Stumbling Mystic

Stumbling Mystic

Why mysticism? Because we feel the spiritual impulse to connect with the Sacred. What we call spirituality, our yearning, searching, finding, losing, stumbling toward, is our attempt to respond to the spiritual impulse. Growth happens slowly over time, especially spiritual growth, because it seeks to transform our fundamental way of being. The spiritual road is a long walk, and we need nourishment along the way. To help nourish and sustain us, I’ve recorded the Stumbling Mystic Podcast. In these conversations with ten thoughtful, dynamic spiritual seekers, we discover ideas and insights that fuel our journey. Over the course of seven episodes, we delve into these questions: 1) The Spiritual Impulse – what is this force that draw us to the Sacred? 2) Trauma – how do the hurts and healing of life propel our spiritual growth? 3) Traditional Religion – is there a place for a modern mystic in formal religion today? 4) Mysticism – how can I engage direct spiritual experience outside words and concepts? 5) Spiritual Practice – what works best for me to support my spiritual life? 6) A World on Fire – what is the spiritual response to a world that is chaotic and troubling? 7) Integrating Spirituality Into Daily Life – how can we live a unified life? Listen in to our conversations on the Stumbling Mystic Podcast. I hope it feeds you. I want to thank my friends and colleagues who participated in these conversations. They were generous to spend the time and share their thoughts. Barb Buckner Suarez, Michael Kerosky Veronika Tracy-Smith, Rebecca Johns, Lois MacNaughton, Simon Blackhall, Beverly Werntz Jim D’Andrea Judi Neal, Cindy Wigglesworth For her help in designing the conceptual shape of the podcast, I also want to thank my friend Susan Furness, a marketing and strategy consultant,


March 5, 2024 1 min
Are you drawn by the spiritual impulse? Do you feel a deep desire to connect with the Sacred? Do you want to discover your essential self and learn how it fits in the cosmos?

Me too. I want to understand the spiritual impulse that compels us to explore, guides our growth into ever-better versions of ourselves, and leads us to touch, embrace, and ultimately return to Source.

Growth happens slowly over time, especially spiritual growth...
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Do you feel a deep desire to connect with the Sacred? Are you drawn to discover your true nature, your essential self, and how it fits in the cosmos? Are you looking for a direct experience of the Sacred that is not bound by the dogma of traditional religion or the skepticism of secular culture?

Me too. I want to understand the spiritual impulse that draws us into exploration, guides our growth into ever-better versions of ourselve...
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March 25, 2024 26 mins
We are all familiar with the twin aspects of life - wondrous joys and beauty living alongside painful wounds and trauma. Knowing how to work through our wounds and integrate their lessons is fundamental to a fulfilling spiritual life.

In Episode 2, I spoke with therapists, coaches and healers to understand how trauma shapes both the spiritual descent and ascent, the vital importance of working directly with the body to recover from ...
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Is there a place for traditional religion on the path of a modern mystic? When does religion support spirituality and when does it become an obstacle? Formal religion provides opportunities for profound sacred experience, but many people today reject it because of its dogma and rigid hierarchy.

To better understand the role of traditional church-going (or temple, or mosque), I spoke with two friends whose opinions I respect who fin...
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If you feel lost in the spiritual landscape of modern society, you’re not alone. Many seekers today feel unsupported in their search, caught between the skepticism of secular culture and the dogma of traditional religion.

Maybe you are drawn more to the direct experience of the Sacred than the words or theories that describe it. If so, you might be a modern mystic. Like me.

Mysticism is not strange or exotic. Ultimately, it is a ne...
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We might think of the spiritual journey as moving forward, toward a destination. And it’s true that we want change and growth – we want to be less reactive, more loving, more at peace, more connected to Spirit. But the kind of change we want is different – it’s a change in our way of being. That kind of change is not found through force of intellect or willpower. It happens largely by grace.

And we place ourselves in the path of gra...
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Any spirituality worth its salt has to help us steer a course through the choppy waters of the world. Our current times are frothy, turbulent and troubling. War, nuclear threats, climate change, social division, and political extremism all seem ominous.

How can we respond spiritually in the face of such change, disruption and possible destruction? Is it possible to stay engaged in the world as it is and also maintain our equilibrium...
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We want our spiritual traveling to amount to something, for some growth or change to happen. We want the time we spent reading, or thinking, or meditating, or journaling, or doing any spiritual practice to make a difference in our lives.

I think we are hoping that our spiritual life becomes melded into our everyday life, or, we could say, that we end up with one integrated life, helping us deepen and sustain our experience of the S...
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