Electoral Dysfunction

Electoral Dysfunction

Beth Rigby. Jess Phillips. Ruth Davidson. Three political powerhouses unite to unravel the spin and explain what’s really going on in Westminster and beyond. Every episode, they will examine politicians, what they stand for and how they sell polices as UK politics enters a new era. They will work out which politicians are coming out on top and who is having an Electoral Dysfunction – and what it all actually means for you. WhatsApp - 07934 200444


July 19, 2024 48 mins
Special guest, Labour's Emily Thornberry, joins Beth and Ruth to discuss Sir Keir Starmer's position on the world stage.    
They examine what was in the King's Speech and talk about the prime minister's meeting of foreign leaders at Blenheim Palace.    
They also talk about violence against politicians following the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, and Emily shares her own experience while campaigning. 
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Labour MP and now government minister Jess Phillips is back for one last episode with Beth and Ruth.  

On this episode they discuss Jess' appointment as a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the Home Office - and why she can't continue with the podcast.  

They also talk about the Prime Minister's trip to Washington for the NATO summit and questions over whether Joe Biden should pull out of the 2024 US presidential election race...
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July 5, 2024 37 mins
Labour MP Jess Phillips is back with Beth and Ruth to un-pick the election results.   
On this episode they discuss how Jess was heckled when she narrowly held her seat of Birmingham Yardley.   
They also look at the wider Labour results and talk about Rishi Sunak’s resignation speech, as well as discussing why Reform and the Liberal Democrats took seats from the two main parties. 

In response to this episode, the Workers Party of...
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Former Labour adviser Ayesha Hazarika is back with Beth and Ruth for the last few days of the election campaign. 
On this episode they discuss how Beth is preparing for election night – what constituencies to look out for and they give a listener advice on election snacks. 
They also discuss the final days of campaigning and why the Tories are attacking Keir Starmer for suggesting he will finish work at 6pm on a Friday night if h...
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For the final call-up from Jess’ subs bench, Beth and Ruth get their first male co-host – Rylan! 
The self-confessed politics junkie explains where his interest comes from, why he always keeps Wednesday free for PMQs – and his own experience of interviewing the Prime Minister. 
Plus, he explains how his own experience in the public eye could help new MPs. 
And there’s an update on Ruth’s campaign letterbox injury.
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Former Labour adviser Ayesha Hazarika is back with Beth and Ruth as the election campaign moves towards its final week.  

On this episode they answer listener questions about Nigel Farage - after the Reform UK leader suggested the West provoked Russia's invasion of Ukraine, while insisting he was not an "apologist or supporter of Putin" - and more on Priti Patel's chances of becoming leader of the Conservative Party.  

They also disc...
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Presenter turned political campaigner Carol Vorderman joins Sky News political editor Beth Rigby and Conservative peer Ruth Davidson as the general election campaign enters its final fortnight.

Jess has chosen Carol for her subs bench this time because of the campaigning she now does on social media.

They assess the damage accusations people close to the PM placed bets on the election date, could have on the Conservative campaign.

