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February 21, 2024 10 mins
Today, Andrew talks about all of the things that homeowners should be thinking about when it comes to spring and warmer weather.
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Eight O seven thirteen ten WI bA and ask the experts, Joined this
morning by mister Andrew Larson. Ofcourse, Andrew comes to us from Larsen
Home Services Online Larsenhome Services dot com. That's l A R S O N
Home Services dot comtel phone number sixso eight five three five forty three forty

three. That's five three five fourthree four three. Andrew, how you
doing this morning? Well, I'mcalling from actually in lod I, Wisconsin
today, which is it's wonderful.But you know, people can tell last
week I wasn't in studio. Iwas staring at the ocean during the show.
It was pretty wonderful. It's roughman sometimes sometimes so some of us

have to sacrifice. Well, it'sgreat to have you, have you back,
and you brought the warm weather withyou, which is which is good.
We'll call it a mixed bag.Obviously, we can always use some
warmer temperatures. I think we couldalways love and enjoy it. Other things
can be can cause some issues,and it's important to talk a little bit
about where we are right now temperaturewise, not necessarily calendar wise. There

are some great opportunities with this warmerweather. As we get into late winter
on into spring, right Andrew,it is. You know, typically we
you know, we're in February,it's cold, it's there's typically some snow
on the ground, and we're going, oh my gosh, what I hope
this stuff melts. And then asa whomeowner, we think, okay,
what do we need to start doingor thinking about for spring? And you

know a lot of people don't thinkabout it until it's actually spring. But
you know, I look at theextended forecast about forty five days and winters
don't like I mean, I'm knockingon wood. But the app I use
is, you know, we're prettyfortunate nowadays with weather apps. You know,
we're gonna have some cold nights andthere, but for the most part,

I mean, I think we're goingto be what is it tickling fifty
sixty degrees today and then next weeksixty's it? Spring is here, and
so now it's really time to startthinking. And I think it's great because
now we don't have to have thisgiant rush of we need to get this
done. We need to get ourgutters fixed. We you know, our

roof is an issue. I mean, if that's what we're really thinking,
about and you've got you know,you think you have issues with your roof,
but you just you just don't know. And we've got some new TV
commercials coming out next week which reallykind of explain it. And we got
a lot of people that you know, you know, my roof looks great
from the ground, but yet Ihave this wet spot on the ceiling,

or my my roof looks great,but maybe but I could I looked in
the attic and we had some leaking. It happens all the time. And
I talk about when I talk aboutroofing, I talk about the details,
and the details are the really reallyimportant part. And look, there's there's
lots of roofers, I mean hundredsof roofers in the state of Wisconsin.

And when you're getting estimates or you'rehaving somebody come over, do they talk
about the details. Most of thetime the answers, No, they talk
about what color shingle do you want? Now, the color shingle is very
important, but when it comes downto the functionality of your roofing system,
it literally has nothing to do withit. We can change the look of
a house, we can spruce upthe look of a house, but you

know, really a color is kindof like the last thing we should be
talking about. We need to talkabout the details, the ice and water,
the underlayments, the chimney flashing,the cricket that all of the things
that keep water on top of theshingles. Remember, I've always said that
you can put the best, mostexpensive shingle in the world on your home,
but if the details and the flashingsare not done properly, that roof

is going to leak. And wesee it every single day. And that's
why that's why we've kind of changedthe way we do things. I mean,
not the way we do a We'vealways done roofs the best way possible
with the best materials and the bestwarranties. But you know, now when
we go out to do gutter estimatesfor gutter, shutter or a roof,
we're doing a full sixteen point inspection, and we're showing the homeowner through photos

and videos and an actual in anactual check sheet, like what is going
on with your roof? Because wehear it all the time. You know,
my roof's only eight years old.I got a leak. I've talked
to two roofers and they said,I have to replace it. That's very
doubtful. It's very doubtful that youhave to replace an eight eight year old
roof. How about we come out, let Larsen come out, do an
inspection and tell you exactly what's wrongwith your roof and prescribe exactly what needs

to be done to bring years backto those current shingles and saving you thousands
of dollars in the process. So, I mean, that's kind of the
focus that we've taken out. Thereare times we go out to roofs and
people are hoping for a repair andthat's not possible. The shingles are actually
shot. But that's part of ourinspection and we back it up with video
and photos so you can see thisis what's really going on. There's there's

matt cracking, these flashings weren't doneproperly, You've got wind damage, whatever
it may be. We're gonna letyou know exactly what state those shingles are
in and prescribe the correct the correctcourse of action to fix them, and
whether that's a repair or a restoreas we like to call We don't just
like to repair, we'd actually liketo restore. So fix all the problems,

