people calling crying
and there's nothing we can do atthat time. And it's kind of a

helpless feeling. When a mother iscrying on the phone because water is leaking
into her kid's bedroom and we can'tget there for two weeks. Well that
doesn't do anybody any good, youknow. So anyway, I kind of
wanted to come on the show andtalk about it because it's something that we're
going to be putting together and somethingthat we're going to have available to help
people in a more immediate response,a little roof rescue that is it's a

great it's a great opportunity. Andas you guys work on getting that out
there to more folks, you thinkabout the storms that we've had, and
of course there's more on the way. One of the things folks can do
today is every one of those peoplethat had that leaky roof had that issue.
There was a day where it rainedand it didn't leak, but the
problem was there. The best thingfor you to do is be preventative.

Call the folks our film services.Call them today if you've got questions,
have them out for that free roofinspection. Make sure you're not put in
that position to have to have theroof rescue out there to solve the issue.
Get them out there today before itbecomes a problem. All I got
to just pick up phone, getMcCall six so eight five three five forty
three forty three. That's five threefive four three four three. The website
Larsenhome Services dot com. That's lA R. S o N Home Services

dot com. And Andrew, aswe talk about roof restore, I know,
with not just the rain but thewind as well, some folks may
have questions about the condition of theirshingles and other issues. You guys can
help out there, can't you.We can. I mean that that's I
mean, over over the years doingthis show, I mean, the company's
really evolved. You know. We'vealways had great, a great gutter system

and we've been doing that for yearsand we still do and we do it
every single day from here to GreenBay, Milwaukee, Lacrosse, Rochester.
We put up a lot of gutter. Yeah, but we do more roofing
than anything now, and we reallywanted to. I mean, there's a
lot of roofing companies and we wantto differentiate ourselves with our restore program and

now with a more of a rapidresponse team for leaks because there's just there's
not a lot of companies that dothat. Yeah, and I mean we
see it. One of my repswas just at a house the other day
and he sent me the video thathe took. He did a video inspection
on the roof to show the homeownerand they had just had another very reputable
contractor over to the home and saidthe roof is shot needs to be replaced.

I was like twenty seven thousand dollarsand Sean. There was absolutely nothing
wrong with the roof. There wasabsolutely nothing wrong with the roof. The
only thing that was wrong with theroof was that the chimney was not flashed
properly, so water was hitting theback of the chimney, running down inside
the attic, creating a spot onthe roof. Homeowner is convinced that the
roof needed to be replaced. Ourbest guestimate that roof was less than ten

years old. That roof has twentyyears left on it most likely, and
we were able to let them spenda fraction of that and get that roof,
get that chimney reflash, So bringingthat thing back to its glory.
I mean that that's a good feelingto be able to save people a ton

of money, not throw more shinglesin a landfill unnecessarily. And it's just
it's peace of mind for me,it's peace of mind for the homeowner.
So just being able to help peopleand not say, oh no, you
need to replace it. Let's justtear them off and throw it away.
That's just not that's not the approachthat we want to take. And I
mean hopefully it comes back to usin the end. I mean Hopefully when

it's time for that roof to bereplaced, they remember and call us and
have us replace that roof. Ifnot, oh well, but we still
kept the shingles out of the landfill. We still saved this homeowner. We
saved them twenty four thousand dollars,which is substantial. So I think they
were they were really happy. Sothat's that's what we're trying to do.

We've really, really, really wewere always a gutter company, right,
great gutter companies sell the best maintenancefree gutter system on the market. We're
a great insulation company. We tryto do things right. We won't just
blow insulation up in an attic.It's a whole home evaluation and let you
know exactly what needs to done tobe done to make your home more energy
efficient and make it more comfortable andwhen it comes to But but we've really

truly become a large roofing company andwe just want to do things a little
bit different and a little better.So telling people the best products, giving
them more options, not just sayinghere's our shingles, please pick a color.
No, we've got different types ofshingles from f Wave. We love
to sell class for impact rated shinglesbecause when we get some hail, they're

not going to get damaged and wecan keep going. It saves people money
on insurance. I don't know,Sean, I can just talk about friend
we're getting, we're getting. Butit is very amazing as you talk about
the different options for folks, andthat's one of the great things. As
I've mentioned, you guys did theroof at the Preble household a number of
years ago. It still looks brandnew, it still looks fantastic. One

of the great things is having thosedifferent options, having that conversation about what
are you looking for? Are youlooking you know, how do you want
your house to look, do youwant to do the architectural do you want
to have a text? All thosegreat things, and then not only not
only does it look great, butphenomenal and a very detail. That was
the other thing, and I don'tknow that it gets mentioned enough, and
it seems and maybe to some likewhy does that matter? A very detailed

estimate and then a very detailed aswe've talked about on the show, pictures
and notes and everything that went intoit. So if you were to sell
your home or if you ever havequestions. There's a ton of great information
that's given to you as a homeowner. As I mentioned, you pointed out
it's now on a us B.This was long enough ago that it was
back on this whole thing called printedpaper. Yes exactly, We've still got

it. We keep it in thein the file league cabinet with other important
papers of the house. And that'sone of the fantastic things about working with
Andrew and the team at Larsen HomeServices. They give you not only a
fantastic group, not only the bestgutters out there, not only can they
restore, and not only can theyrescue your roof, they also give you
a commitment and they give you allthat information. That education today is to
day to pick up phone. GiveAndrew and the team at Larsen Home Service

as a call their telephone number sixso eight five three five forty three forty
three. That's five three, fivefour three four to three for Larsen Home
Services. If you haven't had yourroof inspected recently, or if you've got
questions about your gutters and down spouts, make sure you get them out six
oh eight five three five forty threeforty three. That's five three five four
three four three, Andrew, Iknow you guys are going to be super

busy these next few days. Lookforward to seeing you out and around town.
And you take care of my friend. Hey, real quick, Well,
Ques, don't cut me off yet. Hey, I just wanted to
mention one thing. You know,last year, we didn't do the show
the entire year, and we hadpeople talking to reps and out in public
saying, hey, we used tolisten to Andrew on the show. I
don't hear it anymore. And Iwas like, Okay, we've got to

start doing the show again. Ireally appreciate everybody listening to it. It's
fun to do, and I wantedto expand it a little bit more.
So We've created an email address.It's Wiva at Larsenhomeservices dot com. Shoot
us, shoot me an email,shoot me any questions about anything you'd like
to learn about construction home improvement.I don't know everything. I know a

lot, but if I don't knowit, I'll figure it out. We
can talk about it on the show. I'll put it on my podcast.
So I just wanted to say thatyou thank everybody for listening, and we'd
like to expand it and make iteven better. And know that if you
call for an estimate and you mentionedthis show, the rep will call me
and you will get the best dealthat we possibly ever offered. And that's

a guarantee, that's a fact.So thank you, really good stuff and
you're always great. Chatting with youagain. That number today is today to
give him a call six oh eightfive three five four twenty three forty three.
That's five three five four three fourthree for Larsen Home Services. Don't
forget when you call, let themknow that you heard Andrew on the show
this morning. Here at thirteen tenWIBA that email address wiba at Larsenholmeservices dot

com. Andrew, enjoy this beautifulday and Kevin Ham from Ham'sarbacare comes you
way next year on thirteen ten wiba
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