How Do We Deal?!

How Do We Deal?!

We're all struggling with the unbearable weight of issues that society just can't seem to solve—while paying endless bills, making infinity dinners, and replying to inane work emails. So how do we deal? With some colorful and transparent commentary from hosts Dara and Amber, and helpful insights from occasional guestsperts. Friends of different backgrounds from the same Boston suburb, Dara and Amber inevitably dive deep into meaningful conversation, whether they're shooting around on the basketball court or sipping Sauvignon Blanc. In each episode of "How Do We Deal: Coping with the Confounding," they attempt to make sense of simply existing in the world today, at the nexus of massive conundrums (from racism to mental health to climate change) and everyday responsibilities and challenges (maintaining faith in humanity while in rush hour traffic, for example). Sometimes talking it all through is enough to help find some hope, calm, and clarity. With honesty and openness about their own experiences with everything from race and neurodivergence to parenting and balling, they want to share the conversation with you.


May 19, 2023 32 mins
In the season 1 finale, Dara and Amber look back, and forward, talking about the experience of podcasting, how they've dealt with the vulnerability, what they've learned, and the feedback they've received. As your hosts look to season 2, they prepare to welcome guestperts to tackle important topics, including everything from gun violence to self care. Hear about how it's gone, what the podcast and the listeners they call "Dealers" ...
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What is normal? It depends. But as podcasters, our new normal is getting positive, fun, and relevant input from our Dealers! In the course of day-to-day life, "normal" means something different to Dara and Amber. As the neurodivergent parent of an autistic child, Amber assumed the idea of "normal" was oppressive and bad. Dara realizes how important "normal" was to her, while growing up, as a survival tactic. Staying in the middle o...
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May 5, 2023 28 mins
Dara and Amber realize that while stereotypes divide us, they're also how our brains make sense of a fast-moving, diverse world. So how do we deal? By pausing to reflect on the assumptions we make, and the limits we place on the fullness of others' being. Dara and Amber explore input from our listeners (whom we lovingly refer to as "Dealers") on the stereotypes they face in their own lives. Your hosts also realize that they hold di...
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April 28, 2023 29 mins
Social media can connect us across miles and years. But it’s also implicated in harming mental health–and the Senate is currently considering a ban for kids under 13. It's part of our lives, for better or worse, so how do we deal? Dara chooses to share and see the sunny side–emphasizing that obviously no one’s life is perfect–while keeping tabs on people she loves and is inspired by. Amber has finally learned to stop engaging in po...
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April 20, 2023 26 mins
Anxiety is on the rise–and with all that’s going on, it’s no wonder. But we can’t let anxiety own us, so how do we deal? Dara slyly tries to skirt-skirt the issue, then dives in to realize how she gets angry to avoid feeling out of control. Amber’s life was absolutely ruled by anxiety–until motherhood led to an epiphany, medication, and change. A catchphrase from Dara’s mentor (“live lightly”) helps crystallize the issue in brillia...
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April 14, 2023 44 mins
We stayed out until the street lights came on. We went from typewriters to computers and we were the original hose influencers. "Parenting" wasn't even a verb when we were kids. Now we, Generation X, are parents of the Gen Zers and Alphas. There are no clear-cut rules except you must watch your children at all times! You must strategize and enforce screen time limits on ever present iPads and tablets. So how do we deal with parenti...
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April 7, 2023 24 mins
How do we deal with aging? It happens to every single one of us, if we're lucky. The alternative to aging is not something anybody would choose, yet we invest money, effort and energy into fighting it. Join us to hear about faces melting like candles, an optometrist trip leading to temporary readers--that immediately became permanent, the demise of happy hours, the rise of silver foxes, and our decision to have a gray off.
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April 1, 2023 11 mins
April Fools! We’re taking a step back from the seriousness of the world to have a few laughs with you! We talk about Amber’s last name destiny. We hear Dara’s youngest child tell a joke. Dara and Amber’s outtakes and some hometown friends who keep us laughing!
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March 31, 2023 31 mins
As a proud ADHD-er and mom of an autistic child, Amber shares her thoughts on the meaning, challenges and importance of neurodiversity and inclusion. Dara makes a key connection on the topic of masking and the extra energy it takes to translate socially and linguistically. Dara also shares a story of how she learned to meet someone where they were thanks to the shared knowledge from Amber. Dara was amazed with how uplifting and rew...
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March 24, 2023 23 mins
Dara shares her experience growing up as a brown girl in mostly white Massachusetts town. Is it in her head or has she been gaslit her entire life? Amber brings the white girl perspective on being racist!
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March 16, 2023 17 mins
Welcome to "How Do We Deal: Coping with the Confounding" with Amber and Dara, where we talk about the inspiration of this podcast and then give a preview of their next two episodes, Racism and Neurodiversity.

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