Talking Tesla

Ep 32 - Robot Wars and Too Much Solar

May 3, 201646 min
He may have to re-think previous comments about autopilot being stupid. The big new plan for Mel is to hold off for a 100KW version of the X. The guys also predict that Elon will eventually capitulate to the masses and make an option for second row folding seats. Mel interviews Jason Goeke about what he did with his Amazon Echo, his Tesla and a drone. A discussion of the two cyber security bills introduced into the Michigan legislature outlawing hacking control of motor vehicles ensues. Tom gets another chance to talk about his hatred of Hydrogen vehicles. Robert Rosenbloom joins Mel and Tom and talks about DARPA's new 20 million dollar drone ship, and our autonomous future is again discussed. Once more we talk SOLAR. Does California really have too much solar? Perhaps we need to re-think storage. They talk about new technological solutions being used around the world.

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