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Former Labour adviser Ayesha Hazarika joins Sky News political editor Beth Rigby and Conservative peer Ruth Davidson as the general election campaign heads towards its final fortnight. 
They're assessing whether Labour can shake off the questions about its taxation policies. 
As Conservative Grant Shapps seemed to accept election defeat in an interview, is that something anyone should do in the middle of the campaign? 
They disc...
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Former Labour MP Margaret Hodge joins Sky's Beth Rigby and Conservative peer Ruth Davidson to talk about the latest developments in the general election campaign.   
On this episode, Beth takes us behind the scenes of Sky's leaders' event in Grimsby, where Sir Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak faced not just Beth, but an audience of voters on their plan for the country. Ruth and Margaret give their take on how the two men did, and they...
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Former Labour adviser Ayesha Hazarika joins Sky’s Beth Rigby and Conservative peer Ruth Davidson to talk about the latest developments in the general election campaign.   
On this episode, they discuss whether Rishi Sunak can recover from his D-Day blunder, the fallout from Douglas Ross’s resignation as leader of the Scottish Conservatives, and how the parties are funding their manifestos as they are revealed this week.  
Plus, B...
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Labour grandee Harriet Harman joins Beth Rigby and Ruth Davidson as the first Friday sub for Jess Philips during the election period.  
They break down the Labour tax row that has dogged both Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer since the first leaders’ debate earlier this week, give their take on the impact Nigel Farage standing in Clacton-on-Sea will have on the campaign, and lift the curtain on how the parties will be writing their...
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Former Labour adviser Ayesha Hazarika joins Beth Rigby and Ruth Davidson as the regular Tuesday sub for Jess Philips during the election period.  
On this episode, they talk about how leaders will be preparing for TV debates - Beth's hosted one, Ayesha has worked with politicians doing them, and Ruth has stood behind a lectern several times herself. 
They discuss what Rishi Sunak might try to land as he tries to close the gap in ...
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Beth sits down with the deputy Labour leader, Angela Rayner to talk in detail about the investigation into the sale of her ex-council house and the impact it had on her and her family.   
They also discuss the row over Diane Abbott and accusations of a purge of Labour’s left. Plus, Angela invites Beth aboard her battle bus as her election campaigning starts to ramp up. 

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This week, Beth gets Ruth and Jess's take on what's happening now that Diane Abbott has had the Labour whip restored. The WhatsApps from Beth’s sources keep coming as they're recording.  
They discuss the strategies behind the Sunak and Starmer campaigns – with one going for headline-grabbing pledges and the other spending the first week focusing on the personal rather than policy.  
There's news from Jess on her plans for the ca...
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With Westminster still reeling from the prime minister's decision to call a general election on the 4 July, Beth, Jess and Ruth lift the curtain on what was going on in parliament as rumours started to swirl.   
Who decided to call an election now? Why did Rishi Sunak not have an umbrella? And what kind of campaign will the parties run over the next six weeks?   
Plus, a listener wants to know if her MP will still be working on...
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After the Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer set out what Labour would do if it wins the election, Beth Rigby, Jess Phillips and Ruth Davidson discuss the six key policies that have been unveiled.  
They also talk about the major speech made by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the beginning of the week and debate whether the election campaign has really started.  
Plus, it's been a politically good week for Jess Phillips after her amendme...
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Following the defection of the Dover and Deal MP Natalie Elphicke to Labour, Beth, Ruth and Jess discuss the surprise move and whether it could have been handled differently by Sir Keir Starmer. 

They also talk about Beth's interview with the former immigration minister Robert Jenrick and his warnings about Reform UK. 

Plus, how significant was the defeat of former Conservative mayor of the West Midlands Andy Street? Beth and Jess we...
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It’s the morning after the day before for Beth, Ruth and Jess as they pull apart the local election results they have so far.   

They discuss what big council losses for the Conservatives could mean for the Rishi Sunak narrative. How does the re-election of Ben Houchen as Tees Valley mayor help him?   

Also – are there some niggles for Labour within the results, especially with Muslim communities? Jess explains what she thinks the im...
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Following the prime minister's trip to Europe this week, Beth Rigby, Jess Phillips and Ruth Davidson examine whether Rishi Sunak is convincing on the world stage and ask if his announcement on defence spending will help the Conservatives' chances in next week's local elections.   
And after the Rwanda bill was passed this week - is this another win for the prime minister or a policy that he should have dumped months ago?   
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Following allegations Tory MP Mark Menzies misused campaign funds, Beth Rigby, Jess Phillips, and Ruth Davidson examine the fallout for the government and for the politician who has been suspended from the parliamentary party. He denies all the claims. 

And after the Commons votes to ban anyone born after 1 January 2009 from buying cigarettes, the trio ask whether the policy is "unconservative" as suggested by some MPs.     

As David...
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