maybe not just one, or it'sa replacement. Either way, we'll
let you know exactly what needs tobe done and what it'll cost. You
know, Andrew, I think backto like that first car, most of
us, if we were lucky enough, our parents may have helped us out,
or or maybe we just went inPhoenix nineteen eighty two, shot Phoenix.
I don't know if you've ever seenone of those. I don't think

it was kind of like a acitation. Okay, you've ever seen one
of those. You know what thoseare? Yeah, that's it, And
that's exactly like we think. Youget that first car, and the first
thing we want to do is asa as a new car owner, we
want to get a great stereo systemin there. We want to do all
these all these things, but weignore things like oil changes in the breaks.

What ends up costing us in theend is the oil changes in the
breaks. You'll have a great carparked in the driveway that can bump some
tunes. But if you're not payingattention to those important things. That thing
you do with that new car whenyou're you know, young, you put
a stereo in it. I thinkof and I think of folks who who

get lured in by uh, youknow somebody, all let's get these and
the you guys have the absolute bestlooking shingles, the absolute best perform of
everything. But if you're just lookingat oh, let's get it, let's
get picking out colors and that typeof thing, and not getting that.
I think the great thing about workingwith you guys at Larget Home Services,
which we had done on our home, was understanding that there's more than just

the stereo that it is. Itis the important things that you don't see,
that you don't fully appreciate until somethinggoes wrong, when you have that
leak, when you have those otherissues, you're going why did Why didn't
I go with somebody like large StopServices who will go through and help you
understand why a roof needs to bedone a certain way, why flashings are
the way that they are. Youtalk about the term cricket, which is

a word that I learned from youand over the roof and it is not
the European game. No, itis a roofing. It is a roofing
detail and it's a problem area,isn't it for a lot of homes?
Very much so if nobody knows whatthat is. It's it's the space behind
your chimney. A lot of peoplestill have nice, big, beautiful brick
chimney stone chimneys, and some aretwo feet wide, some are three feet

wide. I've seen them as wideas eight feet without a cricket, And
a cricket is basically just creating anotherroof behind that chimney, so when the
water comes down behind it, itdoesn't just smash up on the back of
it. It's actually channeled away andaround it. It's it's amazing. That's
a Chimneys are a problem. Yeah, well for a lot of people,

that is a major detail that getsoverlooked time and time again. We see
it every day, so that's that'sa major part. You know. The
other thing I think of is gutters. A lot of people can just look
up at their gutters and and Okay, well they look great, but are
they You know they're not. They'renot great if they're clogged and you don't
know it. And then we getthat first big rain and and with gutter

shutter, you put it up andit's a it's a one and done.
You know that it is not goingto be clogged. You know that it
is going to be free flowing.I mean it is a full six inch
gutter with cover guaranteed to not clog. It's got wide mouse that connect into
the downspout, so the hole thatis taking the water into the down spout
is four by six inches and thengoing into a three by four inch down

spout. So I've never seen arain that it can't handle it. It
sucks the water in, it neverclogs, and it takes care of one
more of those maintenance issues that youthat you might have to deal with.
So it's like and as that flashproperly? Is that slope properly? That's
something that we run into all thetime where you know, someone just wants

to put a cover on their gutter, but what they don't know is that
the gutters weren't flashed properly, thegutters aren't slow properly. So when they
put the cover on top of thegutters, now they've just got a gutter
that won't clog, but yet watercan still leave behind it and it will
still overflow with the heavy rain.So doing a full system, we can
we can guarantee a homeowner that everything'sgoing to be working properly and if it

doesn't, they pick up the phone, they call us and we come out
and fix it. Great data.Take advantage of the great weather. We've
got to had a great data.Have your roof looked at, whether it's
something you may not see or maybeyou too, your roof is getting long
in the tooth and you can tellit's time for a replacement, whether it's
a restoration, repair or replacement.Larstom Services has you covered. Also check
out when it comes to gutters andgutters shutter with Larstom Services. Today is

today to pick up phone, givethem a call six oh eight five three
five forty three forty three. That'sfive three, five forty three forty three
for Larsen Home Services. You canlearn more online Larsenhomeservices dot com. That's
l A R. S o NHome Services dot com. Andrew, it's
always great chatting with you, myfriend. We'll do it all again real

soon. All right, talk nextweek. Kevin Hamham's Arbacare comes your way
next here on thirteen ten w ibA
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