The FizzicsEd Podcast

The FizzicsEd Podcast

For educators and teachers working to make STEM amazing... no matter whether you're teaching science in grade 1, running a high school lab or delivering science shows in a museum, this education show helps you teach science & technology the way kids want to learn. The FizzicsEd Podcast brings in educators from across Australia and around the world to talk about tips, tricks, lessons and learnings they've had whilst working with students in the classroom and beyond. Hosted by Ben Newsome, a science teacher, author and founder of the multi-award winning science outreach team at Fizzics Education.... Show More

Working with disadvantaged communities can be challenging yet incredibly rewarding. Meet Gavin Robertson, Ali Faraj and Emad Elkheir from the GWS Giants, a major football team who is not only kicking goals on the field but is also working tirelessly with schools, libraries, charities and more to unearth the biggest issues facing youth, families and the broader community in western Sydney. We discuss how the GIANTS care initiative is providing opportunities for students to discover leadership skills, goal setting and a love of learning through nutrition workshops, science shows, multicultural events and accelerator programs. Hosted by Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education About the GWS Giants Community Engagement team The GWS Giants Community Engagement team works with to enrich lives across western Sydney and beyond. Commenced in 2015, the GIANTS Care initiative, will reach over 25,000 students annually by 2018 whereby targeted development programs and events are run around health, harmony, education and employment., the GIANTS Care Foundation works with 11 partners;

Lend Lease
Virgin Australia
ANZ Bank
Sydney Airport
Orgin Energy
Oxanda Education
The Daily Telegraph
St George Bank

You can find out more about recent events through the GWS Giants website
Top 3 learnings

Careers! Scientists can be found everywhere and in AFL this is no different. The GWS Giants players work with physiotherapists, nutritionists, sports scientists, psychologists and more to ensure that the football team is running at peak performance.
What are your students interested in? If they love sport, why not bring a sports scientist in to speak with your kids?
Going beyond science teaching, your job is also to inspire kids, to model lifelong learning. Teaching kids to not give in, to not look for the easy options, is so critical for creating a resilient and vibrant society.

Further contact details for the GIANTS Care Initiative Email: Website:
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