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April 11, 2024 8 mins
Shawn talks with Teri Giannetti, Executive Director for the Midwest Horse Fair about this year's event.
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Eight fifty thirteen ten Wiby very aproposas. We are joined this morning by
Terry Joe Jannetti with the executive director. With the Midwest Horse Fair coming up
next weekend the nineteenth through the twentyfirst at the Alliant Energy Center. Tickets
and all information available for you atMidwest Horsefair dot com. That's Midwest Horsefair

dot com. Terry, how youdoing this morning. I'm doing great.
Thanks for having me as a beautifulday and we are just nine days away
from the best three day horse fairin the United States. It is.
It is going to be a greatone and it's always a great time.
And let's talk about the kind ofthe overall Midwest Horse Fair and for people

that have not attended, I havehad the opportunity to attend, opportunity to
attend a number of years myself aswell as brought my family out as well.
There is so much to do andfor all I think sometimes people think,
oh, this is forquote unquote horsepeople. It's really for everybody,
isn't it It is. It isa family friendly event that is jam packed

three days full of I think wehave like three hundred different events going on
throughout the weekend, you know,and plenty four families and kids to do
in terms of we've got our kidscorea, we got pony rides, carriage
rides in addition to kind of allthe education that goes on throughout the weekend
Friday and Saturday night. I know, the kind of the big headliner is

the rodeo. It is back,isn't it it is. We are proud
to host the largest PRCA attended rodeoin Wisconsin on Friday and Saturday nights.
And it's really much more than arodeo because we have world class entertainers and
if our world champion Berylman John Harrison, they'll be with us. We have

professional trick roper Wryter Keisner and hiswife Bethany. We have we actually have
the only standing Army mounted color guardjoining us this year. We're pretty excited
about that. And so it's goingto be a great event. Steer wrestling,
bronc riding, kind of some ofthe standard stuff as well. Sure,

we host of events with obviously themain event, the big event being
at the end with the bull riding. Yes, yes, And we talk
about the rodeo events and always alwaysentertaining and just amazing athletes and amazing animals.
And for folks that let's talk actuallyto some of those horse people.

I know, for them, alot of this is every single year.
A lot of this is going tobe like, oh, of course we
know that. But people that maybe new to the area or maybe haven't
had a chance to check out theMidwest Horse Fair, let's talk about kind
of the equestrians out there. Talkto them about the event and what's offered

to them specifically. Sure, Sotwenty twenty four marks our forty third annual
events. Really are you know,the horses, the breed and discipline groups
are the heart of our events.This year, our theme is horse Place,
so we get to showcase the fundsthat we get to have with our
beloved horses. We have some newfeatures this year where we are showcasing some

rare and critical breeds, so wehave some new breeds that have never been
to the fair before. This year, I think we're expecting to have you
know, close to over seven hundredand fifty hare and so yeah, they'll
be And then of course we haveover thirty expert clinicians representing all the disciplines,

so you know, we have youknow, famous equestrians on the Western
side as well as the English.We have Amberly Snyders. I'm going to
be joining us. She was featuredin the movie walk Ride Rodeo, so
she is a very famous barrel racer. She's going to be leading clinics throughout
the weekend and a celebrity breakfast.We have Diane Karney is a very prestigious

hunter jumper clinician in we have ColeCameron on cold Starting, Stephen Hayes and
Giusage. We have Margie Parr locallywho is going to be showing us Arena
Polo and many more. Really,and I saw Blaine Blaine's farm and Fleet's
going to have the tax shop,and that's another great, great opportunity for

folks to shop some of the someof the big names that that we're familiar
with they think of like Wall andothers that a lot of us are familiar
with, and also some smaller vendorsand opportunity to learn a little bit more
about their products as well, isn'tthere You're right, A big part of
our show is shopping and exhibitors,and Blaine's is a very important spot.

They do a lot for us throughoutthe fair, really throughout the year.
They're very they have a great equineproduct and they're very important to the Horse
Fair and so definitely check them out. They have specials going on all weekends
and but we will have over fourhundred exhibitors at the fair again this year,
so real they offer something for youknow, everything for head to toe

for horse and rider. Talking thismorning with Terry Jenety, executive director with
the Midwest Horse Fair, and Terry, I think I've asked you this in
years past, but if not,I'll still ellen ask you this year.
For you as somebody who puts thisall together and you work so hard a
year round to make this a success. What's kind of your the thing this
year that you're looking personally looking mostforward to doing and seeing. Yeah,

well, we've got several new things, new features this year, and you
know one is you know, therare and critical breeds we're very excited to
build to showcase and educate folks.That is you know a big part of
our mission is part of the WisconsinHorse Council. We're that supports the equine
community. So we're excited to behosting that and having the five new rare

breeds part of our fair. We'realso doing a we were hosting for the
first time the Wisconsin f FA HorseState Horse Evaluation at the Fair, so
we're proud to be doing that.And we have a new equine Career Exploration
Forum, so for folks to bring, you know, their passion for horses

to their careers. Well, webrought in some experts who will be hosting
presentations. We have a career ExplorationForum, We'll have scavenger hunts and so
that's a new feature. And thenwe also are this year again proud to
be bringing back the Top ten Challenge, so that's really you know they get.

We have ten competitors cowboys cowgirls comingto compete on Sunday for the coveted
title of Midwest Horse Fair Top Hands. So that'll be happening on Sunday.
Oh and then last thing I'm proudthat we're doing on Sunday is we have
our first We are going to becelebrating our military and our veterans with free

admission on Sunday, So if theyshow a valid ID, they'll get to
a free admission to the fair onSunday. Oh, that is absolutely fantastic
to hear and of course all thedetails Midwest Horsefair dot com. That's Midwest
Horsefair dot com. Tickets available onlineyou mentioned as well, Terry Blanez.
They have tickets available at area locations. Again, you can get all the

details Midwest Horsefair dot com running Aprilnineteenth through the twenty first at the Alliant
Energy Center. And again that websiteMidwest Horsefair dot com. Midwest Horsefair dot
com. Terry, It's all alwaysgreat chatting with you. We'll we'll be
talking at about seven days. I'llsee you at the horse fair. That's
awesome. Thanks for having us.And we've got a chance for you if

you've been listening and want to goto the horse fair. We've got two
pairs of day passes and a fourpack of rodeo tickets for Friday night's event.
Call her number one right now youwill win the rodeo four pass and
call her number two and three youwill win a pair of day passes.
Telephone number six so eight three twoone thirteen ten. That's six oh eight
three two one thirteen ten. Again, more information available at Midwest Horsefair dot

com. Dan O'donald comes your waynext right here on thirteen ten Wybi
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